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1784 1831


FEBRUARY 3, 1817 TO AUGUST 24, 1818






Y* 7 CITY OF NEW vow F5/7I89




FEBRUARY 3, 1817 TO MAY 13, 1817


[166] In Common Council Feb^ 3 rd 1817.

Present The Hon ble Jacob Radcliff Mayor Pres*
Richard Riker Esquire Recorder

Aldermen Assistants

John B. Coles Peter A. Jay

Augustine H. Lawrence Anthony L. Underbill

Peter Conrey John Brown

Thomas R. Smith Robert McQueen

Arthur Burtis William Stone

Nicholas Fish John H. Talman

Reuben Munson Thomas Cooper

The Minutes of the last Meeting were read & approved

A Petition of Abijah Arden. Praying an extention of Time for fill-
ing in a Lot was granted and the time extended four Weeks

A Letter from Captain Samuel Evans Commander of the United
States Navy at this Station requesting to know if it would be agree-
able to the Corporation for the Government of the United States to
erect a Powder Magazine on the Pile or Block built in the East River
opposite the Navy Yard was read and [167] laid on the Table, and
his Honor the Mayor was Requested to write to Captain Evans and
state to him that the Common Council are of Opinion that the Erection
of a Powder Magazine at that place would be attended with danger to
the Citizens of this place and their property

A. Petition from John Rogers requesting to be informed whether
it is the Intention of the Corporation to take the block at Fulton
Street (late Beekman Slip) as a Scite for a Market, as the knowledge
of that fact is important to both Landlords and Tenants was read.
Whereupon the following Resolution was presented by Alderman
Coles and agreed to

Resolved that if the Buildings standing upon the square of Land
Bounded by Fulton Street. Front Street. Crane Wharf and the East
River should become the Property of the Mayor, Aldermen and Com-
monalty the same may be Occupied by Tenants until the first of May
One thousand eight hundred and eighteen. Subject to the payment of a
reasonable Rent to the Corporation from the time they may be invested
with the Fee of the Ground

A. Petition of William Slam praying remission of a Penalty for

2 CITY OF NEW YORK 3 Feb. 1817

erecting a Building said to be against the Fire Law was read and
referred to the Committee on the Fire Department

A. Petition of John V. Conklin for Stall [168] N 10 Washing-
ton Market or for a Stall in Catharine Market was read and referred
to the Market Committee

A. Petition of Patrick Monaghan for permission to keep his Stoop
or Porch as now erected on the Street was read, and leave given to
Petitioner to withdraw his Petition

A. Petition of Isaac Jones complaining that the Assessors of
Taxes have improperly Assessed his personal Property both in the
ninth and in the fifth Ward and praying relief was read and Resolved
that the Collector of the Ninth Ward be requested not to Collect said
Tax but to return it among the list of Insolvents

A further Petition of Robert Carnley for remission of a fine under
the Sunday Law. Accompanied with a report of the Testimony in the
Cause was read and leave was given to Petitioner to withdraw his

A Petition of the Proprietors of Ground to be taken for extending
Hudson Street into Chamber Street requesting that no delay may take
place in making said Improvement was read. Whereupon the Reso-
lution proposed at last meeting by M r Jay was called up and read in
the words following and agreed to. Resolved that in Case the Com-
missioners [169] of Estimate and Assessment for opening Hudson
Street from Duane Street to Chamber Street shall make a Report of
such Estimate and Assessment, and in Case such Report shall be
Confirmed by the Supreme Court of Judicature of this State, this
Corporation will forth with proceed to carry the said Improvement
into effect

The City Inspector presented the following Ordinances for Correc-
tion of Nuisances which was passed, viz 1
N 1. Christian Wolfe Owner, Christian

Hall Occupt N 1. Gold S l A Privy

2. Jn G. Wendell Owner. Unica Le

Roy Occupt 9 Gold S* D

3. Jn G. Wendell Owner Jn Edgerly

Occup' 11 Gold S 4 D

4. W m Lang Owner And Occup 1 13 Gold S 4 D

5. M rs Elizabeth Rutledge Owner. U.

R. Scribner and George Clark

Occupt 5 15 Gold S l D"


