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A Petition of Sundry Inhabitants of the 1 st Ward for the Erection
of a Market in said Ward, was read and referred [220] to the Market

The Street Commissioner presented an Ordinance for a W^ell and
Pump in Columbia Street which was passed, and John Targee,
Abraham Bloodgood, and John Brower were appointed Assessors.

He also presented an Assessment for paving Orange Street from
Bayard to Pump Street, which was confirmed, and Noah Jarvis ap-
pointed Collector.

The Attorney, agreeably to the reference to him, presented the
draught of the form of the Contract to be used hereafter in Contracts
to be made for Sinking of Wells which was approved.

The Report of the Committee on the appointment of a Superin-
tendant of Sweeps having been made the order of the day was called
up (and it was settled by the Recorder and agreed to by the Board,
that a Motion for the Order of the day took the precedence of all
other motions and was to be [221] considered immediately after the
reading of Petitions & Original Communications.)

The Report of the Committee was read and agreed to. The
Board then took up the Ordinance reported by the Committee A
motion was made to strike out the first section of the Bill, which was
negatived, and the first section agreed to. A motion was then made
to amend the second section by restricting the Limits to Grand Street,
which was agreed to. Upon the question of agreeing to the Section
as amended, it was negatived. After some further discussion, the
Ordinance was recommitted^ to the same Committee with the addi-
tion of Messieurs Allen : Stevens and The Attorney.

The Street Committee and Street Commissioner, to whom was
referred the subject of the Course of the Streets thro' the grounds
of Mr. John Ireland, Reported.

" That they have had a Map made of the grounds and duly con-
[222] sidered the subject referred to them

" They do not see cause to alter the direction of any of the Streets
as delineated on Mr. Ireland's Map, except that of Cornelia Street
they propose that this street be continued on a straight line from its
junction with 12 th Street at Greenwich Lane to the North River, and
also that 13 th Street be continued across the angle formed by the Fitz-
roy Road and Greenwich Lane.


The Committee recommend that the foregoing plan be adopted and
confirmed by this Board, there being no objections thereto by the
persons interested therein."

(sign'd) Eldad Holmes:
Leonard Kip:
John Remmy :
John M c Comb,

Street Commiss r

which Report was approved.

The Finance Committee and Attorney, on the petition of Lewis and
Thaddeus Seymour, Reported :

" That the prayer of the Pe- [223] titioner ought not to be granted,
inasmuch as it would embarrass the proceedings for the residue of the
amount of the assessment."

(sign'd) Stephen Allen :
Leonard Kip :
Samuel Akerly :
Reuben Munson.

The Committee to whom was referred the Communication of the
Visiting Committee of the Humane Society, Reported :

" That they have examined the several apartments appropriated
for confined debtors, & found them as represented. The Committee
have ascertained that suitable Stoves may be purchased at $22 each
& that the whole expence of the necessary Pipe & other fixtures for
6 stoves will not exceed $180

" The saving in fuel & the comfort to be experienced by the un-
fortunate Debtor should this arrangement be adopted, induces the
Committee to recommend that the Superintendant of Repairs, under
the direction of this or some other Committee be authorised to pur-
chase & erect a suitable stove in Rooms Nos. 1. 3. 4. 5. 6 & at the ex-
pence of this Board."

(sign'd) Steph. Allen:
" Samuel Stevens :

" Arthur Burtis:

Eldad Holmes

*Ordered to be executed under the same Committee.
[224] The Aldermen and Assistants of the 3 d Ward, to whom
was referred the Petition of John Smith and James Hunt on the sub-
ject of inspecting Firewood from yards where it is stored Reported :
" That thev have taken the same into consideration, and recommend


that the wood yarded on the Hudson River, be divided among the

440 CITY or NEW YORK 12 Jan. 1818

following Wood Inspectors That the wood yarded South side of
Chamber Street to Washington Market be one District, and that John
Smith and James Hunt inspect the Wood in said District The Second
District North East and North West of Chamber Street to Read
Street, and that John E. Vankleck, Jacob Acker and Brookins of the
12 th District inspect the Wood yarded in the aforesaid district The
Third District comprehending all the wood yarded from Jay to Har-
rison Street between Washington and West Street, and that Joseph
D. Smith of the 14 th District inspect the last said district

(sign'd) A. L. Underbill

*Approved. Leonard Kip.

