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Aug. 24 Case against Widow Katharine Harrison continued; con-
stable Edward Waters and John Quimby for Westchester,
Capt. Ponton, Thos. Hunt sr and jr, Roger Townsend

and More for Widow Harrison; letters from CMpL

Talcott and John Allen produced; Josiah Willard testifies;
case referred to the court of assizes. 30

Oct 22 The schout of Albany continued in his office. Former order
concerning Maritien Damens and Jan Clute's exchange of
land to stand. Order on a letter from Capt Salisbury

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1670 ▼. 3

about New England people trading at Albany. Father
Pierron to be watched. Town and fort at Albany. Peace
between the Maquaes and the Mahicanders. Bridge money.
Stealing of canoes. Enumeration of inhabitants of Albany
called for. Marriage of Eleazer Leveridge with Rebeccah
Wright declared null. Customs at the Whorekill abolished. 31
Dec I Order on a petition of Richard Smith about the boundaries
of Nesaquake lands in dispute with Huntington. Letter
about the peace between Maquaes and Machicanders to be
sent to Gov. Winthrop. Order on a petition of Johannes
de Decker concerning some negroes claimed by him and
salary due by the West India company. Philipp Pieters'
[Schuyler] title to land on Staten Island declared inyalid,
Jacob Melyn, from whom he derives it, having sold it to
the West India company. Order about Domines Hook, in
dispute between Mr Sharpe, Mr van Brugh and Mr Basrard.
Inhabitants of Seatalcott (Brookhaven) allowed to pur-
chase Indian lands within their patent. House in Pearl
street to be sold. 34

5 Case of the heirs of Anna Bogardus [Anneke Jans] against

Mr Sharpe about the sale of Domines Hook. 37

21 Hearing on the petition of Johannes de Decker. Mynheer

Stuyvesant and Resolved Waldron testifying. 38

29 Order concerning the claim of Johannes de Decker to land
on Staten Island. Indian deed of sale to people of South-
ampton and their election of a sachem to be confirmed and
constable's staves sent to them. No liquor to be sold to
the Indians at Southampton. 40

p. m. Orders: on a petition of John Cooper about Indians assist-
ing as whalers and customs officers; on papers received
from the court of sessions for Flushing, Hemstead and

Jamaica. 41


Jan. II Richard Smith of Huntington. Order on a petition of sol-
diers for land on Staten Island. Orders on Seatalcott busi-
ness, Mr Lane appearing for the town; Mr Lane and Mr
Woodhull propose to purchase from the Indians and settle
two farms at the Wading Place.

Feb. 24 Wyckerscreek Indians are willing to sell their lands. Charles
Bridges and wife to be placed in possession of the estate
of John Cockram, mortgaged to them. Eleazer Leveridge
to satisfy his divorced wife, Rebeccah Wright, for her mar-
riage portion. Capt. Seamans. Etienne Gaigneau.
Jacques Guyon. Orders on petitions: of Peter Stanten*
burgh, Jan Vigue et al. about land; of Jacobus and Cor-
nelis Loper. Delaware business to be deferred until Capt

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1671 T. 8

Carr's arrival; a letter to be sent there by Peter Rambo.
Letters of adminittration upon the estate of Samuel Mmjo
at Oysterbay granted to Anthony Wright Gravesend to
have a confirmatory patent for land, formerly belonging
to Robert Pennoyer and given to the town. Mr Coe to
report on the business of Joseph Thurston. Order author-
izing the haven master to make arrests on the river. Or-
der on a petition of Capt Wm. Lawrence for a patent
to land at Flushing (see N. Y, col. ffus, 22:111). Orders:
concerning the estate of John Cockram, late of Newtown
alias Middleborough, vested in Charles Bridges and his
wife Sarah, subject to a payment to John Sharpe; for
payment to Capt John Seamans for work done at Hemp-
stead; on a petition of Capt. Silvester Salisbury about
a difference with Frederick Gysberts. 44

