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General Alumni Catalogue


New York University

l8 33" ^OS




New York : : : : : M C M V I

Copyright, 1906, by

General Alumni Society of

New York University


Electrotyped and Printed by C. H. Simands &> Co.

Boston, U.S.A.

Prefatory Note

In addition to the Alumni Associations of the separate
schools, there was organized in 1902 the General Alumni Soci-
ety of New York University. By provision of its By-Laws
(Article L, Section 1), "Any graduate of any department or
any matriculate of a class which has graduated and who has left
New York University in good standing may, upon payment of
a subscription to the Society, become a member. Any one not
a graduate or a matriculate, who is or has been a member of
the Council or of the teaching force of New York University,
or any one holding an honorary degree from New York Uni-
versity may become a member of this Society, but may not hold
office or vote at any meeting thereof."

In partial fulfilment of one of its objects, " the maintenance
of a list of the names and addresses of all matriculates of the
University," and in commemoration of the Semisesquicenten-
nial of the University in 1905, the General Alumni Society has
undertaken to publish a General Alumni Catalogue of New York

It is the plan of the catalogue to provide a complete list of
all who have received degrees from the University and of all
officers of administration and instruction; to give under the
several names condensed biographies ; and to add, in case of the
deceased, the date and place of death, and, in case of the living.
the present address.

The names of the Alumni have been grouped in classes
under the various schools of the University.

The present volume is to be followed by another containing
the names of the Alumni of the Schools at Washington Square
(Law, Graduate. Pedagogy. Commerce), together with the


Veterinary College; and that by a third volume, under the
editorial supervision of Dr. Egbert Le Fevre, secretary of the
General Alumni Society, containing the, names of the Alumni
of the Medical School.

In the preparation of the present volume, material has been
gathered by means of circular letters, enclosing blanks for data,
sent directly to all Alumni whom it was possible to reach. Such
letters have been followed up by cards urging that the requested
information be sent, and by a large amount of personal corre-
spondence. In addition to this direct source of information,
material has been gathered in ways less immediate. The excel-
lent Biographical Catalogue, published by the Alumni Associa-
tion of the College in 1894, has supplied a large amount of data.
The archives of the University, the catalogues of the various
College fraternities represented at New York University, the
annual, quarterly, and weekly publications of the students, the
catalogues of other academical institutions, general and annual,
the year-books of religious denominations, the standard encyclo-
pedias of biography, Who's Who in America, Who's Who in
New York, and many other sources, have been at hand for
constant reference.

The arrangement of material under each name has taken the
following order:


Degrees received from New York University and other

Parentage and birth.

Preparation for New York University.

College record and honors.

Record since graduation.

Honors received and membership in societies.


Marriage and children.

Relatives in New York University.

Address, if living, or date and place of death if deceased.

The editor would welcome additional information under the


above heads which has not been included in the present volume,
but may be of service to those having in charge a subsequent
edition of the catalogue.

Thanks are due to many of the Alumni, who have contrib-
uted suggestions and information tending to make the work
more complete. Mr. James Abbott, of the Class of '83, Treasurer
of the General Alumni Society, has served the Society as Publi-
cation Committee. His familiarity with the processes which
intervene between completed manuscript and a bound volume
has greatly facilitated the progress of the Catalogue through the

It is assumed that errors will appear in spite of the most pains-
taking care to avoid them. It is also admitted that most of the
omissions in such a compilation can be filled up if sufficient
time is allotted to the work. It is believed, however, that the
claim of further research for the sake of completeness at length
must yield to the claim that less perfect results be given out for
general use.

Henry M. Brown, '86,


Chronological Table of the University College and
the School of Applied Science

Meeting to consider the establishment of a University December 16, 1829
Organization of the Council October 18, 1830

Act of Incorporation April 18, 1831

Opening of College work October, 1832

Opening of the School of Engineering and the School of Analytical

and Practical Chemistry 1S5G

Conferment of the first degree in Applied Science 1862

Founding of the General Endowment, in chief part by Mr. Loring

Andrews 1864-1866

Proposal of an uptown site 1890

Purchase of University Heights 1892

Removal of the University College to University Heights 1S94

Gift of the Library Building and of Gould Hall 1895

Expansion of the School of Engineering into the School of Applied

Science April, 1899

Founding of Hall of Fame 1900


A. A. — Athletic Association.
AC. — accountant.

Acad. — Academy.

ACT. — actuary.