[225] The Street Committee and Street Commissioner, on the peti-
tion of Thomas Hazard Jr. Reported:

' That they deem it inexpedient and improper to grant the prayer
of the Petitioner, inasmuch as it would be an annoyance to the neigh-
bourhood, and especially in making a storehouse of a part of a public
Street, contrary to one of the Ordinances of the Corporation of this

" They therefore recommend that the Petitioner have leave to
withdraw his Petition."

(sign'd) Eldad Holmes:
Leonard Kip :
John Remmey:
Jno. M c Comb,

Street Comm r
which Report was approved.

The Aldermen and Assistants of the 4 th Ward, on the Petition of
John Baptiste Robin, reported that they had made the necessary en-
quiry as it relates to the Complaint, and are of opinion that the prayer
of the [226] Petitioner ought to be granted by his paying Cost."

(sign'd) Eldad Holmes:

W. F. Van Amringe.
which Report was approved.

The Comptroller Reported:

Balance in Treasury 5 ins $.8 . 36

Received for Excise 100.00

" Tavern Licences 117.60

Wells & Pumps 100.00

Arrears of Taxes 500.00

Streets 1,200.00

Vendue Sales . 2,500.00


Received for Canal Street $3,000.00

Rents 3,735.23

Tax 1817. 2d 3d 6th 8th 9th loth Wd* 12,000.00=23,261.19

27 Accounts Audited.

Morris & Anderson Watch l"t District 1,118.25

Walton & Hibberd, Watch 2 d District 682.50

Bleakley & Brower, Watch 3d District 413.00

Jno. Bedient, Coroner, fees for 3 mo. to 1 st inst 486.85

[227] Benj. Crane, Stationary, 3 months to 1 st instant 43.25

Mich. Nangle, Remission of Fine, Ord d by Board 5th inst.. 7.90

R. Munson, 11 Casks Oil of Thomas Hazard Junior 867.75

Joseph Dederer, Int. on Bond 1 year 3 d instant 253.43

Jno. Anderson, 4th & last Instalt pier foot Fulton St. North

River 1500.00

Reuben Ayres, Carting Dirt on several piers 110.25

Jno. Parsons, 1 st Instalment, Well Division Street 80.37

Barnes Hatfield, bal. on Well, Cherry near Market Street.. 56.71

Blaze Moore, Award for Orange Street 9,028.00

Daniel Demarest, Award for Provost Street 2,360.00

John G. Betts, Award for Provost Street 1,600.00

Alex. L. Stewart, Award for Provost Street 350.00

Pet Parcells, regulating Streets & Greenwich Village 500.00

[228] J. McComb, St. Com., Award Heirs Joseph Marshall

deed for Water Street 125.00

Hugh Smith, paving Cliff St 200.00

Uzi Freeman, Surveys & Maps, 8th & 9th \yds Ordered 29th

Dec 1075.50

Edw. Doughty, Surveys St. Com' 29 Dec. 1816 to 9 Nov.

1817 333.90

Jos. Benson, levelling earth intersect. Pearl & Cherry Sts. . . 25.00

Abr. Stagg, paving intersect. Pearl & Chatham Streets 2.63

Edward Henry, repairing Intersections Streets 2.25

Ja s Jenkins, Ironmongery for Engine house Greenwich 338.52

Francis B. Winthrop, Annual donation to City Dispensary. . 500.00

Rich. Furman, Superint. of the Alms House 1,000.00 23,061 . 6

Balance $=200.13
Adjourned to Monday next, 5 o'clock.

442 CITY OF NEW YORK 19 Jan. 1818

[229] In Common Council : January 19. 1818.

Present. The Honble Jacob Radcliff, Mayor, Pres dt
Richard Riker Esqr. Recorder.

Aldermen. Assistants.

John B. Coles : Samuel Jones Jr

Jos. Warren Brackett: Samuel Stevens

Anth. L. Underbill : Leonard Kip

Eldad Holmes W. F. Van Amringc

Thomas R. Smith John Remmy

Robert M c Queen Samuel Akerly

Geo. Buckmaster Jacob B. Taylor

Arthur Burtis Effing. Schieffelm

George B. Thorp Stephen Allen
Reuben Munson

The Minutes of the last Meeting were read and approved.

The Clerk of the Common Council laid before the Board Returns
which had been made to him by the Clerk of the Markets, (agreeably
to the Resolutions of the Board,) of the Butchers holding Stalls in
the several Markets either by License [230] or Permit which were
directed to be referred to the Market Committee.

A Request of Elijah Secor, to know if the Corporation will sell or
lease the Lot at the Corner of Wall and Nassau Streets, was read and
referred to the Finance Committee, Comptroller and Attorney.