Mar. 8 Elias Doughty having bought the interest of Charles and
Sarah Bridges in the estate of John Cockram (p. 44), to
receive title for it Order concerning the payment of
money borrowed for building the dominie's house at
Breuklyn, to Mr Heggeman, then schout Title of Jan
Vigne and Peter Stoutenbergh to land near the Water Port *
to remain good. Action on Huntington business de-
ferred, also on West India company business. No wheat in
grain to be exported for a year. No strange sloops al-
lowed to go to Albany. Consideration of the refusal of
Southampton and Southold to take out new patents post-
poned. $1
27 Reports of Jeremiah van Rensselaer and Capt PhiL Pieters
Schuyler of Albany concerning fortifications, excise, min-
isters' and town officers' salaries considered and orders
thereon. SJ

Ap. 15 Proceedings of the commissioners sent to the east end of
L, L the mayor of New York, Mathias Nicoles and Isaac
Bedloo, approved and ordered to be recorded. Indian mur-
ders at Delaware; sale of liquor to Indians there; many
families desire to settle at Apoquining and Bombay Hook
among them Mr Jones, Mr Wharton and Mr Whale. 57

26 Answers to a petition of inhabitants of Staten Island pre-

sented by Thos. Carle and Nathan Whitmore. Gideon
Marlette called before the council. Election of com-
missaries at Kingston postponed. Capt Chambers to be
justice of the peace for the three towns in Esopus. Courts
at Marbletown and Hurley. 58

27 Mr Stillwell and Nathaniel Brittaine to lay out lots upon the

hills on Staten Island; a highway toward the bridge and
the Greatkill to be made; new lots to be added to the
old town. 59

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len T. s

May i8 Esopus affairs: report of Mr Mayor and Capt. Lovelace on
them; the commissaries chosen by them confirmed. Del-
aware affairs: purchase of the Whorekill by the Dutch to
be recorded; loss of Jan de Capre's sloop. Albany affairs:
proceedings of Mr Mayor of New York and Capt. Love-
lace about the excise confirmed. Mr Beeckman and Stoffel
Hoogelandt proposed to succeed Govert Loockermant as
a lieutenant at New York; Beeckman commissioned.
Proposition for raising a troop of horse in the city to be
considered. Officers for the troop of horse in the north
and west end of Long Island to be returned to the gov-
ernor for nomination. Order on a petition concerning
the export of corn. 60

June 14 New Castle and Whorekill affairs: order concerning dis-
tilleries at New Castle; concerning settlements at the
Whorekill. 63

21 Patents issued by the officers in Delaware, confirmed. The
grant to Mr Mills to extend only to the north side of
Whorekill. Order on a report by Mr Payne and Mr Terry
concerning Matinicock Indians. 64

28 Nantuckett affairs; orders made about titles to land on the

island. 6%

29 Tristram Coffin appointed chief magistrate at Nantuckett 65
p. m. Order on a petition of Willem Hendricks Baker and other

Lutherans of New York against their minister. 65

July 6 Order on a petition and proposals of Mr Mayhew concern-
ing Martin's Vineyard (see Hough. Nantucket, p. 32). 67
7 Mr Mayhew with two assistants elected by the two towns
on Martin's Vineyard to hold court for cases up to £5; ap-
peals to be made to their general court; Mayhew to be
governor over the Indians on the bland (see Hough.
Nantucket, p. 33) ; allowed to make purchases of land from
the Indians for the duke of York (see Book of Indian
6 Order on Mr Mayhew's and Mr Brenton's claims upon Eliz-
abeth islands. Three assistants to be elected for a court
on Martin's Vineyard; Mr Mayhew as president to have
double vote. Mr Mayhew sr acknowledges he has sold
his claim upon Elizabeth islands, but his grandchild sus-
tains the claim as his father's right; Daniel Wilcocks claim
to be recorded; the whole adjudged to Mr Brenton. 69
la Quit rent to be paid by Mr Mayhew fixed. The former order
against export of wheat continued. Order on petition
of Govert Loockerman's wife about Capt. Manning's pur-
chase. Richard Smith vs Huntington. y%

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1671 ▼. S

13 Richard Gildersleeve and Capt. John Scamans appear on be-
half of Hempstead, against a grant to Mr Terry and to
claim Matinicock land. 71

