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Army and in particular from D"' Franklin, that you will be satisfied in order to put
confidence enough in us to consign all Vessells you send for this part to our house
and we flatter ourselves to find the best sale possible for your merchandize and send
in return what goods you will think proper to order if they are to be had in franca
We are able to furnish you at demand with Cannon and Gun powder Salt-petre
Sulfre, Lead, Iron, & Brass Cannon of all Sizes Muskets such as we have sent the Con-
gress, being of the last mode for the Infantry of franco, prooved well finished and per-
fectioned with double bride locks — We have muskets of all proofs from 12 to 22
livers of per pice with Bayonets and Steel Ram-rods and bores suitable for ball of 14
or J 6 to the lb. ; all the Muskets are uniform of the same size and same modell ; We have
also handsome and good gun locks which are well finished and Conditioned.

We have the honnour of observing that there is only our house able to furnish
you with the foregoing articles and that we shall take upon us the risk and dangers
of putting them on board and to let your Vessells go out of our port freely; them are
powers that we are trusted with and which we have in hands, not any other in France
shall be able to give you the like advantages and furnish you with such amnnition
which we receive directly from the manufactures of the King — We are able to furnish
you also with all kind of Broad Cloths fit for Cloathing of Soldiers (We have sent a
quantity to Messr' Browns of providence) We have them of all Colours, good quality
and well assorted, for the price of 5 and 7 livers pr Ell but the following Colours
of the same quality will be somewhat higher. Such as Scarlet, Prussian-Blue, Yellow
and Green and further we are able to furnish you with such cloths as will be desired,

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1776] PETITIONS. 493

likewise with all kinds of Blankets from 3, 4, 5, 6 a 7 livers pr piece, also Linens for
Shirting the Troops from 30 to 50 souce pr Ell, we shall be able Gentlemen to furnish
in general with every kind of merchandize of the first quality and at the most reason-
able rates ; and you may assure yourselves that we shall dispatch immediately every
Vessell that you shall think proper to adress us whether the Cargo is sold or not.

We have established our house in this place thinking it the safest and most Con-
venient port in France for the American Trade, and we have entered in partnership
with one of the Richest and first houses for business in Nantes, the name is J Gruel,
Merchant upon isle feydeau, therefore in adressing your Vessells to that house by giving
us immediate notice will be the same as if adressed directly to us making but one
and the same house for all the trade we have with North America — In case you
should send a Vessell to Bordeaux we take the liberty of reccomraending to you the
house of Mess" Recule de Bamarain and Raimbeaux being one of the most principal
houses there and who we think will do your business better than any other can do
— We have in our house and at the head of our Affaires that we transact with North
America Mr Wilt a young man from Philadelphia who holds our correspondence in
English therefore if you should have any affaires particular or secret to transact or
negotiate you may be assured of the order and discression that reighns in our house.

We have the honnour to be in the Mean time with our most sincere Respects
Gentl" Your Most Obed & Most Hbl Servts PLIARUE, PENET & CO.

Application for Salt.

[Miscel. Pap. 35 : 699.]

Two Cargoes Salt the Property of the Continent one at New Rochelle the other
at New London qt abt 3800 Bus. under the direction of Messrs Francis Lewis,
John Alsop & Philip Livingston.

Fish Kill, Oct. 1776.
Sirs : We are informed that there is two Cargoes of Salt belonging to the Conti-
nent under your direction the one at new Rochelle the other at New London, as
there is a pressing Necessity for securing the Provisions that lay contigious to the
Enemy we request that you will sell us this Salt for the Public Service, the reason
of this application is to p'revent if possible a quantity of provisions falling into the
hands of the Enemy ; nor is the salt itself which lies at New Rochelle out of Danger.

Petitions of Andrew Bostwich.

[Petitions, 33: 78, 240.]

