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Jenks, Jeremiah Whipple. Japan and her
imperialistic ambitions. (Current opinion.
New York, June, 1919. f°. v. 66, p. 356-
359.) * DA

Japan and her neighbor. (North

American review. New York, Aug., 1919.
4°. V. 210, p. 212-221.) * DA

Remaking our Far Eastern policy.

(Asia. New York, Sept., 1919. f°. v. 19.
p. 886-888.) t* OAA

Jordan, David Starr. When East meets
East. (Sunset. San Francisco, Dec, 1919.
f^ V. 43, p. 39-40.) * DA

Kahn, Ida. A challenge to the students
of China. (Millard's review. Shanghai.
March 22, 1919. i\ v. 8, p. 126-128.) * DA

— '— .\ Chinese view on Far Eastern
politics. (Millard's review. Shanghai,
April 6, 1918. f°. v. 4, p. 188-189.) * DA

Kahn, Julius. Remarks of Hon. Julius
Kahn of California on Shantung question.
(Congressional record. Washington. .-Xug.
8, 1919. i\ V. 58, appendix, p. 8976-8979.)


Knapp, Arthur ^lay. Japanese ambition.
(Atlantic monthly. Boston, 1910. 8°. v.
105, p. 68-76.) * DA

Latane, John Holladay. America as a
world power. New York: Harper &
Brothers, 1907. xvi, 350 p. illus. 8°.
(American nation series, v. 25.) *R-IAE

Our relations with Japan. (Univer-
sity of Chicago magazine. Chicago, Nov..
1913. 8°. V.6, p. 6-18.) STG

Lincoln, Chester C. American prestige
in China. (Millard's review. Shanghai,
Dec. 27, 1919. f°. v. 11, p. 154, 156, 158-
160.) * DA

McCormick, Frederick. The menace of
Japan. Boston: Little, Brown & Co., 1917.
vi, 372p. map. 12°. ICM

McCormick, Medill. Remarks... on Ja-
pan and China. (Congressional record.
Washington, Aug. 20, 1919. i°. v. 58, part
4, p. 4041-4047.) * SAE

The Mastery of the Far East. (Herald
of Asia. Tokyo, May 24, 1919. f°. v. 7,
p. 237-238.) t BBA

Millard, Thomas Franklin. The new
Far East. An examination into the new
position of Japan and her influence upon
the solution of the Far Eastern question,
with special reference to the interests of
America and the future of the Chinese em-
pire. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons,
1906. xii, 319 p. map. 12°. BES

"Mistakes" as a policy. (Japan chronicle.
Kobe, May 13, 1920. f°. new series, no.
958, p. 534-535.) t BERA

Norman, Sir Henry. The peoples and
politics of the Far East; travels and studies
in the British, French, Spanish, and Portu-
guese colonies. Siberia, China, Japan. Ko-
rea, Siam and Malaya. London: T. Fisher
Unwin, 1895. 3 p.l., vii-xvi p., 1 1., 3-608 p.,
2 maps, 48 pi. 8°. *R-BE

Okuma, Shigenobu. marquis. Japan's
policy in China. (Current history maga-
zine, New York Times. New York, March,
1920. 4°. V. 11, part 2, p. 510-512.)


Our feelings towards Japan. (World's
work. New York, Dec, 1917. 4°. v. 35,
p. 125-126.) * DA

A Philippine view of Japan. (Herald of
Asia. Tokyo, Sept. 1, 1917. f°. v. 3, p. 710-
711.) tBBA •

Pooley, Andrew Melville. Japan's for-
eign policies. London: George Allen &
Unwin, Ltd. il920., 202 p. 8°. BES

Prime Minister Hara asserts the rights
of the yellow races. (Current opinion.
New York, April, 1919. f°. v. 66, p. 213-
214.) *DA

Rea, George Bronson. America's Far
Eastern muddle. (Far Eastern review.
Shanghai, Feb., 1920. f°. v. 16, p. 76-77.)