ADV. — advertising business.

advoc. — advocate.

agt. — agent.

agr. — agriculture.

adtn. Bar — admitted to the Bar.

Am. — America, American.

ARCH, —architect.

asyl. — asylum.

athl. — athletic.

attg. — attending.

atty. — attorney.

AU. — author.

AUD. — auditor.

b. — born.

B. — banker.
Bapt. — Baptist. •
BR. — broker.

bro. — bro. in N. Y. U.
BUILD, —builder.

C. elk. — clerk.

C, C. N. Y. — College of the City of New

Chapl. — chaplain.
CHEM. —chemist.
chem. — chemical.
ch. — children,
chrmn. — chairman.
Ch. — church,
civ. — civil.
CLERG. — clergyman.
Co. — company, county.
Col. Univ. — Columbia University.
Coll. — College.
Coll. P. and S. — College of Physicians and

commenc. — commencement,
commr. — commissioner,
coram. — committee.
Cong. — Congregational,
cop. — co-pastor.

const. — constitution, constitutional,
constr. — construction.
consult. — consulting.
COntr. — contractor.
CORP. — corporation officer,
couns. — counsellor.
cons. — cousin in N. Y. U.
d. — died.

da. — daughter or daughters.
del. — delegate
Dep. — Deputy.
dept. — department.
dir. — director,
dis. — diseases.
disp. — dispensary,
dissert. — dissertation,
div. — dii

ED. —editor.

EDUC. — educator.

em. — emeritus.

empl. — employed.

EN< '•. — engineer.

eng. — engineer, engineering.

Engl. — English.

evang. — evangelist.

extry. — extraordinary.

1"'. — farmer.

fa. — father in N. Y. U.

fac. — faculty.

fresh. — freshman.

genl. — general.

GEOL. — geologist.

gov. — government.

G. S. — grammar school.

Kt. — great

H. S. — high school.

I. C. A. A. A. A. — Inter-Collegiate Associ-

ation of Amateur Athletes of America.
indep. — independent
INS. — insurance,
insp. — inspector,
inst. — institute.
instr. — instructor,
internatl. — international.
JOURN.— journalist
jun. — junior.
L. — lawyer.
lect. — lecturer.
LIBR. — librarian,
m. — married.
M. — merchant,
man. — managing.
M. E, — Methodist Episcopal.
M. E., Mech. Eng. — mechanical engineer.
Med. Assn. — .Medical Association
Med. Coll. — Medical College.
mem. — member.
metnl. — memorial.
MF. — manufacturer.
mftry. — manufactory,
mgr. — manager.
miss., missny. —missionary.
mod. — moderator.
munic. — municipal,
nat. — natural,
natl. — national.
neph. — nephew in N. Y. U.
ord. — ordained.
p. — pastor,
past. — pastoral.
pdgy, _ pedagogy.
Ev E ; , — Protestant Episcopal.
PJ I \K. pharmacist.
phi]., philos. —philosophy, philosophical,
n." i ~~ .P"" ' ^! philological.
I lulomath. — Philomathean Society.
I'll VS. —physician.
plenip'y — plenipotentiary.
pres. — president.


Presb. — Presbyterian.

prin. — principal.

prof. — professor.

propr. — proprietor.

P. S. — public school.

PUB. — publisher.

publ. — publications.

R . d. — Reformed Dutch.

RE. — real estate business.

rec. — recorder.

regr. — registrar.

rel. — relative in N. Y. U.

repr. — representative.

ret. — retired.

Rev'y — Revolutionary.

R. R. — railroad official.

s. — son of.

salut. — salutatorian.

sem. — seminary.

sen. — senior.

soc. — society.

son — son in N. Y. U.

soph. — sophomore.

Sp. Dip. — Special Diploma.

sp., spec. — special.

s. s. — stated supply.

S. S. — Sunday School.

sta. — station.

stud. — student.

surrog. — surrogate.

surv. — survey, surveyor.

teach. — teacher.

topogr. — topographical.

tp. — township.

trust. — trustee.

T. S. — Theological Seminary.

vis. — visiting.

unc. — uncle in N. \.U.

w. c. — without charge. .

The name of the institution by which it
has been conferred follows the academic
degree. The omission of it indicates that
the degree was given by New York Uni-

Ve Numerals (1), (2), (3)," (4) after college
honors and officers indicate fresh., soph.,
jun. and senior years respectively.



