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Remmey Taylor Schieifelin

Negative 5 Aid" Coles Holmes Buckmaster M r Stevens Akerley

Ordered that the subject of opening Washington Street, between
Spring Street and Christopher Street, and the Contract of John Jacob
Astor thereon, be referred to the Street Committee and Street Com-

M r Kip presented a Resolution, directing that the Bonds given by
Collectors, should, when the Tax Books were settled, be cancelled ;
which was referred to the Committee on Laws

The Comptroller stating he had confidential business to communi-
cate, the Gallery was cleared, and the Doors closed

He then presented the following

[317] The Comptroller respectfully informs the Board that agree-
ably to a Resolution passed the 30 th June last, authorizing a Loan not

294 CITY OF NEW YORK 22 Sept. 1817

exceeding One Hundred Thousand Dollars, for which City Stock
was to be issued, bearing an Interest of Six per Cent per annum : the
proceeds to be applied to the payment of Principal and Interest of
Two Bonds due the Mechanic's Bank, dated 10 th September 1816
amounting to Ninety Thousand Dollars, at an Interest of Seven per
Cent per annum

The same has been effected under the direction of the Committee
of Finance

The following Statement exhibits the particulars of the transaction
Sales of City Stock by James & John Bleecker, Brokers


Aug 6 Sold to Robt Maitland $5000

" " Jane Hartshorne 3700

" " James Richmond 2000

$10.700 @ lOO 1 /^ pr 10.753.50

" 13 " " A. H. Lawrence & O 4000 @ 100J4 4.030.

Sep. 4 " " A. H. Lawrence & C 27.200.

" W. G. Bucknor 5.300

" Susannah Bedient 500


[318] $33.000 at 101 pr 33.330.

Sep. 9. Sold to Jno Benson 5000.

" A. H. Lawrence & C.. 1000.

$6000 at 101 6.060.

Sep 11. Sold A. H. Lawrence & Co 10.000

" Mary Duane 1000

" " " Will North 500

" " " Jno E. Caldwell Ex' 100

$11.600 @ 101 11.716.

Sep. 12. Sold A. H. Lawrence & C 33.700

& Jno Bleecker 1000

$34.700 @ 101 35.047.

Deduct Brokerage Y 4 pr 252.32


2 Bonds paid 90.000.

Interest on Do 6211.78

Balance to O City & County 4472.40


22 Sept. 1817 COMMON COUNCIL MlNUTES 295

After deducting the Brokerage and Interest on the City Stock
issued, from the 1 st August last to the respective days of payment for
the same, there remains a Nett Profit of Three hundred thirty five
Dollars and twenty seven cents in favour of the Corporation, equal
to a Third of One per Cent, besides the difference of One per Cent
Interest [319] saved by paying the Bonds

(Signed) G. N. Bleecker Comp tr

which was directed to be entered on the Minutes, and the injunction of
Secrecy respecting the transaction was removed

The Comptroller reported

1817. Sept 22 Bake in Treasy 8* Ins* $256.25

Received for Excise 200.

of Justices of Police 227.34

for Tax 295.94

" Rents 3011.57

" Canal Street 4000.

Balance on Stock Accot 4472.40

Streets 10130.95


whereupon Warrants were ordered to be issued for payment of the
following Accounts

Thos R. Smith Esq. Treas r Board of Health 300.

Norris & Anderson Watch Is Dist 1118.25

Walton & Hibberd " 2<l " 682.50

Bleakley & Brower " 3d " 413.

Philip Becanon Inspr of Bread 1 Qr 10 Ins* 96.80

Dan 1 D. Arden New Grant Book for Counsel 30.

Seymour Sherwood Keep r Battery to 6 th Ins* 116.

S. Ludlum 3 Reams paper for City Insp r 6.93

[320] Jesse Dowe 7 Carriages to Bellevue 10th Int 22.

Shelton & Kensett Map. U. S. for Mayors office 15.

Thos & Geo. Lovett for Earth to fill Albany Basin &c 150.

R. Munson Esq 13 Casks Oil bot of M' Crosby 334.82

Ditto 5 " " " Tho. Hazard Jr 341.40

A Burtis Esq. for purchase of Ground for Market 5000.

