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pier be rented to the Petitioners for one Year from the said first day of
May next for One hundred Dollars And that the first Years Rent of
Six hundred Dollars be applied by the Petitioners towards making the
Improvements required for their accomodation in relation to the prem-
ises proposed to be rented to them

Jn B. Coles

G. Buckmaster
Peter Conrey
G N. Bleecker Compt r
Jn M c Comb S' Com r

The Question being taken on agreeing to the last Report of the
Committee the same was carried in the Affirmative and the Council
of the Board was directed to prepare the necessary Leases

Alderman Smith from the Committee on the Communication from
the Governors of the New York Hospital. Reported, that they had had

62 CITY OF NEW YORK 17 March 1817

a conference with the Governors of the Hospital, that they had sug-
gested the Propriety of receiving Patients with Syphilis in the Alms
House where they might be made to work Also that as the Com-
missioners of the Alms House had in many Instances Bonds to indem-
nify the City against expenses incurred by certain Alien Passengers
who were in the Hospital, that some Arrangement might be made
so as the Governors might be reimbursed their [272] expences for said
persons. Whereupon it was Resolved that said Report be Referred
to the Commissioners of the Alms House

The Committee on the Memorial of the Inhabitants of the City
on the Subject of Petitioning the Legislature for restraining the
Number of Tavern Licences presented a Report and Bill correspond-
ing thereto the Report being read was in the words following

The Committee to whom was referred the Memorial of W m Bayard
Esq r and others on the Subject of deminishing the excessive and de-
structive use of Ardent Spirits Respectfully Report

That they have given the matter that attentive Consideration which
its Importance so Justly claims but regret to state, that they have not
been able to agree in recommending the plan proposed in the said
Memorial They would however suggest to the Board the propriety
of forwarding without delay to the Legislature a respectful Memorial
setting forth the enormity of the evil, the dreadful Consequences re-
sulting therefrom and praying that they may in their Wisdom apply
such remedies as may be deemed best calculated to correct the same

And as a part thereof that this Corporation be empowered to ap-
point three persons to be denominated Superintendants of Excise, to
serve without Compensation [273] whose Certificate of Moral Char-
acter and Recommendation shall be necessary for any person desir-
ous of Obtaining Licence

And Also that the price of Tavern Licences should in no Case be
less than Twenty five Dollars.

Should this Report meet the Approbation of the Board a Memorial
is herewith presented in Order that no time may be lost in forwarding
so important an Object

N. York Mar 17. 1817.

Th. R. Smith
Jacob Lorillard
Peter Augustus Jay

rpi ^ r-With the Exception of that

Thomas Cooper I part which goes to raise the

Tn B Coles. Tavern Licences to Twenty

J I five Dollars


The Report being read it was Ordered that the same be laid upon
the Table. The Question being taken there on and a division having
been called by M r Jay it was carried in the Affirmative as follows

Affirmative Negative

Mr Recorder Aid" Coles

Ald n Conrey " Mapes

" Buckmaster " Lawrence

" Burtis " Fish

" Munson M r Jay

Mr Stone " Lorillard

" Akerly " Underbill

" Thorp " Talman 8
" Cooper 9.

[274] Alderman Coles presented a Resolution for the encourage-
ment of the use of Beer instead of Spiritous Liquors was read and laid
on the Table

The Committee on the Settlement of the Account of Robert Hare
Reported as follows

The Committee to whom was referred the Settlement of Robert
Hare's Account for Experiments on Gas Lights Respectfully Report

That they have examined the Vouchers produced with the Account
exhibited and find that there has been advanced by the Corporation
the Sum of $6000.

M r Hares statement of expences incurred including $1400 for his
Services during Seven Months 5927.25

Leaving a Balance of $72.25

which has been returned by the Chairman of the Sub Committee of
Arts and Sciences to the Collector of the City Revenue and by him
paid into the Treasury on the 15 th Instant to be passed to the Credit
of the Gas Light Account

March 17 th . 1817 Samuel Akerly

G. N. Bleecker Compt r
which was directed to be filed

A Resolution of the Trustees of the Presbyterian Church in Rut-
gers Street, recomending Benjamin Thomas to be appointed to regu-
late the Clock of said Church was [275] read, Whereupon Resolved
that Isaac Luffburrow be and he is hereby removed from the Office of
Regulator of said Clock. And Resolved further that John Burger be
appointed to regulate the same

64 CITY OF NEW YORK 17 March 1817

The following was presented by Alderman Buckmaster and agreed

Resolved that the Square now called S l George's Square at the In-
tersection of Cherry Street be hereafter named and called Franklin
Square, as a Testimony of the high respect entertained by this Board
for the Literary and Philasophical Character of the late Doctor Ben-
jamin Franklin

Alderman Munson presented a Resolution for changing the Names
of First. Second. Third Fourth and Sixth Streets which was read and
laid for Consideration.

