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conduct of Patrick Barron one of the City Weighmasters was read
and referred to Ald n M c Queen Brackett M r Stone

A Petition of Adolphus Loss for reappointment as a City Surveyor
was read and referred to the Street Committee and Street Commis-

The Street Commissioner presented an Ordinance for regulating
and paving Rider Street from Fulton Street to Edens Alley which was
passed, and James H. Guion, Jacob C. Mott and John Brown were
appointed Assessors

[416] The Council and Attorney of the Board on the Subject of
the Petition of M r Deseze presented a further Report (as follows)

The Counsel and Attorney of the Board to whom was referred the
Communication from M r Deseze Respectfully Report.

That M r Deseze is Chancellor to the French Consul and holds his
Appointment from the French Government That he is not an Ameri-
can Citizen and holds no Real Estate nor is he engaged in Commerce
It therefore follows that he falls within the description of persons who
(according to the Letter from M r Lee) are exempted from Taxation
in France That Altho' According to the Laws of Nations Consuls or
their Suit are not exempted from Taxation Yet Courtesy requires
that we should extend the same privileges to the Agents of foreign
Cover [n]ments which they extend to ours The Counsel and Attorney
are therefore of Opinion that it wou[l]d be proper to direct the Col-
lector to forbear Collecting the Tax due from M r Deseze

Respectfully Submitted
New York 12 th May 1817. Ogden Edwards.

Alpheus Sherman
Which was approved


The Council of the Board presented a [417] Petition to the Justices
of the Supreme Court for the Appointment of Commissioners of
Estimate and Assessment for enlarging and Improving Roosevelt
Street which was directed to be duly authenticated

The Street Commissioner and Council of the Board presented the
following Report, as follows.

The Street Commissioner and the Council of the Board to whom
was referred the Communication from Augustus Wright Esq r one of
the Commissioners for enlarging S 4 George Square.

Respectfully Report

That from the Certificates attached to the said Communication,
from Plans in the Office of the Street Commissioner and from Infor-
mation obtained from other sources it satisfactorily appears to the
Street Commissioner and the Council that the Ground upon which the
Engine House is placed at the Junction of Pearl and Cherry Streets
is not the exclusive property of the Corporation but is part of the

Respectfully Submitted

New York 12 th May 1817. Ogden Edwards

Jn M c Comb S* Com r

Which was approved and the Clerk of the Common Council was
directed to inform the Commissioners of Assessments that the Common
Council do not consider that Ground as their exclusive property

[418] The Council of the Board Agreeably to Order presented a
Law respecting Swine the Consideration of which was postponed

Alderman Buckmaster presented the following.

Resolved that Jacob Morton be allowed Seven hundred and fifty
Dollars in Compensation for his Services as Clerk to the Common
Council to commence from the first of May One thousand eight hun-
dred and Sixteen

Which was agreed to

Alderman Smith presented the following.

Whereas the current expences of the Corporation have been grad-
ually encreasing for several Years last past from various causes and
particularly from the great addition of foreign Poor, the Support of
which has been nearly cut off by a late Act of the Legislature

Resolved that a Committee be appointed to take into Consideration
the Various expenditures of the Board and to devise and Report such
means as in their opinion may be deemed best calculated to reduce the

144 CITY OF NEW YORK 13 May 1817

Which was referred to a Committee consisting of [419] Ald n Smith
Brackett Buckmaster Munson Underhill

Resolved that the newly elected Members of the Common Council
be furnished with a Copy of the Laws of the State with the Charter
and each a Map of the City and that the Superintendant of Repairs
furnish them with the Staves of Office.

Resolved that it be referred to a Committee to revise the present
Rules and Orders of the Common Council and to Report thereon at
the next meeting of the Board Committee appointed Ald n Smith
Brackett M r Akerly.

[420] Bellevieu

In Common Council May 13 th 1817.
Present The Hon ble Jacob Radcliff Mayor President

Aldermen. Assistants.

