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Ecclesiastical Records

State of New York

Published by the State under the sapervision of
HUGH HASTINGS, State Histonan .

Volume IV




Nlay 1913



(All documents arranged under the heads of the respective governors, and in

chronological order.)

1725, PAGE.

June 7 Dutch Chuich of New York. Information to be sought about

every farm on Fordham Manor, to regulate the leases 2309

8 Statement or Declaration of certain ministers, to those
•• Cited " by Frelinghuysen and his Consistories, justifying
them in the Publication of their '• Complaint "" or " Reply
to the Letters of Citation '" 2309-2312

(June?) Certain Poems bearing on the case of Frelinghuysen and the

Complainants 2312-2317

(June?) Preface to the Complaint 2317-2329

Sept. 3 Acts of Classis, Call of Rev. R. Erickzon to the churches
of Haekensack. Schraalenberg and Paramus. Booklets pre-
sented to the Classis about the dissensions in the Churches

on the Raritan 2330

■ 4 Act^ of the Deputies. Call of Rev. Henricus Coens to
Aquackononck and Belleville; and of Rev. R, Ericson to
Xew Barbadoes. or Haekensack. Their ordinations 2331

Oct. 5 Rev. John Jacob Ehle to Society for Propagating the Gospel. 2332
Report of the Deputies on the book styled " Complaint against
Frelinghuysen. " Frelinghuysen and his Consistoiy re-
quested to answer 2332, 2333

Nov. 2 Extracts from a letter from the Raritan Complainants,
Apologizes for sending over the Complaint without a letter.
Later events; at Raritan. Rumors of denials of the acta
of suspension: Gk>elefs statements. Had locked up the
chiuch against Frelinghuysen. but had subsequently lost
■* possession of it. Wish another minister from Holland.
Dutch churches subject to another Ci%-il Power: yet almost
all depend on Classis of Amsterdam. Does Frelinghuysen
still belong to the Dutch Church? What would now be
done with a minister in Holland, who followed the Laba-
dists and Mennonites. Ask for extracts of their Acts ap-
pointing Frelinghuysen: and for speedy advice. This let-
ter endorsed by Du Bois. Boel. Antonides and Vas. . . 2333-2335
Rev. Wm. C. Berkenmeyer at Quassaick. occasionally,
1725-1731 .*. 2335


iv Table of Contents.

1726. PAGE.

Nov. 2 Account of Negroes imported into New York, 1700-1726 2336

Census of New Jersey, 1726 2336, 2337

Jan. 5, 9 Dutch Church of New York. Barend de Forest appointed
Schoolmaster. His duties. Publication from the Pulpit

of his appointment 2337-2343

8 Report on the Raritan case. Letters written 2343

Feb. 12 Dutch Church of New York. Proposition to build a new

church 2343, 2344

19 Further Report on Raritan case 2344

March 1 Governor Burnet to Rev. Wm. C. Berkenmeyer, as to his

rights on the Glebe at Quassaick 2344, 2345

April 1 Case of Frelinghuysen remains in statu 2345

May 6 Resolution of the State regarding the earliest age at which

men can be called to the ministiy 2345-2347

June 2 Gov. Burnet to the Lords of Trade. Public papers to be
sent. Reports of Christenings and Burials. Small num-
ber of Church of England ministers 2347, 2348

14 Rev. Cornelius Van Santvoord to Classis of Amsterdam. The
" Complaint against Frelinghuysen " sent the year before.
Van Santvoord alluded to unpleasantly in the Preface and
Declaration of said Book. His " Defence " of himself in a

Dialogue 2348-2351

Classis of Amsterdam to Rev. T. J. Frelinghuysen. Their re-
ception of the book styled " The Complaint " etc. The
book examined. Prolix, and many points unimportant.
Seventeen points specified, which Classis wishes him to
answer. Kind admonition that he should work for peace.

