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same, was read and referred to the Alderman & Assistant of the
Third Ward.

A Memorial from sundry owners of Lots in Greenwich Village,
remonstrating against any alteration of the plan adopted for regulating
the same, was read and referred to the Committee on that subject.


A Petition from Richard L. Walker, Physician & Surgeon to the
City Prison and Gaol, for an increase of his Salary, was read and re-
ferred to the Committee on Public Offices.

A Letter from Colonel Murray commanding the 14 th Regiment of
New York State Artillery, stating a former request presented by
him that the Corporation would honor the Corps he commanded [273]
with a Stand of Colours and begging a reply to the same, was read
and referred to the Finance Committee.

A Communication was received from the Street Commissioner rep-
resenting that the Street in front of the Albany Basin required re-
paving, which was read and referred to the Committee on Streets.

The Street Commissioner presented an Ordinance for a Well in
Chrystie Street between Delancey and Rivington Streets and for one in
Cannon Street between Grand & Broome Streets which were passed,
and John Targee, Abraham Bloodgood and John Brower were ap-
pointed Assessors in the former, and Jacob C. Mott, Abraham Bau-
douine and John Brower in the latter.

He also presented the following Assessments, which were con-
firmed Namely, for a Well and Pump in Lewis Street : for regulating
Willett and Sheriff Streets, of which Noah Jarvis was appointed Col-
lector; and for regulating Washington Street from Christopher Street
to Hammond Street, of which Morris De Camp was appointed Col

The Comptroller presented Releases of Quit Rent to Martin Hoff-
man for Lots Nos. 118 and 139 Common Lands the Rent of which had
been commuted for by him at the usual [274] rate : Whereupon the
same Releases were directed to be duly executed.

The City Inspector presented Ordinances for correction of the
following Nuisances:

H. Post Own.) _ c

XT r\ c 55 Hester St. Privy

M. Noe Occ. \

J.Robinson Own.) c

J , , ~ >151 Chambers St. do

Jno. Forbes Occ. ^

Dan. Philips Own.) ,,

. . ^ V 66 Bancker St. do

W m Dixon Occ. ^

J. Amerman Own.)

-L - cr n/ . U54 William St. do

J. F. Slipper Occ. ^

Bunting & Shaffer Own. Canal c. Greene Sts. Lot.

Caleb G. Haines, Own. & Occ. 52 Orchard St. Privy

658 CITY OF NEW YORK 25 May 1818

Fred. Depeyster
D. Hancock


24 New St. Privy

Fred. Depeyster
Mrs. M. Smith


22 New St do

Vestry St. Mark's
M. Hoffman


Harrison c. Washington
1 Lot

N. Quackenboss


L -J\J \t

Josh. Greenleaf


Geo. Sands E. Benedict 1

, 2iy 2 Nassau St Privy

Mr. Montague, W m Tait L


and Abm. Gordon

(sign'd) George Cuming

City Inspector.
which Ordinances were passed.

[275] The Counsel presented the following Report, which was di-
rected to be referred to the Committee of Wharves, Piers and Slips
and the Alderman and Assistant of the Fourth Ward:

" The Counsel begs leave to inform the Board that the proceedings
relative to the Slips have been postponed till Thursday next. If it is
contemplated to have so much of the proceedings as relate to the Pier
near Roosevelt discontinued, it will of course be necessary that he
should be instructed relative to it prior to that time.

" Since the last meeting of the Board he has discovered that the
property required for a Slip at the foot of Oliver Street is so im-
perfectly described in the precept, that it will be indispensibly necessary
to discontinue the proceedings in that case altogether. This error arose
from an erroneous impression which rested upon the mind of the
gentleman who attended to the drawing the precept during the absence
of the Counsel, as to the extent of the permanent line.

" The Counsel conceives it to be his duty farther to inform the
Board that the Court intimated it as their opinion that it was not in the
power of the Corporation to discontinue proceedings of this nature after
they had been commenced. The Counsel however is of [276] opinion
that the Recorder could not have meant to be understood that under no
circumstances could the Corporation be allowed to discontinue, and
that if they could be allowed in any case that they would be allowed
in the case of the Oliver Street Slip, in which the proceedings must
prove abortive, and also as to so much of the property embraced in
the precept for taking the property for the Roosevelt Street Slip as re-
lates to Minturn & Champlin's Pier, with regard to which the Corpo-
ration rested under a misapprehension as to their rights.


' The Counsel therefore respectfully recommends that he be in-
structed to move to discontinue the proceedings relative to the Oliver
Street Slip, and also that measures be taken to instruct him what
course to pursue as it relates to the Pier near Roosevelt Street."