John B. Coles Samuel Stevens

Joseph Warren Brackett Leonard Kip

Anthony L. Underhill William F. Van Amringe

Eldad Holmes William Stone

Thomas R. Smith John Remmy

Robert McQueen Samuel Akerly

George Buckmaster Jacob B. Taylor

Arthur Burtis Effingham Schieffelin

George B. Thorp Stephen Allen
Reuben Munson

The Board met agreeably to adjournment

A. Memorial of Peter H. Schenck remonstrating against the Assess-
ment made for widening Maiden Lane, and offering on certain term
to withdraw his opposition to the Confirmation of said Assessment by
the Supreme Court was read and leave given to Petitioner to withdraw
his Petition

The Chief Engineer presented the following

[421] The Chief Engineer Respectfully Reports

That he has received from the Comptroller his Warrant on the
Treasurer for the Sum of Three hundred Dollars, and after making
diligent enquiry relative to the situation an[d] Circumstances of the
unfortunate Firemen who were Injured by the Fire in Water Street
between Fulton and Burling Slips has appropriated the said Money as


To George Herrick $66.66

" Isaac Skaats 66.67

" John Talman 66.67

" Henry Crumb 100.

Which is respectfully Submitted

New York 5 th M. (May 13. 1817

Tho s Franklin Chief Eng r

The following persons were appointed Firemen the Chief Engineer
certifying the Vacancies

Fire Engine Company N 6.

William Brooks N 217 Greenwich Street 3 rd Ward vice John Dunn

N 12

Alexander Patterson Fancy Chair Maker N 11 Rose Street 4 th
Ward vice Caleb Coles Resigned

N 16.

William H. Wells Painter N 61 Liberty Street 2 nd Ward vice
James Clark resigned

N 21

[422] John S Ames Tinman N 14 Little George Street 2 nd Ward
vice John B. Clarke Resigned in Consequence of ill Health

N 29.

John Dobs Carpenter. Amos Street 8 th Ward vice Robert Welch-
man Resigned

N 32.

Asa Drake Cartman vice Eli Benedick Resigned
William Hendrickson Carpenter. The Bowery between Broom &
Delancey S l 10 th Ward vice William Bumstead Resigned

N 34.

Joseph Roby Grocer [Grocer] Herring Street 9 th Ward vice
John Forster Resigned

Bela Bacon Grocer Greenwich Street 9 th Ward vice Charles Crom-
well Resigned

The Comptroller on the Petition of John Van Tassel to assign the
Lease of Cellar Number One under Washington Market to Thomas
Gibson and Morgan Davis reported in favour of the Petitioners which
was approved

146 CITY or NEW YORK 13 May 1817

The Council of the Board presented Petitions to the Justices of
the Supreme Court for the Appointment of Commissioners of Esti-
mate and Assessment for extending enlarging and Improving Bancker
Street between Clinton and Grand Street and for enlarging [423]
altering and improving Provost Street which were directed to be duly

Alderman Smith presented the following

Resolved that persons now at work on the first Avenue be hence-
forth employed on the third Avenue under the direction of the Street
Commissioner till the further order of the Board, or the Road Com-
mittee which was agreed to

The Board then proceeded to visit the various Appartments of the
Alms House. Hospital and Penitentiary




MAY 19, 1817 TO OCTOBER 27, 1817

[1] In Common Council May 19 th 1817.
Present The Honb le Jacob Radcliff Mayor, President.

Aldermen. Assistants.