Geo. Charlton. builds Well Cliff St Is Instalt 50.

John Parsons " " Green St 65.25

Owen Murphy Award for Bridge " 60.82

Thos Payne ' " Water" 89.25

Ja s Meghan Accot pave Broadway 200.

J. McComb. St Comr f or Commissnrs & Atty's fees Orange Street 252.80

Mary Codwise Award for Bridge St 322.77

Jane Codwise " " " 116.24

296 CITY OF NEW YORK 6 Oct. 1817

Heirs of Geo. Codwise J r deceas d Award for Bridge S* 1046. 16

Benjamin Mead Award for " " 1340.52

Jacob Harsin on a/c award Mott " 1000.

Chas Mooney a/c paving Cross " 600.

Eliza Ludlow Award for Hudson " 1514.

Elizabeth West " " 786.74

John. H. Douglass a/c Award for Hudson S* 2000.

John Anderson Is Instal* Bulkhead Fulton S* North River 1316.25

[321] J. P. Roome Supt Repairs for Repairs 1500.

Richard Furman Sup* Alms House 1500.

Balance $206" r 'n>"

Board adjourned to this day fortnight 4 O.clock

[322] In Common Council October 6 th 1817

Present. The Hon ble Jacob Radclirl Mayor President
Richard Riker Esq Recorder

Aldermen. Assistants.

John. B. Coles Sam 1 Jones Jun'

Jo s Warren. Brackett. Sam 1 Stevens

Eldad Holmes. Leonard Kip

Thomas. R. Smith. \V m F. Van Amringe

George Buckmaster. Will m Stone

George. B. Thorp. John Remmey

Reuben Munson. Sam> Akerley

Jacob. B. Taylor
Effinghm Schieffelin
Stephen Allen

The Minutes of last Meeting were read and approved

A Member stating that business requiring secrecy was to be laid
before the Board, the Gallery was cleared, and the following Commu-
nication from the Finance Committee was read, and agreed to

The Finance Committee, to which was referred the Communication
of the Comp- [323] troller relative to the assessments and Bonds due
from this Board to sundry Persons, respectfully Report

That in their opinion, these several sums ought to be paid without
delay : to accomplish which, it is proposed to borrow of the Mechanic's
Bank a sum not exceeding Sixty Thousand Dollars for Six Months
on their Bond, at an Interest of Six per Cent: at the expiration of
which period, there is no doubt the money can be refunded out of
the Taxes of the present year, none of which are as yet collected


The following Resolution is offered for the consideration of the

Resolved that the Comptroller be directed to borrow of the Me-
chanic's Bank, on the Bond of this Corporation, a sum not exceeding
Sixty Thousand Dollars, at an Interest of Six per Cent for Six Months

(Signed) Th. R. Smith
Stephen Allen
Reuben Munson
Leonard Kip

[324] A Petition of Cornelia Kissam for permission to construct
a Cistern of Brick at the corner of James Slip and Cherry Street,
partly under the pavement of the side walk of the Street, there being
no room on the premises to construct one, was read, and granted
under the direction of the Street Commissioner

Petitions of Adam Mott and Silas Harvy for appointments as
Measurers of Grain, and of John Sale to be appointed a Measurer of
Hay, and to establish a Hay Scale on the Third Avenue at Kip's Bay,
were read, and referred to the Committee on Applications.

A Memorial of Joseph Joshua Dyster, stating that he has invented
a mode of constructing Iron Bridges, wherein strength, lightness, and
durability are united, and praying the patronage of the Corporation,
was read, and referred to the Committee on Arts and Sciences

A Petition of John Scudder Proprietor of the American Museum,
praying on account [325] of the great expence he has been at, in
fitting up the rooms assigned to him in the New York Institution,
that the Corporation would exempt him from the payment of the
proportion of the expence for repairing the Cornice Gutter of his
part of the Building, was read, and referred to the Committee on Arts
and Sciences

A Memorial of Stephen Cornwall and Company, Carvers, offer-
ing to execute the City arms to be placed over the Attic Story of the
Hall, was read, and referred to the same Committee

