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Paragraphs and passed.

[329] A Law was also presented. Entitled " A Law for the Ap-
pointment of a City Intendant and prescribing his Duties which was
read and the Consideration thereof postponed The Clerk was directed
to cause the same to be printed for the use of the Members

A Petition of Thomas Hazard Jun r for a Vault in Cherry Street
was read and referred to the Street Commissioner to grant on usual

[330] In Common Council April 14 th 1817.

Present. The Hon ble Jacob Radcliff Mayor Pres 1
Richard Riker Esq r Recorder

Aldermen. Assistants.

John B. Coles Jacob Lorillara

Jonas Mapes Anthony L. Underhill

Augustine H. Lawrence John Brown

Peter Conrey William Stone

Thomas R. Smith Robert M c Queen

George Buckmaster Samuel Akerly

William Alburtis George B. Thorp

Arthur Burtis John H. Talman

Reuben Munson Thomas Cooper

The Minutes of the last Meeting were read & approved
Remonstrances from Sundry Inhabitants against the proposed
measure of opening Henry Street was read and referred to the Com-

96 CITY OF NEW YORK 14 April 1817

mittee on that subject viz. The Alderman and Assistant of the Ward
and the Street Commissioner

A Request from the Committee appointed [331] by the Legislature
for Improving the Navigation of the Hudson River between Troy and
Water ford for the use of the Mud Machine for the purpose of remov-
ing the Sand from the Chanel of the River, to be employed part of the
Months of July and August next was read and referred to the Com-
mittee of Wharves Piers and Slips with Authority to comply with
the Request of the Commissioners.

The following Resignations of Inspectors of the Ensuing Election
were read

Jacob Sherred of the first Ward accepted & Peter Mesier Appt d
in his place

Abraham S. Hallett of the Second Ward accepted & Oliver H.
Hicks App d

John Bogert 3 rd W d accepted & William C. Mulligan App d

James Fairlie 3 d W d accepted & John Salsbury App d

William B. Crosby 7 th W d accepted & Michael M. Titus App d

A Resignation of William W. Todd of the 2 nd Ward and John
Beckman of the 9 th W d as Inspectors was read and Negatived.

A Petition of Stephen Baxter in favour of Andrew Hannah a
Minor to be appointed a Cartman was read and laid for Consideration

A Petition of Jeremiah C Nefens. and a Petition of Sanders A
Minor for Licence as Cartmen were Read and leave given to Peti-
tioners to withdraw their Petition.

A Petition of James Millet on the [332] Subject of Repairs to a
House within the Fire Limits was read and the Petitioner had leave to
withdraw his Petition

A Petition of Lewis Moore stating some Inconvenience in erecting
the Bulkhead from Beekman Slip to Crane Wharf as directed by an
Ordinances of the Board, in Consequence of not being able to procure
the requisite Timber was read and leave given to Petitioner to with-
draw his Petition

A Communication of William A. Seely, stating that M r L. W.
Debroismont and himself had procured a Patent for an Improvement
in Chimnies which he conceived of great Public utility and Praying to
be permitted to make use of one of the Chimnies in the Hall to shew
the Experiment. Ordered that the same be referred to the Committee
on Arts and Sciences

A Petition of Charles Udall for the Appointment as a Measurer
of Grain was read & laid on the Table


A Memorial of Solomon Disbrow to be relieved from a Penalty
incurred by having Powder on Board his Vessel contrary to Law.
which was received as he alledged by his Mate during his absence
from the City was read and leave given to Petitioner to withdraw his

[333] A Request of the Sheriff (Ruggles Hubbard) to have the use
of the Room in the Basement Story at present Occupied as the United
States Loan Office, which is about to be removed was read and leave
given to withdraw the Request

A Memorial of the Corporation of Trinity Church stating that a
Considerable sum was due to them for Ground taken for Canal Street
and requesting an Arrangement of their Demands, and that in the
interim they may not be called upon for the payment of Assessments
due from them, was read and referred to the Street Commissioner
and Comptroller, and in the meantime the Collectors on Assessments
were directed to delay requesting payment of Assessments payable
from said Corporation

