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July 1, 1934,


June 30, 1936


North Carolina Historical Commission



M. C. S. Noble, Chairman, Chapel Hill
Heriot Clarkson, Raleigh
J. Allan Dunn, Salisbury
George McNeill, Fayetteville
William K. Boyd, Durham

C. C. Crittenden, Secretary, Raleigh


To His Excellency,

J. C. B. Ehringhaus,

Governor of North Carolina.

Sir: — In compliance with Chapter 714 of the Public Laws of
1907, I have the honor to submit herewith for your Excellency's
consideration the Biennial Report of the North Carolina His-
torical Commission for July 1, 1934-June 30, 1936.


M. C. S. Noble,


Raleigh, N. C, July 1, 1936.



North Carolina Historical Commission

July 1, 1934, to June 30, 1936

To M. C. S. Noble, Chairman, and Heriot Clarkson, J. Allan
Dunn, George McNeill, and William K. Boyd,

Co mmissioners :

I have the honor to submit the following report of the North
Carolina Historical Commission for the period, July 1, 1934-
June 30, 1936:


I. The Historical Commission.

On May 10, 1935, Governor J. C. B. Ehringhaus reappointed
Heriot Clarkson for the term April 1, 1935-March 31, 1941 ; and
appointed George McNeill to succeed Nell Battle Lewis for the
term April 1, 1935-March 31, 1941, J. Allan Dunn to succeed
Mrs. Thomas O'Berry for the term April 1, 1933-March 31,
1939, and Joseph Moore McConnell to succeed R. D. W. Connor
for the remainder of his term ending March 31, 1937.

Joseph Moore McConnell, having served as a member of the
Commission for only six days, died at his home in Davidson on
May 16, 1935. The following tribute was ordered by the Com-
mission to be included in the Sixteenth Biennial Report :

On May 10, 1935, Governor Ehringhaus made a happy selec-
tion in appointing Dr. Joseph Moore McConnell a member of the
North Carolina Historical Commission to succeed Dr. R. D. W.
Connor, resigned.

Dr. McConnell, head of the History Department of Davidson
College, President of the Building and Loan Association of his
town, member of the Board of Directors of the Bank of David-
son, and a member of many literary and scientific societies,
possessed to a high degree a happy blending of ripe scholarship
in the field of history with sound practical judgment as a busi-
ness man. This was shown in the gentle but firm manner in
which he conducted himself at the first and only meeting of the
Commission he ever attended. This meeting was held on May
14, 1935, and soon after he was called away from participating
in earthly affairs.

The Historical Commission wishes to place on record this
slight token to the memory of a historian, a man of judgment,
and a gentleman.

(•> Sixteenth Biennial Report

On November i.*> Governor Ehringhaus appointed William K.
Boyd to nil the unexpired term of J, M. McConnell, ending
March 81, L987.

ii. the Office Force.

Secretary a R Newsome, July I, L934-June 80, L9SS; C. C. Crittenden,
.inly i. L985«June 80, L986, The Historical Commission a1 a meeting on
May it, L986, accepted with regrets it. Newsome's resignation, effective
June 80, i!>.;r>. to become a professor of American history ami bead of
tin- Department of History in the University or North Carolina. The
Commission thereupon elected as Secretary, effective July L, L985, Dr.

Crittenden, assistant professor Of history in the University of North


Collector for the Hall of History A. Olds, July I ill, P.KU ; Joseph

C. Sitterson, October l. L984-Augus1 81, L985; Mattie Brma Edwards,

September I. 1 936 February !>, L986; Maryhelle Delamar (Aotlng Col
lector), February LO-June 80, L986, (Km- further details, see below,
p. 81,)

Chief Library Assistant I). 1,. Corbitt.

Restorer of Manuscripts Mrs. .1. m. Winfree.

Senior Stenographer (Merk Sophie 1). Ilushee.
Senior Library Assistant Mrs. \V. S. West.
Manuscript Copyist Mrs. J. (' Meconnahey.

