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of the Corporation, provided such persons are in needy circumstances
and unable to pay the expence of their instruction, and are inhabitants
of this City, and, that the expence of each scholar shall not exceed
Forty dollars a year.

" Resolved that a donation of Five hundred dollars be made to
said Institution to aid them in carrying into effect this laudable un-
dertaking, and that a Warrant now pass for said amount.

" Resolved that the Committee on this subject be charged with the
execution of the foregoing Resolution."

(signed) Stephen Allen
John Morss
W. F. Van Amringe
Special Com.

[27] A Resolution was presented, directing the Street Commis-
sioner to cause the Hulk of an old Sloop sunken in Grand Street Slip
to be removed, and referred to the Committee on Wharves, Piers
and Slips.

740 CITY OF NEW YORK 13 July 1818

Alderman Mesier presented the following:

" Resolved that notice be given to the Lessee of the Flag-Staff
that he be hereby directed to take down forthwith the Boarding on
the South side of the lower Story of the Flag-Staff, and that unless
he immediately execute his covenant in relation to taking care of the
Battery Walks, Trees and Bowling Green or provide some person to
attend to this duty the Corporation will proceed as the terms of the
Lease in this respect authorize them."

which was directed to be referred to the Committee on Public Lands
and Places to act thereon as they should judge expedient.

Mr. Akerly presented a Resolution, directing the Street Commis-
sioner to inform the [28] the Contractors for filling up Rutgers' Slip
that unless they proceed forthwith to fill up the same their Contract
will be considered as void. Whereupon it was resolved that the At-
torney be instructed to prosecute said Contractors for breach of their

The Comptroller reported :

Balance in Treasury June 29 64.47

Reed for Wells and Pumps 7.50

" Intestate Estates 254.66

" Tavern Licenses 421 . 50

" Rents 2526.31

" Police Office 65.75

" Wells and Pumps 189.60

" Streets 3213.

" Canal Street 500.

" Mayoralty fees 214.45

" Commut. Alien passeng 130. 7587.24

Accounts Audited.

Mechanics' Bank, ground for Slip between Catharine Slip &

Oliver St 434.51

Anderson & Walton, Watch 1st dist 1118.25

Clark & Hibberd " 2d " 682.50

Bleakley & Brower " 3d " 413.

[29] Dan. H. Magee, K' Potter's Fd 1 mo. 1 inst 45.

J. Sidell, 15 Peace Off" at C. Hall, 4 ins 22.50

Jas. G. Kent, Watch, Witness Court, 6 March 4.

Abm. Stagg, fill Collect ground Corporation 129.84

Rob. Pettigrew 1st instal. Well Rivington St 89.25

Jno. Gallagher, bal. Well King St 39.37

Hill & Ayres fill? Dey St. Basin 1000.00

Rob. Latimer extra Stone Walls 3d Avenue at Harlaem

Marsh 815.25

Rob. Latimer, bal. due J. Skinner making road 3 d Avenue. . 373.


Rich. Kissam, bal. aw d opens Provost St 424.07

Jas. Meghan, pavs Greenwich St 400.00

Hugh Smith, bal. pavs Orange St. from Bayard to Pump St. 254.36

Jno. Stanley, reg. Bond St 200.

Ter. Tiffany, reg. Sheriff St 100.

Ter. Tiffany, reg. Willet St 100.

Jno. Sloan reg. Houston St 100.

Jas. Pinkerton pav. Intersections 38.82

Pet. Bonnet Int. Bond 6 mo. to 3d ins 113.79

Jac. P. Roome Sup. Rep. for Repairs 500.

Jac. P. Roome for Lamp Depart* 100. 7497.51

Balance $=89.73
Adjourned to this day fortnight 5 o'clock.

[30] In Common Council July 27. 1818

Present The Hon. C. D. Colden, Mayor, President.
Richard Riker Esqr. Recorder.

Aldermen. Assistants.

