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(signed) A. Sherman,
which was approved & the Resolution agreed to.

The Committee on the Fire Department, to whom was referred
the Communication of the Street Commissioner relative to a Lot
in Rose Street, reported : " That they have purchased the said Lot of
ground, being 25 feet front on Rose Street, 39 feet 5 inches in the
rear, 54 feet deep on the one side and 50 feet deep on the other side
for the sum of Fifty dollars in addition to the sum of 1750 dollars
making the sum of Eighteen [54] hundred dollars for the said Lot of


(signed) John P. Anthony
A. L. Underbill
Robert M c Queen.

which was approved.


The Fire Committee on the petition of the Inhabitants of Harlaem
for a larger Engine, reported : " That your Committee have had the
said petition under consideration and are of opinion that the prayer of
the petitioners ought to be granted and beg leave to offer the follow-
ing resolution :

(signed) Jno. P. Anthony

A. L. Underbill
Robert M c Queen.

" Resolved that the Chief Engineer be and he is hereby directed
to present Engine No. 30 and her equipments to the Firemen of the
Village of Harlaem in place of No. 35."
which was approved.

The Alderman and Assistant of the 5 th Ward and Street Commis-
sioner, on the petition for paving the side-walks of Provost Street,
reported: "That they have [55] viewed said Street, and find that
the side walks are paved excepting the part herein represented: they
therefore think the prayer of the petitioners ought to be granted, and
that the Street Commissioner be directed to take the necessary meas-
ures to have the same carried into effect.

(sign'd) Jno. Morss

J. J. Westervelt
J. M c Comb, Sx_C.
which Report was approved.

The Committee on Public Offices, on the petitions of G. G. How-
land and William Butler, reported : " That they have had these two
petitions under their consideration : the facts in both are similar, and
your Committee doubt not the correctness of their respective state-
ments : yet your Committee think that the fact of their ignorance of
the Law and of the lightness of their weights is not a sufficient reason
for the Board to interfere and remit the penalty, particularly when
the whole or a part of this penalty goes to the informer. They there-
fore offer the following Resolution:

" Resolved that G. G. Howland and Wil- [56] Ham Butler have
leave to withdraw their respective petitions."

(signed) S. Stevens
S. Akerly.

which was approved.

The Finance Committee, on the subject of an arrangement with
Robert R. Hunter respecting his claim to ground fronting Albany

Basin, reported:

" They have given Mr. Hunter a Deed or Quit claim from the Cor-

752 CITY or NEW YORK 27 July 1818

poration for Two Lots of ground, a part of the property alluded to,
and have received from him a quit claim on his part to the remainder,
together with his bond and mortgage for the payment of Four thou-
sand dollars, which are herewith presented.

" The Committee are informed that the Board agreed on the 13 th
of March 1817 to sell the said property: but owing to the claim set
up by Mr. Hunter the sale was postponed until said claim was satis-
fied. This object having been accomplished, they beg leave to recom-
mend the following resolution for the concurrence of the Board.

[57] " Resolved that the Finance Committee and Comptroller be
authorised to sell at public auction, on such terms and in such lots as
they shall deem best, the piece or parcel of ground belonging to the
Corporation, situated between Greenwich and Washington Streets in

front of the Albanv Basin." _

(signed) Stephen Allen

Reuben Munson
Samuel Akerly
W. F. Van Amringe.

which was approved: the Deed from Mr. Hunter accepted: the Quit
claim to him directed to be duly executed, and the ground directed to
be sold agreeably to the Resolution proposed by the Committee.

The Finance Committee, on the petition of Charles M c Carty, re-
ported : " That on the 2 d day of February last the Board on the peti-
tion of said M c Carty, adopted a report of this Committee and passed
a Resolution directing the Commissioners of Assessment to assess on
said Lease-hold only so much of the benefit to be derived as in their
judgment the Lessee would re- [58] ceive, and to assess the balance,
if any, on the Corporation. Agreeably to the above, the Commis-
sioners have assessed on the property alluded to 439 dollars, 219 of
which to be paid by the Lessee and the residue, amounting to 220 dol-
lars, by the Corporation.