A heart to heart talk with the edi-
tors of Japan. (Far Eastern review. Shang-
hai, Aug., 1916. f°. V. 13, p. 81-84.) t BBA

Japan's burden and China's oppor-
tunity. (Far Eastern review. Shanghai,
Feb., 1920. f°. V. 16, p. 113-114.) f BBA

The new American diplomacy in

the Far East. (Far Eastern review. Man-
ila, March, 1911. i°. v. 7, p. 351-352.)


Reinsch, Paul Samuel. World politics
at the end of the nineteenth century as
influenced by the Oriental situation in
1900. New York: The Macmillan Co..
1900. xviii, 366 p., 1 map. 12°. SEC

The Rule that works both ways. port.
(Far Eastern review. Shanghai, Sept.,
1916. f°. V. 13, p. 121-125.) tBBA

Sherrill, Charles Hitchcock. Korea and
Shantung versus the white peril. (Scrib-
ner's magazine. New York, March, 1920.
4°. V.67, p. 367-372.) * DA

Simpson, Bertram Lenox. If Japan re-
fuses? By Putnam Weale (pseud.i. illus.
(Asia. New York, May, 1919. f°. v. 19,
p. 453-459.) t* OAA



Far Eastern Question, continued.
General IVorks, continued.

The truce in the East and its after-
math, being the setiuel to "The re-shaping
of the Far East." By B. L. Putnam Wcale.
London: Macmillan and Co., 1907. xv. 638
p. illus. 8°. *R-BEG

The truth about China and Japan.

New York: Dodd, Mead and Company.
1919. 248 p., 1 map. S'. BE

Sino-Japanese crisis. (Herald of Asia.
Tokvo. Doc. _'0, 1919. f°. V. 8, p. 343-344.)


The Status of the Japan-China dispute.
(Current history magazine, New York
Times. New York, June, 1920. 4\ v. 12.
p. 463-464.) *R-BTZE

The Status quo in the Far East. (Far
Eastern review. Shanghai, Nov., 1915. f°.
V. 12. p. 231-232.) tBBA

Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes. illus.
(Far Eastern review. Shanghai, .Aug.,
1916. f°. V. 13, p. 90-93.) t BBA

Tong, Hollington K. How Japan's policy
is undermining her position in China. (Mil-
lard's review. Shanghai, Aug. 9, 1919. i".
V. 9, p. 388-390.) * DA

Why not arbitrate the China

trouble? (Millard's review. Shanghai,
May 24, 1919. f°. v. 8, p. 471, 474-475.)


Uenoda, Setsuo. ^Vhen East meets East.

(Asia. Now York, Dec. 1919. i\ v. 19,

p. 1214-1217.) t*OAA

United States. — Foreign .'\ffairs Com-
mittee (House. 64: 2). United States and
the Orient. Hearings. . .on H. R. 16661.
Statement of Miss Jane Addams and
others. December 12, 1916. Washington:
Gov. Prtg. Off., 1916. 12 p. 8°. * SBF

United States. — Treaties. Agreement
effected by the exchange of notes between
the United States and Japan, mutual interest
relating to the republic of China. Signed
Nov. 2. 1917. Washington, 1917. 4 p. 8°.
(United States. — State Department. Tre.ntv
series, no. 630.) XBDD

Wainwright, Richard. The United States
and tile I'ar East; an economic and mH\-
tary program. (.Vmerican Academy of Po-
litical and Social Science. .Vnnals. Phila-
delphia, lulv, 1916. 4°. V. 54. p. 251-253.)


