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been confirmed by the Supreme Court was read and the Council was
directed to prepare a Memorial to the Legislature on the Subject and
a Bill correspondent thereto

The City Inspector presented the following Ordinances for Cor-
rection of Nuisances viz

Nl. Martin Aims, Owner & Occupant. . 14 Little George S l

A Privy
2. Philip Rhinelander Owner Ruth

Hughes Occup 1 26 D D


3. [187] Nehemiah Allen Trustee Jn

Blake Occup 4 44 Little George S 4

A Privy

4. Jn Gardner Owner, Tho s Lundaken

and Joseph Flood Occup ts N 2 Ferry Street D

5. David Bryson Owner, D r Tho s Van

Beuren Occup 4 22. Ferry S 4 D

6. David Bryson Owner Ja s Minell

Occup 4 24 D D

7. David Bryson Owner Geo. Slater

Occup 4 25 D D

8. Catharine Dick Lessee and Occup 4 . . 30 D D

9. Catharine Byvanck Owner. Sam 1

Hendickson and Oliver Hall

Occup ts 46. Ferry S 4 D

10. Peter D. Turcot Lessee and Occup 4 . 79 Maiden Lane D

11. M rs Abigail Rhodes Owner & Occup 4 81. D D

12. M. Mygatt Owner Ja s Anderson

Occup 1 106. Beekman S 4 D

13. Evander Childs Owner, Jn Kemp

Occup 1 11 Ann S 4 D

14. Evander Childs Owner Rob 1 Nesbit

Occup 4 \\y 2 D D

15. M rs Ann White Owner Arth r Halli-

day Occup 4 13 D D

16. Robert Davis Lessee and Occup*... 14 D D

17. M rs Ann White Owner. Henry

Barnes occup 4 15 D D

18. Tho s Lyon Owner. Siras Tredwell

Occup 1 23 D D

19. W m Calendar Owner Step" L Terlot

Occup 4 29 D D

20. Jn L. Everit Owner, Geo. Bunce

Occup 1 61. D D

21. Mich 1 Price Owner. Th Jenkins

Occup 4 64. D D

22. W m Smith Owner, Abel W. Adriance

Occup 1 67. D D

23. W m Baker Lessee and Occup 4 68 D D

24. Jn Anderson Owner. Isabella Cox

Occup 4 71. D D

14 CITY or NEW YORK 10 Feb. 1817

25. Jn Bedient Agent W m Spies Occup 4 78 Fulton S 4 A Privy
26 Jane Rayner Owner & Occup 4 79 D D

27. M rs Betsy Dobbs Owner. Sarah

Hunt Occup 4 81 D D

28. [188] Nath 1 Funk Owner & Occup 4 . 86 D D

29. Matthias Bruen Owner W m W.

Cowan Occup 4 87^ D D

30 Matthias Bruen Owner, Sam 1 C. Liv-
ingston Occup 1 89 D D

31. W m Hardenbrook Jun r Owner &

Occupant 90 D D

32. Jn Halstead Owner & Occupant. . . 104 D D

33. W m H Imlay Owner and Occup 1 . . . 108 D D

34. Jacob Tabele Owner and Occup 4 .... Ill D D

35. J. R. Wheaton Owner and Occup 4 . . 114 D D

36. Rich d Riker Esq r Owner & Occup 4 . . 129 D D

37. Gilbert H. Gamage Owner, W m

Jones Occup 4 135 D D

38. M rs Isabella Norton Owner & Occup 4 137. D D

39. Rich d Riker Esq r Agent. Edmund El-

mendorf Occup 4 143. Fulton S 4 D

George Cuming City Inspector
Which were passed

A Petition of Henry W. Freeman Complaining of an Assessment
upon him for a Pump was read and Referred to the Alderman and
Assistant of the Ward and Street Commissioners

A Memorial of Merchant Tailors and ready made Clothes Sales-
men. Complaining of certain persons. Hawking ready made Clothes
about the Streets for Sale was read and referred to Ald n Alburtis
Ald n Mapes Ald n Munson