John. B. Coles Samuel Stevens

Anthony. L. Underhill Leonard Kip

Eldad Holmes W m F. Van Amringe

Thomas R. Smith William Stone

Robert M c Queen John Remmy

George Buckmaster Samuel Akerley

Arthur Burtis Jacob. B. Taylor

George B. Thorp Stephen Allen

Reuben Munson Effingham Schieffelin

The Minutes of the last Meetings were read and approved

The Committee to whom it was referred to revise and report upon
the Rules and Orders of the Board, reported the following. That the
only alterations they would suggest, are the following; Rule the 4 th
to read The President shall in all cases be entitled to one vote and
no more

In the 19 th Rule, obliterate the words, " and standing Committees "

[2] Insert a Rule to be numbered 21, as follows

All Committees shall be appointed by the President, unless other-
wise ordered by the Board Alter the present Rule N 21 to 22, and
the latter part of it to read as follows ; Those on Applications, Alms-
house, Fines, Fire Department, Lamps, Laws, Repairs, Roads, Streets,
Sunday Laws, Wharves, Piers, and Slips shall consist of Three, and
the others of Five. Which is respectfully submitted

(Sign'd) Th. R. Smith.

" J. Warren Brackett.

On the question of agreeing to the 4 th Rule, a Division having been
called by Ald n Coles, it was carried in the affirmative, as follows :

Affirmative 11 Ald n Smith, M c Queen, Buckmaster, Burtis, Thorp,
Munson, M r Stone, Akerley, Taylor, Schieffelin Allen

Negative 7 Ald n Coles, Underhill, Holmes. M r Stevens, Kip, Van
Amringe, Remmy

The following were then agreed upon as the Rules and Orders for


150 CITY or NEW YORK 19 May 1817

governing the Proceedings of the Common Council, and the Clerk was
directed to cause 50 Copies to be printed

[3] Rules and Orders

of the
Common Council

of the
City of New York

Passed May 19 th 1817.

1. Upon the appearance of five Aldermen and five Assistants, the
Mayor, or in his absence, the Recorder shall take the chair as Presi-
dent, and the Members be called to order.

2. Immediately after the President shall have taken the chair, the
minutes of the preceding Meeting shall be read by the Clerk, to the
end that any mistakes therein may be corrected by the Board.

3. The President shall preserve order and decorum and shall
decide questions of order, subject to an appeal to the Board.

4. The President shall in all cases be entitled to one vote, and no

5. Every Member, previous to his speaking, shall rise from his
seat and address himself to the President.

[4] 6. When Two or more Members shall rise at once, the
President shall name the Member who is first to speak.

7. No Member shall speak more than twice to the same question
without leave of the Board, nor more than once until every Member,
choosing to speak, shall have spoken

8. No Question on a motion shall be debated, or put, unless the
same be seconded. When a motion is seconded it shall be stated by
the President before debate, and every such motion shall be reduced
to writing, if any Member desire it.

9. After a motion is stated by the President, it shall be deemed
to be in possession of the Board, but may be withdrawn at any time
before decision or amendment.

10. When a question is under debate, no motion shall be received,

1. To amend it.

2. To commit it.

3. To postpone it to a certain day.

4. For the previous question, or

5. To Adjourn.


11. [5] A motion to adjourn shall be always in order, and shall be
decided without debate.

12. The previous question, until it is decided, shall preclude all
amendments and debate of the main question, and shall be in this
form " Shall the main question now be put ? "

13. Every Member who shall be present when a question is put,
shall vote for or against the same, unless the Board shall excuse him,
or unless he be immediately interested in the question, in which case
he shall not vote.

14. A Member called to order, shall immediately sit down, unless
permitted to explain, and the Board, if appealed to, shall decide on
the case, but without debate ; if there be no appeal, the decision of the
Chair shall be submitted to.

15. All questions shall be put in the order they are moved, except
that in filling up blanks the largest sum and the longest time shall be
first put.

16. Upon a division in the Board, the names of those who vote
for, and of those who vote against [6] the question shall be entered
upon the minutes, if any two members require it.

17. In all divisions taken by the Board it shall be the duty of the
Clerk to enter on the Minutes the name of the Member calling for
the division.

18. No motion for reconsideration shall be in order, unless made
at the same Meeting, or in pursuance of notice then given for the
next Meeting after that on which the decision proposed to be recon-
sidered took place, except by unanimous consent.

