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Obadiah Ayres Ass 1 City Insp 1 mo. 1 inst. and expences 58.39

Geo. Mills Ass* City Inspec. 1 mo. 1 ins. and expences 52.00

Ben. Hicks Ass* City Insp. 1 mo. 1 ins. and expences 52.00

Jonath. Weeden, Street Inspec. 1 mo. 1 ins. and expences.. 52.00

Sam. Hutchings Street Inspec. 1 mo. 1 ins. and expences.. 52.00

Astin & Cochran, Messengers. 1 mo. 1 inst 60.00

Dan. H. Magee Keepr Potter's Fd 1 mo. 1 inst 45.00

Rich. Furman Sup* Alms house 2000.00

Abrm Stagg pav. Orange St. ordered at the Board 263.00 5027.14

Balance $=1850.34
Adjourned to Monday next, 10 o'clock A. M.

[224] In Common Council May 11. 1818.
Present. The Honble. C. D. Colden, Mayor, President.

Aldermen Assistants.

John B. Coles Samuel Stevens

Geo. B. Thorp W. F. Van Amringe

Anth. L. Underhill William Stone

Eldad Holmes John Remmey

Thos. R. Smith Samuel Akerly

Robt. McQueen
Geo. Buckmaster
Arthur Burtis
Reuben Munson

The Minutes of last meeting were read and approved.

The Counsel, agreeably to the reference to him, presented a Law
to amend the Law regulating Hackney Coaches & Carriages, which
was read by paragraphs, amended and passed.

The Committee of Wharves, Piers & Slips, on the Petition of Peter
Schermerhorn, Samuel A. Lawrence and William Edgar, reported :

" That they have consulted the Street Commissioner on the within
application do recommend that the prayer of the Petitioners be
grant- [225] ed to extend their Piers Nos. 9 and 11 into the Hudson

632 CITY or NEW YORK 11 May 1818

River as far as No. 12 belonging to the Corporation, under the direc-
tion of the Street Commissioner."

(sign'd) A. L. Underhill

Eldad Holmes
which was agreed to.

The Street Committee, on the Representation of the Street Com-
missioner relative to the danger of leaving open the grates of Vaults,
reported, as follows :

" Your Committee are sensible of the existing evil, and in order
to prevent it they recommend the adoption of the simple contrivance
as proposed by the Street Commissioner, and in order to carry the
same into effect, they propose that the Counsel of the Board be in-
structed to prepare the draft of an Ordinance to that purpose."

(sign'd) Eldad Holmes
John Remmey

which was approved, and the Counsel was directed to report an Ordi-
nance agreeably thereto.

The Street Committee, Alderman & Assistant of the 3 d Ward and
Street Commissioner, on the report of the Street Commissioner rela-
tive to Hill & Ayres' Contract for filling in Dey Street Basin, reported :
" That they have viewed the [226] premises aforesaid. Altho'
the Contractor has not fulfilled his engagements to the Corporation
agreeable to his Contract The Committee under all the circumstances,
with due consideration, believe nearly one half of the aforesaid basin
is filled in do recommend that the Contractor have an extension of
time to the 1 st of August and that a warrant be reported for One
thousand dollars on account thereof, at the next meeting of the Board."

(sign'd) A. L. Underhill
Eldad Holmes
John Remmey

which was approved and a Warrant directed to be reported accord-

The Committee on Wharves, Piers and Slips, on the petition of
Mott and Williams in behalf of the Fulton Steam Boat Company,
presented a report, which was read and laid for consideration.

The Street Commissioner, on the Petition to have the Main Sewer
in Maiden Lane cleansed, reported :

" That on trial being made it has been found that the Main Drain
in Maiden Lane is obstructed, between William Street and [227]


the outlet at Fly Market. He would therefore recommend that the
Superintendant of Repairs be instructed to cause said Drain to be
opened and cleansed, and that the enclosed Ordinance be passed for
that purpose."

(sign'd) John M c Comb

St. Comm r

which was approved : the Ordinance presented was passed, and Jacob
C. Mott, Abraham Baudouine and John Brown [er] were appointed
Assessors therein.

