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inspection of M r Fulton, have never met with these accidents But
as the Inventor is dead and frequent alterations and pretended im-
provements are forcing themselves upon the Public, the subject is
worthy of consideration, as far as the State of New York is con-
cerned, but as the Corporation have not the power of appointing such
Inspectors, the Committee recommend, that the Counsel of the Board
be directed to make application to the Legislature of the State of
New York at their next Session, in a Memorial from this Board, rep-
resenting the danger arising to the lives of Passengers on board of
Steam Boats, from the bursting of the Boiler, and solicit the passage
of a law for the appointment of Inspectors of Steam Boats, upon the
plan and principles contained in this report

(Signed) Samuel Akerley
Th. R. Smith
John Remmey
J. Warren Brackett

Arthur Burtis
which was approved

[264] The Committee on the Petition of the Trustees of the Brick
Presbyterian Church, presented the following report, which was ap-

That your Committee are of opinion, that the prayer of the Peti-
tion ought not to be granted for the following reasons, viz :


That when the Lot was granted to the said Church, it was of in-
considerable value to the Public, having a front only on Augustus
Street; since which, Chamber Street has been opened, and a small
portion of the rear of the Lot cut off, and although the Lot is by its
Front on Chamber Street rendered of far greater value, yet from the
manner, in which the Front presents to the Street, being very much
askew, renders it of less value than it otherwise would be, and as there
is an opportunity of making an exchange of Ground, and thereby
squareing the Front on Chamber Street, your Committee are of opinion,
that the said Church have no reasonable claim on this Corporation,
as the conditions on which the grant was made, have not been com-
plied with on their part, and for the reasons above stated: but your
Committee would recommend that whatever expense [265] the said
Church may have been at, either by fencing the Lot, or by Taxes or
Assessments, that this Board refund them the amount with Interest

(Signed) Arthur Burtis
Jacob. B. Taylor
Robert M c Queen
Effingham Schieffelin

The Committee on the subject of erecting a Market in the Eighth
Ward and in Collect Street, presented the following Report

That in their opinion, Markets ought not to be erected on both
the places designated by the Petitioners, inasmuch as it is believed,
that the population, who will look for their supply of Provisions from
the said Markets, if erected, will not be sufficient to maintain two-
One or the other therefore must fail through want of support Pur-
suant to this opinion, a sub-Committee has examined the situation
of the two places recommended by the Petitioners, and reported in
favour of the Gore above designated, as combining greater advan-
tages than any other place in it's vicinity The place hereby recom-
mended, is bounded by four spacious [266] Streets, and possesses a
commanding elevation of ground, with a descent to Grand Street,
sufficient to carry off, at all times, any offensive matter which may be
collected by means of the Market. On the other hand, the place on
Collect Street is situated on a low, and in the opinion of the Com-
mittee, an unwholesome piece of ground, with a very small descent,
hardly sufficient to convey the water from the adjoining land It is
the opinion of the Committee, also, that the convenience of all the
Petitioners will be best promoted, by erecting the Market on the gore
aforesaid, as the distance from the present temporary Building on

272 CITY or NEW YORK 25 Aug. 1817

Pump Street, to the place designated on Collect Street, is but One
hundred and fifty feet less than to that recommended by the Com-
mittee; it is concluded therefore, that all who market at the present
establishment, will, on account of the small difference in the distance
to the place recommended, market there The consideration, that while
a great convenience is afforded the Inhabitants North and East of
Spring Street, extending to Art Street, and including both sides of
the Bowery and Broad [267] Way : those, who reside South and West
of said line, will experience no material inconvenience, it is hoped,
will have its due influence with the Board, as it has had with the Com-
mittee The Committee are aware of the force of an objection strongly
urged by those Gentlemen, who differ with them, that the Land on
Collect Street is the Property of the Corporation, and therefore, that
a Market may be erected for a much less sum than at the place rec-
ommended, which must be purchased at an expense of from Four to
Five Thousand Dollars The duty of the Board to husband and im-
prove their resources by every reasonable and proper expedient is
not denied by the Committee, but they at the same time contend, that
this principle ought not so strongly to be insisted on, as to prevent a
great Public convenience If necessary, numerous instances might be
cited to shew, that the Corporation have uniformly adopted a policy,
which in their opinion, was calculated to improve the general accom-
modation of our Citizens, although it tends to lessen their resources
Two cases in point, are referred to ; first, [268] the opening to the
Public, that valuable piece of Ground in the rear of this Hall, instead
of disposing of it in Lots as originally contemplated; and second, the
order to be put in possession of the Block between Beekman Slip and
Crane Wharf instead of improving the present site of the Fly Mar-
ket, objected to on account of its low and unwholesome situation, either
of which, had they acted solely on the policy of improving their re-
sources, would be highly inconsistent The Committee hope therefore,
that this objection will have no weight with the Board, when it is
seen, that so large a proportion of our fellow Citizens will be accom-
modated by erecting the Market at the place hereby recommended
They close their Report on this subject, by presenting to the Board,
a profile of the ground, which they have ascertained, may be pur-
chased for the sum of Five Thousand Dollars ; and also a plan of a
Market-house Eighty feet by Twenty five, estimated to cost Two Thou-
sand Dollars: and request that a Committee may be appointed with
power to purchase said ground, and erect thereon a Market [269]


