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has been increased by his attending the patients at the Old Alms
house, your Committee recommend that his pay be increased Fifty
dollars, so that hereafter his Salary will be Two hundred and fifty
dollars, instead of Two hundred as it now is."

(sign'd) Samuel Stevens

Stephen Allen
which report was approved.

The Committee on Public Offices, on the resolution relative to the
Salary of Henry Abell, reported:

" That they have had under consideration the annexed Resolution
respecting the Salary of Mr. Henry Able. Mr. Able performs highly
important duties and renders valuable services to the Corporation,
both in the character of Clerk to the Commissioners of the Alms
House and as Purveyor to the Alms House Establishment, and under
these circumstances your Committee think his present salary, which is
Six hundred dollars, should be increased, and therefore recommend
that Mr. Able be allowed a Salary of Eight [319] hundred dollars per
annum, to commence on the 1 st of May 1818."

(sign'd) Samuel Stevens

Stephen Allen
which report was agreed to.

The Committee on Public Offices, on the petition of the Police
Magistrates for another Room, reported:

" That they have had the annexed communication of the Police
Magistrates under their consideration and in the opinion of your
Committee there is no additional Room which can be furnished to
this Department."

Respectfully submitted.

(sign'd) Samuel Stevens
Stephen Allen
Samuel Akerly
which report was agreed to.

680 CITY OF NEW YORK 1 June 1818

The same Committee, on the petition relative to licensing Aliens
as Cartmen, reported:

" That this subject should be left exclusively with his Honor the
Mayor, and they therefore recommend that the Board take no order

on the subject." , . , ,, c . c .

(signd) Samuel Stevens

Stephen Allen
which report was approved.

The Committee on Public Offices, on the Resolution, respecting a
Room for Chief Justice Thompson, reported : " That [320] there is
no Room in the Hall unoccupied, which is suitable for the Chief
Justice : Your Committee nevertheless think that an Office should be
provided for him, and in examining the offices they understand that
the Clerk of the District Court occupies a room not given to him
permanently. It is possible that the Clerk of this Court might occupy
the room used by the District Court, as this Court is not often or
long in Session, but if this could not be the case, the office of the
Clerk is considered sufficiently lucrative to allow for the hire of an

" Your Committee with a view to obtain the direction of the Board
beg leave to offer the following Resolution :

" Resolved that the Clerk of the United States' District Court be
informed that the Office in the Hall which he now occupies is required
for other public purposes, and that he remove therefrom by the middle
of June instant And that the Clerk of this Board furnish him with
a copy of the above Resolution."

All which is respectfully submitted

(sign'd) Samuel Stevens
Stephen Allen

Com. Pub. Off.
which Report was approved.

[321] Alderman Mesier presented the following:
" Resolved that the practice of crouding that part of Pearl Street
between Pine Street and Sloat Lane as a Stand for Carts and Barrows,
to the great inconvenience of passing and business in that part of the
City be referred to the Street Committee for the purpose of having
the same corrected." which was agreed to.

Mr. Stevens presented the following which was agreed to :
" Resolved that the communication of the Counsel of the Board
on the subject of the Slips be referred to the Committee on Wharves,
Piers and Slips and the Alderman & Assistant of the 4 th ward, and


that they be authorised to treat for the Slip near Minturn & Champlin's
Wharf, for so much thereof as the Board have agreed to take and

Alderman Munson presented the following:

" Resolved that the Committee which had the subject of taking
up paupers the last year be reappointed, together with the Commis-
sioners of the Alms-house, to attend to all the duties the same as they
did the last year." which was agreed to and a Committee appointed
of Aid. Munson Messrs. Stevens Akerly Schieffelin Allen.

[322] Alderman Mesier presented the following amendment to
the Rules of the Board respecting Committees, which was approved,
and the Clerk directed to incorporate the same in the rules and orders
which are ordered to be published : Towit

" Committees appointed to report on any subject referred to them
by the Board shall report a state of facts and also their opinion thereon
in writing: and that no report hereafter shall be received, unless the
same be signed by a majority of the Committee."

The Comptroller reported :

Balance in Treasury 25*h May $530.72

Reed for Excise 7674.50

" " Rents 5611.38

" Streets 2550.00

" Tax 1817. 1 & 2 wards 975.14

" " Lamps 70.56=17,412.30

Accounts Audited.

