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18 Chs. Myers Jr.

J. L. Finkstall Occ

19 Hugh Goble

20 Jacob Harriot

21 Christian Harriot

22 Charles Gilman

23 Chs. Gilman Jr.

24 Thomas Corlieys

25 Barthw Granger

26 John Pessinger

27 Isaac Byce

28 Samuel White

29 Francis Spicer

44 Henry Owens

45 William Hopkins

46 John Hopkins

47 Jacob Acker

48 James Chewis

49 Philip L. Luff

50 Cornelius Chewis

51 Lodwick Harple

52 Ernest Keyser

53 Thos. Jeremiah

54 Abrm Vermilia

55 John Fink

56 Alexf Fink Jr.

Duane Market."

(sign'd) Richard Smith

Deputy Clerk

608 CITY or NEW YORK 20 April 1818

1 John P. Tier 2 Robert Tier

' Return of Butchers in Spring Street do.

(sign'd) Richard Smith

Deputy Clerk.

1 Ernest Fink 4 Frederick Glashan

2 Alexander Jeroleman 6 John Glashan

3 Adam Coutant

"Return of Butchers standing in Catharine Market, April 20. 1818."

(sign'd) John Bremner

Deputy Clerk.

1 Francis F. Dominick 3 John B. Smith

2 William Moore 4 John Lyon
[178] 5 Matthias Tier 27 William Shott

6 Christn Hertell Jr. 28 Richard Platt

7 George Thompson 29 Jas. Goodman

8 PhilP Bowerhan 30 Andrew Hutton

9 William Messerve 31 Jonath. Skillman

10 Richard Varian Jr. 32 Thos. McCrady

11 Peter Valintine 33 Matthew Byrnes

12 Caleb Vandenburgh 34 Jacob Odle

13 35 H. Pessinger (Vact)

14 Philip Romaine 36 Andrew Smock

15 John P. Harmoney 37 Will m Messerve

16 James Taylor 38 Olley Fisher

17 Samuel Martin 39 James Reeves

18 Joseph Conklin 40 Adam Dobbs

19 Joseph Hyde 41 Jacob Pessenger

20 Jeremiah Tier 42 Matthew Vogal

21 Walter Durbrow 43 Solomon Dean

22 Jno. Valintine Jr. 44 William Appleby

23 Silvanus S. Townsend 45 Nich. Laurance

24 John K. Floor 46 Thomas Marshall

25 Jacob Varian 47 Thos. Place Jr.

26 Jacob H. Varian 48. Blaze Tenbrook.

"Return of Butchers Standing in Centre Market, April 13. 1818."

" Jno. Bremner "

Deputy Clk.

1 Asa W. Wisson 8 John Fash

2 Joseph Blackwell 9 Thomas Mook

3 William H Gross 10 William Bowne

4 John Hilliker 11 Jas. Simoson

5 Jacob Tier 12 Andrew Bazley

6 William Reeves 13 William Mook
7. Stephen Hilliker 14 John Triglor



[179] The Finance Committee on the Petition of the Sextons of
the several churches, Reported :

" That they have given the same due attention, but can discover no
sufficient reason for taxing the public for the performance of so small
a service, and for which the Legislature, who passed the Law under
which they act in this capacity, would have doubtless provided had it
been deemed expedient. It is therefore recommended that the prayer
of the petitioners be not granted."

(sign'd) Thomas R. Smith
Stephen Allen
Reuben Munson
Samuel Akerly
which Report was approved.

