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" NO 25 & 26. on Bloomingdale Road 10 3

37. 42 & 43. Corner of Middle Road w*h house &c 12 3

56. & 59. Middle Road 10 2 8

84 DO 5 9

110 D 5 1 4

188. Adjoining J. Somarindyke 400

162. DO Apthorp 16

163. DO DO 6 1

Total 80 1 30

It is proposed to Lease at Auction the Aforegoing for the Term
of Six Years from the first of May next this period of Time is pre-
ferred as nearly all the Leases of Common Lands in that Vicinity
will then expire

It is thought adviseable to reserve Lots N 18. 21 & 22. for the use
of the Alms House to which several of the Contiguous Lots have
hitherto been appropriated

[249] Hamilton Square

There are Fifty eight Lots fronting Hamilton Square these to-
gether with the Square itself (the whole Comprising a plot of Land
of about Twenty Acres and extending on one side from the third to
the fourth Avenue and on the other from Sixty fifth to Sixty ninth
Street) it is advised should be divided into four parcels of equal di-
mensions as near as may be and in that manner also leased at Auction
for the same Term of Six Years

It is proposed to lease in the same manner for three Years from
1 st May next the upper Appartment of the new Engine House in Bea-
ver Street and the Cellar and Lot of Ground adjoining the Engine
House in Fayette Street


Collect Lots

N 14 to 22. Nine Lots on the Westerly side of Collect Street be-
tween Anthony & Leonard Street

N 79 to 88^ Twelve Lots on the Easterly side of Collect Street be-
" 92 & 93 y tween Anthony and Lispenard S ts

These twenty one Lots Your Committee think it would be for the
Public Interest to lease in the same manner for Twenty one Years
from May next

The following Property it is Recommended should be disposed of
in Fee viz

A Lot of Ground fronting on Whitehall Street opposite Stone
Street. Twenty five feet front. Thirty one [250] feet on the North &
thirty three feet nine Inches on the South side.

Seven Lots. N 48 to 54 on the Easterly side of Collect Street be-
tween Leonard and Franklin Street

N 91. A Gore on the Southerly side of Leonard Street between
Orange and Collect Street

And Sixteen Lots on the New Albany Bason extending from
Greenwich Street to Washington Street, as they are particularly de-
scribed on a Map of the same. Provided no legal Impediment exists
to such disposition, and on which head the Counsel of the Board shall
be fully satisfied

A more particular and Satisfactory description of all the aforegoing
property may be seen by referring to the Map thereof which are here-
unto presented for that purpose

It is deemed Adviseable not to dispose of. the Triangular Lot. Cor-
ner of Chamber and Augustus Street at present there being a proba-
bility that some Arrangement may be made with the Owners of the
adjoining property so as to make the piece of Ground much more

Nothing at present ought to be done with the Lot forming the Ac-
tual corner of Wall & Nassau Street as the right of the Corporation
to dispose thereof is involved in doubt

The Property called Varicks Bason is in a [251] State of Progres-
sive Improvement and cannot be sold at present to such advantage
as may be done hereafter

Should this Report be approved it is recommended that the Sales
be made as usual under the Direction of the Committee of Finance
and Comptroller and on such Terms as they may deem most condusive
to the public Interest except in such Cases as the Board may think
proper to give positive Instructions

50 CITY OF NEW YORK 10 March 1817

As the Lease with the Public Docks and Slips will expire on the
first of May it is proposed that the Comptroller be Instructed to ad-
vertise for sealed proposals receivable till the twenty fourth Instant
for Renting the same for one Year

N. York Mar. 10 th 1817 Th. R. Smith

W m Alburtis
A. H. Lawrence
Jacob Lorillard excepting
the Sale of Property at
New Albany Bason
Reuben Munson

Which was Approved and the Comptroller was directed to Lease
for the period of One Year the Lot at the corner of Wall and Nassau
Street and to Advertise the Public Wharves Piers and Slips to be
Leased for one Year

The Committee to whom was referred the Resolution of the fourth
Instant on the Subject of a New division of the Wards Reported as

[252] The Committee to which was referred the Resolution sub-
mitted to the Board on the 24 th Ult relating to a new Division of
the Wards and also the Memorial of sundry Inhabitants of the ninth
Ward on the same Subject beg leave to Report

That they have Considered the same and believing as they do that
fair and equal Representation is the foundation of all free Govern-
ments and whether they consist of large or small Communities and be-
lieving that it always was the intention of this Corporation to be guided
by this principal as nearly as can be done with respect to the Wards
of the City are of Opinion that a New division thereof would be Just
and proper

With a view to the Accomplishment of this object they submit for
the Consideration of the Board the following viz. That the

1 st Ward shall Comprehend all that part of the City South of a
Line running through Liberty Street Maiden Lane and Fly Market
from the East to Hudson River

2 d Ward All that part Bounded on the South by the first Ward
from the East River to Broadway thence by a line running from
Broadway & Chatham Row to Little George Street including the Brick
Meeting, thence through Little George Street to Gold Street, thence
thro' Gold Street to Street, thence thro Ferry Street and Peck Slip to
the East River.


