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the several counties and transmit the same to the chairman of the
State Convention.

Sec. 34. In all conventions a nomination may be made by any
majority, even though it be a fraction of a vote.

Sec. 35. In all State Conventions it shall be the duty of the dele-
gates from the several counties to choose one of their number
chairman, whose name shall be reported to the president of such
convention, and whose duty it shall be to cast the vote of his
county as directed, and the vote as announced by him shall be re-
corded unless some delegate from that county shall challenge its
accuracy, in which event it shall be the duty of the president of
the convention to cause the roll of delegates from that county to
be called, when the vote of such county shall be tabulated and
recorded according to the response of its delegates; but in no event
shall the vote of one county be challenged by a delegate from
another county.

Rotation of State Senators in Districts Composed of More
Than One County

Sec. 36. That in all State Senatorial Districts composed of more
than one county, in which it has been the custom to concede the
right to nominate a senator to one county of the district, by a plan

Plan of Organization 149

of rotation or otherwise, and in which such plan was followed in
the Primary Election of 1936, the same shall remain in full force
and effect until terminated as herein provided.

The executive committees of the several counties composing such
Senatorial District may hereafter adopt a plan for the nomination
of candidates foi- the State Senate by one or more counties com-
posing- such district, but such plan shall not be effective until the
executive committee of each of the counties composing the district
shall, by a majority vote, approve such plan and file with the
chairman of the State Executive Committee a copy of the resolu-
tion approving the same. The agreement in any senatorial district
composed of only two counties may be terminated by a majority
vote of the county executive committee of any one of the counties
and in districts of more than two counties by a majority vote of
each of the executive committees of at least two counties, provided
that notice of the termination of such agreement must be filed
with the chairman of the State Executive Committee at least 120
days in advance of the date of the primary election at which the
candidates for the General Assembly are to be nominated. The
chairman of the State Executive Committee shall promptly notify
the State Board of Elections of all such agreements and of the
termination thereof.

Nomination of Candidates for County and Township Offices and
for the General Assembly in Counties Not Under Primary Law

Sec. 37. In all counties in which the selection of candidates for
members of the General Assembly and county and township offices
is not provided for by the primary law, nominations shall be made
in the following manner:

(a) The county democratic executive committee shall meet and
set a time and place for holding a county convention for the nomi-
nation of candidates for the aforesaid offices, and shall also set the
time and places for holding the necessary preliminary precinct
meetings, and thereupon the chairman of the county executive com-
mittee shall issue a call for the precinct meetings and the county
convention, notice of which call shall be sent to the precinct officials
and published in such manner and form as shall be directed by
the said county executive committee.

150 North Carolina Manual

(b) At the meeting- held in each precinct in pursuance of said
notice, delegates and alternates to represent it in the county con-
vention shall be elected from the body of the Democratic voters of
the precinct; and said delegates or alternates, or such of them as
shall attend the county convention shall be entitled to vote the full
Democratic strength of their precinct in the nomination of candi-
dates and upon all questions which may come before said county

If there is a failure to hold a precinct meeting in pursuance of
said notice, or if said meeting shall fail to elect delegates to rep-
resent it in said convention, the precinct executive committee shall
appoint delegates and alternates from the Democratic voters of
the precinct.

(c) Each precinct shall be entitled to cast in the county con-
vention one vote for every 25 Democratic votes, and one vote for
fractions over 12 Democratic votes cast by the precinct for Gov-
ernor at the last preceding gubernatorial election: provided that
every precinct shall be entitled to cast at least one vote in the
county convention, and each precinct may appoint as many dele-
gates to said convention as it may see fit, not exceeding three dele-
gates and three alternates for each vote to which said precinct
may be entitled in the county convention.

(d) The precinct meetings shall be presided over by the chair-
man of the precinct committee, but in his absence, the vice chair-
man of the committee shall preside, and in the absence of both the
chairman and vice chairman, any member of the committee may

(e) The county executive committee shall have power to make
any rules with regard to holding precinct meetings which it may
deem proper, not inconsistent with the rules prescribed in this
plan; it shall be the duty of said committee to prepare and furnish
all forms and blanks needed in making the returns from said pre-
cinct meetings, and any reported challenges and appeals therefrom.