The Comptroller presented a statement of the Accounts of the
Corporation for the last year which was laid on the Table.

The Counsel presented a Lease for Two Lots of land in the 9 th
Ward to William A. Hardenbrook which was directed to be duly

The Counsel presented the Contracts for the Street Manure with
the Messrs. Hitchcocks, agreeably to the terms of their proposal
which was directed to be duly executed.

The Counsel reported.

" That in consequence of the maps of the ground to be taken for
the purpose of improving Dover & Oliver [228] Streets and also of
the ground contiguous to the New Alms' house, not being prepared in
season, that the petitions for those improvements are not ready to
lay before the Board.

As the Supreme Court is now sitting, and it will not be regular
to present petitions after the present week, he recommends that an
order should be made for executing the petitions during the Recess
of the Board."

(sign'd) Ogden Edwards

which was approved, and the Petitions directed to be authenticated in
the Recess of the Board.

The City Inspector presented Ordinances for Correction of the
following Nuisances :

Jno. J. Astor Own.)

V Washington St. Lot.
David Clark Lessee.

Ben. Armitage, Own. & Occ. 54 Pine St. Privy

James Black Own.)

> 43 Ferry St. do

E. Davis ~~

T. Bronson Own.,

> 112 Chamber St. do.

M. Fuller Occ.



11 May 1818

J. Robinson
M. Peterson

w "]l51
Occ. j

Chamber St.


G. Walton
J. Harris

wn 'l 166
Occ. j

Fly Market


J. Haviland,

Own. & Occ. 123

Water St


D. Sullivan

Own. ..

J. Purdy

Occ. 127



[229] Robert Spier
M. Newton

W "' 145



T. Reynolds
J. Hemming


n 147



G. Haight

Own. H

H. Stafford




Jno. Tait, Own.

or Les. & Occ. 169



Josiah Williams,

Own. & Occ. 171



G. Walton


G. Duryee

Occ. \ 75

South St


J. Hackhurst
J. Burling

ScTJ 173

Water St.


L. Moore

Own. ^

J. Turner




L. Moore


J. P. Haff

205 V 2 do
Occ. \


S 1 Gorham

Own. & Occ 211



J. Coddington




J. Dunn

/^~\ f ~* A *J

Occ. j



Caleb Pell, Own.

or Les. & Occ. 219



P. R. Livingston


/> do


N. Miller

Occ. C

' ^ ViVJ


S. W. Disbrow

Own./ _

W. H. Featherston

Occ. \ 227



A. Wright
N. Mills

Own. 229



A. Byvank

Own ' 233



S. Pier



A. Byvank




M. Ryder



Bogert & Kneeland,
J. Wood

Own. O , CT/ ,
235 y> do
Occ. f


W. Donovan

Own. & Occ. 249




[2301 G. Ellison Own. _. r .... _ .

J. * . , 245 Water St. Privy

J. Gould Occ.

James Rickets Own. 01 , c . c T

;,_., 213 Spring St. Lot

William Palmer, Agt.

(sign'd) Geo. Cuming

City Inspector
which Ordinances were passed.

The Street Commissioner presented the draft of an Ordinance for
opening, cleansing and repairing the Drain on the Easterly Side of
Broad Street, which was passed, and John Targee, Abraham Blood-
good and Aqtiila Giles were appointed Assessors.

The Street Commissioner presented an assessment for a Well in
White Street near Broadway which was confirmed, and Noah Jarvis
appointed Collector.

The Street Commissioner reported that two of the Assessors ap-
pointed in the Ordinance of the 27 th May 1816 for a Well and Pump
in Lewis Street have declined acting, and therefore recommended that
John Targee and Jacob C. Mott be appointed Assessors in their place
with Abraham Bloodgood the former Assessor which was approved,
and an Ordinance passed appointing John Targee and Jacob C. Mott

[231] The Street Committee and Street Commissioner, on the
Petition of Stephen Whitney and others, presented a report, which
was read & laid for consideration.