To the Honourable the Representatives of the State of New York in Convention

assembled. , . ^

The Memorial of Andrew Bostwick an Insolvent debtor now confined in Goal of
the County of Orange Humbly Sheweth,

That your Memoralist having been confined near nineteen months notwithstandmg
all his Efforts to accomplish a settlement with his Creditors. Is by the prevailing
Calamity of the times Cut off from nil hopes of obtaining his Liberty— and thereby
unfortunately deprived of every opportunity of serving his Creditors his Family or
his Country (which at this perticular period claims the utmost Exertion of every
Individual member of Society) unless Enabled by The Timely Interposition of this
Honourable Body. That your Memorialist from his Present Confinement has it not
in his power to mend his circumstances, but they must of Necessity be daily Growing
worse, is therefore anxiously desireous something may be done that may have a
tendencv to better'them.

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494 PETITIONS. [1776

_ J

Youv Memorialist therefore most humbly begs leave to recommend his Case to
this Honb'° Convention, praying them to grant such speedy Relief as the nature &
Necessity of the Case Requires. And your Memorialist as in duty bound shall ever
pray &" AND^ BOSTWICK.

Read Oct. 22, 1776. Ordered to be discharged on giving Security.

To the Honb" the Representives of the State of New York in Convention


The Petition of Andrew Bostwick an Insolvent debter now Confined in the Goal
of the County of Oi-ange, Humbly Sheweth,

That your Petitioner through Sundry Losses and disapointments in trade is
Rendered incapable of makeing full payments to his Creditors by which means he
has been in actual confinement for near seventeen months.

That your Petitioner has no desire to be discharged from the payment of his just
debts, without making all the sattisfaction to his Creditors that's in his power, And
is apprehansive that a Resolve of the Honb'* Convention permitting the Sherifi" to
Release him from confinement on such conditions as they shall deem meat & Proper,
Cannot in the Least Injure the Creditors but on the contrary will better enable him
to settle his affairs with them more to their mutual advantage then he could do
■while continued in confinement. Your Petitioner therefore most humbly prays this
Honb'^ Convention that they would take his case into their consideration and grant
such speedy Relief, as the Nature & Necessity of the case Requires. And your
Petitioner as in duty bound shall ever pray &■=— AND^ BOSTWICK.

[October 23, 1776.] Prayer granted.

Petition of William Forbes.
[Petitions, 33 : 68.]
To the Honourable the provincial Congress of the State of New York.

The memorial of William Forbes of Goshen in Orange County in said State hum-
bly sheweth,

That a little before your honourable Convention moved from New York to White
Plains y"' unhappy memorialist fell under the great misfortune of being misrepre-
sented to y' Honours as unfriendly to the American States, and altho' he
avouched his Innocency ; yet the Perplexity of the times, then interveeuing, unfor-
tunately prevented, for that Time, a full Examination of his case, and he was then
transmitted into the State of Connecticut & finally comitted to the custody of the
Keeper of Litchfield County Goal in which Prison he still remains. And whereas
his peculiar misfortunes renders his present close confinement very distressing as he
is by his poverty utterly unable to provide himself with either bedding o"r even
present necessary clothing, Avhich heavy calamities must be greatly aggravated
by a much longer confinement under his present circumstances as the severity
of winter wears a very horrid Aspect in the Northwesterly part of a Cold Goal.
These glooms have still a keener edge set to them by the very great additional
melanchoUy consideration that his confinement not only deprives him of the comfort
of the very agreeable company of a beloved wife, and four helpless Babes; but
totally deprives him of the possibility of afibrding any relief to their distresses.
Whereupon _y' Honour's very unfortunate memorialist taking Encouragement from
y"' Honours impartiality and Humanity humbly recommends his greatly distressed
case to as speedy a consideration as the variety of y' important afli"airs will Admit
of He really hopes he shall be so happy as to evince his Innocency whenever he
can be so happy as to_ appear before y"^ Honours. Y' Honours memorialist craves y'
Honours Patience while he adds to his profession of Innocency his honest Declara-
tion of an hearty desii-e for the Prosperity of the American States, in Favour of
which he is ready to risque his life either by Sea or Land under the Tie of a sacred
oath of Fidelity to them in their glorious and righteous contest for Independency