Appointment of Democratic Members of County Board

of Elections

Sec. 38. The chairman of the Democratic Executive Committee
in each county shall, before submitting to the State Chairman rec-

Plan of Organization 151

ommendations as to Democratic members of the county Board of
Elections in such county, call a meeting- of the democratic execu-
tive committee of the county and submit such recommendations for
the approval of the executive committee, and only when such
recommendations are approved by a majority of the committee
present, shall same be submitted to the State Chairman by the
county chairman. The time of such meeting- of the respective
county executive committees for the purpose of passing on such
recommendations shall be fixed by the State Chairman.

Miscellaneous Provisions

Sec. 39. In the several counties of the State where primaries
are provided for by law, whether optional or mandatory, this plan
of organization shall nevertheless be followed in all matters not
inconsistent with such laws.

Sec. 40. In the nomination of candidates for municipal offices to
be voted for in any town or city election, where the same is not
controlled by charter or legislative enactment, a municipal demo-
cratic executive committee may be created for the purpose of
facilitating the orderly selection of such candidates. The commit-
tee shall be composed of five residents of the municipality, at least
two of whom shall be women, to be elected biennially at a meet-
ing of all members of the regular precinct executive committee or
committees who reside in the municipality, the meeting to be called
and presided over by the chairman of the county democratic execu-
tive committee. It shall be the sole function of any municipal
democratic executive committee created under the provisions of
this section to supervise and direct the selection of candidates for
municipal offices, and in so doing, the committee shall follow in
principle the procedure set out in Section 37 hereof, and to that
end, the committee may formulate such rules and regulations as
may be deemed necessary, practicable, and fair in applying in
principle the procedure set out in said Section 37. The committee
shall elect from its membership a chairman and vice chairman, one
of whom shall be a woman ; and all vacancies in membership shall
be filled by the committee.

152 North Carolina Manual

Filling Vacancies Among Candidates and Selecting Candidates

in Special Elections

Sec. 41. In the event any person nominated as a candidate of
the democratic party for a state office shall die, resign, or for any
reason become ineligible or disqualified between the date of nomi-
nation and the ensuing general election, the vacancy caused there-
by shall be filled by the action of the state executive committee;
in the event of such vacancy in the case of a district office (except
in a state senatorial district opei'ating under a rotation agree-
ment which concedes the candidate for senator or one of the can-
didates for senator to one county), the vacancy shall be filled by
the action of the executive committee for such district; and in the
event of such vacancy in the case of a county office, or the house
of representatives, or the state senate in a district composed either
of only one county or of two or more counties operating under a
rotation agreement which concedes the candidate for senator or
any one of the candidates for senator to one county, in either of
said events, the vacancy shall be filled by action of the county
executive committee of the county wherein such vacancy occurs;
provided, that should a vacancy occur in any office after a nomina-
tion has been made, or if a special election shall be ordered to fill
a vacancy either in the Congress of the United States or in the
General Assembly of North Carolina, in any or either of said event
or events, a nomination shall be made by the appropriate com-
mittee in like manner as hereinbefore provided. Any nomination
made under the provisions of this section shall be certified imme-
diately by the chairman and secretary of the nominating com-
mittee to the board or boards of elections, State or county, having
the responsibility of printing and distributing the ballots on which
the name of the nominee shall appear.

Sec. 42. The right of appeal shall lie from any subordinate
committee or convention to the committee or convention next
superior thereto, and in all county or state conventions appeals
shall be first referred to the committee on Credentials and Appeals,
or a special committee provided by the convention, and the find-
ings and reports of such committee had before action thereon by
the convention.

Sec. 43. It shall be the duty of the county executive committees
and their chaijrmen to make such reports and furnish such infor^

Plan of Organization 153

mation to the chairman of the State Democratic Executive Com-
mittee and chairman of the several district committees as the said
State and district chairmen may desire.

Amendments to Plan of Organization

Sec. 44. The State Democratic Executive Committee shall, by
a majority vote of the full committee, have power to amend this
plan of org'anization.

The foregoing' is the plan of organization of the Democratic
party of North Carolina as adopted by the State Democratic Ex-
ecutive Committee, at a meeting held in the City of Raleigh on the
5th day of March, 1918, together with all amendments thereto up
to and including a special meeting of said committee held in the
City of Raleigh on August 28, 1946.