Mr. Akerly presented a Resolution directing the Superintendant
of the Alms house to pay as heretofore the Overseers of the convicts
which was read and laid for consideration.

Mr. Alderman Smith presented a Resolution referring it to the
Committee on Offices to assign to Chief Justice Thompson who has
recently removed to this City a Room in the Hall for the transaction
of business relating to his official duties, if such room can be pro-
cured which resolution was read and agreed to.

The Clerk of the Common Council laid before the Board a Re-
turn which he had received from Benjamin Ferris Clerk of the City
and County of New York, which Return was in the words following :
" By the returns filed in my office it appears that, at the late elec-
" tion of Charter officers for this City, the persons herein after named
" were elected to the Offices set opposite to their respective names :

636 CITY OF NEW YORK 11 May 1818

[232] Ward Person


f Peter Mesier


Thomas Bolton



Samuel M c Coun
Jno. V. B. Varick

| Assessors


Danl J. Ebbits


Robert Graham
Peter Hojer


- Elisha W. King


Samuel Stevens


Second .

Abraham Valentine
William W. Fox

[ Assessors


Henry W. Peckwell



John C. Gillen
; Jas. G. Rhodes

> Constables

' Anth. L. Underhill


Leonard Kip


Third -

NatW C. Griffiths
Hermanus Tallman

> Assessors


Francis V. Many


Elijah Fountain
; Oliver A. White

f Constables

' W. F. Van Amringe


John P. Anthony


Lewis Hartman


Fourth .

Peter Bonnet

? Assessors


Adolph L. Degrove


James G. Finn
Rufus Seely


John Morss


Jno. J. Westervelt


George Sutton


Fifth -

Richard Kidney

r Assessors


William Berrian


John Striker
v John M. Lester


r Robert M c Queen



Shivers Parker


Alexander Clark


Sixth .

Abraham Baudouine

> Assessors

Thomas Mooney


Dennis Dougherty
^ Bernard R. Kelly

> Constables

George Buckmaster


Samuel Akerly


Seventh -

Jamieson Cox
David Lyon

> Assessors

Morris Oakley


Robert Phillips
.. Azel Conklin

> Constables



- Jacob B. Taylor


David Board


Isaac Emmons


Eighth .

Nich* Schureman

> Assessors


Moses Cunningham


Samuel Y. Clark


John W. Kern

/ Constables

r George B. Thorp

Alderman ^

Effing m Schieffelin


Ninth ,

John Adriance
Jos. Willoughby

> Assessors


Isaac L. Varian


Joseph Madden
John Connover

> Constables

' Reuben Munson


Stephen Allen


Tenth >

Walter Howell
Jonathan Brown

> Assessors


John Palmer


Henry G. Disbrow
John Varick

> Constables

This being the day assigned by law for the newly elected Officers
to be sworn into office, the above named persons attended in the
Common Council Chamber and there in the presence of the Common
Council took and prescribed the presented [the Oaths prescribed] by
the Charter and Laws, the same being administered by the Honorable
Cadwallader D. Colden, Mayor of the City & President of the Com-
mon Council.

The oaths of office having been administered to the newly elected
officers, the Board was again formed by the following Members, and
the following business was transacted.

The Honble. C. D. Colden, Mayor, President.



Peter Mesier
Elisha W. King
Anth. L. Underbill
W. F. Van Amringe
John Morss
Robert M c Queen
Geo. Buckmaster
Jacob B. Taylor
George B. Thorp
Reuben Munson


Thomas Bolton
Samuel Stevens
John P. Anthony
Jno. J. Westervelt
Shivers Parker
Samuel Akerly
Joseph Board.
Effingham Schieffelin
Stephen Allen

638 CITY OF NEW YORK ll May 1818

On motion of Mr. Allen, the Board proceeded to a consideration
of the Rules and Orders for the transaction of business at the Meet-
ings of the Common Council, when the following were adopted :

Rules and Orders

of the
Common Council

of the

City of New York.
Passed May 11. 1818.

