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Fire. Engine. Comp. N 32.

Gerardus. De. Forest Shoemaker Prince S 4 near Cathedral 8 th
W d vice Moses Vincent Resigned

Fire Engine Comp. N 36

Richard Concklin Tailor Varick n. Watts S* 8 th W d vice Henry
Wurdin Refus g to serve

William Knapp Carpenter c. Varick & Watts S* 8. W d vice
Benjamin VerBryck Refus& to serve

Fire Engine Comp. N 39

Thomas. W. Hoyt Ship Chandler 6 Varick S 4 5 th W d vice
Horace. S. Belden Resigned

The Street Commissioner presented a Communication ; as follows,
The Street Commissioner feels it his duty to communicate to the
Common Council, a very common and a very growing evil, and one
that is dangerous to the lives of our Citizens and injurious to our
Streets, viz. That of removing and transporting Buildings from one
part of the City to another: as there is by the Ordinances of the
Corporation, but one method of preventing it, which is by conveying
articles encumbering the Streets to the public yard, or other convenient
place, and there to sell so [116] much thereof, as shall pay a fine of
Five Dollars and costs of Sale, &c The Street Commissioner alludes
particularly to a Building now removing from that part of Hudson
Street now opening from Duane to Chamber Street: the Building is
lofty and is mounted upon Carts: should one or more of the wheels
give way, the Building would inevitably be thrown over, and the
consequence very probably would be, the lives of some Persons de-
stroyed The Street Commissioner would suggest the propriety of the
immediate passage of an Ordinance entirely prohibiting the removal
of any Building through the Streets of this City

(Signed) Jn M c Comb

S 1 Com r

whereupon the Street Commissioner and the Counsel were directed to
draft an Ordinance remedying the evil

204 CITY OF NEW YORK 16 June 1817

The Street Commissioner presented Ordinances, For paving Mott
Street from Chatham to Pell Street For paving Water Street from
Burling Slip to Fulton Street For paving Bridge Street from Broad
to Whitehall Street which were confirmed, and Abraham Bloodgood,
Jacob. C. Mott, and Aquila Giles appointed Assessors in [117] each
He also presented Ordinances for regulating and paving Cliff Street,
and for paving Hudson Street from Chamber to Duane Street which
were confirmed, and Abraham Bloodgood, Jacob. C. Mott, and John
Brower appointed Assessors in each

The Street Commissioner presented the following

At the last Meeting of the Common Council, the Street Com-
missioner presented a Draft of an Ordinance for building a Drain at
Peck Slip He has since found that two of the Assessors will be inter-
ested in the Assessment He therefore presents another Draft for
confirmation, and for other Assessors to be appointed thereto

(signed) Jn M c Comb. S l Com r

whereupon the Ordinance was confirmed, and Roger Strong, John
Brower, and Michael. M. Titus were appointed Assessors

The Street Commissioner presented the following, The Street
Commissioner begs leave to state to the Common Council, that the
Building belonging to the Estate of the late Abraham Bokee still re-
mains standing in and encumbering Cliff Street The Report of the
Commissioners of Estimate and Assessment awards [118] the Build-
ings to the original Proprietors. By the will of M r Bokee, his Estate
is left to a number of Infant Heirs, but the Executors named in the
will have refused to qualify and take charge of the Property, conse-
quently there is no person to notify to remove said house The under-
signed suggests the propriety of the Corporation directing him to cause
the immediate sale of the House, and the Proceeds to be placed in the
hands of the Public Administrator for the use of the Heirs, or in any
other manner so as to facilitate the opening and regulating of the
Street (Signed) Jn M c Comb S* Com r

whereupon he was directed to remove the same under the direction of
the Counsel

The Street Commissioner recommended that Ab m Bloodgood be
appointed Assessor, in the place of James. H. Guion who has removed
from the City, in the following Ordinances, viz. for Slote Lane, Rider,
Mulberry, Orange, Cross, and Anthony Streets, and for paving Side
walk in Washington Street; which was agreed to


The Alms House Committee on the subject of M r Furman, pre-
sented the following Report,

[119] The Alms House Committee, to whom was referred the sub-
ject of R. Furman Esq. Keeper of said House, relating to some reports
circulating that his Family was supplied with food from the Alms
House at the expense of the Public, have examined and enquired into
the same, and have found nothing to warrant said report

(Signed) Reuben Munson.
William Stone.
Geo. B. Thorp,
which was ordered to be filed

The Committee on Arts and Sciences on the Petition of the College
of Physicians and Surgeons, reported