The Superintendant of the Alms House, Bridewell and Peniten-
tiary presented his annual Report " Shewing the number of Paupers
who have been admitted into the Alms house from the 1 st day of
April 1817 (including those at that time in the House) to the 1 st day
of April 1818; and the number discharged, and who died in the House,
during the same period ; also the number of Paupers now in the House,
designating their sex and places of birth ; the Prisoners or Vagrants
in the City Prison, Bridewell and Penitentiary; the [180] Maniacs
in the City Asylum ; also an Account of Money distributed amongst
the Out door Poor by the Commissioners during the time aforesaid."
as follows:

Paupers in and admitted in the Alms house from the 1st of April 1817 to
1st Apr. 1818

Paupers discharged 13541

do died 240/


Remaining in House 1 Apr. 1818,
































































610 CITY or NEW YORK 20 April 1818

Vagrants in City Prison and Bridewell on 1st Apr. 1818. Men 65.
Women 48


Prisoners & Vagrants in City Penitentiary 1 Apr. Men 175. Women 125


Maniacs in City Asylum at expence of Alms-house. Men 17. Women 21


Cash distributed to Outdoor poor from 1st Apr. 1817 to 1st Apr. 1818. . $6347 .59

1081 loads wood, carting &c 2883 .75\ o Q , Q

4000 bushels potatoes, carts &c 1065 .63 f

New York (sign'd) Rich d Furman

April 1. 1818. Superintend 1

[181] which report was directed to be published and printed for
the use of the Members.

Mr. Allen' presented the following Resolution :

' Resolved, that the Street Commissioner lay before the Board a
statement shewing the amount paid by the Corporation for opening
and improving Streets and Avenues over and above the sum collected
from the persons benefitted by said Improvements, and that said state-
ment shew the sums paid for each improvement separately " which
was agreed to.

The following Resolution was presented and agreed to :

' Whereas the improvement of the ground near the old Alms
House, lately granted to Mr. J. Vanderlyn for the erection of a build-
ing for a Panorama, has made it necessary to remove the Stable used
for public purposes for the Commissioners of the Alms house There-

' Resolved that it be referred to a Special Committee to select a
suitable place for erecting a Stable for the purpose aforesaid.

" Resolved, that the Superintendant of Repairs proceed to build the
same under the direction of the said Committee, [182] as soon as the
ground shall be selected."

Alderman Coles presented the following Resolution :
" Whereas by the Ordinance prescribing the duties of the Comp-
troller, he is, among other things required " to keep a regular set of
books by way of double entry, in which shall be kept an account of
all money received and paid out for the Corporation," and it ap-
pears that such regular set of books hath not been kept, but that in-
stead thereof two irregular sets of books have been kept, in which
entries have been improperly made and posted in some cases; and in
others omitted to be made, in consequence whereof the books do not


balance, and a disorder and ambiguity does and has for many years
existed in that department highly disreputable to it:

" And by the same Ordinance it is made the duty of the Comp-
troller " to exhibit a balance sheet of such books to the Common
Council once in every Six months " and it appears that no such balance
sheet has been exhibited for many years, by which omission the rep-
resentatives of this City have been deprived [183] of that salutary
supervision of all accounts opened and kept in the books, relating to
the Annual Receipts of about half a million of dollars and the ex-
penditure thereof, highly disreputable to that department :

" The great object and end sought for in creating the Office of a
Comptroller was, that he should keep a regular Account of all money
received from and paid to the other departments and individuals,
without receiving or paying any himself, and that all charges of this
nature, advanced upon unsettled accounts, should stand open in the
books until the same are regularly settled and credited in conformity
to the directions and instructions of the Common Council, and that
all entries, made in the books or posted, should never be so obliterated
but that the original should be legible: thus, and thus only, can that
accountability be enforced, so essential and important to the public
good by the double entry every sum it embraces must be posted to
the credit of one account or accounts and to the debit of another ac-
count or accounts, and thereby check and balance each other and by
the half yearly exhibition of all accounts standing open in the books
of the Comptroller, [184] the representatives of this City would see
and become more intimately acquainted with all the money concerns
over which they preside and which they direct thro' their organ the
Comptroller these considerations are particularly important to the
people of this City, who annually elect and so frequently and so prop-
erly change their agents in the Common Council.

