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ering allowed that is desired ; separate cells for sexes.
Drinking water pumped in 3 to 4 times daily by pipes; diet,
2 meals of good, substantial fare daily. Jail cleansed with
lime and water; excrement taken off by sewer; no vermin.
No liquors. No religious services. Now confined, 3 colored
males. During the year a number are in and out in default
of bail; few are sentenced. Deaths, none.



The county prison is of brick; not fire-proof; fire protec-
tion only by buckets and well ; 20 x 30 feet; 2 stories high;
4 cells, 2 of which are 7J x 10| ; 2 cells 9x12; all of 8 feet
pitch; windows barred ; no ventilation except by windows;
heated by stoves in the passage; no suS'ering from cold;
suflScient bedding and covering ; sexes and colors separated;
drinking water twice a day in winter; three times or oftener

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in summer. Diet of good food; amount without limit. Jail
scoured and scalded as needed; excrement carried out daily;
no vermin. Two prisoners, for vulgarity and other misbe-
havior, chained to the wall and fed on bread and water, by the
jailer, by order of the Commissioners. Liquors allowed to
prisoners with visiting friends, but not to keep in cells. No
religious services this year. Now confined, 4 white males.
From December 1, 1890, to December 1, 1891, 3 white males,
3 colored males, 1 colored female; total, 7; no deaths.

Remarks. — The above report is accompanied by a diagram
showing more fully the location and arrangement of rooms
for prisoners, which are on the second floor. When certain
doors are closed the cells are made dark for solitary confine-
ment. The ventilation is then insuflBcient for several pris-
oners. Everything considered, it is an average prison for
comfort, but not kept as neatly as it might be.



The county prison is of brick ; fire-proof, with hand force-
pump for fire protection; 40x60; 6 cells; 1 story, 18 feet
pitch ; 4 cells, 8x10; 2 cells, 6x8; ventilation from the top;
heated by coal-stoves; no suffering from cold; 2 blankets
and canvass hammock allowed each; sexes separated; 4
male cells, 8 x 10 ; 2 female cells, 6x8. Drinking water
supplied as wanted ; diet unlimited. Every precaution taken
to keep jail in nice order; excrement carried to sewer; no
vermin ; no liquors. Religious services occasionally. Now
confined, 2 white males, 12 colored males, 1 colored female;
total, 15. From December 1, 1890, to September 1, 1891, 5
white males, 58 colored males, 8 colored females ; total, 71 ;
deaths, none.

Remarks. — The prison, its structure, keeping, etc., is well
nigh a model of perfection. In its general appearance, it

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•es favorably with the best buildings in town. Its
)om is fragrant with pot-plants and presents an invit-

M. J. BATTLE, Secretary.

c. — The above is accompanied by an abstract from the
books, such as was desired to be ad<^ed to all ihe?
It contains the name, color, sex, offense and dates
ission and discharge of all prisoners from December
, to September 1, 1891, and forwarded by T. H. Gat-
J., to visitors.


county prison is of brick; fire-proof; furnished with
nd ladder; 2 stories; 5 cells 8x8; windows barred
re grating; ventilated by windows; heated by 2 stoves;
Bring from cold; 2 pairs blankets on a cot to each; 4
r males, 1 for females. Drinking water all the time
srater- works. Food 1ft). meat, 1ft). bread, daily. Jail
d by washing and lime; blankets are washed. Excre-
aken off by sewer-pipe. The prison is not free from
; the only steps taken to secure that result is by wash-
nkets. No liquors. No religious services. Now con-
colored males; 1 white male — insane; total in prison,
)m December 1, 1890 to December 1, 1891, there were
red males, 5 colored females; 5 white males, 1 white
; total, 52. No deaths.

ARKS. — Since our visit and remonstrance the jail has
leared of vermin. It is very hard to keep the jail
vermin, since no provision is made by the Board of
issioners to furnish the prisoners with new or clean
g during incarceration. Prisoners are sometimes con-
)r months without even a change of shirts. We would
oend that the Board be required to furnish them with
lothing at least once a fortnight.


