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cations of Indiana, 1800 to 1890, including references to the
laws establishing the state offices and institutions and an
index to the official reports. pip.O. Indianapolis 1890.
Bowen-Merrill, paper 50c n. (Indiana Hist. Soc. Pamphlets,
no.5) 016.3539772 H83

Indiana — State Library. Index to Documentary Journal of
Indiana to 1899. Indianapolis 1900. (see its Biennial

Report, 1899-1900. p. 293-326) 027.5772 A 1899-1900

Iowa — State Library. Laws, Journals, Documents, etc. pub-
lished by Iowa, 1 838-1 890. (see its Biennial Report, 1891.
p.164-223) 027.5777 A 1891


Kansas Historical Society, Catalog; Constitutions, Kansas Ter-
ritory, Kansas State. (see its Transactions, 1897-1900.
6:383-475) 978.1 K13V.6

Contents: Papers relating to the Constitutions of Kansas, 1855-61; Kansas
Territorial Publications; Kansas StateJPublications.


New York State Library has card index to Massachusetts pubUc documents
issued by Massachusetts State Library.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire — State Library. Index List of Reports of
Departments of New Hampshire and other Documental Mat-
ter published in the Appendices to Legislative Journals, 1822-
1869 and in the Annual Reports, 1870-1890; Check-list of New
Hampshire Laws, 1 789-1 891. (see its Report of the Librarian,
1891. 22:85-138) 027.5742 A V.22

List of Official Publications of New Hampshire, 1889-94.

(see its Report of the Librarian, 1890-94. v.21-24)

027.5742 A v.21-24

Report for 1892, p. 77-117, also gives a " Condensed Li=t of Reports o<^ Depart-
ments and some other State Publications," including the " Check-list of New
Hampshire Laws, 1789-1891."

New Jersey

New Jersey — State Library. New Jersey Books and Pamphlets
in the General Library. (see its Annual Report of the
Librarian, 1900. p. 13-71) 027.5749 A 1900

New York
N. Y. (State) — Legislature. General Index to the Legislative
Documents, 1777-1888. 975P-0. Alb. 1891.

Law Library


Documents OhlO

Hayes, Rutherford Piatt. Publications of the State of Ohio,
1803-1896. jip.O. Norwalk O. 1897. paper.

Penn. — State Library. Check List of the Laws, Minutes, Jour-
nals and Documents of Pennsylvania, 1682-1901. (see its
Report of the Librarian T002. p. 185-283) 027.5748 A 1902

List for 1682-1889, 1682-1897, 1682-1898 and 1682-1899, in reports for
1889, 1899, 1900 and 1901.

Oilman, Marcus D. Vermont, (see his Bibliography of Ver-
mont. 1897. p.291-316) 016.9743 qG42
349p. Q; sold by state librarian, Montpelier, $2.25 n.

Foreio'ii countries


Canada — Geological and Natural History Survey. List of Pub-
lications, see under Geology and paleontology, p.322.

American Library Association — Foreign Documents, Committee
on. Partial List of French Government Serials in American
Libraries. p. 95-164,0. Alb. 1902. Univ. of the State
of New York, paper 15c. (N. Y. (State) — Library. Bulletin:
bibliography 33) 016.32844 Am3

Great Britain

Gt. Br. — Stationery Office. List of Works published on Account
of Her Majesty's Stationery Office, by Eyre & Spottiswoode,
except the admiralty hydrographic publications and the geo-
logical and ordnance survey maps, 31st Jan. 1896. 286p.Q.
Lond. 1896.

Quarterly List of Official Publications. O.

Lond. Law Library

State Librar\- has incomplete set Oct. 1894-date; Oct. 1894-July 1897 pub-
lished with list of parliamentary papers under title Quarterly List of Official and
Parliamentary Publications.

Quarterly List of Parliamentary Publications. O.

Lond. Law Library

State Library has incomplete set Ap. 1893-date; Ap. 1893-July 1894 under
title List of Parliamentary Papers; I Oct. 1894-July 1897 with list of official publi-
cations imder title\Quarterly List of Official and Parliamentary Publication!^.