(From list furnished by Secretary, State Democratic
Executive Committee)

State Democratic Executive Committee



Chairman Capus Waynick

Vice-chairman Mrs. D. A. McCormick

Secretary Victor S. Bryant

First District

geaufort S. M. Blount Washington

Beaufort Elizabeth Warren Washington

Camden Mrs. Annie Forbes Shawboro

Chowan Cam Byrum Edenton

Currituck Mrs. Dudley Bagley '..'.'. Moyock

Dare Bruce Etheridge Raleigh

Gates A. P. Godwin, Jr Gatesville

Hertford D. C. Barnes Murfreesboro

Hyde Mrs. S. M. Gibbs Swan Quarter

Martin Hugh Horton Williamston

Martin Mrs. E. S. Peele Williamston

Pasquotank John H. Hall Elizabeth City

Pasquotank Mrs. Irving Midgette Elizabeth City

Perquimans Mrs. Jack Kanov Hertford

Pitt Mrs. W. I. Bissette Grifton

Pitt Dr. Paul Jones Farmville

Tyrrell Mrs. Earl Cohoon Columbia

Washington Carl Bailey Plymouth

Second District

Halifax A. L. Hux Halifax

Halifax Mrs. Lois Grumpier Halifax

Halifax Eric W. Rodgers Halifax

Greene Maynard Hicks Snow Hill

Greene Mrs. E. A. Rasberrv Snow Hill

Bertie W. V. Hoggard Aulander

Bertie Mrs. C. W. Beasley Colerain

Northampton Hinton L. Joyner Jackson

Northampton Mrs. Sallie Parker Jackson

Lenoir Merriwether Lewis Kinston

Lenoir Mrs. Verde Noble Kinston

Edgecombe Henry C. Bourne Tarboro

Edgecombe Mrs. Sallie Shore Rocky Mount

Warren John Kerr, Jr Warrenton

Warren Mrs. W. D. Rodgers Warrenton

Wilson T. Boddie Ward Wilson

Wilson Mrs. W. A. Lucas Wilson

Wilson Mitchell Ferris Wilson

Third District

Carteret M. Leslie Davis Beaufort

Carteret Mrs. Clayton Fulcher, Sr Morehead City

Craven Rurrell Hardison Rt. 1, New Bern


State Committees, Democratic 155

Craven Miss Leonora Carawan New Bern

Duplin R. D. Johnson Warsaw

Duplin Mrs. Guy Gooding Kenansville

Jones W. M. WTiitaker Trenton

Jones Mrs. John D. Larkins. Jr Trenton

Onslow John D. Warlick Jacksonville

Onslow Mrs. Catherine Venters Jacksonville

Pamlico T. B. Woodard Bayboro

Pamlico Mrs. E. R. Godwin Oriental

Pender Clifton L. Moore Burgaw

Pender Mrs. Vivian Whitfield Burgaw

Sampson A. McL. Graham Clinton

Sampson Mrs. N. L. Vann Clinton

Wayne Faison Thompson Goldsboro

Wayne Mrs. Hugh Dortch Goldsboro

Fourth District

Wake L. S. Brassfield Raleigh

Wake Sherwood Brockwell Raleigh

Wake Mrs. William Hatch Raleigh

Wake Mrs. E. L. Shearon Cary

Johnston Mrs. R. E. Earp Selma

Johnston Mrs. Norman Johnson Selma

Johnston W. H. Creech Smithfield

Nash O. B. Moss Spring Hope

Nash Miss Bessie Bunn Rocky Moimt

Nash Ben H. Neville Whitakers

Franklin E. F. Griffin Louisburg

Franklin Mrs. J. W. Mann Louisburg

Chatham Walter D. Siler Siler City

Chatham Mrs. Margaret Sharpe Chapel Hi'l, St. Rt.

Vance J. C. Cooper Henderson

Vance Mrs. B. A. Scott Henderson

Randolph E. D. Cranford Asheboro

Randolph Miss Blanche Miller Asheboro

Fifth District

Stokes S. P. Christian Danbury

Stokes Mariorie Pepper Danbury

Surry William M. Allen Elkin

Surry Mrs. J. Raymond Smith Mt. Airy

Surry J. Pate Fulk Pilot Mountain

Rockingham J. M. Sharpe ReidsviUe

Rockingham George Hunt ReidsviUe

Pockintrham Mrs. J. D. Smith ReidsviUe

Granville Mrs. D. G. Brummitt Oxford

Granville O. G. Clayton Stem

Granville N. E. Cannadv Oxford

Person Claude T. Hall Woodsdale

Person F. D. I^ong Roxboro

Forsyth Mrs. Eunice Avers Winston-Salem

Forsyth Mrs. D. M. Winecnff Winston-Salem

Forsyth Robert W. Gorrell Winston-Salem

Caswell Mrs. Mamie Carter Rt. 4, Danville, Va.