Peter Mesier Thomas Bolton

Elisha W. King Samuel Stevens

Anth. L. Underbill John P. Anthony

W. F. Van Amringe Shivers Parker

John Morss Jno. J. Westervelt

Robert McQueen Samuel Akerly

Geo. Buckmaster David Board

Jacob B. Taylor Effm Schieffelin
George B. Thorp
Reuben Munson

The Minutes of last meeting were read and approved.

His Honor the Mayor presented the Calender of persons confined
in the City Prison and Bridewell on the 20 th July inst. accompanied
with the following observations: (see page 31)

[31] "The Court of Sessions adjourned on the 18 th inst. after
having delivered the City Prison by sentences, acquittals and dis-
charges of 66 prisoners. It appears that there were in the Bridewell
on the Monday following 94 persons, 52 whites and 42 blacks. Of the
94 twenty five are convicts, all but one of whom are sentenced by the
Magistrates of the Police Office as Vagrants, generally for the term
of 60 days. Fourteen are committed by the same magistrates until
they shall find security for their good behaviour, and 6 are committed
as disorderly, that is, as appears by the warrants of commitment, they
are to be confined until they shall be delivered by due course of law.

742 CITY OF NEW YORK 27 July 1818

' Thirty seven are committed to answer on charges of crimes or
misdemeanours : Viz 14 for assault and battery, 1 for arson, 3 for
disorderly houses, 11 for larceny, 5 for forgery and counterfeiting or
passing counterfeit money, 1 for administering poison, and 2 for prison
breaking. One is committed for examination and 3 are [32] paupers
about the house.

" One black woman, it appears, has been detained in the Bridewell
since the 21 st of April last, as being a slave run from New Orleans.

" The Mayor begs leave to call the attention of the Board particu-
larly to this case, and to submit whether it be agreeable to them that
the public prison should be rendered subservient to the authority of
slave holders.

" Our laws permit a master under certain circumstances to hold
a fellow creature in slavery, but it is believed that they do not au-
thorise the commitment of a slave to a public prison to be held there
during the pleasure of the master.

" The cases of the 7 persons who are represented in the within
calender to be delirious or deranged appear also to deserve particular

" No place can be more unfit for such unfortunate persons than
the City prison. The Commissioners of the Alms house have expressed
their willing- [33] ness to receive them in the Institution under their
care, but, notwithstanding the great sums which have been expended
on the buildings at Bellevue and their great extent, the Commissioners
represent that they have no room for these patients : And indeed the
portion of the penitentiary which is appropriated for persons of this
description is so limited that they can receive but a few : and even
these few can have none of the accommodations which common hu-
manity requires should be provided for those afflicted with this ca-

" There are only 6 cells of about 10 feet by 12 appropriated to male
lunatics. In these there are now 19 persons. The cells are extremely
confined and are in a part of the penitentiary that exposes the oc-
cupants to the smell and bad air which necessarily arise from the re-
ceptacles of the filth of other parts of the buildings. It is very certain
that there is no convict who is not more comfortably provided for than
those persons whose calamity is the only [34] cause of their confine-

" The Mayor begs leave also to present for the consideration o f
the Board the situation of those young persons who are sentenced
to confinement in the Penitentiary. There are now there 11 boys


under eighteen : several are under fourteen. They are shut up in cells
with other convicts. It must be obvious that under such circumstances
it would be in vain to expect that their punishment will improve their
morals : It can hardly fail to have a contrary effect. It is presumed
that some system might be adopted which would separate the aged and
the young, and at the same time afford the latter employment and
instruction. This might extend to both sexes and be a means of bene-
fitting and perhaps of reclaiming many young females, a great num-
ber of whom are at all times confined within the walls of the Peni-

" It is proper to notice that 6 of the prisoners mentioned in the
within [35] Calender are sick. The diseases are Syphilis, Phthisis,
and Fever."