6. Thomas Stephenson Owner and

Occupt 17 Gold S l A Privy

7. Ja s Thompson Owner Step n Hoyt

Occup 1 19 Gold S l D

8. M rs Mary Saunders Owner &

Occupt 22 Gold S 1 D

9. Abraham Russell Owner. Jn Be-

dient Occup 1 26 Gold corner of John Street D

10. R. Thomas Owner & Occup' 42 Gold S l D

11. Furman Field Owner. Sam 1 Hoi-

combe Occup 1 47 Gold S 1 D

12. Isaac Demilt Owner and Occup 1 . . . 48 Gold S' D

13. Joseph Fay Owner. Barret Strong

Occup 1 53. Gold S 4 D

14. Jn Bingham Owner. Jn Kelso

Occup 1 56. D D

15. Sam 1 Barton. Owner. Cath e Downs

Occupt 58. D D

16. Jn Parrott Owner. Isaac Rose

Occupt 59 D D

17. [170] Sam 1 Barton Owner. George

Rhinhart Occup* 60 D D

18. Henry Robertson Owner. M rs C.

Barton Occup*. . . .60 Gold Corner of Beekman N 43 D

19. Elisha W King Esq r Owner, Tho s

Carrs Occup* 64 Gold S { D

20. G. H. Van Wagenen Owner, Hubert

Van Wagenen Occup 4 69. Gold S* D

21. Valentine Luff Owner and Occup*. . 78 Gold S l D

22. John Parotte Owner and Occup 1 Gold C. of Ann S l D

23. Tho s R Smith Esq r Owner. Joseph

Rose Occup 1 Gold C. Fulton S l D

24. Edward Taylor Owner. Charles

Cluret Occup 4 23 Will m S* D

25. Vander Giles [Evander Childs]

Owner. Jn D. Blanchard Occup 1 . 18 Chatham Row D

26. Vander Giles [Evander Childs]

Owner. Isaac Delamater Occup 4 . 20 Chatham Row D

27. James Butler Lessee and Occupt. . . 28. D D

28. Peter Ellison Owner. E. Barton &

C Occup ts 156 Broadway D

4 CITY OF NEW YORK 3 Feb. 1817

29. Thomas Carpenter Owner & Occup* 176 Broadway A Privy

30. Abraham Knapp Lessee & Occup 1 .. 198 D D

31. Abraham Bloodgood Executor to

the Estate of T. Mills Dec d & Jos.

Knight Occup 1 206 Broadway D

32. Jn F. Delaplaine Owner Broadway. A Lot

George Cuming City Inspector

A Petition of Melatiah Nash, requesting permission to erect a Build-
ing in Broadway which the [171] Fire Wardens of the Fifth Ward had
certified would not contravene the Fire Law was read and leave given
to Petitioner to withdraw his Petition

His Honor the Mayor as President of the Trustees of the Sailors
Snug Harbour, presented the following Return of the Funds of that

Statement of the Income of the Trustees of the Sailors Snug Har-
bour, arising from. Rents. Interest on funded Debt, and Dividends on
Bank and Insurance Stock viz

1817. Rents

Jan? 3 95 Lots at the Sailors Snug Harbour Annual Rent 1285.50

Mansion House at D 750. . .

House NO 93. Front Street 387.50

Coopers Shop D 150. . .

House NO 89. Water Street 500. . .

Lot and Wharf South Street.. 450.. 3523.


On $1000 7 ^ C* Stock 70. ..

$6635.36 Old 6 U 530.83

1430.84 Deferred 114.46

723.42. 3 W Cent 21.68

15.397.18. 6 ty Cent new Loan 923.95 1660.92


On 222 Shares Manhattan Bank Stock 1017. . .