Petitions, of Jeremiah Tier for Stall No. 20 in Catharine Market,
and of John Akly for Stall No. 35 Catharine Market were read and
referred to the Market Committee.

A Petition from Charles M c Carty, stating that on the 13 th April
1807 Petitioner took a lease for 21 years of a Lot of the Corporation
in Cherry Street that for the purposes of opening Franklin Square
the Property has been assessed $63, and for opening Roosevelt Street
$456.50 cents that though perhaps in strictness of law the Petitioner
by the terms of the Lease might be compelled to pay the said Assess-
ment, yet as the Improvement [231] enures to the benefit of the
Freehold, he conceives that the whole of said Assessment should not
be borne by him, and requests the aid of the Common Council
which was directed to be referred to the Finance Committee, Comp-
troller and Attorney.

A Petition of James Stuart was received, stating that in 1815, in
consequence of his house on the Lot at the corner of Oliver and Oak
Streets being destroyed by fire, a proportion of the Taxes laid on said
Property was remitted, that he has lately been called upon for payment


of said Tax, and praying that the same be remitted was read and
referred to the Finance Committee, Comptroller and Attorney.

A Petition of W. M. Thurman, praying a Remission of Tax
laid on him in 1815 far above the ability of Petitioner to pay, was
referred to the same Committee.

[232] A Petition of William Scott, praying a Remission of Tax for
the year 1814 which he avers he paid to John ONeale the Collector
of the 6 th Ward, was read and referred to the same Committee.

A Petition of Charles Wilkes, stating that during the winter he re-
sided in Chamber Street and during the summer in Greenwich Village
that he had been taxed for his personal property in Chamber
Street and had paid it that he has since been called upon by the Col-
lector of the 9 th Ward for personal tax at Greenwich and praying
Relief which was also referred to the same Committee.

A Petition of Francis Hammelin for Remission of Penalty for
selling Liquor without Licence, was referred to the Aldermen and
Assistants of the 6 th Ward to Report.

A Petition of Inhabitants residing [233] in the Bowery, praying
the name of the same may be changed to Great Washington Road, was
referred to the Street Committee and Street Commissioner.

A Communication was received from Jacob Smith Junior, stating
that he has invented a Machine for throwing down Chimnies and
Walls standing after a fire, was read and referred to the Committee
on the Fire Department.

An Account of some Men of Captain Anderson's Watch for At-
tending and guarding Goods in the street at the fire in Vesey Street,
was presented and referred to the Watch Committee. /

A Memorial was received from Richard Varick, stating that the
persons employed in digging out for the purpose of regulating Bleecker
Street were encroaching on the private property of the Petitioner, and
praying the interference of the Board was read and referred to the
Aldermen and Assistants [234] of the 8 th Ward and Street Commis-
sioner, and, until the Report of the Committee comes in, the persons
employed in digging out Bleecker Street are to be instructed by the
Street Commissioner to not interfere with the ground as claimed in
Petitioner's Memorial.

A Remonstrance from sundry Inhabitants and Owners against the
opening of Dover Street, and a Remonstrance of William Lawrence
against the same, were severally read and referred to the Street Com-
mittee and Street Commissioner.

444 CITY OF NEW YORK 19 Jan. 1818

A Petition of Walter Din, for Remission of Penalty incurred under
Sunday Law, was read, and leave given to Petitioner to withdraw his

A Petition was received from Benjamin A. Akerly, Visiting Sur-
geon of the Alms House, stating that from the remote situation of that
Establishment from the City considerable expence attended the Visita-
tions to that place, and [235] suggesting the propriety of an allow-
ance to him therefor, was read and referred to the Committee of
the Alms House and the Commissioners of the Alms House.

The Street Commissioner presented an Ordinance for Building a
Pier at Spring Street Basin, which was read and passed.

The Street Commissioner presented a Communication, stating
that the Side Walks around the Public grounds were not kept in that
state of cleanliness, and were not cleared of snow and ice in the winter
season as the public comfort required, and recommending an enquiry
generally as to that subject, was read and referred to the Committee
on Public Lands and the Street Commissioner.

He also presented the following Assessments, which were passed,
and Morris D. Camp was appointed Collector in each To wit for
regulating Asylum Street for regulating Herring Street [236] from
Christopher Street to Bank Street and Hammond Street from Wash-
ington Street to Greenwich Lane for regulating Perry Street from
Washington Street to Asylum Street for regulating Washington
Street to Asylum Street for regulating Amos Street from Washing-
ton Street to Asylum Street for regulating Hudson Street from
Hammond Street to the 9 th Avenue and for regulating Hudson Street
from Charlton Street to Christopher Street.

