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thereafter be certified for appointment in all respects as if he had
been placed upon such eligible list after an original examination.

Upon receiving a permanent appointment to a position, per-
manent in its character, the candidate's name shall be stricken
from the eligible list from which he is appointed.

Where a person is appointed for a definite time, under these
rules he may be reappointed, at the expiration of that time, to
the same position without further examination, provided he has
served the time for which he was appointed.

Probationary appointments

Every original appointment or employment in schedule B shall
be for a probationary term of two months, at the end of which
time, if the conduct and capacity of the person shall have been
found satisfactory, the probationer shall be absolutely appointed
or employed, but otherwise his appointment shall cease.

Any person so failing at the end of two months to receive per-
manent appointment, for good cause, shall be ineligible for a
period of one year thereafter for a new examination for the same
position under these rules.


Temporary appointments

No temporary appointment to a position within schedule B
. shall be made of any one not eligible for permanent appointment,
excepting that in case of exigency upon the certificate of the
chairman of the Board of Commissioners that there are no can-
didates upon an eligible list for the position, and with the ap-
proval of the mayor, such temporary appointment may be made,


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and the appointee may hold office thereunder until an eligible
list is prepared, and such eligible list shall thereupon be forth-
with prepared, and the position shall then be filled from an
eligible list. In the event of the appointment of special patrol-
men pursuant to the provisions of law, such special patrolmen
may be appointed without examination. The name of a i)erson
on an eligible list who has received a temporary appointment
shall, notwithstanding such appointment, be deemed to still re-
main upon the eligible list for the purpose of a certification for a
permanent appointment, in like manner as if he did not hold such
temporary appointment. No temporary appointment shall con-
tinue more than two months, except as hereinbefore provided,
and except in cases where the Board of Civil Service Commis-
sioners shall certify a longer continuance of such temporary
appointment to be necessary to the public service.


Penalty for false statements

Every false statement knowingly made by any person in his
application for examination,- and any connivance by him at false
statement made in any certificate which may accompany his
application, or any wilful complicity by him in any fraud to im-
prove his standing upon examination, shall be regarded as good
cause for removal or discharge during his probation.

Bulb XXV

When these rules fail to regulate

Whenever these rules fail to regulate the conduct of the Com-
mission relative to the examination thereunder, the Commission
has temporary power to act with the written approval of the


Folitioal action unaffected

No person in the public service has the right to use his official
authority or influence to coerce the political action of any person
or body.


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New York Civil Service Commission -^ 239


Duty of fiscal oi&oers

Any officer whose duty it is to sign or countersign warrants
shall not draw, sign or issue, or authorize the drawing, signing
or issuing of any warrant on the treasurer or other disbursing
officer of the city for the payment of salary to any person in its
service whose appointment has not been made in pursuance to
these rules. Any sums paid contrary to the provisions of these
rules may be recovered from any officer signing or countersign-
ing warrants for the payment of the same, and from the sureties
on his official bond, in an action in the supreme court of the
state. No person in the civil service of the city of Binghamton
whose position is subject to these rules shall be entitled to com-
p( nsatiou unless appointed pursuant to these rules.



Promotions will in all (lases be based upon the positive merit
of the person promoted and upon his superior qualifications as
shown by his previous services.


Special qualifications for police and fire departments

Examination in schedule B for the police department or fire
department where age and physicial development are most
essential to the best class of eligibles, the Commission shall pre-
scribe a system of measurements for the physician^s examination,
also giving an age limit.

Rule XXX

Begistration and appointment — Schedule D

1 Applicants for positions under schedule D, who produce,
satisfactory evidence of their capacity for labor and their habits
as to industry and sobriety shall be registered in the order of
their application. The register shall state the (1) name, (2) age,


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(3.1 losidence, (4) citizenship, (5) number and relationship of ,)er-
soiis depending for support on the applicant, (6) service in the
army or navy in the civil war, (7) previous occupation, (8) refer-
ence; and such other information as may be required.

2 When the services of employees in schedule D are required,
the officer or person having the appointment or selection shall
notify the Board of Commissioners, stating the number of men
wanted, kind of labor for which they are wanted, and the time
and place of employment; and the Board of Commissioner-s shall •
thereupon send to the officers or the person making the requisi-
tion the names and residences of twice the number of men called
for (if the register contains so many), making an impartial selec-
tion; giving preference to those who have served in the army or
navy of the United States in time of war, and been honorably dis-
charged therefrom, and to those having families dependent upon
their support.

3 The selection shall be made from the lists so furnished and
the names of those employed shall be returned to the Board of
Commissioners forthwith. At the end of their term of service,
the persons so employed may keep their places on the register,
upon application to the examiners and proof that their labor
has been satisfactory. The lists above provided for shall remain
in force for one year.