" Under this arrangement the Committee cannot perceive that Mr.
M c Carty has any just cause of complaint, inasmuch as disinterested
men have impartially decided on the case, and no advantage has been
taken by the Corporation of his covenants, whereby he was legally
bound to pay the whole of the Assessment alluded to : they therefore
recommend that the principles of the Assessment be adhered to."

(signed) Stephen Allen
Peter Mesier
Samuel Akerly

" Reuben Munson

which was approved.


The Ferry Committee, on the petition of His Excellency Daniel
D. Tompkins and Noah Brown, reported: "That, they [59] have
had the said petition under consideration and find the facts as therein
stated to be correct: they have likewise ascertained that the petition-
ers have extinguished the claims of the Lessees of the Public Slips to
the Pier mentioned in the said petition.

" Your Committee therefore recommend that a Lease be granted
to the petitioners of the premises mentioned in the said petition ac-
cording to the prayer thereof, under the annual rent of one hundred
dollars, and a covenant on their part to keep the premises in good
repair during the term at their own expence. And inasmuch as the
petitioners have paid a full consideration to the Lessees of the Slips
for the use of the Pier in question during the current year your Com-
mittee are of opinion that the rent ought not to commence until the
1 st of May next."

(signed) E. W. King

G. Buckmaster
which was approved.

The Clerk of the Common Council laid before the Board a Return of
the names [60] of the persons who, agreeably to the Resolution of
the 15 th June last, had reported themselves as holding Offices under
the Common Council which was directed to lie on the Table.

The Select Committee, to whom it was referred to report a plan
for the regulation of Weigh-masters. presented a report which was
read and the further consideration postponed. A motion was made
that the Board proceed to appoint the persons recommended in the
Schedule presented by the Committee, which was lost. A motion was
made and agreed to that the Clerk cause 50 copies of the Report to be
printed for the use of the Members.

Mr. Akerly presented the following :

" Resolved that the present \Veighmasters, who have reported
themselves agreeably to the Resolution of the Board of the 15 th of
Tune last continue to act under their several commissions until the 1 st
day of September 1818 next which [61] was agreed to.

Alderman Buckmaster presented a Resolution directing the name
of King Street to be altered to President Street. On a motion to re-
fer the same to the Street Committtee, the question being taken
thereon and a Division called, it passed in the negative as follows:

754 CITY OF NEW YORK 27 July 1818

Neg. Aid. Mesier King Underbill Van Amringe Morss M c Queen
Taylor Munson Mr. Bolton Stevens Anthony Westervelt Parker

Aft. Aid. Buckmaster Thorp Mr. Board Schieffelin.

Resolved that the subject of licensing Cartmen employed in cart-
ing dirt be referred to the Committee on Laws.

An Invitation from Commodore Chauncey to the Common Council
and their Officers to visit the United States' Ship Washington of 74
Guns now lying in the Stream of this Harbour at 1 o'clock tomorrow
was presented by his Honor the Mayor & accepted by the Board.

[62] The Comptroller reported:

Balance in Treasury July 13 $89.73

Reed for Rents 1835.90

" Common Lands 2002.87

" Excise 1000.

" " Vendue Sales 2500.

" " Wells & Pumps 148.49

" " Streets 11158.

" " Canal Street 500.

" " Tax 1817 3d ward 5.40 19,240.39

Accounts Audited.

Anderson & Walton, Watch 1* dis 1118.25

Clark & Hibberd, do. 2 682.50

Bleakly & Brower do 3 413.

J. M'Comb, S. C. 1 qr's Sal. 12th i ns 500.

W m J. Waldron, As* City Ins. 1 mo. 1 Aug 54.

Obadh Ayres- do " 54.

Sami Hutchings, St. Insp. " 54.

