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Eugenics Record Office

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This Book was acquired h^fu-rc f\ S-SC (^Joto^Y^T ^

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Its object is to bring all of the name of Lewis
and tlieir kin into mutual acquaintance and
friendship, to discover for each one his
kindred and keep him posted in regard to al
their trials and successes in life, and to record
for use of themselves and their posterity the
traditions, biography and genealogy of all the

One Dollar a year, payable on receipt of the
July number. Single numbers. Ten Cents
each. Remittance should be by Check or Ex-
press Order. If P. O. Money Order, make pay-
able at New Haven, Ct. Advertising rates fu'r-
nised on application. Address all communica-
tions to the publisher.

Box 34. Elliott, Conn.

LEWISIANA is entered as second class matter
at the Post Otttce 3.t Elliott, Conn.

THE LEWIS LETTER is printed by F. C.
Branday, Whitney's Point, N. Y.

List of the Books of the Lewises.

Earliest Ancestors-When andWhere.

I. Randall, 1760, Ilopkiuton, R. I.

II. Benjamin, 1670, Stratford, Conn.

III. Dayid L., Wales to Philadelphiu.

IV. Ricliard, 1793, Wales to N. Y.

V. Richard, R. I.

VI. Joseph, 1776, Vt.

VII. Joshua, 1680, Wales to Conn

VIII. John, 1661, Westerly, R. I

IX. Elisha, Litchlield, Coiin.

XI. George, 1733, Hoplciuton, R. I.
XJI. William, 1633, Farmington, Ct.
XIIL John, 163.5, Ne^v London, Conn.
XVI. Benjamin, 1785, Wales to Wis.

XIX. Jolm, 1640, Wales to Va.

XX. Levi, 1762, Susse.x-co., N. J.
XXL Gerardus, 1720 N. Y. City.
XXIV. George, 1630, Eng. to Mass.
XXVI. Tliomas, 1818, Va., Ky., Mo.

XXVII. Jariah, 1780, Westerly,

XXVIII. Joseph, 1769, N. J. "

R. I.


XXIX. Jolm, 1721, Am^velL N. J.
XXXI. Lewis, LlandaiT, Wales 1816.

XXXIII. Edmund, 1634, Lynn, Mass.

XXXIV. Richard, 1706, Providence, R,

XXXV. Robert, 1585, Wales to Va.

XXXVI. John, 1634, ]\ralden, Mass.

XXXVII. Eli.sha, 1770-1828.
XXXIX. Jesse, 1774, Hopkinton, R. L
XL. Francis, 1713, Wales to Xew York.
XLIII. Edward, 1744, AVales to K J.
XLIV. William, 1640, Roxburv, Mass.
XLV. Jolui, 1732, Ireland to Va.
XLVI. Thomas, 1745, New London, Ct.
XLVII. Zachary, 1692, Wales to Va.
XLVIII. Joseph, Wales to Cliicago.
XLIX. Thomas L., AVales to Ohio.

L. AVilliam, Coed, Wales.
LI. Jolm, Holland to Mass.
LII. William, Maryland, 1637.
LIIL Ellis, Wales to Penn., 1708
LIV. Evan, Wales to Penn., 1682.
LV. Stephen, Llanfynyd, AYales.
LAa. John, Hopkinton, R. I., 1694.
LA'II. Enoch, Cheat River, Penu.
LVIII. Benajah, Providence. R. L, 1734.
LIX. William, Xew .Jersey, 1682.
LX. Thomas, Dighton, Mass., 1760.
LXI. The Shipbuilder, Pittsburg, Pa.
LXII. Marshall, Bingliamton, N. Y'.
LXIII. Philip, N. J. to Ohio.
LXIV. Benjamin, Farmington, Ct.,1729.
LXVII. David. AYales to Del., 1800.
LXA'III. Aaron, A'a. to Ky., 1780.
LXIX. Henry. Culpepper-co. , A"a..l765.
LXX. Zephaniah, Xew Jersey, 1734.
LXXI. Samuel, Plymouth, Ct, 1748-1823
LXXII. John, Heiirico Co., A^'a., 1640.
LXXIII. Tho Buckingham CO., A'a., 17o0
LXXIA^. Exum, Edgecombe co., N. C.
LXX\^ Paul, Rhode Island, 1770.
LXXA'I. AVilliam, Rhode Island, 1760.
LXXA'II. Benjamin. 1812, Oswego, X.Y'.
LXXA'^III. George, 1640,Casco Bay, Me.
LXXIX. Reuben, 1814, AVells, A't.
LXXX. Thomas, 1630, Saco, Me.
(Missing numbers are of Merged Books.