Sep. 25 Gov. Phil. Carterett and Capt. James Carterett of New Jer-
sey present. Mr Tom sends report by Peter Alricks of
murders committed by Indians on Matinicock island in
Delaware river. Meeting on the case adjourned to Eliza-
bethtown. 71

Oct 2$ Order directing the mayor and aldermen to make an inyes-
tigation into the disturbances caused by George Spurre,
Humphrey Davenport and others in seizing the ship Ex-
pectation, Isaac Melyen, commander. Capt. Manning and
Mr Dervall added to the bench. 74

30 Negotiations for the land claimed by the Wyckerscreek In-
dians from Monussing to Harlem river and from John
Richardson's cross to Wyckerscreek; price asked by the
Indians. 75

Nov. 7 Governors Lovelace and Carterett, Messrs Stcenwyck, Thoi.

BUsabethtowD Lovelace, Capt. Berry, Messrs de la Prairie, Pardon and
N. J. Nicolls. The Indian murders on Matiniconck island and
orders for preventing further mischief (see Doc, rel. to col,
hist. N, Y, 12:484). 77

Dec 5 Action on Capt. Salisbur/s petition against Fred'k Gysbert

Vort JamM (p. 44) postponed. Orders on petitions: of Domine Sam-
uel Drisius for his salary in arrears for two years; of Coen-
raat ten Eyck and Boel RoelofFs about an orphan's estate
for which they are trustees; of Francis de Bruyne against
Gravesend; of inhabitants of Breuklyn for the lot formerly
belonging to Charles Gabry and confiscated to the duke
of York; of Newtown about their boundaries with Bos-
wyck. Agreement made between Fred'k Lubberts and
Michael Heynelle confirmed. Staten Island settlements.
Proposals of the French minister to bring protestant fam-
ilies from Europe approved. Order about fencing in town
lots. A third militia company to be formed in New York
city. One half of Capt Wilkins' fine remitted. Report of
Mr de la Vale concerning the peace made at Albany be-
tween Maquaes and Mahicanders approved. Younker
Vosch's estate to be secured. 87


Jan XX Case of Messrs Badgard, Ripley and Darvall against a bond
of Mr Walker given at Jamaica, W. I. for a junk sailing
to Campeachy bay. 88

18 Order upon a report of Capt. Dudley Lovelace and Capt. Jac-
ques Cortelyou on the differences between Mr Pell and Mr

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1672 T. 8

Richbell concerning land on Stony or Gravelly or Chap-
men's brook; Elias Doughty, Mr Ponton and Frandi
Yeates testify about it. 89

May 17 Order on a petition of Capt. Salisbury about rent due from
Frcd'k Gysberts for a house in Stone street. Proposali
of Mr Paine (Penne) to be considered later. Title of Hen-
drick Jansen to land on Maspethkills, L. I. confirmed.
Boundaries between Newtown and Boswyck to be resur-
veyed. Schenectady tappers to continue their business mi-
til further orders. New Castle, Del. to be an incorporated
bailywick; English laws introduced there, etc. (see Doc. uriL
to col hist. N. Y. 12:496). Whalcfishing at Oystcrbajr.
Capt. Manning's petition about Capt. Blagg to be con-
sidered later. Action of the officers in Delaware in resitt-
ing the claims of Maryland on the Whorekill approved. 91
ao Complaint of Capt. Manning against Capt. Blagg for carry-
ing oflF a soldier (Barth Salter) and for not showing re-
spect to the duke's flag examined; Capt. Blagg not held;
Philipp Jones, Mr Wasslyn, Mr Dyor, John Harris, James
Westmore and others witnesses. 96

34 Orders made on receipt of a letter from Lord Arlington
brought from Boston by Mr Sharpe: care to be taken of
the shipping, a war in Europe being imminent; battery for
the protection of ships in the harbor to be erected. Capt
Haselwood to take letters to England. Correspondence
with Major general Leverett to be recorded. 99

June 10 Trouble in New Jersey between Gov. Carterett and Capt
James Carterett. Delaware affairs. Cornelys Wyncoop
and Joost Adriaensen to be new commissaries at Kings-
ton. Hempstead to be allowed to call a minister. Orders
on petitions: from Mad Man's Neck; from Matinicock
about commonage; of Widow Nevius about a ferry; of
Daniel Denton concerning a difference with Daniel White-
head; of Hendrick Rooseboom sexton at Albany praying
to be allowed to bury Lutherans. lOl