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111Q] PETITIONS. 495

and Exemption from the Tyranny of Brlttain and her despotick monarch. The
memorialist humbly hopes his Dismition or Tryal may be speedy ; but if the present
Imbarrassment of the Times necessitates a Delay thereof he implores the Honour-
able Congress to mitigate in some measure the pungent distresses of his present
confinement either by Directinge he may be returned from his present Exile and
permitted to reside with his family as a prisoner of Hope under the Inspection and
direction of some Committee of Inspection or such other person as your Honours
should please to appoint, or if that should be tho't inexpedient, That y' unfortunate
supplicant may be delivered from the Horrors of a cold winter Goal by being per-
mitted to labour at his trade under such rostrictions as y' Hon" may think fit merci-
fully to indulge him in Connecticut. And y"^ unfortunate memorialist as in Duty
bound shall ever pray, &c. "VV^ FORBES.

LiTCHFIELB CouNTy GoAL, Ocf 26"' A.D. 1116.

Petition of WiUiam McNeal.
[Petitions, 33 : 80.]
To the Honorable Conventsion at the fishkills

The Humble Petitision of William M^Neal.

That a Twelvemonth last May past my father In Law James Wiltsie Did take up
of M' John Cain the sum of Two hundred pounds, for which we gave him our Note
of hand payable for the same to the said John Cain, and that last february the said
John Cain Demanded Landed Security for the said money and that my father In Law
James Wiltsie Did give him a mortage for the same to one Cap* Montresure of the
British Army, and that my father In Law now Deceased, the place has fell to me
and have since applyed to the said John Cain to pay of the Mortgage and Interest,
and Dennies Receiving any Interest or the money, and therefore your petisioner
prays your advice and assistance in the affair In order that he may have the mort-
gage taken up. W« M-^NEAL.

FrsHKiLLS, October SO*"" 17T6.

Petition of John Simpson and Others.

[Petitions, 33: TO.]

The Congress of the State of New York.

Gentlemen : It is Now six weeks and two Days since we were admitted to our
Parole by your body at the White Plains, our Destination Bedford, we were at the
same time informed that the Committee of that Place were to furnish us with two
Dollars P' week on accoumpt of the Continentall Congress (for our subsistence) to
be Repaid by us when Exchanged, for which we have Repeatedly apply^ but through
inatention, or want of understandina; in the matter it has hitherto been Neglected ;
which Lays us under the Nesesity of this aplication, Disiring you would be kmd
Enough to order the arears to be Paid us, as Likeways to apomt the means ot our
futor suport, we have Boarded upon our own Credit for the six weeks at Bedford-
brought from there on friday last without a morsel of victuals being alloud us from
seven oClock of the morning of that day till Saturday, that we Got our Diners upon
afresh Credit at the Plains, where we now sojourn as we have no money to Get our
Linnen washed or shoos mended &"= ■= the favour of your attention to this will much
oblige your Humble Servt' JN° SIMPSON,



Qgt'n^e W° M^DERMOTT.

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Petition of Isaac Davis, James Winne and others.

[Petitions, 33 : 238.]

To the Honorable Convention of the State of New York.

The petition of us Isaac Davis, James Winne, Samuel Newkerk, with several
others, Most Humbly Sheweth,

That your Petitioners Residenters at Little Shandekan, "Woodstock, &' and now
Ingaged in the Continatiel Sarvice In a Company of Raingers Commanded by Capt.
Elias Hasbrook. But that your Petitioners finding theraselfs greatly Deceived by
the many Delucive arguments and Persuasions as an Inducement for our Ingageing
with him. The facts of which are already presented your Honourable Body with
therefore think it unnessasary to Insert them\ in this only pray the Matter to he
Taken into consideration and a hearing may be had when we shall cheerfully justify
whatever is Eledged and make no Doubt but shall be freed from the Insnared obliga-
tions we are subjected to, ISAAC DAVIS,









Muster EoU of Cap' Joshua JRogers' Company Colo' Drake\ Regiment.