A Communication was presented by the Street Committee and
Street Commissioner on the subject of a Gore of Land which will be
left by the Improvement of Cross Street between Pearl and Little
Water Streets which was read and laid for consideration.

The Committee appointed on the 8 th of December to settle and re-
ceive the Balance due this Corporation by the United States for money
expended on fortifications during the late War, [237] reported :

" That in pursuance of their Appointment they proceeded to Wash-
ington and there laid before the Secretary of War the merits of the

" This Officer appeared fully satisfied of the justice thereof, and
evinced every disposition to make a final settlement & to pay the
amount, but found himself officially debarred from this course by the
decision of his predecessor in the year 1815, who, as it appeared by


the documents of the Office, had expressly declared that the claim
could not be allowed by the War Department.

" The Committee then took the course advised by the Secretary of
War, and laid the claim of the Corporation before the House of Rep-
resentatives, together with the necessary explanations and the docu-
ments appertaining thereto : where it is believed that it will receive
due attention.

" The Members of the House from this City were particularly
charged with the business, and every information [238] was given
them in relation thereto : in addition to which the Committee received
assurance from the Secretary of War that he would afford every
facility in the final settlement of the claim."

(sign'd) Thos. R. Smith
Ogden Edwards.

which Report was read and directed to be filed.

The Select Committee, on the Petition of James Waring, pre-
sented a Report favorable to the Petitioner whereupon a Resolu-
tion was presented by Alderman Smith and agreed to : to wit

" Resolved, that the Report lie on the Table and that in the mean
time the Attorney of the Board be instructed to offer Mr. Waring a
new trial and in the event of the suit going against him that the Penalty
be enforced."

The Comptroller presented a Release to James Scott for Quit Rent
on Lot No. 138 Common Lands which had been commuted for at the
usual rate [239] which was directed to be duly executed.

The following persons were appointed Firemen, (the Chief Engi-
neer certifying the Vacancies ) to wit

" Fire Engine Company, No. 3."

Christoph. Heiser Grocer 8 Broad S. 1 st W d vice John Hill,

" Fire Engine Company, No. 18."

Sam. Gilford Mercht. 126 William S. 2 d W d vice Samuel Wil-
lets, Resign'd.)

" Fire Engine Company, No. 20."

Isaac Tcrboss, Sail M r 101 Front St. 1 st Ward vice Henry
Ruckel, Resign'd

Silvanus Osborn, Painter, 60 Cedar St. 1 st Ward vice James
Rose, Deceased

446 CITY or NEW YORK 19 Jan. 1818

The Comptroller, on the account of A. Sherman, reported :
' That the Account of Alpheus Sherman Esquire, Attorney of the
Corporation, which was referred to the Finance Committee on the
8 th December last, has been examined by them, and found correct:
and that the Balance due the Corporation from the 1 st May [240] to
the 1 st November 1817 $76.27 was paid to the Treasurer the 16 th

(sign'd) G. N. Bleecker

which was ordered to be filed.

The Comptroller, on the Petition of Jacob Coutant, reported, that

" On examination it appears that the Petitioner was assessed in the

7 th Ward the last year $8900 for personal property, and he admits

that he is worth $7000, but owing to a variety of circumstances thinks

that there should be some reduction.

" Without entering on the subject of the rate at which he should
have been assessed, the precaution taken by the Assessors, agreeably to
the amendment made to the law at the last session of the legislature,
of giving sufficient notice by printed bills and notices in the public
papers of the time and place for hearing appeals, should preclude any
interference after the Tax Books are completed, unless some mani-
fest error which it would be impossible to correct [241] at the time,
should make it just and proper. In the present case this does not
appear, and at an interview with the petitioner he appeared sensible
of the propriety of the above observations. It is therefore respectfully
recommended that no further proceedings be had in this business."

(sign'd) G. N. Bleecker


which Report was approved.

The City Inspector reported Ordinances for Correction of Sundry
Nuisances, towit

Dan. Baker Own. & Occ. 24 Pell St. Privy.

T T. Post Own.)

> J > 65 Church St. do.

S. Woodruff Occ. $

L. Kipp Lessee

T 122 Duane St. do.

A. M c Garr Lessee & Occ. 1

T. Bingham Own.

~ 148 William S. do.

M. Dulese Dec.

T. Ash Own.)

J. Van Tassel Occ.' 33 Leonard St. do.



Dan. Baker
C. Simpson

Occ. (


Bayard St.