A Petition of Aaron Ogden of Elizabethtown New Jersey, pray-
ing a further extension of the Lease granted to him for a Water Lot
near the corner of Marketfield Street and Washington Street, for the
purposes of a Ferry to Elizabethtown Point, which lease expires on
the First of February next, was read, and referred to the Ferry Com-

A Petition of Michael Cashman for remission of fine incurred by
selling liquor [326] without license, was read, and granted on pay-
ment of costs

298 CITY or NEW YORK 6 Oct. 1817

A Petition of the Inhabitants of Water Street, complaining of a
number of Lots in Water Street between Fulton Street, and Burling
Slip lying open, and occasioning a great nuisance to that Neighbour-
hood, and praying they may be enclosed within a fence, was read,
and referred to the City Inspector to cause the request of the Peti-
tioners to be immediately complied with

A request of the Commissioners of the School Fund, for pay-
ment of the sum granted to them by law from the Proceeds of the
Excise, was read, and referred to the Comptroller

A Petition of Thomas M c Cready to be permitted to exchange
Stall N 32 Catharine Market for Stall N 48 same Market, and of
Blaze Ten Brook for Stall N 48 Catharine Market, was read, and
referred to the Market Committee

[327] A Complaint of Warburton Surengham against Persons oc-
cupying the Walks near the Fly Market, for vending Stockings and
other articles, was read, and referred to the Market Committee

A Petition of the Butchers of the Collect Market, for Stands in
the new Market about to be erected near Rynder Street, and a Peti-
tion from Asa. W. Wesson for a Stall in said Market, were read,
and referred to the Market Committee

A Memorial of Henry Simmons Surety for John Rayner late
Deputy Clerk of Fly Market, stating that he had paid Six hundred
Dollars, part of the sum of nine hundred Dollars the deficit of said
Rayner's accounts, and praying to be released from the remainder
of the sum due. was read, and referred to the Market Committee to

A Petition of Charles Hopper for a Butchers Stand at the foot
of Broad Street, adjoining that of Peter Crawbuck, was read, and

[328] A Petition of the Inhabitants of Hudson Street, was received,
stating that the expences incurred in opening Hudson Street into Cham-
ber Street had been paid and settled, and that there remained in the
hands of the Collector the sum of Six hundred Dollars That a foot
walk from the corner of Read Street to Chamber Street of the Width
of Six or Eight feet was essentially necessary to the comfort of the
Inhabitants, and praying that a part of said Balance may be applied
to that purpose, was read, and referred to the Street Commissioner to
comply with the request of the Petitioners

A Petition of Hills & Ayres for remission of Penalty, incurred by
them in erecting a Building on the Pier at the Corporation Basin near


Washington Market, was read, and leave given to withdraw the Peti-

A Petition of the Inhabitants of Spring Street, praying that the
South line of said Street may be laid out direct from the corner of
Thompson to the corner of [329] Wooster Street, and the Street
widened, was read, and referred to the Street Committee and Street

A Petition of Smith Baker (a Minor) for a Cartman's license,
and a Petition of Daniel Fash for a license as a Cartman for his Son,
who is a Minor, were read, and rejected

A Petition from sundry Inhabitants, praying that the Sixth Avenue
may be opened, and extended from Greenwich Lane, to Carmine Street,
and Carmine Street widened to the intersection of Varick and Clark-
son Streets, was referred to the Street Committee and Street Com-

A Petition from Inhabitants of Anthony Street, remonstrating
against opening Anthony Street to Water Street, but praying that it
may be opened in a straight line until it intersects Cross and Orange
Streets, was read, and referred to the Street Committee and Street

Petitions from William Poyntz, Patrick Frayne, and Tunis Duryee,
for remission of [330] fine incurred by taking clay from the Roads,
were read, and referred to the attorney to report

A Petition of John. C. Helme was received, stating that he has
obtained a Patent for a new invented double Valve Metal Pumpbox,
which promises great advantages in Hydraulics, and praying the pa-
tronage of the Corporation ; was referred to the Committee on the
Fire Department