Temporary copyists Olive Bennett, May 5-9, L986; Mrs. Ruby Townsend,

Ma\ L8 June 80, I 936,


Duo to Lack o( space it has boon impossible to accession and
catalog all the manuscripts collected during the biennium, so that
the list which follows is incomplete:

I. Additions to Collections.

l. Personal Papers:

The Alexander Boyd Andrews Papers. - letters. ' ' William m.

Marks. Jr., and 1 from J. M. Morehead, to Mr. Andrews, both dated
1934. 1 letter, H. A. Dago, Sr., to Mr. Andrews, L986. Given by Mr.
A. B. Andrews, Raleigh.

"An Incident of a Grand Prelate." Given by m. R. Dunnagan, Raleigh.

Jefferson Davis Papers. Copy of letter from Davis to Wharton Greene,
James ('. McKae, and others, L889. Given by Mrs. John Huske
Anderson. Raleigh. 8 letters, 1SS7. 1SSS.

C. B. Heller Collection. 91 miscellaneous papers, 1 7!». r > 1 S91 , and un-
dated. Consisting of letters, wills, deeds, etc. I map: "Kichardson's
New Map of the State of Texas. 1867." (liven by C. I?. Heller,

Stephen D. Kamseur Papers. '2 addresses, 1920; I pamphlet; I note.
Given by Mrs. F. H. Whitaker, Davidson.

Richard D. White Collection. John H. McAden Papers. L'7S letters
and accounts; 34 leaflets, broadsides, and pamphlets; 1,'! envelopes.
Given by Richard D, White. Baltimore, Maryland.

General James Johnston Petti.nrew Chapter, United Daughters of the
Confederacy, Papers, 1919-1980. 4 volumes of records. Miscellan-
eous papers such as letters, deed, programs, pamphlets, and minute
books. Loaned by Mrs. Alfred Williams, Raleigh.

Virgil i.usk Papers, i typewritten statement, "Who Was to Blame?" by

V. S. Lusk. Given by Chas A Webb. Asheville. throUgb George W.
McCoy, Asheville.

n. c. Historical Commission 7

Ladles' Memorial Association of Wake Count)' Papei Elecord books,
"Lisl <<r !!!<• Original Statements The Arlington Dead"; "Rostei of
Soldiers Burled In the Confederate Cemetery, Raleigh, ( . 2 vo\
times; 2 minute books, 3 membership books, i collection i«'<ok, i
package of notes, n addr< ises, I map of the Confederate cemetery,
i copy of Con tltution of the Confederate Southern Memorial
elation, i deed, I bos of reports, letters and net* papei clippings; 13
pamphlets Loaned by Mrs Alfred Williams, Raleigh

Samuel Wheeler Worthlngton Collection m manuscripts '■■ ketch of
Lafayette, 1841; 2 special orders, L804; 13 lettei Given by Samuel
Wheeler Worthlngton, Wilson

Crabtree Jones Collection. 2 kodak picture oi I rabtree," homeplace
of the Klmbrough Joneses, new papei articles regarding the home,
huiii in 1706; •': letters, '-\ deeds, receipts, 1790-1860; pari of an ■>■
count boos of Nathaniel Jones And Company, L701 1703; Plan <>t
Raleigh, 1702, and an addition, 1801, ;""i newspapei clipping;
"Some Additions and Corrections in Jones Genealogical Data," m?>'i<-
in L034'1036, typewritten; ■'• copies of '■> sheet '-r v//< :.<«.■ <//"/
Observei Septembei 27, 1010, containing death notice of Klmbrough
Jones, Br Loaned by Mrs, Klmbrough Jones, Raleigh

William Oaston Papers Tenth Annit i orth Caro

Una: Centennial of Os ton' iii toi ch -■ published in The

Bulletin Augusta, Georgia, Decembei '•'■s.. L036, the official organ '<r
the Catholl< Layman' ^elation of Georgia Given by m. m

London, Raleigh

General James Johnston Pettigretr Chapter, United Daughters of the
Confederacy, Papei 1 volumes of records I HI tory of the Worth
Carolina Division '>f the United Daughters of the Confederacy
17064034, and ■': minute books; charter dated December II, 1808
Loaned t> Ifred Williams, Raleigh,

Thoma Bragg Papei Pardon ''- Thoma Bi -■ by

Johnston, October i, i860 Given b ellle Heartt, Raleigh.