Classis of Amsterdam to Rev. Henry Boel. His letter and
request, about the difficulties at Raritan, received. Com-
plaint of the prolixity of the Book against Frelinghuysen.
Have notified Frelinghuysen to answer. Exhortation to
peace 2356, 2357

July 3 Rev. Mr. Vesey to the Society for Propagating the Gospel.
Requests an Assistant. 1400 Indians and Negro slaves to
be taught. Many communicants among them. Mr. Neau,
formerly eatechist ; now Mr. Wetmore 2357

13 Dutch Church of New York. Manor of Fordham 2357, 2358

14 Dutch Church of New York. Ground to be purchased for a

second church building. (Nassau and Cedar Sts.) 2358

21 Dutch Church of New York. Deeds shown for land for new

church 2358

22 Classis of Amsterdam. The book styled, " Freeman's De-

fence " received 2359

Aug. 29 Dutch Church of New York. Deeds for land. Money to be

paid 2359

July 30-Aug. 8 Synod of North Holland. Departure of Coens and

Erickson for America 2359

Table of Contents. v

1726. PAGE.

•Sept. 4 Trinity Chiircli. Rev. Mr. Colgan appointed to the Parish

of Rye. He and Mr. Wetmore of Trinity exchange places. 2360

22 Dutch Church of New York. Manor of Fordham 2360

Call of Rev. Martin Henry Nieuwpoort to the Dutch Church
of Constantinople. Freeman's Defence still in hands of
Committee. Van Santvoord's Dialogue, in his Defence, re-
ceived. Referred to the Committee. Letter from the Com-
plainants also received. Examination of students for For-
eign Lands. First requirement to reject the errors of
Prof. Roel 2360-2362

Oct. 7 Report on the Raretan case. Classis can give no decision
until Frelinghuysen has been heard in his own defence.
Some answer ought at once to be made to the Complain-
ants, since they only ask advice from Classis, instead of a
judgment. The ministers who endorsed the Complaint,
ought also to be written to, urging them to promote peace;
to dissuade them from ideas of independence; that Classis
does not think it necessary to defend itself, by sending over
to America, extracts concerning their appointment of
Frelinghuysen. That Freeman be written to, individually,
not commending the style of his Defence; that he be re-
quested to admonish Frelinghuysen to moderation, and to
clear himself of the charges; that Freeman himself must
abstain from fanning the flames of discord, as he has done
in his pamphlet; that he make charges in an orderly way;
to ask him why he and Bartholf assumed the right to ap-
prove Frelinghuysen's Sermons, when such approval be-
longs to Classis. — To notify Van Santvoord that Ms
Dialogue had been received, but that it was desirable that
so much agitation had not been made; that he should ad-
monish Frelinghuysen to moderation and to defend him-
self 2362-2364

Classis of Amsterdam, to the Complainants. Their " Com-
plaint " received. Frelinghuysen requested to answer. Re-
bukes them for shutting up the church against Freling-
huysen: and for not appealing to Classis to act as a judge,

instead of only asking advice 2364, 2365

28 Letters to the Complainants, and to the ministers who en-
dorsed tlie Complaint, read and approved 2366

Nov. 10 Rules for Sabbath Observance at Albany 2366

Dec. 1 Classis of Amsterdam to Revs. Du Bois, Antonides, Boel and
Vas. Letter to " Complainants " enclosed. Waiting for
Defence of Frelinghuysen. Request them to rebuke " Com-
plainants " for shutting up their church against Freling-
huysen. Danger of the churches losing their liberties.
Disapproves their apparent recognition of independence by
the Complainants. Difficulty of governing churches under
another Civil Power. But some of the Dutch churches

vi Table of Conteists.

I'^^G. PAGE.
have charters to regulate their affairs, as under the Synod
of Dort. Classis insists on its judicial position over this
ease at Raretan, although it cannot enforce them in an-
other dominion. — The ministers who endorsed the " Com-
plaint " need to reconsider their conduct in this. Classis
passes by some objectionable expressions in their letter.
The grief of Classis over the disputes, as seen by the Com-
plaint, and the books of Freeman and Van Zantvoord.
Exhortations to all to peace. Extracts from earlier letters,
those of Selyns and Du Bois, acknowledging their subordi-
nation to Classis 2366-2370