All which is respectfully submitted.

which being read, that part relating to commitments was referred to
the Committee on Laws and that on the subject of Maniacs and the
Penitentiary generally to the following Committee. Viz. Aldermen
King Munson Mr. Westervelt.

A Committee from the Institution for the instruction of the Deaf
and Dumb consisting of Dr. Samuel L. Mitchell and John B. Scott
Esqr. attended the Common Council and presented the following
Resolution of the Society:

" Resolved unanimously that the thanks of this Board be returned
lo the Mayor, Aldermen and Commonalty of the City for their liber-
ality and munificence in furthering the efforts making to rescue a
valuable portion of our fellow-creatures from ignorance and vice.

[36] " Ordered that the President and Secretary be a Committee
to convey the sense of this Board in the most respectable manner to
the Common Council."

Extract from the minutes.

(signed) John B. Scott, Secretary.

A Letter was received from E. C. Genet Esqr. accompanied with
printed copies of his former communication to the Board for the use
of the members and particularly those composing the Board of Super-
visors, which letter was directed to be filed.

A Petition of the Managers of the Medical Science Lottery pray-
ing to be accommodated with a Room in the Hall for the purpose ot
drawing said Lottery, was read and referred to the Committee on
Public Offices with authority to grant the prayer of the petition.

A Report was received from the United German Lutheran Church

744 CITY OF NEW YORK 27 July 1818

of the [37] application of the School Money of said Congregation,
which was directed to be filed.

A Complaint from John J. Sickles and David Banks of the Conduct
of James Anderson Captain of the City Watch in improperly confining
them, was read and referred to the Watch Committee.

A Petition for a Well and Pump at the Intersection of the Bowery
and the Third Avenue, and a Remonstrance against granting the prayer
of the same, were read and referred to the Alderman and Assistant of
the 10 th Ward to report.

A Complaint against the offensive and dangerous situation of the
Cellars under Duane Market was read and referred to the Chief
Engineer and the Fire Wardens of the Fifth Ward.

A Complaint of Alexander Canniff against Smith Wood

Inspector for refusing to give such measurement in a [38] Load of
Wood as the Law allows, accompanied by a Certificate of Jacob Aiker
a Wood-Inspector that said Load was deficient, was read and referred
to the Committee on Public Offices.

A Petition of Melatiah Nash that the Collection of an Assessment
on Lots Nos. 329 and 331 Broadway, the Lease of which is owned
by him may be delayed, was read and referred to the Finance Com-

A Petition of Jacob Hyatt, stating that he had opened a marble
Quarry on his land at King's Bridge, and praying a grant of the Water
right of the Corporation near Spuyten devil Creek for the purpose
of constructing a Dock at that place, was read and referred to the
Road Committee.

A Petition of G. Vintroux Hersan, stating that in April 1817 he
purchased at auction the Lease of Lot No. 162 Com- [39] mon Lands :
that he finds the same in the occupancy of a person who has held it
upwards of 28 years: that he was also deceived in the conditions of
sale, and praying relief, was read and referred to the Comptroller.

A petition of John G. Warren, stating that in constructing an Area
in front of his premises No. 46 Wall Street he had made the same
larger than allowed by the Law, tho' no larger than that of his ad-
joining neighbour, and praying he may be permitted to continue the
same, was read and referred to the Street Committee with authority
to grant the prayer of the petitioner.

A Petition of John Low, for a Water grant opposite his land on
Hudson River between 61 st and 63 d Streets, was read and referred
to the Comptroller.

A Petition of John De Clew, for remission of fine incurred for


selling liquor at the Flag-Staff without license, was read. On motion
to grant the prayer of petitioner, and a Division being called thereon,
it passed [40] in the Negative as follows :

Neg. Aid. Mesier, King, Underhill, Van Amringe, Morss,
M c Queen Messrs. Bolton, Stevens, Anthony, Westervelt.