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The county prison is of brick; not fire-proof; without fire
protection ; 27 X 33 feet; 2 stories high; 10x10 feet; windows
barred; ventilation only by windows; heated by wood -stove;
no suffering in cold weather; as much bedding and cover-
ing supplied as needed; sexes separated; water for drink-
ing, 3 times daily. Diet, 1 pound meat, 1 pound bread. Jail
washed and scoured. Excrement moved by buckets to a suffi-
cient distance. No vermin. No liquors. No religious ser-
vices. Now confined, 4 colored males. From December 1, 1890,
to September 1, 1891, 2 white males; 3 colored males; total,
5. Of these 2 are demented ; 1 confined for corrupt conduct
as a grand juror. LUBY HARPER, Chairman,

W. H. DAIL, Secretary.


The county prison has one story of brick and 2 of wood ;
not fire-proof; city fire apparatus and engine kept on jail lot;
building 22x40 feet; 1 room 15x20; 2 of 12x21; 2 of
9x12, and 1 of 15x25. From 1 to 14 prisoners in each
cell; total, 29. Windows with iron bars, and inside sash
that 6pen. Ventilation only by windows; heated by furnace;
no suffering from cold; each prisoner furnished 2 pairs of
double blankets. Females usually occupy 1 cell on third
floor; also 1 cell on second floor. Drinking water as often
as desired. Diet, plenty of bread and meat, with coffee and
vegetables once a day, also molasses. Jail swept daily, and
whitewashed once a month. Excrement hauled off* daily.
Prison not entirely free of vermin ; they are required to use
preventives. No liquors. Religious services about once a
week. Now confined, 16 colored males; 5 colored females —
21 ; 8 white males (United States prisoners) ; total, 29. From
December 1, 1890, to December 1, 1891, there were 110 pris-
oners in all. Deaths, none. D. W. C. BENBOW,

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The county prison is of brick, (not fire-proof), with no fire-
>Totection ; 40 x 40 feet, of 2 stories ; has 4 cells, 16 x 8 feet,
¥ith a capacity of 8 each. Windows barred. Ventilation
>y windows; heated by stoves; no suflFering from cold; 1
louble mattress and 3 blankets to 2 prisoners ; lower rooms
or males; one upper for females. Drinking water twice
laily ; f pound bacon and 1 pound bread allowed each daily,
fail cleansed with brooms, water and lye; excrement put in
rink ; no vermin. Very liitle liquor allowed, occasionally.
Ministerial services occasionally. Now in confinement, 10,
x)lored ; 9 males, 1 female. From December 1, 1890, to
December 1, 1891, were committed 87 colored, 2 white, total
id ; 3 for murder, 4 rape, 30 larceny, 23 assault, 5 house-
areaking, 5 fornication and adultery, 6 lunacy, 11 for costs.
Deaths, none. The above statement from the book of R. G.
Reid, in charge of prisoners.


The county prison is of wood ; no fire protection ; 22 x 28
Feet, one story; 4 rooms, 11 x 15 feet; windows barred ; venti-
lation by windows; heated by stove; no suffering from cold;
mattress and two or three blankets allowed each prisoner;
sexes separated ; drinking water three times daily; well fed;
iail cleansed occasionally by washing; excrement taken off
in buckets; no vermin; no liquors allowed. No religious
services. Now in confinement, none ; deaths, none.

Remarks. — There are no prisoners in jail. It is con-
Jemned by the Court. The County Commissioners are
making arrangements to have it repaired and built two
jtories high, with more apartments and better ventilation,
rhey speak of heating by steam.


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The county prison is of brick; not fire-proof; without fire
protection; 36 x 45 feet, 2 stories high, 3 rooms, 1 iron cage;
2 rooms are 15 x 18 feet, and 1 is 15 x 36, has cage in centre;
windows barred; ventilation by windows; heated by open
fires ; no suffering in cold weather ; an abundance of bedding
and covering allowed ; sexes separated. Drinking water sev-
eral times daily ; fine well ; a sufficiency and variety of food
given. Jail receives an occasional scouring; excrement
taken off in buckets ; pipe urinal ; no vermin at present ; no
liquors except upon order of a physician. No religious ser-
vices ; there is remissness here, we think. Now in confine-
ment, 4 white males. From December 1, 1890, to December
1, 1891, there were 10 whites, 6 males and 4 females; 4 col-
ored males ; total, 16. Deaths, none.

Remarks. — The prisoners are well and kindly kept, with
an abundance of all needed food, clothing, etc.

W. W. STRINGFIELD, Chairman,


The county prison is of brick; not fire-proof; connected
with water-works for the town, making it very safe from fire;
ventilation by windows ; heated by a hot-air furnace, new
and very good ; prisoners do not suffer from cold ; bunks,
mattresses and blankets supplied in abundance; no females
in prison ; sexes can be easily separated. Water-works, fur-
nishing good water, run into cells ; food in plenty and good
variety; vegetables abundant. Jail cleansed by washing,
scouring, lime, etc.; excrement sewered; no vermin. We
think no liquors are allowed. No religious services. Now
in confinement, 2 white males and 3 colored males; totaF 5.
From December 1, 1890, to December 1, 1891, there were
admitted 16 white males and 9 colored males ; total, 25.