[189] A Request from Sundry Inhabitants of Georges Square re-
questing to be informed when the Contemplated Improvement of
enlarging said square was to take place was read and laid on the Table

The Committe on the Petition of Charles Monell presented the
following Report which was Read

The Committee to whom was referred the Petition of Charles
Monell praying an exclusive privilege for a limited time of laying
Copper pipes in certain Public Streets of the City for conveying
inflamable Gas. and proposing to furnish a competant supply thereof
for lighting the Public Lamps in said Streets upon reasonable terms



That the Recent experiment made by the Corporation under the
Inspection of the Committee and the Immediate Superintendance of
Doctor Hare, have demonstrated the practability of using inflamable
Gas for the purpose of obtaining a safe and brilliant light, and of
applying the same as well to Public and private building as to the
Public Lamps of the City. That a Number of the Citizens sensible of
the Importance of this valuable Improvement have formed an Asso-
ciation for Introducing the same into their Stores and Dwellings and
have for this purpose entered into a Contract with the Petitioner who
has therein stipulated to erect suitable Buildings and apparatus within
the present Year for the Distellation of Coal [190] and to furnish
and convey by means of Copper pipes a regular and compleat supply
of Inflamable Gas to their respective buildings for lighting the same
provided the Consent of the Corporation to his laying the Pipes in the
Public Streets, to his keeping them in repair and removing them at
the expiration of the term be first obtained

That the District contemplated to be thus lighted is the Bowery to
Bayard Street Division to first Street, Chatham to Duane S l Pearl
Street from Chatham to the Friends Meeting house and the whole of
Catharine Street within which the Petitioner offers to the Corporation
to furnish from the main pipe a Constant and regular supply of
Inflamable Gas. for lighting the Public Lamps within said District
for the Term of seven Years at the rate of $10 annually for each
Lamp and that there shall be three lights or biases to each of the ordi-
nary length of those used in Youles Manufactory The Corporation
to be at the expence of Conducting the Gas from the main Pipe to the.
Lamps and of lighting and extinguishing the same.

The Committee having duly considered the Subject recommend
that the Prayer of the Petition be granted

Respectfully submitted

Samuel Akerly Nicholas Fish
Arthur Burtis Th. R. Smith
Feby 10 th 1817

[191] Resolved that the above Report be agreed to on Condition
that so much thereof as relates to the Public Lamps be in the discre-
tion of the Corporation to adopt or reject the same, and that the lay-
ing of the Pipes shall be subject to the direction of the Street Com-
missioner Which was agreed to

The Committee on the Petition of Montgomery R. Bartlett praying

16 CITY OF NEW YOEK 10 Feb. 1817

for the use of the Room over the Fire Engine House in Beaver Street
presented a Report unfavourable to Petitioner, which was read and dis-
agreed to. It was then Resolved that it be referred to the Comptroller
to Rent the same

The Committee on the Fire Department to whom was referred the
Subject of procuring a Lot for an Engine House Reported,

That they have presented a Map of a Lot that your Committee

believes a very suitable one on the corner of Hudson and Christopher

Streets, which can be obtained for Twelve hundred and fifty Dollars,

Therefore Resolved that they be Authorized to purchase the same

Arthur Burtis
A. L. Underhill
Robert M c Queen

Which was approved

[192] The following Resolution was presented by Alderman Smith,
and agreed to

Resolved that it be referred to a select Committee to consider and
Report on the expediency of changing the present plan of affording
Medical Assistance in the Alms House and Hospital at Bellevieu and
to the Prisoners in the Penitentiary and the following Committee was
appointed Ald n Smith Munson M r Akerly.

His Honor the Recorder after some preliminary Observations pre-
sented the following Resolution.