Why !

Tbis issue lias been delayed owing to
tbe uncertainty of continuing tbis work
caused first, by tbe great falling ofE during
tbe past year in tbe number of subscribers
and second by tbe failure of many otbers
to pay tbeir subscriptions. It is exceed-
ingly regretted tbat it seemed necessary to
send to so many tbe statement of tbeir ac-
count and mucb more that any one sbould
bave felt grieved tbereat. But printers'
bills must be met. Tbe usual rules of
newspapers and periodicals concerning
subscriptions (money sent in letters at
senders' risk, papers sent until ordered
discontinued and arrearages paid, etc.,
etc.) must govern our little paper. In
every case a receipt, usually a postal card,
is sent on tbe receipt of a subscription and
if not received subscribers sbould make
inquiry of tbis office. Subscribers not
having already paid in advance will kind-
ly remember that tbeir subscriptions for
Vol VII are due on tbe receipt of tbis
issue. For in spite of the large shortage
in last year's accounts it has been decided
to make one more attempt to keep our
family paper going. If ten who are in-
terested in this work will jilcdge tliem-
selves to take five copies each (to be sent
to their own addre-ss or to tbe address of
such persons as they may designate,) tbe
publisher will be responsible for tbe re-
maining twotbirds f)f the expense. Tiiree
of tiie ten have already been secured and
feeling sure that the others will come I ir-
ward this issue has been printed. JIuy
this hope not be in vain 1 The names of
the tiiree are

1. Mrs. S. A. Maxwell, N. Y. City.

2. Henry J. Lewis, Louisville, Ky.

3. Geo. Harlan Lewis, N. Y. City.

It has been stated several times that this
was no money making silTair but an at-
tempt, perhaps not alwiiys the wisest or
l>est, to secure and preserve the records of
all of our name and eventually to arrange
this mass of tradition, bits of history, and
interesting fragments into one valuable

whole. Of the work tbis involves, never
has a truer word been written than was
written more than two hundred years ago
by Anthony a Wood "A painfull work it
is I'll assure you, and more than diflicult,
wherein what toyle bath been taken, as no
man tbinketh, so no man believetb, but be
hath made tbe triall."

It is intended in the future as in tbe past
to publish both original contributions and
also interesting excerpts from other works
many of which are not accessible to most
of our readers. Of course original records
are the more valuable and are given tbe
preference, yet the otbers often make
valuable the original. Of the many exam-
ples which might be given Book XLIV is
a good one. Had not tbe records of this
William of Roxbury as revised by tbe
author of "In Memoriam " been reprinted,
the full and complete records now appear-
ing in that "Book" would bave lacked
mucb of tbeir value. So the demands of
our subscribers in Virginia and Kentucky
(and tliey form a large proportion of tbe
whole) tbat the printed but fragmentary
records of these Lewis families be correct-
ed, dates and other details be added, is
being met as fast as possible. To some
extent the number of readers a "Book"
has as shown by the subscription list must
govern the amount of space devoted to
the records of that "Book." Keeping
these things in mind, it ia the aim to make
each issue a readable paper for the general
reader as well as a valuable work of refer-
ence for the lover of genealogy.

Already there is on hand a large number

of interesting chapters for the various

Books now on the list and a still larger

amount of fragments which as fast as pos-

} sible arc being ] laced or are appearing as

I new books. There seems to be a good

: probability that Volume VII will contain

mucli of the history of the early Lewises

of the Hudson valley whose history and

records have long been neglected. For

here too Lewises played an important part

in the growtli of the country and their


names are constantly cropping out in its
liistory. Lewises have been leaders every-
where whether among the early settlers of
Connecticut or Virginia, whether among
the Puritans of Massachusetts or tiie
Friends of Pennsylvania, whether among
the pioneers of Kentucky and Missouri or
of New York and Ohio.