House, provided the whole expense shall not exceed Seven Thousand

(Signed) Arthur Burtis
Jacob. B. Taylor
Stephen Allen
Reuben Munson
Leonard Kip

Upon the question of agreeing to the same, and a Division having
been called by Alderman Smith, the same was carried in the affirma-
tive, as follows

Affirmative 10 M r Recorder Ald n Brackett Underbill Burtis
Thorp Mess 1 " 9 Stevens V n Amringe Taylor Schieffelin Allen

Negative 5 Ald n Smith M c Queen M r Stone Remmey Akerley

Alderman Smith then gave notice, that at the next Meeting of the
Board, he would move for a reconsideration of the vote taken

The Committee on the Petition of Benjamin Hills and Reuben
Ayres, reported

That the Law of the State on this subject does not authorize the
Corporation to grant [270] or erect any Wooden Building for this
purpose in the Fire Limits : therefore they are of the opinion, that the
prayer of the Petitioners cannot be granted

(Signed) A. L. Underbill

R. Graves S* Com r

P. tem
which was approved

The City Inspector on the complaint against the night Scavengers,

That all the licensed Ho. Boys have been interdicted from making
any noise in the discharge of their duties, on pain of dismissal: that
he cannot ascertain that this offensive conduct proceeds from any au-
thorized person or persons, but from Individuals not authorized by
the City Inspector The remedy, it appears most likely to lessen the
evil complained of, would be to direct the Watchmen to seize the brawl-
ers for the night, as disturbers of the public peace, and thereby the
law interdicting their pursuing their avocations, without authority, be
enforced against them The Police Committee, together with the Police
Magistrates can best effect this object by giving the necessary instruc-

( Signed) George Cuming City Insp

[271] which was approved, and referred to the Watch Committee and
Police Magistrates

274 CITY or NEW YORK 25 Aug. 1817

The Recorder presented the following

Resolved that 'it be referred to the Committee of Arts and Sciences
to prevent Nuisances in the rear of the City Hall : which was referred
to the Committee of Arts and Sciences

Alderman Smith presented a Resolution, directing the appointment
of an additional Assistant Keeper to the City Penitentiary with the
same salary as is allowed to the other Keepers, which was agreed to,
and William Hoghland Jun r was appointed to the office

Alderman Thorp presented a Resolution directing the Water Lots
belonging to the Corporation, situated between Washington and West
Streets, and Charlton and King Street, to be filled up and regulated,
which was referred to the Street Committee and Street Commissioner
to report

[272] The Resolution presented by Alderman Brackett at the last
Meeting, was called up, and was in the words following

Resolved that the Resolution, altering the respective Salaries of
the Superintendent of the Alms House, Comptroller, Street Commis-
sioner, and Police Justices, passed by this Board the Nineteenth day of
May last, being the Second, Third, and Fifth Resolutions passed at that
time, be, and the same are hereby vacated and repealed

The question being taken on agreeing to the Resolution respecting
the Superintendent of the Alms House, it passed in the negative The
question being then taken on agreeing to the Resolution respecting the
Street Commissioner, it was carried in the affirmative The question
being then taken on agreeing to the Resolution respecting the Justices
of the Police, it passed in the negative

Alderman Brackett laid on the table a Resolution for rescinding
the Resolution of Ninth of May respecting the Salary of the Superin-
tendent of the Alms House

[273] On motion of Alderman Brackett, Resolved that the Counsel
of the Board be instructed, that in the suit brought by John. R : Liv-
ingston against the Corporation, it is not the wish of this Board, that
the Counsel should put in a plea of the Statute of limitations, or avail
himself of the same

The Comptroller reported,

Balance in the Treasury 12 Ins* 108.77

Reed for Excise 100.