Jonn Weeden do " " 54.

Astin & Cochran, Messengers " 60.

And. V Orden, Battery K> 1 mo. 15 ins 45 . 12

Benj. Crane Stationary 6 mo. 1 ins 271.25

Jno. Bedient, Coroner's fees, 1 qr. 1 ins 807.91

Estate of Luke Persiary, care of Mud Machine 2 mo. 12

May 214.43

[63] B. Skaats, rings bells & refresh^ 4 July and expences

8 July 113.97

Mrs. L. D. Windson, embroide Standd 3 Reg. Artil 100.

Ritchie & Burnes, Cartridges Artil. 4 July 97.62

B. Oblenis, Clk. Pol. Off. bal. 6 mo. 1 July 117.27

Geo. Charlton Acct. Well Mill St 75.

Mary Green overpaid Vault Orange St 11.40

Hill & Ayres, fills basin Dey St 1000.

Jas. Vincent fills block Charlton St 500.

Thos. Barnum sups wharves 24 days 26 Jul 48.


Pet. Debaun regs Hudson St 1000.

Chs. Mooney reg. Collect St 800.

Jno. Stanley reg. Bond St 400.

Chs. Mooney pav& Provost at Chapel St 300.

Pet. Parsells, reg. Washington fr. Christ r to Hammond.... 200.

Jos. Willoughby reg. Hammond St 231 .48

Jas. Gosman Award Thompson St 13.

Christ 1 " Corbley pav. Intersections 9.61

Aid. Munson Treasr Board Health 250.

A. Hardenbrook Lamps & Reprs. 1 Apr. 1818 728.83

Jac. P. Roome Sup. Reprs. for Reprs 1000.

Jac. P. Roome for Lamp Depart* 250.

A. Mclntyre St. Comp. 3 y. Int. Bond due 1 Aug 5400.

Rich. Furman Sup. Alms-house 2000. 18974.64

Balance $265.75

[64] In Common Council August 10, 1818.
Present The Hon. C. D. Colden, Mayor, President.

Aldermen. Assistants.

Anthony L. Underhill Thomas Bolton

John Morss Samuel Stevens

W. F. Van Amringe Leonard Kip

Jacob B. Taylor Shivers Parker

George B. Thorp David Board

Reuben Munson Stephen Allen.

The Minutes of last Meeting were read and approved.

A Petition was received from Patrick Redmond, Captain of the
Brig San Domingo, stating that he sailed from Ross in Ireland in
May last having 115 Alien passengers on board: that the vessel was
consigned to Thomas C. Butler Jr. of this City who refused to act
as Consignee : that petitioner being a stranger and totally without funds
has not been able to procure the surety for the Alien passengers [65]
which is required by Law : that he has been prosecuted for not giving
that surety and is now in prison on that account; and praying relief.
Whereupon the same was referred to the Finance Committee with
authority to act in the premises as they shall judge expedient.

A Petition of Napthali Phillips to be appointed Clerk of the Com-
mon Council : of John G. Clark, of Aaron Pell, of Peter Riker and of
Robert S. Hedden to be appointed Weighmasters ; and of John Turk
at present holding the Commission of Weighmaster to be continued
as such were severally read and referred to the Committee on appli-

756 CITY OF NEW YORK 10 Aug. 1818

A Petition was received from Aaron Ogden of Elizabeth Town,
stating that the Slip between the Battery and the Pier erected by peti-
tioner from the South side of Marketfield Street, under lease from the
Corporation, for the accommodation of his Steam-Boat plying between
New York and Elizabeth Town, is fast filling up and is now [66] too
shallow to accommodate his Boats : that in consequence thereof in April
last he made an arrangement with the Lessee of Slips for an accommo-
dation for his Boats after the First of May then ensuing: at the ex-
terior of the Piers lately erected by the Corporation at the South side
of Whitehall Street, the same being then under lease to his Excellency
Daniel D. Tompkins and others until the 1 st of May last, and in con-
sequence of such arrangement changed the Landing place of his
Boats to White Hall Slip : that he understands the Corporation have
extended the said Lease of his Excellency D. D. Tompkins: that pe-
titioner has made an arrangement with the Lessees of Public Slips
for their right to the use for his Boats of the water on the West side
of White hall Slip between the North Line of the grant to his Ex-
cellency D. D. Tompkins and the head of the Slip; and praying that
said accommodation may be given to him for such time and under such
conditions as to the Board shall seem proper. Where- [67] upon the
said Memorial was referred to the Ferry Committee.