Dec. 1 Classis of Amsterdam to Rev. B. Fi'eeman. His letter and
book, his " Defence " received. His book very unsatisfac-
tory, and positively harmful. Urged to stifle the flames
of discord and promote peace. His iiTegular accusation of
some minister of heterodoxy. Request to explain why he
and Bartholf dared to assume the prerogative of Classis

in approving Frelinghuy sen's Sermons 2371, 2372

Classis of Amsterdam to Rev. Cornelius Van Santvoord.
His letter and " Dialogue "' received. The third publica-
tion about troubles in America. Flames of discord among
the ministers of peace. Surprise that for a supposed in-
sult, he should go to so much trouble and expense. Dis-
putes made worse. The book not orderly or accurate.
Seeks to defend Frelinghuy sen. Hard to say on which
side the most blame. Exhortation to promote peace. . 2372-2374
27 Dutch Church of New York. Second Appointment of Barend

de Forest as Schoolmaster 2374, 2375


Jan. 12, 15, 26 Dutch Church of New York. Committee to notify
Gov. Buraet of the project to build a new church, and
asking his approval. Approval. Collection of bonds for
the same 2375, 2376

March 7 Dutch Church in New York. Suggestions for the building of
the new church. Release of a debtor from confinement. —
March 9. Plans of the new church. Overseers of the
building. March 16, 22. Directions to the Overseers. 2376-2380
30 Palatine Lutheran Church of Quassaick call Rev. Wm. C.
Berkenmyer of New York, to officiate twice a year for
them 2380, 2381

April 5 Dutch Church of New York. Further orders respecting the

new church 2381

6 Acts of the Deputies. Extracts from letter of Rev. T. J.
Frelinghuysen. Had received letter of Classis of June 6,
1726. Malice, the origin of the " Complaint ". Will pub-
lish a '■ Refutation ". His answers to the seventeen points

Table of Contents. vii

1727. PAGE.

alluded to. Generally false. See answers in detail, com-
paring the two letters — that of the Classis of June, 1726,

and this one 2381-2388

April 7 Examination of Aegidius Luyck and othei-s 2388, 21^89

13 Latin certificate of ordination of John Van Driessen at New

Haven 2389

Dutch Church of Xew York. Further contracts for new

building 2390

May 31 Dutch Church of Xew York. Plans for the new church. 2390, 2391
July 8 Induction of ReA^ Thos. Stanard over Episcopal Church of

Westchester 2391, 2392

14 Gov. Burnet to the Bishop of London. Presbyterians at Ja-

maica began suit to recover their church property 2392

Sept. 1 Classis receives letters from Raritan 2392

15 Rev. Cornelius Van Santvoord to Rev. John Hagelis, min-

ister at Amsterdam. His " Dialogue " on the Raritan Dis-
pute has tended to pacification. Book more important in
America than it seems to Classis. Blame on both sides.

Suggestions as to peace 2393-2395

Xov. 2 Dutch Church of New York. Accounts of new church 2395

10 Action of Classis on Raritan disputes. Former Deputati to

help the new 2395

15 Modification of oath, when taken by Jews 2395

16 Dutch Church of New York. Further arrangements respect-

ing the new church building 2396, 2397

29 Licenses required in Albany, to sell strong Liquor 2397

Dee. 15 Dutch Church of New York. Appointment of Henry M. Keck
as Organist. Gift of an Organ by the Governor. Terms
of appointment. Style of music 2397-2399

Classis receives letters from New York, from Revs. Du Bois
and Boel. xVbstract of same 2400

Dutch Church of New York. Manor of Fordham leases. 2400, 2401

Classis receives letters from Revs. Santvoord, Du Bois and
Boel 2401

Report of Classis of Amsterdam, on the differences in the
churches of the Raritan. Many severe expressions used by
Frelinghuysen in his reply. Some things mentioned by us
he neglects in his reply. Many of the accusations are posi-
tively denied. Others he acknowledges, but defends. That
he intends to publish a Refutation of the '' Complaint ".
He refers to several printed pamphlets on this business.


Rule in reference to baptizing illegitimate children 2405

14 Dutch Church of New York. Plans in reference to new

church 2405, 2406

±1 ^o







viii Table of Contents.