Of the many expressions of good will
received concerning our work there is room
for but two. The New England Historical
and Genealogical Register in a recent
review of Lewisiana states that ' ' this is
a good form for collecting and preserving
the history of a family, and is deserving
of the patronage of those of the name or
blood." A subscriber, Mrs. Amelia R.
Stevens of Syracuse, N. Y. sends some
New Year's greetings which may appro-
priately serve for the opening number of
Vol. VII:


Let me give you a welcome for "ninety-six,"
And a hope that its future may bear

New aims, new hopes, new interests too.
In which Lewisiana may share.

We're scatterrd widely o'er the earth,

Who claim our birthright in it ;
We know but few whose names appear

Each month within its limit.

But iiamcg can bind, and hearts endear,

To know of each the other.
And thus to know where lives are cast.

And call each one a brother.

The very meaning of our name

Inspires our aims and longing ;
" True courage" has a loyal sound,

And glad we claim belonging.

Old Time is hast'ning fast away,

The olden ranks are thinning.
But youthful hearts shall carry on

The work of your beginning ;

So strike a note of melody.

Whether years be few or many.
And may this bring to you good cheer

And success to Lewisiana.

Books and each Book into chapters. At
the head of each Book appears the name
of the earliest known ancestor of tiiat
family. The List of Books is a complete
index to the Books as published to this
time. New Books will be added from
time to time as new branches of the Lewis
family are found. As soon as Books are
proved parts of others they will be merged
into the Books to which they belong.
Each name is numbered wiien first printed

and whenever the name is repeated this
number follows in brackets. The abbre-
viations commonly used in genealogical
work are used ; as b. for born ; d. died ; m.
married; m. (1) first wife ; dau. daughter;
unm. not married; v. p. see page, etc. Instead
of repeating the name of a place in the
same paragraph initials only are frequently


Explanations, Abbreviations, etc.
For convenience the records of the
various Lewis families are divided into

Book II.

BENJAMIN LEWIS, Stratford, Conn.

chapter lxxi.

By Helen Perry Maxwell, N. Y. City.

Aristeen P. (30 v. p. 179, Vol. VII) d.

Nov. 15, 1885, m. at Genoa, Mich., Jany.

31, 1839, Ely T. Barnard. Ch. b. Genoa,


712.L Viginia Amanda b. Sept. 22, 1841,
m. Feb. 3, 1862, at Genoa, Omar Ben-
edict. 3 ch.

1. Lynn Ely.

2. Helen Aristeen.

3. Frank Barnard.

713.11. Amelia Elizabeth b. Aug. 17, 1843,
m. Dec. 3, 1877, at Genoa, Warner
Newell. 3 ch.

1. Anna.

2. Edna.

3 Bent.

714. III. Albert Leroy b. Feb. 22, 1846, d.
Mar. 14, 1890, m. 1886, at Howell,
Mich., Eliza Popworth. 3 ch.

1. Florence.

2. Minnie.

3. Alice L.

715. IV. Helen Josephine, m. at Howell,
Mich., Hugh Elliott. 2 ch.

1. Harr}'.

2. Lewis Curtis.

716 V. Charles Fred b. Oct. 2, 1853, m.


at ^[arioD, Mich., Alice Green. 3 ch.

1. Edua.

2. Lucile.

3. Hazel.

717.VI. Wni. Wallace, m. at Howell,

Mich., Etta Bennett.
718. YII. Alice Aristeen, b. Maj^ 25, 1861,
d. in Jany., 1891. m. at Howell, Mich.,
Charles A. Pettibone. 1 ch.
1. Milton Wallace.

William (o) son of Judson and Elizabeth
(Whiting) Lewis was b. Stratford, Conn.,
Dec. 29, 1783, m. Dec. 24, 1812, at Madi-
son. X. Y., Atlanta, dan. Samuel and
Lucinda (Allen) Curtis. He lived for a
time on the "old homestead " on Stratford
street, Madison, N. Y., then kept "the
Hotel" at Solsville a few 3-ears, returning
to Stratford street to a farm adjoining the
homestead, where he died Feb. 11, 1869.
Atlanta died Feb. 21st, 1864. Both are
buried at Madison village.

