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To my co-editor Maria: You're the one who got me into all this . . .Thanks!


Karen Graham

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said "The reward of a thing well done, is to have done it." Well, we sure did it!!!
As Co-Editor of this year's edition of "FOOTPRINTS", 1 would like to thank the great staff that made this
book possible;

To Kathy: I can not imagine getting through a layout session without you. Thanks for being such a patient

To Danielle and Michelle: The best Business Editors a girl could ask for! Your nutty antics and dedication
helped relieve the tension when things became rough.

To Heather and John: Counting picas and cropping pictures would not have been this much fun without you.

To Sherrie: Thanks for all of your guidance, patience, understanding, and support!!

To Karen: My Co-Editor and partner in crime. I would not have gotten through this without you!! We met our
fair share of obstacles, hurdled them, and still landed with our feet firmly planted on the ground. (A-ROO-

To everyone on the staff who helped in the production of this yearbook through the
con tribution of photography, working on layout and design, typing copy and letters, and most of
all, for putting in the overtime in order to meet deadlines by sacrificing a day or two of vacation.

The experience, knowledge, and friendships that were gained over the past year will forever be
an important part of my time spent at Saint Joe's. THANKS!!

Lots of Love and Happiness Always,



We put the dead in deadline.



Joan Albrecht
158-19 85 Street
Howard Beach, NY 11414

Yvonne Amuzu-Williams

457 Beach 63rd Street
Arveme, NY 11692

Lucia Andriani

1421 East 12th Street

Brooklyn, NY 11230

Elizabeth Audouin
4006 Avenue 1
Brooklyn, NY 11210

Gerard Bellettiere

2919 Ft. Hamilton Parkway

Brooklyn, NY 11218

Rosita Betancourt
70-47 45th Avenue
Woodside, NY 11377

Philip Ciantro
316-76th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11209

Christopher Crisona
227 East 4th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11218

Noreen Daly
347-81st Street
Brooklyn, NY 11209

Awilda DeLaRosa
805 Cleveland Street
Brooklyn, NY 11208

Daniel DePrima
91-45 81st Street
Woodhaven, NY 11421

Joanne Ellison

3-10 Astoria Blvd., Apt 3E

Long Island City, NY 11102

Mark Esposito
112 Powers Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Christine Fitzgerald
66-27 Pleasantview Street
Middle Village, NY 11379

Kathleen Fitzgerald
1113-80 Street
Brooklyn, NY 11228

Dawn Gallagher
1929 East 28th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11229

Therese Geary

1455 East 12th Street

Brooklyn, NY 11230

Paola Giardino

1526 West Second Street

Brooklyn, NY 11204

Maureen Glynn-Murphy
2053 East 29th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11229

Karen Graham

106 Bedford Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11211

Angela Guastella
1764 Stuart Street
Brooklyn, NY 11229

Carol Hallinger
75-31 60th Lane
Glendale, NY 11385

Christopher Hamel

295 Kingsland Avenue, Apt. #2

Brooklyn, NY 11222

Aileen Harry

309 Clarkson Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11226

Ruth Santiago Jimenez
437 68th Street. Apt 4
Brooklyn, NY 11220

Catherine Kean
36-08 21st Avenue
Astoria, NY 11105

Edward Kelly
81-18 91st Avenue
Woodhaven, NY 11421

Patricia Kiziuk
567-79th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11209

Jean Lawrence
1849 Stuart Street
Brooklyn, NY 11229

George Lo

90-33 184th Street

Hollis, NY 11423



Maureen Maguire
2971 Avenue R
Brooklyn, NY 11229

Maria Maniace
145-30 Fourth Avenue
Whitestone, NY 11357

Paula Mapes

1418 East 54 Street

Brooklyn, NY 11234

Donna Marrone
748 East 88th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11236

Elizabeth McHugh
2063 Coyle Street
Brooklyn, NY 11229

James McLaughlin
216 East Fifth Street
Brooklyn, NY 11218

Arlene McMenemon

1310 Pennsylvania Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11239

John Mellone

2235 East 14th Street

Brooklyn, NY 11229

Nancy Mojica

438 Beach 40th Street, Apt 12

Far Rockauay, NY 11691

Diana Monaco
203-1 lth Street
Brooklyn, NY 11215

Donn Morson

340 Dumont Avenue, Apt 9E

Brooklyn, NY 11212

Leila Moschella
1418 East 28th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11210

Randy Neiswenter
3006 Avenue T
Brooklyn, NY 11229

Jennifer Palmer
54 Sherman Street
Brooklyn, NY 11215

Lisa Paone
402 Avenue N
Brooklyn, NY 11230

Christian Parcell
560 Fourth Street
Brooklyn, NY 11215

Louis Perfetto

1845 East 21st Street

Brooklyn, NY 11229

Concetta Perillo

1 7 Chester Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11218

Michelle Radix

1258 Brooklyn Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11203

Elizabeth Rollo

18 Bills Place
Brooklyn, NY 11218

Sylvia Sayer

117-14 109th Avenue

Richmond Hill, NY 11420

Adele Schroeter
714 Union Street
Brooklyn, NY 11215

Juliet Smith

592 Shepherd Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11208

Stephanie Spataro
1577 75th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11228

William Turner

48 Fort Green Place, Apt 9

Brooklyn, NY 11217

Susann Varano
1426-74th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11228

Eileen Tara Walls
112 East Fifth Street
Brooklyn, NY 11218

Wednesday Webb

209 Clinton Avenue, Apt 7F

Brooklyn, NY 11205

Eric Wilkinson

1375 East 88th Street

Brooklyn, NY 11236



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