Whereas a Resolution was submitted in Common Council on the
6 th of November 1815. in the words following "Resolved that the
Committee of Defence be requested to Report by the next meeting of
this Board the Nature progress and present state of the Loan of
$400.000. made to the Governor of this State on the 23 d of December
last and the Security agreed to be given therefor " And in pursuance
of such Resolution a part of the said Committee, did on the 20 th of the
said Month make their Report in Writing, which hath been entered at
length upon the Minutes of this Board

And Whereas the said Report does in the Opinion of the Com-
mon Council unjustly impeach the Conduct of his Excellency Daniel
D. Tompkins in relation to the said Loan by insinuating that he [193]
had received the amount thereof from the General Government in
Treasury Notes, or had made such representation for the purpose of
obtaining the Loan from the Corporation and afterwards withheld
such Treasury Notes Which Imputation may in the lapse of time
when facts shall be forgotten, throw a stain upon the Reputation of a



Magistrate who has in a distinguished manner entitled himself to
public Confidence

And inasmuch as it is now a well known truth that the said Sum
of $400.000 agreed to be paid by the Government of the U. States to
this Corporation or the Treasury Notes to be pledged therefor, were at
no time in the hands of his Excellency, but remained constantly in the
National Treasury until the said Loan was paid by the U. States to
this Board with Interest, the receipt of which appears by the Docu-
ments of this Board

Therefore Resolved that appreciating as we do the disinterested
and Patriotic Interference of his Excellency in procuring for us at a
season of great danger to our City the previous guaranty of the Gen-
eral Government for the said Loan. We deeply regret that the said
Report should have been placed upon our files and we Order that the
Original Report be destroyed, and that the Copy thereof with the pro-
ceedings thereon be expunged from the Minutes of this Board

M r Lorillard moved that the Consideration thereon be postponed
until the next meeting of the Board. The [194] The Question being
taken thereon and a division called by M r Lorillard it passed in the
Negative as follows


M r Recorder M r Brown

Ald n Conrey " Stone

" Smith " McQueen

" Alburtus " Akerly

" Buckmaster " Thorp

" Burtis " Cooper 13.

" Munson

The Question being then taken on agreeing to the Resolution it
was carried in the Affirmative as follows

Ald Coles


M r Lorillard
" Talman 6.

M r Recorder


M r Brown

Aid" Coles
[195] " Stone " Mapes

" McQueen " Lawrence

" Akerly " Fish

Thorp M r Lorillard

Cooper 13. " Underhill

" Talman 7

M r Lorillard then gave Notice that he would at the next meeting
move for a Consideration of the Vote now taken.

The Board then adjourned to meet at Bellevieu on Tuesday next
at ten OClock for the purpose of making the Quarterly Visitation of
the Alms house Penitentiary &c

Ald n Conrey

" Smith

" Alburtis

" Buckmaster

" Burtis

" Munson

18 CITY OF NEW YORK 19 Feb. 1817

The Comptroller Reported

Cash in the Treasury 12.108.90

Warrants not presented 3.160.82

3.948. 8

Whereupon Warrants were Ordered to be Issued for the payment
of the following Accounts

Van Wart & Gardner Watch 1st District 498.75

Walton & Hibberd do 2d 682.50

Norris & Anderson d 3d 670.25

Bleakley & B rower d 4*h 413.

Joseph Leonard for List Coasting Passengers 6 MO 1st Ins* 25.

Jas Richardson Cleaning Wells 8th & iQth Wards 14.56

John Johnson. Blacksmiths Work 15th June to 31st Deer 643.71

Thos S. Brown Rent Engine House NO 9. 7 MO to 8 Jany 56.

[196] R. Munson Esqr Acct making Road the 3** Avenue 2500.

J. M c Comb St Commis r to pay for Turf bought of S. Benson J r for

third Avenue 70.

Cha s Mooney repairing Drain at James Street 64.42

Francis Passman Award for Thompson Street 60.

Benj n Townsend Award for Thompson Street 30.

Jacob P. Roome Supt of Repairs Acct Repairs 500.