That Fifty feet by One hundred and forty feet is stated as the least
extent of ground proper for their purpose, and the scite designated is
in the rear of the Gaol and fronting on Tryon Row, but your Com-
mittee are sorry to state that the place pointed out cannot be granted
to the College of Physicians and Surgeons, because it is contemplated
to open Cross Street through to Chatham Street, and the College to be
erected will be placed directly in the Street, whereupon the Committee
recommend that the prayer of the Petition be [120] not granted

(Signed) Samuel Akerley

Th. R. Smith
" John Remmey

" Arthur Burtis

J. Warren Brackett
which was approved

The same Committee on the Petition of J. C. Stroebel for a loan
of One hundred Dollars, reported, That it is improper to comply with
the prayer of the Petition : which was approved

The Market Committee on the Petition of James Wright, reported
as follows,

The Market Committee to whom was referred the Petition of
James Wright for Stall N 28 in Fly Market, recommend, That the
prayer of the Petitioner be granted, and that he be licensed for the
same (Signed) G. Buckmaster

A. L. Underbill
William Stone.
Stephen Allen
John. B. Coles

206 CITY OF NEW YORK 16 June 1817

It was moved that the said Report lie on the Table : on the question
of agreeing thereto, a division being called by Alderman Buckmaster,
it passed in the Negative, as follows,

[121] Negative 9 Ald n Buckmaster, Burtis Thorp, Munson Mess 18
Stone, Remmey Akerley, Taylor, Allen

Affirmative S Ald n Coles, Brackett, Underbill, Holmes, Smith.
Mess rs Stevens, Kip, Schieffelin

It was then ordered that leave be granted to said Wright to hold
said Stall during the pleasure of this Board

The Market Committee on the Petitions of B. Ten Broeck, Solom"
Dean, and John Hyde for Butcher's Licenses, reported in favour of
Petitioners, which was approved

The Market Committee, to whom was referred the Petition of
Asher Davenport to stand in the lower Fly Market; report, That in
their opinion, the prayer of the Petitioner ought not to be granted

(Signed) G. Buckmaster
A. L. Underbill
Stephen Allen

William Stone
which was approved

The Street Commissioner and Counsel to whom it was this evening
referred to draft an Ordinance respecting the removal of Houses
through [122] the Streets, presented the Draft of an Ordinance on that
subject, which, having been read, was referred to the Street Com-
mittee, Street Commissioner, and the Counsel of the Board

Ordered that a Warrant for Eight hundred Dollars issue to the
Keeper of the City Hall for the purchase of fuel

Alderman Brackett presented the following:

Resolved that an iron fence be constructed in front of that part of
the public ground called the Park, commencing at the Engine House
opposite Warren Street and running northerly to Chamber Street;
thence along Chamber Street to a point in a line with the west end of
the New York Institution: the question being taken on the above
Resolution, and a division called by Alderman Buckmaster, it was
carried in the affirmative, as follows

Affirmative 1 1 Ald n Coles, Bracket, Holmes, Smith, Thorpe,
Mess rs Stevens, Kip, Stone, Remmey, Akerley, Schieffelin

Negative 5 Aid" Buckmaster Burtis Munson Mess rs Taylor

[123] Resolved that the Committee of Arts and Sciences, together
with the Superintendant of Repairs be a Committee to carry the above


Resolution into effect Alderman Buckmaster gave notice of motion
for reconsideration at the next Meeting of the Board

The Comptroller presented a Communication on the subject of the
necessity of borrowing a sum of Money not exceeding Twenty Thou-
sand Dollars for defraying the expenses of the City until the collection
of Taxes ; which Report was agreed to

Alderman Smith presented Resolutions offered by him on Thirtieth
day of December Eighteen Hundred and Sixteen respecting Butcher's
Stands, which were read and laid on the Table

The Counsel stated, that in the Grant to M r Rutgers executed at
last Meeting, there had been charged to him Ten feet more than ought
to be; whereupon it was Ordered that the Counsel be authorized to
alter the grant

Alderman Smith presented a Resolution on the [124] subject of
working the Avenues, which was read, and Ordered, That One hun-
dred copies of the same be printed for the use of the Board

The following Report on the Subject of widening Harman Street,
was called up and read, The Petition to widen Harman Street on the
south side from Chatham Square to Grand Street having been referred
to the undersigned Committee, they beg leave to report ; That they have
taken the subject into consideration, have examined the Street it's
whole length, and enquired into the situation of the Property along-
said Street, and from a full investigation of the subject, your Com-
mittee are decidedly of opinion that the contemplated improvement is
of great importance, not only to the Property along Harman Street,
but to the whole eastern section of the City embracing a considerable
portion of the Seventh and Tenth Wards, and some of the Fourth
Your Committee therefore think that an order should be passed to
widen Harman Street according to the prayer of the Petitioners, and
they accordingly recommend the same inasmuch as the objections
which have heretofore existed, are now removed