78 Mechanics 175.50

33 Eagle Fire Co 148.50

30 Mutual Insurance C 135.. 1476.

Tho s Farmar Trus

[172] His Honor the Mayor also informed the Board that the
Trustees of said Institution were extremely desirous of extending the
benefits of that Charity and as the Ground appropriated by the Will of


the Doner M r Randall for the Seite of the Hospital Contemplated by
him are in a thriving part of the City, they are of opinion that they
might be advantageously disposed of and ground better adapted to
such an Institution elsewhere procured at a far less price, whereby the
funds of said Institution would be greatly advanced, and the benefits
intended by the Doner greatly extended, they therefore wished the
Common Council to take into their Consideration and Judge whether it
might not be adviseable to apply to the Legislature for an Act to
Authorise the Trustees to make that Disposition of the property. And
if such should be the sentiment of the Common Council That the
Trustees would cheerfully unite in such Application Whereupon it
was referred to his Honor the Mayor and Recorder to take such steps
in the premises as they should judge adviseable

The Street Commissioner presented a return of Delinquents on As-
sessment for opening the eighth, ninth and tenth Avenues, and for
widening and improving Chapel Street, which were referred to the
Committee on Assessments with Authority to direct the same to be
advertised and sold according to Law

[173] The Comptroller on the Petition of William Stewart re-

The Comptroller Respectfully reports on the Petition of William
Stewart referred the 13 th January last praying to be refunded the
amount of personal Tax paid by him to the Collector of the 2 nd Ward,
stating that during the time at which he was a resident of Newtown. he
was Assessed and Taxed as aforesaid It does not appear from M r
Stewarts Acknowledgment that he was Assessed at Newtown, and as
he transacts business in this City altogether, although his Family resides
in the Country there appears no good reason why his personal Estate
should be exempt from Taxes. Should the principle be admitted many
persons who may remove their families to the opposite shore of the
City would evade the payment of the Ordinary Assessments. It is
therefore Respectfully recommended that the Board do not concur
with the Request of the Petitioner which Report was approved
Feb 3 d 1817. G. N. Bleecker Compt r

The Comptroller on the Petition of John Taylor reported.

On the Petition of John Taylor referred the 20 th Ult the Comp-
troller Respectfully reports. The facts stated by.M r Taylor appear to be
Correct he was a resident of the ninth Ward, at the time of [174] As-
sessment and has paid the Taxes to the Collector of that Ward, he was
also Assessed for Personal Property at his Store in the second Ward.

6 CITY or NEW YORK 3 Feb. 1817

It is respectfully Recommended that the Collector of that Ward be
directed to return the amount of his Personal Tax with the list of
Errors and delinquents
Feb 3 d 1817. G N. Bleecker Compf

Which was approved and the Collector of the second Ward was
Authorized to refund the same to M r Taylor and to return it in the
list of Errors & delinquents

The Comptroller on the Petition of Henry Major Reported

The Petition of Henry Major having been referred to the Comp-
troller on the thirtieth of December last, he Respectfully Reports.

That M r Major was Assessed for Personal Estate in the eighth
Ward where he says he resided at the time of Assessment the Sum
of $10.000. And also in the fifth Ward the like amount. As he
paid the Tax in the third Ward it appears equitable to Instruct the
Collector of the Fifth Ward to return his personal Tax among the
Delinquents and errors. The same is Accordingly Respectfully recom-
Feby 3 d 1817. G. N. Bleecker Compf

Which was approved and the Collector of the second Ward was
Authorised to return to M r Major the amount [175] paid by him
and to return the same in his return of Errors and delinquents

It having been stated that the Arbitrators in the Case of Ephraim
Ginnings could not agree, and the Bond of Submission restraining
them from appointing an Umpire until after the fifteenth Instant, it
was Ordered that the Bond be so altered as that the Arbitrators may
proceed immediately to the Appointment of such umpire, and that said
umpire make his Report or Umpirage on or before the first day of
March next

The Articles of Agreement with Robert Latimore which had been
referred to the Road Committee was Reported by them to the Board
and approved, and it was Ordered that the Street Commissioner or
his Assistant be the Superintendant mentioned in said Articles to be
Appointed on the part of the Common Council to see that the Con-
ditions of said Agreement are performed on the part of said Latimore

The following Persons were appointed Firemen the Chief Engineer
certifying the Vacancies

Fire Engine Company N 22.