" Rents 4956.60

" Tax 5000.

" Streets 8682.48

" Canal Street 8800.



whereupon Warrants were ordered to be issued for payment of the
following Accounts

Norris & Anderson Watch 1st Dis* 1118.25

Walton & Hibberd " 2d " 682.50

Bleakley & Brower 3d " 413.

G. N. Bleecker Compf 1 Qr &c 15th i ns t 500.

Geo. Cuming City Inspr 1 Qr 28th " 312.50

Jonathan Pinckney City Intendt 1 Qr 19th inst 250.

Jacob. P. RoomeSupt Repairs 1 Q r 14th 225.

Thos Franklin Chief Engnr 1 Qr 18th Inst 200.

W. S. Smith. .Collr City Revenue 1 Q r 22<* Inst 200.

[274] B. Skaats. Keeper City Hall 1 Qr 24*h Inst & Expences 265.69

Abm Brevoort Inspr of Bread 1 Qr 21st I ns t 96.50

Joseph Varick " " " 1 " 17th 95.50

John FineCarriage hire 10 th Dec 1816 to 13 Inst 49.

Jas Warner Special Justice 1 Qr 26th " 187.50

Jas Hopson " " 1 " 26 " 187.50

Josiah Hedden " " 1 " 26 " 187.50

B. Oblenis Clerk Police office 1 " 26 " 250.

R. Stephens Asst C'lk " " 1 " 26 " 200.

Peter Schemerhorn Int on Bond 6 M 1 s Inst 450.

Geo. Rapalye Award for Hudson St 765 . 18

Isaac Halsey Acco 1 regulating Rivington Street 500.

Cha s Mooney Acco 1 paving Bridge St 200.

Jas Pinkerton " Mott " 200.

Corlies & May " flagging Sidewalks Broadway 200.

Jacob. C. Mott & Assessors on sundry Assessments 135.

John Brower & Assessors on Do Do 126.

Ja s Kelly Accot paving Rider Street 100.

John Culbert bale 6 " Slote lane 100.

Ditto paving Water Street 60. 8

Jas Meghan Intersection Broadway & Art Street 19.50

John Anderson bale 6 on 3 Instalment Pier Dey Street 3819.15

[275] Abm Storms 2d & 3d Instalmt Bulkhead Crane Wharf 2192.50

Thos & Geo. Lovett Acct repairs Pier Fulton Slip 800.

Robt Latimer acco 1 works 8 th Avenue 500.

J. Randel J r for elevation Monumental Stones 2500.

L. S. Burling redempt" Bills Credit 3000.

Richd Furman Supt Alms House 5000.

Jacob. P. Roome Supt Repairs for Repairs 700.

Ditto " " " Docks 500.

Ditto " " " Engine houses 250.


Balance $110.

Adjourned to meet this day fortnight

276 CITY OF NEW YORK 8 Sept. 1817

[276] In Common Council September 8 th 1817
Present The Honb le Jacob Radcliff > Mayor President

Aldermen. Assistants.

John. B. Coles Samuel Stevens

Jo s Warren Brackett Leonard Kip

Anthy L. Underbill W m F. V n Amringe

Eldad Holmes William Stone

Rob 1 McQueen John Remmey

George Buckmaster Sam 1 Akerley

Arthur Burtis Jacob. B. Taylor

George. B. Thorp Effinghm Schieffelin
Reuben Munson

The Minutes of last Meeting were read and approved

A Petition of Kinlock Stewart for permission to construct a vault
in Rector Street, was read, and referred to the Street Commissioner
to grant on the usual terms

A Petition from Daniel Demarest for permission to continue his
house in Provost Street, which is directed to be removed on opening
said Street, was read and referred [277] to the Street Commissioner

A Petition from Abraham Shoemaker, that his House in Orange
Street may be permitted to remain, was read, and leave given to Pe-
titioner to withdraw his Petition

A Petition of John. B. Murray, that a part of Fitzroy road thrown
open by him, may be enclosed by him, was read, and referred to the
Road Committee

A Petition of Arthur Hughes for remission of fine for incumbering
the Streets, was read, and granted on payment of costs

A Petition of Henry Eckford, to be permitted to build a Pier on
the east side of Stanton Slip of One hundred and fifty feet long, the
expences of which he would bear himself, if permitted to have the
Wharfage on each side, until it should be found necessary to extend
the Slip, when he would expect repayment of the usual proportion;
Ordered that the same be referred to the Committee of Wharves and
[278] Comptroller

