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quested to purchase an Eight-day Clock to be placed in his Honor the
Mayor's Office.

Alderman King presented a Law entitled " A Law to prevent the
firing of Guns and discharging of Rockets, Squibs, Crackers and other
Fire-works," which was read by paragraphs and passed and the
Law entitled a " Law to prevent the firing of Guns," passed 5 th May
1817, being the 46 th Chapter of Revised Laws, was repealed.

The Comptroller reported:

Balance in Treasury 22<* $390.74

Reed for Rents 2884.26

" Tax 1817. 5 & 8 wards 1558.3

" Streets 3200.

" Intestate Estates 1032.73

" Loan of Mechanic's Bank 8000. 17,065.76

[410! Accounts Audited.

Hannah Courtney, rec. ground slip bet. Catharine Slip &

Oliver St. pd 26 ins 1852.50

Jno. G. Coster do do 1852.50

Anderson & Walton, Watch 1st dist 1118.25

Clark & Hibberd. do 2d do 682.50

Bleakley & Brower, " 3d " 413.

W m J. Waldron, As* City Inspr 1 mo. 1 July 52.

Obad h Ayres, do do do 52.

Sami Hutchings, St. Inspr " " 52.

Jonath. Weeden do " 52.

Astin & Cochrane, Messengers 60.

Steph. McCormick, Park Keeper " " 45.

B. Skaats, purchase fuel for City Hall 800.

Aid. Munson, 47 Casks oil, bot. of M. Crosby 1771 .43

Aid. Munson, 1 bbl. Spirits bot. of J. West 30. 12

Geo. Snethen, supg & light? lamps, 1 mo. 1 July 696. 10

J. McCdrnb, S. C. pays filling basin, Charlton St 1000.

Thos. Barnum, supg Piers, 24 days 28 inst 48.

Pet. Debaum, acct. regg Hudson St 1000.

Amos Corning, Surveys, profiles, & Maps to 1 May 1818.. 894.53

John Stanley, acct. Bond St 200.00

726 CITY OF NEW YORK 29 June 1818

Chs. Mooney, acct. pave Franklin St 200.00

Thos. Scott, bal. pavs Lombardy St 85 . 13

Jas. Pinkerton, pavK Intersections 79.55

Corns Qark, reps do 4.68

Jac. P. Roome, Sup. Reprs. pays Masons' work at Engine

house Greenwich 260.

Rich. Furman, Supt Alms' House 3700. 17,001 .29

Balance $=64.47
Adjourned to this day fortnight 5 o'clock.




JULY 4, 1818 TO DECEMBER 21, 1818

[1] In Common Council July 4. 1818.
Steam Boat Connecticut, N. Y. Harbour.

Present. The Hon. C. D. Golden, Mayor, President.

Aldermen Assistants.

Peter Mesier Thomas Bolton

Elisha W. King Samuel Stevens

Anth. L. Underbill Leonard Kip

W. F. Van Amringe Jno. J. Westervelt

John Morss Shivers Parker

Jacob B. Taylor Samuel Akerly

Geo. B. Thorp David Board

Stephen Allen.

His Honor the Mayor informed the Board that he had received
a general order issued by the Governor and Comander in Chief,
directing Funeral honors to be paid to the Remains of the late Major
General Richard Montgomery, which in pursuance of a Law of the
State of New York had been removed from the City of Quebec and
were to be deposited in St. Paul's Church in this City near the Monu-
ment [2] erected to his Memory by the Congress of the United States
and also communicating the Order of the Society of Cincinnati to whom
the direction of said Funeral Solemnities were committed. Whereupon
it was Resolved that a Committee be appointed, with authority to
carry into effect the directions of the Executive on said subject and
also all regulations that may be directed by the Society of the Cin-
cinnati on said subject. The Committee appointed were The Recorder.
Alderman Munson Van Amringe King Mr. Westervelt.



730 CITY or NEW YORK 13 July 1818

[3] In Common Council July 13. 1818

Present. The Hon. C. D. Colden, Mayor, President.
Richard Riker Esqr. Recorder.

Aldermen. Assistants.

Peter Mesier Thomas Bolton

Elisha W. King Samuel Stevens

Anth. L. Underbill Leonard Kip

W. F. Van Amringe John J. Westervelt

John Morss Samuel Akerly

Robert M c Queen David Board

Geo. Buckmaster Stephen Allen
Jacob B. Taylor
Geo. B. Taylor
Reuben Munson

The Minutes of the last Meetings were read and approved.