Balance $2719.89

[197] In Common Council Feby 19 th 1817
Present The Hon ble Joseph Radcliff Mayor President

Aldermen Assistants

John B. Coles. Peter Augustus Jay

Jonas Mapes. Anthony L. Underhill

Augustine H. Lawrence John Brown

Peter Conrey William Stone

William Alburtis Robert McQueen

George Buckmaster Samuel Akerly

Arthur Burtis George B. Thorpe

Nicholas Fish John H. Talman

Reuben Munson. Thomas Cooper

The Board met at Bellevieu agreeably to Adjournment
An Invitation was presented from the New York Literary and
Philasophical Society to the Members of the Common Council, request-
ing their attendance at their Hall in the Institution, on Thursday next
at seven OClock P. M. at the delivery of a Biographical discourse to


the Memory of the late Robert Fulton Esquire by Cadwallader D.
Golden Esquire. Therefore Ordered that the said Invitation be

A Letter from John T. Irving Esquire one of the Members from
this City now attending the Legislature at Albany to Alderman Mapes
on the question [198] now pending before the Legislature respecting
Auction Duties heretofore received to the use of the Corporation was
read. Whereupon Resolved that the Subject be referred to the former
Committee with the additions of Alderman Smith and M r Jay and
that the said Committee be fully Authorised to take such measures for
the promotion of the views of the Common Council on said Subject
as they shall Judge expedient

Ordered that M r Jay be added to the Committee heretofore ap-
pointed on the Subject of the Hospital Fund

Ordered that a Warrant Issue in favour of the Superintendant
of the Alms House for Five Thousand Dollars

The Board then proceeded to visit the various Departments of
Bellevue Establishment after visiting the same they adjourned to meet
on Monday next at four OClock

[199] In Common Council Feby 24 th 1817.

Present The Hon ble Jacob Radcliff Mayor President
Richard Riker Esquire Recorder

Aldermen Assistants

T i T> r i Peter A - Jay

John B. Coles Anthony L Underbill

Peter Conrey John BrQwn

Thomas R Smith WiIHam StQne

George Buckmaster Robert McQueen

Arthur Burtis John R Talman

The Minutes of last Meeting were read and approved

Petitions of Antipas Hathaway, Archibald C. Mills, Jonathan Solo-
mon, and Henry C. Disbrow for appointments as Measurers of Grain
was read & referred to the Committee on Applications

A Complaint of Isaac Auld against one of the Measurers with a
request that the Attorney might be directed to prosecute the same,
was referred to the Attorney of the Corporation

A Request of Cornelius Harsin that the amount of Fifteen hun-
dred Dollars may be advanced [200] to him on the Sum awarded to
Jacob Harsen in which Petitioner is interested, for Damages sus-

20 CITY OF NEW YORK 24 Feb. 1817

tained in widening Mott Street was read and referred to the Finance

A Petition from sundry Inhabitants Praying that the Corporation
would Petition the Legislature for certain amendments in the Law
respecting opening of Streets and Avenues was read and referred to
the Committee on Laws.

A Petition of Lieu 1 Colonel James B. Murray Commanding the
Corps of Artillery designated as the Batalion of Governors Guards
Requesting from the Common Council the use of a Room for the De-
posite of their Muskets was read and referred to the Committee on

A Letter from the Hon ble Walter Bowne Senator for the Southern
District of this State to his Honor the Mayor, on the Subject of the
Question now depending, respecting the Duties on Sales at Auction
heretofore reserved to the use of the Corporation was read and re-
ferred to the Committee on that Subject.