Upon a Resolution presented by Alderman Munson it was Or-
dered. That a Bond Issue to Robert Latimer from the Corporation
for the Sum of Two thousand Dollars payable twelve Months after
Date with lawful Interest, on Account of work done on the eighth

Ordered that the Recorder and Alderman Fish be added to the
Committee on the Subject of Haerlem Commons

[276] Ordered that the Comptroller Report a Warrant in favour
of John Randel Jun r for Five hundred Dollars on Account

The Comptroller Reported

Cash in the Treasury 6441 .66

Warrants not presented 1174.72


Whereupon Warrants were Ordered to be Issued for the payment
of the following Accounts

Disbrow, Conklin, Abel & Striker. Enfors Laws 6 Mo 10 Ins 1 400.

Irving. Smith & Holly, selling at Auction 29 Lots 6 th Ins* 87.

Franklin & Minturn selling 14 Lots 27 th May 42.

Columbian. Advertising Assess* 3 for S* Comm r 57.50

H. Andrew Repairs to Chairs in Sup e Court Room 43.50

Peter Burtsell 2 Maps of Island for Mayor & Counsel 31.50

P. Conrey Esq r Attending Sessions Decem r 96.

Matthew Crosby 18 Casks Oil 1297.62

Ferris Pell Award for Cliff Street 705.30

Stephen D. Beekman balce Award 13th Street 305.

Archd Ball balce paving Elm Street 101 .25

John Culbert balce paving Pump Street 98.81

Heirs of John Stagg dec d Award for Thompson S* 60.

Marinus Willett l / 3 Expences Bulkhead Delancey St Ordce 31 Instant 453.33


Richard Amos for Lot of Ground N 66. Corner Hudson & Chris r S ts

purchased for Engine house 1250.

J. P. Roome Sup* of Repairs to purchase Materials 200.

Balance $38.13

[277] In Common Council March 24 th 1817
Present. The Hon ble Jacob Radcliff Mayor Pres 1

Aldermen Assistants

John B. Coles. Peter A. Jay

Jonas Mapes. Jacob Lorillard

Augustine H. Lawrence Anthony L. Underhill

Peter Conrey John Brown

William Alburtis Robert McQueen

George Buckmaster Samuel Akerly

Reuben Munson George B. Thorp

John H. Talman
Thomas Cooper

The Minutes of last Meeting were Read & approved
His Honor the Mayor presented a Letter from William Turpen
of Charleston South Carolina Dated the tenth of March One thousand
eight hundred and seventeen. Informing him of the Arrival in that
City of a Number of coloured People (Seamen) who had been
Shipped by the American Consul in London who claimed to be
Freemen, but who under the Laws of the State of South Caro-
lina were Imprisoned as Fugitive Slaves The Mayor Informed
that he had mentioned the Case of these [278] Persons to the Manu-
mission Society of this City who had undertaken to pay Attention
to the Business Wherupon Resolved that the Mayor be requested
to reply to said Letter and inform of the Steps taken in the premises

A Petition of Jacob Schieffelin Assignee of Lots N os Sixty one
and Sixty three Chatham Street praying an extention of time on said
lease was Read and Referred to the Comptroller to Report

A Petition of George Goodheart for Permission to sell Meat in
Greenwich Street was read and referred to the Market Committee

A Petition of the Inhabitants of the Old Slip complaining that said
Slip is Occupied by large Coasting Vessels and Praying that the same
may be reserved exclusively for the use of Market and other small
Vessels Ordered that same be referred to the Committee on Wharves



24 March 1817

A Remonstrance of John Hone and Jeremiah F. Randolph against
the proposed Sale of a Lot on Whitehall Street reserved for an En-
gine House was read and referred to the Alderman and Assistant of
the Ward and the Counsel of the Board. And Ordered Also that
the proposed for Sale be discontinued

[279] A Petition of Stephen Burdett Jun r Praying for Stall N 10.
Washington Market was read and referred to the Market Committee

A Recommendation in favour of Lewis Harroway to be appointed
a Wood Inspector or Street Inspector was read and referred to the
Committee on Applic 8

The Street Commissioner presented an Assessment for a Well and
Pump in Reed Street between Church and Chapel Street which was
confirmed and Morris De Camp was appointed Collector

The City Inspector presented Ordinances for Correction of Sundry
Nuisances which were passed viz*
N 1. T. H. Leggett Owner J. Brisco