Remarks. — It is worthy of mention that no one has died
in prison, nor has there been any case of continued illness.


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No prisoners in jail ; will give full report of the prison
3xt time.


The county prison is of brick; not fire-proof; means of
:tinguishing fire supplied by the City Fire Company of
;atesville, with steam fire-engine; building 30x45 feet, 3
ories high, with 3 cells and 3 rooms; cells 8x8; 1 room
)x 18 feet; 1 21x9; windows have iron bars ; ventilation
f windows ; heated by 1 grate, 1 stove and 2 open fireplaces ;
3 suffering in cold weather; blankets as many as needed;
xes separated, females in second story and males in third
ory. Drinking water furnished 3 times daily ; no limit to
»od allowance ; meat, bread and vegetables as desired. Jail
eansed by sweeping and scrubbing ; excrement carried out
► sink and hauled to farm ; no vermin. No liquors. No
linisterial services. Now in confinement, 3 whites, 2 col-
red ; total, 5. Since December 1, 1890, there have been com-
mitted 15 males and 3 females, white; 29 males and 4
smales, colored; total, 51. Deaths, 1; shot by sheriff* in
laking arrest. J. B. HOLMAN,



The county prison is of brick, with wooden floor and ceil-
ig and plastered walls; (not fire-proof); no fire protection;
X 46 feet ; 2 stories high ; 2 rooms, 14x15; cage rooms
5 X 28. No ventilation, except by windows ; heated by open
re-places; 2 in cage room. Straw beds, with sufficient cov-
ring. The cage room is occupied by males, and others
y females. Drinking water supplied as often as wanted;
iet the same as that of the Sheriff'^s family. Jail cleansed
y washing and scouring and the use of lime. Excrement

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disposed of by sewer pipes; water kept for washing out ; no
vermin ; no liquors. No religious services. Now in confine-
ment, 2 white males. Since December 1, 1890, to December
1, 1891, 4 white males; 3 colored males; total, 7; deaths,

Remarks. — There have been very few prisoners in our
jail in the last two years, and the SheriflF keeps the jail in

good condition, and feeds prisoners with the same that he

has at his own table, as a general thing.



The county prison is of brick and iron ; not fire-proof, and
without fire protection ; 28 x 39 feet ; 2 stories high, with 2
cells 10x10, and 6 cells 6|xl2 feet; windows with wire
screens. Means of ventilation from each cell to roof. Heated
by stove; prisoners do not sufler in cold weather; prisoners
say bedding and clothing are suSicient; sexes separated ;
first fioor for males, second for females. Drinking water
three times a day. Diet unlimited ; jail swept ; excrement
conveyed to sink ; no vermin; no liquor; no religious ser-
vices. Now in confinement, 2 white, males ; 2 colored males ;
total 4. Since December 1, 1890, to September 1, 1891, there
were, white males, 21 ; colored males, 21 ; females 1 ; total 43
Deaths, none.

Remarks. — The above is a just and true statement to the
best of our knowledge, from information from the jailor, and
other sources. R. J. NOBLE, M. D.,



The county prison is of brick ; fire-proof; no fire protec-
tion otherwise ; 30 x 40 feet ; 1 story, of 3 rooms, 8x10, with
2 cells. -There is a 12-foot wall a-round the jail, 10 feet

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)ff. Ventilation by windows ; no means of heating in win-
»r ; prisoners do not suflFer from cold ; bedding and covering
enough for comfort; sexes separated; 1 room for females;

1 for males. Cool drinking-water twice daily. Food, as
nuch as the prisoner desires. Jail provided with sewer-pi j>e,
ind excrement passed oflF thus. No vermin. A small quan-
ity of intoxicating liquors allowed occasionally. No regu-
ar religious services. Now in confinement, 1 colored, male.



The county prison is of brick, 42 x 30 feet ; not fire-proof,
ind without protection from fire ; it is 2 stories high, with
J rooms for prisoners, in one of which is an iron cage; 2
rooms are 15 x 14 feet, and 2 cages 10 x 10; windows barred ;
'debtor" rooms have iron bars; ventilated by windows;
tieated by stoves and fir eplaces ; no suffering from cold ; pris-
oners allowed blankets and bedding in comfort; females coa-
Bned in " debtor " rooms. Water furnished 3 times daily;
jail swept daily, and whitewashed once a month in summer
QO limit to food ration ; excrement carried out in buckets ;
no vermin. No punishment; intoxicating liquors have
been allowed occasionally. No ministerial services except
occasional visits. List of prisoners, offence, term, etc., filed
with this report. Now in confinement, 3 colored males and

2 white. From December 1, 1890, to December 1, 1891, there
were white mafts, 26; white females, 2; colored males, 25;
colored females, 2 ; total, 55. The jail is reasonably comfort-
ble; it cannot be improved except by rebuilding. The
keeper is kind, and prisoners made no complaints.