Weale, R. L. Putnam, pseud. See Simp-
son, Bertram Lenox. ^

Willoughby, Wostel Woodbury. China.
Japan, ami the western powers — Democ-
racy and the Eastern question. (Congres-
sional record. Washington, July 23, 1919.
f°. v. 58. part 3. p. 3045-3046.1 • SAE

A review of Millard's Dfmocracy and the Eajtern

Foreign rights and interests in

China... Baltimore: Johns Hopkins
Press, 1920. xx. 594 p. 8°. XBN

Reviewed in the .American historical rcz-icu;
October, 1920.

Japan's political ethics, illus. (Asia.

Xew York, Sept., 1919. f°. v. 19, p. 898-
902.) t'OAA

Yoshino, Sakuzo. Some diplomatic prob-
lems of the dav. (Herald of Asia. Tokvo,
July 24, 1920. 'f. v. 9, p. 454-455.) f BBA

Russo-Jap.\xese W.\r

Americans on Japanese policy. (Out-
look. .\cw York, May 5, 1915. 4°. v. 110,
p. 4-5.) * DA

Bigelow, John. Peace given as the world
giveth; or. The Portsmouth treaty and its
first year's fruits. New York: Baker &
Taylor Co., 1907. 86 p., 3 pi. 12°. GLO

Flower. Benjamin Orange. Why Amer-
ica sympathizes with Japan. (.Arena. Bos-
ton, '.May, 1904. A\ V. 31, p. 518-522.)


Hammond, John Hays. The menace of
Japan's success. (World's work. New
York. 1905. 4°. v. 10, p. 6273-6275.) * DA

Japan. — Department of Foreign .Affairs.
Correspondence regarding the negotiations
between Japan and Russia. (1903-1904.)
Presented to the Imperial Diet, March.
1904. [Washington: Gibson Bros.. 1904.,
xii, 59 p. 8\

Japan on the American attitude. (Re-
view of reviews. New York, May, 1904.
4°. v. 29, p. 578-580.) * DA

Quotations from Japanese newspapers.

Japan's trade since the war began. (Far
Eastern review. Manila, March, 1905. i".
V. 1. p. 11.) tBBA

McCormick, Frederick. How America
got into Manchuria: inside history of
America's diplomatic fight for the open
door and equality of trade. (Century
magazine. New York, Feb., 1911. 4". v.
81. p. 622-6.^0.) *DA

Maxey, Edwin. Why we favor Japan in
the present war. (Arena. Boston, .Aug..
1904. 4°. v. 32. p. 131-133.) * DA

Millard, Thomas Franklin. The powers
and the settlement. (Scribner's magazine.
New York, Jan., 1906. 4°. v. 39. p. 100-
120.) * DA

Porter. Robert Percival. Japan: the rise
of a tnodern power. Oxford: The Claren-
don Press. 1918. 361 p. illus. 12'.




Far Eastern Question, continued.
Russo-Jaf'anese War, continued.

Reinsch, Paul Samuel. Japan and Asi-
atic leadership. (North American review.
New York. 1905. 8°. v. 180, p. 48-57.) * DA

United States. — President. Neutrality
— Russia and Japan. By the president of
the United States, a proclamation. Feb. 11,
1904. [Washington, 1904.) 4 p. f°.

tt BBH p.v.l

Axgi.o-Jap.\nese Alli.^nce

The Alliance and Japan's assistance.
Hapan weeklv chronicle. Kobe, June 3,
1920. f°. new series, no. 961, p. 629-630.)


The Alliance and secret treaties. (Japan
chronicle. Kobe, Mav 13, 1920. f°. new
series, no. 958, p. 533-534.) fBERA

Anglo-Japanese alliance. (Herald of
Asia. Tokvo, May 29, 1920. f°. v. 9. p.
232-233.) t BBA

The Anglo-Japanese alliance. (Japan
chronicle. Kobe, Tune 17, 1920. f°. new
series, no. 963, p. 709-711.) fBERA

Anglo-Japanese alliance. (Millard's re-
view. Shanghai, Oct. 12, 1918. V. v. 6,
p. 221-222.) * DA

From the Herald of Asia.