Joshua Rogers, Cap'
William Clark, Lieut.,
Ebenez' Phillips, Do.
David Carll, Srt.,
Samuel Alen, Do.,
John Marvin, Do.,
John Viel, Cor'

Jeremiah Smith, Do.,
Joseph Mott, Do.,
Garet Degroat, Dm.,
John Oaks, fif ,
Robert Niccols,
Ebenez' Smith,
Isaac Davison,
Thomas Mott,
Nathaniel Scudder,
Jonathon Conkling,
John Gould,
Jesse Wickes,
Lemuel Smith,
John Conkling,
Joseph Magere,
John Whitman,
JeamS Bryant,
John Ruland,
Elicam Brush,
Israel Conkling,
Elias Thompson,
David Willinson,
Gilbert Soper,

[N. T. Coll. Msa. CII: 6.]

absent without Leave.
Sick absent.

Sick at Norwark.
sick in hospital.

on Guard at Kings Bridg.

Sick absent.

Sick pres'.

Lame in hospital.

Sick up the North River.

Sick Do up the North River.

one of the Rangers,
Sick in hospital.

Sick present,

the Quarter masters waiter,

did not answer.

Sick pres'.

Sick in hospital.
Up the N. Kiver.

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Nathaniel Wilmot,

on Command at the hospital.

Edmund Bunce,

Elexander Wood,

Jonathan Wickes,

Stephen Wickes,

Sick up the North River.

Lemuel Moger,

on Guard at Kings Bridge.

Jeddediah Willinson,

Ebenez' Homand,

Samuel Satterly,

on Guard at Kings Bridg.

Jonathan Thomson,


Benjaman Ruland,

one of the Rangers.

Joseph Lane,

Doxe Lane,

Daniel Sweesy,

William Sweesy,

Joseph Seward,

Sick up the North River.

Daniel Davis,

on Guard at Kings Bridg.

Isaac Garrard,

Benjaman NiccoUs,

Abraham DuUunse,

Sick up the North River.

John Weest,

Sick Do

Chai-ls Berry,

Shadrick Gean,

Phineas Meicks,

Sick up the North River.

Jonathan Bayle,

on Guard at Kings Bridg.

Solomon Ren,

Ceser Indien,

Saul Burwagen,

Zebulon Smith,

Sick Absent.

Jehiel Meed,


Daniel Smith,


Daniel Blatchly,


Jesse Soper,


Zophar Conkling,


Isaac Hawkens,


Amos Adorns,


Joseph Smith,


Samuel Jackson,


Piatt Arther,


David Hults,


Eliphalet Wood,

Sick Absent.

Zophar Ruland,


William Davis,


Jervis Tucker,

Taken in the Retreat from New York.

Daniel Rogers,

Henery Hubbert,
Isaac Conkling,

Sick Absent.

Taken or Killed in the Retreat from New York,

Jeremiah Chichester,

Dyed at Dobses Ferry Sept' 15'\

Elias Garrard,

Do Octob' 9'\

Jacob Scudder,

Deserted Sept' 12*"-

Able Cook,

Deserted Sept' 29'".

Benajah Smith,

Do Sept' 29'".

Ezecal Hand,

Do Sept' 29'"-

Beniaman Titus,

Dyed at Dobs ferry October 11'".

Nicols Tillison,


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List of Prisoners Taken at Hackenscuik.

[Misoel. Pap. 36 : 165.]

Soldiers: Sailors in the Imemy's Service:

John Miller, Lt. Horsman, John M'^Krackan,

John Maylack, W" Brown,

Joshua Fouler W"' Russell,

James Colvin,
Isaac Longworth.

W" Day said to be imployed in sinking the Chevaux De Frise and afterwards
Piloted y° Enemys ships up the North River.

John Persall a Disaffected Person.

Gabriel Vanorden a Great Tory and very mischievious.

Andrew Buskirk, Plundering the Whigs a very great Tory.

Thomas Gardner said to have been promised a Commission in y" Enemy's service.
A violent Tory.

Charles Gardner, a Tory, his Family is remov* to N. York he was assisting to load
the Vessell for N. York.