1. Upon the appearance of five Aldermen and five Assistants, the
Mayor, or in his absence the Recorder, shall take the chair as Presi-
dent, and the members be called to order.

2. Immediately after the President shall have taken the chair,
the Minutes of the preceding meeting shall be read by the Clerk, to
the end that any mistakes therein may be corrected by the Board.

3. The President shall preserve order and decorum, and shall
decide questions of order, subject to an appeal to the Board.

4. The President shall in all cases be entitled to one vote, and no

5. Every Member, previous to his speaking, shall rise from his
seat and address himself to [236] the President.

6. When two or more members shall rise at once, the President
shall name the member who is first to speak.

7. No Member shall speak more than twice to the same question
without leave of the Board, nor more than once until every member,
chusing to speak shall have spoken.

8. No question on a motion shall be debated or put unless the
same be seconded. When a motion is seconded it shall be stated by
the President before debate, and every such motion shall be reduced to
writing, if any member desire it.

9. After a motion is stated by the President, it shall be deemed
to be in possession of the Board, but may be withdrawn at any time
before discussion or amendment.

10. When a question is under debate, no motion shall be received,

1. To amend it.

2. To commit it,

3. To postpone it,

4. For the previous question, or

5. To adjourn.


11. A motion to adjourn shall be always in order, and shall be
decided without debate.

12. The previous question, until it is decided, shall preclude all
amendments [237] and debate of the main question, and shall be in
this form "Shall the main question now be put?"

13. Every member who shall be present when a question is put,
shall vote for or against the same, unless the Board shall excuse him,
or unless he be immediately interested in the question, in which case
he shall not vote.

14. A member called to order shall immediately sit down, unless
permitted to explain, and the Board, if appealed to, shall decide on
the case but without debate : if there be no appeal, the decision of the
Chair shall be submitted to.

15. All questions shall be put in the order they are moved, ex-
cept that in filling up blanks the largest sum and the longest time shall
be first put.

16. Upon a division in the Board, the names of those who vote
for, and of those who vote against the question shall be entered upon
the minutes, if any two members require it.

17. In all divisions taken by the Board it shall be the duty of the
Clerk to enter on the Minutes the name of the member calling for the

18. No motion for reconsideration shall be in order, unless made
at the same meeting or in pursuance of notice then given for the
next meeting after that on which the decision proposed to be [238] re-
considered took place, except by unanimous consent.

19. All appointments of Officers shall be made by ballot, uniess
dispensed with by the unanimous consent of the Board.

20. No member shall absent himself without permission from the

21. All Committees shall be appointed by the President, unless
otherwise ordered by the Board.

22. The Standing Committees shall be as follows :

1. Alms House, 12. Laws.

2. Applications, 13. Markets,

3. Assessments, 14. Police,

4. Arts and Sciences, 15. Public Lands and Places,

5. Canal, 16. Public Offices,

6. Charity, 17. Repairs,

7. Defence, 18. Roads,

8. Ferries, 19. Streets,

9. Finance, 20. Sunday Laws,

10. Fire Department, [239] 21. Watch,

11. Lamps, 22. Wharves, Piers and Slips.

640 CITY OF NEW YORK 11 May 1818

Those on Applications, Ferries, Fire Department, Lamps, Laws,
Repairs, Sunday Laws, Public Offices, Charity and Defence shall
consist of three, and the others of five." By the Common Council,

(sign'd) Jacob Morton, Clerk.

And it was directed to be referred to the Clerk of the Common
Council to cause the said Rules, as also the names of the Members of
the Committee and of the Officers, together with their places of resi-
dence to be printed in a Pamphlet form for the use of the Members of
the Board.

Mr. Stevens presented the following:

" Resolved, that the Board appoint two persons to supply the Va-
cancies in the Special Committee on the Streets in the Village of
Greenwich and that the said Committee consider and report on this

which was approved, and the Mayor declining to nominate the Com-
mittee, the Board nominated and appointed Alderman Morss and
Alderman King to supply the places of Alderman Burtis and Mr.
Jones, who cease to be members of the Common Council.