A card index of British parliamentary papers, issued by the Publishing Board
of the American Library Association, includes titles of reports currently con-
tinued and of special papers and reports from 1896.

Pennsylvania University — Library. Catalogue of British Parlia-
mentary Papers in the Library. 32p.O. Lond. 1899.
P. S. King & Son, paper. 016.32842 P38


Documents India

British Museum — Library. Index-catalogue of Indian Official
Publications in the Library; comp. by Frank Campbell.
v.p.sq.F. Lond. 1899? Library Supply Co., paper.

016.32854 qB77
Stechert, New York, SlO.oO.

New South Wales

New South Wales — Government Printing Office. List of

Printed Public Documents on Sale. 63p.O. Sydney

1898. paper. 016.32894

See also America, Awei-icana; Bibliography, Rcneral; Great Britain, BibUog-
raphy; bpam.

Ames, Joseph. Typographical Antiquities ; or, An Historical

.Account of the Origin and Progress of Printing in Great

Britain and Ireland, containing memoirs of our ancient

printers and a register of books printed by them 1471-1600;

augmented by William Herbert. 3v.i875p.sq.Q. Lond.

1785-90. William Herbert. 015.42 qAm3i

' Paged continuously.

Secondhand, 1898-99, $4.50, $4.12.

■ Typographical Antiquities ; or. The History of Printing in

England, Scotland and Ireland, containing memoirs of our
ancient printers and a register of the books printed by them ;
augmented by William Herbert and now enlarged by T: F.
Dibdin. 4v.illus.sq.O. Lond. 1810-19. Longmans

£14 14/. 015.42 qAm3

Four sales in 1899-1900, $42, $29, $24, $42.

British Museum — Library. Catalogue of Books printed in Eng-
land, Scotland and Ireland and of Books in English printed
abroad to 1640. 3V.1787P.O. Lond. 1884. British

Museum 30/. 015.42 B77

Paged continuously.

Cambridge University — Library. Early English Printed Books

in the Library, 1475-1640. 2v.i3i2p.O. Camb. 1900-2.

Camb. Univ. 15/n. a vol. 015.42 C14

Contents: v. 1 Caxton to F. Kingston

V. 2 E. Mattes to R. Marriot and English provincial presses
Paged continuously.

Campbell, Marinus Frederik Andries Gerardus. Annales de la
typographic neerlandaise au 156 siecle. 629P.O. La

Haye 1874. Nijhoff fio. 015.492 C15

Supplement. no. 1-4,0. La Haye 1878-90. Nij-
hoff, no. I, 6oct; no.2, 90ct ; no. 3, 75ct ; no.4, 50ct. 015.492 C15


printed Collier, John Payne. Bibliographical and Critical Account of the

books Rarest Books in the English Language. 4V.O. N. Y.

1866. Scribner $10 n. C015.42 C69

Dibdin, Thomas Frognall. Bibliotheca Spenceriana; or,
A Descriptive Catalogue of the Books printed in the 15th Cen-
tury and of many Valuable ist Editions in the Library of
George John, Earl Spencer. 4v.illus.Q. Lond. 1814— 19.
Longmans £13 13/. 016.093 c[D54

Secondhand, 1899, $30; with supplement $56, $66.50.

Supplement. 3v.illus.Q. Lond. 1822-23. Payne

v.i-2, £6 6/. 016.093 qD54 v.5-7

V. 1 title reads Aedes Althorpianae ; v. 3, Descriptive Catalogue of the Books
printed in the /jth Century, lately forming part of the library of the Duke di Cassano
Serra and now the property of Spencer.
. Secondhand, 1898-1900, v. 1-2, $38, $4.50, $6; 1896-97, v. 3, $3.50, $6.

Hain, Ludwig Friedrich Theodor, Repertorium bibliographi-
cum ab arte typographica inventa usque ad annum 1500. 2v.
O. Stuttgartiae 1826-38. Cotta 20thlr. 016.093 H12
Secondhand, 1898-99, $4, $14.50, $6.

Register die Drucker des 15. Jahrhunderts; von K.

Burger. 428p.O. Lpz. 1891. Harrassowitz i6m.