" Under all circumstances connected with this subject, the Common
Council do not perceive, that the public good would be advanced
by instituting an enquiry into the causes which have led to the state
of things here presented, but the present members feel it to be their
duty to adopt such measures as appear best calculated to enforce an
observance of the aforesaid Ordinance hereafter and presuming that
these irregularities have arisen in some measure from the appointment
of Comptrollers not well acquainted with keeping the Accounts as
prescribed by law, it seems proper that a suitable Clerk to this De-
partment should be appointed by the Common Council, who shall be
acquainted with the nature and keeping of such accounts, to take

612 CITY or NEW YORK 20 April 1818

charge of the books, to furnish the balance sheets, and to do [185]
such other things as may appertain to his office, under the superin-
tendance and direction of the Comptroller.


" Resolved, that at the next meeting of this Board, they will
proceed to the appointment of such Clerk so qualified, and that he
be paid an annual Salary in quarter yearly payments of

" Resolved farther, that the Comptroller lay before this Board a
balance sheet of the ledger or ledgers in his office, on the second
Monday in May and on the Second Monday in November in every
year, to the end that the Members thereof may see every account
standing open therein, and the amount thereof to its debit or credit,
and that such balances be always struck and carried down in the
Ledger in figures, to correspond with the Balance Sheet.

" Resolved farther, that as soon after the appointment of said
Clerk as the nature of the case will admit, the Comptroller with the
assistance of such clerk shall cause all the Accounts to be brought
into one set of books, and that by proper single entries they be made
to balance, and be thereafter kept in conformity to the aforesaid
Ordinance or such other [186] as may be hereafter made."

The question being taken on the First Resolution, and a Division
having been called by Alderman Coles, it passed in the Negative, as
follows :

Negative. Mr. Recorder Aldermen Underbill Holmes Smith
M c Queen Buckmaster Burtis Thorp Munson. Messieurs Stone Rem-
mey Akerly Taylor Schieffelin Allen 15.

Affirmative. Alderman Coles Messieurs Jones Stevens Van
Amringe 4.

A motion was then made that the consideration of the Second
Resolution be postponed until the Second Monday in May which
was carried. The question was then taken on the Third Resolution
and negatived. The question being then taken on agreeing to the
Preamble, it passed in the Negative.

This being the period for the appointment of Commissioners of
the [187] School Fund, the following persons were reappointed:

Peter H. Wendover
Augustus Wright
Abraham Russel
Roger Strong
Francis Cooper.

27 April 1818 COMMON COUNCIL MlNUTES 613

The Petition of Sarah Halloway, presented at last meeting and laid
on the Table, was called up : and it was Resolved, that Petitioner have
leave to withdraw her petition.

The Comptroller Reported : as follows.

Bal" in Treasury, 13 inst $=7488.68

Reed for Tax 1817, 4 & 7 wards 4700.00

" Arrears of Tax 300.00

" Common Lands 373.15

" " Streets 759.60

" " Canal Street 500.00=14,121.43

Anderson & Walton Watch 1 dist 1118.25

Clark & Hibberd do 2 do 682.50

Bleakley & B rower do 3 do 413.00

Abm Stagg paver Orange St 1714.83

Martha Golden Exec* pavg Hudson St 514.81

Jno. Sloan regute Bleecker St 200.00

Jno. Culbert pave Oliver St 100.00

Hugh Smith do Orange St 100.00

Jno. Andriese Aw d property 1 st St 122. 11

Caleb Felch 1 ins. Well, Columbia St 45.88

Richd Furman Supdt Alms-house 2000.00 = 7011 .38

Balance $=7110.05
Adjourned to Monday next, 4 o'clock.

[188] In Common Council April 27. 1818.
Present. The Honble C. D. Colden, Mayor, President.
Richard Riker Esqr. Recorder.

Aldermen. Assistants.

John B. Coles Samuel Stevens

Anth. L. Underhill Leonard Kip

Eldad Holmes W. F. Van Amringe

Thomas R. Smith William Stone

Geo. Buckmaster Samuel Akerly

Arthur Burtis Jacob B. Taylor

Geo. B. Thorp Stephen Allen
Reuben Munson

The Minutes of the last Meeting were read and approved.