Caswell John O. Gunn Yancejrville

Sixth District

Orange Mrs. R. P. McClamrock Chapel Hill

Orange R. O. Forrest Hillsboro

Orange O. S. Robertson Hillsboro

Alamance H. J. Rhodes Burlington

Alamance A. M. Carroll Burlington

Alamance Mrs. John Vernon Burlington

Alamance E. T. Saunders Burlington

156 North Carolina Manual

Durham R. H. Sykes Durham

Durham Percy Reed Durham

Durham Mrs. E. S. Swindell Durham

Durham E. C. Brooks^ Jr Durham

Durham S. E. Rlane Durham

Guilford P. C. Rucker Greensboro

Guilford Mrs. H. C. Yarborough Greensboro

Guilford Geo. C. Hampton Greensboro

Guilford Mrs. Marion L. Keith Greensboro

Guilford Mrs. Lynn Hunt Pleasant Garden

Guilford H. A. Wood Jamestown

Seventh Di.strict

Bladen J. A. Bridger Bladenboro

Bladen Mrs. George Curry Clarkton

Bladen C. L. Braddy Council

Brunswick R. O. Lewis Shallotte

Brunswick Mrs. G. C. McKeithan Shallotte

Brunswick Mrs. Rossie Holmes Leland

Columbus W. A. Thompson Hallsboro

Columbus Mrs. J. K. Powell Whiteville

Columbus A . W. Williamson Cerro Gordo

Cumberland Wilbur Clark Fayetteville

Cumberland Mrs. J. M. Pringle Fayetteville

Cumberland Mrs. J. D. Devane Fayetteville

Harnett Duncan C. Wilson Dunn

Harnett Mrs. W. E. Nichols Coats

New Hanover R. M. Kermon Wilmington

New Hanover Mrs. Thomas Gause Wilmington

Robeson F. L. Adams Rowland

Robeson Mrs. Tasca T. Meakin Rennert

Eighth District

Anson James Hardison Wadesboro

Anson Mrs. Heath Philfer Marshville

Davidson Carlos Kennedy Thomasville

Davie George H. Schutt Mocksville

Hoke laurie McEacharn Raeford

Lee W. R. Williams Sanford

Lee Mae Oliver Sanford

Montgomery George MjAuley Mt. Gilead

Moore Paul Butler Southern Pines

Moore Mrs. Paul McCain Southern Pines

Moore Miss Helen Fields Pinehurst

Richmond Vance McGirt Hamlet

Scotland W. G. Shaw Wagram

Union J. B. Simnsnn Monroe

Wilkes C. C. Falls. Sr N. Wilkesboro

Wilkes Miss Zell Harris Roaring River

Yadkin E. H. Poindexter Cana

Scotland Mrs. M. G. McGuire Laurinburg

Ninth District

Alexander J. C. Fortner Taylorsville

Alexander Mrs. R. E. Curren Taylorsville

Alleghany R. F. Crous» Sparta

Alleghany Mrs. Edna Thompson Sparta

Ashe Ira Johnston Jefferson

Ashe Mrs. Elizjibeth Hensley W. Jefferson

Cabarrus G. C. Mau'dei Kannapolis

Cabarrus Mrs. W. M. Sherrill Concord

Caldwell V. D. Guire Lenoir

Caldwell Mrs. J. C. Spencer Lenoir

Iredell C. D. Stevenson Statesville

State Committees, Democratic 157

Iredell Mrs. Eleanor Armour Statesville

Rowan H. Nelson Woodson Salisbury

Rowan Mrs. Ed L. Kitchie Spencer

Stanly W. E. Smith Albemarle

Stanly Mrs. D. W. Bennett Norwood

Watauga Dr. H. B. Perry Boone

Watauga Mrs. Bessie M. Edmiston Sugar Grove

Tenth District

Avery R. T. Lewis Minneapolis

Avery Mrs. Hope B. Teaster Minneapolis

Burke A. B. Stoney Morganton

Burke W. C. Hudson Morganton

Burke Mrs. Yates Palmer Valdese

Catawba L. A. Mullinax, Jr Newton

Catawba Mrs. Mack Bowman Hickory

Catawba Mrs. Y. W. Mann Newton

Lincoln M. T. Leatherman Lincolnton

Lincoln Mrs. Ranson Killian Lincolnton

Mecklenburg Mrs. Joe Irvin Charlotte

Mecklenburg James J. Harris Charlotte

Mecklenburg Tom W. Bird Charlotte

Mecklenburg James B. Whittington Charlotte

Mecklenburg Mrs. W. G. Craven Charlotte