A petition that Willett Street may be opened, and regulated from
Grand to North Street, was referred to the Street Committee and
Street Commissioner

A Petition for a Well corner of Arundle and Division Streets, was
referred to the alderman and Assistant of the Ward, and Street Com-
missioner to report an Ordinance

A Petition was received from D. & G. Bruce, stating that they had
introduced into this Country the art of casting Stereotype Plates for
printing: that the place at present occupied by them is not advan-
tageous, and [331] praying the Corporation to sell to them the Lot
of Ground fronting on Chamber Street, and adjoining the Lot of Bailey
and Anderson ; which was read, and referred to the Committee on
Public Lands and Places



6 Oct. 1817

A Letter from General Scott on the subject of Offices he was about
erecting at the Battery, was read The Recorder presented certain
Resolutions on the subject, which were also read when the subject
was referred to the following Committee, and it was Resolved that
when the Board adjourn, they will adjourn to meet to morrow after-
noon at 5. O. clock, to receive the Report of the Committee, and to
take such Measures in the Premises as may be deemed advisable

The Committee appointed, were, The Recorder M r Jones Aldermen
Brackett Smith and the Counsel

The following Person was appointed a Fireman, the chief Engi-
neer certifying [332] the Vacancy

Fire Engine Comp N 38.

John James Stewart Gentleman between 2 & 3 Mile Stone
Bloomingdale 9 th Ward vice John Morrill Resigned

A Petition from the Society for the promotion of Industry in the
City of New York, soliciting pecuniary aid, was read, and referred to
the Committee of Charity

The City Inspector presented Ordinances for the correction ot
sundry Nuisances on the Premises of the following Persons, which
were passed

Owner ^
Occp* j
Owner ^

Elias Day
J. Henry
John Charters
D. Marsh
Jn J. Astor
Sarah Bertoff
Ja s Ennis
John. J. Astor


J. V. B. Varick
Ja s S tough ton
M rs Vail
Jas. Purdy
[333] M rs Bertine
J. Russell
Ja s Cave
Jonas Enquest
Cha s Loss
R* R. Hunter Esq

Charlton Street

a Lot

Owner & Occp 1
Agent }
Occp 4 \

Owner & Occp*
Owner ^

Occp 1

Thompson S l Privy
<< t( (i

Van Damme " Lot

56 Water " Privy
58 Water

Hudson " Lot
304 Broadway Privy

41 Roosevelt S 4

112 Reed



W m Provost Owner) , ,. c

_ . , V 2 Oliver Lot

Jn Daniels Occp 1 \

} Executors to ]
Rob* Bogardus -^ . r ^ ,-, T

- Estate of Cap t L 63 James
W m Bethel


(Signed) Geo. Cuming

C y . Insp r

The Street Commissioner presented a Return of Delinquents on
the assessment for flagging the side Walks in Broad Way between
Franklin and Canal Street, whereupon a Warrant was ordered to
issue to the Collector

The Street Commissioner presented the following Ordinances,
which were passed, and Abraham Bloodgood, John Targee, and Aquila
Giles were appointed Assessors in each, viz

For regulating Charlton Street and Hammersley Street, and for a
Well and [334] Pump in Cherry Street between Market and Pike Streets

He also presented the following Assessments, viz 4 For a Well and
Pump in Cliff Street, and for One in Green Street for paving Broad-
way from Prince to Bleecker Street, and for paving the Alley from
Broadway to Lumber Street, which were confirmed, and Morris
De Camp was appointed Collector Also for Well and Pump in Jay
Street near Staple Street, and for a Well and Pump in Green Street
between Houston and Prince Streets which were confirmed, and Noah
Jarvis was appointed Collector

The Alderman and Assistant of the Sixth Ward, and Street Com-
missioner on the Petition for regulating the Street at the junction of
Orange and Bayard, presented a Report in favour of Petition, and
presented therewith, an Ordinance for regulating and paving Orange
Street from Bayard to Pump Street, which was passed, and Abraham
Bloodgood, John Targee. and Aquila Giles were appointed [335]
Assessors therein