2. D. Sickels Owner. R. Lowere Occup*

3. T. Ellison Owner. F. Whitmill


4. E Bishop Owner B Banks Occup*. .

5. T. Ellison Owner. Ann Shute Occup 1

6. Charity Hamill Lessee & Occup 1 . . . .

7. H. Rankin Owner. S. Burdett

Occup 1 2 Temple S* D

8. John Smith Lessee & Occup 1 146 Washington S 1 D

67 Murray S 1 A Privy
36 Essex S* D

21 Thomas S*
19 Essex S 1
245 Water S*
75 Cortlandt S 1



9. J. Meeks Owner J Marston Occup 1 .

10. S. S. Gould Owner J. Patton Occup*.

11. H. Rankin Owner. J. Clark Occup*. .

12. Tho s Adams Lessee and Occup*. . . .

13. [280] M rs Mary Chystie Owner &


14. H. Rankin Owner. G. Kirk Occup*. .

15. G. Haight Owner. D. D. Denning


16. J. P. Demilt Owner A Gamage


17. M rs Champlin Owner A Haggerty


18. Anthy Post Esq r Owner & Occup*. . .

12 Thames S*
73. Cortlandt S*
74 Liberty S*














19. J. Halstead Owner. J Clark & S.

Clay Occupt s


Liberty S 1 A


20. T. S. Townsend Owner. M. Thomp-

son Occup 1




21. A Post Owner, W m Bleecker Occup 1 .




22. A Post Owner. G. Gilfert Occup 1 . .




23. J. Hone Owner. J. G. Forbes Occup 1 .




24. C. Del Vecchio Owner H. Stephens

Occup 1




25. G. Lindsey Owner M r9 H Cassedy





26. L. Lefferts Owner M rs J. W. Watkins

Occup 1


Vesey S*


27. Catharine Smith Owner & Occup 1 . . .




28. J. Hyslop Owner. M. Albert Occup 1 .




29. Miss. M. Bard Owner. Judge Pendle-

ton Agent and M rs Jn Blagge

Occup 1




30. Philip Grim Owner & Occup 1




32. M. Allison Owner & Occup 1

46 & 48.



33. C. Ray Owner H. King Occup 4




34. C. Ray Owner J. Berjeau Occup 1 . . .




35. A Van Buskirk Owner. D. Morris

Occup 1




36. D Owner A Burr Occup 1




37. G. Gosman Owner. J. Low Occup 1 . .




38. Harmanus Talman Owner & Occup 1




39. J. J. Westervelt Owner J. Van

Winkle Occup 1




40. [281] M rs Westervelt Owner &

Occup 1




41. D. E. Tylee Owner W m Higgins

Occup 1




42. D Owner S. Harvey

Occup 1




43. D Owner O. Halstead

Occup 1




44. D Owner M rs M. Woods

Occup 1




45. M. J. Ryerson Owner Randolph &

Martin Occupt 8




68 CITY or NEW YORK 24 March 1817

46. M. J. Ryerson Owner J Concklin

Occup 1 88. Vesey S l A Privy

47. D Owner W m Ross

Occup 1 90. D D

48. D Owner W m A. Tay-

lor Occup 4 92. D D

49. D Owner T. A. Gill

Occup' 94. D D

50. M re E. Thomson Occup' 93 Maiden Lane D

The Committee on the Remonstrance against the Horse Market
near Elm Street presented a Report which was agreed to the Report
was as follows

The Members of the Board to whom the Petition of Sundry Per-
sons residing in the Vecinity of the Horse Market. Representing the
Danger and difficulties to which they and their Families are exposed
by the moving and exposing Horses for Sale Immediately before their
Houses &c. Do view the same as a serious cause of Complaint, and
viewing it as such would recommend that the Horse Market be re-
moved up Elm Street from the North end of the Arsnal extending on
Elm Street to the Intersection of Canal Street

March 24 th 1817. W m Alburtis

Robert M c Queen

[282] The Committee on the Petition for widening North Street
presented a Report which was read and laid on the Table, and the
Street Commissioner was directed to give Notice in the Papers of
the present Application

On Motion of Alderman Mapes the Counsel of the Board was
directed to make the Necessary Application to the Supreme Court
for the Appointment of Commissioners of Estimate and Assessment
in relation to the Ground to be taken for a Scite of the Market at
Fulton Street (late Beekman Slip)

Depositions on the Subject in favour of the Ferry at Grand Street
were read, and the Ferry Committee on the Petition of William
Hunter presented the following Report which was agreed to and the
Council of the Board was directed to prepare the necessary Lease,
which Report is as follows