Aff. Aid: Buckmaster, Taylor, Thorp, Munson Mes. Parker,
Akerly, Schieffelin.

It was then on motion referred to the Committee on Public Lands
to report a statement of facts.

A Memorial from sundry Manufacturers of Scales, Weights and
Measures, complaining of the conduct of the Sealer of Weights and
measures and praying that a Committee be appointed to investigate
their charges, was read and referred to the Committee on Weigh-

A Petition of Staats Dawson for Stall No. 33 Fly Market, of
Daniel S. Hyde for Stall No. 2 Gouverneur Market, of John Scott,
Russel Wheeler and Stephen Doane for Stalls in the Market about
to be erected in Grand Street, of Isaac Valentine Jr. for a Stall in
Gouverneur Market, and of Nathaniel Moore and [41] Isaac Valen-
tine stating that they held Stalls Nos. 1 and 2 in said Market and
praying to be continued in the same were read and referred to the
Market Committee.

A Petition of Nicholas Campbell to be continued as a Measurer
was read. Whereupon Resolved that the Clerk file his application and
that it have the same effect as if made previous to the 15 th instant
agreeably to the Resolve of the Common Council.

A further petition of Edward S. Cory to be permitted to report
and give Bond for alien passengers brought by him in the Schooner
Duke of Wellington from Halifax and landed at Norwalk, was read
and referred to the Attorney with authority, on Petitioners giving
sufficient bonds or paying the Commutation allowed by the Resolution
of the Common Council and upon paying all costs, to discontinue the
Suit against him.

A Petition from Cornelius Harsin, stating [42] that in July 1815
he received from the Corporation for a Water Lot 29 feet on Wash-
ington Street and 218 feet 8 inches on Charlton Street: that he was
directed to make a Bulkhead and a Return Bulkhead on the Premises,
which has been complied with: that he has lately received an order
to complete the said Lot, with which on account of funds he is unable
to comply ; and praying the Corporation to receive from him a recon-
veyance of the same and pay him the sum he has expended thereon:

746 CITY or NEW YORK 27 July 1818

which being read was referred to the Committee on Wharves, Piers
and Slips.

A Petition of Samuel Ennalls to be permitted to remove on Trucks
a Frame Building from the foot of Roosevelt Street to Franklin Street
was read and referred to the Alderman and Assistant of the 4 th ward
and Street Commissioner with authority to grant the prayer of peti-

[43] A Petition on behalf of Stephen Whitney for a Vault in
front of his House in White Hall Street, and on behalf of William
King for Vaults in front of 4 houses in Grand Street at the corner of
Mercer Street were read and granted on the usual terms under direc-
tion of the Street Commissioner.

A Petition for a Well and Pump near the Intersection of Walker,
Beach and Chapel Streets and for a Well and Pump at the corner of
Varick and Van Dam Streets were read and referred to the Alderman
and Assistant of the Ward and Street Commissioner to report Ordi-
nances therefor.

A Representation from Higgins and Park on the subject of their
Contract for filling in Rutgers' Slip was received and leave given them
to withdraw the same.

A Recommendation in favor of Moses G. Dean to be appointed
Inspector of Firewood, a petition of Patrick Baron [44] to be con-
tinued as a City Weigher, one of Andrew Blakely, of John G. Betts
and of John Dusenberry to be appointed City Weighers were sever-
ally read and referred to the Committee on Applications.

A Petition of John Mannel for remission of fine under the Street
Law for selling Manure was read and referred to the Committee on

A Petition of Deborah Post for herself and the Heirs of John Post
deceased, praying a Water grant on East River opposite a Lot situated
between the Lots of Cornelius Ray and Abraham Leggett and to ex-
tend from Water Street to South Street, was read and referred to
the Committee on Wharves.

