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Hen. M c Vickar Own. 000

228 do do

Mrs. Paxton Occ.

Taylor, Winthrop & Co Own. ,~

~ . p TT ~ 230 do do

Collins & Hanna Occ.

Jno. M c Cracken Own.)~ c .

,,, ,. ~ >254 do do

Robt. Wardle Occ.

F. Ogsbury Own. & Occ. 244 do do
Townsend & Son, do do 264 do do
[154] T. Tilletson Own.)

J. Fannerly Occ. \ 284 do do

Jno. Townly Les /

S. Redman Occ. ^

Jno. T. Dolan Own.)

R. Eli Occ. j 298 do do

A. Hagerman, Les. & Occ. 164 Water Street do

T. Seaman do do 166 do do

Seth Clark Own.)

,,, c,,.,, ,, r\ c l do do

W. Stillwell Occ. (

Mrs. A. Prall Own./,-..

r>- t.,i c vu r\ fl/6 do do

Rich d Smith Occ. $

G. B. Abell Own.) 10 .

' ' . ~ U86 do do

H. Crockren Occ. ^

G. B.Abeir Own -(l88 Ho Hn

r-u TH7-11- r\ Moo QO QO

Chs. Williams Occ.


Jno. Targee Own. & Occ. 192 Water Street Privy.

Sam. Thompson Own. ),-,,,-,

TU o r*\ r^ , 212 do do

Ihompson & Cleesnian Occ. ^

Robt. Bogardus Agt. '

A ixr 1 /- r do

Ann Weeks Occ.

T. Tilletson Own.) 000

r> T> i /- r 222 d do

B. Bunker Occ. ^

S. Stevens Esqr Own.)-,,,

A 11 n r\ r &*& do do

Apollos Potter Occ. C

Peter Schermerhorn. Own.),,

^ V224 do do

do Occ. ^

Sam. Thompson Own.),,

T r TU ^ r- 2 30 do do

Jno. C. Thompson Occ. ^

Richard Seaman Own.

. TT ... r\ r do do

A. Hamilton Occ. i

John Leger Own.)

c cu 11 r\ >2W do do

bam. bhotwell Occ. ^

[155] Jos. D. O Grady Occ. j_ cn

'^250 Water Street. Privy.

(sign'd) George Cuming

City Inspector.
which Ordinances were passed.

The Committee on Charity, on the Petition of Joseph Mangin re-
questing a Loan, Reported :

" That your Committee believe Petitioner to be very poor, and un-
less he receives some small assistance will be compelled to take refuge
in the Alms House. He is however willing to avoid this Alternative
if possible, and hopes, if he receives a temporary relief, from the
Corporation, he will be enabled, during the Summer at least, to main-
tain himself and family from the fruits of his labour.

' The Committee therefore recommend, in consideration of the
circumstances of the petitioner, together with his age and infirmities,
that the sum of fifty dollars be appropriated to the relief of the Peti-
tioner under the direction of this Committee and that a Warrant pass
for said amount accordingly."

(sign'd) Stephen Allen

Jno. B. Coles

" Arthur Burtis

Samuel Stevens.
Approved, and a Warrant directed to issue.

596 CITY OF NEW YORK 13 April 1818

[156] The Committee of Repairs and Comptroller, on the Account
of the Superintendant of Repairs, Reported:

" That they have examined the Account of Jacob P. Roonie, Super-
intendant of Repairs, from 9 tl August 1817 to 9^ April 1818,
and find that he has received by Warrants from the Corpora-
tion $27,285.88

For Sundry Articles sold by him, including Gas light Apparatus, old
Metal, old Engine Hose, old Engine house at Greenwich, parti-
tion, fence, &c 183.28

Balance due the Corporation on the last Settlement and now credited 234.41

He has paid, agreeably to Vouchers produced, 232 Accounts, amount 27,672.52

Leaving a Balance due Corporation, to be carried to Credit of new

Account $=31.05

(sign'd) Geo. B. Thorp
Stephen Allen
W. F. Van Amringe
G. N. Bleecker


which Report of the Committee, on the above Account of the Super-
intendant of Repairs was approved.