A Request from Messrs. John, Robert and Samuel Swartwout,
praying to be permitted to assign their lease of the Ferries from Vesey
and Spring Streets to Mr. Philip Hone who has purchased the Boats
and equipment from them was read and referred to the Ferry Com-

614 CITY or NEW YORK 27 April 1818

A Petition of William Baldwin, for permission to remove a House
from No. 41 Barclay Street to Leonard Street at the corner of Collect
Street and a Petition from Joseph T. Hamilton to [189] remove a
House from No. 38 Cherry Street to a lot in Lombardy Street were
read and referred to the Aldermen and Assistants of the respective
Wards and Street Commissioner with authority to grant the prayers
of the Petitioners.

A Petition of John George Gottsberger, stating that he is proprietor
of ground adjoining the Corporation Lots of Common Lands Nos.
29 and 30 lying between the Eighth and Ninth Avenues and between
63 d and 65 th Streets, which lots he was desirous of leasing from the
Corporation for a Term of years was read and referred to the
Finance Committee, with power to lease the same at auction in such
manner as they may deem expedient.

A Petition of R. Pearsall for the appointment of a Weighmaster,
was read and referred to the Committee on Applications.

A Memorial of sundry persons, that South Street may be con-
tinued until it forms a junction with Front Street, was read and
referred to the Committee on Wharves, with an injunction to report
thereon at the next meeting of the Board.

A Letter from Noah Jarvis was received, [190] stating that since
his appointment as Collector of the Canal Street Assessment no order
has been taken by the Board as to the Compensation which is to be
allowed him, and praying that the same may be determined on was
read and referred to the Finance Committee.

A Petition of Samuel Littlefield, for the appointment of Superin-
tendant of Repairs of Docks was read, and leave given to Petitioner
to withdraw his petition.

A Petition of James Smith, for permission to construct a Vault in
the Street at 59 Fulton Street a similar request from D. & G. Bruce
for a Vault in Chamber Street and one from Samuel Davis for a
Vault in Duane Street were severally referred to the Street Com-
missioner to grant on the usual terms.

A Petition of Amos Corning, one of the City Surveyors, requesting
payment for Maps made by him of the Lots assessed for opening Canal
Street amounting to One hundred and sixty dollars, was read and
referred to the Finance Committee.

[191] A Petition of John Dias, praying that a certain Lot on Canal
Street in the Eigth Ward and adjoining his property may be directed
to be drained or filled up, as its present situation was injurious to


him was read and referred to the Alderman and Assistant of the
Ward and City Inspector.

A Petition of Sundry Boatmen employed in the conveyance of
Manure, complaining of the operation of the Law which prohibits the
receiving or delivery of Manure at any of the Public Slips between the
1 st day of May and the 1 st day of December, and praying its repeal-
was read and referred to the Committee on Streets.

A Petition of Jessy Atkinson, stating that she has been assessed
to the sum of Seven hundred dollars on 3 Lease lots she holds being
for opening Hudson Street into Chamber Street: that she has lately
received a further notice to pay Twenty five dollars Seven cents for
paving the Intersection of Hudson and Chamber Streets : that she has
paid seven hundred dollars, and prays it may be accepted in full, she
being the widow of a person who lost his life in the service of the
United States, and having 3 children to support Whereupon, the same
was [192] referred to the Committee of Charity.

A Petition of Mollinor and M c Donald, praying remission of fine
incurred by an obstruction in the Streets was read and referred to
the Attorney to report.

A Petition of James Stuart, complaining of the Assessment laid
on him for improvement in Oliver Street was read and laid on the

A Petition of Richard Wight in behalf of Gibbons, for

permission to erect a house for Elizabeth Town Boats at the Pier
fronting on Washington Street near the Battery was read and
referred to the Ferry Committee.