(to be continued).


By John P. Lewis, Unionville, Conn.

Joseph Blackleach (408 v. p. 178, Vol.Y)
m. (1) Julia Shelton b. 1798 and d. in
Winsted, Conn. ; m. (2) Cordelia Ann
Cumming.'sb. 1803, d. 1878, Unionville,
C'onn. He d. in Nov. 1886, in Unionville,
Coun. 7 ch., 3 by each m.
413. L Frederick, b. in Oiiio.
719.11 Gideon Hall d. in Yirginia. Juliette d. VVin.sted. Conn.
721. IV. Julia b. AVinsted, 1834.
414. V. John P. 1). Winsted, 1836.
41"). VL JcaDDette b. Burlington, 1840.

722. VIL Emily b. Burlington. 1844.
Jolin P. (414) m. Frances M. North of

Wethersfield, Vt. 4 ch. b. Farmiugton,

723. L Jeannette M. b. 186.>.
724. IL Eleanor M. b. 1868.
725.nL George J. b. 1871.
726. IV. EdnaE. b. 1873.

Jeannette (415) m. Thomas Chidsey of
Avon. Conn. 1 ch. b.
727. 1. Emma.

Emily (722) m. Mark Stone of Burling-
ton, Conn. 4 ch. b. Farmington, Conn.
728.1. Edward.

729. IL Anna.

730. IIL John.
781. IV. Herbert.

Jeannette M (723) m. Arthur T. Brown
of Sag Harbor, N. Y. Ch. b. Sag Harbor,
N. Y.

732.1. Lewis Nathan b. 1891.
738.11. Almira Frances b. 1894.

Eleanor M. (724) m. Walter Woodruff of
Bristol, Conn. 1 ch. b. Bristol, Conn.
734.1. Ch. b. andd. 1890.

JOHN LEWIS, Westerly, R. I., 1661..


(Continued from p. 181, Vol. VL)

1898.11. Nettie Elvina b. in Verona, N. Y.,.
May 6, 1864, m. Mar. 8, 1884, in
DeWitt, Ark., by Edward Bowers,
J. P., Alfred Stillman Davis. They
now live at Fouke, Ark. 6 ch.

^699.1. Leon Everett b. Sept., '85, d. 1886.

2700.11. Edgar Stillman b. 1887.

2701. III. Carroll Edmond b. Mar. 27, 1889.

2702.1V. Velma Irene b. Jan. 19, 1891.

2703. V- Lewis Maxson b.Nov., 1893 d.

2704. VL Edab. Feb., 1895.

1899. III. Lena Maria b. in Redfield, N.
Y., July 15, 1866, m. Fred S. McCarty
Sept. 17, 1885, at DeWitt, Ark., by
EM. ]\1. Holt, noAv living at Pine-
BlulT, Ark. 4 ch.

2705.1. Charles Satterlee b. , 1886, d.

2706.11. IraZadellab. Aug., 1889.

2707. IIL Nonab. Sept., 1890.

2708. IV. Cliarles Lucia b. Sept. 29, 1892.

1900. 1\'. Virtue Irene b. at Adams Centre,
Oct. 25, 1873, m. Aug. 17, 1892, by
W. Honeywell, J. P., at DeWitt,
Ark., Warren B. Purdy. 2 ch.

2709.1. Jesse Cyrus b. June 9, 1893.

2710.11. Eva Lena, b. Jan. 15, 1896.


(Continued from p. 180, Vol. VL)


John K. (:2()C1) had cb.

I. Ann b. 1825, Feb. 17, m. Geo. S.

Searles, of N. Kingston, K. I.

II. Nelson b. 1829, Aug. 21, d. 1882, Aug.


III. John N. b. 1829, Aug. 21, d. 1851,
Nov. 25.

IV. Al/ada G. d. 1850, Mar. 1, m Wni.
B. Niles.

Y. Melissa M. b. 1835, Jan. 17, m. Noah

VI. Susan F. b. 1838, Jany. 13, m. San-
ford Bates.

VII. Henry H. b. 1841, Aug. 13.

Henry H. served in an Ohio regiment
and distinguished himself at Cold Harbor.