Respectfully submitted,
(sign'd) Ogden Edwards.

The following persons were appointed Firemen, (the Chief Engi-
neer certifying the vacancies:)

" Fire Engine Company, No. 7."

Jesse Harvey, Dock builder, 64 Mulberry 6 ward, an additional

[277] " Fire Engine Company, No. 37."

Jackson Coleman, Cartman, North c. Chrystie, 10 ward, vice Henry
Sickels, Resigned.

Jac. Seaman, Cartman, Crosby n. Spring, 8 ward vice Jacob Flick,

The following Petitions, which had been referred to the Ferry
Committee, were returned by the Chairman of the former Ferry Com-
mittee, Alderman Buckmaster, and were now referred to the present
Committee: Namely

Petition of the York and Jersey Steam Boat Ferry Company, re-
monstrating against other grants for ferries :

Petition of J. B. Coles for establishing a Ferry from Harsimus in
Jersey to a place between Spring and Chamber Streets in the City : and

A Petition from a number of Inhabitants in favor of Mr. Coles'

The Finance Committee, on the subject of renewing the cartmen's
Licenses, reported:

' That they have given the subject due consideration, and believing
it is neither the wish or intention of the Board to raise a Revenue
from this source, respectfully recommend that there be demanded
from each person whose license shall be renewed by the Mayor the sum
of Fifty cents, which the Committee presumes will be fully adequate
for [278] the payment of all expences attending said renewals."

(sign'd) Stephen Allen

Reuben Munson
Samuel Akerly
Peter Mesier.
which report was approved.

660 CITY OF NEW YORK 25 May 1818

The Committee of Charity, on the petition of Benjamin William-
son, reported that the fine be remitted to him on payment of costs
which was agreed to.

The Street Committee, on the petition for laying the Curb Stone
in Washington Street from Le Roy Street to Hammond Street, re-
ported in favor of the same which was approved.

The Alderman and Assistant of the First Ward, to whom was
presented (referred) the petition of B. U. Coles, reported: That they

" have viewed the premises and particularly the propriety of having
the contemplated Drain, and do concur with the Street Commissioner
whose report they adopt as meeting their sentiments."

Respectfully submitted

(sign'd) P. Mesier.

Thos. Bolton.

[279] The Street Commissioner's Report was as follows :

" That the facts as stated in the within petition are correct and

would recommend that Mr. Coles be permitted to lay a drain from his

house to the main Sewer in Broad Street, and also to construct a Brick

Cistern under the walk on the usual terms, as his building covers the

whole lot." , . , , N T

(sign d) Jno. M c Comb.

St. Commissioner.

The Remonstrance presented this day was again read. Whereupon,
it was Resolved that the Report of the Committee be agreed to, on
condition that the Privilege is confined to the use in said Petition
mentioned namely the carrying off the water from his building.

The Street Committee, on the petition for paving Mill Street, re-
ported :

" That the pavement ought to be relaid and would respectfully
recommend that the pavement in Mill Street be taken up from Broad
Street to the upper end at the turn and repaved with a narrow foot
walk on each side, the f ootwalk to be laid with flagging : also that the
Street Commissioner be instructed to prepare an Ordinance for that
purpose." ^ 2g0 j ( signd ) j acob B Tay i or

" John Morss

Shivers Parker
Samuel Akerly
Jno. M c Comb.J
St. Com r {
which report was agreed to.


The Committee, to whom was referred the Petition of Benjamin
Bruff for an appropriation of One hundred dollars to perfect a Ma-
chine for the sweeping of Chimnies according to a Model submitted,
reported :

" That they have examined the said Model and have had experi-
ments made in a wooden flue with apposite inclinations of about 45
degrees, and that it has answered every purpose intended by the in-
ventor. Whether it will answer equally as well in the flue of a chimney
your Committee cannot determine as it frequently happens that an ex-
periment on a small scale cannot be brought into successful operation
when extended. Your Committee, however, impressed with the im-
portance of the subject and believing it probably a useful invention
recommend that the sum of seventy five dollars be granted, to be ex-
pended by the Committee in constructing a [281] Sweeping Machine
according to the model and of making experiments on the same."

(sign'd) W. F. Van Amringe
Jacob B. Taylor
Stephen Allen.

which was approved and the Comptroller directed to report a Warrant
for the sum proposed.

On motion of Alderman Buckmaster, the Law lately passed amend-
ing the Law respecting Hackney Carriages was reconsidered : when on
motion to repeal the Fourth Section of the same, it was carried in the

Mr. Stevens, after some prefatory observations on the propriety of
making some farther regulations in relation to the Bridewell which had
been suggested to him by his Honor the Mayor, presented a Law en-
titled " A Law to amend the Law for the regulation of the City Prison
and Bridewell, which was read by paragraphs and passed.