Prefatory Note v

Chronological Table ix

Abbreviations xi

Alumni of University College 1

Alumni of the School of Applied Science .... 14G

Honorary Alumni , 159

Officers and Members of the Council 186

The Women's Advisory Committee 199

Chancellors of the University 200

Faculty of the University College 22

Faculty of the School of Applied Science . . . .211

Indek of Officers and Faculty 215

Index of Alumni ... - 219


Alumni of the University College

l8 33 " i9°5


Joseph Acheson,*

(PIIYS.) A. R., 33; A.M., 36; M. D.,
45, N. Y. Med. Coll.
s. Wm. and Margaret (Graham) Ache-
son, b. N. Y. C, Jan. 25, 1812; ent. N.
Y. U. when first opened; Pittsburgh T.
S.; N. Y. Med. Coll.; studied with Dr.
Valentine Mott; lie. Ref. Pres. Ch.; pres.
Bkln. Med. Assn.; cons. phys. Bkln.
Disp. ; publ.: Treatise on the Eye; m.
38, Euphemia, da. Jn. Culbert; ch. :
Euphemia, James Jos., Louise, William,
Frederick, Anna, Alexander; bros.:
Wm. Andrew, 36; Tn. Crothers, 53.

d. Nov. 4, 73, Bkln., N. Y.
Edward Winfield Cone,*

(L.) A. B., 33; A. M., 36.
s. Rev. Dr. Spencer Houghton and Sallie
Wallace (Morrell) Cone, b. Baltimore,
Md., Mar. 4, 1814; ent. N. Y. U. when
first opened: m. Oct. 13, 58, Marv Eliz.,
da. Jn. L. Weston; ch. : Edwd. Wallace,
Harry Houghton, Bessie, Lillian, Julie;
bro.: Col. Spencer W., 37 (non-grad.).

d. Jan. 23, 71, N. Y. C.
Henry Swartout Dodge,*

(L.) A. B., 33; A. M., 36.
s. Robt. and Eliza P. Dodge, b. Nov. 12,
1815; ent. N. Y. U., 32; lawyer N. Y. C;
m. 32, Daisy E. L. Moore; ch.: Katha-
rine M., Hy. M.; bro.: Robt., 40.

d. Sept. 17, 55. Belleville, N.J.


Robert Ralston Crosby,*

(B.) A. B.. 34.

s. Wm. Bedlow and Harriet Ashton
(Clarkson) Crosby, b. N. Y. C, Dec. 3,
1815; Nat'l Bank of Commerce, N. Y. C,
40 yrs. : treas. of Eastern Dispensary 30
yrs.: elder in South Ch.; m. Apr. 27,
59, Jane Murray, da. Col. Alex. Living-
ston; ch. : Robt. Ralston, Livingston,
Edwd. Nicoll, Cornelia Livingston
(Pell); bros. : Clarkson F., 35, Chanc.
Howard Crosby, 44; nefh.: Ernest How-
ard Crosby, 76.

d. June 25, 92, Rivcrdalc, N. Y. C.

Matthew Van Benschoten Fow-

(L.) A. B., 34; A. M., 37.
s. Caleb and Katherine (Sebring) Fowler,
b. Newburg, N. Y., Aug. 16, 1814; Latin
Salut.; ent. Col. Coll.; pres. Commercial
Fire Ins. Co., N. Y. C; m. June 28, 37,
Eliz. Fowler, da. Wm. Seymour; ch. :
Seymour, Willie.

d. May 9, 81, N. Y. C.

William Robert Gordon,*

(CLERG.) A. B., 34; A. M., 37; S. T. D.,
54, Col. Univ.

s. Robt. and Eliz. (Postley) Gordon, b.
N. Y. C, Mar. 19, 1811; ent. N. Y. U.,
33; New Prunswick T. S., 34-7; lie.
(Refd. Dutch), 37; p. North Hempstead,
38-43; Flushing, L. I., 43-9; Houston St.,
N. Y. C. 49-58; Schraalenburgh, N. J.,
till 1880; ret. on account of throat
trouble, 1880; Ed. Sower and Mission
Monthly, 80-; founder Eucleian Soc;
full.: Tracts and Sermons, 48; The
Supreme Godhead of Christ, 48; Partic-
ular Providence, 55, 56, 68; A Threefold
Test of Modern Spiritualism, 56;
Christocracy, 67, 78; The Church of
God and Her Sacraments, 75; Revealed
Truth Impregnable (Yedder Lectures at
Rutgers Coll.), 77; m. Jul. 21, 38, Ma-
thilda, da. Minne Onderdonk.

d. Mar. 30, 97, Manhassct, L. I.