A Petition of Elbert Anderson for permission to construct a Brick
Cistern in Chamber Street in front of his house, he having no yard
which was accompanied with a Certificate from the Street Commis-
sioner that he had viewed the premises and recommended granting the
request of Mr. Anderson was read and the prayer thereof granted on
the usual terms under direction of the Street Commissioner.

A Petition of Peter Jay Munro and others was received, stating
that they hold under Lease from the Corporation Lots in the Sixth
Ward which are charged with an annual rent payable in wheat: that
they are desirous of commuting for the same but consider the terms as
settled by the Board disadvantageous to them, and request the Board
will take those terms again into their consideration. Whereupon the
same was referred to the Finance Committee.

[68] A Petition was received from Charles M c Carty, stating that
he is Lessee under the Corporation of a Lot in the Fourth Ward on
the South side of Cherry Street : that the opening of Roosevelt Street
has left on the side of petitioner's Lot which is bounded by Roosevelt
Street a small gore of unappropriated ground ; and praying said gore
may be added to his Lease. Whereupon the same was referred to the
Finance Committee.


A Petition of Ann Lockwood for a Huckster's Stand in the Wash-
ington Market: one of Margaret Johnson, Widow of James Johnson,
stating that her husband had rented one of the Cellars under Washing-
ton Market which they had used as a Cook Shop, that she had received
an order to pull down the Stove erected in said cellar, which would
render the cellar useless to her, and praying relief : A petition of
Jacob Patchin, Jesse Cook and Israel Reynolds, butchers, inhabitants
of Brook- [69] lyn, stating they have received an order suspending
them from bringing meat to be sold in the Country Market in the City,
and praying to be restored to that privilege; and Petitions from
George Paff, Samuel Preney, John Miller, Henry N. Disbrow, Thomas
Place, John Akley, John Lee, Joshua S. Place, Thomas Bockover,
Andrew Van Deusen and Lawrence Martin for Stalls in the Market
about to be erected in Grand Street were severally read and referred
to the Market Committee.

A Petition that a Bell may be hung in the Market in Grand Street
when finished was referred to the Committee on the subject of said

A Petition for a Well and Pump at the intersection of M c Dougal
and King Streets, and for one at the lower end of Mott Street were
read and referred to the Aldermen and Assistants of the respective
wards and Street Commissioner to report Ordinances therefor.

A Petition of Elbert Anderson for permission to construct a vault
in front of his House [70] at the Bowling Green a smilar request of
Gibson and Davis for Two vaults in Chappie Street and of Robert
Pearsall for a Vault in Elm Street were granted on the usual terms
and under direction of the Street Commissioner.

A Complaint from sundry Inhabitants that several small houses
and shops in Washington Street on the Westerly side between Court-
landt and Liberty Streets project so far into the Street as to destroy
the regularity of the same and to interfere with the convenience of
passengers and a Request from the same that Washington Street
might be made of uniform width between Courtlandt and Liberty
Streets was read and referred to the Street Committee.

A Petition that Crosby Street between Hester and Grand Streets
may be regulated and paved was read and referred to the Street Com-

A Petition from William Mackling con- [71] fined in gaol on suit
for selling liquor without license and praying a release from the same
was read and referred to the Committee of Charity.

A Petition of Mary Crooker and Mary Moncrief for advance of

758 CITY OF NEW YORK 10 Aug. 1818

sums awarded them for ground taken to widen Roosevelt Street, was
read and referred to the Finance Committee.