Resolved that hereafter in all cases where upon improvements
being made by opening or enlarging Streets, Squares or Avenues it
becomes necessary to remove dwelling houses or other buildings it shall
be the duty of the Street [282] Commissioner to advertise in the public
prints employed by the Corporation, at least ten days before such
removal, the places from which and the time when such buildings are
to be removed, in order that the occupants of the same may be in-
formed thereof.

A Resolution directing the City Intendant to cause the stakes &
poles in the Hudson River now within the City and County of New
York to be removed on or before the First day of June next, was
presented and referred to the Committee on Public Offices.

662 CITY OF NEW YORK 25 May 1818

The Recorder presented a Resolution directing the Committee ap-
pointed on the subject of causing an Index to be made of the Records
of Deeds and Mortgages, to make a Report to the Board of the ex-
pence which will attend the same previous to incurring any expence or
making any contract on the subject : which was agreed to.

Mr. Akerly presented a Resolution to allow to Henry Abell Clerk
of the Commissioners a Salary of Eight hundred dollars per annum,
which was read and referred to the Committee on Laws.

[283] The Comptroller Reported:

Balance in Treasury 18 th inst $466.43

Received for Common Lands 844.52

" Tax, 1817. 3d, 4th, 6, 7, 8, 10 wds 9151 .90

" Tavern Licenses 1645.50

" Streets 1700.00

" Eighth Avenue 100.00 13,908.35

Accounts Audited.

W m S. Smith, Collector City Revenue, 1 Qr's Salary 22d

instant 200.00

Thos. Franklin, Chief Engineer, 1 Qr's Salary, 18th inst.... 200.00

Rich. L. Walker, Physician City Prison & Gaol, 6 mo. 1 inst. 100.00

Abm. Brevoort, Insp' of Bread, 1 Qr. 21 inst 95.00

Geo. Mills, Asst. City Inspector, 1st to 20th inst. inclusive.. 34.00

Benj. Hicks, Asst. City Inspector 1 st to 2Qth inst. inclusive.. 34.00
S. Jones & D. S. Jones, Counsel fee in ejectment suit, G.

Peck 200.00

Reub. Stevens, posting bills 1 qr. to 1 inst 11. 00

B. Skaats, Keeper City Hall, 1 qr. to 24 inst 100.00

B. Skaats, for expences at Hall, refreshments &c. 1 qr. 24

inst 259 . 14

Luke Persiary, care Mud Machine 7 l / 2 mo. to 13 March, 1818 75.93

Corn* Ray, Award Bancker St 622.50

[284] Heirs of Michael Gouverneur Award for Bancker

St 439.00

Jno. McCarthy, Award for Bancker Street 275 .00

Peter Parsells, regs Streets at Greenwich Village 400.00

Chs. Mooney on account for paving Franklin Street 200.00

Jac. P. Roome, Supt of Reprs. for Reprs 600.00

W. Fish for Comm" Com. Schools rec d by Treas r & cred d

26 May 1817 5532.06

Richard Furman, Superintt of the Alms house 4000.00=13,377.63

Balance $530.72
Adjourned to Wednesday (27 th ) 5 o'clock


[285] In Common Council May 27. 1818.
Present. The Honble. C. D. Colden, Mayor, President.
Aldermen Assistants.

Peter Mesier Thomas Bolton

Elisha W. King Samuel Stevens

Anth. L. Underbill John P. Anthony

W m F. Van Amringe Jno. J. Westervelt

John Morss Shivers Parker

Robt. McQueen Samuel Akerly

Jacob B. Taylor David Board

Geo. B. Thorp Stephen Allen
Reuben Munson

The Board met agreeably to Adjournment.

A Petition from John R. Murray in behalf of the Inhabitants on
Hudson Square, stating that they had appointed a person to take charge
of the grounds within the Enclosure, and praying that a Law might be
passed giving him authority to protect the Trees, Shrubs and Grass of
the same in like manner as is given with respect to the Park, Battery
and Bowling Green. Whereupon it was referred to the Alderman of
the 3 d and Assistant of the 5 th Ward.

A Petition from a number of Inhabitants [286] at Harlaem Heights,
for a Donation of One hundred and fifty dollars to enable them to com-
plete a school house they have erected, was read and referred to the
Committee of Charity.