WILLIAM LEWIS, Farmington, Ct.


EzEKiEL Lewis.
(Continued from p. 182, Vol. VI.)

He was chosen constable in 1705, over-
seer of the poor in 1708 and 1709, and as-
sessor in 1718, — all of ■which he declined
to accept, but was an assessor in 1707. He
acted, however, on several important com-
mittees, and visited officially the public
schools. He was one of the selectmen of
Boston from 1724 to 1726 inclusive, and
was representative from 1728 to 1731 in-
clusive. In 1720 and 1721, he was one of
a committee to dravv up instructions for
the representatives, and was especially
prominent in those cases at law where citi-
zens encroached upon the town's rights.
He was elected a member of his Majesty's
council in 1731 and served to 1736; was
elected again in 1788 and served until 1741 ;
was re-elected in 1743, and was continued
as councillor from 1747 to 1752 inclusive.
He was appointed special justice of the
Superior Court, June 22, 1738, having
"been commissioned a justice of the peace,
Dec. 29, 1731.

One of the most pleasant duties, doubt-
less, was serving on the committee of Sept.
13, 1742, to draw up a vote of thanks to
Peter Faneuil, Esq.. for his generous gift

to the town, and then presenting the sapie
to Mr. Faneuil. Later, Sept. 17, lie was
one of the committee to receive, in behalf
of the town, and duly acknowledge in a
'vote of thanks," "His Majesty's Picture,
to be hung up in Faneuil Hall."

After a busy life, helpful in ))ublic in-
terests for more than half a century, he
died at Boston, Aug. 14, 1755, aged eighty

He was tirst sergeant of the Artillery
Company in 1708.

chapter xcviii.
By Rollin H. Cooke, Pittsfikld, Mass.

Record of ch. of Dr. Benjamin Lewis
(181 V p 181, Vol. VI.)

Bela (198) d. May 15, 1763, m. about

1745, Abigail . He probably m. (2)

May 15, 1760, Demaris Prindle, dau. of
Jonathan. The marriage is on Water,
bury, Ct., records. His father, Dr. Ben-
jamin, was administrator on his estate
and his widow, Demaris, m. (2) May 15,
1764, Oliver Terrill, ch. b. Wallingford,

937.1. Sarah b. Jan. 12 1748-7.
938.11. Joseph b. May 6, 1748.
989. III. Abigail.
940. IV. Ruth.
941. V. Naomi.

Elizabeth (199) and Cornelius Johnson
had 8 ch. b. Waterbury, Ct.
942.1. Aijad. Dec. 1751.
943.11. Elizabeth d, Sept. 1766.
944.III. Asab. June 24, 1754 d. 1758.
945. IV. Jesse b. July 27, 1756.

946. Y. .

947. VI. .

948. VIT. Cornelius b. Nov. 13, 1768 d.

949. VIII. Lyman b. Jan. 21. 1761.

Barnabas (201) m. (1) Mar. 10, 1752, Jer-
usha Doolittle, dau. of Ebenezer; m. (2)
Dec. 15, 1756, Deborah Brooks d. Water,
bury, Ct.,Feb. 11, 1759, dau. of Thomas

Brooks of Wallingford, Ct. TheFe mar-
riages are on the records of Waterbury.
According to History of Wallingford hem.
/3) Fob. 24, 1762, Rachel Curds, al-


though former marriages are not given.
6 ch. b. flrst 3 at Waterbury rest Walling-
ford, Ct., 2 by m. (1); 1 by m. (2) and 3
by m. (3).

950.1. son b. and d. June 7, 1758.
951.11. Benonib. Apr. SO, 1754.
952.111. David b. Apr. 29, 1757.

953. IV. Kftchel b. Mar. 20, 1768.

954. V. Levi b. Mar. 5, 1775.

955. VI. Merriam b. Feb. 14, 1777.

Jesse (202) estate was probated Feb. 8,

Caleb (203) was only 12 years old at
time of marriage given on p. 58 Vol. II,
which is on Wallingford records. Some
other Caleb Lewis m. iSIar. 13, 1748-9,
Lucy b. Dec. 12, 1722, dau. of Joseph and
Abigail (Curtis) Holt.