A Request of George Van Brunt for Permission to Assign the
Lease he holds from the Corporation was read and referred to the

A Request of *Ruggles Hubbard Esquire Sheriff of the City for
payment of an Account for expences respecting removing Convicts to
the City Penatentiary was read and referred to the Commissioners of
the Alms House and Counsel of the Board

A Petition of James Vincent praying to be [334] Permitted to
relinquish the purchase he made of two leased Lots at the late Sales,
was read and leave given to the Petitioners to withdraw his Petition

A Petition of William Coley for Permission to Assign to John
Field the Lease he holds of the Lot corner of Chatham and Duane
Streets was read and referred to the Comptroller

A Petition of Thomas M c Cready for the Appointment of a
Measurer of Lime was read and referred to the Committee on

A Petition of Jabez Thompson was read stating that he had pur-
chased from Thomas Nash the House and Lot corner of Ninth and
Orchard Street. That an award was made to said Nash for the Lot &
building for Damages sustained in opening said Street which by
Agreement with Nash was to be received by Petitioner and praying

* Marginal note reads See Report in Vol 33. page 47. ED.

98 CITY OF NEW YORK 14 April 1817

the same to be paid to him was referred to the Comptroller. Street
Commissioner and the Counsel of the Board.

The City Inspector presented the following Ordinances for Cor-
recting of sundry Nuisances which were passed vizt

N 1. I Mead Owner Keeler & Davis

Occupt 5 180 Green h S l A Privy

2 J. M c Gee Owner & Occupt N 91. Liberty S 1 D

3. Ja s Waterman. Owner & Occupt... 32 Lumber S* D

4. [335] C. Debevoise Owner. S. Taylor

Occupt 50 Leonard S l D

5. B. Birdsall Lessee & Occupt 7 Ferry S* D

6. J. L. Norton Owner Lewis Ford

Agent & Hannah Barton Occup 1 . 59 Anne S* D

7 R. Suydam Owner H. Suydam Occupt 4 Stone S 1 D

8. D D R Suydam D 6. D D

9 M. Price D Low & Butler D 127. Broadway D

10. C. Dickinson Owner Richards &

Thompson Occupt 5 153 D D

11. D. M c Claren Owner A L. Tissot

Occupt 153 D D

12. J. L. Sebring Owner & Occupt... . 167. D D

13. T. Saltus Owner N. & H. Weed

Occupt 5 173. D D

14. R Buloid Owner & Occupt 199 D D

15. J Vredenburgh Owner. Ward &

Coles and H. Johnson Occupt 5 .. 201. D D

16. J. Van Buskirk Owner A Smith

Occupt 209 D D

17. J. D Brower Owner

T. Constantine D 157 Fulton S* D

18. D Owner & Occupt 159. D D

19. B. Romayne D M. Winslow

Occupt 174. D D

20. M.Day D A. Tanner D 177. D D

21. R Garden D T. Garden D 179 D D

22. D D W. & J. Ver-

milyea D 179^ D D

23. T. Masters D M rs R Bull D 183. D D

24. E. Wenman Lessee & Occupt 185 D D

25. J. Jacobs Owner R Smith Occupt. m . 200. D D
26 I. Purdy Agent. A Wernekin Occupt 209. D D


27. Francis V. Many Owner 96 Duane S* A Lot

28. F. Dibblee Lessee Mott & Pell S* D

City Inspectors Office

N. York 14 th April 1817. { George Cuming

[336] The following persons were appointed Firemen the Chief
Engineer certifying the Vacancies

Fire Engine Company N 5.