A Petition of Benjamin Clark, stating that for Ten years past he
has been from bodily infirmity unable to perform military duty: that
he has not to his knowledge during that time [45] been called upon
to perform it, tho' had he been so called he feels it his duty to state
he should from conscientious scruples have refused performing it:
that he has lately been called upon to pay his fine or exempt Tax and
praying relief, was read and referred to the Finance Committee.

A Petition was received from a number of Builders in the City,


stating that they are under the necessity of using considerable quan-
tities of Lime : that a Combination has been lately entered into among
the persons supplying Lime so as that only a small number of vessels
shall discharge Lime at the same time and that no other vessel shall
discharge until those are fully unloaded, by which the purchasers
are imposed upon and frequently compelled to take Lime of very in-
ferior quality, and praying the interference of the Common Council.
Whereupon the same was referred to Aldermen Taylor Underbill Mr.

[46] A Petition of William Blair, proposing to lease from the Cor-
poration certain Lots at Hamilton Square, was read and referred to
the Comptroller.

A Petition of Davis Hunt, stating that he has been prosecuted for
dealing as a Pawnbroker without having a License for the same:
that the business he carries on does not in his opinion come within the
Purvieu of the Ordinance on that subject, and praying the suit against
him may be discontinued, was read and referred to the Attorney to
report the facts of the case and in the mean time all proceedings to

A Petition from a number of Inhabitants in the vicinity of Spring
Street Basin, stating that the ordinance relative to said Basin is incom-
plete as the Pier on the South side extends 100 feet less into the River
than on the North and does not afford a sufficient shelter for Boats,
and pray- [47] ing the Pier on the South side may be directed to be
run out as far as that on the North Side, was read and referred to the
Committee on Wharves, Alderman and Assistant of the Ward and
Street Commissioner.

The following persons were appointed Firemen, the Chief Engi-
neer certifying the vacancies : Viz

" Fire Wardens of the Eighth Ward."

Nich. Schureman, Carpenter, Bowery n. Art, 8 ward, vice William
Palmer, Resigned.

Mat. Schultz, Carter, Amos St. 8 ward, vice Abm. Labagh, Ex-

No. 22. Rich. Williams, Shipwright, Jef-
ferson c. Harman, 7 ward.
No. 31. Egbert Post, Carpenter Crosby

n. Broome, 8 ward

No. 35. Rob. Lattemore, Road M- Har- y pardee

laem, 9 ward

v. Mat. Anderson, Resigned,
v. Thos. Platt, Resigned.



27 July 1818

v. Thos. Willett, Resigned,
v. Ezra Healy, Res.






No. 37. W m Gilmore, Blacksmith, Eliza-
beth n. Hester, 10 ward
Isaac Vians, Blacksmith, Eliza-
beth n. Hester, 10 ward

[48] The City Inspector presented Ordinances for correction of
the following Nuisances : Viz.

1. Mrs. Ann Warner, Exec.)

to J. Warner dec d Own.C


Own. or Agt.
Own. & Occ/ 28 Fletcher

Own. Canal, Vestry, Thomp-

W m Dixon
Jno. Targay,
Mary Barr
Mrs. Hopper
Benj. Crane
S. Montgomery
J. Montgomery
Abm. Furman,
Jno. Shepherd

20 Vandewater

Mill St.
7 Spring St.

85 Cherry
472 Greenwich

8 Concklin Brush
9. D. S. & J. Brown

10. Jno. F. Gould

11. Jno. R. Livingston
Nancy Brown

12. Geo. Fox

13. Rev. Mr. Jarvis

14. A. & W. Kevan

15. Jas. Bird

16. Sam. E. Shotwell

17. John Cooley

[49] Will. Shatzel
Dan. Ritter

20. Geo. Janeway

21. Geo. Janeway

22. Ezra Ludlow

H. Megary & others

23. Abm. Van Buskirk
A. Burr

24. Abm. Van Buskirk
J. P. Stagg

25. S. Montgomery
J. Montgomery

son & Laurens
8 Peck Slip


39 Thomas





Occ. ^

Own. 304 Pearl

Own. 306 do

Own. 310 do

Own. 308 do

Own. 244 Water

Own. 246 do

Own. 248 Water

Own. 250 do.