A Petition of a number of Inhabitants of Roosevelt Street was
received, stating that as the Street had lately been widened and must
be regulated they wished a permanent regulation might be made, and
as the Drain or Sewer in said street was offensive and injurious to
the property in said Street they prayed the Street might if practicable
be raised and the Water carried over the surface in place of passing
thro' a Sewer which being read was referred to the Committee on

A Petition of John Lovell to be permitted to remove a Frame
House from Harman Street to Franklin Street was read and referred
[72] to the Alderman and Assistant of the Seventh Ward and Street
Commissioner with authority to grant the prayer of the petitioner.

An Account of the Jurors who valued the property taken by the
Corporation between Oliver and Catharine Streets and between Rose
Street and New Slip was presented and was referred to the Counsel.

A Petition of Emmanuel Abrams to be relieved from a penalty
incurred by opening made ground at the corner of Water and Broad
Streets without having first obtained, agreeably to the directions of
the Ordinance of the Corporation, the permission of the Common
Council for that purpose, was read and referred to the Alderman and
Assistant of the Ward with authority to grant the prayer of the

A Petition of James Hunt, Wood Inspector, to be relieved from
a fine incurred by permitting a Cartman to cart Wood in his District
without having the number of [73] his cart painted on the same was
read and referred to the Committee of Charity.

A Petition of Catharine Hubbard, Widow and Administratrix of
Ruggles Hubbard deceased, was received stating that her Husband
on the 21 st April 1817 leased from the Corporation Lots Nos. 84, 110,
163 and 188 on Manhattan Island that rent is due on said Leases
that she has no [money] nor is likely to have any to pay said rents
and praying that the Corporation will reenter on said Lots and dis-
charge the Estate of said Hubbard from the rents due and to grow
due thereon. Whereupon the same was referred to the Finance Com-

A Petition that Water Street at Corlaer's Hook may be paved was
read and referred to the Committee on Streets and a petition that
said Street from Pike to Rutgers Street may be filled in and regularly
laid out. was referred to the same Committee.


The following persons were appointed Firemen, the Chief Engi-
neer certifying the Vacancies :

[74] " Fire Engine Hose Company, No. 1."

Jno. Taylor gilder Pump c. Mulberry 6 w d vice William
Stone, Resigned.

" Fire Engine Company, No. 4."

Geo. G. Scofield Mercht 173 B'Way 3 ward vice William
Smith Resigned

" Fire Engine Company No. 24."

Peter Wright Carpenter W'illiam 2 ward vice Michael Funk

" Fire Engine Company No. 39."

Charles P. Clinch Account 1 30 Reed 6 ward vice Thomas
Duny Resigned.

The City Inspector presented Ordinances for correction of sundry
nuisances as follow which Ordinances were passed

1. Abm. Labagh Own.),-, . r

t Franklin c. Collect. Lot.
J. Courtney Occ. ^

2. S. Baker & J. Miller Own.^ Canal, Vestry Thomp-

( son & Vestry

3. C. Baylis Own./ 7n TV . . c

J /9 Division St.

R. Johnston Occ. \

4. Jno". J. Post Exec- & Agt.} Watr St

to Estate of Jno. Post. (

5. Tno. Mo ran Exec. & Agt./

* T XT , r Cross & Orange

to Estate of Jno. M c Nail J

6. [75] Jno. K. Vanderbelt Les.)
Pet. Wyckoff Occ. J

7. Mr. Tucker Own.) ,,
K. Sage Occ. \ 23

8. W. H. Fitch Agt. & Occ. 7 Peck Slip

9. J. V. B. Varick, Exec, to ^

J. Remsen dec d and ^ 34 Pearl St.

Thomas A. Morris Occ.j

10. J. Tonnele Les. 1^^
Sam 1 Redmond Occ.J

11. Jno. Best Les. & Occ. 20 Wall St.

12. Hen. Megarey

13. Geo. De Grace

14. Pet. Cotte 269 Broad Way

(signed) Geo. Cuming

City Inspector.