John Van Horn Blacksmith N 247 Cherry Street 7 th Ward vice
James Dubois resigned

Benjamin Sands Grocer N 42. Pike Street 7 th Ward vice George
Phillips resigned


[176] Fire Engine Company N 4.

Cornelius Remain Grocer N 155 Church Street 5 th Ward vice
William Robbins resigned

John C. Giffing Merchant N 40 Chapel Street 5 th Ward vice Levi
Foshay resigned

William Winterton Taylor N 16 Mulberry S* 6 th Ward vice Jasper
Corning resigned

Moses Beadle Tallow Chandler 32 Gold Street 2 d Ward vice James
Rowland resigned

N 6.

William Pearsall Grocer Corner of Church & Leonard Street 5 th
Ward vice Joseph Y Cooper resigned.

N 25.

William Colgate. Tallow Chandler Dutch Street 3 d Ward vice
James Minell resigned

Thurston Cooper Cartman N 217. William Street 4 th Ward vice
James M. Hoyt resigned

Patrick M c Guire. Smith N 112 Anthony S* 5 th Ward vice Jonah
Tilley resigned

Sundry Petitions on the subject of widening Roosevelt Street
together with two Remonstra[n]ces against opening said Street, and d
Petition in favour of opening it were presented and read. The Com-
mittee to whom the Subject had been referred Reported

The Committee to whom was referred the Petition of a Number of
persons Praying that Roosevelt [177] Street may be widened from
Batavia Lane to the East River

Respectfully Report, That after a careful examination of the Sub-
ject with the reasons for and against the Improvement, are unanimously
of Opinion that it would be of great advantage to that part of the
City in particular, to have Roosevelt Street widened from Batavia Lane
to the East River agreeably to a Plan accompanying this Report and
that it be straightened from Water to Front Street, as shewn on the
Plan which will tend to lessen the expence as Sylvanus Miller who
owns the property on the Westerly side is willing to take the triangular
piece of Ground, that will then be left between his property and the
proposed line of the Street at a fair Valuation

3 rd Feby 1817. Reuben Munson

Arthur Burtis
A. H. Lawrence
Jn M c Comb S 1 Com r

8 CITY OF NEW YORK 3 Feb. 1817

Which was agreed to and the Counsel was directed to take the
legal measures for carrying the same into effect

The Street Commissioner on the Petition of N C Everitt & others,
praying that Brewers may be restrained from throwing their water
in the Streets Reported that he has duly considered the subject and
is satisfied that the complaint against Brewers is well founded there
is also serious complaints against Dyers, Distillers Soap Makers &
others who require large quantities of water in the line of their busi-
ness But it is much [178] more easy to complain than it is to find a
remidy and the St Commissioner regrets that he cannot propose some
effectual method whereby those in the vicinity of the manufactories
may be relieved from the inconveniences they experience without prov-
ing injurious or perhaps fatal to several useful establishments in our

The Occupants of Lots are now obliged to have their gutters cleared
out after every fall of Snow And he presumes the easier way to
remedy the inconvenience during severe Frost is that the Manufacturers
be compelled to let off their water during the day only and that it shall
be their duty previous to letting the water run to have the gutters
cleared out a sufficient distance below them so as to prevent the water
from flowing over and freezing on the side Walks He therefore re-
spectfully proposes that the above be submitted to the counsel with a
view of forming the basis of an ordinance to that effect

(Sig d ) Jn M c Comb St Comss r

Which Report having been read, was approved and the Counsel was
directed to report an ordinance agreably thereto

[179] The Committee on the Petition of John DeClew for a Lease
of the Flag Staff at the Battery Reported that the same be rented to the
Petitioner for the period of Three Years at a Rent of Four hundred
Dollars per Annum Subject to the Restrictions made to the former
Lessee upon the Question of leasing for three Years a division having
been called it was carried in the Affirmative as follows

Yeas Mr Recorder Nays Aid" Coles.