016.093 H12 v.o

Being the 8th Beiheft zum Centralblatt fur Bibliothekswesen .

Supplement ; by W. A. Copinger. 2v. in 3,0. Lond.

1895-1902. Sotheran £6 6/. 016.093 H12 v.3-5

Contents: v. 1 Corrections and additions to the collations of works mentioned
by Hain
V. 2, pt 1-2 volumes printed in the 15th century not referred to by Hain;
with index by Konrad Burger

Hazlitt, William Carew. Bibliographical Collections and Notes

on Early English Literature, 1474-1700. 3v.O. Lond.

1876-87. Quaritch, v.i,o.p. ; V.2, i5/n;v.3, lo/n. 015.42 H33

6v. including v. 1, supplements and index £3'15/.
V. 1 title reads Collections and Notes.

Supplements. 2v.O. Lond. 1889-92. Quaritch,

V.I, lo/n ; v.2, 7/6 n. 015.42 H33 v.4-5
For index see below.
Hand-book to the Popular, Poetical and Dramatic Litera-

ture of Great Britain, from the invention of printing to the
Restoration. 7oip.O. Lond. 1867. J. R. Smith

31/6- 015.42 H331

General Index to Hazlitt's Handbook and Bibliographical

Collections (1867-1889) by G. J. Gray; ed. by W. C. Hazlitt.
866p.O. Lond. 1893. Quaritch £1 n. 015.42 H331 v.o


pr^inted Huth, Henry, Huth Library ; a catalogue of the printed books,

books manuscripts, autograph letters and engravings collected by

Henry Huth; with bibliographical descriptions. 5V.1830P.Q.

Lond' 1880. Ellis & White 210/. 018.2 qHq;

Paged continuouslv.

Secondhand, 1S99-1900. $15.62, $22.50.

John Rylands Library, Manchester (Eng.) Catalogue of the
Printed Books and Manuscripts. 3v.sq.F. Manchester

1899. Cornish. 01 8.1 qJ6i

Klemm, Heinrich. Beschreibender Catalog des bibliographisch-
en Museums; ite und 2te Abtheilung: Manuscripte und
Druckwerke des 15. und 16. Jahrhunderts aus den 18 friihesten
bis 1470 bekannt gewordenen Druckstadten, zusammen iiber
1000 Gegenstande umfassend. 509P.D. Dresden 1884.

Klemm, unbound 6m, bound 12m. 016.093 K67

Klemming, Gustaf Edvard. Sveriges bibliografi, 1481-1600, see
iindcr Sweden, Bibliogrophy, p. 396.

Maittaire, Michel. Annales typographic ab artis inventae

origine ad 1664. 5v.Q. Hagae-Comitum 1719-41.

016.093 qM28

Title-pages vary.

Secondhand, 1SS9, £.3; with supplement, 1892, £2 17/.

Supplementum adornavit Michael Denis. 883p.sq.Q.

Viennae 1789. 016.093 qM28i

Panzer, Georg Wolfgang Franz. Annales typographic! ab

artis inventae origine ad 1500. iiv.sq.Q. Norimbergae

1793-1803. Zeh 55rthlr. 016.09 qPig

V. 6-11 1501-36.

Secondhand, 1899-1900, £11 10/, £10.

Pellechet, Marie Catherine Helene. Catalogue general des

incunables des bibliotheques publiques de France. v.i,0.

Par. 1897. Picard & Fils I2fr. 016.093 P36

V. 1 Abano-Biblia.
'To be complete in 4 or 5 volumes.

Compiled under direction of a commission of the Ministfere de 1' instruction
publique des cultes et des beaux arts.

Proctor, Robert. Index to the Early Printed Books in the
British Museum, from the invention of printing to 1500, with
notes of those in the Bodleian Library. 4pt in 2v.9o8p.Q.

Lond. 1898-99. Paul £3 3/n ; single parts i6/n.

016.093 qP94

Contents: pt 1 Germany

pt2 Italy

pt 3 Switzerland, France, Holland, Belgium, Austria, Spain, England,
Denmark, Sweden, Portugal, Montenegro

pt 4 Registers
Paged continuouslv.