19. All appointments of Officers shall be made by Ballot, unless
dispensed with by the unanimous consent of the Board.

20. No Member shall absent himself without permission from the

21. All Committees shall be appointed by the President, unless
otherwise ordered by the Board.

22. The Standing Committees shall be as [7] follows.

1. Alms House. 11. Lamps.

2. Applications. 12. Laws.

3. Assessments. 13. Markets.

4. Arts and Sciences. 14. Police.

5. Canal. 15. Public Lands and Places.

6. Charity. 16. Repairs.

7. Defence. 17. Roads.

8. Ferries. 18. Streets.

9. Finance. 19. Sunday Laws.
10. Fire Department. 20. Watch.

21. Wharves, Piers, and Slips.



19 May 1817

Those on Alms House, Applications, Ferries, Fire Department,
Lamps, Laws, Repairs, Roads, Streets, Sunday Laws, Wharves, Piers
and Slips, shall consist of Three, and the others of Five.

[8] His Honor the Mayor in conformity with the Rules of the
Common Council appointed the following Standing Committees for
the ensuing year, and the Clerk was directed to cause 100 copies of
the same to be printed.

Standing Committees

1. Alms House
Alderman Munson
Mr Stone
Alderman Thorp

2. Applications
Mess rs Schieffelin


3. Assessments
Mess rs Stone


4. Arts & Sciences.
M r Akerly
Aldermen Smith

M r Remmey.

5. Canal.
Aldermen Coles


Mess rs Remmey

6. Charity.
Mr "Alien
Aldermen Holmes

M r Stevens

7. Defence
Aldermen Smith

M c Queen
[9] Coles

M r Van Amringe.

8. Ferries

Aldermen Buckmaster

9. Finance
Aldermen Smith


Mess" Allen

10. Fire Department
Aldermen Burtis


11. Lamps.
Alderman Munson
Mess re Akerly

Van Amringe

12. Laws.

Alderman Bracket
Mess rs Schieffelin

13. Markets.
Alderman Buckmaster
Mess rs Stone

Aldermen Coles


14. Police

Aldermen Smith

Mess rs Jones




15. Public Lands & Places 19. Sunday Laws
Aldermen Burtris Aldermen M c Queen

McQueen Munson

Mess rs Jones M r Stevens

Taylor on w *

Schieffelin ^ Watch

Alderman Buckmaster

16. Repairs Messrs y&n Amringe

Alderman Thorp Stone

Mess rs Allen Alderman Smith

Van Amringe Mr Taylor

[10] 17. Roads 21. Wharves, Piers, & Slips.

Alderman Munson Aldermen Underhill

Mr Stone Buckmaster

Alderman Thorp Holmes

18. Streets
Alderman Holmes
Mess rs Remmey

A Petition was presented from Nathaniel G. Ingraham stating that
he is the Administrator of his Son David. G. Ingraham deceased,
Guardian of his Infant Children Daniel. P. Ingraham and Sidney. P.
Ingraham, and Attorney in fact of his Sons Nathaniel. G. Ingraham
Jun r and Samuel D. Ingraham that his said children are with the said
David G. Ingraham deceased, Owners in fee as Tenants in common
of Lots N os 19 and 21 in Cliff Street: that said Lots have been taken
for the improvement of Cliff Street, and the Assessors [11] have
awarded to the Owners for their damages sustained the sum of Twelve
hundred and Sixty Dollars, and praying said Sum may be paid to him
as legal Representative of said Children: Whereupon Ordered, that
the Same be referred to the Council to report.

A Petition of Alexander. L. Stewart for payment of sum due to
him for regulating Hudson Street from Laight to Spring Street was
read and referred to the Street Commissioner.

A Petition of Owners of houses in Cliff Street praying for the
removal of certain houses from that part of the Street lately opened
was read and referred to the Street Commissioner.