A Petition of William Pearce of the tenth Ward, stating that he
has received from the Street Commissioner a Notice to remove his
House [201] standing in Division Street and praying that it may be
permitted to remain, as he has taken a Lease for four Years of the
same. Whereupon Ordered that the same be referred to the Alder-
man and Assistant of the Seventh Ward

A Petition of Robert M c Comb requesting the Sanction of the Cor-
poration to an Application to be made by him to the Legislature for
the Grant of a Toll for the Passage of his Bridge was read and re-
ferred to M r Jay Ald n Burtis Ald n Smith

A Memorial from sundry Inhabitants in favour of an increase of
pay to the Watchmen of the City was read and referred to the Watch

A Memorial of John Vanderlyn praying the Lease of a Lot on
Broadway on the West side of the Old Alms House, to erect thereon a
Rotunda for the exhibition of Paintings was read and referred to the
Committee on Public Lands and places

A Memorial from the Trustees of the Sailors Snug Harbour was
presented stating that they were about presenting a Petition to the
Legislature (a Copy of which accompanied the Memorial) for the
purpose of Authorizing the Trustees to Establish a Marine [202]
Hospital in a Situation different from that proposed by the Testator
under whose Will they Act. and Praying the Sanction of the Corpora-
tion thereto Whereupon the following Preamble and Resolution was
agreed to


" A Petition from the Trustees of the Sailors Snug Harbour to
" the Honorable the Legislature with a Bill accompanying the same.
" being presented and Submitted by the said Trustees for the Opinion
" of this Board. Resolved that the Common Council do approve of
" the same, and recommend the Application of the said Trustees to
" the favourable attention of the Legislature "

A Memorial from Sundry Inhabitants of Long Island, was pre-
sented, stating that they understand a Petition was about to be pre-
sented to the Legislature Praying the Repeal of the Law passed at the
last Session for the preservation of Fish in the Hudson River, and
requesting the Common Council to sanction their Memorial against
said Petition and being Read it was Resolved that this Corporation
Respectfully Pray the Honorable the Legislature of this State to
continue in force the Law of One thousand eight hundred and fif-
teen. Passed for the purpose of preventing the placing of Poles in
the Navigable Waters of the Hudson River, and catching Shad by
means of Gill Nets and other Nets of that kind

[203] A Memorial of Jacob Acker and George Shafer for Per-
mission to exchange with each other Stalls N 41 Catharine Market
& 47. Washington Market was read & referred to the Market Com-

The following Persons were appointed Firemen the Chief Engi-
neer, certifying the Vacancies

Fire Engine Company. N 11.

Gabriel F. Mott Printer N 101. Front Street 1 st Ward vice. Cor-
nelius C. Segoine resigned

N 13.

John C. Hagerman Lawyer N 211. Cherry Street 7 th Ward vice
Charles Orsborn resigned

Jacob C. Doty Accountant N 7. Vandewater S 1 4 th Ward vice
Thomas N. Stanford resigned

N 33.

Jasper Miller Boat Builder. Upper end Water Street 7 th Ward
vice Robert Brown resigned

N 40.

Nicholas Anderson, Gardner. Upper end Orchard S* 10 th Ward,
vice Benjamin Davis resigned

William Mallett House Carpenter Corner Jews Alley and Bancker
Street 4 th Ward vice William Romaine resigned

22 CITY OF NEW YORK 24 Feb. 1817

A Petition was received from Henry Rutgers Esquire, stating that
he had received a Notice from the Street Commissioner that an Ordi-
nance had passed directing Water Street to be Completed from Rutgers
Slip to [204] Clinton Street, that upon viewing the premises the Peti-
tioner finds there will not be a sufficient depth of Water unless his
present Improvements be extended further into the River. That in
the Year One thousand seven hundred and eighty nine, he Petitioned
the Corporation for an Extention of his Grant from Water to front
Street, which was referred but not acted upon, in Consequence of the
range of Front Street not having been determined The Petitioner
therefore Requested that the Grant might now be made to him agree-
aWy to the Prayer of his former Petition. Whereupon the same was
referred to the Committee on Wharves. Piers and Slips, the Comp-
troller, and Street Commissioner

A Memorial of William Easton Jun r Complaining of an Improper
Assessment of Tax upon him was read and Referred to the Comp-
troller to Report