' ounty Reccn d i

Cabarrus Ab trad ol marriage bonds, . ■ i volume typ<

ten. ';iv:n by The Genealogical Society >>r Utah, Bali Lake City
Ota ."•// i marriage bond Given by Mrs Virgil Idol, Raleigh
Edgecombe. ) marriage bond, 1703 Given by Wilson County Commit

('■'-, Colonial Dames of Ami
Pa$quotanl Abstracts of m.-.rr !;>••:<■ bonds, 177< type

- .. ',. en by The Genealogical
/.','/, ,,,>,„>! County court minutes, i v'>r; 1 7rj7. Loaned by th

the Court.
Transylvania r,r 1036.) Registration i"<'<>-

Given by Otto Alexander, ckrk or the Court
rryofl. 7 win-;, i7f;r, i77f» Given by Clarence Griffin City,

Wake. Sheriffs settlement, 1619. Given by ' M Templeton, Ca
Ezecui ' /'' • '// '/ 1

20 letfc 56 ift2<;, during McLean'

the Governor's OfDce.

'■■ i. i ' Published no

der the a of the College or Journal! m) G • M

Durham Globe (Durham: R. ff Cowan, editor and publisher)
July II, ]*, August I, 8, 15, 22, 2
vfin],<:r 21; 1696 January 16, 30, Pebruarj ■ ,, Marco

■ pri j 2, r>, 2.^, 30, May 14, 26, Jane 4

Sixteenth Biennial Report

New York Herald (New York: James Gordon Bennett, editor). 1865 —
April 15. Contains news of Lincoln's assassination. Loaned by H. T.
Durham, Raleigh.

The same — another copy. Loaned by W. 0. Wooten, Kinston.

Raleigh Christian Advocate (Raleigh: Wm. S. Black and Fred L. Reid,
editors). 1881— January 26. Given by W. K. Hoyt, Winston-Salem.

Rutherford Star (Rutherfordton: J. B. Carpenter and R. W. Logan,
editors and proprietors). 1870— August 19; 1871— January 23.
Given by Clarence Griffin, Forest City.

Twin-City Sentinel (Winston-Salem: Owen Moon, publisher; Santford
Martin, editor). 1935— May 4, 2 copies. Given by W. K. Hoyt,

Zion's Landmark (Wilson: L. I. Bodenhamer, editor). 1870 — Novem-
ber 1; 1871 — January 1. Given by Mrs. Lillian D. Wooten, Golds-

19 newspapers given by Miss Sybil Hyatt, Kinston:

American Farmer, 1850 — December — pp. 191-218 — mutilated.

Brother Jonathan (New York: Published by Benj. H. Day).

Carolina Cultivator [1856], pages 243-254 — mutilated.

Christian Advocate and Journal (New York: J. P. Durbin and T. Mer-
ritt, editors). 1833— September 27; 1835— August 21; 1843— May 25.

Clinton Independent (Clinton: Edgar L. Perkins, editor and proprie-
tor). 1858— February 2.

Godey's Lady's Book and Magazine (Philadelphia). 1859 — June — muti-

Great Falls Weekly Journal (Somersworth, N. H.: W. K. Wentworth,
publisher). 1855— March 22.

Kinston Daily News (Kinston: Chester A. Walsh, manager). 1918 —
July 27.

Liberty Boy of '76 (New York). 1901— March 8 — mutilated.

Ludington Daily Sun (Ludington, Mich.: G. S. Luce, publisher). 1905 —
April 8.