The Ferry Committee to whom was referred the Petition of
William Hunter and others praying for the Establishing a Ferry at
the foot of Grand Street in this City to the place called Morrells
Point or Yorkton on Long Island. Beg leave to Report


That they have had the Subject under Consideration for a long
time and have finally concluded (Notwithstanding the many Ob-
jections thereto) to Grant the Prayer of the Petitioners by giving them
[283] a Lease for the aforesaid Ferry for the Term of Seven Years
from the first day of May next ensuing for the Yearly Rent of one
Pepper Corn. Provided they put on the said Ferry a Team Boat to be
propelled by not less than by Eight Horses to be Completed and run-
ning on the Ferry in Six Months from the time of their receiving a
Lease for the same

All which is Respectfully Submitted

New York March 24 th 1817. Peter Conrey

William Alburtis

The Committee on the Petition for Opening Bancker Street pre-
sented the following Report which was agreed to. and the Council of
the Board was directed to take the necessary legal Measures for
carrying the same into effect The Committee to whom was referred
the petition of sundry Inhabitants of N York praying that Banker
St may be opened between Clinton St & Corlears Hook Report That
your Committee have examined the ground proposed to be dug away in
order to open the Street & find that there is but a short distance to be
dug thro' & that the expense will be inconsiderable, & as the pro-
prietors of Lots in that part of the Street cannot reap the least benefit
till the Street is so regulated, Your Com ee are therefore of opinion that
the prayer of the Petitioners should be granted, & that the Counsel to
the board be instructed to take legal measures to open the said Street
it, having been advertised & no objections made thereto

Sig d Samuel Akerly

George Buckmaster
Jn M c Comb St Comss r

[284] The Committee of Applications on the Petition of Isachar
Couzens to be appointed an Inspector of Manure Reported in favour
of his Application and he was Appointed accordingly

The Committee on the Petition of Edward Hitchcock presented the
following Report as follows.

The Committee on Wharves Piers & Slips to whom was referred
the Petition of Edward Hitchcock Lessee of the same for 1815

Beg leave to Report That they have duly considered the Applica-
tion of the Petitioner and would Suggest the propriety to this Board
of granting him the following Relief viz

70 CITY OF NEW YORK 24 March 1817

For being deprived of the use of Market Slip by the Team Boat
Occupying the Slip at the time the Improvement was making at
Catharine Slip $100.

For being deprived of the use of Catharine Slip, the Team Boat
having the entire use of the same 50.

For being deprived of the use of the West side of the West pier at
Pike Slip 300.

Total Amount $450.

All which is Respectfully Submitted

Peter Conrey

New York March 24 th 1817. G. Buckmaster

A H Lawrence
Which was agreed to

[285] The Committe on the Subject of the Collect Grounds pre-
sented a Plan of the Street Commissioner for Regulating the Ground
of Collect and Canal Streets which was read and laid on the Table.
And it was further Ordered that the Sale of the Collect Lots be post-
poned until the further direction of the Board

The Committee on the Subject of limiting the number of Measurers
presented a Report which was read and laid on the Table

The Committee on the Petition of Henry Rutgers presented the
following Report, which was agreed to. and the Council directed to
Report the Necessary Grant.

The Committee of Wharves Piers and Slips, together with the
Street Commissioner and Comptroller to whom was referred on the
24 th Ult the Petition of Henry Rutgers for a Water Lot Grant in
front of his property in the 7 th Ward. Respectfully Report

That they have Carefully examined the Subject and agreed to
recommend the following Proposition

That a Grant be prepared by the Counsel of the Board to the Peti-
tioner for the right of Soil from the South side of Water Street to
South Street between Rutgers Slip and Clinton Street, reserving to
the Corporation the right of forming a Public Bason in such place as
they may think proper leaving Jefferson [286] Street Sixty feet Wide
and Clinton Street to be Widened to Sixty feet, and South Street to
be Continued Seventy feet The usual Covenants to be inserted for
making and keeping in repair the Wharves and Streets

The Annual Rent to be three Shillings per foot to Commence the


first of May One thousand seven hundred and ninety three, and all

Arrears to be paid to the first of May next

G. Buckmaster
Peter Conrey

March 24 th 1817. A H. Lawrence

G. N. Bleecker Compf
Jn M c Comb S l Com r

The Resolution laid on the Table on the Subject of Changing the
Names of Sundry Streets was called up and read as follows and agreed
to and the Superintendant of Repairs was directed to make the Neces-
sary Alterations on the Direction Boards of said Streets. Which Reso-
lution is in the words following viz 1