A Petition of John Brower for appointment of Weigh Master, and
a further petition of John Lace to be appointed an Inspector of Bread,
were read and referred to the Committee on Applications.

[4] A Petition of John Simonson for a Stall in the new Market
about to be erected in Grand Street, a similar one from William Van-
denbergh, and a similar one from James Vandenbergh, were read and
referred to the Market Committee.

A Petition from William Butler, stating that a complaint had been
made against him of not having his weights of the Standard pre-
scribed by Law, and praying the subject may be enquired into, and
a similar petition from Gardner G. Rowland were read and referred
to the Committee on Public Offices.

A Petition of Christopher Heiser was received, stating that in
June 1817 he purchased at auction from the Corporation a small piece
of ground at the corner of Hudson and Read Streets with an in-
tention of purchasing the adjoining ground but that the same went
for a larger sum than he was willing to give : that he lately applied for
permission to construct a vault in front of his lot, which was [5]
denied to him : he therefore requested the Corporation would repay to
him the sum paid by him and his expences on reconveying to them the
ground. Upon reading whereof it was resolved that Petitioner have
leave to withdraw his petition

A Petition of Edward S. Cory, stating that he is master of the
Schooner Lord Wellington: that he has been sued by the Attorney of
the Corporation for the sum of Ten thousand dollars for landing pas-
sengers at Norwalk in Connecticut ; that he brought said passengers in


said vessel by order of his owners from St. John's and landed them by
like order at Norwalk, not knowing it was contrary to Law, and
praying to be permitted now to report said passengers and give bond
for them or pay the Commutation allowed by the Resolution of the
Common Council, was read and leave given Petitioner to withdraw
his petition

Petitions of William and Gerardus Post for permission to construct
vaults opposite [6] Nos. 57 and 59 Fulton Street, and a similar one
from Stephen Gorham for a Vault in Warren Street, were granted
upon the usual terms under direction of the Street Commissioner.

A Petition fom Owners of property in the neighbourhood of
Roosevelt Street, remonstrating against extending South Street from
Dover Street to John Clark's property as proposed by the Report of
a Committee on that subject, was read and referred to the Committee
on Wharves and the Alderman and Assistant of the Fourth Ward.

A Petition of Hugh Maxwell, stating that through mistake the
Stoop of his house in Hester Street extends farther than is authorised
by Law and praying to be exempted from the penalty incurred, which
being received was read and referred to the Alderman and Assistant
of the 6 th ward and Street Commissioner.

A Petition of Charles M c Carty praying that for sundry reasons
the sum assessed upon the [7] property he holds under Lease from the
Corporation for improving Roosevelt Street may be remitted, was read
and referred to the Finance Committee.

A Petition that Vestry Street may be regulated and the Carriage
Way paved from Hudson Street to Washington Street, was read and
referred to the Street Committee.

A Petition of a number of Inhabitants and owners in the vicinity
of Market Street, praying said street may be widened to sixty feet
was read and referred to the Street Committee.

A Petition of Sundry Inhabitants of Provoost Street, praying the
Side-Walks may be regulated and paved, was read and referred to
the Alderman and Assistant of the Fifth Ward and Street Commis-

A Petition of Simeon Freeland to be employed as a Lamp-lighter
was read and referred to the Lamp Committee.

[8] A Petition of Stephen S. Clay to be appointed one of the City
Weighers, was read and referred to the Special Committee on Weigh-

A Petition of Benjamin Birdsall for further allowance on his

732 CITY OF NEW YOEK 13 July 1818

Contract to furnish Iron Railing in front of the City Hall, was read
and referred to the Committee on Arts and Sciences.

A further petition of James R. Mullany on the subject of Stairs
erected by him in Warren Street was read and referred to the Street

The Street Commissioner presented the following Ordinances
which were passed : Viz for regulating Grand Street from Forsyth to
Suffolk Street; for regulating and paving Ludlow Street from De-
lancey to Rivington Street in which Jacob C. Mott, Abraham Bau-
douine and John Brower were appointed Assessors: for a Well and
Pump in Cherry Street between Scammel and Walnut Streets in
which [9] Abraham Bloodgood, John Targee and Jacob C. Mott were
appointed Assessors; and for paving Broadway from Bleecker to
Art Streets, in which John Targee, Abraham Bloodgood and John
Brower were appointed Assessors.

He also presented an Assessment for paving Water Street from
Clinton to Corlaer's Street, which was confirmed and Noah Jarvis ap-
pointed Collector.