Watch. Anderson & Walton, 1 district 1118.25

" Clark & Hibberd 2 do 682.50

Bleakley & Brower 3 do 413.00

Geo. Cuming, City Insp r 1 qr. 28 May 312.50

W. J. Waldron, Ass* do 1 mo. 1 ins 52.00

Obh Ayres do do " " 52.00

Sam. Hutchings. Stt Inspr " " 52.00

Jonn Weeden do " 52.00

Astin & Cochran, Messengers " " 60.00

[323] Dan. H. Magee, Keepr Potter's Fd 1 mo. 1 ins 46.50

W. F. Van Amringe, Chmn. Committee on experiment

sweeps chimnies 75.00

Attendance on Justice's Court.

Jno. Richardson, 1 qr. to 1 inst 58.50

Jas. Warner, Sped Justce do to 26 May 187.50

Jas. Hopson do " 187.50

Chs. Christian do 1 mo " 62.50

B. Oblenis, Clk. Pol. Off. 1 qr " 250.00

R. Stephens, Ast do " " 200.00

682 CITY or NEW YORK 8 June 1818

Jac. Hays, Officers extra service 1 qr. to 26 May 323.87

Ab m Stagg bal. pavs Orange St. from Chatham to Bayard

St 529.22

Abm. Stagg pavK Mulberry St 370.33

Chs. Mooney, pav. Franklin Street from Elm to Orange St. 100.00

Jno. Sloan, 1st Instalment for a Well in Wooster St 65.87

Jno. Gallagher, 1 Instalment for a Well in Dominick St 47.25

Thos. Barnum, Suptdg Piers, 30 days to 31 May 60.00

W. Fish, Treas' to pay 23 dividd City Stock, due 1 May 1818 12000.00=17,358.29

Balance $54. 1

Adjourned to Monday next, 4 o'clock.

[324] In Common Council June 8. 1818.
Present The Honble. C. D. Golden, Mayor, President.

Aldermen. Assistants.

Peter Mesier Thomas Bolton

Elisha W. King Samuel Stevens

Anth. L. Underhill Leonard Kip

W. F. Van Amringe Jno. P. Anthony

Robert M c Queen Jno. J. Westervelt

Geo. Buckmaster Shivers Parker

Jacob B. Taylor David Board

Geo. B. Thorp Stephen Allen
Reuben Munson

The Minutes of last meeting were read and approved.

A Communication was received from the Honorable William P.
Van Ness, Judge of the United States' District Court, stating that the
Resolution of the Common Council at their last meeting directing the
removal of the Clerk of the United States' District Court from the
Room occupied by him as a public office in the Hall would be attended
with extreme difficulty and embarrassment, was read and referred to
the Committee on Public Offices.

A Petition from John H. and W. C. Bol- [325] ton for permission
to remove a Frame House from Park Place to the lower end of Vestry
and Washington Streets, for which purpose they will employ Trucks,
was read and referred to the Aldermen and Assistants of the 3 d and
5 th Wards and the Street Commissioner, with authority to grant the
prayer of petitioners.

A Petition from William Niblo, stating that a prosecution has been
commenced against him for contravening the Law for the prevention
of Fires, and praying a Committee to enquire and report as to the


State of the Building complained of, was read and referred to the At-
torney, to report.

A Petition from Robert Ferguson, stating that a complaint had
been made against him for employing Carts not licensed ; that Peti-
tioner is under a Contract with the Corporation for filling in and
regulating certain Streets ; that he has employed Carts in that business
and no other, and praying the Suit may be discontinued, was read and
referred to the Attorney to report the facts of the case.

A Petition of Claudius G. Fontaine, for permission to sell goods at
auction before his door in the Street, as allowed by a Resolution of
the Common Council in May 1817 but which expired on the 1 st of
May [326] last, was read and referred to the Street Committee and
the Alderman and Assistant of the First Ward.

A Communication was received from Monsieur Monneron, pro-
posing to establish at the City Hall Two Solar Dials connected with
Clocks, one of which shall give the mean or apparent time of the day
and the other the true time ; which was directed to be referred to the
Committee on Arts and Sciences.

A Representation from Dominick Lynch Jr. in behalf of himself
and the neighbourhood of the Battery, complaining of the great incon-
venience experienced by them from the practice of shaking and dusting
Carpets in the Street in front of their dwelling houses, and proposing
that the Northwest corner of the Battery should be assigned for that
purpose, was read and referred to the Committee on Public Lands.

A Request of Colonel Charles Graham, in behalf of himself and
other Officers of the Infantry Militia, that the Common Council would
set apart a Lot near the Collect, in which the Officers might assemble
for military improvement, was read and referred [327] to the same

A Petition for a Well and Pump in Mill Street was read and
referred to the Alderman and Assistant of the Ward and Street Com-
missioner to report an Ordinance therefor.