A Petition of the Society for the Instruction of the Deaf and
Dumb, for the use of a Room in the New York Institution for the
purposes of their Institution, was read and referred to the Aims-
House Committee.

The Street Commissioner represented, that Mrs. Holloway, the
owner of the House standing in Lispenard Street, had been duly
noticed to remove the same, but had refused to comply. Where-
[193] upon, it was ordered that the Superintendant of Repairs under
direction of the Counsel proceed to cause said House to be removed

The City Inspector presented Ordinances for Correction of the
following Nuisances :

John Glover Own. Mott St. Lot.

Robt. M. Livingston do. Walker St. do

A. L. Stewart do White St. do



27 April 1818

R* M. Livingston
Lynde Catlin
Steph. Killroy
N. Rogers
Rt Barnes
John M c Lean


Jno. Shaw, dec d
Ann Shaw
P. J. Nevious
Lynde Catlin
J. Kane
P. Allison
Kirby & Frost
P. Allison
B. Fountaine
W. Robertson
J. Jerelamen
J. G. Lake
J. Newton
Will. Guest
J. B. Murray
D. S. Doty
[194] Titus




Own. ,




Agt. L
Occ. J

Own. or Agt. )
Occ. J

201 Greenwich St.

Own ' 201 / 2

Chapel St.
29 Reed St

96 Warren St.

25 Oliver St.
27 do

15 Pearl St
277 do


















Jno. Bonsall
F. Shonnard
A. Morrow
W m Green
J. Faupel
Jno. M c Mullen
C. Graham
J. Burns

Geo. Cuming

City Inspector.

which Ordinances were passed.

A Resignation of John Nitchie, Inspector of Election of the First
Ward, was read and accepted and Benjamin U. Coles was appointed
in his place. It was also represented that Jeromus Johnson one of
the Inspectors of said First ward had met with an accidental injury
which would prevent his attendance at the Poll, and he requested

27 April 1818 COMMON COUNCIL MlNUTES 617

to be exempted from that service whereupon Samuel Tooker was

appointed in his place. The following other resignations were
accepted & appointments made :

Ward. Resigned Appointed.

10 Cornelius Schuyler Charles Dobbs.

9 James Striker Valentine Nutter

William A. Davis John Doughty.

[195] The Street Commissioner presented an Ordinance for a Well
and Pump in King Street between Greenwich and Hudson Streets,
which was passed, and Abraham Bloodgood, John Targee and John
Targee [Brower] were appointed Assessors. He also presented an
Ordinance for a Well and Pump in Dominick Street between Varick
and Hudson Streets, which was passed and Jacob C. Mott, Abraham
Baudouine and John Brower were appointed Assessors.

The Street Commissioner, on the petition of James W. Anderson,
Reported :

" That in his opinion it will be improper to allow Mr. Anderson
any compensation for the Pump when that property was taken to
extend Hudson Street, the Commissioners of Estimate and Assess-
ments considered it as belonging to Mr. J. J. Labousse and awarded
him the sum of Five Thousand and Eighty four dollars seventy seven
cents in full for all damages sustained by him for the property taken
to open and extend Hudson Street, and allowed him thirty days to
remove his buildings from off the Street."

Respectfully submitted

(sign'd) John M c Comb

Street Comm r
which was approved.

[196] The Special Committee, to whom were referred the Peti-
tions on the subject of Hackney Carriages, presented a Report
which was directed to be laid on the Table and to be printed for
the use of the Members.

The Committee of wharves, Street Commissioner and Comptroller,
to whom was referred the petition of Ebenezer Stevens and others
for water grants near Brooklyn, Reported :

" That the waters lying between high and low water mark on the
Brooklyn shore, between the East side of Dock Street and the prop-
erty of the petitioners, being about 35 feet in width, be granted to them

618 CITY or NEW YORK 27 April 1818

on the usual terms, and that the Counsel of the Board be authorized to
prepare a Grant accordingly."