M. M c llwain

Own. & Occ.




\V. M

Mrs. Schipp
. Heath

Own. |
Occ. f

' 60



J. Appley
A. Allen

Occ. \

- 64



W m Mulligan
David Hay

Own. (
Occ. '





Jas. Clyde

Own & Occ




T. Emmons

Own. (



C. Stewart

Occ. '




L. Francis





> 77




J. Appley
W m Underbill


> 83




A. Kline


J. Fagahcr [Faghan]





William Wright





J. Emmons



M. Curry





C. Schip



Elizabeth St.


J. Frisilier





W. &

G. Post


J. West





W. &

G. Post








J. Robinson


W m Hilberton

Occ. '

- 34




Jno. J

. Astor

Own, '

N. Jarvis


* 38



A. Degrushe

Oc Cj

J. Young

Lessee & Occ.




M. Ackerman

Own. & Occ.




C. White

do do




A. Smith

Own. (


J. Merrell

Occ. <

> 50



448 CITY OF NEW YORK 19 Jan. 1818

E. Towser OwnJ _

J. Oliver Occ. 58 Ellzabeth St

(signed) George Cuming

City Inspector

which Ordinances were passed.

The Counsel presented the following communication to wit

" That Augustus Wright Esquire, one of the Commissioners of
Estimate and Assessment for extending the 6 th Avenue, has declined
acting: it therefore becomes necessary that another Commissioner
should be appointed. As the petition is not prepared, the Counsel
recommends that it should be executed during the recess of the

[244] " The Counsel also respectfully recommends that the peti-
tion for widening Grand Street shall be executed during the recess
of the Board."

(sign'd) Ogden Edwards.

whereupon, the Petitions as therein requested were directed to be
duly authenticated in the recess of the Board.

A Presentment of the Grand Jury on the subject of a Bill of
Indictment against Abel Cole a youth, and complaining of the inex-
ecution of a number of the laws of the Corporation, was read and
laid on the Table.

The Finance Committee, on the petition of Samuel Tooker and
Isaac Pierson, reported :

" That on a reconsideration of the subject of their petition they
are satisfied the rent recommended in a former report of theirs for
the lots in Duane Street was too high

They beg leave therefore respectfully [245] to recommend

That the Corporation execute to the said Applicants a lease of the
two lots alluded to for Twenty one years from the first day of May
next at the yearly rent of ninety dollars for each lot. provided the old
leases granted by this Board are first cancelled and provided also
that this arrangement be completed before the first day of March
next, and not otherwise, and also that they improve the said property
by building thereon good and substantial brick buildings."

(signed) Stephen Allen
Reuben Munson
Leonard Kip
Samuel Akerly
Thos. R. Smith
which Report was approved.


The Finance Committee, on the Petition of Robert Given Junior,
reported :

" That in the opinion of your Committee, taking it for granted
that the statement of Mr. Given is correct, he still has no just cause
of complaint, inasmuch as the Books of Assessment are, according to
Law, [246] left open for the inspection of all concerned Ten days:
of which public notice is given thro' the medium of the News Papers,
and also by Hand bills posted in each ward by the Assessors. To
remit the Tax on Mr. Given, therefore, would be a precedent, which
in the opinion of your Committee the Corporation ought not to sanc-
tion : they therefore recommend that the application of Robert Given
Junior be rejected."

(sign'd) Stephen Allen

Reuben Munson
" Samuel Akerly

Thos. R. Smith,
which Report was approved.

The Finance Committee on the Petition of Adam Thompson,
Reported :

" That the piece of ground alluded to was purchased by the Cor-
poration of George Parker on the 9 th day of October 1812, free of all
incumbrance: and the Canal Assessment was confirmed in August
1810: it follows, therefore, in the [247] opinion of your Committee,
that there is no just claim on the Corporation for any portion of this
assessment, but as Parker was owner of the property at the time the
assessment was confirmed, the claim of Adam Thomson, if he has any,
is on him, and not on the Corporation."

(signed) Stephen Allen
Reuben Munson
Samuel Akerly
Thos. R. Smith
which Report was approved.

The Street Committee and City Inspector, on the Petition of John
R. Livingston, reported :

" That they find John R. Livingston was ordinanced, as above,
in the month of June last, which Ordinance was to expire the first
of August following; but in consequence of a Petition of the said
John R. Livingston praying further time, the Board extended the
period to the 1 st of October last.

" Your Committee could not [248] learn that any erTorts were

450 CITY or NEW YORK 19 Jan. 1818

made previous to the last mentioned time they therefore are not of

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