He also presented a Return of Delinquents for Assessments for
a Well and Pump in Laurens Street, for a Well and Pump in Jay
Street, and for paving Orange Street. Whereupon Warrants were
ordered to issue to the Collectors for collecting the same.

He also presented a Return of property on which sundry Assess-
ments had been laid, and which remained unpaid; and he recom-
mended that the said property be advertised and sold agreeably to the
law in that case made and provided which was approved, and he was
directed to sell [10] the same, previously advertising.

The Street Commissioner presented the following report, respect-
ing property sold for Assessments, which was approved and the publi-
cation directed to be made as in said Report mentioned: which re-
port was: "That on the 6 th of March 1817 a considerable deal of
property was sold for the payment of sundry Assessments, and the
certificates thereof given agreeably to the Law passed on April 12 th
1816, by which it is also enacted that the Mayor, Aldermen and Com-
monalty of the City of New York shall, at least six months before the
expiration of two years after any such sale, cause an advertisement to
be published, at least once in each week, for four weeks successively,
in the news-paper printed by the printer to this state, and in one of
the public newspapers printed in this City, in such form as they shall
deem best calculated to give notice of such sale ; and that unless the
lands sold be redeemed by a certain day they would be [11] conveyed


to the purchaser ; and if the person claiming title to the said lands and
tenements, or some one on his or her part, shall not within two years
from the date of the Certificate pay to the Street Commissioner of
the City of New York, for the use of the purchaser, his executors,
administrators or assigns, the sum mentioned in such certificate, to-
gether with the interest thereof at the rate of 20 per cent per annum,
from the date of such certificate, The Mayor, Alderman and Com-
monalty shall, at the expiration of the said two years, execute to the
purchaser, his executor, administrator or assigns a Lease, under the
Common Seal of the said City, of the land and tenements so sold, for
such term of years as the same shall have been sold, and such lease
shall be conclusive evidence that the sale was regular &c.

" The Street Commissioner would therefore respectfully suggest
the propriety of a notice being prepared under the directions of the

Counsel for that purpose." . ,, ,

(signed) J. M c Comb S. C.

[12] The Attorney of the Board, on the Petition of William Niblo,
reported :

" That the alterations or additions, alluded to by the petitioner in
his petition, consist of a Two-Story building intended for a dwelling-
house adjoining the one occupied by him on the corner of William and
Pine Streets. The building of the said house was commenced by
erecting a wooden frame, usual in the erection of wooden buildings ;
that after it had been erected and under cover a complaint was made
at the Office of the Attorney against the same by persons owning real
property in the neighbourhood: that some time thereafter a suit was
commenced on said complaint: that after the commencement of said
suit several material alterations were made in the mode of completing,
said building one of the sides instead of being slated was filled in or
run up with bricks in such a manner as to give satisfaction in a great
measure to persons who felt themselves interested. The walls [13]
generally, altho' not composed of bricks or stone as directed by the
act for the more effectual prevention of fires, are made to consist o(
brick and the wood posts which are a part of the frame of the build-
ing. He has caused the house to be examined since it has been fin-
ished, and it having been done in a manner to exhibit the appearance
and in a great measure to have the effect of a fire-proof building. He
would respectfully suggest the propriety of recommending to the
Chamberlain of the City a discontinuance of the suit and a remission
of penalties upon payment of costs."

, . , (sign'd) A. Sherman

which was agreed to.

734 CITY OF NEW YORK 13 July 1818

The following persons were appointed Firemen, the Chief Engi-
neer certifying the vacancies :

" Fire Warden of the First Ward."

Joseph Curtis, Iron-monger, 90 Maiden L. 1 ward, vice Israel
Haviland, Resigned.

[14] "Hook & Ladder Company, No. 1."

Will. Smith, Mercht, 7 Old Slip, 1 ward, vice W m Merrill, de-

' Fire Engine Company No. 7."

Dav. G. Mulford, Carpenter, 2 Crane Whf, 2 ward, vice Jno. H.
Oldershaw, Resigned.

Jas. Corse, Currier, 56 Frankfort, 4 ward, vice Eleazar Lundy, de-

' Fire Engine Company, No. 18."

Barney Corse, Tanner, 7 Vandewater, 4 ward, vice Jonathan W.
Kellogg, Resigned.

"Fire Engine Company, No. 21."

W m Wright, Tanner, 74 Gold St. 2 ward, vice Nathan Crowell,

" Fire Engine Company, No. 36."

Jno. Christie, Carpenter, Sullivan n. Grand, 8 ward, vice Levi.
Shute, Removed.