He also presented a Resolution on subject of a room for Chief
Justice Thompson, which was referred to the Committee on Public

[240] The Comptroller reported.

Balance in Treasury 4 ins $1850.34

Reed for Tax 1817 2<i & 6 wards 5000.00

" Common Lands 569.25

" " Streets 900.00

" " Wells and Pumps 100.00 = 8419.59

Accounts Audited.

Jacob Morton, Clerk, 1 qr. Saly 1 ins 312.50

Richard Furman, Sup* Alms H. & officers 1 qr 1 inst 625.00

Will. Hoghland, Keep r Penitentx and 3 ass ts 1 qr 1 inst 587.50

G. Sickels, Keeper City Prison and 2 ass** 1 qr 1 inst 350.00

Accts. Attending Sessions Viz.

J. B. Coles Esqr. 12 days February 48.00

J. W. Brackett 12 " do 48.00

A. L. Underbill 36 " March, Apr. May 144.00

E. Holmes 12 " March 48.00

T. R. Smith 12 " April 48.00

G. Buckmaster 12 " January 48.00

A. Burtis 12 " May 48.00

R. Munson 12 " January 48.00

Thos. P. Low, printing Corporation, 1 qr. to 1 inst 201.25

John Fine, Carriage Hire for Road Committee 37.00


Rev. Jno. Stanford, cleric 1 services at Alms H. &c. last year 300.00
Hen. Underbill, engross^ Laws & Ordinances of Corpora-
tion 50.00

[241] Ja. W. Lent, Inspect" & Clerks elect" 1 ward 52.00

Jonath. Thompson, Insp. & Clks Election 2 ward 52.00

W H. Ireland, Insp. & Clks. Elect" 3 ward 68.00

Benj. Crane Insp. & Clks. Elect. 4 ward 60.00

Thos. J. Campbell Insp. & Clks. Elec. 5 ward 68.00

Rich. S. Waldron Insp. & Clks. Elec. 6 ward 60.00

Benjam. Prince Insp" & Clks. Elec. 7 ward 60.00

Sam. M. Thompson Insps & Clks. Elec. 8 ward 68.00

Oliver Hibberd Insp* & Clks. Elec. 9 ward 60.00

John Drake Insp & Clks. Elec. 10 ward 60.00

B. Oblenis to pay Convs pris to Prison. 6 mo. 1 inst 210.93

Josiah Hedden, Spl Justice Salr 2 mo. 27 April 125.00

N. Comstock, 15 casks Oil 971. 8

M.Crosby 15 do do 935.36

Dan. Biggs work at Lamp Posts 1 qr. to 1 inst 27.93

T. & G. Lovett reps whf. E. side Fulton Slip 105.56

Hugh Smith, pavR Orange St. from Bayard to Pump St... 100.00

[242] Peter Parsells, reg* Streets in Greenwich Village 200.00

Chs. Mooney, flag? & paving at Duane Market 468. 13

Tucker & Mabie, repR Drain in Broad St 69.50

Jno. Gallagher, bal Well, Perry St 63.45

Hays Pennel, fixtures cistern at St. Stephen's Church 7.50

Jac. P. Roome, Sup* Reprs. for reprs 400.00

Jac. P. Roome, Sup* Reprs, for reprs. to Docks & Slips.... 250.00 = 7485.69

Balance $=933.90

The Board then adjourned to the usual hour and place and pro-
ceeded, agreeably to the Resolution of the last Meeting, to visit the
Establishment at Bellevue.

[243] In Common Council May 18, 1818.
Present. The Honble. C. D. Golden, Mayor, President.

Aldermen Assistants.

Peter Mesier Thomas Bolton

Elisha W. King Samuel Stevens

Anth. L. Underbill John P. Anthony

W. F. Van Amringe John J. Westervelt

John Morss Shivers Parker

Robert M c Queen Joseph Board.
Geo. Buckmaster
Jacob B. Taylor
George B. Thorp
Reuben Munson.