Washington Judah,*

A. B., 34; A. M., 37.
s. Aaron H. Judah.

d. N. Y. C.

Samuel Kellogg,

(CLERG.) A. B., 34.

s. Seth Shove and Matilda (Lock-
wood) Kellogg, b. Paterson, N. J., Tun.
30, 1808; ent. N. Y. U., 32; Princeton
T. S., 34-7; ord., evang., Pby. Long Id.,
Nov. 20, 38; s. s. Westhampton. N. Y..
38-41; s. s. Dobb's Ferry. 41, p. 47-52;
9. s. Hempstead. 52-64; retired. 65-96; m.,
Aug. 2, 38, Mary P.. da. Johnson Henry;
ch.: Snm'l Henry. Edward Payson, How-
ard Melancthon, Caroline Matilda.
d. Jan. 14, 96, near Plainfidd, N. J.



Amos Boardman Lambert,*

(CLERG.) A. B., 34; A. M., 52; D. D.,


s. Jn. and Mary (Boardman) Lambert, b.
Wakefield (South Reading), Mass., Jun.
6, 1810; Princeton T. S., 34-5; Union
T. S., 36-7; ord., Pby. Troy, Nov. 2, 37;
p. Salem, N. Y., 37-65; Hoosick Falls,
N. Y., 66-7; s. s. So. Hartford, N. Y., 67-
73; Rupert, Vt., 73-84; occasional supply
Salem, N. Y., 84-93; served under Chris-
tian Comra., 63; m. (1) Aug. 11, 36,
Sarah B., da. Rev. Dr. Gunn, (2) Apr.
2, 67, Helen E., da. David A. Russell;
ch. : Sarah Gunn, Tonathan Leavitt, John
Alex., Boardman, Thos. Scott, Lewis
Boardman, Jane Martin, Amelia Antoi-
nette, Helen Boardman.

d. Nov. 29, 93, Salem, N. Y.
Cornelius Mathews,*

(JOURN., AU.) A. B., 34; A.M., 37.
s. Abijah Mathews, b. Port Chester, N.
Y., Oct. 28, 1817; lawyer, 37-8; first
pres. Alumni Assoc, N. Y. U.; founded
Yankee Doodle (comic paper), N. Y. C. ;
org. Copyright Club, 43; publ: The
Motley Book, 38; Behemoth, 39; Poems,
42; A Pen-and-ink Panorama of N. Y.
C, 53; The Indian Fairy Book, 56; do.
compiled from MS. of Henry Rowe
Schoolcraft, 69; The Enchanted Mocca-
sins, 77.

d. Mar. 25, 89, N. Y. C.
William McMurray,*

(L.) A. B., 34; A. M., 37.
s. Rev. Wm. and Esther (Kissam) Mc-
Murray, b. Rhinebeck, N. Y., Mar. 9,
1813; adm. Bar, N. Y., 38; mem. As-
sembly, N. Y., 41-2-3; apptd. Master in
Chancery, 44; state senator, 52-3; police
comm. Met. Dist., 63-5; publ.: Address
to the Young Men of the State, 40.

d. June I, 69, N. Y. C.
Ebenezer Wiggins,*

(CLERG.) A. B., 34; D. D., 54.

s. Jos. Wiggins, b. Ireland, Aug., 1806;

ord. Dutch Ref'd Ch.; p. Paterson, N. J.,

49-57; p. Manhattan Ref'd Ch., N. Y. C,


d. Nov., 78, N. Y. C.


Garkson Floyd Crosby,*

A. B., 35.

s. Wm. Bedlow and Harriet Ashton
(Clarkson) Crosby, b. N. Y. C, 1817;
ent. Columbia Coll.; mem. Assembly, 45;
presidential elector, 48; state sen., 54-5;
m. Sept. 5, 38, Angelica, da. Jn. Schuy-
ler; ch.: Jn. Schuyler, Harriette Clark-
son, Eliza Marice; bros. : Robt. R., 34,
Howard, 44; neph.: Ernest H., 76.

d. Feb. 22, 58, N. Y. C.