A Petition was received from the York and Jersey Steam Boat
Company, stating that their expences on said Establishment have been
so great that they have not hitherto received any advantage therefrom,
and praying that the Corporation will alter the Contract with them
so as to permit them to use one Horse Boat on said Ferry in lieu of one
of the Steam Boats directed by the Contract, as the erection and work-
ing of a Horse Boat will be a considerable saving to them being less
expensive than a Steam Boat. Whereupon, the same was referred to
the Ferry Committee to report.

The Comptroller presented a Release of Quit rent for Lot No. 72
Common Lands to Thomas Addis Emmett, the same having been com-
muted for on the usual terms which was directed to be duly executed.

The Street Commissioner, on the petition [287] of Baltis Moore,
reported : That he

" Having examined the subject would respectfully recommend that
the request of the petitioner be granted, as the Cistern is already made
and there is not room on the Lot for the whole of it to stand on;

664 CITY or NEW YORK 27 May 1818

about % of the diameter with the mouth will be within his enclosure,
and about one third or 2 feet 6 inches will be under the Side Walk, and
within the line of the Stoops."

(sign'd) John MComb.

St. Commissioner,
which Report was approved.

The Street Commissioner, on the petition of W. S. Hunter & Co.
reported : that he

" having examined the situation of the above described Stoop
would recommend the request be granted."

(sign'd) Jno. M c Comb.

St. Commissioner,
which Report was approved.

The Counsel reported that he had prepared the draught of an
Answer to the Bill in Chancery against the Corporation filed by Rich-
ard Varick Esqr. and he recommended that a Committee be appointed
to peruse the same with him and to cause the Common Seal to be
affixed thereto which was approved, and [288] a Committee appointed
as proposed of Aldermen King Thorp Munson

The Street Committee and Street Commissioner, on the petition for
paving Elizabeth Street from Hester to Broome Street, reported :

' That in their opinion the prayer of the petition ought to be

(signed) Jacob B. Taylor
Shivers Parker
Jno. M c Comb)
St. Com r \
which Report was approved.

The City Inspector on the petition relative to a Lot corner of State
and Marketfield Streets, reported:

" That the correction of the said Nuisance was directed, in the usual
manner, to Mrs. Dale (formerly Mrs. Fulton) the owner, and, altho'
the term given by the Ordinance enjoining its correction has elapsed,
yet the Nuisance remains in the same offensive condition.

" The City Inspector is of opinion, that Mrs. Dale cannot be sued
to recover the penalty for non-compliance with the ordinance served
[289] on her, in consequence of her marriage: he would therefore re-
spectfully recommend that directions be issued that the aforesaid
nuisance be corrected at the public expence and a Lien held on the Lot
for the same.


" He would farther observe that as he has doubts on the subject of
enclosing the Lot after its correction, so far only as the Corporation
may recover from the owner for the expence of so doing, he would
suggest the propriety of having the Counsel's opinion on this part of
the subject, in order the public may not risk the suffering, by any act
rendered necessary for the health of the City, occasioned by the
Owners of property not complying with the necessary Ordinances of
the Board."

(sign'd) George Cuming

City Inspector,
which was read.

The Committee of Wharves, Piers & Slips, with the Alderman and
Assistant of the Fourth Ward, on the Resolutions respecting the Slips
at the foot of Roosevelt and Oliver Streets, reported:

" That they have given the subject all the attention and considera-
tion which its importance and the limited time allowed them would
[290] permit; and have finally concluded to recommend to the Board
the adoption of the following Resolutions.

" 1. Resolved that the Counsel be directed to continue the pro-
ceedings in the case of the Slip at the foot of Oliver Street, provided
the objection to any irregularity which may have taken place in said
proceedings shall be waived by the parties concerned: otherwise, that
he immediately commence anew the legal process for putting the Cor-
poration in possession of the Water, Bulkhead and Pier lying between
the most westwardly line of Oliver Street and extending east to Catha-
rine Slip.

" 2. Resolved that the Counsel be farther directed to request the
Court to discontinue all proceedings on that part of the property lying
within a line commencing at the westerly side of the ground designated
as belonging to John Clark, and extending to Roosevelt Street, and
that he continue the process so far as it respects that part intended to
be taken as a public Slip, commencing at the westerly line of John
Clark's property aforesaid & extending east to James' Slip."

