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BR 50 .K56 1894

The Kingdom of heaven



" Say unto them, The Kingdom of
God is come nigh unto you."

Luke x., g.


400 & 402 WE8T 14TH STREET



ON sending - forth his disciples to proclaim the good
tidings that " the kingdom of heaven is at
hand," anticipating the probable rejection of their
testimony, Jesus said, "Nevertheless be ye sure of
this, the Kingdom of God is come nigh." Long
before his disciples were able to discern the true
spiritual significance of that kingdom, to them it was
'given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of
heaven," for they were witnesses of their outward
manifestation long before they were spiritually pre-
pared to understand, or enter into, that state of
blessedness through purity of heart and faith in God.
No argument accompanied their announcement of
the glad tidings, they simply proclaimed the good
news ; the attestation of its truth was independent of
their own minds.

A claim so overwhelming to the common order of
thought as that of open heavenly intercourse is estab-
lished, not through the deductions of human reason,
but by "the word of faithful witnesses," and the
evidence of its truth is inherent in the very nature of
that word, discerned through spiritual insight. For a


revelation of heavenly things must necessarily appeal
to a spiritual consciousness : " he that hath ears to
hear, let him hear."

The contents of this little book are selections from
the record of a series of experiences extending over
several years — from 1881 to 1886. If it be asked by
what means these words, or teachings, which consti-
tute a revelation, were received, the answer is, by
means similar to those which in the Old Testament
constitute a channel of " prophecy," and in the New
Testament are designated " manifestations of the
Holy Ghost."

The selections herein given are confined to teach-
ings relating to the kingdom of heaven and the
spiritual life ; as such they are of the order of that
divine revelation which, with long intervals of silence,
runs through the ages and flows on forever, for " there
is a river, the streams whereof shall make glad the
city of God."

Easter, 18Q4.


[a revelation]


Ministering Spirits - - - - - n

The Communion of Saints - - - 15

The Will of God - - - 19

The Love of God - - - 26

The Peace of God - - - 30

Messages of Grace - - - 33

The Blessed - 38

The Light of God - - - 41

Beyond the Veil - - - 44

The Vision of Peace 46

Teachings by Spiritual Guides - - 49

Intermediate Spheres 52

The Light of Hope - - 56

The Tree of Life - - - 59

A Parting Word 62

" Quench not the Spirit. Despise not prophesy -

ings. Prove all thi?igs ; hold fast that which is


I. Thessalonians, v., ig-21.

" Are they ?iot all ministering spirits, sent forth
to minister for them who shall be heirs of sal-
vation ? "

Epistle to the Hebrews, /., 14.


..." If you abandon yourselves to the influence
you may extend your life into our world and share in
the pure light of Spirit, but when absorbed in temporal
things you are separated from us as by an impassable
wall. We would pour into your hearts the Light of
Day, the brightness of that spiritual light which enfolds
the earnest seeker — for are not we your ministering
spirits ? But often are we compelled to drive back
into the sanctuary of thought our desires for you.

" In the light that now shines on you through this
communion is already fulfilled for you the promise of
a new heaven and a new earth, wherein dwelleth
righteousness. For you may now look back on the
time when you gazed intently into the future, as if
there alone lay your hope, while around you, unper-
ceived, was a possible, a real heaven. Cherish especi-
ally the thought of a present Eternity ; it will refine
and uplift the mind, and give a meaning and use to
every thought and act. Live always in the Light, for
they to whom God is an ever-shining Sun will reap a
rich harvest of blessing in this vale of struggle, as


well as in the brightness of the Heavenly Land. The
lesson which abides with us here, is that of realising,
continually, the presence of God, in us and about us.
For they who are born of the Spirit are already at
home in the Father's House, and if it be but the
lower rooms we are in, nevertheless it is the Father's

[In reply to a question .]

"We all stand on the shores of a boundless sea ;
we see in one light, you in another ; the infinite is
equally before us in this life, as in yours. Even as
your eyes are dim, and your hands feeble, so the veil
of our imperfection is suspended between us and the
vast unknown. We press forward, and still a beyond
lies before us. With constant endeavour we grasp,
and it eludes us, but something remains to bless us as
a foundation for more."