Early Trinity College, Cambridge — Library. Catalogue of the English

books Books printed before 1601 now in the Library; by Robert

Sinker. 488p.O. Camb. 1885. Deighton, Bell & Co.

15/. 016.093 T73

Catalogue of the 15th-century Printed Books in the

Library ; by Robert Sinker. 173P.O. Camb. 1876.

Deighton, Bell & Co. 7/6. 016.093 T731


See also College men; Documents, United States, Special departnients, Educa-

Annuaire de Tinstruction publique et des beaux-arts, 1851-date.

v.i-date,S and O. Par. 1851-date. Delalain, paper.

379.44 An7

' Volumes for 1851-77, l.SOfr each; 1879-82, 1884-99, 2.50fr each; 1900, 5fr;
1878 and 1883, o.p.

State Library has 1851-58, 1891, 1898-date.

Arndt, Otto. Verzeichnis der padagogischen Zeitschriften, Jahr-
bucher und Lehrerkalender Deutschlands, see under Serials,
Germany, p. 390.

Buisson, Ferdinand Edouard. Dictionnaire de pedagogie et
d'instruction primaire. 2v. in 4,0. Par. 1882-87.

Hachette 86fr. o.p. 370.3 qB86

Supplement entitled Lois scolaires, Hachette, l.SOfr.

Columbia University — Library. Books on Education in the
Libraries of Columbia University. 435P.Q. N. Y. 1901.
(Library bulletins, no. 2) 016.37 qC72

Compiled under personal supervision of C: A. Nelson.

Kiddle, Henry & Schem, Alexander Jacob. Cyclopaedia of Edu-
cation. 868p.Q. N. Y. 1877. Steiger $5. 370.3 qK53

Supplemented by the Year-book of Education, iS-jS-jg, 370.3 qY3.
Ed. 3 of the Cjiclopaedia, 1883, $5.

National Educational Association. Journal of Proceedings and

Addresses, 1858-date. v.2-date,0. Various places 1858-

date. National Educ. Ass'n. 370.6 N21

Contains lists of members with some full names.

1857 probably not published separately but is in y. 5, p. 7-20. No sessions
held in 1861-62, 1867, 1878.

State Librar}^ lacks 1864, 1868, 1872.

Rein, Wilhelm. Encyklopadisches Handbuch der Padagogik.
7V.O. Langensalza 1895-99. Beyer. 370.3 qR27

vSold in 14 half volumes, unbound, 7.50m each; or 7 volumes, bound, 17m each.



Engineers; ENGINEEBS

The proceedings, transactions, etc. of some societies give lists of members;
e. g. the Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, 6:0.6 Kg.

Many names of engineers and others engaged in technical work will be found
in the Offlcial Gazette of the United States Patent Office, the Official Journal of
the patent office of Great Britain and the Illustrated Off.cial Journal; Patents
(Great Britain).

American Institute of Mining Engineers. Officers, Members,
Rules, etc. O. Phil. Amer. Inst, of Mining

Engineers, paper 25c.
State Library has lists for 1874, 622.06 N3 v. 1 ; 1S89-P2, 622.06; 1893 in

the Transactions, 622.06 N3 v. 23; 1902, 622.06.

American Society of Civil Engineers. Constitution and List of
Members. O. N. Y.

State Library has lists for 1890, 620.6 Po; 1S94, 620.6; 1S95, 620.6 Psa.
American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Catalogue ; officers,
members and rules, i88o?-date. v.i-date, O and nar. T.

N. Y. i88o?-date. 620.6 Ooc

Semiannual. The July issue is now geographically arranged, with index.
State Library has lists for 1898, 1902-date.

Institution of Civil Engineers. Charter, By-laws and List of
IMembers. O. Lond. 620.6 K2a

State Library has lists for 1885, 1893, 1895-96, 1898-date.

Societe des ingenieurs civils de France. Annuaire, i848?-date.
v.i-date,0. Par. i848?-date. Societe des ingenieurs

civils de France, paper 3fr. 620.6 K8a

State Library has 1895-date.


Architectural Publication Society. Dictionary of Architecture.