A Petition of William Corkin Master of the British Schooner
Countess Dalhousie was received, stating that he had arrived from
Halifax on the Twenty second ultimo with Fifty eight Alien Passen-
gers: that the Consignee of said vessel had become Bankrupt, and that
he was in great difficulty to procure the Sureties required by law:
that the greater part of the Passengers had left the city, and that there-


fore there was little probability of their being chargeable, and he
prayed relief

Whereupon Ordered that it be referred to the Attorney and Clerk
of the Board, with authority to take such Security as under present
circumstances they shall deem advisable

A Petition of the Inhabitants residing in Batavia Lane, praying
that the name of said Street may be changed to that of Somerset
Street ; and a Petition from the Inhabitants of Orange Street praying
the name of said Street may be changed for that of Jackson Street
in honour of the [279] Hero of New Orleans, were read, and referred
to the Committee on Streets to report

A Petition of Jessy Atkinson for extension of ninety days for pay-
ment of an Assessment on Lots owned by her in Chamber Street, wa.
read, and the prayer thereof granted

A Petition of the Inhabitants residing in Chamber Street, and in
the vicinity of the New York Institution, was received, stating that
they have understood the Corporation were about erecting a Building
on the corner of Augustus and Chamber Streets for the purpose of
a stable, and for keeping Hearses and Coffins in: that as that has
become an improved part of the City, such a Building would be exceed-
ingly injurious to their property, and they pray it may not be erected
whereupon said Petition was referred to the Committee appointed on
the request of the Commissioner of the Alms House for ground
whereon to erect a stable

A Petition was received from Janet Lang praying pecuniary as-
sistance to enable [280] her to pay an Assessment for opening Hud-
son Street laid upon a leased Lot in her possession, was read, and
referred to the Committee of Charity with authority to grant the aid

A further Petition from Lewis. A. Pickhard for permission to con-
tinue a Wooden Cistern in the Streets, was read and rejected

A complaint of William Coulthard of some Tanner's vats owned
by M r Lorillard in Cross Street, as being highly offensive to the
neighbourhood, was read, and referred to the Street Committee, Street
Commissioner, and Comptroller

A Petition of Matthias Smith for Stall N 3 Fly Market, was read,
and referred to the Market Committee

A Petition of Robert Bates for remission of penalty incurred by
selling liquor without a license, was read, and granted

A Petition of Daniel Dike, for appointment to the office of an In-

278 CITY OF NEW YORK 8 Sept. 1817

spector of [281] Bread, was read, and referred to the Committee of

A request from Higgins & Parks, Contractors for filling in the
ground for the scite of the Market at Fulton Slip, that a Committee
might be appointed to examine the situation of their work there, was
read and referred to the Alderman and Assistant of the Second Ward,
and Street Commissioner

A Remonstrance from Benjamin. A. Akerley and others against the
Assessment for Bulkhead at Rutger's Slip was received Whereupon
the said Assessment was referred back to the Assessors for revisal and
reconsideration, together with said Remonstrance

A Memorial was received from Rodman Bowne Lessee of Ferry
at Catharine Slip, praying payment of expence incurred by repairing
the Iron Chains of the Bridge broken by the ice last winter, and also
suggesting the propriety of continuing the Pier at said Ferry fifty feet
further into the river; was read, and referred to the Ferry Committee

[282] A Remonstrance against carrying into immediate execution
the raising of the lower end of Pine Street, and recommending that
the same be delayed until the beginning of July next, was read, and
ordered that the same be postponed as requested

A Remonstrance from sundry Inhabitants against the proposed
regulation of Hammond Street, was read, and referred to the Com-
mittee for regulating Greenwich Village, viz : Aldermen Coles, Mun-
son, and Burtis

A Petition from Alexander. L. Stewart, stating that there are
sundry sums due him from the Corporation for regulating Hudson
and other Streets ; and that there is due from him to the Corporation
sundry sums for Assessments on his Property, and praying an ad-
justment of said demands ; was read, and referred to the Street Com-
missioner and Comptroller

The City Inspector presented Ordinances for correction of sundry
nuisances on the premises of the following Persons, which [283] were

Michael Reson Owner 79 Mulberry S l Privy

Ab m Bininger " 146 Chatham "

Ann Bolen Lessee & Occp' 83 Mulberry "