[125] The distance between Harman and Division Streets is so
small, that the former cannot be widened on the north side ; wherefore
the Petitioners pray to have the Street widened on the South Side only,
where there are the fewest houses and the greater part of the lots un-
occupied by Buildings of any kind The Street is now forty five feet
wide, and it is proposed to add Thirty three feet, which will make it
Seventy eight feet This will make a wide avenue leading from
Chatham Street to the intersection of Harman Street with Grand
Street, which latter is also a wide Street continued to Corlear's Hook.
This improvement is not merely local, and a greater one has not been

208 CITY OF NEW YORK 16 June 1817

suggested in the opening of any Street for some time past opposition
to the contemplated measure however has arisen from the Inhabitants
and Lessees of Property on said Street, and a remonstrance signed
by many persons has been laid before this Board, and has been under
the consideration of your Committee It would indeed be extremely
hard for the Lessees of Property on this Street, if they should be
obliged to pay Two, Three, or more hundred Dollars Assessment on
each Lot, when their Buildings are to be removed at the expiration of
their leases, by which the Owners of [126] the soil would be benefitted
at the expense of the Lessees: this objection however has been en-
tirely removed It will be recollected by some of the Members of the
Board, or if it is not, your Committee beg leave to state the fact, that
the greatest part of the soil from Fayette Street to Montgomery Street
on both sides of Harman Street belongs to Colonel Henry Rutgers
and others of that family: they have given assurance to the Committee,
that they do not intend to impose the Assessment, whatever it may be,
for the advantage obtained by widening the Street, upon any Lessee
under them, but that they are willing to assume the Assessment, and
confirm or renew the said leases on equitable terms, that is, without
any additional annual rent, except the interest of the Assessment This
proposition appears to your Committee to be just and equitable, even
should the injury by the removal of Buildings be much greater than is
contemplated But by the liberal policy of Colonel Rutgers and others,
the expense of widening the Street will be very much diminished, and
hence the Assessment will be very small for the great benefits received
Your Committee [127] herewith present an Assignment to the Cor-
poration (to be used as a Street forever) the whole of the Property re-
quired for said improvement on the south side of Harman Street, be-
longing to the following Persons, excepting the Lot on the South East
corner of Catharine and Harman Streets, viz, Henry Rutgers, Anna
Banker, William. B. Crosby, John Beekman, &c. and they offer the
said assignment as part of this report By this Instrument, Thirty
three feet in front of Fifty three Lots is given up voluntarily and con-
veyed to the Corporation for the purpose of expediting, and dimin-
ishing the expense of said improvement : besides this, there are Seven
corner Lots given up by said Assignment, their length being on Har-
man Street, and these Lots are given up entire without remuneration
This Property to the amount of Thirty or forty Thousand Dollars is
taken off from the amount of the Assessment As the objection to this
improvement has arisen from the Lessees under the Rutgers family,
your Committee cannot but think the proposals liberal, and the ob-


jections thereby overcome They would further remark however, that
of the Buildings on lease ground, twelve are upon sufferance, the leases
having expired: of these, seven are on the [128] South side, and con-
sequently not to be paid for, as the Buildings may be ordered away
at any time according to the conditions of the lease The other five
are on the North side of the Street, and consequently the Tenants are
no ways interested in the improvement, being Tenants at will, and will
not have to pay any part of the Assessment, which of course falls
upon the Owners of' the Lots; but these Tenants have added the
weight of their names to the remonstrance against widening the Street
Upon the whole, your Committee are of opinion, that immediate
steps should be taken to effect the widening and improving Harman
Street from and after the First of May Eighteen hundred and eigh-
teen Wherefore they offer the following Resolutions

Resolved that the Commissioners appointed by the Supreme Court
to open Harman Street, from Clinton to Grand Street, be requested to
stay their proceedings, that the widening of said Street may progress
with the opening of the upper part

Resolved that the Counsellor to the Board be directed to prepare
an application to the Supreme Court in behalf [129] of this Corpora-
tion, to appoint Commissioners of Estimate and Assessment to widen
Harman Street to Seventy eight feet, to commence at Grand Street
by taking Thirty three feet from the South side, and continuing along
said Street 'till it opens into Chatham Square ; and that when the Re-
port of the said Commissioners is made and confirmed, the Buildings
shall be ordered to be removed from and after the First of May
Eighteen hundred and nineteen and not before

(Signed) G. Buckmaster
Samuel Akerley

M r Akerley presented the following Resolution,

Resolved that Harman Street be widened Thirty three feet on the
south side, provided Henry Rutgers, Anna Banker, W m B. Crosby,
John Beekman, and William Vail convey to the Corporation, without
condition and free from right of dower, the Property they have of-
fered to effect the widening of said Street which was read, and
together with the Report was agreed to

The Comptroller reported,

Balance in the Treasury 7 th Ins* 46.22

Received for Rents 5244.33

" Tax 1781.97

[130]" " Streets 1000.