[253] 3 d Ward All that part Bounded on the South by the first
Ward from Broadway to Hudson River, thence by a line running on
the Westerly side of Broadway to Reed Street thence thro' Reed
Street to Hudson River

4 th Ward It is proposed shall remain without alteration

5 th Ward All that part Bounded by a line running thro' Reed
Street from Broadway to Hudson River and in all other respects
Bounded as it now is

6 th Ward & 7 th Ward It is proposed shall remain unaltered

8 th Ward It is proposed shal remain as at present except that it
shall be Bounded Northerly by a line running from the Bowery Road
thro' Art Street. Greenwich Lane and Christopher Street to Hudson

10 th Ward It is proposed shall remain as at present except that it
shall be Bounded Northerly by a line running from the Bowery Road
thro Sixth Street to the East River

9 th Ward Shall Comprehend all that part not Included in the pre-
ceeding Division

By the Aforegoing Arrangement it is believed that the first nine
Wards will be nearly equal in point of Population, and that the last
named or ninth Ward which now has a little rising Three thousand
Inhabitants with the same representation [254] in the Board as the
fifth Ward having Fifteen Thousand Inhabitants will be encreased
to about Six thousand.

Should the Board deem it proper to adopt the Arrangement herein
exhibited it is proposed that the Counsel be instructed to prepare a
Memorial and draft of a Bill to be forwarded to the Legislature in order
that it may be carried into effect

R Riker Ch

The Question being taken thereon and a Division being called by
M r Jay it was carried in the Affirmative as follows

Affirmative Negative

Aid" Conrey Mr Underhill Aid" Coles

" Smith " Brown " Mapes

" Buckmaster " Stone " Lawrence

" Alburtis " Akerly Mr Jay

" Burtis " Thorp " Lorillard

" Cooper 11 " Talman 6

The Counsel then presented a Memorial and Corresponding Bill and
the Memorial was directed to be duly Authenticated and forwarded to
the Legislature

52 CITY OF NEW YORK 10 March 1817

M r Talman presented a Resolution referring [255] to a Committee
to Enquire and Report as to limiting the Number of Measures of
Grain &c.

Which was referred to M r Talman M r Thorp M r M c Queen

The Board then resumed the Consideration of the revised Laws and
after some time spent therein adjourned to meet on Monday next at
four O Clock

The Comptroller Reported

Cash in the Treasury $30369.50

Warrants not presented 12880.13


Whereupon Warrants were Ordered to be Issued for the payment
of the following Accounts

Van Wart & Gardner Watch 1 Dis* 498.75

Walton & Hibberd do 2nd"... 682.50

Norris & Anderson d 3rd 670.25

Bleakley & Brower d 4*h 413.

Philip Becanon Inspector of Bread 1 Q r IQth Ins* 97.25

John Bogert Carriage hire 5 th Nov r 6.

Jacob Hays for Officers. Carrying Convicts to Prison to 1 st Feby 81.

John W. Jarvis for Portrait of Gov r Stuyvesant 100.

Tho s Carpenter. Pres Assistance Society Donation 150.

Charles Mooney Regulating Franklin Street 123.40

W m Westerfield award for Thompson Street 30.

Mark Reid 1st l ns t at Well & Pump Reed S* 96.10

W. Fish. Trear to pay 18 Devidends City Stock 1st Febx 10.500.

[256] Jacob P. Roome. Supt Repairs for Materials 500.

Jacob P. Roome Supt Repairs for Engine House 500.

R. T. Watson 6 Casks Oil 414.26

Thos Freeborn 1 Cask Oil 76.31

Richard Furman Sup* Alms House 2500.