North Carolina Christian Advocate (Raleigh: Rufus F. Heflin, editor).

1856— November 7; 1858— February 4; 1859— September 29; 1863—

September 23, December 2; 1865— April 30, May 7, September 2, 9—

pages 1 and 2 only.
Official Bulletin (Raleigh: The Official Bulletin for North Carolina of

the United States Food Administration). 1918 — June 1.
Planter's Family Recipe and Medical Almanac, for the Year of our Lord

1859. Mutilated.
Richmond Christian Advocate (Richmond, Va. : Leroy M. Lee, editor).

1852— February 26; 1855— December 20; 1857— August 6; 1861—

April 25; 1863 — January 15, pp. 1 and 2 only, February 5, pp. 1 and

2, March 5, pp. 1 and 2.

Spirit of the Age (Raleigh: Alexander M. Gorman, editor and proprie-
tor). 1851 — February 7; 1852— January 21, March 31, July 14, Octo-
ber 6; 1856— March 5, May 21, September 17; 1859— April 20.

Temperance Banner (Penfield, Ga.: Published by Benj. Brantley). 1857
— October 15.

Times (Greensboro: C. C. Cole and J. W. Albright, editors). 1858 —
August 28, December 11; 1859 — June 11, part missing.

Weekly Message (Greensboro: Frances M. Bumpass, editor and pro-
prietor). 1855— July 19; 1856— April 10; 1857— January 27, Feb-
ruary [19], 20, 26; 1858— December 25; 1861— July 20, 27.

Wilson and Co.'s Weekly Dispatch (New York: Wilson & Company,
publishers). 1859 — February 5, April 2, 9, July 23.

N. C. Historical Commission 9

5. Civil War:

Manuscript Booklet. Forrest-Ehrhart Civil War Booklet. Given by
Miss Lillian Forrest, Jewell, Kansas.

Correspondence of Francis Christian Clewell, 1842-1867. During war
between the states. Typewritten volume. Loaned by Mrs. H. J.
Howell, Wilmington.

List of North Carolina Confederate soldiers buried in Elmwood Ceme-
tery, Shepherdstown, West Virginia. Also kodak picture of wagon
used in conveying John Brown to and from his execution, 1859.
Given by Sam M. Hendricks, Shepherdstown, West Virginia.

List of names and records of Confederate officers at Johnson's Island,
1864. Given by Mrs. Daisy Weld, The Cleveland Museum of Art,
Cleveland, Ohio.

6. Spanish-American War:

A Commission of appointment ... to Hiram L. Grant, 1898. Given by
Clayton Grant, Wilmington.

7. World War:

Base Hospital No. 65 Records. Memory book prepared by Miss Odessa
Chambers while with Base Hospital No. 65; photographs of Asheville
group, and Base Hospital No. 65 nurses taken in New York; various
kodak pictures; manuscript of an address made in 1935 by Miss
Chambers. Given by Miss Odessa Chambers, Asheville.

Base Hospital No. 65 Records. A scrap book filled with kodak pictures,
orders and programs, mementoes of service in France. Given by
Mrs. T. C. Whiting, Route 2, Asheville.

8. Spanish Records:

Calendar of part of Spanish documents in North Carolina Historical
Commission archives. Prepared and given by H. C. Gregory, Cum-
berland, Maryland.

9. Maps :

"A Map of New England, New York, New Jersey and Pensilvania [sic],
by H. Moll Geographer. . . . 1730." 13% x 13% inches. Scale, 1
inch to approximately 24 miles. Photostat of printed map.

"A Map of the Province of Carolina Divided into Parishes &c. according
to the latest accounts 1730. By H. Moll Geographer." Inset — "A
Map of Ye Most Improved Part of Carolina." 14 x 15% inches.
Scale, 1 inch to 30 miles. Photostat of printed map. Given by A. B.
Andrews, Raleigh.