Mecklenburg Mrs. R. L. Sing Charlotte

Mitjhell Nathan H. Yelton Bakersville

M it -hell Mrs. R. T. Dent Spruce Pine

Eleventh District

Gaston B. B. Gardner Gastonia

Gaston Sarah Mason White Gastonia

Cleveland O. M. Mull Shelby

Cleveland Ralph Gardner Shelby

Clevf land Clyde Nolan Shelby

Rutherford Earl Yelton Spindale

Rutherford J. Harvey Carpenter Rutherfordton

Rutherford Mrs. Robt. C. Hawkins CliflFside

McDowell Hugh Beam Marion

McDowell Robt. Proctor Marion

McDowell Mrs. John Poteat Marion

Polk C. P. Rogers Tryon

Polk Mrs. Eugenia Wol 'ott Tryon

Yancey Mrs. Chas. Hutchins Burnsville

Yancey C. P. Randoljih Burnsville

Madison Zeno Ponder Marshall

Madison Mrs. J. Clyde Brown Mars Hill

Twelfth District

Buncombe Weldon Weir Asheville

Buncombe Mrs. Ruth Goodson Asheville

Buncombe Don S. Elias Asheville

Cherokee Mrs. J. N. Moody Murphy

Clay C. L. Davis Hayesville

Graham Mrs. Vivian Chambers Robbinsville

Haywood O. L. Yates Waynesville

Haywood Mrs. Jack West Clyde

Henderson H. E. Buchannan Hendersonville

Henderson Mrs. Lucille Allen Hendersonville

Jackson Miss Jane Coward Sylva

Jackson Dan K. Moore Sylva

Macon Mrs. George Patton Franklin

Macon James L. Houser Franklin

Swain I. B. Jenkins Bryson City

158 North Carolina Manual

Swain E. B. Whitaker Bryson City

Transylvania J. S. Silverstein Brevard

Transylvania Mrs. Geo. Massey Brevard


President, Yoiingr Democratic

Clubs of N. C Clifton Blue Aberdeen

National Committeeman Jonathan Daniels Raleigh

National Committeewoman .... Miss Beatrice Cobb Morganton

State Committees, Democratic 159

State Democratic Congressional District

Executive Committee


First District

Beaufort Malcolm Paul Washington

Beaufort Adelaide Mayo Washington

Camden W. I. Halstead South Mills

Camden Mrs. P. P. Gregory Shawboro

Currituck J. J- Ward Knotts Island

Currituck D. W. Bagley Moyock

Chowan R. D. Dixon Edenton

Chowan E. N. Elliott Tyner

Dare Roy Davis Manteo

Dare A. B. Hooper Stumpy Point

Gates E. C. Hand Gatesville

Gates R. E. Miller Gates

Hertford W. L. Daniels Winton

Hertford R. H. Underwood Murfreesboro

Hyde M. A. Matthews Englehard

Hyde J. H. Swindell Swan Quarter

Martin A. E. James Robersonville

Martin Clarence Griffin Williamston

Pasquotank J. B. Flora Elizabeth City

Pasquotank L. W. Midgette Elizabeth City

Perquimans Emmett Winslow Hertford

Perquimans W. W. White, Jr Hertford

Pitt W. I. Bissette Griffon

Pitt Jack Edwards Greenville

Tyrrell R. L. Spencer Columbia

Tvrrell Sarah Taft Columbia

Washington Harry P. Barnes Cherry

Washington W. R. Hampton Plymouth

Second District

Bertie W. S. Pritchard Windsor

Bertie Mrs. L. D. Perry Colerain

Edgecombe Robert Corbett Macclesfield

Edgecombe Millard Jones Rocky Mount

Greene Mark C. Lassiter Snow Hill

Greene R. A. Mewborn Snow Hill

Halifax M. S. Benton Roanoke Rapids

Halifax Mrs. Clifton Moss Ringwood

Lenoir Thomas Mewborn Kinston

Lenoir W. C. Boone Kinston

Northampton Edgar Martin Conway

Northampton Eric Norfleet Jackson

Warren R. W. Thornton Littleton

Warren W. E. Turner Henderson, Rt. 2

Wilson W. M. Harrell Wilson

Wilson Larry I. Moore Wilson

Third District

Carteret William H. Bell Newport

Craven J- E. Witherington Vanceboro

Duplin A. C. Hall Wallace

Jones John D. Larkins, Jr Trenton