24 Contested election for constable and overseers in Hemp-
stead; Robert Jackson, Simon Seryon, L Smith, Thoi.
Hicks, James Pine contestants. Returns of voluntary
contributions for repairs to the fort from Hempstead and
Flushing. Thos. Hunt jr to be released under bond.
Gerrit Trevis, the tinker, likewise. Whalcfishing. Indian
affairs. Thos. Lovelace, High sheriff John Manning, Al-
lan! Anthony, Capt Rich'd Morris, Mr Gibbs and Thoi.
Rombout to be comm'rs for receiving contributions for the

i fort New order against the exportation of corn to be ',

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167« ▼. 8

issued. Commissioners to view the boundaries between
Gravesend and New Utrecht. Correspondence with Capt.
Carterett to be recorded. Order in the Hempstead elec-
tion case, Robert Jackson confirmed as constable, John
Smith Rocksen and John Carrman as overseers. 104

July I Contributions for repairing New York fortifications. Or-
der for the release of Daniel Browne a planter at the Whore-
kill imprisoned for abusive language against the duke un-
der bonds. Taxes on liquor to be imposed at the Whore-
kill for the repair of damages done by pirates. The bakers
allowed to' ship grain to Milford for grinding. Order con-
cerning Mr Paine*s proposals. Ariantie Bleeke widow of
Joannes Nevius, allowed to continue the ferry kept by her
husband. Agreement between Newtown and Boswyck
confirmed. Capt. Carterett reports Indian plots against the
English. 108

6 Declaration of war against the states general to be pub-
lished at the gate of the fort and at the state house.
Council to be enlarged.. 114

Sep. 6 Inquiry to be made in Rhode Island about the imprison-
ment of Mr Paine tjiere. Orders: concerning Schenec-
tady town court; Indian trading house; huts on the hill
at Albany; on a petition of Richard Smith of Nesaquake
for a rehearing of the case between him and Huntington.
Reports of Mr Lovelace and Capt. Manning about Mr
Richbell's differences with his neighbors. Report of Mr
Gibbs and Mr Rider of proceedings at Fordham; ap-
proved. Action on Thos. Pettit's " business about a di-
vorce" postponed. Country rates to continue as before.
House in the fort at Albany to be repaired. 115

Nov. 19 John Jennings and Wm. Jane of Southampton against John
Cooper for evil words against the government;- Thos.
Travally's deposition read and the case referred to the
next court of sessions; Wm. Brawley of Southampton
comes as witness. John Jennings to be customer at South-
ampton vice John Laughton; Edward Petty at Southold;
Wm. Perkins at Easthampton. Capt. Howell's commission
renewed for one year. Mr Jenning's business about his
bargain referred to the sessions. Order on a petition of
Isaac Melyn for leave to unload his ship Expectation
for repairs; Mayor John Lawrence of New York, Capt
Isaac Bedloo, Alderman Johannes van Burgh and Jacob
Leysler to be arbitrators. 1 19

2a Richard Smith vs Huntington; Thos. Benedict and Henry
Whitney witnesses. New order on petition of Isaac Melyn
(p. X19). U3

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1673 T. 3

Jan. 27 Order on a report from Albany that John Steward a soldier
there, has been murdered by two north Indians of Nar-
actak castle; Capt. Silvester Salisbury, Capt. Jeremias van
Rensselaer, the commissaries and the officers of the mi-
litia to sit as a court of oyer and terminer for the trial
of the Indians. Order on a petition of Antonia van
Curler, widow of Arent van Curler for leave to trade with
the Indians at Schenectady. Order on a letter from Isaac
Graveraat schout at Esopus about contributions for fort
repairs and taxes. Capt Chambers to, be exempt from
taxes. Capt. Pawling to be thanked for his vigilance con-
cerning the Esopus Indians. Vessels coming from New
York with the governor's license to be allowed free passage
up Delaware river. Action on letters from Mr Wharton
and Capt. Cantwell about Whorekill matters deferred un-
til the return of Henryck the Loper. Wm. Douglas of
Delaware to be sent by Wm. Shackerley to the Barba-
does to be sold. Orders on the petitions of Benj. John-
son and Thos. Faulx for discharge from prison. Con-
sideration of the Quakers' paper suspended. Orders: on
a petition of inhabitants of Manhattan island against Capt.
Manning's patent for land by the Frenchman's; about hogs
running in the city; on a petition of Sarah widow of Nich-
olas Davis for protection against her late husband's cred-
itors. 125