Sv.illus.sq.F'*. Lond. 1853-92. Architectural Pub. Soc.

£21. 720.3 fAr2

Dictionary complete: does not include detached essays with their plates,
given by mistake in table of contents.

Avery Architectural Library, Columbia University. Catalogue

of the Memorial Library of Architecture, Archaeology and

Decorative Art. ii39p.illus.Q. N. Y. 1895.

016.72 qAv3

Bradley, John William. Dictionary of Miniaturists, Illumi-
nators, Calligraphers and Copyists from the establishment of
Christianity to the i8th century. 3v.O. Lond. 1887-89.
Quaritch 42/. 927.5 B72

Bryan, Michael. Dictionary of Painters and Engravers ; new ed.
revised and enlarged, ed. by R. E. Graves. 2v.Q. Lond.
1886-95. Bell £3 3/. 927.5 qB84i

Champlin, John Denison, jr & Perkins, Charles Callahan. Cyclo-
pedia of Painters and Paintings. 4v.ilIus.Q. N. Y. 1886-
87. Scribner $20 n. 750 qC35


Fine arts James, Ralph N. Painters and their Works; a dictionary of
great artists not now ahve, giving their names, Hves and the
prices paid for their works at auctions. 3v.D. Lond.
i8g6-97. Gill 15/n. a vol. 927.5 J232

Lance, Etienne Adolphe. Dictionnaire des architectes frangais.
2V.O. Par. 1872. Beranger 25fr. 927.2 L26

Levy, Florence N. ed. American Art Annual, 1898-date. v.i-
date,illus.O. Bost. 1899-date. Noyes, Piatt & Co. $3 n.

705 L57
pt 2 of V. 3, 1900-1 (directories) sold separately, $1.
State Lilirary luus 1 SOS and 1900-1.

Muller, H'ermann Alexander. Allgemeines Kiinstler-Lexicon ;
Leben und Werke der beriihmtesten bildenden Kiinstler ; 3te
umgearbeitete Auflage, hrsg. von H. W. Singer. 5v.O.
Frankfurt-a-M. 1895-1901. Literarische Anstalt, paper

52m, half calf 60m, half parchment 62m. 927 M91

Soule Art Co. Complete Art Reference Catalogue. 1460P.
ilhis.sq.O. Bost. 1902. Soule Art Co. $5. 708 S08

South Kensington Museum. Universal Catalogue of Books on

Art. 2\-. 22 tip. sq.O. Lond. 1870. Chapman £i 1/ a

vol. C016.7 S08

Paged continuously.

State Librar}' copy is first proof.

Supplement. 655p.sq.O. Lond. 1877. Chap-
man. G016.7 S08 V.3
State Library copj' is proof under revision, price 8/.

Sturgis, Russell. Dictionary of Architecture and Building, bio-
graphical, historical and descriptive. 3v.illus.Q. N. Y.
1901-2. Macmillan subs. $6 n. a vol. R720.3 qSt9

Waters, Mrs Clara (Erskine) Clement. Painters, Sculptors,
Architects, Engravers and their Works. Ed. 11. 68ip.
ilhis.D. Bost. 1890. Houghton $3. R927 W311

■ & Hutton, Laurence. Artists of the 19th Century and their

Works. Ed. 5. 2v.ini,D. Bost. 1889. Houghton

$3. R927 W31

Year's Art; epitome of all matters relating to painting, sculpture
and architecture, 1879-date; with information respecting the
events of 1880-date. v.i-date,illus.D. Lond. 1880-date.
Virtue 3/6. 705 Y3

State Library has volumes for 1880-93 coverina; 1879-92 and for 1897 covering



See Sweden; also College men, Scandinavia.



See also Academicians; Education; Engineers; Libraries; Official classes,
General and France; Science; also France under Anonyms and pseudonyms
and College men.


Annuaire colonial; annuaire agricole, commercial et industriel
des colonies de la republique franqaise, 1887-date. v.i-date,
O. Par. 1888-date. Challamel lofr. 325.344 An/

State Library has lS99-date.

Biographic universelle, sec under General cyclopedias and diction-
aries, p. 239.