Whereas by the Act of the Legislature of the State of New York
Passed on the 3 rd April 1807. Commissioners were appointed to lay
out the Northern part of the Island of New York into Streets & Roads
and the said Commissioners in performing the duties enjoined upon
them. Did lay out and designate great Roads called Avenues, running
Northwardly in the [287] Direction of the Island, and other Roads or
Streets crossing them at right Angles, which Streets have been dis-
tinguished, and are known by Numerical Numbers as first second, third
and fourth Streets &c. And Whereas there are five other Streets
in the tenth Ward of this City, known and distinguished as first second
third fourth and Sixth Wards [Streets], which Streets Commence at
Division Street and run Northerly to North Street, and Whereas it be-
comes necessary to prevent confusion that the Names of the said
Streets should be altered therefore

Resolved that the said Streets called first 2 nd 3 rd 4 th & 6 th Streets
running Northwardly & Southwardly in the tenth Ward between
Division and North Streets have their Names changed and be dis-
tinguished from and after the first of May next as follows viz 1

1 st First Street shall be called Chrystie Street in honor of L*
Col. John Chrystie a Citizen of New York who died on the Niagara
frontier during the late War while in the Service of the United
States L* Col Chrystie entered the Service of his Country as a Lieu*
of Infants in 1808 and was promoted to the grade of L l Col. at the
commencement of the War. His Zeal and Activity as an Officer were
unequaled and the Scholar being united to the Soldier, who had youth
and a good Constitution on his side, much was to be expected, but sick-
ness cut short his days at the commencement of a promising and
glorious career. Death closed his Eyes on the 22 nd day of July 1813.

72 CITY OF NEW YORK 24 March 1817

[288] only having allowed him to shine conspicuous for Valour so
disastrous to the American Arms on the 13 th October 1812 at which
time in Company with the brave Scott he Assisted in attacking and
was among the first to Scale the Ramparts of the fort at Queenston
heights in Upper Canada which was carried, defended and kept for
several hours in the face of a powerful Enemy which by reinforce-
ments at length overwhelmed the Heoric Band and made them Pris-
oners. Col 1 Chrystie was exchanged and returned to duty on the same
frontier where a febrile disease destroyed the prospect of future
fame by cutting short his day in the prime and vigour of Manhood

2 nd Second Street, shall be called Forsyth Street in Honor of
Lieu 1 Colonel Forsyth of the United States Rifle Corps, who distin-
guished himself in the late War on Various Occasions by his con-
spicious Bravery Enterprize and activity and who died of a Wound
received in Lower Canada on the twenty eighth day of June One thou-
sand eight hundred and thirteen

3 rd Third Street shall be named Eldridge Street after Lieu*
Eldridge of New York, whose promising Talents as an Officer in the
United States Army gave great hopes of Military renown and promised
much service to his Country, but he was arrested in his hopeful Career
by the Tomahawk of the Savages in Upper Canada on the Seventh
day of July One thousand eight hundred and thirteen but not without
defending himself [289] and Companions like a Brave Man He with
a small party was Surrounded by a host of Savages who murdered
scalped and mangled them

4 th Fourth Street, shall be named Allen Street in Honor of Will-
iam H. Allen of the United States Navy who Commanded the Sloop
of War Argus of Eighteen Guns, and who died of a Wound received
on Board of that Vessel when she was engaged with the British Sloop
of War Pelican. Captain Allen lost his life and his Vessel, but he lost
no reputation in the Conflict and his Name will not be forgotten as
long as his Country lasts. Previous to his Capture Capt n Allen had
taken twenty one Sail of the Enemy's Vessels by Cruising in the
English and Irish Channels and at length after a severe conflict in
which he received his Mortal wound he was taken on the fourteenth
day of August One thousand eight hundred and thirteen by the
British Sloop of War Pelican of Twenty four Guns, fitted out and
manned with a full Complement of Men and munitions of War for the
purpose of Engaging the Argus whose intrepid Commander did not
shun the Battle


Sixth Street shall be called Ludlow Street in Honor of Lieu* Lud-
low of the United States Navy whose gallant conduct in several Naval
Engagements during the late War exalted him in the hearts of his
Countrymen, and gave a deep tinge to the Sorrow excited by his Death,
and when he was finally consigned [290] to the Tomb, along with his
honored Commander Capt n Lawrence on the Sixteenth of September
One thousand eight hundred and thirteen These Valuable Officers re-
ceived their Death Wounds on the first of June One thousand eight
hundred and thirteen, when the United States Ship Chesapeake was
engaged and taken by the British Frigate Shannon in sight of the

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