Henry Stevens 640 Bayards Farm Lot

Jacob Lorillard " 195 Water S*

C. Cutter Owner")

J. Thompson Agent i- 145 Lombardy " Privy

J. Avery Occup*]



J. Taylor Trustee to A. Ogdens Estate}

Occp 4 \
Occp 4 \
Occp 4 \
Owner & Occp 4

W m S. Johnston

E. Childs
W m Jewel
J. Jacobs
Jos h Webb
Jane Nickens
Tho s L. Rich

T. H. Poppleton

R d Kirby

M. M. Brown

J. Riker

Mary Carter

P. Fitz Patrick

Edward Hays

C. Cutter

J. Thompson

Dav d Paul

[284] Jos h Carter

R* Henry

Jo s M c Quaid

G. & R. Waite

F. Noble
Jn Beekman
Ja s Bradgley

Occp 4
Occp 4 {

Lessees & Occpt 8

Agent. L
Occp 4 j
Owner & Occp 4

Occp 1 J

Agent. L
Occp 4 J


62 Pine S 4 Privy

5 Ann

26 Cross

195 Duane

8 Wall

94 Reed
30 Thomas
252 William "

145 Lombardy "

134 Mulberry S 4 Privy
34 Cross
15 Chapel

46 Hester
8 Norfolk "

Philip Wilson

George Cum ing

City Insp r

The Street Committee to whom was referred the Resolution re-
specting filling in the block reserved for public purposes between
Washington and West Streets, from Charlton to King Street, reported,

That in the opinion of your Committee, the subject embraced in
the Resolution ought to be carried into effect, as it would add to the
value of the Property more than the expence of regulating it, by ren-
dering it a suitable place for Lumber yards &c, it being in its present
state wholly unproductive, as it is cut off from the river by a Bulkhead ;
but, what in the opinion of your Committee renders it the more neces-
sary is, that the Owners of the adjoining Lots [285] are compelled
to fill up their property, while the property of this Corporation re-
maining in its present state will become a nuisance, very much to

280 CITY or NEW YORK 8 Sept. 1817

the injury of Individuals : your Committee have calculated the expense
at a sum less than Ten Thousand Dollars, and which may be paid by
small instalments, as the work progresses

(Signed) Eldad Holmes
John Remmey
Leonard Kip
Jn M c Comb S* Com r
which was approved

The Street Commissioner made a communication recommending the
repaving of Broadway from the South side of Pearl Street to the
North side of Leonard Street, and presented an Ordinance therefor,
which was passed, and Abraham Bloodgood, John Targee, and Aquila
Giles were appointed Assessors therein

The Street Commissioner presented a communication, stating that
in the erection of the City Hall, it was contemplated to pface the
arms of the City over the Attic [286] Story; that for the want of an
Artist that has not yet been done : that a person has arrived, and who
means to settle in this Country, of the name of Lewis Steggagini
whose talents as a Sculptor are highly spoken of, and he recommended
the same to the consideration of the Common Council

Whereupon the said subject was referred to the Committee of Arts
and Sciences He also recommended that the Cupola and Roof of the
Hall should be painted which was directed to be done, under the direc-
tion of the Superintendent of Repairs

The Street Commissioner presented a communication, recommend-
ing that Bleecker Street should be regulated from Broadway to Henry
Street, which was approved, and an Ordinance directed to be re-
ported therefor He also submitted to the consideration of the Board,
the disposition of the ground now vested in the Corporation by pur-
chase of M r Bleecker's Property lying between Mercer and Green
Streets, which was referred to the Street Committee and [287] Street

The Street Commissioner presented the Assessment for repaving
Mulberry Street, which was confirmed, and Noah Jarvis appointed

The Street Commissioner and Comptroller, to whom was referred
the Memorial of the Corporation of Trinity Church, respecting a
balance due to them, presented a report, which was referred to the
Finance Committee and Comptroller*

* Marginal note reads Sec Vol 32 page 333. ED.


The Counsel, to whom was referred the Communication of the
Street Commissioner respecting the fence erected across Anthony
Street, reported; That from the best information he has obtained, he
presumes that M r Livingston imagines that he has gained the right of
possession of a part of Little Water Street by possession That it
appears, that some houses which belonged to him were erected upon
it, and continued for a series of years, but whether they were there
for Twenty years, or not, does not appear with certainty [288] That
those houses were removed about three years since, and the Street
has since been open as a public Highway: that it appears from a
Survey made in the year Seventeen hundred fifty one, that that part
of Little Water Street was then a public Highway. By the charter
of this City and by several Statutes of the State, the Streets of this
City were granted to the Corporation, but for Public Highways The
right of Soil therefore is vested in the City, but the right of way re-
mains in the People of the State No right of possession can be
gained against the People under forty years As M r Livingston's
possession was for a period much less than that, it follows that as it

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