France — Guerre, Ministere de la. Annuaire de I'armee franqaise,
1819-date, see under Military and naval classes, p. 356.

La grande encyclopedic, sec under General cyclopedias and dic-
tionaries, p. 240.

Haag, Eugene & Haag, Emile. La France protestante ; ou. Vies
des protestants franqais qui se sont fait un nom dans I'histoire
depuis les premiers temps de la reformation jusqu'a la recon-
naissance du principe de la liberte des cultes par I'assemblee
nationale. iov.8°. Par. 1846-59. Cherbuliez loofr.

Secondhand, 1898, 71fr.

2e ed. sous la direction de Henri Bordier. v.i-6,0.

Par. 1877-88. Fischbacher subs. I2fr a vol. 922.4 Hii

To be complete in about 12v.
V. 1-6 A-Gasparin.
, V. 1-2 published under auspices of Society de I'histoire ,du protestantisme


Histoire litteraire de la France ; ouvrage commence par des reli-

gieux Benedictins de la congregation de Saint-Maur et continue

par des membres de I'lnstitut. v.i-32,sq.Q. Par.1865-98.

840.9 qH62

Of State Library set, v. 1-16, new edition published by Palme, v. 17-26 fac-
simile reproduction published by "Welter, v. 27-32 published by Klincksieck at
21fr each.

Table generale par ordre alphabetique des matieres con-

tenues dans les 15 premiers volumes de ; par Camille Rivain.

/Oip.sq.O. Par. 1875. Palme. 840.9 qH62 v.o

Hofer, Jean Chretien Ferdinand. Nouvelle biographic generale,

sec under General cyclopedias and dictionaries, p. 240.
Lance, Etiennc Adolphe. Dictionnaire des architectes frangais,

see under Fine arts, p.312.
Larousse, Pierre Athanase. Grand dictionnaire universel, see

under General cyclopedias and dictionaries, p. 240.

Nouvcau Larousse illustre, see under General cyclopedias and dic-
tionaries, p. 240.



Nobility and gentry

Annuaire de la noblesse de France; fonde par M. Borel d'Haute-
rive et continue sous la direction du Vte. Albert Reverend,
1843-date. v.i-date,illus.D. Par.i843-date. Annu-

aire de la noblesse lofr. 929.741 An/

Most of the volumes for 1843-62 are out of print; 1863-99, 36v. together, 290fr.
1843-48 title reads Annuaire de la pairie et de la noblesse de France.

Bachelin-Deflorenne, Antoine. £tat present de la noblesse
fraiiQaise ; contenant le dictionnaire de la noblesse contem-
poraine. Ed.4 enl. i934col.967p.illus.Q. Par, 1873.

Bachelin-Deflorenne 3ofr. 929.741 qBi2


Arranged chronologically by period covered.
See also France under Documents, Foreign countries and Serials.

Brunet, Jacques Charles. Manuel du libraire et de I'amateur de
livres, see under Bibliography, general, p.264.

France — Bibliotheque nationale. Catalogue general des livres
imprimes, sec under Librar}^ catalogues, p. 350.

Querard, Joseph Marie. La France litteraire ; ou, Dictionnaire

bibliographique des savants, historiens et gens de lettres de la

France, ainsi que des litterateurs etrangers qui ont ecrit en

frangais, plus particulierement pendant les i8e et 196 siecles.

I2V.O. Par. 1827-64. Didot2iofr. o.p. C015.44O3

Secondhand, about $20.

V. 11-12 contain corrections, additions, authors' pseudonvms and anonvms,

& others. La litterature frangaise contemporaine ; 196 siecle.

6v.O. Par. 1842-57. Daguin 96fr. o.p.

C015.44 Q3i^

Secondhand, about $19.

V. 1-v. 2, p. 282 by Querard.

v. 2, p. 282-v. 3, 1827-44 by C: L. Louandre and U F. Bourquelot.

V. 4-5, 1827-49 by Lf F. Bourquelot and U F. A. Maury.

v. 6 " _ by U F. Bourquelot.