Aid" Conrey " Lawrence

Burtis " Smith

Munson " Fish

Mess" Brown Mess" Jay

Stone " Underhill

McQueen Talman 7

Cooper 8


The Question was then taken on agreeing to the Report and was
carried in the Affirmative, and the Comptroller was directed to Report
a Lease therefor

Alderman Conrey from the Ferry Committee [180] on the Petition
of Rodman Bowne Reported

The Ferry Committee to whom was referred the Petition of Rod-
man Bowne Lessee of the Catharine Slip Ferry beg leave to Report

That they have duly considered the Application of the Petitioner to
the Common Council for aiding him in applying to the Legislature to
Establish the ferriage at four Cents for each person and that they may
be put on the same footing with the one Established at Fulton Slip, and
also to prevent Shipping from lying opposite the Ferry Slip and In-
terrupting the passage of the Boats, all of which your Committee would
recommend the granting to the Petitioner, but would not relieve him
from keeping Barges on the said Ferry, for they do not think that the
Community would be well accomodated without them.

All which is respectfully Submitted

New York Feb>' 3 rd 1817. Peter Conrey ) '

~, . > Committee

Chairman (

Which was Approved

The Report of the Finance Committee on the Petition of Gurdon S.
Mumford and others for permission to commute for a Quit Rent of
Wheat reserved on their Lots of Common Lands was called up and
agreed to as follows. That they have had the same under consideration
& after having duly examined the subject conceive the prayer of the
Petitioners reasonable & therefore recommend that they be [181] per-
mitted to commute for the quit rents by paying such sum of money as
at 6 per cent interest will produce an annual sum equal to the value of
the wheat estimated at two & an half Dollars a bushel And with the
express understanding that the permanent revenue of the Corporation
shall not thereby be impaired for which purpose they at the same time
recommend that the monies arrising from such commutation be strictly
applied to the sinking fund for the reduction of the City debt

(Sig d ) Tho s R Smith
Reuben Munson
A H Lawrence

The Road Committee on the Petition of Amasa Spencer Reported
The Road Committee recommend that the prayer of the Petitioner
be granted so far as respects the forming of the Road, the other part of

10 CITY OF NEW YORK 3 Feb. 1817

the Application will be a subject better to be disposed of at some
future day all which is submitted Reuben Munson

Jn B. Coles

New York Feb* 3 rd 1817. Thomas Cooper

William Stone

J. Brown
Which was Approved

Alderman Munson presented the following Resolution which was

agreed to*

[182] The Committee on the Petition respecting the opening of
West St Reported That they have viewed the situation of the property
in that part of the City where the contemplated improvement is asked
for and are all decidedly of opinion that the prayer of the Petition
should be granted with this alteration, that West St should be made
from Courtlandt to Hubert St instead of Harrison St as prayed for
in the Memorial and that the Street Commissioner take measures to
have the same carried into effect and that it shall be commenced by
the 15* day of June next Sigd A R Lawrence

William Stone
A L Underbill
Tho s R Smith
Jn M c Comb

Which Report having been read was agreed to

[183] M r Talman presented the following Resolution which was
agreed to

Resolved that no person Appointed by the Custom House in this
City to Measure Grain Salt Coal &c. shall be entitled at the same time
to hold an Appointment for the like purpose under this Board

Alderman Smith presented the following which was agreed to.