Daniel Dodd,*

(L.) A. B., 35; A. M., 38.

s. Allen and Mary (Osborn) Dodd, b.
Orange, N. J., Jan. 15, 1817; ent. in 33,
Lat. Salut. ; mem. Eucleian; post-grad.
35-6; adm. Bar, N. J., 39; grad. mem
Cliosophic Soc, Prin. Coll.; mem. N.J
Hist. Soc; treas., 66, pres., 71, Newark
Savings Inst. ; treas. Episc State Conv.
and Episc. Fund; m. May 9, 50, Julia
B., da. Sam'l M. Hitchcock; ch. : Mar-
garet Cronkhite (Mackie), Daniel, Jr.,
Mary Adams.

d. June 24, 95, Newark, N. J.

George Gordon,

(L.) A. M., 35; A. M., 38.
s. Geo. and Maria R. (Stackhouse) Gor-
don, b. Savannah, Ga., Jun. 19, 1817;
ent. 33; valedict.; studied law with Foot
and Davies; Yale Law Sch., 37-8; adm.
Bar, 38; m. Apr. 24, 51, Mary A., da.
Elisha Peck; ch.: George E. P., Theo-
dora, Louise Maud, Reginald.

d. June 29, 96, Newburgh, N. Y.

William Hall,*

(CLERG.) A. B., 35; A.M., 38.
s. Wm. and Mary Thomas (Haines) Hall,
b. N. Y. C, Mar. 16, 1812; ent., 32;
chart, mem. Eucleian; Union T. S., 37-
40; s. s. Onondaga, N. Y., 40-1; teacher;
ord. (Cong'l), Jan. 20, 48; p. Ludlow,
Mass., 48-9; s. s. Milton, N. Y., 49-51;
s. s. Austinburg, O., 56-8; s. s. Oakland,
N. Y., 58-9; s. s. Java and Eden, N. Y.,
62-5; mem. and libr. N. Y. Hist. Soc;
m. Caroline A., da. Calvin Benjamin; ch. :
Henry D., Wm. H., Addie C, Julia M.;
bro.: Jn. G., 36.

d. Nov. 10, 89, N. Y. C.

Fenelon Hasbrouck,*

(PHYS. and ED.) A. B., 35; M. D., 38,

Col. Univ.

s. Dr. Stephen and Eliza (Schenck) Has-
brouck, b. Shawangunk, N. Y., Feb. 10,
1818; commenc. orat. ; Philomathean;
studied med. with fa. and Dr. Rhinelan-
der; res. phys. Bell. Hosp. and Blackwell's
Id. Hosp., 45-7; mem. Med. Soc's of N.
Y. and Westch. Cos.; Ed. Highland Dem-
ocrat, Peekskill, 58-61; m. May 20, 41,
Matilda, da. Ralph Demarest; ch. : Lizzie,
Matilda, Euphemia, Fenelon, Adele, Clar-

d. Dec. 15, 61, Peekskill, N. Y.

Alfred Holmes,*

A. B., 35.

s. Andrew and Ann (Irvine) Holmes, b..

Carlisle, Pa., 1814; divinity student.

d. Dec. 8, 35, Carlisle, Pa.

i8 3 S]


Jedediah Vincent Huntington,*

K LERG.) A. B., 35; A.M., 39; M. D.,
38, Univ. Penn.

s. Bent, and Faith (Trumbull) Hunting-
ton, b. N. Y. C, Jan. 20, 1815; ent. Yale
Coll.; N. Y. U.; Union T. S., 36-7;
studied physics, Phila. ; Med. Dent., Univ.
of Penn., 35-8; prof, mental phi!., St.
Paul's Coll., Flushing. N. Y.; ord. (Ep.),
Feb. 24, 42; s. s. Middlebury, Vt., 42;
travel, Europe, 42-8; s. s. N. Y. C, 48;
ed. (R. C), Halt., Md., and St. Louis,
Mo., 49-56; literary work, N. Y. C, 56-
61; m. Apr. 21, 42, Mary, da. Rev.
Joshua Huntington.