Are you permitted to reveal sacred things, as in
the past ?

" Until the time is at hand for a distinct revelation,
before it becomes possible for it to be a revelation,
and after the ground is prepared, then, and only then,
will He who sows come, and give the good gift. We
know this to be true from experience. The Light, were
it shown you without a preparation of mind and heart,
would be too strong for you to bear, and God shows
His mercy no less in withholding the Light than in
bringing you into it. In His infinite mercy He will
open your eyes day by day, until you shall be prepared


to receive His own words, by His own Messengers,
those who come out from His immediate Presence.
While you thus wait the Life is poured into your souls,
and in a moment your growth in grace may be
greater than you can know.

" We see clearly that man's only hope of Life is
by patiently enduring, through faith, until he shall
receive the blessing which comes from God speaking
to the soul directly ; and if you listen to this inner
voice, and obey its dictates, you will make a greater
advance than you can measure. For God's own word,
that speaks to you through the heart, is surer than any
voice which may be heard ; surer than spoken words,
for in these you have but the interpretation of the
thought, while with God's voice in the conscience you
have His words free from any impurity, which is mixed
with all outward expression.

" When you have once seen the Light, then the
Spirit opens your minds to the apprehension of spirit-
ual truths in a way that was before impossible, then
your true life has begun, then you are numbered
among God's children and are heirs of immortality.

" The life of the Spirit is a progressive life, requiring
continually the food from heaven to bring it to perfec-
tion. This food is the Light of Life ; and this is that
Light which God Himself, through the operation of
the Spirit, gives to man, to each as he asks, to each
one as he lays himself open to the Influence, which
may come to him in great abundance. No man need



be without this Light, for it is the Great Inheritance,
the common inheritance of man. When you come
into this Light you may then recognise a power of
thought to which the natural man is blinded. It bids
you see for the first time. It calls you to take posses-
sion of your birthright and become the being your
Eternal Father has destined you to be. Then, and
then only, can you be said to live, to live as unto God.
" By a constant endeavour to discern those things
which make for righteousness you may walk in the
Spirit in many ways which are the fulfilment of the
promises of God. Happy are they who dwell contin-
ually in His Presence, for their life is real, and they
shall abide forever in His Kingdom and be the means
of conveying to others words of Eternal Life."



[November 5, 1882.]

..." Remember that the gift is not yours, but
in you. Regard it as a sacred trust, for the bene-
fit of others as well as for yourselves. . . Calmness
of mind is necessary for the development of these
powers, and in preparation for the life that awaits you
when the flesh is laid down. Do not fear shocks,
either physical, or mental ; if accepted calmly they may
be regarded as steps in the onward movement of the
spirit. Growth is gradual ; in order to last it must be
so ; but crises occur in all lives. . .

" We shall on this occasion be the means of convey-
ing to you words from which life and hope may be
born. The messenger will choose his own hour, but
we are assured that before we leave you we shall have
his words, for this is the urgent call that has brought
us together now. . .

" It is but seldom, and as a great and precious bless-
ing, for a special purpose, that the Saints commune
with men. Our means of drawing to us the great and


pure spirits is by love and veneration. We dwell
much on the power of love, for it is the greatest force
in this world where sympathy is sight. Love, in active
exercise, is charity ; and here as with you the words
are true, that charity covers a multitude of sins. Love
descends and broods over the weakness and sorrows
of humanity. Love is the ladder by which we climb.
Our weaknesses and faults fall away from us insensi-
bly, almost without effort, when for love's pure sake
we are engaged in works of love. We do not then
have to strive, or labour with ourselves, but purity
comes to us and faults fade away as darkness is dis-
pelled by daylight.