"Map of North Carolina by James Wimble, 1738. To His Grace Thomas
Hollis Pelham Duke of New Castle. . . ." Photostat of printed map.
Given by Carolina Blue Printers, Raleigh.

"A Pictorial History of Cabarrus County North Carolina during Colonial
and Early American Times," drawn by A. G. Odell, Jr. 17% x 21%
inches. Given by Mrs. C. A. Cannon, Concord.

"Western North Carolina Railroad — Mountain Division. From sur-
veys made, 1881 under direction of Major J. W. Wilson, Chief Engi-
neer, by H. Eaton Coleman, Assistant Engineer, drawn by H. Eaton
Coleman." 13% x 9% inches. Scale, 2 inches to % mile. Printed.
Given by Mrs. John W. Labouisse, Charlotte, and Miss Isabella M.
Cameron, Raleigh.

"An Historical and Geographical Map of the State of North Carolina
'Old North State.' " 13 3/16 x 22 3/16 inches. Copyrighted 1934 by
Karl Smith, Louisville, Kentucky. Printed. Given by Lewis and
Hall, Investment Securities, Greensboro.

"Carte de la Louisiane et du Cours Du Mississipi Dressee sur un grand
nombre de Memoures entrau.tres Sur ceux de M. le Maure Par Guill.
Desille de l'Academie R. des Scien" 1718, by (M. De Lisle). (Shows
route of De Soto 1539-40). 16%x21% inches. Scale, 1 inch to 35
French leagues. Photostat of printed map.

10 Sixteenth Biennial Report

"Mocksville Enterprise Map of Davie County, North Carolina. By J. M.
Furr, Jr., Surveyor, Albemarle, N. C. 1936. . . ." Printed. Given
by Miss Adelaide L. Pries, Winston-Salem.

"Topographic Map Great Smoky Mountain National Park Tennessee and
North Carolina. (East Half)." Department of Interior, U. S. Geo-
logical Survey. Edition of 1934. 26x29% inches. Scale, 1 inch to
1 mile. Printed. Purchased by North Carolina Historical Commis-

"Map of Raleigh, Department of Public Works, Revised, January, 1928."
25% x 24% inches. Scale, 1 inch to approximately 1,100 feet. Print-
ed. Given by Department of Public Works, Raleigh.

"South Part of Virginia now the North Part of Carolina [second line
added at later date]." Photostat of manuscript map drawn by
Nicholas Comberford, 1657. Original in New York Public Library.
Purchased from Carolina Blue Printers, Raleigh, through courtesy of
Dr. W. P. Cumming, Davidson.

British Museum Additional Manuscripts 5415. G-6. A large colored
chart of "Albemarle River," drawn by W. Hack, about 1684. Scale,
4y 2 miles to 1 inch. On vellum. Size: 2 ft. x 18 in. Photostat, size
SV 2 x 11 in., of manuscript map. Purchased from Carolina Blue
Printers, Raleigh.

"Carolana." Photostat of original MS. in John Farrer's copy of Edward
Williams VIRGO TRIUMPHANS, London, 1650. This MS. is the
original (with striking differences) of the map entitled "Virginia
discovered to Ye hills" usually found in Williams book. The printed
map itself is in two forms (cf. Winsor, Narrative and C?'itical His-
tory, III, pp. 168A, 464-5). Photostat. Purchased from Carolina Blue
Printers, Raleigh.

10. Genealogical:

Copy of will of John Parrott, 1791, Dobbs County. Typewritten. Given

by Mrs. Leon Anderson, Halifax.
Bulletins of the Aydelott Family Association. Mimeographed (1936).

Given by George Carl Aydelott, New York City.
Record of Wills in Nichols County, Kentucky, and McDonough County,

Illinois. Mimeographed (1936). Given by Miss Annie Walker Burns,

Seat Pleasant, Maryland.
The Scottish Highlander Carmichaels of the Carolinas. (Richmond:

Whittet & Shepperson. 1935.) Compiled, published, and given

(1935) by Major General Roderick L. Carmichael, Washington, D. C.