A Petition of William Allen for re-appointment as Wood Inspector
Recommendations in favour of the re-appointment of Andres Van
Orden to the same office Of Lawrence Leonard to be permitted to
sell fruit on the outside of the Park Of John Lutstorf for appoint-
ment of Inspector of Bread Of John. G. Scholtz for appointment of
Weighmaster Of David Whitehead for appointment of Deputy Street

154 CITY or NEW YORK 19 May 1817

Commissioner. Of Peter Bolmer, William Pollock [12] and John Blair
for appointment to some office under the Corporation were severally
read and referred to the Committee on Applications

Petitions of the following Persons to be permitted to construct
Vaults in the Street were read and referred to the Street Commis-
sioner to grant on the usual terms, viz. D. L. Haight in Dey Street
Benjamin Ferris and Amos Butler on Northerly side of Murray Street
John Slidell in Broad Way, and John Van Beuren in Wall Street.

A representation was received from James Bleecker one of the
Executors of Anthony. L. Bleecker deceased, stating that they had
sold Forty two Lots in the Eighth Ward: that the Purchaser was
desirous of paying the Assessment for Canal Street on those Lots to
prevent an accumulation of Interest, and requesting a Person might be
appointed to receive the same with a stipulation on the part of the
Corporation that the same be returned in case the Assessment should
be collected from other persons in the vicinity, whose property is now
liable for the same Whereupon the same was referred to the Canal

[13] A Petition of R. Nafey and W. Underbill for remission of
penalty under an Ordinance respecting a nuisance was read and
referred to the City Inspector to report.

A Petition of Higgins and Parks that they may have the Contract
for filling in the Water Lot destined for the scite of the Market at
Crane Wharf was read and referred to the Committee on Wharves, &c.

A Petition that the Side Walks on Washington Street between
Robinson and North Moore Streets may be paved was read and
referred to the Street Commissioner to report an Ordinance therefor.

A Petition of James Wright for Stall N 28 in Fly Market was
read and referred to the Market Committee.

A Petition of Oliver Waldron for appointment of Overseer of
Roads was read and referred to the Road Committee

A Petition of Ammi Chase to be relieved from payment of an
Assessment for opening Hudson [ 14] Street was read and referred to
the Committee on Charity.

A Petition that the Banks of Earth yet remaining in Hudson Street
between Watts and Laight Street may be removed was read and
referred to the Alderman and Assistant of the Ward, and Street Com-

A Petition of Samuel Her riot for further time to remove a Build-
ing corner of Hudson and Charles Streets was read and referred to
the Street Commissioner with authority to grant the prayer of Petition.


A Petition of Bartholomew Clinton and Luke Carrigan for a
Stand in front of S l Paul's Church to sell fruit was read and referred
to the Alderman & Assistant of the Third Ward to report.

A Communication from the Committee of the Alms House recom-
mending the establishment of a Night Watch at the Penitentiary at
Bellevue was read and referred to the Watch Committee to report

[15] Petitions were received from John Aikin, Ab. B. Horton,
William Baldwin, Elijah Anderson, and William Falkner praying
remission of penalties Said to be incurred by erecting Buildings con-
trary to the Provisions of the Fire law were read and referred to the
Committee on the Fire Department and Counsel.

A Communication was received from Edward. C. Genet in relation
to his former proposition of improving the mode of lighting the City
by means of Reflectors and of a purified oil, and offering Said oil for
sale or to engage in a Contract for lighting the City, which being read,
was referred to the Lamp Committee

A Complaint of the Inhabitants of New Slip of the offensive situ-
ation of the same was read and referred to the Alderman and Assistant
of the Ward and Street Commissioner

A complaint by sundry Inhabitants that House N 214 in the
Bowery encroached upon the Street was read and referred to Street
Commissioner to report

A remonstrance against the passing of a Law to prohibit Swine to
run at large was read and [16] laid on the Table.