"One of the blessings of this intercourse is, that
love brings us to you and aids us in overcoming the
many obstacles encountered in this new path, of
communion with mortals. But these very efforts
benefit us by strengthening our powers of manifesta-
tion in our world, and by drawing us out of ourselves
they give us another motive beyond the desire to grow
in our own spiritual life. In other ways we are
benefited by this intercourse, of which you may gain
some knowledge in the effort to raise the thought of
those about you to a higher plane. We are closely
united with those who, in the Earth-life, strive to do
this, and thus are good and great things accom-

" We are filled with the earnest desire to aid you
in this enlightenment. Use the opportunity, for it is



a question of times and seasons, of atmospheric influ-
ences, and even the fleshy atoms have something to do
with it, or we could not control, as we do, the eyes,
the voice, the hand. Fill the mind with spiritual
thoughts, dwell upon them when rising up and lying
down. When such thoughts fill your minds you need
no assurance that we are beside you. But do not be
disappointed if this favorable season should terminate ;
it cannot be always spring. Cherish what comes, and
live on it in times of drought. [A pause.']

" A pure and mighty one is near you. Listen ! "

' " To you who crave for goodness as the hart pants
after the waters, I come with words of love and hope
and encouragement.

' " We, by the mercy and love of God, dwell in the
land of light, in the kingdom of endless ages. Here
is undying life ; here the peace that passeth under-
standing ; here joy wanes not, here beauty withers
not, here love grows not cold, for we dwell in the smile
of the Face of God.

' " We, too, have been as you now are, tossed on the
waves of this troublesome world. Now we stand on
the eternal shore and see your peril, as the billows of
trial and temptation surge around you. And we hold
up to you the light of Love and Truth to guide you
home. And we bid you remember that the day is
coming, when in you, as in us, patience shall have
wrought her perfect work, when hope shall be lost in



fruition, and when you, too, shall know the fulness of
joy that abides in the Presence of God."

{After an interval it was asked :~\
From whom are these words ?
" Augustine."



[January 7, 1883.]

[After reading aloud the words received on the
Previous occasion, the folloivi?ig was commu?iicated .•]

" You have called us around you by that unfailing
summons, sacred to us, as to your mortal ears.

"You should be willing, and prepared, to resign
yourselves to the power. For if you give us free
scope we can, as you now know, soar with you into the
heights of divine blessing, and probe deeply the mys-
tery of the unseen. But a passive receptivity will not
suffice. There should be more than willingness to re-
ceive ; there must be ardent desire corresponding to the
boon you seek, and which we are around you to give.
We aim to supply all the needful power. Others, too, of
a higher order, are near you, influencing your minds to
grow and expand. When you breathe that sacred
Message, and when your hearts are in unison, the
power called forth is greater than you can know.

" Time has been given that you might take to your
hearts words which were to us, as to you, a great and
wonderful blessing. No time is lost that is so used,



for you gain as much by that means as by direct com-
munion with the spirit world. . .

" If your desire is for these higher gifts you will
have to relinquish the lesser communion for the
greater ; for many from beyond, of whom you have
no knowledge, will come, hoping to influence the
expression of truth. The blessing of a higher inter-
course will impose on you this voluntary sacrifice as a
necessity. But we can give you no higher proof of
our love and interest, for thus we take you into the
secret thoughts of our life here. We likewise depend
on you, for without you we cannot have the direct
words which holy ones from beyond bring for those in
your life. . .

" The light that we may reflect for you is not ours, it
is exterior to ourselves, shining through our minds.
To bring it within the compass of words, by this
means, is our great difficulty. To-night we draw you
into our assembled company as longing for the same
blessing, in the unity of the Spirit and the bond of
peace. All are here ; the place is a holy place, for we
all await the voice of one who speaks with authority to
us and to you alike. One who has ' heard the voice of
God resounding through the ages,' and who by faith
and patience and purity has obtained an unspeakable

[By another communing spirit .*] " The old lesson —
not he that repeateth the Name, but he that doeth the
Will : that was the lesson of the Great Master. That


is a lesson for your life, and for ours. Here we learn
that Will more fully, but the perfection awaits us in a
higher sphere."