Own. Water & Gouverneur


do do

20 Wall St.


Les. 1
Occ. \

Own.) ,., , r
_ [ 61 Vesey
Occ. \






195 Greenwich




26. Jno. Hopper, Les. & Occ. Spring St. Privy.

27. Jno. Targay, Own. or Agt.) ,. ^
Mary Barr Occ. C

28. Sam Jones Jr. Own./

D u Axr-ii- \ o /^ f 59 William

Rob. Williams Agt. & Occ. ^

29. Mrs. Nicholson Own.]

W m Few Agt. j. 82 William

Wallace & Swan Occ.

(signed) Geo. Cuming, C. Insp.
which Ordinances were passed.

The Street Commissioner presented the Surplus Assessment for
regulating Perry Street and an Assessment for paving South [50]
Street from Peck Slip to Dover Street which were confirmed and
Morris De Camp appointed Collector in each.

He also presented an Assessment for a Well and Pump in Riv-
ington Street near Chrystie Street, which was confirmed and Noah
Jarvis appointed Collector.

He also presented a Retuni of Delinquents on the Assessments for
a Well and Pump in Lewis Street and for a Well and Pump in Divi-
sion Street : and warrants were ordered to issue to the Collector for
collecting the same.

He also presented the following Ordinances, which were passed:
Viz for paving the Carriage Way in Hammond Street from Wash-
ington to Asylum Street, and Jacob C. Mott, Abraham Baudouine and
John Broww[er] were appointed Assessors : for repairing the Drain or
Sewer in Oak Street between Roosevelt and James Streets, and John
Targee, Jacob C. Mott and Abraham Bloodgood were appointed As-
sessors: [51] for paving and regulating Vestry Street from Hudson
to Washington Street, and the same Assessors were appointed ; and for
filling up and regulating King Street between Hudson and Green-
wich Streets.

The Street Committee, on the petition for paving Vestry Street,
reported that the prayer of the petition should be granted and that
the Street Commissioner should report an Ordinance therefor: which
was approved and an Ordinance presented agreeably thereto and

The Attorney of the Board, on the petition of Robert Ferguson,
reported :

" That Ferguson was complained of generally for driving and
keeping in his employ Two Carts without License ; in answer to which
he stated, as is set forth in his petition, that he is a sort of Sub-con-

750 CITY OF NEW YORK 27 July 1818

tractor under a Mr. Sloan who has entered into an agreement with the
Corporation for filling in Houston, Thompson and other Streets and
keeps his carts employed constantly in the Banks for that purpose.

[52] "There are many other persons situated similar to the peti-
tioner, who generally work in the Banks, some filling in Streets, others
filling in lots for private individuals. They all receive a compensa-
tion for the use of their horses and carts and are generally paid by
the load. In the present case the petitioner receives 4 cents for every
load he carts and is therefore carting for hire and within the meaning
of the Ordinance. But inasmuch as the petitioner, when the Contract
was made, was impressed with the idea that a License was not neces-
sary for carts employed in that kind of way it might be proper to
permit him to continue in the Banks with his carts, provided they are
not otherwise employed, until the Contract for filling in said streets
is fulfilled.

1 The Attorney however states that in examining the complainant
it appears that the petitioner has employed his carts, or one of them
in carting for private individuals articles for which he [53] has
received pay, viz furniture, sods &c. and which is considered an in-
terference with the business of the regular Cartmen and the principal
cause of complaint which ought not to be passed unnoticed. He
therefore respectfully suggests to the Board the following:

" Resolved that the complaint against the Petitioner as far as it
relates to the employment of his Carts in the Banks be discontinued,
but for employing his carts in any other manner the Law be enforced

against him." ir .,

respectfully submitted

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