V. 4—6 published by Delaroque.

Vicaire, Georges. Manuel de I'amateur de livres du I9e siecle,

1801-1893. v.i-4,0. Par. 1894-1900. Rouquette lofr

a pt. C015.44 V66

To be complete in about 18 parts.
V. 1-4 A-La Mesang^re.


bo^uo^- Bibliographic de la France; on, Journal general de I'imprimerie

raphy. et dc la librairic, dec. iSio-date. v.i— date,D and Q. Par.

iSi.D-date. Cercle de la librairie 2ofr. 015.44 qB47

Title of no. 1-44, Journal general de Viviprimerie et de la librairie; ser. 1, 45v.
1813-56, 015.44 B47, (v. 1-3 having title Bibliographie de V empire fran^ais); ser. 2,
V. 1-date, li>57-date.

Ser. 2 has title Journal geniral de I'imprimerie et de la librairie; each number is
in three parts :

pt 1 Bibliographie
pt 2 Chronique

pt 3 Feuilleton. This appears occasionally in earlier volunaes.
Weekly. State Library set incomplete.

Lorenz, Otto Henri. Catalogue 'general de la librairie franqaise,

1840-99. v.i-v.i5,pti-2,0. Par. 1 867-1 903. Per Lamm,

v.i-6, 24ofr; v.7-8, 6ofr; v. 9-10, 8ofr; v.ii, 3ofr; v.12, 5ofr;

V.13, 3ofr; V. 14-15 (subs.) loofr. C015.44 L88

V. 1-13. secondhand, 1900, S105.
Contents: v. 1-4 1840-65

V. 5-6 1866-75

V. 7-8 Table des matifires, 1840-75

V. 9-10 1876-85

V. 11 Table des matieres, 1876-85

V. 12 1886-90

V. 13 Table des matiOres, 1886-90

V. 14-15 1891-99 (v. 15, pt 1-2 Ibach-Notre)
V. 12-15 edited by D. Jordell.

Catalogue annuel de la librairie franqaise, 1893-98. 6v.O.

Par. 1894-99. Per Lamm lofr a vol. Cox 5.44 C28

Edited by D. Jordell; succeeded by Repertoire bibliographique de la librairie

Repertoire bibliographique de la librairie frangaise, 1900-date.
v.i-date,0. Par. 1901-date. Per Lamm 3.5ofr.

C015.44 R29
Monthly; edited by D. Jordell.

Le Soudier, Henri, pub. Bibliographie frangaise; recueil de cata-
logues des editeurs franqais accompagne d'une table alpha-
betique par noms d'auteurs et d'une table systematique. Ed. 2
enl. lOv.O. Par. 1900. Le Soudier 5ofr. 015.44 L561

Contents: v. 1-9 Catalogues

V. 10 Tables alphab^tique et systematique


American Annual Monitor for 1858-66; or, Obituary of the
Members of the Society of Friends in America for 1857-65.
v.i-9,S. N. Y. 185&-66. Samuel S. & William Wood.

922.867 Am3
State Librarj' has 1859-63.
Annual Monitor. 30V.120. York, Eng. 1813-41.
Index for 1813-1832. 12°. York, Eng. 1833.


Friends 1843-date ; Of, Obituary of the Members of the Society of

Friends in Great Britain and Ireland for 1842-date. New ser.
v.i-date,T. Various places 1842-date. 922.864 An/

Now published by W. Robinson, Weston-super-Mare, Eng. 1/6.
Volume for 1877 has general index to lS4;3-76.
State Library has 1843-87.

Quaker Records; an index to the Annual Monitor, 1813-

1892, containing over 20,000 obituary notices, ed. by J. J. Green.
458p.8°. Lond. 1894.

Smith, Joseph. Bibliotheca anti-quakeriana ; or, A Catalogue of
Books adverse to the Society of Friends, with biographical
notices of the authors, together with answers to some of them
by Friends. 474P.O. Lond. 1873. Joseph Smith.

016.2896 Sm5

Descriptive Catalogue of Friends' Books ; or. Books written

by Members of the Society of Friends. 2v.Q. Lond.

1867. Joseph Smith £3. 013 qSm5

Secondhand, 1899, $3.50; witli the B ibliotheca anti- quakeriana £1 15/; 1890,

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