William H. Oliver Hatter N 78 Warren Street 5 th Ward vice
John Hitchcock Resigned

Robert Lamb Mason. N 98 Warren Street 5 th Ward vice Richard
Townley Resigned

Francis Richards Accountant N 158 William Street 2 nd Ward vice
Silvester Pier Resigned

Royall Hewins Accountant 260 Pearl Street 2 nd Ward vice Peter
Thompson Resigned

John Wood Accountant 138. Fly Market 2 nd Ward vice John Hill

John Vanderbilt Accountant Corner Fly Market & Front S 1 vice
Peter Roe Resigned

N 26

Eli Benedict Grocer 14 Oak Street 4 th Ward vice Joseph Vail

N 41

Cornelius Williams, House Carpenter Columbia near Delancey
Street vice James Hallock Resigned

A Letter from Richard Furman to the Mayor dated Albany 12 th
April 1817. respecting the Bill before the Legislature on the Subject of
the Auction Duties was presented and read

[337] The Council of the Board presented the following
The Council of the Board herewith Respectfully Submits the Draft
of a Lease to John Vanderlyn for a Lot of Ground at the Southwest
corner of Chamber and Cross Streets, which has been drawn in pursu-
ance of the Order of the Board excepting that it Authorises him to
Occupy a Lot Fifty six feet in width instead of Fifty as recommended
by the Committee. M r Vanderlyn States that the Panoramas of Paris
(some of which he contemplates procuring) are designed to encom-
pass an Area fifty french Feet in diameter which is equal to about

100 CITY or NEW YORK 14 April 1817

fifty four feet English measure, and that an additional Allowance of
Two feet is Necessary for the Walls

Respectfully Submitted
New York 14 th April 1817. Ogden Edwards

Which was Approved and the Lease was directed to be engrossed and

The Street Commissioner to whom was Referred the Application
of Thomas Hazard Junior respecting the permission to construct a
Vault Reported as follows

The Street Commissioner to whom was referred the Application
of Thomas Hazard Jun r for the Privilege of Building Vaults on the
Corner of Cherry Street and Pike Slip would Respectfully recom-
mend that the payment of the Money before the Vaults are [338] begun
be in this case dispenced with un[t]il the Walls are laid out. as it
will be difficult for M r Hazard at present to determine on the exact size

Respectfully Submitted

15. April 1817. Jn M c Comb S 4 Com r

Which was approved

The Comptroller on the Petition of Mary DeGroodt Reported as

The Petition of Mary DeGroodt having been Refferred to the
Comptroller on the 7 th Ins t he Respectfully, Reports.

On the 31 st October 1807. a Lease was given by the Corporation
to Catharine Macavee and Mary Carslow. the Mother and Aunt of the
Petitioner of a Lot of Ground fronting on William Street in the
fourth Ward, at an Annual Rent of Sixty Dollars during their Natural
lives or the life of the longest liver of them provided that they shall
continue to inhabit and reside upon the premises. They are now
both deceased

The House was built at the expence of the aforesaid Lessees, and
the Petitioner as appears from the Testimony of the latter, who is
a Respectable Aged Widow, and Supports herself by Industry. The
Balance which will be due on the first of May next is $70. which she
promises to pay from her earnings as speedily as possible


Considering this to be a peculiar Case and entitled [339] to the
Liberality of the Board It is Respectfully recommended That M rs
DeGroodt should have the Lease Continued to her during her Nat-

14 April 1817 COMMON COUNCIL MlNUTES 101

ural life upon the same terms and Conditions as was originally given
to her Mother and Aunt

G. N. Bleecker Compt r
April 14. 1817.

Which was approved and the Lease was directed to be prepared
agreeably thereto

He also on the Petition of Thomas Storm Reported as follows.

The Comptroller Respectfully Reports on the Memorial of Thomas
Storm referred on the 7 th Ins*

The Assessors of the 1 st Ward have returned his Personal Estate
at $15,000, the Tax on which is $63. The Assessors of the ninth
Ward have also rated the same at $10,000. amount of Tax $31. As
the residence of M r Storm was in the first Ward it appears proper to
remit the Tax paid in the ninth Ward Should the Board approve the
Collector of that Ward will be directed to settle with the Memorialist,
and return the Amount with the list of Errors &c.