The Anglo-Japanese alliance again.
(Herald of Asia. Tokyo, June 28, 1919.
f °. V. 7, p. 367-369.) f BBA

Anglo-Japanese alliance and the League
of Nations. (.Herald of Asia. Tokyo, Nov.
29,1919. f°. V. 8, p. 258-259.) f BBA

Anglo-Japanese alliance: prospects of its
renewal. (Japan weekly chronicle. Kobe,
April 1, 1920. i' . new series, no. 952. p.
iiZ.) f BERA

Anglo-Japanese alliance; should it be re-
newed? (Herald of .^sia. Tokyo, Sept. 28,
1918. f°. v. 6, p. 7-8.) fBBA

Anxiety of Japanese for renewal. (Japan
weeklv chronicle. Kobe, June 3, 1920. f°.
new s'eries, no. 961, p. 645-646.) fBERA

Australia and Japan. (Herald of Asia.
Tokvo, Sept. 1, 1917. f°. v. 3, p. 708-709.)


China's reply. (Japan weekly chronicle.
Kobe, June 3. 1920. f°. new series, no.
961, p. 633-634.) f BERA

Hayashi, Tadasu. count. Secret memoirs
of Count Tadasu Hayashi; edited by ,'\. M.
Poolev. New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons,
1915. 'v, 331 p., 1 map, 4 ports. 8°. BES

Hazeltine, Mayo Williamson. Would
England aid Japan against America?
( North American review. New York. Dec.
21, 1906. 8°. v. 183, p. 1280-1284.) * DA

Improved economic bonds between Eng-
land and Japan. (Herald of Asia. Tokvo,
Sept. 15, 1917. i°. V. 3, p. 776.) fBBA

Japan, England and India. (Herald of
Asia. Tokyo, Feb. 2, 1918. f^ v. 5, p. 586.)


Japan and the Monroe doctrine. (Living
age. Boston, July 6, 1912. 4°. v. 274. p.
48-50.) * DA

Japan, the United States and Great Brit-
ain, with the text of the Anglo-Japanese
agreement. (Harper's weeklv. New York,
Feb. 16, 1907. f°. v. 51, p. 223-224.) * DA

Japanese press opinions: the .^nglo-
Japanese alliance. (Herald of Asia. Tokvo,
June 19, 1920. f°. v. 9, p. 317-318.) fBBA

Kincaid-Smith, M. England, America,
and Japan. (Living age. Boston, Mav 9,
1908. 8°. v. 257, p. 323-330.) *DA

Marquis Okuma on the Anglo-Japanese
alliance. (Herald of Asia. Tokyo. Tune
26,1920. f°. v. 9, p. 342-343.) fBBA

Poindexter, John. The menace of Japan.
(Harper's weekly. New York, Sept. 7,
1907. f°. V. 51, p. 1317.) *DA

Remer, C. American opinion and the
Anglo-Tapanese alliance. (Millard's re-
view. Shanghai, May 15-29, 1920. 4°. v.
12. p. 528, 530, 532, 578, 580, 582, 584, 629-
630, 632-634.) * DA

U. S., England and Japan. (Herald of
Asia. Tokyo, July 10, 1920. f°. v. 9, p.
405.) f BBA

The United States, the Anglo-Russian
treatv. and Japan. (Harper's v.-eekly.
New' York, Oct. 12, 1907. l" . v. 51. p.
1479.) * DA

The Value of the Anglo-Japanese alli-
ance. (Tapan weekly chronicle. Kobe,
April 29,' 1920. i" . new series, no. 955-956,
p. 453-454, 477-478.) f BERA

Viscount Kato on foreign relations.
(Herald of Asia. Tokyo, June 9, 1917. i".
V. 3, p. 328.) fBBA

Who should be Tapan's allv? And why?
(Herald of Asia. Tokyo, Jan. 17, 1920. f°.
V. 8, p. 426-427.) fBBA


Allies on the Pacific, illus. (World's
work. New York, Nov., 1918. 4°. \::i7.
p. 68-82.) * DA

Are American missionaries behind the
Korean agitation? (Herald of .^sia. To-
kvo, Dec. 27, 1919. i\ v. 8, p. 370-371.)