1728. PAGE.

April 18 Dutch Church of New York. Address to the New Governor,

Montgomery. Plans in reference to new church 2406

26 Certificate of Ordination of University of Heidelberg to Rev.

George Weiss 2406

29 Commission to the Bishop of London for exercising jurisdic-
tion in the American Colonies. Latin and English. . . 2407-2413

May 3 Further consideration by the Classis, of the Dispute at Rari-
tan. The excommunication, the principal mistake. Final
decision yet reserved for certain reasons: our non-juris-
diction; the churches under another Civil Government;
contradictory testimony; premature decision might increase
the strife. Exhortations should be sent to both parties to
come to terms; or choose arbitrators in America. Other-
wise, further proofs demanded 2413-2415

June 27 Dut^'h Church of New York. The new church building 2415

28 Classis of Amsterdam to Rev. T. J. Frelinghuysen. Aston-
ished for his st;^le of language. Requested not to publish
his " Refutation ". Reasons for reserving decision. Ex-
horted to peace. His excommunications of members not
legal. His failure to answer certain questions. Should
make confessions and retractions. The other parties must
do the same. Arbitrators. Classical desire for peace. 2416-2420
Classis of Amsterdam to the Complainants. Similar advice
to that above 2420-2424

July 27-Aug. 5 Synod of North Holland. Philadelphia 2424

The Consistories of Certain German Churches in Pennsyl-
vania to the Classis of Amsterdam 2425-2437

Aug. 14 Dutch Church of New York. The new church building. A

certain debt 2438

15 Revs. Du Bois, Antonides and Boel to the Classis of Amster-
dam. Their advice to the German ministers of Pennsyl-
vania to write to the Classis of Amsterdam 2438, 2439

Oct. 4 Classis receives a letter from Staten Island. Anthony Cur-
tenius received among the " Commendatos " for Foreign
Churches. Rev. Nathan Erickzon sent to Curacoa.. . 2439-2440

Nov. 14 Classis receives letter from New York about the German
churches in Pennsylvania. Comforting letter to be writ-
ten to them 2440

20 Dutch Church of New York. The new church 2440, 2-dk4l

28 Classis of Amsterdam to the German churches in Pennsyl-
vania, under care of J. P. Boehm. Sympathy of Classis for
them. Will carefully consider their circumstances. Ex-
hortation to fidelity 2441, 2442

Dec. 1 Classis of Amsterdam to the ministers at New York, rhe
German churches in Pennsylvania. Exhortation that all
should follow Church Rules in accepting certificates, when
offered 2443, 2444

Table of Contents. ix

1728. PAGE.

Dee. 12 Dutch Church of Xew York. Charges at funerals. Duties of

Organist 2444

Jan. 9 Dutch Church of New York. Admonition to the Organist. .. 2444
11 Classis requests ministers of New York to honor church

certificates from Staten Island 2445

30 Dutch Church of New York. The Organist apologizes for his

absences 2445

Testimony of Peterson and Van Nostrand concerning a meet-
ing between the Complainants and Frelinghuysen . . . 2446, 2447
Feb. 3 (13) Consistory of T. J. Frelinghuysen to the Complainants.
Offers to annul the Ban on certain conditions. Imitation
to meet the Consistory on Feb. 20. Meeting held. ii.x-
tracts of letters, requiring confessions, etc., read.... 2447-2449
March 6, 16 Dutch Church of New York. Need of more funds to com-
plete the new church. Appeal from pulpit for more funds.

29 The Complainants to Eev. T. J. Frelinghuysen. Technical
objections to the Consistory's propositions for peace. Ar-
bitration by outside parties deemed impossible. Desire
Frelinghuysen to comply with directions of Classis, with-
out conditions. Frelinghuysen alone must annul the Ban,
and recognize the Complainants as members. Complainants
are then prepared to make suitable acknowledgments.