Resolved that the Superintendant of Repairs be directed to take
charge of the Property belonging to the Corporation attending the Gas
Light experiment

The Common Council then resumed the Consideration of the Re-
vised Laws and after some time spent thereon the Board adjourned to
meet on Monday next at four OClock

The Comptroller Reported

Cash in the Treasury 12177.97

Warrants not presented 3144.37


* Resolution not entered, although space was left for it. ED.


Whereupon Warrants were Ordered to be Issued for the payment
of the following Accounts

R. Graves Ass 1 Street Commissioner 1 Q r Salary 1st inst 375.

Obadiah Ayres Ass* City Inspector 1 M 1 Ins* and removing

Nuisances 67.68

W m J. Waldron Ass* City Inspector 1 M lt Ins* 62.

[184] George Mills Ass* City Ins^ 1 MO 1st T ns t 62.

Benjamin Hicks D 62.

Jonathan Weeden Depy Street Commis r 54.

Samuel Hutchings D 54.

John Smith DO 54.

Astin & Cochran Messengers 1 M 1st ins* 60.

Daniel H. Megie Keeper Pottersfield 46.50

G. Sickels Keeper City Prison & two Assts 1 Qr 1st i ns t 350.

Matthias Crane late Keeper Penatentiory for House expences Ordered

7th jany 250.

N. Phillips Advertising in Advocate 6 MO 1st Inst 75.

Thos P. Low Printing One Month 1st Ins* 60.50

Reuben Stevens posting Bills 10.70

G. Snethen Supers & Lighting Lamps for Jany 606.61

Wm Butler repairs to Pumps 2nd 5th gth Wards 23.82

Rob* Provoost Painting & Glazing Public Buildings 341 . 75

Hicks & Titus. Shingles Laths &c for repairs D 247. 1

Benjn Birdsall Ironmongery for Engine houses 321 .

N. & H Weed 1 Qr Rent Wharf Cortld S* 1st i ns t 75.

Joseph Dederer Interest on Bond 6 M 3rd Jany 126.71

John Bailey Ace 4 paving Greenwich Street 500.

E. Bishop and others Commis rs widening Thompson S* 154.

Charles Mooney repairs pavement at Intersec 8 18.91

John M. Hull in full for Insps paving Streets 31 .63

Elizabeth Kip. award for second Avenue 160.

Henry Kip Award for second Avenue 100.

Jacob Morton. Receive Clerk 2 Q f s and on Ace* as Clerk Common

Council . . , 450.


Balance 4233.78

12 CITY OF NEW YORK 10 Feb. 1817

[185] In Common Council Feb^ 10 th 1817
Present The Hon ble Jacob Radcliff Mayor President
Richard Riker Recorder.

Aldermen Assistants

John B. Coles. Jacob Lorillard

Jonas Mapes. Anthony L. Underbill

Augustine H. Lawrence John Brown

Peter Conrey William Stone

Thomas R. Smith Robert McQueen

William Alburtis Samuel Akerly

George Buckmaster George B. Thorp

Arthur Burtis John H. Talman

Reuben Munson Thomas Cooper
Nicholas Fish

The Minutes of last Meeting were read and approved

A Petition of Oliver Halstead for an Appointment as Measurer of
Grain was read and granted Accompanied by a Resignation of Will-
iam C Ballard a Measurer which was accepted

A Petition of Wright Carpenter for an Appointment of a Measurer
of Lime, and of Jacob Blanck for an Appointment of Wood Inspector 1
and of Jedediah [186] Hull for an Appointment of Measurer of Grain
was read and referred to the Committee on Applications

A. Memorial from Samuel Evans praying for a Grant for the
Establishment of a Ferry from Gouverneur Street in this City, to
Bridge Street on Long Island was read and referred to the Ferry

A Petition from Adam Marshall that the Sweeps may be restrained
from crying out in the Streets was read and leave given to Petitioner
to withdraw his Petition

The Street Commissioner presented a Report recommending an
Amendment to the Law respecting opening and widening Streets, so
that the Corporation shall be vested with power to delay the Improve-
ment for a certain period after the Report of the Commissioners has

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