Far Eastern Question, continued.
Korea, continued.

Brown, Arthur Judson. The mastery of
the Far East. The story of Korea's trans-
formation and Japan's rise to supremacy
in the Orient. Xew York: Charles Scrib-
ner's Sons, 1919. i.x, 671 p. illus. 8".


Campaign of slander. (Herald of .\sia.
Tokyo, Aug. 2, 1919. i\ v. 7, p. 508-509.)


Changing Korea: reforms and progress
under Japanese administration, illus. (Far
Eastern review. Shanghai, Jan., 1918. i".
V. 14, p. 30-36.) tBBA

Chung, Henry. The Oriental policy of
the United States: with introductory note
by Jeremiah W. Jenks. Xew York: Flem-
ing H. Revell Company icop. 1919j. 306 p.
map. 8°. BE

Dempster, .\rthur. Secretary Taft's mis-
sion to lapan. (Harper's weekly. New
York, Nov. 23. 1907. i'. v. 51, p. 1722.)


"The Desired effect." (Millard's review.
Shanghai, Nov. 29, 1919. {'. v. 10, p. 540-
542.) * DA

Disturbances in Korea. (Herald of Asia.
Tokyo, March 15, 1919. f°. v. 6, p. 676-
677.) tBBA

The Facts regarding the "Tientsin inci-
dent." (Millard's review. Shanghai, .Xpril
12,1919. f°. v. 8, p. 241-246.) 'DA

Fisher, Fred B. What Japan wants.
(World outlook. New York, Slav, 1918. {\
V. 4, p. 14-15.) ' tKAA

Griffis, William Elliot. Japan's debt to
Korea, illus. (.\sia. New York. .■\ug.,
1919. f°. v. 19, p. 742-748.) t* OAA

The Imperial Chosen (Korean) railways.
General information, illus. (Far Eastern
review. Manila, Oct., 1911. f°. v. 8, p. 141-
148.) . tBBA

Japan. — Residency-General in Korea.
Recent progress in Korea. Compiled by
H. I. J. ^f.'s Residencv-Gcncral. (London:
Bradburv, Agnew, &'Co., Ltd., 1910.i vii.
122 p. illus. &\ BEO

Japan in Korea, illus. (Far Eastern re-
view. Manila, Sept., 1910. f°. v. 7, p. 125-
128. 133.) tBBA

Kawakami, Kiyoshi Karl. American-
Japanese relations: an inside view of Ja-
pan's policies and purposes. Xew York:
Fleming H. Revell Co. (1912.1 370 p. 8°.


Knapp, .Xrtlnir May. Japanese ambition.
(.Atlantic monthlv. Boston, 1910. 4°. v.
105, p. 68-76.) * DA

Korea. illus. (Far Eastern review.
Shanghai, Feb., 1919. i\ v. 15, p. 218-224.)


McKenzie, F. .\. The unveiled East.
London: Hutchinson & Co., 1907. viii. 347
p. illus. 8°. »R-BEW

Mishima, Taro. Korea's foreign trade
development, illus. (Trans-Pacific. To-
kyo, Feb., 1920. i". v. 2, p. 69-72.) t* OAA

The "Open door" in Korea, illus. (Far
Eastern review. Shanghai, Jan.. 1916. i' .
v. 12. p. 315-316.) " tBBA

Presbyterian Mission. Report by Pres-
byterian Mission on atrocities in Korea
committed by Japan. (Congressional rec-
ord. Washington, hilv 15, 1919. f^ v. 58.
part 3, p. 2597-2600.) * SAE

Progress in Korea, illus. (Far Eastern
review. Shanghai, Oct.. 1912. i°. v. 9, p.
220-223.) t BBA

Reform in Korea. (Herald of .\sia. To-
kyo, Sept. 6, 1919. C. V. 7, p. 648-649.)