Respectfully Submitted

April 14 th 1817. G. N. Bleecker Compf

Which was approved

The Committee on the Petition of the Inhabitants of the upper end
of Broadway Reported as follows The Street Committee together
[340] with the Street Commissioner to whom was referred the Peti-
tion of a large Number of the Proprietors of Lots on the upper
part of Broadway Praying that the Carriage way of said Street may
be paved from Canal to Prince Street

And that the side Walks from Franklin to Jones Street may be laid
with flagging Respectfully Report

That they have given the Subject due Consideration and are fully
of Opinion that it would render that part of Broadway more Con-
venient and pleasant both for the Public as well as the Proprietors if it
was paved

And they therefore recommend that the Carriage way be paved
from the North side of Canal Street to Prince Street.

And Also that the side Walks between Franklin Street and
Bleecker Street be laid with flagging, at least Ten feet in width, and
that the owners of the vacant Lots be allowed to regulate the inside of
the Walks with gravel for the present time

And your Committee further recommend in Compliance with the
request of the Petitioners that the Owners of Vacant Lots between
Canal and Jones Street be directed to enclose them with a Suitable

102 CITY OF NEW YORK 14 April 1817

Fence in Order to preserve the side Walks, and to prevent Carts and
Carriages from crossing them in every direction as they now do, to the
great danger of Passengers, and that the Street Commissioner and
City Inspector be instructed to prepare Ordinances for that purpose

[341] All which is Respectfully Submitted

14 th April 1817. Peter Conrey

A. L. Underbill

G. Buckmaster

Jn M c Comb S' Com r

Which was Approved and the Street Commissioner and City In-
spector were directed to prepare Ordinances Accordingly

The Finance Committee to whom was referred the Petition of
Cornelius Harsin Reported as follows

The Finance Committee to which was referred the preceeding Ap-
plication of Corn 8 Harsen Report

That they consider the same Reasonable & recommend that the
Comptroller be directed to Report a Warrant as soon as the Funds cf
the Board will admit of it, for such a Sum as will remain after deduct-
ing from $1500, the Interest thereon from the time, it shall be paid
M r Harsin till the first day of September next, but in Order to make
the Transaction regular, it is necessary that the Money should be paid
to Jacob Harsen, and not the Petitioner unless on the Order of the
former Respectfully Submitted by

New York Ap 1 7 th 1817. Th. R. Smith

A. H. Lawrence
W m Alburtis
Reuben Munson
Jacob Lorillard

Which Report was approved & the Comptr 1 directed to report a
Warrant accordingly

[342] The Committee on the Petition of Peter Jay Munro and
others praying Permission to make an Alteration in Cortlandt Street
Alley reported in favour of Granting the Prayer of the Petitioners
which Report was approved

The Committee to whom was referred the Petition of the In-
habitants residing near Rutgers Slip Praying that a Bulkhead may be
built across Rutgers Slip on the South side of Water Street, reported
in favour of granting the prayer of the Petition, which was approved,
and the Street Commissioner, thereupon presented an Ordinance for
Carrying the same into effect which was passed, and James H.

14 April 1817 COMMON COUNCIL MlNUTES 103

Guion. Jacob C. Mott and Aquila Giles were appointed Assessors

The Committee on the Fire Department to whom had been re-
ferred the Application on behalf of George Herrick, Isaac Skaats and
John Talman, who had been injured at the Fire in Front Street. Re-
ported as follows.

The Committee on the Fire Department to whom was referred the
Petition of Stephen Van Wyck Tho s Richards and others. Citizens
Praying relief for George Herrick. Isaac Skates and John Talman
Firemen of this City, which had their Limbs broken and otherwise
much injured at the Fire in Front Street

Report That in the Opinion of your Committee Firemen who ex-
pose their persons to save the property [343] of others are particularly
intitled to the support and Assistance of the Public.