(sign'd) A. L. Underbill
Steph. Allen
W. F. Van Amringe
" Jno. P. Anthony

" Robert M c Queen

[291] On motion, it was agreed to consider the Resolutions pro-
posed by the Committee separately. Upon the question of agreeing to

666 CITY or NEW YOKK 27 May 1818

the first Resolution, and a Division having been called, it was carried
in the Affirmative as follows:

12. Affirmative. Aldermen King Underhill Van Amringe M c -
Queen Buckmaster Taylor Munson Messrs Bolton Anthony Akerly
Board Allen

5. Negative. Alderman Mesier Thorp Messrs Stevens Westervelt

The consideration of the Second Resolution was then taken up,
and after some discussion Alderman King moved that the whole of
the Resolution after the word " Resolve " be stricken out, in order to
introduce an amendatory Resolution which he read. The question
being taken thereon, & a Division being called it passed in the Negative :
10. Negative. 7. Affirmative.

Aid. Underhill, Buckmaster.
Taylor, Thorp, Munson
Ass. Bolton, Stevens
" Westervelt, Board, Allen.

Aid. Mesier, King

" V n Amringe, M c Queen,
Mess. Anthony, Parker

" Akerly

[292] The question was then taken on the Resolution and agreed
to. The question being then taken on adopting and agreeing to the
Report of the Committee, and a Division having been called, it was
carried in the affirmative, all the members voting in the Affirmative
except Alderman Mesier and Mr. Stevens who voted in the negative.

A Resolution was presented, directing the Comptroller to report a
Warrant for the Chairman of the Alms House Committee for Seven
hundred dollars which was referred to the Finance Committee.

Alderman Mesier presented a Resolution, directing the City Inspec-
tor to cause the Lot at the corner of State and Marketfield Streets to be
filled up and the Superintendant of Repairs to enclose it in fence:
which was referred to the Counsel, and if in his opinion the expences
would remain a lien on the Lot to direct the City Inspector and Super-
intendant of Repairs to carry the Resolution into effect.

Resolved that the Street Committee be requested to enquire and
report [293] if the Contract with the Messrs. Hitchcocks respecting
the Streets has been complied with and also if any and what amend-
ments can be made in the regulations on that subject.

Resolved that Alderman Morss be on the Committee respecting
the prevention of pauperism in place of Alderman Holmes no longer
a Member of the Board.

Resolved that the Counsel be authorised to employ and associate
with himself other Counsel in the case of the valuation of ground taken


for the Slips at the foot of Roosevelt Street and Oliver Street now
before the Mayor's Court.

On motion of Alderman King, resolved that the Comptroller be
directed to enquire and report if any and what persons hold possession
of Water Lots upon which grants have not been taken out and where
a Quit rent is not reserved.

Adjourned to meet on Monday next at 4 o'clock.

[294] In Common Council June 1. 1818.

Present. The Honble. C. D. Colden, Mayor, President.
Richard Riker Esqr. Recorder.

Aldermen. Assistants.

Peter Mesier Thomas Bolton

Elisha W. King Samuel Stevens

Anth. L. Underbill John P. Anthony

W. F. Van Amringe John J. Westervelt

Robert M c Queen Shivers Parker

Geo. Buckmaster David Board

Jacob B. Taylor Effingham Schieffelin

Geo. B. Thorp Stephen Allen
Reuben Munson

The Minutes of the two last meetings were read and approved.

A Petition from a number of Inhabitants, that the old Post Road
leading to Boston extending from 125 th Street to Harlaem Bridge may
be closed up, and a Remonstrance from a number of the Inhabitants
of Harlaem against that measure, were read and referred to the Road

A Petition from Joseph Tremaine for appointment of Weigh
master: one of Benjamin Disbrou for appointment as measurer of
grain; and one of Abel [295] Smith for appointment as Measurer of
Grain, were read and referred to the Committee on Applications.

A Petition of Noah Brown and Daniel D. Tompkins, Lessees of
Pier No. 1 or West Pier, was received, stating that they are Lessees
of a part of said Pier for the term of Ten years from the 1 st of April
1817 and for the residue of said Pier for one year which expired on
May last: that from the Covenants enjoined on the part of the lessees
respecting certain expenditures by them, and which they have per-
formed, they presume the intention of the Corporation was, and the
construction of the grant would be, that the Lessees were to have pos-
session of the same under the control of the Corporation in case of and
until the premises should be wanted for public purposes : they therefore

668 CITY or NEW YORK 1 June 1818

pray that a Lease may be given to them for the residue of said Pier to
continue during their term in the other part of said pier and until the
said pier should be wanted for public purposes, of which Two months
notice should be given to the Lessees. The same having been read was
referred to the Ferry Committee to report thereon.

A Memorial from the Committee on behalf [296] of the licensed
cartmen, urging that the decision of the Mayor not to grant new
Licenses to any but citizens should be extended to the renewal of
licenses, was read and referred, together with the letter of the Mayor to

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