A Petition of Dennis M c Carthy, for permission to sink a cistern
in the Street at the corner of Chatham and Duane Streets, was read
and referred to the Street Commissioner to report.

A Petition of sundry Fishermen attending the Fly Market, com-
plaining of an undue preference given in the Stands of said Market to
the sellers of Shell-fish &c. was read and referred to the Market Com-

A Petition of George Schaffer, for Stall No. 19 in Catharine Mar-
ket, was read and referred to the Market Committee.

684 CITY OF NEW YORK 8 June 1818

A Petition of William Somerindyck, for permission to put some
manure which he had purchased on board of a Boat at the foot of
Charlton Street, and a request that a Suit against him for depositing
Manure South of the prescribed line might be discontinued, was read
and referred to the Alderman and Assistants of the Eighth Ward to

[328] A Petition of Henry S. Brooks, stating that he had built a
small shed over his Store door at the corner of Cherry and Catharine
Streets, which projects about three feet from the house into the
street, and which he is now informed is contrary to law, and praying
the subject may be referred to a Committee to direct whether it may
remain or must be removed, was read and referred to the Alderman
and Assistant of the Seventh Ward to report.

A Recommendation in behalf of Owen Trainer, to be appointed an
Inspector of Bread, was referred to the Committee on Applications.

A Petition from Walter Bowne, to be relieved from the payment
of the Interest on an Assessment for improvement of Pearl and
Cherry Streets, as he was prevented by absence from town on attend-
ance at the legislature from attending to the subject, was read and
referred to the Finance Committee.

The Street Commissioner presented a Return of Delinquents upon
the following Assessments: Namely For opening First Street; for
opening and [329] enlarging Lombardy Street; For regulating Little
Water Street; For regulating Lewis Street; For regulating and pav-
ing Hudson St; For repaving State Street; For repaving Oliver and
part of Bancker and Water Streets : Whereupon, Warrants were
ordered to issue to the Collectors for collection of the same.

He also presented an Assessment for a Well and Pump in Dom-
inick Street between Varick and Hudson Streets, and for a Well and
Pump in Wooster Street near Bleecker Street : which were confirmed,
and Morris De Camp was appointed Collector in the former, and
Noah Jarvis in the latter case.

The following persons were appointed Firemen, (the Chief Engi-
neer certifying the Vacancies : )


Chester Clark, Mercht. 3 Liberty) r> t? - 1 t. T>

J ), v. P. S. Mulenberg, Resigned.
St. 2 ward \

W m L. Degraw, Account. 24 Lib-) ,..

> v. Geo. Decous do

erty St. 1 ward \

Jno. Harper, Printer 131 Fulton} y W
St. 2 ward


Jas. Allen, .................... v. Nich. Steele Resigned.

F. W. 8

Philo Lewis, Repacker 10. Van-) A . ,

L v. Jas. Angevme do

dam St. 8 ward

[330] The Comptroller, on the account of B. Skaats, reported:

" That he has examined the account of B. Skaats, with the
vouchers, for fuel purchased, and finds a balance due the Corporation
this day of Twenty nine dollars and thirty five cents, which will be
carried to a new account."

(sign'd) G. N. Bleecker,

which was directed to be filed.

The Comptroller presented a statement of the account of Alpheus
Sherman, Attorney of the Corporation from 1 st November 1817 to
1 st May 1818, which was referred to the Finance Committee.

The City Inspector presented Ordinances for correction of the
following Nuisances :

Miss C. Duane Own.

Air j o T-> 11 A Mott St Lot.

Alfred S. Pell Agt.

Abijah Arden Own.

Ann Spencer Occ.

Abijah Arden Own.

3 White St do

~ 5 do do

E. Byrnes Occ.

Jos h Tompkins, Les. & Occ. Alden St do

Enoch Hoyt Own.) .

TT ~ Broome St Privy.

H. Davey Occ. ^

Jno. M c Manus, Les. & Occ. Chrystie St do

[331] ^ Cherm T erh rn ^'l 10 Fulton St. do

Thos. Williams Jr Occ. J

(sign'd) Geo. Cuming

City Inspector,
which Ordinances were passed.

The Counsel presented a Quit claim Deed to Robert R. Hunter,
for Two Lots of ground at the Albany Basin, prepared in pursuance
of an Agreement made with him by the Finance Committee, which
was directed to be duly executed.