Onslow E. W. Summersill Jacksonville

Pamlico '. J- C. Wiley Grantsboro

Pender Roy Rowe Burgaw

Sampson William G. King Clinton

Wavne Robert Holmes Mount Olive

160 North Carolina Manual

Fourth District

Chatham V. R. Johnson Pittsboro

Chatham Mrs. Eleanor Farrell Pittsboro

Franklin Chas. P. Greene Louisburg

Franklin E. F. Griffin Louisburg

■Johnston Roy Atkinson Clayton

Johnston J. A. Wellons, Jr Smithfield

Nash J. Henry Vaughan Elm City

Nash L T. Valentine Nashville

Randolph J. H. Wylie Asheboro

Randolph R. W. Wood Asheboro

Vance Fred S. Royster Henderson

Vance W. W. White Manson

Wake John Anderson Raleigh

Wake Banks Arendell Raleigh

Fifth District

Caswell W.C.Taylor Blanch

Caswell Junius White Ruffin

Forsyth Paul A. Bennett Winston-Salem

Forsyth Joe L. Carlton Winston-Salem

Granville I.E. Harris Creedmoor

Granville B. S. Royster, Jr Oxford

Person J. S. Merritt Roxboro

Person Jerry L. Hester Roxboro

Rockingham J. Hoyte Stultz Leaksville

Rockingham Roy Blalock Reidsville

Stokes John Taylor Danbury

Stokes J. G. H. Mitchell Walnut Cove

Surry J. M. Cooper Eikin

Surry A. P. Fulk Pilot Mountain

Sixth District

Alamance Duke Parrish Saxapahaw

Alamance M. M. Gerringer Burlington

Alamance E. R. Hanford Rt. 5, Burlington

Durham Harvey Harward Durham

Durham Bill GilliEm Durham

Durham J. S. Stewart Durham

Guilford L. P. McLendon Greensboro

Guilford W. T. Powell High Point

Guilford D. L. Webster Greensboro

Orange O. J. Coffin Chapel Hill

Orange Mrs. W. A. White Chapel Hill

Orange J. D. Eskridge Hillsboro

Seventh District

Bladen D. McL. Shaw Ivanhoe

Bladen John R. Davis Rt. 5, Fayetteville

Brunswick C. C. Hewett Shallotte

Brunswick Mrs. Sam J Frink Shallotte

Columbus Elmo Powell Whiteville

Columbus Horace Shaw Whiteville

Cumberland James McRae Fayetteville

Cumberland D. P. Russ. Jr Fayetteville

Harnett Earl Westbrook Dunn

Harnett Mrs. Eugene Lassiter Rt. 1, Erwin

New Hanover Fred D. Poission Wilmington

New Hanover Aaron Goldberg Wilmington

Robeson Grady Harrell Shannon

Robeson Mrs. David Townsend Rowland

Eighth District

Anson F. E. Liles Wadesboro

Anson J. A. Leach Wadesboro

State Committees, Democratic 161

Davidson P. B. Critcher Lexington

Davidson Paul Wilson Lexington

Davie Jacob Stewart Mocksville

Davie J. H. Eid;;on Moeksvjlle

Hoke Ryan McBiyde Raeford

Hoke Mrs. Tom Sinclair Raeford

Lee J. G. Edvifards Sanford

Lee Max McLeod Sanford

Montgomery W.J. Batten Troy

Montgomery Dr. W. T. Harris Troy

Moore H. Clifton Blue Aberdeen

Moore Clyde Auman West End

Richmond I. S. London Rockingham

Richmond John Pittman Rockingham

Scotland George McLeod Johns

Scotland Peter D. Jones Laurinburg

Union R. P. Steagall Monroe

Union Miss Edith Marsh Monroe

Wilkes C. B. Eller N. Wilkesboro

Wilkes Carl Buchan N. Wilkesboro

Yadkin J. W. Hudspeth Yadkinville

Yadkin E. H. Barnard Yadkinville

Ninth District

Alexander Harry Miller Stony Point

Alexander Mrs. J. C. Connolly Taylorsville

Alleghany W. F. Osborne Sparta

Alleghany Robert G. Randolph Sparta

Ashe , W. E. Vannoy West Jefferson

Ashe W. D. McMillan West Jefferson

Cabarrus D. Ray McEachern Concord

Cabarrus Dr. J. O. Nolan Kannapolis

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