[157] The Committee on the Fire Department on the Petition for
a Cistern in Mott Street, Reported:

" That they have duly considered the subject, and are convinced
that Mott Street near Zion Church is an eligible situation for a pub-
lic Cistern; and as the people in that vicinity are desirous of having
one built

" They recommend that their request be granted, and that the
Street Commissioner present an Ordinance for that purpose."

(sign'd) Arthur Burtis
" Robert M c Queen

A. L. Underbill.

which was approved; and the Street Commissioner presented an Or-
dinance therefor, which was passed, and John Targee, Abraham Blood-
good and John Brower were appointed the Assessors therein.

The Road Committee, to whom it was referred to settle with J.
Skinner, respecting his Contract for part of the Third Avenue, pre-
sented a Report, which was laid for consideration.


The Street Committee and Street Commissioner, on the petition of
Samuel Jones, Reported: That they

: ' have examined the profile, [158] and respectfully recommend that
Bond Street be regulated agreeably to the request of the Petitioner,
and that the Ordinances herewith be passed for that purpose."

(sign'd) Eldad Holmes
Leonard Kip
Jno. M c Comb

St. Comm r

which was approved ; the Ordinance therein recommended passed ; and
Jacob C. Mott, John Targee and John Brower were appointed As-
sessors therein.

The Street Committee and Street Commissioner, on the Petition
of Jordan Mott for a Vault & Cistern, Reported: That they "having
viewed the premises are of opinion that the prayer of the petition ought
to be granted, as there is not room on the premises to build a cistern
and it is not intended to have any opening in the Street, and will be
constructed of Brick."

(sign'd) Eldad Holmes
John Remmey
John M c Comb

St. Commis r
Leonard Kip

which Report of the Street Committee and Street Commissioner was

[159] The Report of the Street Commissioner and Comptroller, on
the subject of property required for Slips between Oliver Street and
Catharine Slip and between Roosevelt Street and James Slip, which
was presented on the 16 th March last and laid for consideration, was
called up and read, as follows :

' That they have waited on a number of the Owners ; but not
being able to come to any terms with them, they requested them to
make their propositions in writing and to deliver them to your Com-
mittee the enclosed they have just received, which they respectfully
submit for the consideration of your honorable Board."

(sign'd) G. N. Bleecker, Comptroller
Jno. M c Comb, St. Commis.

598 CITY or NEW YORK 13 April 1818

The Letter of Mr. Coster above mentioned as inclosed in the Report
was as follows :

New York, 16 March, 1818.
John M c Comb Esqr

Dear Sir

"If the Honorable the Corporation should wish to build a Public
Slip at or near the property this side the New Market in which I am
interested, I should think the Owners should be paid for the Bulk head
and Pier with Interest till paid, and that part which is filled in along 1
[160] side the Bulkhead and will be taken for the public Street should
be valued by impartial men and also paid for with interest this is
my opinion, and of which you'll please to inform the Honorable the
Corporation if you think proper."

I am respectfully
Sir Your very humble servt.

(sign'd) Jno. G. Coster.

N. B. " I have commuted for the Quit-Rent which sum of course
will be repaid with Interest."

Whereupon, Resolved that the Common Council do not agree to
the terms proposed by Mr. Coster, and that the Counsel proceed forth-
with to take the legal steps for taking said property for said purposes
of a Public Slip or Basin.

Mr. Van Amringe presented the following Resolution :

" Resolved, that the Comptroller be and he is hereby directed to
report to this Board on or before the Second Monday in May next,
and so from time to time on the Second Monday in May of each suc-
ceeding year, a correct and accurate list of all the real property
belonging to or in possession of or claimed [161] by this Board, and
particularly where the same is situated with the number and Street
or other accurate description of the same likewise the nature of the
tenure by which it is held, whether productive of income, and the
amount of the same, and if leased the date and term of the lease and
to whom leased."
which Resolution was agreed to.

Mr. Stevens presented the following Resolution :

" Resolved, that hereafter the Inspectors of Elections be paid a
per diem allowance of Three dollars, during the continuance of their
duties as Inspectors. The same to be paid in lieu of all expences,
except the wages of the Clerks and Peace Officers."

which was agreed to.