The Ferry Committee, on the petition of the Messrs. Swartwouts,
reported :

"That on the 13 th day of April 1811 a Lease of the said Ferry

686 CITY or NEW YORK 8 June 1818

was granted by this Corporation to Mr. John Stevens for fourteen
years and three months from the 1 st day of February preceding, at
the rent of Three hundred and fifty dollars for the first year, with an
annual increase of Seventeen dollars and fifty cents for each succeed-
ing year of the said term :

' That Mr. Stevens in some manner unknown to your Committee
assigned his interest therein to the Messrs. Swartwouts, who have
since sold the Establishment to Mr. Philip Hone, and that there is
now due to the Corporation the sum of Five hundred and fifty three
dollars Thirteen cents, for arrears of Rent: that [332] in the lease
so granted to the said John Stevens there is contained a Covenant on
the part of this Corporation that they shall at their own expence pro-
vide and keep in repair such accommodations as may be deemed neces-
sary for the lying of the Boats employed in that Ferry on the New-
York side, during the said term.

" Your Committee, from their personal knowledge of Mr. Hone,
are satisfied that the public will sustain no injury by placing this ferry
under his direction, but they consider the Covenant above mentioned
as unreasonable and not warranted by the small amount of rent
reserved. Your Committee are therefore of opinion that the lease to
Mr. Stevens ought to be surrendered, and, upon payment of the said
arrearages of rent, they recommend that a new lease be granted to
Mr. Philip Hone for the term of Twelve years from the 1 st day of
May last, at the same rent and annual increase as was agreed to be
paid by Mr. Stevens, and with the like covenants on the part of the
Lessee as are contained in the said lease to Mr. Stevens, substituting
however a good and substantial Team Boat, in the place of a Steam
Boat as required by the said Lease.

[333] " The present landing place of the Ferry on this side of the
River is at the foot of Murray Street, a situation too remote from the
Market to afford proper accommodation to the Country people who
bring their produce for sale, and is moreover destitute of every con-
venience for landing, having neither Piers, Floats nor Bridge. The
situation at the foot of Vesey Street, where the petitioners are desirous
of placing it, would obviate many of the difficulties which now exist:
piers are already run out there, and it would afford a tolerable landing
place at very little expence. But as that place is very much confined
and constantly crouded with carts, and is immediately at the side of
the Market, your Committee deem it an improper place for a ferry,
and, under the circumstances they recommend that the said Ferry be
permanently located at the foot of Barclay Street, as soon as the


ground in that vicinity shall have been filled in and properly regulated,
and for that purpose that the right of the Corporation to the Bulkhead
in front of that Street be granted to Mr. Hone during the said term,
and in the mean time that the landing-place shall continue to be where
it now is, at the foot of Murray Street: that the right of ferriage to
be granted to Mr. Hone on the New York side shall extend [334]
from the northerly bounds of the limits granted to the York and
Jersey Steam Boat Company to the North Battery or Hubert Street."

(signed) E. W. King

G. Buckmaster
Jno. P. Anthony,
which was approved.

The Ferry Committee, on the petition of Rodman Bowne, Lessee of
Catharine Slip Ferry, reported:

" That by the original Contract, made with the petitioner at the
time his Lease was granted, the Corporation stipulated to sink a
narrow pier in the centre of Catharine Slip against which to rest the
Float : but as such pier would be a permanent obstruction and render
the Slip useless in case of a removal of the Ferry, at the suggestion
of the then Ferry Committee and Street Commissioner, the Petitioner
consented to substitute Chains and Anchors for his Float instead of
the pier, which were provided and were to be kept in repair by the

" Your Committee find that the petitioner has expended the sum
of One hundred and eighty dollars seventy six cents in repairing those
chains, and the further sum of Eight dollars [335] for repairs to the
piers at his place of landing: That, in consequence of some objection
by the Street Commissioner to the amount of the Bill presented to
him for repairing the said chains, the petitioner was sued and put to
the expence of Twelve dollars, amounting in all to the sum of Two
hundred and six dollars seventy-six cents, which your Committee are
satisfied ought to be refunded to him.

" The petitioner represents, that, in consequence of the Pier on
the southerly side of Catharine Slip being too short, the bridges have
been frequently injured by the Ice, and that the rapidity of the cur-
rent is such as often to render it difficult and dangerous to land, of
the truth of which your Committee are fully satisfied, and believe it
to be the duty of the Corporation at no distant period to sink a Block
of from forty to fifty feet at the end of that pier, unless the contem-

688 CITY OF NEW YORK 8 June 1818

plated pier at Oliver Street shall be found to obviate the difficulties
which now exist."

All which is respectfully submitted.

(sign'd) E. W. King
G. Buckmaster
Jno. P. Anthony

Ferry Committee,
which report was approved.