The Minutes of last meeting were read and approved.

642 CITY OF NEW YORK 18 May 1818

His Honor the Mayor presented the following list of the Standing
Committee for the present year, which agreeably to the Rules of the
Common Council he had appointed :

Standing Committees

Appointed in Common Council,

May 18, 1818.

Aldermen Munson

1. Alms House { " Thorp

Messieurs Westervelt

[244] ( Messrs. Board

2. Applications -j Kip


Messrs. Westervelt
" Anthony

3. Assessments -\ Bolton

Alderman King
Mr Parker

f M r Akerly

[ Aldermen Morss

[4.] Arts and Sciences " Taylor

" King.

Aldermen Morss

5. Canal ( " Underhill

Messrs. Parker


Messrs. Parker

6. Charity xj " Bolton


f Messrs. Kip

7. Defence Stevens

Alderman King

Alderman King

8. Ferries 4 " Buckmaster

M r Anthony.

Mr Allen
Aldermen Munson

9. Finance { Van Amringe

M r Akerly.



[245] ( Mr Anthony

10. Fire Department J Aldermen McQueen

[ " Underbill

( Aldermen Munson

11. Lamps -i Van Amringe

Mr Anthony

Aldermen Van Amringe

12. Laws 4 " King

Mr Bolton

f Alderman Buckmaster
Mr Allen

13. Markets -j Aldermen Underhill

I Mr Westervelt

f Messrs Bolton

14. Police -{ Alderman Thorp

Messrs. Stevens
I Kip

Messrs. Stevens

15. Public Offices -J " Allen


Aldermen Mesier

16. Public lands & places ~{ McQueen

Messrs. Parker


( Aldermen Thorp

17. Repairs -{ Van Amringe

[ Mr Kip

Aldermen Munson

Van Amringe

18. Roads { " Thorp

Messrs. Board
I " Schieffelin

[246] f Aldermen Taylor


19. Streets -I Messrs. Akerly


Aldermen M c Queen

20. Sunday Laws " Munson

I Mr Bolton

644 CITY or NEW YORK 18 May 1818

Alderman Buckmaster
M r Stevens

21. Watch { Alderman Taylor

Messrs. Board
" Westervelt.

Aldermen Underbill
" Buckmaster

22. Wharves, Piers & Slips { M r Allen

Alderman M c Queen
M r Stevens

(sign'd) J. Morton


A further Petition of Peter R. Pearsall for appointment of City
Weigher and a Petition of John T. Lacy for the appointment of In-
spector of Lumber, of John Lace for the appointment of Inspector
of Bread, and of Andrew M c Cready and of John Van Wart for some
public employment were read and referred to the Committee on Ap-
plications: viz. Messrs. Board, Kip, Schieffelin.

[247] Petitions for a Well and Pump in Rivington near Chrystie
Street and for one at the corner of Grand and Cannon Streets, were
read and referred to the Aldermen and Assistants of the respective
wards and Street Commissioner to report Ordinances therefor.

A Petition of Hugh Gallagher for remission of fine for taking a
load of sods out of the 2 d Avenue, was read and granted on payment
of costs.

A Petition that the Sewer in Maiden Lane may not be opened, as
it is unnecessary to cleanse it, was read and referred to the Street
Commissioner with authority to act as he should judge expedient.

The following communication was received from D. S. Jones Es-
quire, which was referred to the Comptroller with directions to report
a Warrant for Two hundred dollars for payment of the Counsel fees
in said case :

" The late Counsel of the Corporation has the honor to inform the
Common Council that the Ejectment Suit which was commenced by
George Peck in the Supreme Court of this State at the January Term
of that Court in 1813 to recover a portion of the Alms House Yard
at the corner of Chamber [248] and Cross Streets has ended in a
judgment in favor of the Corporation at the present May term of the
Supreme Court.

" The Subscriber begs leave to state to the Common Council that
Samuel Jones Jr. Esquire was associated with him as Counsel for


the Corporation in this cause by the Committee to whom the subject

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