May 22 Dutch Church of New Y'ork. The new church 2456, 2457

April 4 Classis approves the Book of Frelinghuysen, styled, " The

Mirror which does not Flatter " 2457, 2458

5 Governor's license to make a collection to aid in complet-
ing the new Dutch Church in New Y''ork 2458

19 Rev. T. J. Frelinghuysen to the Complainants. Is willing to

obey the Classis but not the conditions of the Complain-
ants. Classis requires of the Complainants acknowledg-
ment of their imprudence and the recognition of Freling-
huysen as their lawful minister. This must be done in
writing. Then the ban will be removed. Arbitrators may
then be appointed. Complainants may remain in the Reces-
sion Congregation, of 1727, organized by Eev. Coens. His
action in this not to be approved. The ban not to be with-

dra\^Ti until they confess 2459-2461

June 10 The Complainants to Rev. T. J. Frelinghuysen. Many techni-
cal and verbal criticisms of his letter to them of April
19, 1729 2461-2468

20 The Classis of Amsterdam to the Brethren in Pennsylvania.

Classis ratines all the Acts of Rev. J. P. Boehm, before his
ordination. That he must now be ordained by the min-
isters in New Y^'ork. Boehm's Church Rules endorsed.
This action of Classis not to be regarded as a precedent.


X Table of Contents.

1'29. PAGE.

June 20 Classis of Amsterdam to the Rev. John Philip Boehm. Call
of the German churches upon him to be considered legal,
from necessity. Must now be ordained by the Dutch min-
isters of New York 2471-2473

The Classis of Amsterdam to the ministers of New York.
Request them to ordain John Philip Boehm, nomine

Classis 2473-2475

July 26 Synod of North Holland, Philadelphia 2475

18, Oct. 3 Anthonius Curtenius assigned to go to New Nether-
land. His examination and ordination 2475, 2476

3a-Aug. 26 Dutch Church of New York. Church of Fordham. 2476


Oct. 23 and Nov. 13 Dutch Church of New York. Bonds 2477-2478

Nov. 14 Liquor licenses required in Albany 2478

20 Three Mile Run, N. J., raises a subscription for a pastor. . . . 2478

23 Ordination of John Philip Boelim in New York. Review of
, the circumstances. Substance of the letters of the Classis

of Amsterdam on this business. New ministers for the Ger-
man churches to be sought from the Classis of Amster-
dam. Salary of Domine Boehm. The Gennan Elders and
Deacons to subscribe to the Dutch Doctrines and Discip-
line. Their subscriptions. Record of the Ordination. 2478-^84

24 Reconciliation between Domines Boehm and Weiss .... 2484-2487
20 Documents about Boehms' ordination in New York to be

recorded 2487

29 The Lutheran Church in Albany 2488

Dec. 18 Dutch Cliurch of New York. The new church 2488, 2489

New Volume of Sennons by Frelinghuysen 2490

Jan. 1 Dutch Church of New York. Appointment of Jan de la Mon-
tague, as sexton. Eight particulars as to his duties in the
Building. Four particulars as to his duties to the Con-
sistory. Four particulars as to his duties about the gi'aves.
Prices at funerals. His special payments for duties to the
i Elders; for his duties to the Deacons; for his duties to the

Church Masters. Prices for graves 2490-2495

25 Dutch Church of New York. Request of John P. Zenger to

be organist 2495, 2496

Feb.-^Marcli. Advertisement by Rev. George Llichael Weiss for scholars. 2496
April 13 Consistories of Poughkeepsie and Fishkill to certain ministers
at Amsterdam, giving them power of attorney to call a

pastor for them. His duties and salary 2497-2502

17 Consistories of Poughkeepsie and Fishkill to the Classis of

Amsterdam about their call 2503-2506

The Consistory of Freehold and Middletown, N. J., to cer-
tain individuals in Amsterdam to secure a minister for
them. Their circumstances. Employment of Rev. Joseph
Morgan, a Presbyterian, for twenty years; giving them

Table of Contents.


1730. PAGE.

one-fourth of his time. Desirability of a Dutch minister.
Power of Attorney to call. His qualifications and duties.
His compensations. Attestations 2506-2513

July 25-Aug. SjTiod of North Hollond. Philadelphia 2513, 2514

17 Classis of Amsterdam and the German church of Philadel-
phia 2514

Sept. 4 Rev. Geo. M. Weiss of Philadelphia, visits the Classis of
Amsterdam. Opposition to Rev. J. P. Boehm. Asks aid to
build a church in Philadelphia 2514, 2515