James Thorp, Carter, Vandam n. Varick. 8 ward vice Fred.
Glashan, Removed.

The City Inspector presented Ordinances for correction of Nui-
sances, to wit :

Caleb Crane Own. Anthony St. Lot

Jno. Beekman Own. Pike

Timo. Hedges Own. "

Henry Rutgers Own. " "

[15] Henry Rutgers Own. Pike St. Lot

Mrs. Lewis Own)- Q0 , c _ .

T . ~ i382 Water St. Privy

J. Dougherty Occ. ^

Thos. Kiles & S. Howard, Own.1

Steph. Hoyt Agt. L 37 Anthony do

Jno. Linn Occ. J

(signed) G. Cuming

City Inspector.
which Ordinances were passed.


The Finance Committee, on the petition of Colonel James B.
Murray, reported :

" That, from the information given them by Colonel Murray, they
have reason to believe the facts assumed in their former report were
incorrect. The Committee are not clear in the opinion, however, that
the precedent already established of furnishing Colours to the uniform
Militia at the expence of this City is a proper one : but as it has been
so far acted on that every regiment of Artillery; except the Appli-
cants, has been presented with them by the Corporation, they think
it would appear too marked to make a particular exception of that
commanded [16] by Colonel Murray, and therefore recommend the
adoption of the following Resolution :

' Resolved that a Colour, with suitable emblems and devices be
prepared at the expence of the Corporation, and under the direction of
this Committee, to be presented in such manner as the Board shall here-
after direct to the Regiment of Artillery under the command of Col-
onel James B. Murrav."

(signed) Stephen Allen

W. F. Van Amringe
Sam 1 Akerly
Reuben Munson

" Peter Mesier.

which was approved.

The Street Committee, on the petition for regulating &c. Grand St.
reported :

'That they have seen, examined and duly considered the subject,
and are of opinion that public good and individual convenience re-
quire that the Street should be regulated, the Curb Stone set and side-
walks gravel- [17] led from Forsyth Street to Suffolk Street, and
therefore recommend that an Ordinance to that effect be prepared &


(signed) Jac. B. laylor

Leonard Kip
John Morss
Sam 1 Akerly
Jno. M'Comb.?
St. Com r J

which was approved, and the Street Commissioner presented an
Ordinance agreeably thereto, which was passed.

The Street Committee, on the petition for reducing the breadth
of the Sixth Avenue, reported:

' That they having duly considered the subject of the petitioners

736 CITY OF NEW YORK 13 July 1818

are of an opinion that the prayer of the petitioners ought not to be

(signed) Jacob B. Taylor
John Morss
Sam 1 Akerly
Leonard Kip

St. Committee
which Report was approved.

[18] The Street Committee, on the petition for paving Ludlow
Street, reported:

' That they are of opinion the prayer of the petitioners ought to be
granted, inasmuch as they are the owners of the property to be bene-
fitted and assessed, and therefore recommend that an Ordinance be
passed and the object of the petition carried into effect."

(signed) Jacob B. Taylor
Leonard Kip
John Morss
Sam 1 Akerly

which was approved and an Ordinance agreeably thereto passed.

The same Committee, on the petition for regulating Lawrence
Street, reported :

' That they, having duly considered the subject of the petition,
recommend that the request of the petitioners be granted and that the
Street Commissioner be directed to report Ordinances accordingly."

(signed) Jac. B. Taylor
Leonard Kip
John Morss
Sam 1 Akerly

[19] The same Committee, on the petition for laying the Carriage
Way in Hammond Street, reported :

" That they, having duly considered the subject of the petition,
recommend that the request of the petitioners be granted and that the
Street Commissioner be directed to report ordinances accordingly."

(signed) Jac. B. Taylor
Leonard Kip
Sam 1 Akerly
John Morss.
which was approved.


The Canal Committee, on the subject of Three several memorials
from owners and Inhabitants in the vicinity of Canal Street praying
for an immediate execution of the intended regulation of that street,
reported :