Salmon Dewyer late a Soldier with Col Wyne Since with the Enemy.

Henry Labach a Cooper imployed in the Enemys Service on Board y' Sloop at

Iteport concerning Ryner Van Hoesen.
[Misoel. Pap. 39 : 369.]

Whereas Ryner Van Hoesen hath been confined in Goal in this State from the
fourteenth Day of February last because of his being a good Pilot who might by
falling into the Hands of the Enemy afford aid to their Designs and it hath been since
determined by this Convention that the said Ryner Van Hoesen ought not to be
trusted at large but should be confined within the Limits of the City of Albany, and
whereas it is highly unjust that any man should be deprived of the means of labour-
ing for the Support of himself and his Family where no Crime hath by him been
Committed —

Resolved therefore that the said Ryner Van Hoesen shall receive the sum. of seven
Shillings per Day from the Day of his Confinement to the Time of his Arrival at
Albany, and the sum of eight Shillings per Day from and after his said arrival untill
he shall be discharged by this Convention or some future Legislature of this State.

Deposition of Isaac I. Sebring.

[Miscel. Pap. 35 : 285.]

Fishkill, State of New York, ss.

Isaac I. Sebring late of Kings County on Nassau Island but now of Fishkill & State
above mentioned being sworn deposeth & Saith,

That on the 31"' of October last he was at the house of Dominie Vanderlinden
when Mr' Vanderlinden shewed him a printed Handbill dated at New York October
4"" with the signature A Emmerick highly reflecting on the Continental Congress
& very predjudicial to the interests of America, that this deponent requested the
loan of the said paper from Mr" Vanderlinden who said she had borrowed it from a
Soldier who had found three of them under a Chestnut Tree near her house & could
not spare it, but that there were more of them in the neighborhood. In consequence
of which when he the said Sebring came to the House of a Mr Hopper, Inkeeper at
Piramus in the county of Bergen and State of New Jersey, he enquired for some
of the said Papers & one of them was given to him either by Mr" Hopper the wife
of the said Hopper or his Daughter, the deponent is not certain which and" further
this deponent saith not. ISAAC I. SEBRING.

Sworn this third day of No' 1770 before me,

PiERKB Van Cobtlandt, V. Pres\

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111G] LETTERS. 499

Warrant against William Murry and Cornelius Thorp.
[Miscel. Pap. 35: 279.]
Orange County, ss

You arc hereby authorized to take the Bodys of William Murry & Coruelius
Thorp so called & bring them forthwith to the House of Mr John Brewster to answer
before the Precint Committee of a charge against them for altering the continental
currancy, & if aid or assistance be needful you are likewise authorized hereby to call
in for that purpose, such part of the Militia as may be necessary Given under our
hand this 5'" Nov"" 1776. NATH'' SATTERLY,

To JoSHFAH MiLLEE to execute this order.


Gen Scott to the Convention.

[Mil. Commit. 25: 464]

Camp on the Heights neak white Plains, Nov'' 5"" 1776.

Sir : I was honored this morning with the Receipt of yours of the 2* Instant. Gen-
eral Clinton and myself conferred on its contents. He thinks that his Brigade will
not except in a very few Instances want cloathing, mine certainly will not as they
have but 25 days more to serve. I must earnestly recommend it to the Committee
of Safety to expedite the Commissions before my Brigade is discharged, that there
may be a chance of recruiting them or some of them on the new establishment, —
Nothing new to communicate but that this moment I have received information that
there is a great movement and Rumbling of carriages in the Enemies army ; that
they have withdrawn their advanced guards; and quitted one of their Incampments
nearest to us. It is conjectured they are moving westward but nothing certain can
be Concluded on account of the Fogginess of the Weather, until the return of the
Scouts which General Clinton & myself have sent out. I shall keep this unsealed
with Intent that if the Rider should not set off before we can make discoveries I
may impart them to you, a few Cannon this moment heard from a great distance —
Major Fish would be fond of accepting a Majority in the new establishment. I can
honestly recommend him as well qualified for that Rank. — This I am sure of there
is not a better Brigade Major in the Army. Indeed I have not seen one who can do
the Duties of the Grand Parade so well as he except Major Henly ; and I think he
does not exceed him, In other departments of his present appointment he gives me
great Satisfaction.