]\Iary (206) and Titus Doolittle had 8 ch.
b. Wallingford, Ct. They removed in
1811 to that part of Westfield now Rus-
ell, Mass.

956. T. John b. Jan., 1765, d. unm.
957.11. i:iizabeth b. 1767 ni. Abraham

Bradlf^v of Russell, Mass.
958.III. Titus m. ^Mary Tracy of Norwich,

959.IV. Mary b. 1769 m. Noble Fowler

of Southwick. Mass.

960. V. Joel b. 1774 m. Sarah P. Fitch.

961. VI. Amasa b. 1776 m. Mary Hitch
cock of Cheshire, Ct.

962. VII. Martha m. Solomon Gilette of

Cnlclicstcr, Ct.
963. V 111. .Mark in. (1) Betsey Matilda

Smith of West Haven, Vt.. m. (2)

Sarah T. Rubcrtcau of Newburyport,


37. L John.

38.11. Henry b. Aug. 27, 1803.

89. III. William.

40. IV. Richard.

41. V. Gradus.

42. VI. Sally.

43. VII. Hannah.

44. VIII. Frances.

Gradus (34) d. Feb. 28, 1828.

Henry (38) m. Sept. 26, 1832, Jane, dau,

of Daniel and Magdalene ( ) Allen.

He d. Mar. 14, 1879. 10 ch. b.
45.1. Cornelia A., b. Oct. 6, 1833.
46.11. Daniel Allen b. May 9, 1835.
47.111. Peter J. b. Nov. 26, 1836.
48.IV. George Etherington b. Oct. 1. 1838.
49. V. John Ostrander b. Apr. 14, 1841.
50. VI. Anna M. b. Feb. 24, 1843.
51.Vn. Sarah Jane b. Jan. 18. 1845.

52. VIII. Mary Ellen b. Dec. 5, 1846.

53. IX. Frances Catherine b. Oct. 28, 1848,

54. X. Abram Bloodgood b. Oct. 22. 1850,
[Peter J. Lewis (47) d. Jan. 10. 1892 at

Amsterdam, N. Y. It is hoped some
member of this family . will complete the
records of this part of the family Ed.]

Book XXI.


By I' J. Lkwip, Amsterdam, N. Y.
(Reprinted by request from p. 98 Vol. II.)

William (32 v p 183 Vol. VI,) d. Oct. 5,

Jacob (33) d. May 29, 1815, m. Cornelia,
dau. of Peter and Sally Bovee Ostrander.
8 ch. b.

chapter iv.
By Wm. Frisbie Lewis, Oakland, Cal,

AYilliam (32 v p 183, Vol. VI.) m. Mar.
jO. 1791, Frances Gunsaulus (or Consau-
lus or Gongales). 8 ch. b.

Magda]ena(36) m. Sebastion Gunsaulus
brother of Frances above.

Gradus (34) m. 1791 Angelica Gunsaul-
us, sister of Frances above. 6 ch. b.
55. I. John b. Dec. 5, 1798.
56.11. William b. Mar. 3, 1796.
57. III. Joseph b. June 12, 1802.
58. IV. Jacob b. Mar. 12, 1806.
59. V. James Ford b. May 24. 1808.
60.VL Lansing I), b. July 17, 1814.

chapter v.
By Hat{ky B. Lkwis, Brooklyn, N. Y,
Rachel Kip bapt. Nov. 26, 1699, m.
Feb. 16, 1720, Qerardus Lewis v p 183,
Vol. VI. Rachel had a broiLtr Isaac,
who m. Jan. 7. 1720, CoriH'lia, b. Nov. 9,.


1692 d. July 10. 1772, dau. of Leonard
and Elizabeth (llardenburg) Lewis. Are
these the parents of Gerard us?

Abraham (21) m. Aug. 18, 1759 ^larytje
bapt. June 1, 1735, dau. of Aart and He
becka Van Wagenen.

EDMUND LEWIS, Lynn, Mass., 1634.

chapter xvii.