28 A packet from Whitehall received by the hands of George

Moore arrived from England via Boston. 135

Ap. 14 Business of Peter Groenendyke and Mr Gardner of Nan-
tuckett deferred. Order for the reducing of Whorekill.
Quakers' paper about the fortifications considered. Mili-
tary laws to be attended. Order on a petition of the ba-
kers about the cure-masters. Kingdom's and Tys Barent's
affairs referred back to the justices who tried them before.
Order on Jan Jansen's petition deferred. Mr Nicholls'
charges in Delaware to be paid. Surveys from Mr Whar-
ton to be patented. 136
18 Trial of Peter Smith alias Groenendyke for seducing two
girls, Annetie daughter of Juriam Blanck sr and Maria de
la Noy, under promise of marriage; Jurian Blanck sr and
jr, daughter Catherine, Albert Bosch his son-in-law, and
Peter de la Noy brother of Maria prosecuting. 139
22 Trial of Peter Groenendyke continued; Annetie Romers,
Reyneer Willems baker, Cornelissen the fisher, testify;
Groenendyke to pay damages and a fine. 141

29 Order prohibiting the exportation of wheat. 145

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1678 ▼. S

May 15 Letters received from the duke of York. Lord Berkeley and
Sir George Carterctt about New Jersey. Col. Nicolls*
patent to Elizabethtown made void by the duke. Post
rider to Milford to continue until further orders. Bea-
cons to be erected. Former orders about the reduction
of Whorekill to be carried out. Court of sessions ad-
journed. Justices of the east riding to nominate three
persons for the governor to make a selection for higli
sheriff of Long Island. Case of Daniel Lane postponed
until the arrival of his wife. Order on a petition of Mary
Dobson about a payment to Mr Gabry. Order concern-
ing a transaction in wheat between Asser Levy, Nicholas
dc Meyer, van der Cooley and Capt. Chambers. 147

22 Orders: about a quarrel between Capt. Pawling and Mr
Graveraat; on a complaint of Capt. Chambers against Ed-
ward Whittaker and his wife about a reputed witch. 150

June 12 Proclamation to issue for the re-arrest of Daniel Lane; his
wife and daughter are released under bonds; Harry New-
ton the jailer to be examined. Order appointing a gen-
eral day of fasting and prayer. Prohibition to export
wheat suspended. Order upon a complaint of the cus-
tomers and customhouse regulations. English laws intro-
duced at the Esopus. A new alderman to be nominated
in place of Mr Darvale, and a new militia captain in place
of Isaac Bedloo. 151

24 Order fixing the value of wampum. Order on a petition of
the bakers about the surveyor or cure-master of bread and
flour (p. 136). Prohibition to export wheat to be en-
forced. 155

July 4 Order taking off the excise from small beer and fresh meats

and advancing the rate on liquor, wine and beer. 158

Volume 3 Part 2 1674-78


Oct 31 The fort surrendered to the governor. Mathias Nicolls
sworn of the council at the city hall and three consttbles
sworn in for the city. I

Nov. 2 Order continuing in ofHce all magistrates and other officials
at Albany, Esopus, the Delaware, etc. who held office be-
fore the coming of the Dutch in July 1673, excepting Peter
Alricks who had offered his services to the Dutch on the
Delaware. i

4 Michael Siston appointed schout, Wnu Parker marshall and
Sergt. Thos. Sharpe clerk of ±e entries, at Albany; Rich-

! ard Pretty to take an account of the great excise there.

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1674 V. 8

Capt. Thos. Chambers to be as formerly justice of the

peace. George Hall to be schout at Esopus. Capt

Edmund Cantwell reappointed schout or sherrif, Wm.