210 CITY OF NEW YORK 23 June 1817

Received for Excise 600.

" Wells and Pumps 80.


whereupon Warrants were ordered to be issued for the payment of
the following Accounts ;

Norris & Anderson Watch 1st Dis* 1093.75

Walton & Hibberd " 2nd " 682.50

Bleakley & Brower " 3i " 413.

Philip Becanon Inspr Bread 1 Qr Saly 10. June 90.90

Stephen M c Cormick Keeper Park 8 March to 1 June 126.

Jeffery Thompson 40 loads Wood for Engine houses 161.25

Jacob Smith Jun r repairs to Engines. 4 Dec. to 10. Febx 93.62

Abel Hardenbrook. make & reps Lamps to 3 d Apl 830. 10

Joel West 36 Gall's Spirits Turpentine for Lamps 22.87

John Anderson Acco* builds Piers Dey Street 1000.

Abm Storms Acco* builds Bulkhead Rutgers Slip 500.

Barnes Hatfield bake Well & Pump Goerck S l 40.37

Abrm Van Nest. .Award for Hudson S* on a/c 1800.

Geo. Bowman Inspects Pave Streets 1816 39. 1

Jacob Schieffelin Award for Mott Street 38.54

John Bailey. . .Paving Intersections 21.72

Richard Campbell repairs " 11.33

Jacob. P. Roome. . Sup* Repairs for Engine Houses 500.

Ditto " " Repairs ,. 1200.


Balance $87.56

Adjourned to next Monday. 4. O. clock

[131] In Common Council June 23 rd 1817

Present The Honb le Jacob Radcliff Mayor President.
Richard Riker Esq. Recorder.

Aldermen. Assistants.

John. B. Coles. Sam 1 Jones Jun r

Jos. W. Brackett. Sami Stevens.

A. L. Underhill. Leonard Kip.

Eldad Holmes. W"i F. VnAmringe.

Thomas. R. Smith. William Stone.

Robert McQueen. John Remmey.

George Buckmaster. Sam' Akerley.

Arthur Burtis. Jacob. B. Taylor.

George. B. Thorp. Effingham Schieffelin

Reuben Munson. Stephen Allen.

The Minutes of last Meeting were read and approved

A Petition of Richard. R. Lawrence for permission to construct a


Vault in Cliff Street, was read and referred to the Street Commis-
sioner, to grant on the usual terms

A Petition of William Thacher for permission to construct a
Cistern of Brick in William [132] Street, was read and referred to the
Street Commissioner

A Petition of the Owners of Lots in the vicinity of the Street or
Lane running from Broad Way to Lumber Street and opposite Garden
Street, and praying same may be repaved, and also that the said Street
may be named, was read, and referred to the Street Committee and
Street Commissioner to report

A Petition of Owners of Lots in Bleecker, Houston, Green,
Wooster, Thompson, and Lawrence Streets, praying said Streets to
be regulated and paved, was read and referred to the Street Com-
mittee, Street Commissioner, and Alderman and Assistant of the Ward
to report

A Memorial of the Measurers of Grain requesting information as
to their right to measure grain at Brooklyn on Long Island, was read,
and Petition rejected

A Petition of Thomas. W. Thorn, praying remuneration for the
injury he has sustained in consequence of the second survey for open-
ing [133] and extending Hudson Street, was read and referred to the
Street Commissioner

A Request in behalf of Thomas Snedeker a Minor, for a Cartman's
License, was read and laid on the Table

A Recommendation in favour of William Young late Inspector of
Fire wood in Seventh District, was read and laid on the table

A Petition for flagging the walks of Hester Street, and a re-
monstrance against the same, were read and referred to the Alderman
and Assistant of the Ward and Street Commissioner

A Petition of a Committee of the Grand Lodge of the State of New
York for rooms in the Third Story of the old Alms House, was read
and referred to the Commissioner of the Alms House

A Petition from Boatmen plying at Albany Basin, praying that a
middle pier may be run out at said Basin, was read and referred to the
Committee on Wharves, &c, and Street Commissioner