Roosevelt and Japan. (Japan weekly
chronicle. Kobe. Ian. 23, 1919. f^ new


Reforms and

series, no. 890, p. 107-108.)

Scidmore, George H.

progress in Korea. (Far Eastern review.

Manila, Feb., 1912. f°. v. 8, p. 281-284.

287-288.) t BBA

Trade and industries of Chosen.

illus. (Far Eastern review. Shanghai.
April. 1914. f°. V. 10, p. 436-439.) tBBA

The Seoul- Wiju Railway, illus. (Far
Eastern review. Manila, April, 1907. f.
V. 3, p. 347-348.) t BBA

Shastri, H. P. China, Japan, Korea, and
the war. (Millard's review. Shanghai,
Aug. 10, 1918. f°. V. 5, p. 419-422.) * DA

The Japanese situation in north

China and Korea. (Millard's review.
Shanghai, June 22, 1918. {'. v. 5, p. 134-
136.) *DA

Singh, Saint Xihal. The .Asiatic view of
Japan's world menace. (Overland monthly.
San Francisco, 1909. 4°. new series, v. 53,
p. 327-328.) • DA

.•\ Sino-Japanese problem. (Far Eastern
review. Shanghai, Oct., 1915. i\ v. 12.
p. 170-177.) tBBA


America in China; (Herald of Asia.
Tokvo, June 16. 1917. i\ v. 3, p. 356-357.)


Anti-Japanese movements in China.
(Herald of Asia. Tokvo, July 12, 1919. {'.
V. 7, p. 420-427.) t BBA



Far Eastern Question, continued.
China, continued.

An Appeal to Americans. (Herald of
Asia. Tokyo, Aug. 30, 1919. 1° . v, 7, p.
622-623.) t BBA

The Basis of American-Japanese co-
operation. (Herald of Asia. Tokyo. Mav
12.1917. f. V. 3, p. 196-197.) f BBA

The Black Dragon memorandum. (Con-
gressional record. Washington. Aug. 26,
1919. i\ V. 58, part S, p. 4355-4356.)


Britannicus, pseud. American policy in
the Far East. (North ."Kmerican review.
New York, Sept., 1910. 8°. v. 192, p.415-
424.) *DA

China and Japan. (Herald of ."Xsia. To-
kyo, June 7, 1919. f°. V. 7, p. 283-284.)


China, Japan und die Vereinigten Staaten,
von einen Diploniaten. (Deutsche Revue.
Stuttgart, 1907. 4°. Jahrg. 32, p. 264-269.)


China's White book on Shantung : official
story of Japanese aggression in 1915 as laid
before the Peace Conference. (Current
history magazine, New York Times. New
York,'Sept., 1919. A", v. 10, part 2, p. 550-
552.) *R-BTZE

The Claim of China for the abrogation
of the treaties and notes concluded with
Japan on May 25, 1915. (Congressional
record. Washington. July 25, 1919. f°. v.
58, part 3, p. 3117-3129.) * SAE

Colcord, Lincoln. ^Making diplomatic
correspondence public. (New republic.
New York, June 5, 1915. f°. v. 3, p. 124-
125.) *DA

Crow, Carl. Japan and America: a con-
trast. New 'York: Robert M. McBride &
Co., 1916. 316 p. 12°. BET

Dewey, John. China's nightmare. (New
republic. New York, June 30, 1920. 4'. v.
23, p. 145-147.) * DA

Ferguson, John C. Japan's use of her
hegemony. (North .\merican review. New
York, Oct., 1919. 4°. v. 210, p. 456-469.)