; Princ. Univ., 31-3;
Auburn T. S., 35-7; ord. (Presb.), 38;
p. Dover, N. J., and l'.kln. N. Y„ 38-9;
Romeo, Mich., 40-9; Detroit, Mich., 49-
54; Le Roy, N. Y., 55-7; Milford, Pa.,
61-6; hon. mem. A. B. C. F. M., 39;
princ. Acad., Romeo, Mich.; regent, Mich.
Univ.; m. Tun. 21. 37, Mary E. da.
Ezek. W. Morse; ch.: Mary Theodosia,
Robt. Morse, Sarah Josephine.

d. Sept., 66, Milford, Pa.
Burtis Cunningham Megie,*

(CLERG.) AfB., 35; D. D., 75.

s. Dan'l Hull and Eliz. (Woodruff)
Mcfcie, b. N. Y. C, Dec. 4, 1813; ent. N.
y, I '., 32; commenc. orat.; Union Coll.,
31-2; Andover T. S., 35-6; Princeton T.
S., 36-7; Union T. S., 37-8; ord.
(Presb.), 38: s. New Paltz, N. Y., 38-9;
p. Dover, N. J., 39-76; Pleasant Grove,
N. L, 76-88; s. Welsh Ch., Dover, N. J.,
88-90; clerk Pby. Rockaway 25 yrs. ;
clerk Pby. Morris and Orange, 89;
Co. Sunt. Pub. Educ, Morris Co., 87-90;
mem. N.J. Hist. Soc; chapl. Christian
Comm. in Tenn., 63;J>ubl.: parts of Hist,
of Morris Co., N. J.; m. Dec. 4, 38,
Mary Cass, da. Rev. Wm. Belden; ch. :
Susan Caroline, Lucy Belden. Abbey
Frances, Wm. Elston, Burtis Cunning-
ham, Marv Allen: bros. : Dan. E., 35;
Win. II., 39; ».: Burtis C. Ph.D., 91.

(/. Tune i.\ 90, Dover, N.J.

Daniel Elston Megie,*

(CLERG.) A. B., 35.

t, I'an'l Hull and Eliz. (Woodruff)
Megie, b. N. Y. C, Feb. 8, 1808: Bloom-
field Acad., Union T. S., 36-9; ord.
(Presbv.t. Nov. 17, 40: p. Succasunna, N.
J.. 40-4: Boonton, N. L, 44-72: princ.
Bkln. Tub. Schools; m. Apr. 5, 37. Mar-
garet Livingston, da. Cant. George Miller;
ch.: Hester F... Burtis C., Marie A.. Jane
D. Louisa M., Augustus. Daniel Elston,
Frances H.; bros.: Burtis C, 35, Wm.
H.. 30.

d. May 16, 8o, Boonton, N J.

John Ballard Morton,*

(CLERG.) A. B., 35; A. M., 38.
b. N. Y. C, Aug. 3, 1815; Princeton
T. S.. 35-8; s. s. Portsmouth, Va., 39;
Middletown, O., 40-43; ord. Pby. Miami,
Apr. 25, 43; p. Middletown, 43-5; Frank-
lin, 46-50; Middletown, 52-65; s. s. Mon-
roe and Dick's Creek, 65-6; Springfield,
2d, 67-8; Venice, 70-1; Highland, Kas.,
72-5; St. Charles, Mo., 75-82; m. (1) Aug.
12, 45, Margaretta Gano, da. Peter Van
Derveer, (2) Sept. 12. 66, Malinda M.
Hughes; ch.: Lewis Yan Derveer, Mary
Amelia, Eliza Gano, Nora Margaretta.

d. Mar. 31, 82, St. Charles, Mo.
Alexander Olympus Peloubet,*

(CLERG.) A.B., 35: A.M., 38.

s. Jos. Alex. and Betsy (Alcott)

Peloubet, b. Hudson, N. Y., May 28,
1810; ent. 33; Eucleian prize; Auburn
T. S.. 37; Union T. S.. 38; ord.
(Cong.), May 15, 39; s. s. Mount Hope,
N. Y., 39-40; s. s. (Presb.) Unionville
and Westtown, N. Y., 40-5; Lloyd, X. i ..
46-9; p. Circleville, N. Y., 50-8; s. s.
Stanhope, 58; p. Cairo, N. Y., 60-5;
Mecklenberg, N. Y., 65-71 and 73-91;
Five Corners, N. Y., 713: m. Oct. 2, 61,
Margaret E., da. Levi King; ch. : Susan
Eliza, Alex Howard.