4 In case the Board of Commissioners are unable to fill a
requisition for laborers, the fact shall be certified to the officer
making the requisition, who shall then make the selection under
such regulations as the Board of Commissioners may from time
to time prescribe.

5 The Board of Commissioners may make such regulations as
may be necessary to identify the registered applicants, and to
preserve a record of their conduct.

No examinations will be required for positions in schedule D.


The following is a list of the officers and positions in the civil
service of the city of Binghamton classified in accordance with
the foregoing rules, and therein referred to.


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Officers elected hy the people

The maiyor, three assessors, two justices of the peace, four con-
stables, one overseer of the poor, thirteen aldermen and the water


I Mayor's ofiSce: clerk.

Police department: foar police commissioners, appointed by
the mayor.

Street department: four street commissioners, appointed by
the mayor.

Board of water commissioners: secretary and superintendent.

Fire department: four fire commissioners, appointed by the

Board of park commissioners: seven commissioners, appointed
by the common council.

Examining and supervising board of plumbers and plumbing:
three members appointed by the mayor.

Binghamton city hospital board of managers: six members,
appointed by the mayor.

Educational department: board of seven commissioners, ap-
pointed by the mayor.

Health department: six members of the board, nominated by
the mayor, and appointed by the common council.

Offlcera elected hy the common council

II City clerk, recorder, city treasurer, city engineer, corpora-
tion counsel, sealer of weights and measures.

III Treasurer's department: collector of delinquent taxes, ap-
pointed by common council; clerk, appointed by treasurer.

IV Board of education: all principals or teachers employed by
the board of education.

y Assistant corporation counsel.

VI Deputy treasurer.

VII Deputy overseer of the poor.



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Appendix I

Superintendent of water works, appointed by the board of
water commissioners.

The chief and two assistant chiefs of police, the police attorney,
appointed by the board of police commissioners.

Commissioners of deeds, city sexton, appointed by the common
council by ballot.

Schedule B

PoclUoDS ill this schedule are competltiye. (See Rules and 15.)

Appendix II

Street department: the superintendent of streets, the clerk,
and the sidewalk inspector.

Police department: patrolmen, roundsmen, police detectives,
police matrons, etc.

Fire department: the engineers and the stokers of steamers,
the drivers, the permanent hosemen, relief engineers, stokers and

City engineer's department: the assistants and the draftsman.

In general: clerks not specifically mentioned, bookkeepers,
copyists and stenographers.

Law department: clerk, appointed by corporation counsel, or

Department of public instruction: superintendent of school
buildings and repairs, attendance officer and clerk.

City clerk's department: clerk, appointed by city clerk.

Supervising board of plumbers and plumbing: clerk.

Board of water commissioners: clerk, engineers, firemen and

Health department: the registrar of vital statistics, the clerk
and inspectors.

Generally: janitor of city buildings, assistant janitor of city

Janitors and care takers of school buildings^ clerks.


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New York Civil Service Commission 243

All inspectors of sewers and pavement construction, all station-
ary engineers and firemen for city bailding.
Elevator attendants, etc.

Schedule D
All laborers and foremen of laborers, teamsters, day workmen,
cartmen, and includes all persons employed as laborers or day
workmen, gardeners, etc.



Approved, New York Civil Service Commission, Sept. 7, 1898


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Office of the Civil Service Commission
805 Ellicott Square
Buffalo, N. Y., July 15th, 1898.

Pursuant to section 8, of chapter 354 of the laws of 1883, as
amended by chapters 357 and 410 of the laws of 1884, chapter 428
of the laws of 1897 and chapter 186 of the laws of 1898, the Civil
Service Commission of the city of Buffalo does hereby prescribe
the following rules for the admission of persons into the civil
service of the city of Buffalo, and for the conduct of persons who
may receive appointment in the said service.

These rules shall take effect immediately after they have re-
ceived the approval of the mayor of the city of Buffalo and of
the Civil Service Commission of the state of New York, and are
filed in the office of the city clerk of Buffalo.

Rule I

These rules shall apply to all persons in the public service of
the city of Buffalo, except officers elected by the people, in-
spectors of election and poll clerks, and those hereinafter speci-
fied in schedule A.

Rule II

The civil service of the city of Buffalo is hereby divided into
schedules A, B, C and D.

Schedule A shall include: 1. The head or heads of any depart-
ment or bureau of the city government and their deputy or
assistant. 2. Any subordinate officer who, by virtue of his office,
has personal custody of public securities for the safe keeping
of which the head of an office is under official bonds. 3. Other
persons or positions specifically named in schedule A.