By Geo. Harlan Lewis, N. Y. City.

From Essex Hist. Col. Vol. 6, p 156.

Hannah Lewis, (8 v p 8, Vol. HI) b.
Feb. 25, 1662. m. May 12, 1686, Edward
Fuller of Lynn and had eh. b. (Lynn
164.L John, b. Jan. 26, 1686-87, d. June

15, 1752.
165.IL Mary, b. Sept. 18, 1689.
166. HI. Rebeckah, b. Dec. 13, 1692.
167.IV. Edward, b. May 29, 1695.
168. V. Hannah b. June 24, 1698.
169. VL Nathaniel b. Jan. 5, 1700-1.
170. VII. Abigaile, b. April 6, 1703.
171. VIII. Joseph b. Sept. 24, 1707.
(From Essex Hist. Col. Vol. 7 p. 10.)

Thomas Lewis (9) and wife Mary hadch.
172.1. John b. Aug. 2, 1687.
173.11. Thomas b. Dec. 2, 1689. Mary b. Aug. 4, 1691.
175.IV. Rebecka b. March 18, 1693-4, d.

June II 1694.
176. V. Benjamin b. June 26, 1695.
177. VL Abigail b. Oct. 14, 1696.
178.VII. ^Joseph b. April 28, 1699.
179. VIII. Eunice b. Nov. 18, 1701.
180. IX. Benjamin b. Jan. 16, 1703-4.
181.x. Ruth b. Jan. 18, 1705-6.

Thomas (9) was a yeoman and died be-
fore May 4, 1714.

(to be continued.)

Book XXXV.
ROBERT LEWIS, Gloucester Co., Va.

chapter i.xvii.
By John Calvin Lewis, Louisville, Ky.
Mary Starling Payne.
Another talented and worthy descend-

ant of the Warner Hall (Gen. Robt.) Lew-
is family is gone. Mrs. Mary Starling
Payne died at her home near Hopkinsville,
^ Ky., on April 29th. She was a daughter
of the late Judge Starling, and grand dau-
ghter of John Lewis, the eldest son of Col-
onel Fielding Lewis, by his first wife,
Catharine Washington.

Mrs. Payne was a Daughter of the Revo-
lution and an honorary member of the Ken-
tucky Sons of the Revolution at Louis-

Devoted to her Lewis blood, she had for
nearly twenty years been engaged in writ-
ing upon the subject nearest her heart,
the genealogy of the Lewis family branch
of which she was a lineal descendant,
hoping to some day reduce the fruits of
her labors to history. Mary Starling
Payne was a noble woman, endowed with
good memory and ability, and will be
missed by her numerous kindred and ad-

Hopkinsville, Ky.. Mav 2.— (Special.)
— Mrs. Mary Starling Payne, widely
known tlirouKh this section of the State,
died at her home, near tliis city, yester-
day, after a lingering illness of cancer,
aged sixty-five years. She was a daugh-
ter of the late Col. Samuel M. Starling,
a prominent ofl3cer in the Federal army.
She was married nearly half a century
ago to William R. Payne on his death-bed,
and never married again.

Mrs. Mary Starling Payne died sudden-
ly Friday morning May 1st. She was a
lady of unusual intelligence and was lov-
ed and admired by a large circle of friends
for her many excellent traits of character.

[Of all our fellow workers who have
during the past year ceased from their
labors and gone to their reward — and they
are many — the loss of none will be more
keenly felt than that of Mrs. Mary Star-
ling Payne. Valuable as have been her
contributions to the pages of Lewisiana,
still more helpful has she been in her let-
ters with suggestions and advice by


means of which records have been coriect-
,ed, new dates obtained, new friends gained
for the cause in which she was so much
interested. It is to be sincerely hoped
that her death will not deprive readers of
Lewisiana from enjoying the results of
her work in Lewis genealogy. — Ed.]

JOHN LEWIS, Maiden, Mass.
ciiapteh ix.
By Rollin H. Cooke, Pittsfield, Mass.
In line 20 of Chapter 2 (v p 9, Vol. IV)
should read "Samuel Penfield, who mar-
ried Mary Lewis, Joseph Babcock, who
married Sarah Lewis, ete."

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