d. Mar. 8, 97, Mecklenberg, N. Y.
Joseph Addison Saxton,*

(CLERG.) A. B.. 35; A. M., 38.
s. Chas. and Mary (Bartlett) Saxton,
b. Tolland, Ct., Nov. 27, 1810; ent.
N. Y. U., 34; Yale T. S., 37-8; Union
T. S., 38-9; Andover T. S., 41; ord.
(Presb.), Greenport, L. I., Jan. 7, 43;
pastor in Mass., Va., N. Y., La., Ct.;
p. (Cong.) New Hartford, Ct., 51-3; prin.
Collegiate Inst., Norwichtown, Ct., 59;
agt. Palest. Expl. Fuad, N. Y., 71;
prof, drawing N. Y. U., 71-4; prof.
Cooper Union, N. Y., 67-; m. Oct. 7, 56,
Anna Augusta, da. Jn. O. Higgins; ch.:
Jos. Addison, Fred Augustus.

d. Feb. u, 02, N. Y. C.
Ransom Taylor,*

(EDUC.) A. P.. 35.

b. Smithfield, R. I., 1807; Union T. S.,

36-8; prof. Deaf and Dumb Inst.,

N. Y. C, 35-7.

d. Feb. 4, 38, Augusta, Ga.

Sydenham Thomas Ward,*

(CLERG.) A. B.. 35: A. M.. 38.
s. Bnos and Susan (Sydenham) Ward, b.
Bloomfield. N. L. Oct. 23. 1811; Auburn
T. S., 35-7; Union T. S., 37-8; ord.
(Presb.), 39; pastor in X. J.. 39-51; Car-
bondale, Pa., 51-64: chapl. I*. S. Army,
62-3; m. May 5, 63, Marietta, da. Ezra
Pratt; ch.: Marv Sydenham; bro. : Rev.
John. 41.

d. Feb. 13, 64, Carbondalc, Pa.





William Andrew Acheson,*

(CLERG.) A. B., 36.

s. Wm. and Margaret (Graham) Acheson,
b. N. Y. C, Jul. 28, 1815; studied
theol. privately; Alleghany T. S. ; lie.
(Ref'd Presb.), 47; bros. : James Joseph,
33, Jn. Crothers, 53.

d. Nov. 26, 50, Evansville, Ind.
C. F. Coles,*

A. B., 36.

s. Thomas Coles.

Robert Finley Davison,*

A. B., 36; A. M., 39.

s. Jn. Roberts and Mary Caldwell (Fin-
ley) Davison, b. N. Y. C, Apr. 18, 1818.

d. Aug. 28, 40, Newark, N. J.
Francis J. Day,*

A. B., 36; A.M., 39.
from North Carolina.

John Edwards Caldwell Dore-


(CLERG.) A. B., 36; A. M., 49; D. D.,


s. Francis and Eliz. De Hart (Canfield)
Doremus, b. N. Y. C, Oct. 15, 1816;
studied law with Hugh Maxwell, N. Y.,
and Abraham Lincoln, Springfield, 111.;
ord. (Presb.); p. Bayou Grostete, La.;
Baton Rouge, La. ; prof. lang. Oakland,
Coll., Miss.; pres. Anama Coll., Tex.; rep-
resent. Am. Bible Soc, N. Orleans, La. ;
p. Vienna, La.; m. (1) Aug. 13, 39, Kath-
arine Louise, da. Augustus L. Ulrich,
(2) Mary Allen, (3) Eliz. Wood; ch.:
Henrietta Van Reisenkamp, Katharine
Louise, Margaret Caldwell, Maud Frances,
Mary Augusta, Cornelius, Eliza, William,
Eliz. Caldwell.

d. Nov. 16, 78, Vienna, La.
James Samuel Evans,*

(CLERG.) A. B., 36; A.M., 39; D. D.,

s. Jas. and Anna (Thomas) Evans,
b. Bristol, Pa., Sep. 25, 1817; A A*;
Union T. S., 36-9; teach. N. Y. C, 39-43;
ord, (Presb.), Jun. 12, 44; p. Middletown
(L. I.), N. Y., 44-9; Setauket (L. I.),
N. Y., 50-68; s. s. Chester, N. J., 70-71;
synod miss'y Bkln., N. Y., 71-5; p. New-
ark, N. J., 76-80; m. May 13, 40, Eliz.,
da. Wm. Brown; ch.: Wm. B., Ellen E.,
Jas. S., Anna C, Amelia Smith, Hy.

d. Oct. 6, 85, Setauket, N. Y.
S. W. Field,*

A. B., 36.

John Asten Gunn,*

(EDUC, B.) A. B., 36.
s. Rev. Alex. Gunn, b. N. Y. C, 1819;
m. (1) Jan. 22, 41, Hannah Ray, da.

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