Respectfully, R. Z. JOHNSTON, Chairman,

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boabd of public charities. 103


The county prison is brick; not fire-proof; no fire protec-
tion ; 40 X 30 feet, 2 stories ; 1 iron cage, 2 rooms ; cage 24 x 15,
rooms 12x15; windov^s barred, and sometimes closed by
shutters to keep out cold or sunshine ; no ventilation except
by windows; heated by open fires; think prisoners would
suflFer some if in the iron cage ; jailer says enough bedding
and covering are allowed to keep them warm ; sexes separ-
ated. Drinking water twice daily. Jail swept and scoured >
excrement sent to lot in rear of jail ; no vermin. One pris-
oner chained for trying to break out. No liquors. No relig-
ious services. Now confined, 1 white male and 2 colored
males; total, 3. From December 1, 1890, to December 1,
1891, there were 52 white males, 1 white female, and 19 col-
ored males; total, 72. Deaths, none.

Remarks. — We find the jail kept reasonably well consid-
ering the amount of room, except that the cage-room presents
a dirty appearance and has an offensive odor.

J. H. GILKEY, Chairman.


The pri«^on is brick; not fire-proof; 18x36 feet; 2 stories;
1 room 14x14; 1 room 10x12; 1 room 9x9; no ventilation
except by windows; heated by stove in basement with fines;
no suffering from cold; 2 blankets, 1 quilt, 1 straw bed fur-
nished each; sexes separated. Drinking water furnished as
often as called for; food unlimited. Jail scoured and swept.
Excrement taken in buckets to the creek. The prison is not
free from vermin, but scalding it relieved the prisoners.
Liquors allowed in small amount at a time. Religious ser-
vices once since May, 1891. Now confined, 7 white males.
From December 1, 1890 to September 1, 1891, there were 38
white males; 2 colored males; total, 40. Deaths, none.

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ARKS. — Our jail is a disgrace to civilization ; besides
)t safe. Our people say that they cannot afford to
inew one. The keeper does the best he can, I have
ibt. Respectfully,

S. W. BLALOCK, Chairman.


county prison is of wood ; not fire-proof; no fire pro-
; 20 X 40 feet, 2 stories high, with 4 rooms ; 1 is 6 x 8,
2x14, and 1 is 6x20; 2 to 6 in a room; windows
; ventilation by windows ; heated by stove and open
prisoners suflFer from cold ; 1 bed allowed to every 2;
btor's room is given to females. Water when called
>od unlimited. Jail cleaned every day; excrenaen^
1 out on jail lot ; no vermin. No liquors. No religious
s. Now confined, 3 white males and 3 colored males;
6. From December 1, 1890, to September 1, 1891,
vere 15 white males and 9 colored males; total, 24.
[ARKS. — The jail is a very sorry one; it is without
•t or safety. B. F. SIMMONS, Chairman,




county prison is of brick; fire-proof; 3 stories high,
cells about 9x7 feet each, in which 4 persons each
ually placed ; fire-engines and hydrants are at hand, in
F fire; the windows are unobstructed; ventilation by
ws; heated by steam, patent heater; prisoners do not
from cold ; are allowed all the bedding and covering
i^ish ; the front apartments are occupied by females,
)ar by males. Water is convenient at will, and there
limit to the ration of food. The jail is swept and
d, and excrement is carried by water-pipes to street

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sewers ; prisoners are inspected and care taken against ver-
inin. Punishment by confinement in dark cell has been
inflicted upon 3 prisoners for swearing, fighting and vul-
garity. No liquors allowed. No regular ministerial services,
"but religious books and instruction are given by the jailer.
Prisoners now in confinement, 6 white males, 6 colored
males, and 5 colored females. List of names, oflences, date,
and term filed with the report. The jail is comfortable, and
furnished with the latest improved steel cells. Supplied with
canvas hammocks. Premises well kept, Jailer is a kind,
Christian man, doing much for the comfort and improve-
ment of inmates. Respectfully submitted,