[134] A Petition of Samuel Tooker and Benjamin Mead was
read, stating, That by widening Bridge Street, the yards of their Lots
are reduced to a few feet, and requesting permission to extend their
Sinks and cisterns, to be constructed of brick under the Street ; which
was referred to the Street Commissioner to report the situation of the
place, and his opinion thereon

212 CITY OF NEW YORK 23 June 1817

A Petition for a Well in Green Street, was read and referred to
the Alderman and Assistant of the Ward and Street Commissioner, to
report an Ordinance therefor

A Petition of Stephen M c Cormick to be permitted to construct a
Shop for the sale of Soda Water under the Portico erected by M r
Scudder at the New York Institution, was read and referred to the
Committee on Public Lands and Places

Recommendations in favour of Southwick Hibbard and of Michael
Cocks as Damage Viewers on Ninth Ward, were read and referred to
the Committee on Applications

[135] A Petition from the Inhabitants in the vicinity of Washing-
ton Market, praying that the Corporation would direct the Wharves
between Fulton and Vesey Streets to be built with all possible speed, as
the filling in the Basin near the Market will leave the Trading Vessels
in the fall of the year without a convenient Harbour, was read and
referred to the Committee on Wharves and Street Commissioner

A Petition of J. Woodward, and Isaac Adriance Keepers at the
Penitentiary for an increase of Salary, was read and referred to the
Alms House Committee

The Law presented at the last Meeting, entitled " a Law to prevent
the removal of Buildings along the Streets," was called up, read by
Paragraph, and passed ; and directed to be published in the Papers em-
ployed by the Board

The Street Commissioner presented an Ordinance for a Well and
Pump in Franklin Street ; which was read and passed, and Abraham
Bloodgood, Jacob. C. Mott, and John Brower were appointed As-

[136] The following Persons were appointed Firemen, the chief
Engineer certifying the vawcancies

Fire. Engine. Comp. N 23.

Francis Raymond Hatter N 93 Mott S l 6 th W d vice Alexis. P.
Proal Resigned

Fire. Engine. Comp. N 18.

Charles. W. Abrams, Account* 208 Water S* 2 d W d vice Joseph
Willetts Resigned

Fire. Engine. Comp. N 34.

John Embler Hatter Christopher S 4 9 th W d vice Nathan
Lyman Resigned


The City Inspector on the Petition of F. Dibblee, reported in
favour of remitting the Penalty, which was agreed to, on the condi-
tion that the Petitioner pay all costs, which have accrued

The City Inspector presented ordinances for the correction of
sundry Nuisances on the Premises of the Persons following, which
were passed

Aaron Forman Lessee & Occp* 195 Greenwich S l a Privy

John. C. Morrison ^

W. Rhind Occpt j

Jn Downing Owner & Occp* Christopher "

[137] James Bertine Owner ? 61. N. Moore "

Jn Scudder Occp 1 ^

John Conner Lessee & Occp* 63 Vesey

William Jackson ) . ~

, r . J v Lessees & Occpt 8 Grand

James Baggott

John. R. Livingston Owner Columbia Lot

N. Jarvis Agent, to

S. Van Ransellaer

Arnest Fink } Q f Spring

Jacob Aims ^ J

(Signed) George Cuming C. I.

The Counsel agreeably to the reference to him, reported a state-
ment of facts and his opinion thereon, respecting the rights at Grand
Street Ferry, which was read, and referred together with the Report
of the Committee to the same Committee on that Subject

The Street Committee on the Petition for widening Beaver Lane,
reported, That in their opinion, it was inexpedient to comply with the
prayer of the Petitioners, which Report was approved

The Street Committee on the Petition of certain Auctioneers to be
permitted to sell furniture in [138] Water Street between Fletcher
Street and Gouverneur's Lane, reported that it was inexpedient to
grant said Petition, which Report was approved

The Committee of Wharves on the Petition of Mess rs Swartouts,
presented a Report, which was read and the further consideration

The Street Committee, to whom was referred the suggestion of the
Street Commissioner respecting opening Anthony Street through the
grounds of Aaron Stockholm and of the Corporation, into that part
of Anthony Street, which was formerly Little Water Street and of
widening the same to forty feet ; reported in favour of said improve-

214 CITY OF NEW YORK 23 June 1817

ment, which was confirmed, and the Counsel directed to take the legal
measures for effecting the same

The Street Commissioner and Comptroller on the Petition of
Simon V n Antwerp, reported,

Having carefully examined the subject, find that M r V n Antwerp

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