Balance $50.56


[257] In Common Council March 17 th 1817
Present. The Hon ble Jacob Radcliff Mayor Prest

Aldermen Assistants

John B. Coles Peter A. Jay

Jonas Mapes Jacob Lorillard

Augustine H. Lawrence Anthony L. Underhill

Peter Conrey William Stone

Thomas R Smith Robert M c Queen

George Buckmaster Samuel Akerly

Arthur Burtis George B Thorp

Nicholas Fish Thomas Cooper

Reuben Munson John H. Talman

The Minutes of last Meeting were read and approved
A Memorial of Robert R. Hunter was read stating that he had
seen an Advertisement by the Comptroller of the Corporation offer-
ing for Sale certain Lots at the foot of Thames Street. That the
Memorialist had title to those Lots, which he in this way begs leave
to give Notice of to the Corporation Ordered the same be referred
to the Counsel of the Board and Comptroller And Ordered that the
Advertisement of the sale of said property be discontinued

[258] A. Petition of James Ronalds was read stating that by
a mistake in carrying out the Assessment of the Tax of the second
Ward his property which was Intended to be assessed at Thirteen hun-
dred Dollars was carried out as of the Value of Thirteen Thousand
Dollars, whereby his Assessment was encreased in an undue proportion
and praying relief. Whereupon Resolved that it be referred to the
Comptroller, with Authority to correct the mistake

A. Request of the Commissioners of Estimate on Orange Street
to be furnished with the Map or Profile of said Street. Agreeably to
the directions of the Act in that case made and provided was read,
and the Street Commissioner was directed to furnish the requisite Map
or Profile

A. Petition of Benjamin Waldron to be employed as keeper of the
Beacon or light proposed to be erected near Hell Gate, was read and
referred to the Committee on the subject

A. Petition for widening North Street between the Bowery and
fourth Street was read and referred to the Street Committee and Street

[259] The Petition of Thomas Egerton for permission to Assign
by way of Mortgage the Lease of Lot Number Five hundred and

54 CITY or NEW YORK 17 March 1817

seven to the Washington Insurance Company was read and referred to
the Comptroller with Authority to grant the Prayer of the Petition

A Remonstrance from a Number of Inhabitants residing in the
Vicinity of Elm Street against the Keeping of the Horse market at
that place was read and referred to the Alderman and Assistant of the
sixth Ward

A Memorial of Sundry Inhabitants in the Vicinity of the Collect
praying for the Establishment of a Market at that place was read and
referred to the Aldermen and Assistants of the fifth and sixth Wards
to Report

A Petition from Simon Schermerhorn for permission to erect a
Lime house at foot of Fulton Street previous to the first of April on
his Commencing his Building there, was read and granted under the
direction of the Alderman and Assistant of the Ward and Street Com-

A. Remonstrance of certain Eastern Fishermen against the Prayer
of the Inhabitants of Coenties Slip presented at the last Meeting, giv-
ing a preference to [260] Vessels paying Wharfage by the Year was
read and referred to the Committee on that Subject viz 1 , the Alder-
man and Assistant of the first Ward and the Counsel of the Board

A. Petition of Charles M c Carty Lessee under the Corporation of
a Lot fronting on Cherry Street Complaining that Jedediah Waterman
also a Lessee under the Corporation had encroached upon his Ground
was read and referred to the Counsel and Street Commissioner

A Petition of Charles Myers Jun r Praying for Stall N 18. Wash-
ington Market occupied by John L. Fink who was willing to relinquish
the same was read and referred to the Market Committee

A Petition of William Hicks. J. De Reimer and Isachar Cozens
for Appointments as Inspectors of Manure and of Samuel Thorne
for reappointment to said office were read and referred to the Com-
mittee on Applications

A further Petition of George B. Raymond and Thomas Hazard for
Remission of the Penalty of their Recognizance was read and granted
on payment of Costs

A Petition of Sundry Inhabitants of Franklin and Provost Streets
praying that Franklin [261] Street may be carried through to Provost
Street, and a Remonstrance against the said Petition were read & re-
ferred to the Street Committee and Street Commissioner.


The following persons were appointed Firemen the Chief Engineer
certifying the Vacancies

Fire Engine Company N 23.

Sidney Wilson Morrocco Finisher N 24 Orange Street 6 th Ward
vice Gershom B. Valentine Expelled


James Airis Stone Cutter Thompson Street 8 th Ward vice John
Tomlinson Removed from the City

The Street Commissioner presented an Ordinance for Building a
Bulkhead between Fulton Slip and Crane Wharf which was read and
passed He also presented an Ordinance for repairing the Bulkhead
along the Easterly side of Coenties Slip which was read and passed

The City Inspector presented the following Ordinances for the
correction of Nuisances which were passed viz*