The Committee of Applications on the Petition of Thomas. W.
Gilbert for appointment of Collector of Taxes remaining uncollected,
reported: That the Arrearages of Taxes returned by the different
Ward Collectors as not collectable for Five or Six Years past amount
to about Thirty Thousand Dollars Your Committee have made en-
quiry, and believe that a large proportion of the above sum can be
collected; if it should be thought proper to appoint a Person for
the collection of the same The above named applicant has been ac-
tively engaged for some time past in ascertaining the above Amount,
and in making a Set of Books necessary for the collection of the same,

302 CITY OF NEW YORK 6 Oct. 1817

independently of which, your Committee believe said Applicant to be
a very fit and proper Person to receive said appointment

Your Committee beg leave to offer respectfully, the following
Resolutions for consideration

Resolved that Thomas. W. Gilbert be appointed Collector for the
Arrearages. [336] of Taxes due the City and County of New York,
and that he give good and sufficient security for the same, and that
those Ward Collectors, who have received any Taxes since they have
returned the Tax Books of their respective Wards, pay the same to
the said Thomas. W. Gilbert

Resolved that the said Collector receive as a compensation for his
services Ten per Cent on all Monies collected by him

Resolved that the Room lately occupied as a Loan Office in the
City Hall, be appropriated for the use of the said Collector

(Signed) Effingham Schieffelin.
Jacob. B. Taylor.
Leonard Kip.

The two first Resolutions were agreed to, and the further con-
sideration of the third in relation to a Room in the Hall for an office,
was postponed

The Committee, to whom was referred the Petition for regulating
Washington Street from Spring to Hammersley Street, reported ;
That they have examined the Contract, and viewed the situation of
the [337] Street, the regulation of which had been abandoned for a
considerable time by the Contractor, except two carts, which had been
set to work two days before they called to view the Street, since which
a number of Carts have been employed at taking the earth out of
Washington Street between Clarkson and Christopher Streets for
filling up M r Astor's Lots The Contract for this regulation expired
on the First of September last A considerable deal of labour has
been expended on different parts, but there is no part in a finished
state By a note received from the Contractor, he pledges himself
to have the whole regulation completed without delay Your Commit-
tee would however recommend, that the Street Commissioner be di-
rected to have all that part of Washington Street lying between
Spring and Hammersley Street filled in, and completed at the same
time that they are digging out the upper part

(Signed) Eldad Holmes
Leonard Kip
John Remmey

. . . " Jn M'Comb S* Com r

[338] which was approved


The Counsel presented a Grant to Henry Waring for a Water
Lot at Brooklyn, which was directed to be duly executed

The Finance Committee presented the following List of Monies
due the Corporation, which they considered as Insolvent and which
they recommend might be closed in the Books, which was approved,
and directed to be done accordingly

Francis Baysher $100. due in 1811

James Blanchard 103.80 " " 1806

Peter Lott 30. " " 1805

Cha s & Philip Earle 137.50 " " 1805

Christ 11 Hawser 10. " " 1810

Tho s Mac Williams 5.46 " " 1806

David Ross 125. " " 1806

Thomas M c Grath 80. " " 1810

James Abeel 243. " " 1817

Garrit Nafee 140. " " 1808

John White 22.56 " " 1804

John K. Furman 62.50 " " 1806

W m Ovutt 21.87 " " 1808

Lewis Keefe 225. " " 1808

Ab ra Hyler 20. " " 1808

[339] Mary Sherwood 13.75 " " 1811

Ab ra King 320. " " 1811

John Striker 20. " " 1811

Several other Accounts they have directed to be put in Suit, and
have instructed the Comptroller and Counsel to press the collection of
such others, as they on due enquiry may deem expedient

(Signed) Th. R. Smith.
Stephen Allen.
Samuel Akerley.
Leonard Kip
Reuben Munson.