[By another :] "Purity and self-sacrifice are the best
preparation for the life to come. By self-sacrifice you
may practice on Earth, by gradual steps, the work of
your future eternal life, which will be a complete and
perfect submission to the Will of God. For this is
heaven indeed — one will, one desire ; no further temp-
tation because all self-will has been uprooted and sub-

" We grow gradually into this oneness of will, and
the earthly stage is all part of the preparation for
blessedness hereafter."

[After a pause the following was communicated
with great deliberation and calmness, as if by dicta-
tion .-]

1 " Peace, good will to men.

' " Peace to the kindred of the saints, on whom shines
the dawning of the Day of God.

' *' Unite your wills to the Will of God, so shall
your peace flow as a river, and your purification shall
be perfected.

' " In this heavenly country, where the King reigns in
His beauty, we follow His will, we are wholly His, for
no cloud can separate us from His love. We live only
for Him, we abide where He places us, we have no
will but His, and He is our God forever and ever.


1 " God directs your way for His own glory, which is
your highest good. He will have you live and labour
for Him, not seeing the fruit of your toil, content to
know you are doing His work, that you prepare His
way, and plough up the soil of the world for the seed
of the future, knowing your record is on high. He
makes of your weakness the throne of His mercy, the
seat of His omnipotence. To you, and in you, He
draws near, and gloom vanishes before His bright

1 " We, in His name, strengthen and cheer you with
the promise of the home where He in His love and
mercy has gathered us, and where He will surely bring
all who live in love. There, in the land of eternal
spring, of everlasting light, awaits you an inheritance
incorruptible, an unfailing treasure, a life of perfect
peace. Your waking souls can yet see only in dim
vision that land of light, you can look only on the
veils of the bliss to be revealed, on the shadows of the
heavenly glory that overflows the paradise of God.
But look up, and lift up your heads, for your redemp-
tion draweth nigh, day by day.

' " O, blessed, endless eternity, wherein shall grow
continually the love of the Holy Will of God." '

\After a long silence the following was given in
reply to questions asked :]

" We know not the name now, but you shall learn
it ; we also desire to know whence these words which


come to us all and help our lives. In the great pres-
ence of this night we likewise are listeners, and we also
are privileged to be here.

"There need be no pause in our onward and upward
journey. Their desire is to strengthen us in this
cause, and to renew us day by day. When we come
together again make your preparation by earnest
prayer, and the blessing will be given without measure.
And remember us in your prayers, for we receive the
blessing with you when in harmony."

[On a subsequent occasion the follotuing was com-
municated ;~\ " He who came is God's servant, who does
His bidding ; by him the Spirit of the Most High
gains conscious access to your hearts. And by this
means we receive strength, which only comes when
God speaks to His children on earth. When He shall
see fit to give us the higher life, the life of His saints,
then shall be fulfilled in us the saying which is written
— How beautiful are the feet of those who bring glad

Who gave the last message?

" St. Thomas, the Apostle.

" They come to you with a high end to accomplish.
Through this means they see a channel for the spread
of God's truth. It is by no mere chance that this has
come about, but by a power beyond your own. Every
gift brings its responsibility, but your strength shall
be as your day. Let your hearts be filled with thanks-



giving ; that is your acceptable sacrifice. Every note
of praise in your souls finds its echo in the great har-
mony of rejoicing now ascending from us all. A
common boon, a common gift, therefore are we
united in our common praise."

[By another, m reply to a question .•] " He who came
is of that heavenly order whose mission it is to guide
and protect all the heirs of eternal life. Their com-
mission is not to single souls, but to the great family
of God. Individual guardianship is by spirits of the
lower spheres. The name was given for your confirm-
ation in faith. When you have reached a further
stage in spiritual progress you will not care to know
the precise channel of the high communication. Your
first Message was for cheer and comfort ; now you
have had your first lesson in heavenly things. This,
the first step, is likewise the last, for the will of God is
to be done in Earth as in Heaven ; and neither in the
earthly life, nor even in the higher spheres, can that
lesson be perfectly learned."