Free, James E. The war cloud. (Over-
land monthly. San Francisco. Feb., 1907.
4°. new series, v. 49, p. 136-139.) * DA

The Fundamental principle of China
policy. (Herald of Asia. Tokyo, July 13,
1918.' f\ V. 5, p. 474-475.) t BBA

Garrett, Caret. The snarl of waking
Asia. (Everybody's magazine. New York.
May, 1915. 4°. v. 32, p. 587-600.) * DA

Glimpses behind the scenes of Japanese
diplomacy. (Current opinion. New York,
Sept., 1919. i\ V. 67, p. 142-144.) * DA

Gulick, Sidney Lewis. Problems in

.American-Japanese relations. (.Asia. New
York, 1917. l\ v. 17, p. 526-528.) t* OAA

Hashiguchi, Jihei. A Japanese point of
view on the Sino-Japancse question. (Far
Eastern review. Shanghai, Aug., 1919. f°.
v. 15, p. 572.) tBBA

Honda, Masujiro. The Far Eastern
diplomacy and .America. (Journal of race
development. Worcester, Mass., April,
1918. 8°. v. 8, p. 401-410.) QOA

Is China worth saving? (Far Eastern
review. Shanghai, Nov., 1919. f°. v. 15,
p. 693.) t BBA

lyenaga, Toyokichi. Relations of the
United States with China and Japan.
(.American Academy of Social and Politi-
cal Science. Annals. Philadelphia, July,
1914. 4'. y. 54, p. 254-259.) SA

Japan and China. (Current history maga-
zine. New York Times. New York. March,
1920. 4°. y. 11. part 2, p. 505-510.)


Japan and China. (Herald of Asia. To-
kyo, June 21, 1919. i\ v. 7, p. 342-343.)


Japan in China. (Herald of Asia. To-
kyo, Dec. 7, 1918. f°. v. 6, p. 286-287.1


Japan's foreign policy. (Herald of .Asia.
Tokvo, Tan. 25, 1919. f°. v. 6, p. 480-481.)


Japan's latest demands on China. (Far
Eastern review. Shanghai, Jan., 1917. i' .
y. 13, p. 295-297.) tBBA

Japan's special position in China. (Japan
weekly chronicle. Kobe, May 1, 1919. {" .
new series, no. 904, p. 643-644.) t BERA

Japanese claim more "compensation"
from China. (Far Eastern review. Shang-
hai, Sept., 1919. i\ y. 15,. p. 610-611.1


Japanese claims in China. (Congres-
sional record. Washington, May 13. 1919.
l". y.5S. part 1, p. 139-140.) * SAE

The Japanese Mission. (New republic.
New York, Aug. 25, 1917. f°. v. 12, p.94-
95.) * DA

Jenks, Jeremiah Whipple. Japan in ac-
tion. (North -American review. New York.
Sept., 1919. i\ V. 210, p. 312-322.) * DA

Kawakami, Kiyoshi Karl. Japan's acts
in China. (.Vorth American review. New
York, Nov., 1919. 4'. v. 210, p. 622-634.)




America and Japan.
Shanghai, July, 1917.

Machray, Robert.

Far Eastern Question, continued.
China, continued.

Kinnosuke, .Adachi. China and Japan —
and America. (Harper's weekly. New-
York. April 13, 1915. i". v. 60, p. 330-.331.)


The L'nitcd States, China and Ja-
pan; what the new understanding means
to Japan. (Asia. New York, 1917. f\ v.
17, p. 788-791.) t*OAA

La Motte, Ellen N. Peking dust. New
York: The Century Company, 1919. xi.
240 p. ilhis. n". ' BEM

Lindsay Russell and his sacred treasure.
A few words on cooperation between
(Far Eastern reyiew.

f°. V. 13, p. sei-sw.)

China, Japan, and the
peace. (Fortnightly reyiew. London,
Aug., 1919. 4°. V. 112, p. 248-258.) * DA

McKenzie, F. A. The unyeiled East.
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