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Report of the New York Civil Sejrvicb Commission 245

Schedule B. All positions to be filled by selection from among
those graded highest as the result of open competitive examina-
tions shall constitute schedule B, and shall include all positions
not specifically named in schedules A, C and D.

The positions in schedule B are further subdivided as follows:

First grade — Clerks and employees receiving compensation at
the rate of |1,200 or less per annum.

Second grade — Clerks and employees receiving compensation
at the rate of more than |1,200, but nbt exceeding f2,000 per

Third grade — Clerks and employees receiving compensation at
the rate of more than |2,000 per annum.

Applications for examination must state the grade of position
for which the applicants seek to compete. Examinations will be
based upon the qualifications necessary for each grade.- Appoint-
ing officers will specify the vacancy they wish filled and the
examiners will certify accordingly.

Schedule C shall include only such persons or positions as are
specifically named therein.

Schedule D shall include all persons employed as laborers.

The above named schedules are hereunto attached, and are
hereby made a part of these rules.

Any new position or any position in the civil service of the city
of BuflFalo omitted for any cause from the foregoing schedules
or appendices, is also included in these rules, and until assigned
by the Civil Service Commission to its proper schedule by written
desi^ation, approved by the mayor and Civil Service Commis-
sioners of the state of New York, and filed with the city clerk,
•shall be deemed to be in schedule B.

Rule III

For the purpose of conducting the itiquiries and making the
examinations mentioned in section 8 of the said law as amended,
the mayor shall appoint fifteen suitable persons, citizens of
Buffalo, at least three of whom shall be physicians, who shall
constitute the Civil Service Commission^ of Buffalo, hereinafter


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246 Sixteenth Bbpobt op thb

for brevity also called " The Commission," and each member of
which shall be known as a civil service commissioner of Buffalo;
and for the same purpose shall also, upon the recommendation
of the Commission, employ a suitable person who shall act and
be known as the secretary of the Commission. The Commission
may, with the concurrence of the common copncil, employ such
assistant or assistants as may be necessary for the proper ad-
ministration of the office. Not more than eight of the com-
missioners shall belong to the same political party, and no pne
of them shall be otherwise in the service of the city. Each com-
missioner shall, before entering upon the discharge of his duties,
take and file with the city clerk an oath in the general form pre-
scribed for other city officers.

The mayor may, at any time, by filing with the city clerk and
the secretary of the Commission a written notification of the
change, appoint another citizen in the place of any one so ap-
pointed, who shall thereupon cease to be such commissioner.
The commissioners shall serve without pay.

The commissioners shall, at the first regular meeting of the Com-
mission held in January of each year, from among their number
choose a chairman to act for the period of one year, or until his
successor is elected, and the chairman shall at once appoint
committees to take charge of the various examinations. It shall
be the duty of such committee to take charge of and be respon-
sible for all examinations assigned to them as they shall from
time to time be ordered by the Commission.

A commissioner who shall absent himself from three consecu-
tive meetings without good and sufficient reason therefor shall
be deemed to have resigned, and it shall be the duty of the secre-
tary to forthwith notify such commissioner to send to the Com-
mission his reason, in writing, for nbn-attendance, and if after
ten days from the date of such notice no excuse sha^l have been
received by the Commission, the secretary shall at once notify
the mayor of such resignation.

The schedule of rating of the candidates and the certificate or
certificates upon each examination and of the recommendation.


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New York Civil Service Commission 247

shall be signed by a majority of the committee, if any, conducting
the examination, and be approved by the Commission. During
the absence or inability to act of the chairman, a temporary chair-
man, chosen by the Commission from their own number, may, in
all respects, act as chairman.

It shall be the duty of the Commission to conduct all exami-
nations held under these rules, and to ascertain the fitness and
merit of candidates for the service of the city in respect to char-
acter, knowledge and ability for the branch of the service into
which they seek to enter, and to that end may require the super-
intendent of police to ascertain and report to the Commission
such information as he can obtain concerning the character of
candidates, and to estimate and determine the relative excel-
lence or standing of the persons examined, and to certify the
same as herein prescribed. The secretary shall keep min-
utes of their proceedings, and all necessary records of appli-
cants, their examinations and standing, and a complete record
of all persons employed in the several departments to which
these rules apply, and of all appointments, promotions, dis-
missals, resignations and changes of any sort therein, and shall
render all such services in connection with the conduct of the
inquiries and examinations above mentioned as may be required
of him by the Commission.