N 1. W rm Few Esq r Owner. E. Fuller

Occupt N 23 Norfolk S l A Lot

2. Estate of the late J. M c Vickar Owner

M rs H. Paxton Occup 1 228 Pearl Street A Privy

3. D. Phyfe Owner J. Gosman Occupt 38 Vesey S 1 D

4. Don. Tho s Stoughton Owner. D r

P. Dumont Occupt 43. Water Street D

5. Suydam & Wyckoff Owners. J. & J.

W. Corlies Occupt 5 45. Water Street D

[262] N 6. P. R. Livingston Owner

N. Miller Occupt 219. Water S 1 D

7. C. Ulshoeffer Owner and Occupant 3 Cedar S l D

8. P. J. Munroe, Owner. S. Sousberry

Occupt 5 D DO

9. D Owner. J. Dubon

Occupt sy 2 D D

10. D Owner M rs S. Mar-

shall Occupt .... 7. D D

11. D Owner P. Byrne

Occupt 9. D D

12. J. W. Mulligan Owner, M rs M. Lam-

stead Occupt 18 D D

13. E. Herring. Owner J. Williams

Occupt 26. D D

56 CITY or NEW YORK 17 March 1817

14. L. Fisher Agent M rs E. Baxter Oc-


28. Cedar S 4

A Privy

15. D Agent David Grim Occupt

30. D

D o

16. Andrew Wright Lessee & Occupt. _

39 D


17 R. Ainslie Owner, J. Riddle Occupt.

48. D


18. M rs Stymets Owner B. Keeler


49. D


19. Benj n Halsted Owner & Occupt. . . .

52. D


20 C. Del Vecchio Owner W m Mertlin


57. D


21. G. DePeyster Agent J s Hammond


58 D


22. T. Ellison Owner M rs M. Burtsell


59 D


23. J. Thorburn Owner. B. Thompson


66. DO


24. T. Ellison Owner M rs M. Burtsell


67 D


25. A Labagh Owner, R. Navey Occup 1

68. D


26 A J. Young Lessee and Occupt. ^ _

70. D


27. T. Ellison Owner. P. M c Closkey


73 D


28. W m Jacobs Lessee and Occupt ....

76. D


29. Jn Nott Lessee and Occup 1

78. D


30. J. Leonard Owner, R. Morrill


82 DO


31. J. Bennett Owner, and Occupt

180 Division S

t D

32 W m Hamilton Lessee.

35 Orange St

A Lot

City Inspectors Office

17 th March 1817.

George Ct


[263] The Counsel agreeably to Order presented a Memorial to
the Legislature and Corresponding Bill to invest the Corporation with
power upon the confirmation of any Report of the Commissioners
of Estimate and Assessment, to appoint a time not exceeding One
Year at which they will take possession of the Lands and Tenements
&c. which was read and approved and the Memorial directed to be
duly authenticated, he also presented a Memorial and Bill on the
Subject of Compensation to Assessors which was read and laid on the

The Counsel on the Petition of Bertrand P. Cruger presented the


following Report which was approved, and the Comptroller was di-
rected to Report a Warrant therefor, and the Counsel to Report the
necessary Conveyance in the Premises.

The Council of the Board who was required to ascertain the
Amount due to the Heirs of Nicholas Cruger Deceased for certain
ground taken possession of for a Road to Horn's Hook Ferry

Respectfully Reports

That the Petitioners have offered to relinquish so much of the
Ground belonging to them as is not included in the Report of the Com-
missioners and is now made use of as a Road to Horns hook Ferry

[264] Provided the Corporation will relinquish their Claim to
so much of the Ground included in the said Report as is not made use
of for a Road, and which did not belong to the Petitioners, and will
also pay them One Thousand and twenty Dollars and fifty Cents,
with Interest upon the same from the Time the Road was laid out

The Counsel is of Opinion that this proposition is just and equitable
and that the Sum demanded is no more than the Petitioners can legally
recover Respectfully submitted

9 th Dec r 1816 Ogden Edwards


CITY OF NEW YORK 17 March 1817


[266] The Committee on the Petition of Adam and Noah Brown
and Daniel D. Tompkins presented a further Report, The several Re-
ports on said Subject being called up and Read are as follows.