Alderman Coles presented Resolutions on the subject of Canal
Street which were referred to the Canal Committee, and 50 copies
of the same were directed to be printed for the use of the Members.

Ordered that a Warrant issue in favor of Alderman Brackett for
Sixty dollars for payment to Counsel for opinion given on the subject
of the powers of the Corporation to take property for Public Slips.

[162] This being the period assigned by Law for the Appointment
of Inspectors for the ensuing Annual State and Charter Election, the
Board proceeded to the performance of that duty, and, balloting
having been dispensed with, the following persons were appointed
Inspectors in the several Wards, as follow :

First Ward Jeromus Johnson

James W. Lent

Elisha Tibbets
Second Ward Jonathan Thompson

Joseph Riley

Elam Williams
Third Ward William H. Ireland

Henry M c Farland

Jackson Haines
Fourth Ward Abraham Bloodgood

John Brownfer]

Joel Post
Fifth Ward Roger Strong

John Conrey

Martin L. Wilkins
Sixth Ward William AlBurtis

Richard L. Walker

William Coulthard
Seventh Ward Benjamin Prince

Benjamin A. Akerly

David Brooks
Eighth Ward Samuel M. Thompson

Gilbert Coutant

Edmund Kirby
Ninth Ward William A Davis

Jacobus Dyckman

James Striker
Tenth Ward John Drake

Judah Hammond

Cornelius Schuyler.

A member stating that he had confidential business to communi-
cate, the Lobby was cleared and

The Doors Closed.*

* Space left blank. ED.

600 CITY OF NEW YORK 20 April 1818

The Comptroller Reported, as follows :

Balance in the Treasury on the 6th instant 9288.85

Received for Streets 3000.00

" Wells & Pumps 86.21=12,375.06

Accounts Audited

Corlis & May, flaggg Broadway 200.00

Pet. Parsells, regg Sts. Greenwich 200.00

Jos. Willoughby, regg Hammond St 200.00

B. Hill & R. Ayres, fils basin Dey St 500.00

Jac. P. Roome, Sup* Reprs. for Reprs 800.00

Rich. Furman, Treas' N. A. H. balce 2876.38

J. W. Brackett to Counsel's payt opin" 60.00

Steph. Allen Charity J. F. Mangin 50.00 4886.38

Balance^ $7488.68
Adjourned to Monday next 4 o'clock.

[164] In Common Council April 20. 1818.
Present. The Honble. C. D. Colden, Mayor, President.
Aldermen. Assistants.

John B. Coles Samuel Jones Jr.

Anth. L. Underbill Samuel Stevens

Eldad Holmes W. F. Van Amringe.

Thomas R. Smith William Stone

Robert M c Queen John Remmey

Geo. Buckmaster Jacob B. Taylor

Arthur Burtis Effingham Schieffehn.

Reuben Munson Stephen Allen

The Minutes of last Meeting were read and approved.

A Petition of Ezra Weeks, proprietor of the City Hotel, stating
that [a] number of years since he erected a Stone Step and Platform
in front of said Hotel, against which no objection was made and it
has since remained : that he has lately at the suggestion of the neigh-
bourhood erected an iron railing in front of said Platform: that he
has been informed that the Platform extends in the street beyond the
distance prescribed by Law, but as it would be attended with con-
siderable expence to remove it, and as it comports with the opinion
of the immediate neighborhood, [165] as expressed by their Recom-
mendations accompanying the Petition, he prayed relief was read-
Whereupon it was referred to the Alderman and Assistant of the
1st Ward and Street Commissioner.


A Petition from the Licensed Cartmen of the City, praying that
the following regulations may be established in respect to licensing
Cartmen :

" 1. That no single man, especially Mechanics or Minors be

" 2. That no Licenses be granted to Aliens.

" 3. That no License be granted to any person unless he shall
" have been a Resident of the City one year.

" 4. That no Cartman be permitted to own more than one horse
" and Cart."

The same being read was referred to his Honor the Mayor, to act
in the premises as he shall deem most conducive to the public Interest.