Therefore Resolved that a Warrant be granted in favour of the
Chief Engineer for 300 Dollars to be given to them in such proportion
as in his Judgment may appear Just and Equitable

Arthur Burtis
Robert M c Queen
A L. Underbill

Which was approved and the Comptroller was directed to Report a
Warrant therefor

The same Committee to whom was referred the Subject of a
Reward to the discoverers of Incendiary Attempts Reported as fol-

The Committee to whom was referred the subject of Considering
what Reward should be given to persons who have been the means of
discovering and bringing to Justice Incendiaries who caused the former
and late Fires in Mott and Water Street and other places in the City
beg leave to Report

That they have taken considerable pains by conversing with the
Justices of the Police Office and otherwise to gain Information of the
services rendered by Individuals in Relation to the above subject And
they are well satisfied that the discovery of the Gang who have been
concerned in the late Incendiary Attempts was greatly owing to the
unwearied pains and spirited exertions of Jacob Hays one of the
Marshalls of this City and they think him Justly [344] Entitled to
a Public Renumeration. They therefore Recommend that the sum of

104 CITY OF NEW YORK 14 April 1817

Three hundred Dollars be granted by the Common Council to M r Hays

for his Services on these Occasions

Arthur Burtis
Robert M c Queen
A. L. Underbill

Which was approved, and the Comptroller was directed to Report
a Warrant therefor Alderman Smith gave Notice that he would at
the next meeting move for a reconsideration of the Question

A Resolution was presented prohibiting the sifting of Lime in the
Streets excepting in a Lime House, which was agreed to and the
Council was directed to Report an Ordinance agreeably thereto

The Resolution proposed at last meeting by Alderman Munson
respecting the Lease for Grand Street Ferry was called up when
Alderman Smith moved a Resolution that the same together with the
Remonstrance against said Lease be referred to a select Committee to
hear the parties and to Report thereon to the Board which was ap-
proved and the following were appointed Ald n Munson M r Akerly
Lorillard Ald n Lawrence Burtis

[345] A Remonstrance of sundry Inhabitants of Brooklyn against
the allowance of the same Rate of Ferriage to a Team Boat which is
proposed to be placed on the old Ferry at Brooklyn, as that which is
allowed to the Steam Boat was presented and Read.

The Report of the Committee on the Petition of the Inhabitants of
Brooklyn for Substituting a Team Boat at said Ferry was then called
up and being read was as follows.

The Ferry Committee to whom was referred the Memorial of the
Inhabitants of the Town of Brooklyn Praying that the Steam Boat
Company may have Permission to place on the Old Ferry a Horse
Boat instead of a Steam Boat which they are bound by their Lease to
place thereon in two Years from the first of May next Beg leave
to Report

That they have fully matured the subject in its various bearings
and would Recommend to the Board the propriety of complying with
the Prayer of the Petitioners by Granting Liberty to the Steam Boat
Company to place on the Old Ferry a Horse or Team Boat instead of
another Steam Boat to be propelled with not less than eight Horses
in every way sufficient for the Conveyance of Passengers and Car-
riages across the East River. Provided the aforesaid Horse Boat be
completed and running on the [346] Ferry in Six Months from the
first of May next. Also the said Boat to continue to run on the Ferry


during the same hours that the Barges are bound to do according to

All which is Respectfully Submitted

New York April 7 th 1817. Peter Conrey

W m Alburtis
J. Mapes

The Question being taken on agreeing to the Report of the Com-
mittee a Division having been called it was carried in the Affirmative
as follows

Affirmative Aid 11 Lawrence Mapes Conrey Smith Alburtis Buck-
master Burtis Munson M r Akerly Thorp Cooper 11

Negative Aid" Coles M r Lorillard Underbill Brown Stone M c -
Queen Talman 7.