1 typewritten sheet of birth and death records. Given by Mrs. Velma

L. Deason, St. Paul, Minn.
Links between Pennsylvania and North Carolina. Newspaper article,
March 19, 1936. Given by Miss Mary J. Heitman, Mocksville.

2 charts of Graffenried genealogy. Photostats. Given by C. Lang,

Cologne, Germany.

North Carolina Tombstone Records. 1 typewritten volume. Given by
Alexander Martin Chapter, D. A. R., through Mrs. J. S. Welborn,
High Point.

4 typewritten pages, "Death Records of the Bethabara Moravian Con-
gregation, Interments in the Bethabara, N. C, Graveyard, 1757."
Given by Miss Adelaide L. Fries, Winston-Salem.

A list of names "translated from several loose sheets found in the first
Church Book belonging to the Lutheran Congregation, St. Johns,
near Concord, N. C." Given by Miss Adelaide F. Fries, Winston-

Genealogy of Adam and Eve to date. Mimeographed. Given by W. L.
Greenslit, Lincoln, Nebraska.

Supplement to Kinfolks. A Genealogical and Biographical Record
(1935). Printed. Given by Colonel William C. Harllee (the author),
Dillon, S. C.

Register of Dates of Births of Living Females and their older deceased

N. C. Historical Commission 11

sisters. Typewritten volume. Given by Colonel William C. Harllee,
Dillon, S. C.

152 pages of typewritten miscellaneous genealogy from various chapters
of the Daughters of the American Revolution in North Carolina.
Given by Mrs. Lily Doyle Dunlap, Ansonville.

Genealogy of the Cocke-Armistead-Wheadon-Gill families, North Caro-
lina Bible Records by North Carolina Society D. A. R., early North
Carolina deeds, land grants, and abstracts of wills; abstracts of early
wills of Stanly County, North Carolina. Other early unpublished
records; Hope Moravian Church records, Forsyth County; inter-
ments in Salem Moravian graveyard, Winston-Salem; tombstone
records from Anson and Stanly counties; N. C. Tombstone Records
Books A and B. Typewritten. Given by North Carolina Society,
Daughters of the American Revolution, Mrs. J. S. Welborn, State
Chairman, High Point.

II. New Collections.

1. Personal Papers:

Alonzo T. and Millard Mial Papers. 2,408 manuscripts, letters, ac-
counts, broadsides, leaflets, currency, and bonds, 1852-1897, and un-
dated; 7 memorandum books; 2 wallets; 2 maps; 4 books; 32
pamphlets; 7 account books, 1830-1897; 18 newspapers; miscellan-
eous circulars. Given by Carl L. Williamson, Raleigh.

Walter F. Woodard Collection. 1 letter, 1918. Given by Mrs. Walter
F. Woodard, Wilson.

Richard D. White Collection, 1751-1929, and undated. 575 letters, deeds,
accounts, and newspaper clippings; 1 map; broadsides, leaflets,
pamphlets; 1 arithmetic book; 2 account books. Given by Richard
D. White, Baltimore.

Mrs. L. E. Lansdell Papers, 1850-1877. 69 letters, 1 receipt book.
Loaned by Mrs. L. E. Lansdell, Semora, N. C, through Richard D.
White, Baltimore.

Lambeth Papers. 234 letters and accounts; 1 day book, 1 ledger, 1851-
1860. Given by Mrs. E. E. Lambeth, Sanford, Route 5, through
Richard D. White, Baltimore.

Mrs. Benjamin R. Lacy Papers. 1 letter, 1893; 1 pamphlet. Given by
Mrs. Benjamin R. Lacy, Raleigh.

W. O. Wooten Collection. Copy of a "Tribute of Respect" to H. H.
Thomas, Member of Wm. G. Hill Lodge, No. 218, A. F. & A. M. 1876;
1 deed, 1847. Given by W. 0. Wooten, Kinston.