760 CITY or NEW YORK 10 Aug. 1818

The Street Commissioner presented an Assessment for repaying
Mill Street which was confirmed and Noah Jarvis appointed Col-
lector. He also presented an Ordinance for a Well and Pump in
Beach Street between Chapel and Varick Streets which was passed
and Jacob C. Mott, Abraham Baudouine and John B rower were
appointed Assessors And for a Well and Pump in Vandam Street
near [76] Varick Street, which was passed and Abraham Bloodgood.
John Targee and Jacob C. Mott were appointed Assessors.

The Chief Engineer made a Communication, stating that Fire
Engine No. 12 was greatly out of repair and recommending it to be
replaced by a new one. He also stated that the Floating Engine would
soon need considerable repairs, and, as in his opinion its use was sus-
pended by the services which are rendered by the Steam and Horse
Boats, he recommended the Engine should be disposed of. Where-
upon the said Communication was referred to the Committee on the
Fire Department.

The Chief Engineer and Fire Wardens of the Fifth Ward, to
whom the complaint against the Cellars under Duane Market had been
referred, reported " That they had examined the premises, found
the statement correct and had taken the necessary steps to have the
same removed."

(signed) Thos. Franklin C. E
[77] " Geo. Ireland }

W' Ludlum \
which Report was approved.

The Aims-House Committee and Commissioners reported : " That
they have provided rooms in the Alms House and Penitentiary for the
Maniacs that are or may properly come under the care of the Board,
and the Commissioners have made such arrangements with the Gov-
ernors of the Hospital that exchanges may be made of those that are
very vicious for those which are less so at all times whenever it may
be necessary, so that nothing is wanting but a person calculated prop-
erly to take charge of them as a Keeper. In the Aims-House places
are provided that will contain from twenty to thirty of those Maniacs,
which are as many as we have at this time to provide for."

(signed) Reuben Munson
" John Morss

Geo. B. Thorp.

which was approved and the proposed appointment of a Keeper post-


[78] The Comptroller, on the petition of William Blair, reported :
" On the 3 d April 1817 Andrew Ogden leased at auction the West half
of lots Nos. 106. 111. 112. 117 on the East road, formerly Hamilton
Square, containing 11 acres, 1 rood and 22 perches for 6 years from
1 st May 1817 at an annual rent of 49 dollars.

" Mr. Ogden not having executed the Lease, the property remains
at the disposal of the Common Council.

" The petitioner will enclose the lots in fence, and pay a yearly
rent of 50 dollars for 4 years from the 1 st May next, when the rent
is to commence, not expecting to derive any benefit from the land dur-
ing the present season. Under all circumstances, it is thought that
the offer made by Mr. Blair should be accepted, and the same is ac-
cordingly recommended to the Board."

(signed) G. N. Bleecker, Compt 7
which was approved

The Counsel presented a Lease for Hoboken Ferry to Philip Hone,
drawn agreeably to the order of the Board which was directed to be
duly executed. He also presented grants for Water Lots on the North
River to Samuel M. Thompson, Richard J. Tucker, Thomas S. Clark-
son, Campbell P. White, Mary White, Goldsborough Le Roy Banyar,
Mary Le Roy and [79] Cornelia Le Roy, and Water grants on the East
River to John Agnew and Samuel L. Mitchill which were directed to
be duly executed.

He also presented a Lease to Daniel D. Tompkins and Noah Brown
for the Ferry at Whitehall, which authorized the erection of a Toll
house upon the same which was referred to the Ferry Committee.

The Attorney, on the petition of Davis Hunt, presented a report
detailing a number of instances in which petitioner had acted as a
dealer in second hand articles without having a License whereupon
the Attorney was directed to proceed in the Suit against said D. Hunt.

The Committee of Wharves, Piers and Slips, on the petition of

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