" That the regulation lately adopted ought to be carried into im-
mediate effect. They are fully persuaded that if these streets had
been regulated two or three years ago the greater part of the ground
in their vicinity now vacant [20] would have been covered with build-
ings : the Committee can see no good reason whatsoever for post-
poning it: on the contrary they believe that the health and interests
of the City require it and those of the neighbourhood particularly
demand it. The state of the finances of the Board may be considered
an objection against giving immediately into the measure, but this ob-
stacle may be easily surmounted and the regulation carried into effect
without taking one dollar from the Treasury. The Committee do
therefore respectfully submit the following system for carrying the
said regulations into effect towit : ( That the work and materials of
the sewers be done by contract, to be divided into two or more sec-
tions, and separate proposals be received for each section : that the
contracts describe in the most particular manner the quality of the ma-
terials to be used and the manner in which the work is to be done :
that it be done subject to the inspection and control of a person to be
appointed by [21] the Corporation; and, if required by the Corpora-
tion, the work in each section to be commenced at 2 or more points at
the same time : the Contractors to be paid by instalments as the work
progresses, say 25 per cent when % of the work is done, 25 per cent
more when l / 2 is done, and 25 per cent when ^ done, and the re-
maining 25 per cent when the whole is completed : to meet these pay-
ments, so soon as the expence can be ascertained, which will be when
the contracts are entered into, Assessors to be appointed to assess
the same according to law ; which assessment to be collected by instal-
ments to meet the several payments: and that the Street Commis-
sioner under the direction of the Canal Committee take the necessary
measures to carry the same into immediate effect."

Respectfully submitted

(signed) John Morss

A. L. Underbill
Jac. B. Taylor

Canal Com.
which being read was agreed to.

738 CITY OF NEW YORK 13 July 1818

[22] The Report of the Special Committee on the petition of the
Trustees of the Institution for the Relief of the Deaf and Dumb was
called up and being read the blanks therein were filled up and the Re-
port agreed to as in the words following: Viz.

" They have given the subject all the attention which their time and
capacity for investigating its merits would admit, and have no hesita-
tion in saying that, if properly patronized the Institution for the in-
struction of the Deaf and Dumb will become one of the most bene-
ficial and useful establishments in this City.

" For the purpose of ascertaining the practicability and method of
instructing these interesting objects, the Committee visited the School
in company with some of the Directors and were highly gratified at
the progress of the scholars as well as the emulation excited in them
by their teacher to excel each other in their studies. Judging from
this exhibition of the talents dis- [23] played by the Deaf and Dumb,
the Committee are satisfied that they may not only be taught the rudi-
ments of education but, with attention and perseverance attain a knowl-
edge of many of the higher branches of study.

" The Committee are unable to express the feelings of humanity
and commiseration excited in them on viewing the wretched condition
of these sons and daughters of ignorance, and feel themselves bound
by every consideration of propriety to recommend their case to the
humane consideration of the Board as one of peculiar interest, both
as it respects the objects themselves as well as the public at large.

" The Institution was incorporated by Act of Legislature on the
17 th of April 1817 and has been in operation only 5 weeks. The
school consists of 11 scholars, 3 females and 8 males, who are taught
reading, writing and the art of conversing by signs, and an attempt
with some success, has been made to instruct them to articulate words
and short sentences

[24] "Only two of the scholars pay for their education: the
friends and relations of the others being poor and unable to pay, they
are taught gratis. The price of a quarter's schooling is fixed by the
Directors, for those who are able to pay, at Ten dollars, including the
necessary stationary, Slates &c.

" The annual expence of the present establishment, altho' very
limited in the numbers, cannot be estimated at less than 2500 dollars,
for the payment of which the Directors have no other resource ex-
cept the voluntary donations of the charitable and benevolent. Fre-
quent applications are made for admission in the school by those whose
circumstances will not permit them to pay the expence of tuition;


but the finances of the Institution are at so low an ebb, that it is im-
possible to admit more than the present number, and even they will
be found too many, unless something is done to foster and protect
them until efficient aid can be obtained.

[25] " It has been ascertained that more than Sixty of these un-
fortunate beings are now residents in this City, the greater part of
whom, if left in their present ignorance, must sooner or later become
chargeable on the public for their support. Under this consideration
is it not the interest of the Corporation to foster and encourage this
Institution, inasmuch as it will not only serve the cause of humanity
but eventually prevent an increase of paupers and an addition to the
expenditure for their support.

" The Committee have no reason to doubt that a disposition exists
in the Board to assist, as far as propriety will warrant, so laudable
an undertaking as the one under consideration : they therefore re-
spectfully recommend the adoption of the following Resolutions :

" Resolved that the Institution for the instruction of the Deaf and
Dumb be permitted to occupy, during the pleasure of this Board, a
room in the Third Story of that part of the Old Alms' House re-
served for the use [26] of the Corporation, provided it is used for
no other purpose except for the instruction of the scholars.

" Resolved that the Directors of said Institution be authorised
to receive in their school Ten Deaf and Dumb persons at the expence

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