The Ferry Committee to whom was referred the Petition of Adam
and Noah Brown and D. D. Tompkins

Beg leave to Report

That they have taken the subject into Consideration relative to the
Accomodation of Steam Boats to ply from this City and Staten
Island as Ferry Boats, would recommend that they be Located on the
East side of the West pier near the Battery for Sum per

Annum to Commence on the first day of May next

All which is respectfully Submitted

Peter Conrey "j

New York Dec 30 th 1816 W m Alburtis Lcommittee

J Mapes

The Committee appointed to confer with Governor Tompkins and
Noah and Adam Brown upon their Petition for Accomodation in
Whitehall Slip for Steam Boats they propose building to be employed
for the Transportation of persons and other things in part connected
with a Ferry from said Slip to Staten Island. And likewise for the
purpose of considering upon the propriety of removing [267] the
Hay Scales from the head of said Slip

Respectfully Report

That they have conferred with the Petitioners who are desirous
to lease for a Term of about eighteen Years the whole of the West pier
of the said Slip for the purpose of Accomodating the Steam Boats
they propose building with the right of admiting such other Vessels
only to lay thereat as may suit the Convenience of the Petitioners,
and state that they will require in the Slip a floating Bridge to land
Carriages passengers and other things thereon from their Boats That
they will also require another bridge of about eight feet wide to be
erected from the Southern end of the short pier in the Slip to the
Westermost pier, being a distance of about Eighty feet for their Boats
to lay along side of They likewise require to have the privilege of
erecting a small low building about ten feet Square along side of the
last mentioned Bridge for the Occasional Accomodation of their Toll
gatherer and Passengers They are likewise desirous that about ten
feet be taken off from the South East corner of the Battery and
thrown open to the dock so as to finish the same in a Circular form
for the more convenient passing of Carriages That a Bulkhead be

60 CITY or NEW YORK 17 March 1817

sunk from the South West Corner of the Battery to the West pier
of the said Slip, at a point about Eighty feet from the Battery, which
will enclose [268] a Triangular piece of Ground, which is now left
bare at low Water and that the same be filled up with Earth as a stand
for Carriages, two sides of which Ground will be about One hundred
feet each and the other side about Eighty feet

At this time the Custom House Department together with the
Editors of Newspapers are in the Occupation of a Building for the
Accomodation of the row boats apparatus and people which interferes
with the location of the last mentioned bridge, but this building may
be so moved or changed in situation as to afford the Accomodation
now enjoyed by the parties

Whilst your Committee are of Opinion that the proposed Steam
Boat establishment may become a very useful public accomodation they
cannot but perceive that the Whitehall Slip and Piers are situated at
the very mouth or outlet from this City to our harbour and more
frequented by transient Boats and Vessels of all kinds than any other
part of the City, particularly in Winter as it affords a safe Harbour,
and is easily gained in bad Weather from its local Situation and the
course of the Current at that place, and therefore ought not for any
length of time be placed without the controul of the Common Council

Your Committee after much Consideration are of Opinion under
all the Circumstances, that it will be proper for the Common Council
to sanction and take [269] the necessary measures to carry into effect
the general Arrangement herein proposed except so far as relates to
the time for which the Petitioners are desirous to lease the said Pier,
and recommend that the North and East side of the said Pier, to-
gether with the Bridge proposed to be built be leased to the Petitioners
for such time and for such Sum as the Common Council may think
fit and proper, and that the Remainder of the said Pier be Rented to
the Petitioners for one Year only for such Sum as may be thought
proper with the right in the Petitioners to receive such Dockage for
all Vessels they may admit to said Piers as the Act of the Legis-
lature of this State Authorises.

That the expence of altering the South East corner of the Bat-
tery sinking the Bulkhead & filling in the ground at the South West
Corner and side of the Battery be born by this Corporation, and that
the expence of the Bridges and other fixtures be born by the Peti-

Your Committee likewise recommend that the Hay Scales be


moved from the head of said Slip after the first of May next, at
which time the Lease to the present Occupant expires

New York 10 th March 1817. Jn B. Coles

G. Buckmaster


Peter Conrey

The Committee to whom was referred back [270] their Report
upon the Application of Governor Tompkins and Noah and Adam
Brown for Steam Boat Accomodations in Whitehall Slip to which
Committee was added the Comptroller and Street Commissioner

Respectfully Report.

That in their Opinion it will be proper for the Common Council to
adopt the Report that was referred back

That from an Estimate made by the Assistant Street Commissioner
it appears that altering the South East corner of the Battery will cost
about One hundred Dollars, and that making the Bulkhead and fill-
ing in the Ground proposed to be made at the South Westerly part
of the Battery will cost Fourteen hundred and forty Dollars

That in respect to the time for which the West Pier be Rented and
the Sum of Money to be paid therefor. Your Committee in a Spirit
of Accomodation to each others Opinions have agreed to recommend
to the Common Council to lease for ten Years from the first of May
next to the Petitioners the exclusive use and benefit of Wharfage
on the North side of the Outermost block of the Pier, the South side of
the Bridge proposed to be built and the East side of that part of the
Pier lying between the said Block and bridge for the Annual Rent of
Five Hundred Dollars And that the remainder of the said [271] West

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