M r Lorillard gave Notice that he would at the next Meeting move
for a reconsideration of the Vote taken

Resolved that the Superintendant of Repairs [347] be directed to
Occupy the Lot of Ground Corner of Wall and Nassau Streets be-
longing to the Corporation for Storage of such Articles of Public
Property as he may think proper

Resolved that the Number of Constables and Marshals to be em-
ployed at the Polls of the respective Wards at the ensuing Election,
shall not exceed three to each Ward unless in Cases where the Mayor
may otherwise direct

The Board then took up the Consideration of the Revised Laws and
after some time spent therein Adjourned

The Comptroller Reported

Cash in the Treasury $10.304.19

Warrants not presented 3499.47


John Bedient Coroners fees 3 Months to 1 s * Ins* 256.86

Geo. Buckmaster Esquire and others Expences to Albany and back on

Poor fund 392.64

Isaac Loofborrow. Regulating Clock in Rutgers Street to 17 th March 24.25

Columbian Subscription 6 Months to 1 st Ins* 75.

Mercantile Advertiser for Assessments 57.50

George Bowen Carriage Hire 6.

Joel West 1 Barrel Spirits Turpentine 20.37

Stephen D. Beekman Award for Hudson S l 831 .

Nicholas Low. Award for Thompson Street 457.50

[348] Archibald Smyth balce Paving Chapel St 205 . 10

Austin and Andrews Award for 13th Street 316.

106 CITY OF NEW YORK 17 April 1817

John Anderson Repairing Piers & Making Bridge Dep r S 4 181.40

Peter Allison Repairing Wharfs. Peck Slip and Fly Market 11.99

W m Kelly Painting & Glazing Public Buildings &c 847.84

Thos R. Mercein for Commiss" Comn Schools bal" 1024.26

Jacob P. Roome for Materials and to pay Workmen 1500.


Balance $597. 1

[349] Special Meeting In Common Council April 17 th 1817
Present. The Hon ble Jacob Radcliff Mayor Pres*

Aldermen. Assistants.

Augustine H. Lawrence Peter A. Jay

Peter Conrey Jacob Lorillard

Thomas R Smith Anthony L. Underbill

Arthur Burtis John Brown

Reuben Munson William Stone

Robert McQueen
Samuel Akerly
John H. Talman

The Mayor Informed the Common Council that he had Summoned
them together at the Request of the Committee on Laws for the pur-
pose of taking into Consideration the Revised Laws of the Corpora-

The Board accordingly took up the Consideration of the Laws
The Street Commissioner presented a Communication stating that
he had Agreeably to order attended the Sales of the Lots Mortgaged
by M r Anthony L. Bleecker Deceased to the Loan Office, and finding
they would not sell for the Amount of the Mortgage he had bought
them in for the Corporation, at the Sum of Six [350] Thousand Seven
hundred Dollars, being Four hundred and thirty Dollars and Sixty
three Cents less than the Sum for which they were Mortgaged. Or-
dered that the same be referred to the Committee of Finance to make
the necessary arrangements with the Loan Officers
Alderman Smith presented the following Resolution
Resolved that it shall be the duty of such Assistant City Inspector
as shall receive from the Clerk of the Common Council any written
Message relative to the Business of the Corporation to deliver the
same within two hours after the Receipt thereof, and if the same is
for a Member of the Board to be left at his place of residence, under
the Penalty of removal from Office for the neglect thereof


[351] In Common Council April 21 st 1817.
Present The Honorable Jacob Radcliff Mayor Pres 1

Aldermen. Assistants.

John B. Coles Jacob Lorillard

Augustine H Lawrence Anthony L. Underhill

Peter Conrey William Stone

Reuben Munson John H. Talman

Nicholas Fish Robert McQueen

Jonas Mapes Samuel Akerly

George Buckmaster Thomas Cooper

George B. Thorp
John Brown

The Minutes of the last Meetings were read and approved
The Quarterly Account of the Superintendant of the Alms House,
was read and directed to be filed with the Comptroller

A Petition from the New York and Jersey Steam Boat Company
praying to be permitted to place for trial for the space of one Month
a Boat to be propelled by Horses in lieu of one of the Steam Boats
was read and granted, and it was requested of the Ferry Committee
to Enquire into the sufficiency of said Team Boats to answer the pur-
pose of the Ferry

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