The Finance Committee on the Petition of sundry Pawnbrokers,


That they have examined the subject, and are of opinion, that the
Law passed Fifth of May relative thereto was not intended to apply
to those Persons, who took out Licenses previous to the First of
May last, but to such only as should apply after that period ; and they
think it only reasonable that this should be the course pursued: it is
therefore proposed to adopt the following Resolution

304 CITY OF NEW YORK 6 Oct. 1817

Resolved that the Law of the Corporation [340] regulating Pawn-
brokers, passed the Fifth day of May be, and it is hereby considered
as not applying to Persons, who obtained licenses any time during the
Year ending the First day of May last, so far as it respects the
amount to be paid for such license on an application for it's renewal,
but that they pay in proportion to the time such license may have to
run until the second Monday in May next

(Signed) Th. R. Smith
Stephen Allen
Reuben Munson
Leonard Kip
Samuel Akerley
which was approved

The Finance Committee on the Subject of commuting with Own-
ers and Consignees of Vessels bringing Alien Passengers, presented a
Report, which was postponed until the next Meeting of the Board

The Committee on the subject of working the Avenues, presented a
Report, which was read, and the consideration postponed

[341] Alderman Smith presented "A Law respecting Swine,"
which was read, and the consideration postponed

Resolved that the Collector of the Assessment for opening Canal
Street, be authorized to use the room lately occupied as the United
States Loan office, as an office for the reception of said Assessment

The Comptroller reported,

Balance in the Treasury Sept 22d $206.95

Received for Rents 3100.62

" Tavern Licenses 156.70

" Streets 3472.

" Canal Street 3000.

" Mayoralty Fees 308. 11

" Vendue Sales 2500.

Mechanic's Rank Loan.. 60.000.


Whereupon Warrants were ordered to be issued for payment of
the following Accounts

Norris & Anderson Watch 1. Dis* $1118.25

Walton & Hibberd " 2d " 682.50

Bleakley & Brower " 3d " 413.

W> J. Walclron. Ass* City Inspr 1 MO 1. Oct 52.


[342] Obadiah Ayres Ass* City Inspr 1 MO 1 Oct 52 .

Jonathan Weeden Street Inspr 1 " 1 " 52.

Sami Hutchings " " 1 " 1 " 52.

Astin & Cochran Messengers 1 " 1 " 60,

Dani H. Magee Keepr Pottersfield 1 " 1 " 45.

Editor of Columbian Subscript" 6 MQS " 75.

Benjn Crane Stationary 8 May to 22 Sep 137.74

Francis Fiebner [Feitnerj 9th Ward Tax balce due 191 .79

G. Snethen Supt Lamps 1 M 1. Ins* 642.28

R. Munson Esq for 12 Casks Oil of J. N Crosby 464.33

L. S. Burling for redempt" Bills Credit 3000.

D. E. Tylee & J. Bloodgood. redeems Bills. 6 days ea 24.

J. McComb. St Comr for repairs of Roads 500.

R. Munson Esq. for Bridge & Road near Kingsbridge 200.

Caleb Filsch Is Instal* Well & Pump Jay Street 56.

ThosRidgwayl " " & " Laurens St 36.85

Gideon Tucker Acco 4 builds Cistern Forsyth Street 500.

Thompson Price Acco* Contract for Wall North Park 400.

Abel. W. Hardenbrook. Bake for Engines to 10 May 1028.87

John Anderson, last Instalt Pier Dey St 4735.48

Tho s Barnum. Supers Piers & Wharves 24 days 4 Oct 48.

John. V. B. Varick Atty balce Award 13th Street &c 522.46

W m Berrian Award for Hudson S* 6242.89

J. J. Labouisse " " " " 5084.77

James Jenkins " " 5000.

Jacob Harsin balance Award Mott " 4053.38

Henry Heiser Award Hudson " 9750.

[343] John. H. Douglass balance Award for Hudson Street 2778.

John Martin Award for " " 2470.

John Van Orden " " " 2500.

Samuel Gedney " " Bridge St 1022.60

Cha s Moony Acco* pav Cross Street 300.

Peter Lorillard Award for Water S* 250.25

Dr John Watts balce Award Bridge " 230. 5

Jas Meghan Acco* pavs Broadway 200.

Catharine Duryea Award for Bridge S l 188.65

J. M c Comb. S* Com r balce to pay Expences on Orange Street 173.

Simon Schemerhorn Award for Bridge S* 97.13

Eliza Grayson & Matthew Grayson Award for Water Street 96.50

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