[336] The Committee on Public Offices, on the subject of licensing
Alien Cartmen, reported:

' That they have had under their consideration the annexed letter
of his Honor the Mayor's on the subject of Alien Cartmen and the
petition on behalf of certain Cartmen also annexed. Your Committee
return these papers, and recommend to the Board that this subject
be left exclusively with the Mayor, to act as he may deem expedient."

(sign'd) Samuel Stevens
Stephen Allen,
which Report was approved.

The Street Committee and Street Commissioner, on the petition
for regulating Greenwich Street, reported :

" That they have examined the situation of the upper end of Green-
wich Street, and are of opinion that it will be proper to turnpike the
Street and to lay the Curb on the West side, which they presume will
answer every purpose for the present, and until some of the cross
Streets are opened and dug out to the River, when it may be perma-
nently regulated agreeably to the petitioners' wishes.

" They would therefore recommend that the Street Commissioner
[337] be instructed to cause that part of Greenwich Street between
Bank Street and Greenwich Lane, at the intersection of the Ninth Ave-
nue to be formed into a Turnpike Road, that the Curb Stone be laid
on the West side, and the side walk gravelled, and that he prepare
an Ordinance to that effect."

(sign'd) Jacob B. Taylor

Shivers Parker
" Leonard Kip

John M c Comb.
which Report was approved.

Mr. Allen presented the following: which was approved and a
Warrant directed to issue :

" Resolved that a Warrant issue in favor of the Comptroller for


Four thousand one hundred and thirty nine dollars and fifty one cents,
and that he be instructed to tender under direction of the Counsel
to the owners of the premises required for the purpose of laying out
a Slip between Catharine Slip and Oliver Street the amount of the
sums of money which were awarded to them respectively by the Jury
crnpannelled to assess their damages for their respective losses in
consequence of causing their ground and premises to be converted to
and used for a Slip by the Mayor, Aldermen and Commonalty of the
City of New York."

[338] Mr. Stevens presented a Resolution, on the subject of plac-
ing the granting of Booths under the direction of the First Marshall
and High Constable. Alderman Mesier presented a Resolution direct-
ing that hereafter no booths be permitted to be erected without the
special permission of the Common Council. The Resolution proposed
by Mr. Stevens was laid on the table. It was then moved to refer
the Resolution of Alderman Mesier to a Committee, which was nega-
tived. The question was then taken on agreeing to the Resolution,
and passed in the Negative. Mr. Stevens' Resolution was then called
up and being read, was as follows :

" Resolved that the granting permission for Booths or Stands on
public days be hereafter done under the direction of the First Marshall
and High Constable, and that the perquisites arising therefrom be
equally divided between the said Officers: and further that it be the
duty of the High Constable to prevent drunkeness and riot in and
about such booths on all public days."

On the question of agreeing to the same, it was carried in the

Alderman King presented the following :

" Resolved that it be referred [339] to a Committee to consider
the expediency of prohibiting the sale of unwholesome Loaf Bread
in this City, and of authorising the Inspectors of Bread to inspect
the quality as well as the weight, and that the said Committee be au-
thorized to report by ordinance or otherwise."
which was agreed to and referred to the Committee on Laws.

Resolved that the following be a Committee to make the accus-
tomed arrangements for the celebration of the ensuing Anniversary of
American Independence : Viz.

Aldermen Buckmaster King Thorp Mesier Mr Allen

The Comptroller reported:

Balance in the Treasury on 18 th inst 54. 1

Received for Tax of 1817 8* and 10^ wards 1739.39

690 CITY OF NEW YORK 15 June 1818

Rec d for Tavern Licenses 387.00

" Mayoralty fees 232.50

" Commut. Alien Pass 115.00

" " Streets 820.89

" " Penalties 46.28 = 3395.07

[340] Accounts Audited.

And. Van Orden, Keepr Battery 1 mo. to 15 May 45.94

R. Munson, 5 casks oil, bought of M. Crosby 443.59

Geo. Snethen, Sups & lights lamps. 1 mo. to 1 June 758.45

Hill and Ayres on account, for filling Basin at Dey St 1000.00

Peter Debaum on account for regulating Hudson St 502.96

Jacob C. Mott and Associates, for making sundry assess-
ments 267.00

Jas. Pinkerton, pav. Orange St. from Hester to Grand St.. 200.00

Jas. Pinkerton, repairing Intersections of Streets 164.65 = 3382.59

Balance $12.48

Adjourned to Monday next, 5 o'clock.

]341] In Common Council June 15. 1818
Present. The Honble C. D. Colden, Mayor, President.

Aldermen. Assistants.

Elisha W. King Thomas Bolton

Anth. L. Underbill Samuel Stevens

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