I am Sir With Great Respect Your and the Honorable Committee's most Obd'

The Honorable the President or Vice President, &' &".

Return of Capt. Van Zandfs Company, in Col. l^asher's Meg' Mv' 5 1776.

[IS. T. Col. Mss. CI. 143.]
Viner Van Zandt, Captain on furlow.
Fred Stymets, 1 Lieut, ) p^.^^^^^^
Samuel Johnson, 2 do j

Benjamin Burras, I p,ese„t. L .,,
Peter Myers, J \ berjts.

John Crolious, with Coll. Lasher, )
Garret Van Dewater, on furlows 1

Walter Hyer, orderlv to Gen' Heath, V Corp''.
David Mandevill, Kill'd Octo' 30th, \

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Privits fit for Duty.
John Burras,
John Beaty,
James Cambel,
George Cortelye,
Andrew Ten Eyck,
John Elsworth, Jun',
Will" Hugei',
Joseph Donelson,
Will'" Strachan,
John Reed,
David Shaddle,
Will" Peckwill,

Daniel Choen,
James Kersted,
Peter Young,
Severin Donelson,
Jesse Donelson,
Frederick Donelson.

With Coll Lasher.
John Markland,
Joseph Frilock,
John T. Elsworth,
Anthony Apple,
Jacob Howser,
Simon Snider.

Tent Makers on Commaud.
John Salmond,
Isaac Van Hook,
Will"" Rome,
James Parmer. .

Sick in, jersey.
Henry Van Dalsin,
Thommas LT)ngley,
Will" Johnson,
John Acley.

Sick at Peeks EJiU.
James Duglas,
Will" Ten Broek.

16 Deserted or taken in the Retreat from New York.

Absent with out Leaf.
George Beekmau, Francis Ardin,

Samuel Brewer, Drum', Joseph Dobbs.

FRED. STYMETS, 1" Liextt.

Cap' Seth Marviri's Company
[N. T. Col. Mss.
Seth Marvin, Capt,
Abraham Hanford, Lieut,
William Bradly, Sick absent, Left Camp

Sep' 25, without Leave.
Stephen Holsey, Serg', Sick, absent Left

Camp Nov' 1",
Rodrick Beeby, Serg*,
Daniel Smith, Serg',
Brewster Helms, Corp',
David Cady, Corp',
Timothy Little, Corp',
Cornelius Metune, Drum', Missing Sep' 15,
William Davis, Missing Sep' 15,
Jesse Marvin, sick, absent, Sep' 20*,
Samuel Pai-shel, Do Aug'' 27,
Theophilus Jackson, Do Sep' 17,
. Abraham Cory, Do Oct' 27,

William Hodge, Do Oct' 27,

Isaac Kelly, Left at King' Bridge,
John Dickinson, Do
John Mapes, Do

Samuel Taylor, Do

John Weed, sick, absent Oct' 27,
Isaac Pitcher, Do 27,

Francis Tuthill,
Joseph Davis,
Benjamin Howell,
Thomas Scott,
John Rogers,
Nathan Miller,

in Col. Sam' Drake's Peg'
or. 144.]

Amos Miller,

Niard Curtice,

Richard Herriman,

James West,

Joseph Dickerson,

Zebut Jume,

John Ferren,

Jeremiah Griffith,

Elijah Skeels,

Ashael Root,

David Root,

Mathias Taylor,

George Long,

Derrick Johnson,

Abraham Doran,

Benjamin Lord,

John Hughson,

David Chapman,

Ezekiel Chapman,

Andris Gardinier,

Jedediah Fuller,

John Marvin,

John Mury,

John Cole,

Obediah Helms,

Caleb Ashly,

Amos Travis,

Joseph Lord,

Henry Johnson, Deserter,

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