A Communication which had been made to the Mayor by the
Reverend Mr. , one of the Clergy of the Catholic Church,

was read stating, that a Coloured Man at the Aims-House who had
been sick had been put into a Coffin while yet alive, and that upon a
Remonstrance having been made on the subject he had been taken
out and had not died for a [166] considerable time after A Repre-
sentation from Doctor Brown, one of the physicians at Bellevue, was
also read, stating that the person was one who was ill of a malignant
fever, and respecting whom directions had been given to place him
in the coffin as soon as he was dead : that upon the fact being made
known to him that the man was still alive tho' in a coffin he had him
immediately removed, and that he lived but about an hour afterwards.
Whereupon, the same was referred to the Alms-house Committee,
with directions to report a statement of the facts at the next meeting
of the Board.

A Petition of Peter Lacour for Appointment as Wood Inspector :
one of Wright Carpenter as Street Inspector: one of Daniel Corning
as City Guager : one of Gershon Ludlam as Inspector of Manure ; and
one of Hugh Pownall for some office under the Corporation were
severally read and referred to the Committee on Applications.

A Petition of Thomas and George Lovett, for payment of Account
for repairing the Pier at Fulton Slip was read and referred to the
Finance Committee.

[167] A Letter from Richard Varick to the Mayor, stating that
two several bonds of the Corporation to him dated the 17 th of Feb-
ruary 1812 one for $2940 and the other for $20,000, would fall due
on the 1 st of May next, and that he would attend at the Comptroller's
Office on that day between 10 and 12 o'clock to receive payment
was read and laid on the Table.

602 CITY OF NEW YORK 20 April 1818

The following resignations of persons appointed as Inspectors of
the ensuing Election were received and accepted: and the following
persons appointed in their place.

Ward. Resigned. Substituted.

1 Elisha Tibbets John Nitchie.

3 Heny M^Farland Garrit B. Abeel.

4 John Brown Benjamin Crane.

5 Martin S. Wilkins Geo. H. Ireland imme-

diately Resign^

George H. Ireland Ezra Weeks.

Roger Strong Thos. J. Campbell.

9 Jacobus Dyckman Oliver Hibbert.

8 Edmund Kirby Jacob Aimes.

A Letter was received from the President and Directors of the
Manhattan Company, stating that by the placing of the foundation
of the Building erecting by Mr. Vanderlyn upon the Lot at the corner
of Chamber and [168] Augustus Street, leased to him by the Cor-
poration, one of the Main Pipes which supplies the City with water
had been broken up and praying permission to place the same under
the ground of the Park or of Pearl Street which being read was
referred to the Finance Committee.

A Remonstrance against paving Avenue " D," from a number of
the owners through whose grounds the same will pass, was read and
referred to the Committee on Roads and Street Commissioner.

A Request of the Reverend John Manning, that the Room over the
Watch House in Spring Street, which he had rented for the purpose
of a School Room, might be put in Repair was read and referred to
the Committee on Repairs.

A Petition of John Stebbins, stating that by mistake the value of
his personal property had been carried out in the Book of Assessments
of the 5 th Ward $5000 instead of $500, and that the tax had been
laid on him accordingly, and praying relief and transmitting a Certifi-
cate to that effect from the [169] Assessors of the Ward was read
and referred to the Committee on Assessments.

His Honor the Mayor stated, that there had been served upon him
as Mayor of the Corporation of New York a Writ of Injunction at
the suit of Richard Varick, in relation to the opening of Bleecker

A Petition of Maria Bogart, to be permitted to sell vegetables in
the Market as an agent for a person residing in the country, was read
and referred to the Market Committee.


A Letter from A. L. Pennock & Co. of Philadelphia, stating that
they have obtained a Patent for a species of Fire Engine Hose termed
Rivet Hose, much superior to that in common use, and offering to
contract to supply the same, was referred to the Committee on the
Fire Department and Chief Engineer.

A Petition from John Dietz, J. Dietz Jr. and Michael Dietz, Manu-
facturers of Glue in the Eigthh Ward, praying to be permitted to con-
tinue their Manufactory at said place, was read, and leave given to
the Petitioners to withdraw their Petition.