A Petition of Robert Bogardus for himself and Silvanus Miller
and George West was read, stating that the Court of Chancery have
decreed the sale of the Property of John Blauvelt and Mary his wife,
lying in the Eighth Ward and known as N 72. of lands surveyed
for William. W. Gilbert, for payment of their demands amounting in
the whole to Eleven hundred and Seventy three Dollars and Sixty
Seven cents : that said Lot has been taken for Public purposes, and the
Commissioners of Estimate have awarded to the Owner as Damages
the sum of about Seventeen hundred Dollars which has been collected
and paid into the City Treasury, and praying that the same may be
paid to him Whereupon it was ordered that said Petition be referred
to the Counsel and Attorney to report thereon

The City Inspector reported a nuisance of considerable magnitude
at the intersection of Cross Street and Anthony Street which com-
munication was referred to the Alderman and Assistant of the Ward
and Street Commissioner to report



19 May 1817

[17] The City Inspector presented Ordinances for the correction
of Nuisances on the premises of the Persons following, which were

Ow r

J. Halsey

H. Esther

J. Meyher

T. Fairweather

Daniel. D. Jones

George DeGrace

S. Cook

T. A. Morris

J. Hoghland

D. Dexter

L. Angevine

Patrick Byrnes

R. Barton

T. Reid

P. Shonard

J. Hoxie

Peter Shonard

S. Frost

H. Frost

M rs Bogert

Rob 1 R. Hunter Esq.

T. Harsen

M r Franklin

G. Newbold

[18] D. Haggerty

D. Rogers

M rs A. Stagg

J. Moneypenny

D. Underbill
Reuben Crump

E. Berger

Ja s R. Mullany
Stephen Gorham
J. Bingham
J. L. Van Kleeck
J. Battin

Lessee & Ditto
Ow r & Do
Do & Do
Ow r

Ow r & Occp 1
Ow r
Occp 1

Ow r Occp 1
Do & Do
Do & Do
Ow r
Ow r

Ow r &

N 33 Spring Street Privy

" 87 Murray
104 Do

78 Mulberry

48 Pearl

117 Orange
110 Mulberry


Orange & Pump

Ow r &

^~r T

Occp t (

91 Cherry

Occp 1


Ow r ]

Ag< }

14 Thomas


Ow r

112 Reed


Mott Street

Do ]

355 Water

Ag* f

Ow r

100 Anthony S'

Do ]


264 Greenwich

Ow r )





Ow r )

Occp l j


Ow r

104 Warren

Do )



266 Greenwich



S- Bradhurst wr ] 162 Chamber (Lot

J. Devoe Occp'C

J. Westervelt Ow |

H. Willson Occp l {

D r S. Bradhurst Ow }

TT T-, T , ~, 345 Washington

H. E. Ingraham (Jccp^

Jn Woods OW )

W m Roe

T. Woods Ow r

S. Rich Occp'f

Baldwin Ow r ]

H. Bertholf Ag*

J. Potts Occp 1 }. Thompson

J. Barker " j

A Bogert " J

(Signd) George Cuming

City Insp r

[19] The following Persons were appointed Firemen, the chief
Engineer certifying the vacancies,

Hose Comp. N 1.

Francis Hall Printer John Street 2 d Ward vice Sam 1 Smith
Resg d

Fire Eng. Comp. N 9.

William Stuart Grocer Whitehall S 1 1 Ward vice John Miller
Resign* 1

Fire. Eng. Comp. N 21.

Samuel Howard Blacksmith 110 Reed S f 5 W d vice Jonathan.
R. Ward left the City

Fire. Eng. Comp. N 27.
Samuel Smith Ship Carpenter 18 Van Dam S 4 8 W d

vice Jacob Richmond Resign d
Robert Moore Cartman Sullivan near Spring S* 8 th "

vice Joel Pratt left the city

William Smith Shoemaker 551 Greenwich S* 8 "

to complete number

Fire Eng. C N 36.

Jn B. Glashong Butcher c. Spring & Greenwich 8 "

vice Nicholas Glashong left city

158 CITY OF NEW YORK 19 May 1817

Amos Wurdin Cartman c. Varick & Van Dam 8 W d

vice John C. Parmely. left city
Henry Wurdin Cartman c. Varick & Van Dam 8 '

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