Oct. 2 Action of Classis on the affairs of Rev. J. P. Boehm. Reaffir-
mation of the legality of Boehm's ministry. New Report
desired on the Frelinghuysen and Raritan Affair. . . . 2515, 2516

6 Dutch Church of New York. Pews 2516-2519

14 Rev. Jedediah Andrew's testimony to the German minister

of Philadelphia 2519

Dec, 5 Classis sends letters to Pennsylvania. Rev. Weiss and Elder
Reiff raising money for the churches in Pennsylvania. Let-
ters received from New York about ordination of Boehm.
Acts of the Synod to be sent yearly to New York. Report
on the Raritan case. Rev. Frelinghuysen very sick. Peace
negotiations broken off. Complainants desire to be released
from their excommunication, and to call a minister for
themselves; have sent poAver of attorney. Poughkeepsie

and Fishkill have done the same 2519-2521

Classis of Amsterdam to Rev. John P. Boehm. Sympathy of
Classis. Sorrow at their schisms. Suggest exchange of
pulpits between Boehm and Weiss in the interest of peace.

Exhortation to cultivate gentleness and peace 2521-2523

Classis of Amsterdam to the Ovei*seers of the Three German
churches. References to the factions existing. Exhorta-
tions to peace 2523-2524

Classis of Amsterdam to the church of Schipback. Opposi-
tion of some to Boehm's ordination. Importance of peace
in the church. Exhortations to recognize Boehm's ordina-
tion and to promote peace 2524-2528

Classis of Amsterdam to the ministers of New York. Com-
mends their exact obedience in reference to the ordination
of Boehm; and their laborious correspondence about the
churches. Their letters to Boehm and his opponents. Rev.
Weiss and Elder Reiff in Holland to raise money for the
church of Pennsylvania. Weiss's inclinations for peace.
Much money raised by Weiss and Reiff. Acts of Synod to
be sent to America. Decision on the Raritan disputes de-
layed 2528-2532

Classis of Amsterdam to the Consistories of Poughkeepsie and
yishkill. Congratulations on their determination to have a
minister. Minister will be sent as soon as possible.. 2533, 2534

Jan. 9 Gerard Haagoort accepted by the Classis as " Commendatus *'

for foreign churches — Raritan case still pending 2534

xii Table of Contents.

1731. PAGE.

Jan. 9 Petition to be allowed to collect funds to build a Dutch

Cbureh at Fishkill 2534, 2535

Feb. 19, March 19. Society for Propagating the Gospel receive a letter
dated June 15, 1730, from Kev. John J. Ehlig (Shle, Oehl;)
for Bishop of London — Consideration of Mr. Ehlig's let-
ter — • His poor circumsti^nce^ 2535

April 2 Cornelius Van Schie received in Classis as " Comniendatus "
for foreign churches — Rev. Gerard Hagoort called to Free-
hold and Middletown, X. J. — His examination and ordina-
tion — Clafesis receives a Report on the Raritan case — The
Complainants released from their excommunication. .2535, 2536

14 Dutch Church of New York — Rules about Pews 2537

May 7 Classis approves letters to be sent to Raritan, Millstone (or
Harlingen) and other places — Action about sending copies
of Minutes of Synod to New York and Cape of Good Hope . 2537

Classis of Amsterdam to the Consistory at Raritan — Sym-
pathy for sickness of Frelinghuysen — Sorrow at their con-
tinued troubles — Exhortation to Peace — Classis refuses to
allow the disaffected to call another minister; releases the
disaffected from their excommunication — Exhortation

against certain irregularities 2538-2540

Classis of Amsterdam to the Complainants at Raritan —
Grief at their estrangements — Joy at their submission to
Classical authority, and at their expressed desires for peace
— Sorrow that peace was not accomplished; and at Freling-
huysen's sickness ; also at alleged irregularities — Classis
releases them from their excommunication — Exhortation
not to boast about it — Refuses to allow them to call an-
other pastor — Desires further information about the Eng-
lish dissenter's preaching 2540-2544

Classis of Amsterdam to the (Seceded) Consistories of Har-
ligen, Old Raritan and Three Mile Run — Classis refuses

to allow them to call a pastor 2544, 2545

29 Messrs. Knibbe and Wilhelm to Church of North and South

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