The county prison is a wooden building. 33J x 19| feet,
with a lower story of 9 feet and upper of 8 feet; upper floor
occupied by jailer; 6 rooms, with steel cells; 3 of these are
7 X 4J ; 2 cells of 9 x 7J, and 1 of 13| x 6 ; the windows have
sash with steel bars ; no ventilation except by windows and
doors; heated by wood and coal-stoves; the prisoners suffer
with cold in the winter, as aflirmed by the jailer himself;
one hammock ' and two pairs ■ of blankets allowed each.
Females in separate cells on same floor. Drinking water
furnished as desired. Food satisfactory to prisoners, at a
cost of 25 cents per capita daily. The sewer is cleaned daily,
and the walls whitewashed and floors washed as required.
Excrement passed off through sewer. No punishment during
the service of the present jailer. No liquors allowed, but it
is possible to be smuggled within through the bars. No regu-
lar religious services; ministers visited the jail once during
the year. Now in confinement, 1 white male, 2 colored
males; all for murder; deaths, none. Reservoir and hose
furnished, but never arranged for use.

J. S. NICHOLSON, M. D , Chairman,

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The county prison is of brick, with a stockade; it is not
fire-proof, and without means of extinguishing fire ; is 40 x 20
feet; 2 stories high, with 2 rooms below and 4 iron cells above,
12x12 feet; never exceeding 4 prisoners in each cell, and
seldom that number; windows supplied with sash and wire
screening besides bars; ventilation by windows; heated by
large furnace below, with iron flues conducting heat to cells.
No suflFering from cold ; prisoners furnished 3 woollen blan-
kets. Sexes separated ; males above, females below. Water
furnished twice daily, in winter; three times in summer.
Rations unlimited. Jail swept and cleansed daily, and
excrement carried out daily in buckets. Free of vermin;
no liquors allowed. No religious services. Now in confine-
ment, 1 white male, 1 colored male. From December 1, 1890,
to September 1, 1891, there were 5 white males, 15 colored
males and 1 colored female; total, 21. Deaths, none.

Remarks. — John K. Hughes, the present Sherifl*, is a most
excellent and humane officer, and looks well after the sani-
tary condition of the prison, and when prisoners are sick,
sends for a physician at once. No limit of food, but they
are given wholesome food, of meat, bread and vegetables,
twice daily, as much as they desire.


The county prison was burned, and we are now (December
8, 1891), building a new brick jail.



The county prison is of brick, with steel cells; fire-proof,
with tank, pipe and hose for extinguishing fire ; 39 x 29 feet ;
one story ; six rooms, with eight cells 6x8 feet ; corridor, 5

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5eet. Windows have grates for safety. Ventilated by win-
lows, and by pipe and ventilator from top. Heated by
stoves ; no suffering from cold ; bedding and clothes suflS-
oient for comfort; cells occupied by males, rooms by females.
Tank is kept filled with water for drinking as they desire.
Jail washed by hose. Excrement removed by sewer-pipe.
No vermin. No liquors. Religious services sometimes.

l;^ow in confinement, 2 white, males; 4 colored, males.

T'rom December 1, 1890, to September 1, 1891, 2 white,

males ; 18 colored, males. Deaths, none.


The following extract is from a letter from Frank Vaughan,
Esq. (October 15, 1891), accompanying an excerpt from the
proceedings of the National Prison Congress, on the subject :
" Unfortunately here (as elsewhere generally) all grades of
offenders must be confined at the same place, and even
those only charged with offence, who often on trial, are
proved to be innocent; old and young, male and female, all
are held at the same place, and compelled to receive on their
foreheads the same brand of infamy that the hardened crim-
inal rightly bears — a grievous wrong that should be righted
in some manner by the Legislature."


The county prison is of brick ; as nearly fire-proof as such
a building can conveniently be made; 42x28 feet; two
stories; 3 rooms and 3 cells. For fire protection, it has a
good well and a force-pump. Main room 24 x 24, with 9 foot *
pitch ; smaller, 13 x 16. Windows protected by bars ; doors,
iron. Ventilated by windows ; means of heating in winter
insuflBcient, and sadly needs improvement. The prisoners
are subject to suffering in cold weather, because of imperfect
heating. Bedding and covering is sufficient if means of

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heating were adequate ; smaller rooms for females, larger for
males. Driuking water furnished when called for ; food
given as per daily allowance prescribed by law. Jail cleansed
by ventilation and soap and water ; excrement conducted
through a pipe to reservoir, and thence removed ; th€^ prison,
as a rule, is free of vermin. No liquors allowed unless pre-
scribed by a physician. No regulation for ministerial ser-
vices. Now in confinement, 2 colored males During the
year, deaths, none.

Remarks. — Pender has a fine Court-house, and receives
uniformly the compliments of our Superior Court Judges.
The same as to our jail and " home." They were constructed
upon scientific and humane principles, and contain the mod-

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