(sign'd) A. L. Underbill,
G. Buckmaster
Eldad Holmes,
John M c Comb,

St. Comm r

G. N. Bleecker


which Report was approved and the Counsel was directed to prepare
Grants therefor.

[197] Alderman Munson, Chairman of the Alms House Committee,
stated, that the Legislature had at their late Session passed the Law
requested by the Corporation, authorizing them to take additional
grounds adjoining the Alms House for the purposes of that estab-
lishment He therefore moved that the Counsel take legal measures to
procure the ground mentioned in their Report presented on the 16 th
of March last. Which motion was agreed to.

Alderman Smith presented the following:

" Whereas by the 169 Section of an Act entitled " An Act to
reduce several laws relative particularly to the City of New York
into one Act," passed April 9 th 1813, the Common Council were
authorized to determine the amount of the Salary of the Mayor of
said City. Therefore Resolved, that the Salary of the Honorable
the Mayor be fixed at Seven thousand dollars per annum." The
question being taken thereon, it was carried in the affirmative.

Alderman Coles presented a Resolution, allowing to the High Con-
stable a yearly salary which was read and referred to the Finance

On motion of Mr. Allen, Resolved that [198] the Counsel take
legal measures to open Oliver Street agreeably to the Resolutions of
the Common Council.

The Comptroller Reported, as follows :

Balce in Treasury 20 inst $7110.05

Reed for Tax 18171, 2, 4, 5, 6 wards 16068.00

" " Rents 2855.69

" Excise 369.50

" Tavern Licenses 44.10 26,447.34

28 April 1818 COMMON COUNCIL MlNUTES 619

9 Accounts Audited.

Rich. Varick 2 Bonds pay' 1 May 22,940.00

J. McComb St. 0-1 qr's Sal. 12 inst

B. Birdsall Iron fence, Park

Manhattan Co. Water 1 year 1st May

G. Snethen Sups & light. Lamps. 1 mo

Geo. Charlton buildg Well, White St

J. Barnum Supg Wharves 24 days 1 ins 48.00

J. P. Roome, Sup* Reprs. regg Park, Battery, & to pay

workmen public 1300.00

J. P. Roome, Reprs. Docks & Slips 100.00=26,225.62

Balance $=221.72
Adjourned to Monday next, 4 o'clock.

[199] Special Meeting

In Common Council April 28. 1818

Present. The Honble. C. D. Colden, Mayor, President.
Aldermen. Assistants.

Reuben Munson Jacob B. Taylor

Geo. B. Thorp Stephen Allen

Arthur Burtis Leonard Kip

Eldad Holmes W. F. Van Amringe

Robert M c Queen Effing m Schieffelin
J. W. Brackett.

The Mayor informed the Board, that he had called this special
meeting, in consequence of the refusal of some of the Inspectors of the
Election to act.

The Board then proceeded to appoint the following persons
Inspectors in the place of persons refusing or unable to act :

Ward. Appointed. Resigned.

1 David Johnston Samuel Tooker.

9 William Hooghland William A. Davis

" Henry Post Valentine Nutter

10 Jer h Lounsberry Charles Dobbs

Resolved, that the Mayor be requested not to renew the Hack
Licenses to Hackney Carriage Drivers till the 3 d Monday in May next.
Adjourned to Monday next, 4 o'clock.

620 CITY or NEW YORK 4 May 1818

[200] In Common Council May 4. 1818

Present. The Honble. C. D. Colden, Mayor, President.

Aldermen. Assistants.

Jno. B. Coles Samuel Stevens

Anth. L. Underbill Leonard Kip

Eldad Holmes W. F. Van Amringe

Thomas R. Smith William Stone

Robert McQueen John Remmey

Geo. Buckmaster Jacob B. Taylor

Arthur Burtis Effing. Schieffelin

Geo. B. Thorp Stephen Allen
Reuben Munson

The Minutes of last Meeting were read and approved.

A Petition of Hassel Wheeler, and of James Vandenburgh for

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