! Tom secretary, on the Delaware river, both to take poi-

session of the fort etc. at Newcastle and be receivers of

quit rents and other duties. Tristram Coffin sr, Matthew

Mayhew and Thos. Dogget before the council on behalf

of Martin's Vineyard and Nantuckett. a

7 Answer given to Tristram Coffin etc. recorded elsewhere. 3

10 Mayor, aldermen and sheriff of New York appointed and

sworn. 3

i6 Mayor and aldermen meet before the governor in the fort
Flour to be examined before shipping and marked with
the town brand, meats likewise. Orders concerning
weights and measures, bakers' bread, fortifications, gate
at the Smith's valley. 3

21 The same, Capt Anthony Brockholes and Wm. Dyrc pres-
ent Order for the recovery of the provincial records in
the hands of Nicholas Bayard secretary under Gov. Colve.
Confiscations made by the Dutch to be void. 5

27 Justices for the west riding of Long Island commissioned

and sworn in. 6

Nov. 30 Justices for the north riding commissioned and sworn in. 6

Dec. 4 Consultation in the fort, the governor, Capt Richard Grif-
fith, Capt. Cassibelam Burton, Capt Anthony Brock-
holes, Wm. Dyre, the mayor and aldermen present Let-
ter from the three eastern towns of Long Island signed
by John Mulford, John Howell and John Youngs declining
to acknowledge the authority of New York; and order

thereon. 6


Jan. 8 Fishing company to be established with £10 shares. Market
day fixed for the city (see N, Y. coL mst, 2^:67), John
Burroughs of Newtown summoned with the constable for
two letters reflecting on the government Constable of
Huntington sent for to answer for not obeying orders.
Council to meet every Friday. 10

Jan. 15 John Jackson constable of Hempstead brings John Jen-
nings before council according to warrant; Jennings is

charged by Scudder of Maspethkills with taking

away his brother's indentures as apprentice to Scudder;
sentenced to prison. Petition of Nath. Brittaine agidnst
John Sharpe about a servant referred to the court of
sessions. The constable of Newtown (p. 10) discharged
upon recommendation of Richard Betts member of the

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1675 ▼. 3

Gravesend sessions; John Burroughs to be whipped and
imprisoned; warrant to the sheriff for carrying out the sen-
tence. Capt. Manning to be tried for surrendering Fort
James to the Dutch. il

19 Trial of Isaac Piatt constable of Huntington (p. 10); fined

20s. for the poor. 16

22 Order concerning vacant lots in the city (see AT. Y. coL
mss, 24:56). Order on the petition of Nicholas Bayard
about Gov. Colve's power of attorney (see iNT. Y, col tnst,
24:34). Preparations for the trial of Capt. Manning (see
N. Y. col mss, 24:36-53). Supervisor of drift whales on
Long Island to be appointed. Long Island sachems called
i before the council. Order of the court of sessions about

the differences and separation of Wm. Hallet and his wife
Susannah confirmed. '7

29 Trial of Capt. Manning (p. 11, 17) commenced; he is com-
mitted to the sherrif. Appeal of Nicholas dc Meyer from
a judgment of the mayor's court referred back to the
court 20

Feb. 2 Articles against Capt. John Manning (p. 20); trial con-
tinued. 21
5 Trial continued; Capt. Manning sentenced to be dismissed

the service. 23

19 Prohibition to export corn continued. Trial of the case of
Daniel, Mattys and Jacobus de Haart, Cooke and West
attorneys, against Jacob Tennisse Key, Jan Hendricks
van Bommel and Jacques Cousseau, Allard Anthony and
Mr Sharpe attorneys, about the estate of their brother
Balthazar de Haart (see N. Y, col mss, 24:58). Order on
a petition of Jan Jansen Verryn. On an appeal of Wm.
Dyre in re de Meyer (p. 20). In re Richard Smith ts
Huntington. 24

Mar. 5 The governor and council and the mayor with the alder-
men. Order concerning the militia. No ballast to be
thrown into the harbor. Prohibition to export com con-
tinued. Customs regn^lations; New York, Southampton
and Southold to be ports of entry. 26

18 Got. Phil. Carterett of New Jersey present Cornelias
Stecnwyck, Johannes van Brugh, Johannes de Peyster,

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