[170] A Petition of James W. Anderson, praying payment for a
Pump belonging to him, which upon the opening of Hudson Street
into Chamber Street now stands in the public Street, was read and
referred to the Street Commissioner.

A Petition of a number of owners of Lots in Greenwich Village,
remonstrating against the plan adopted by the Corporation for regu-
lating the grounds in said Village, as being injurious to their property
and extremely oppressive was read and referred to a Special Com-
mittee of Aldermen Buckmaster Burtis Thorp Messieurs Jones Stevens
Akerly Allen Taylor

A Petition for a Lamp on the West side of Market Street Slip,
was read and referred to the Lamp Committee.

A Petition for a Well and Pump in Greenwich Street near King
Street was read and referred to the Alderman and Assistant of the
Ward and Street Commis- [171] sioner to report an Ordinance

The Street Commissioner presented an Assessment for a Well and
Pump in Columbia Street near Broome Street which was confirmed
and Noah Jarvis appointed the Collector.

The Street Committee, Street Commissioner and Alderman &
Assistant of the First Ward, to whom was referred the Petition of
Sundry Inhabitants in the First Ward in Water Street, respecting a
Passage way from Water to Front Street called Cuyler's Alley, which
they prayed might be widened and a Street made through reported,
" that it would be improper to grant the prayer of the petition."

(sign'd) E. Holmes

John Remmey
J. B. Coles
J. M c Comb

St. Comm r



20 April 1818

The Street Committee and Street Commissioner, on the petition of
Troup & Goelet Reported, " that it would be inexpedient to grant
the prayer of the petition, as it was opposed to an Ordinance of the

(sign'd) E. Holmes
J. Remmey
John M c Comb

Street Comm r

[172] The following persons were appointed Firemen, (the Chief
Engineer certifying the Vacancies:)

"Fire Engine Company, No. 2."

Aug tus Cregier Carver 49 Chrystie St. 10 ward vice Arza
Avery, Resigned.

" Fire Engine Company, No. 26."

Nath 1 Harris Jr. Fish Mong r 124 Henry S. 7 ward vice David
Ogden Earl, Res d

Hen. Townsend Jr. Carpenter Forsyth St. 10 ward vice James
Clark, Resigned.

Edward Dayton, Ship Chand r 178 Bancker S. 7 w d vice James
Hoyt, Expelled.

" Fire Engine Company, No. 32."

Jno. Milderberger Carpenf Chatham c. Chamber 6 ward vice
Abr m Salter, Resigned.

The City Inspector presented Ordinances for Correction of the
following Nuisances :

" Namely."
Own & Occ
do do


Mrs. R. Murray
Francis Spicer
A. L. Stewart
Will. Brevoort
Moses W. Hunt
A. L. Stewart
Christian Stamler
Jacob Barker


Jno. Van Orden
[173] Peter Ogilvie
G. Little
T. & G. Lovett
Jas. Malow

48 Orange St
Allen St.
Watts St




Own. & Occ

29 Oak St do

Sullivan St. do

Elizabeth St do

Rivington St do

Sheriff St do

Rivington c. Sheriff do

Sheriff St. do

Cannon St. do

do do

3 Bancker St. Privy



Geo. Thompson


S. Lyon, A Palmer)

L 65

Division St.


and Mr. SmithC

Occ. j

Mr. Griffen


A. R. Griffen

Agt L 49

Cherry St


John Langdon

Occ. J

G. Janeway


Will. Jackson

Occ { 76

Chatham St.


Jno. L. Van Kleeck

Own. /

J. Anderson

Occ j 167



Th. Stevenson

Own. & Occ 17

Gold St.


Jas. Thompson

Own. )

i * /~\

Z. Diswold

Occ. \ 19



Stewart M c Allen,

Les. & Occ. 8



Matthew Hunt

do. do 4

Hague St.