James Herring Collection, 1764-1917. 466 papers, including letters, wills,
administrators' accounts, miscellaneous receipts, accounts, deeds,
broadside, leaflets, note books, and wallets. Given by Miss Sybil
Hyatt, Kinston.

Mrs. A. B. Hunter Collection. Miscellaneous letters, leaflets, pamphets,
reports on work done at St. Augustine School, photographs, pic-
tures taken from magazines, 28 copies of St. Augustine Record,
1924-1936. Given by Mrs. A. B. Hunter, Raleigh.

Charles Francis Jenkins Papers, 1786-1808. 3 manuscripts. Given by
Charles Francis Jenkins, Philadelphia.

J. W. Atkins Collection, 1837-1896. 17 pamphlets. Given by J. W.
Atkins, Gastonia.

Chas. A. Anderton Papers. 4 manuscripts; 1 letter; 3 Civil War papers,
1861-64. Given by Chas. A. Anderton, Baltimore.

Robert L. Adams Collection. 1 journal of William Maclean, 1811. Loaned
by Robert L. Adams, Gastonia.

Raleigh Banking and Trust Company Papers. 95 manuscripts, letters,
deeds, plats, specifications; 16 maps and plans, 1831-1928, and un-
dated. Given by Lawrence Blanchard, Raleigh.

Lachland MacNeill Papers. 2 letters from Lachland MacNeill, 1784,
1785. Purchased from Gavin H. Dortch, Raleigh.

12 Sixteenth Biennial Report

Mrs. M. S. Griggs Papers, 1831-61. 2 books; 3 manuscript bills of sale

and accounts of estates, 1845-1861. Given by Mrs. M. S. Griggs,

Maple, through Richard D. White, Baltimore.
Stuart Hill Collection. 4 typewritten volumes. Genealogies of various

families, 1 copy of Americana, third quarter, 1932. Given by Stuart

H. Hill, Elmira, N. Y.
Thad P. Hall Collection, 1856-1900. 21 account books. Loaned by Mrs.

B. N. Bray, Coinjock, through Richard D. White, Baltimore.
Calvin J. Cowles Papers, 1824-1885. 3,094 papers, chiefly business and

personal correspondence. Given by Mrs. Calvin J. Cowles, Wilkes-

J. P. Clark Papers, 1859-1862, and undated. 19 letters. Given by J. P.

Clark, Pantego.
Badgett Papers. 402 letters, accounts, and receipts, 1772-1889; 1 leaflet;

1 memorandum book. Given by Mrs. Van Daniel, Route 1, Rufnn,

through Richard D. White, Baltimore.

2. Diaries:

Copy of diary and poems of Captain George Burgwin Johnston, Com-
pany G, 28th North Carolina Volunteers. Given by Mrs. John Huske
Anderson, Raleigh.

Diary of Adolphus R. Pitcher, Warren L. I. Guards, Camp Ellis, Ral-
eigh, and Camp Carolina, Norfolk, Virginia, 1861. Purchased from
E. L. Coon, Columbia, S. C.

Diary of Dr. J. F. Shaffner, Sr., commencing September 13, 1863, ending
February 5, 1865. Transcribed by his daughter, C. L. Shaffner, 1936.
Printed. Given by Miss Adelaide L. Fries, Winston-Salem.

3. Account Books:

Wm. Smith and Company, 1S69-72. Loaned by Mrs. N. R. Claytor,

Milton, through Richard D. White, Baltimore.
4 account books, 1771-1856. Purchased from Samuel Wheeler Worth-

ington, Wilson.

4. Miscellaneous:

2 copies of Proceedings of the Grand Lodge of North Carolina and Ten-
nessee. From A. L. 580 4, A. D. 190 J t , to 580 J h A. D. 18/ t 0. (Oxford:
Orphan Asylum Press. 1909.) Printed. Proceedings of the Grand
Lodge of Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons of North Carolina. One
Hundred and Fifteenth Annual Communication. At Raleigh, Tues-

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