Rule IV

These rules shall in no way interfere with the right of any
officer or head of department to make dismissals from his depart-
ment except that no employee shall be dismissed because of his
political views or aflfiliations. In case of dismissal or reduction
of a person holding a position subject to competitive examina-
tion, a statement in writing of the specific reasons therefor shall
be furnished to the person dismissed by the officer dismissing
him, and a copy thereof shall be filed with the records of this
office, and with the head of the department or other appointing
officer, and the person so removed or reduced shall have an op-
portunity to make an explanation. Every dismissal and other


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248 Sixteenth Report or the

change in the municipal service shall be reported in writing to
the Commission and to the city clerk within ten days after the
change takes place.

Rule V

Appointments to position in schedule A may be made without
examination; but the appointing oflBcer shall file with the secre-
tary of the Commiseion within ten days after making any such
appointment, a formal notification thereof in writing^ setting
forth the full name of such appointee, date and place of birth,
length of residence in Buffalo, nature of previous employment,
whether he has ever been in official service before, and if so,
when and where; date of beginning of service, and term for which
appointed, a specific description of the duties of the position,
name of person in whose place appointed, and such other statis-
tical information as the Commission may deem proper for regis-
tration; the same to be duly certified by the appointing officer.

In these rules the term "appointing officer" shall be con-
strued to include any person, board or commission having the
power to appoint to any position in the civil service of Buffalo.

Rule VI

Every vacancy in schedule B not filled by promotion shall be
filled by selection from those who have passed highest in open
competitive examinations, subject to the conditions expressed
in the following rules.

Rule VII

Appointments to position in schedule C shall be made by the
head of the office or department subject to a qualifying examin-
ation only, or in the discretion of such official, they may be
offered for open competition, or for limited competition of such
persons as may be named by the head of the department; but no
person shall receive an appointment to any position in this sched-
ule except upon the certificate of the Commission that such
person has been found to be duly qualified.


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Nim York Civil Service Commission 249


All examinations under these rules shall be conducted under
the auspices of the Commission, and shall relate to those matters
which will fairly test the relative capacity and the fitness and
merit of the persons examined to discharge the duties of that
service for which they are named, or into which they seek to be
appointed. For such purpose the Commission shall be satisfied,
and shall so certify, that the person named or applying, is:

First — Within the limits of age prescribed for the situation or
employment for which named or applying. All candidates shall
be at least twenty-one years of age, and not more than sixty
years of age at the date of their examination, except as herein-
after provided.

Second — Free from any physical defect or disease likely to
interfere with the proper discharge of his duties, arid

Third — ^That his character is such as to qualify him for such
situation or employment, and

Fourth — That he possesses the requisite knowledge and ability
to enter upon the discharge of the duties of such situation or


Applications for positions included in schedules B and C must
be in the handwriting of the applicant, and be addressed to the
" Secretary of the Civil Service Commission, Buffalo, N. Y." and
must be accompanied by the following pai)ers:

First — The affidavit of the applicant that he is a citizen of the
United States and has resided continuously in the city of Buffalo,
for the last three preceding years, stating the street and number
of his residence, his age and place of birth; the nature of his
education and also of his business training and experience and
whether he has ever been in official service before, and if so,
when and where; and whether he has ever been discharged there-
from, and if so, the reason thereof, and also whether he has been
honorably discharged from military or naval service of the
United States, during the late civil war, in which case the dis-
charge or a duly authenticated copy thereof shall be submitted
with the application.


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250 Sixteenth Report op the

In special cases where the interests of the city require it, the
foregoing rule in reference to the requirement of a three years'
residence of applicant may be dispensed with by vote of the

Second — ^The certificates of not less than three or more than
five reputable citizens of Buffalo, each certifying that he individ-
ually has been personally acquainted with the applicant for at
least one year and believes him to be of good moral character^
of temperate and industrious habits, and in all respects fit for
the service he wishes to enter; that they, are willing to answer
such detailed questions as may be addressed to them by the
Commission in relation thereto, and that all such information
may be published in the discretion of the Commission.

Third — ^The certificate of a practicing physician in good stand*
ing that he has examined the applicant and found him free from
any disease or physical defect that would impair his ability to
render good and faithful service to the city.

Fourth — ^The Commission may require such other papers as it
m^y deem necessary for the purpose of examination.

Blank forms of application under this section will be provided
by the Commission.

Rule X

Registers of applicants shall be kept by the secretary of the
Commission, which registers shall contain or set out such infer-
tation or data concerning each applicant as the Commission may
de^n wise and proper.

Police department

Rule XI

All applicants for appointment as patrolmen in the police
department shall be —

First — Citizens of the United States and residents of the city
of Buffalo for at least three years next prior to the date of their

Second — ^Not less than twenty -four nor more than thirty-three
years of age at the date of their examination, nor more than
thirty-five at the date of their appointment.


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New York Civil Service Commission 251

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