A. Communication was received from Judah Hammond Esq r the
Public Administrator of the City of New York. Containing the
Exemplification of a Decree made by Jeremiah Lott. Surrogate of
Kings County in the case of John Mullett a Seaman who died intestate,
and requested the direction of the Common Council in the Premises
The Facts as stated in the Exemplification were that Mullett shipped
as a Seaman out of a Portugese Vessel on board the [205] Private
armed Brig Holker of New York whereof Jonathan Rowland was
Master, during the Cruise and after making a Prize the Privateer was
run ashore near Stonington to escape the British Cruisers, and the
Intestate in attempting to gain the Shore was either drowned or Shot
by the Enemy on or about the tenth of May One thousand eight hun-
dred and thirteen. The Prize or Vessel Cw[a]ptured arrived at New-
pert Rhode Island was Condemned and Sold and the Money received
by the Marshal before the Death of the Intestate It did not appear
that the Intestate was ever in this State, he was a Foreigner had no
Relations in the United States, nor did he leave any Goods and Chattels
in this State But on or about the seventeenth day of May One thou-
sand eight hundred and fourteen. Robert Center a Partner of the
Agent of the Privateer who was Dead, received without any legal
Authority from the Intestate from the Marshal of Rhode Island Dis-
trict a Sum of money due Intestate for Prize Money and brought it
into this City Jonathan Rowland. Captain of the Privateer and a
Creditor of the Intestate applied to the Surrogate of the County of


Kings for Letters of Administration Judah Hammond as Public Ad-
ministrator in the City of New York, claimed the right of Administra-
tion The Surrogate of Kings County decided in favour of Captain
Rowland, and Judah Hammond has appealed from the same to the
Court of Probates of the State of [206] New York. Whereupon it
was Resolved by the Common Council. That the Subject be Referred
to the Council of the Board to Report his Opinion thereon

A Petition from Sundry Inhabitants of the Ninth Ward, praying
the Corporation to apply to the Legislature to alter the bounds of the
said Ward so that it may be enlarged was read and referred to a
Committee consisting of the Recorder and the Aldermen of the
Respective Wards

Alderman Smith presented the following Resolution which was

Whereas there has for several Years been a great inequality in
the amount of the Population of the several Wards of this City which
wards are equally represented in this Board

Resolved, that it be referred to a special Committee to Enquire
into the propriety of Praying the Legislature to pass a Law, equalizing
as nearly as may be the several Wards of this City

The Superintendant of Repairs presented the following, that the
Expence of repairing the Cornice Gutters at the Old Alms House had
been Fifteen hundred and eighty six Dollars, he recommended that
the Street Commissioner should call on the different Tenants for their
Proportion, which was approved

[207] The following report of the Street Commissioner was read

The Street Commissioner to whom was referred the Petition of
N. E Everitt and others Praying that the Brewers may be restrained
from throwing out their Water in the night during hard Frost. Re-
spectfully Reports that he has duly considered the Subject and is satis-
fied that the Complaint against Brewers is well founded there is
also serious Complaints against Dyers. Distillers Soap Makers and
others who require large Quantities of Water in the line of their
Business But it is much more easy to Complain, than it is to find a
remedy, and the Street Commissioner regrets that he cannot propose
some effectual method whereby those in the vecinity of the Manufac-
tories may be relieved from the Inconveniencies they experience with-
out proving injurious or perhaps fatal to several useful Establish-
ments in our City

The Occupants of Lots are now Obliged to have their Gutters
cleared out after every fall of Snow, and he presumes the easiest

24 CITY OF NEW YORK 24 Feb. 1817

way of remedying the Inconvenience during Severe Frost is that the
Manufacturers be compelled to let off their Water during the day only
and that it shall be their duty previous to letting the Water run to
have the Gutters cleared out a sufficient distance below them, so as to
prevent the Water from flowing over and freezing on the side Walk-
He therefore Respectfully proposes, that the above be Submitted to
the [208] Council with a view of forming the Basis of an Ordi-
nance to that effect
3 rd Feby 1817. John M'Comb S 1 Com r

The Attorney of the Board in behalf of the Counsellor Reports the
draft of an Ordinance on the Subject of Casting Water into the Streets

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