[By another :] " When you have seen and under-
stood these things — that is the meaning of the words
of the message, ' your redemption draweth nigh.' A
realisation of the meaning of the words is the evidence
of this redemption. By this inward light alone can
you be said to live truly, to live as unto God, the au-
thor of all that is good and true in life. No one can
be said to have passed into the condition of the higher
life until he feels that God himself has touched him,



and made him live again. Then, and then only, be-
gins the true life."

[By another ;] " Faith alone can interpret life. Faith
will solve for you the enigmas of the world : such
faith as you may attain to, tinctured with spiritual
sight. You may then look calmly on the trials of life,
even on the mystery of pain ; for pain and discontent
are the rebellion of body and mind against existing
conditions. Let this be only a stimulus to bring
these conditions into conformity with God's will, who
is all good, and who ordains only that which is for
good if his children leave his plans to be accom-
plished. In all your trials, great and small, turn them
into good ; either by active endeavour to remove the
evil which produces them, or by a quiet submission of
your own will to the great Father."


[March ii, 1883.]

..." Gradually the light breaks. We must be
prepared, or we shall be unable to bear the light.
God's Holy Influence will guide our thought, and the
revelation will gradually dawn upon our sight. We
know that there will come from these Messages an
eternal fruition.

" We can now tell you of one of the mysteries of
our life. We know the Heavenly Messenger is coming.
We know that only the thin veil of our imperfection
will hide from us a heavenly and awful presence. Yet
when he comes every sense will be stirred as with sur-
prise. We shall have, united, a sense of satisfied ex-
pectation, and yet of wonder. Here we enjoy the good
things granted us without satiety ; their delights do
not pall, nor lessen by custom, or use ; the bloom of
the first pleasure does not fade, but endures continu-
ally. This is one of the mysteries of our life as com-
pared with yours."

[It was asked by what means they know of the
coming of a" Messenger," and v*n the purport of
his message before its actual delivery f\

" It is in the air. We know, how we know we
know not. Our being is pervaded with a sweet and
thrilling influence, by which we are made to feel the



nature of the teaching we await. It is an influence
such as we, in our degree, may exercise over those in

[By another .•] " Be sure of one thing : whatever may
befall, God is leading you to happiness by the easiest
road. Happiness is the natural result of the fulfilment
of God's will, which continually increases throughout
eternity as your expanding souls grow in capacity for
good. God's eternity is the measure of yours, and the
spiritual life, born from the knowledge of spiritual
things, is heaven begun." [A pause.]

" If your eyes were opened you would see the great
company that is now gathering about us ; for we, with
you, await a blessing."

[A long silence ensued, when the following was
communicated in a measured form, as if dictated
sentence by sentence .•]

■ " Behold the Love of God !

• " Behold Him who is uncreated Love, unbounded
by time, or space ; who has loved you with an ever-
lasting love ; who is the God of love, and worthy of all

1 " Behold Him whose love is Life ; whose life is
Love ; who binds all spheres in one by the unity of the
Spirit, by the bond of a common paternity, by the hope
of a common inheritance.

' " The home of His children is in the Heart of God,
who fills all worlds ; realise His sacred presence in



the inner sanctuary of your secret life, so may you now
begin to possess Him, whom to know is the bliss of
heaven. Press onward to the goal, the crown of re-
ward, gazing steadfastly on the love of the eternal
Father, till He receives all those who are perfected by
patience into the inheritance of the children of God.
Then shall happiness be changed into heavenly joy,
when He makes manifest the glory that encompasses
His throne. Then shall you know the serene stillness
of a soul that rests in God, the rapture of doing Him
service, the ethereal calm of a will united to the Divine.
Then shall you be tranquilised, gladdened, refreshed
and satisfied, with the fruition of God ; for He, the
everlasting God, will be All in all.

'"O King of all beauty and glory, we desire no
inheritance beside Thee." '

[On a subsequent occasion the following was com-
municated .•]

' " These Messages are a great blessing to us all, for
they come from the source of All Good. We know
that he who brought these words of comfort is God's
Messenger. God is love, and by the exercise of the

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