D. Lining

Own. )

Mary Lynch

Occ J



Thos. Cave

Les. & Occ 6



D. Lining



J. Kerwan

Occ \



Edm d Fitz Gerald

Own. Occ 8



Edw d Wilson

Les. & Occ 13



Hen y Peters


M. J. D. Dissosway

i 201
Occ. ^

Pearl St.


Jno. M c Clellan

Own. & Occ 209



W. J. Stewart

Own )

T. W. R. Satterlee &

> 221
Co. Occ (



Jno. J. Glover

Own /

J *S

P. Stratton

I 7? ^

/~v r *"&/

Occ \



[174] D. G. Campbell
P. Demilt


.^. f ZoV

Occ j



Jno. Treadwell

Own. & Occ. 243




do do 245



J. Corlies

do do 283



Will. Thurston

do do 291



F. Gardner

do do 305



Mrs. A. Byvanck
E. Cornell

W "j 309
Occ. (



(sign'd) Geo. Cuming

which Ordinances were passed.

City Inspector.



20 April 1818

The Market Committee presented a Report accompanied by Returns
of Fly, Washington, Duane, Spring Street, Centre and Catharine
Markets. To wit

" Report of the Committee."

' The Market Committee beg leave to lay before the Board the
Returns of the Butchers, and the numbers of their Stalls they now
occupy in the Fly, Washington, Catharine and Centre Markets, and
recommend that they be licensed agreeable to the said returns made
to them by the Deputy Clerks of said Markets."

(sign'd) Geo. Buckmaster
John B. Coles
Stephen Allen
A. L. Underbill
William Stone

[175] which was Approved, and Licenses directed to be issued to them
agreeably to the following Returns :

" A List of Butchers standing in the Fly Market, April 11. 1818."

(sign'd) Peter Amerman

Deputy Clerk.









25 {

William Pulis
Nicholas Steel
Matthias Smith
George Pierson
John Gritman
John Chappell

William Pomford
James Bashford

Thomas Gibbons

David Perrin
John Hyde
John Kent
Caleb Concklin
John Abale

Scale & Passage

26 Christian Truss

27 William Wright

28 James W r right

29 James Byrns

30 John Norman

31 John Whitehand

32 John Hobart

33 Martin Silber

34 Daniel Tier

35 John Rudman

36 William Warlow

37 Henry Schop (vac*)

38 Eliphalet Wheeler

39 John Simosen

40 Willet Cornell

41 Andrew Wheaton

42 Peter Wilt

43 Daniel Burtnell

44 John Nash

45 Henry Marsh

46 David Marsh

47 Edward Patton

48 William Reynolds

49 Andrew Fisher

50 John Doughty



[176] 51.

William Patton


William Everitt

Sam. De Camp. Occ.

Effm Marsh, Occ.


James Carr


E. Underhill


John Stambler


Benj. Cornell


John Perrin

L. Jarvis, Occ.


Saml T. Weeks


Jos. O. Bogart


Christian Stambler


William Kline


Jacob Manold


Geo. G. Messerve


William Masserve


Daniel Winship


Michael Crawbuck


John Pell


William Foster


David Seaman


Cornelius Schuyler


George Manelt


N. Underhill


Da-f-.ii-.-. ^f ^,11 -t-1-.o T3n-i-^1

-i^i*"r 1 <* \A/

*i e* Vi *" rv4~/~\+~* \\ /I r\ * 1 * s\4- ' *

(sign'd) Richard Smith

Deputy Clerk.

1 John S. Fink

2 Jno. Geo. Graft

3 Chs. Weatherspoon

4 Thomas Starr

5 Nicholas Dean

6 John Shain

7 George Haws

8 Simeon Travis

9 Charles Gwyer

10 Benjamin Davis

11 John Henning

12 Isaac Vaughan

13 George Vaughan

14 William Vonck

15 Jacob Flager
[177] 30 Christian Kartell

31 John Hutton

32 Cornelius King Jr.

33 Adam Kartell

35 John Devenport

36 Lawrence Wiseburn

37 Jacob Aims

38 Henry Weeker

39 John Brewer

40 George Hutton

41 William Passman

42 William Chiwis

43 John Chewis

" Return of Butchers in

16 Mich. Hylerman

17 James Owens

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