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puppets of an economic autocracy. The concentration of personal
power in the hands of one man or group of men which has been
accomplished during recent years is destructive of democracy. We,
therefore, favor the submissions of an amendment to the Federal
Constitution limiting presidential tenure to one term of six years,
without the right of succession, and that retiring Presidents shall
become members-at-large for life of the United States Senate with
all the privileges and emoluments of that office.

In short, we demand a recurrence to fundamental principles of
American democracy. Unless we renew the teachings and prac-
tices of democracy ourselves, we can not hope to persuade other
Nations to accept our faith.

The Republican party pledges to the people a rebirth of Ameri-
can liberty, individual initiative, and free enterprise, that Amer-
ica may be strong and sound within, and continue to be the light
and hope of the freedom loving people of the world.

State Affairs

For forty-eight years the Democratic Party has held complete
control of the government of North Carolina. It has sought and
assumed entire responsibility for the social, educational, physical,
and moral welfare of the people of this State. Where do we stand
among the 48 States after these many years of control and man-
agement by Democratic Politicians? Let us take stock.

In the matter of health North Carolina ranks 42nd among the
States in the number of hospital beds per 1,000 population. We
have thirty-four counties with no hospital facilities, and 82 coun-


State Sen

al Districts


178 North Carolina Manual

ties with inadequate hospital facilities. Our State ranks 45th in
the number of Doctors. And North Carolina holds the appalling
record of having led the Nation in the percentage of our men re-
jected as physically unfit for military service. One-half of the
whites and 70 per cent of the negroes having been rejected.

A generation ago the Democratic machine entered an unholy
alliance with the enemies of public education to retard the develop-
ment of State Institutions of higher learning. Since that time it
has shown an indifference to educational advancement in North
Carolina. The Democratic Party resisted for 30 years our demand
for "a general and uniform system of public schools" supported
by the State. As a result, in matters of education North Carolina
ranks 40th among the States.

Insane persons, orphans, and delinquents are the wards of a
Christian state. The Democratic Party has grossly neglected the
care and maintenance of these unfortunate persons, and has failed
to provide for them adequate facilities and sufficient competent

The Democratic machine of Noi-th Carolina has shown con-
tempt for moral principles by imposing upon the people of this
State an unjust and iniquitous election law consciously designed
to encourage fraudulent and corrupt practices in order that the
will of the machine might always prevail and the citizen deprived
of the greatest privileges of democracy — a free voice in his gov-
ernment. Recent election scandals and thievery have been shielded
by the Democratic machine. The Democratic Party has also denied
the people of this State the democratic right of a state-wide refer-
endum upon the manufacture and sale of intoxicating liquors.

The Republican Party of North Carolina, if permitted to serve
the people, pledges to effect the following reforms:

Eliminate all useless departments of State governments and
consolidate all over-lapping functions.

Reduce the number of State employees to the bare essentials
of efficient administration.

The Democratic machine procured the passage of the Sales Tax
as an emergency measure in 1933, and promised its early repeal.
The time for its repeal is now long over-due. The Republican
Party is opposed to the sales tax in principle and practice. We
advocate its out-right repeal.

Republican Platform 179

Lower income and property taxes on the individual so as to
raise no more than necessary to maintain an economical govei'n-
ment, and to discharge the responsibilities of an enlightened State.

Revise the capital and corporate tax rates so as to remove our
present disadvantage in competing with other States and so that
North Carolina may encourage the expansion of old and the
establishment of new industries.

Increase exemption for income tax to $2,500.00 for married
persons, with an additional $400 for each dependent. Give full de-
duction for hospital and doctor bills, and a deduction up to $500
a year for the educational expenses of each dependent over 18
years of age.

Provide adequate facilities for training more doctors, State aid
for building and maintaining rural hospitals, create public health
centers where necessary, promote preventive medicine, and en-
courage better health training in schools. These things protect
the mother and infant at child birth, reduce infant mortality, pro-
duce stronger minds and bodies during a longer life, and thus pro-
mote the welfare of the State and all its citizens.

State construction and maintenance of public school buildings,
allocating the money in accordance with population, in order to
fully provide the general system of public schools required by the
Constitution of North Carolina.

Provide better teaching personnel in the schools and a substan-
tial increase in teachers' pay, based upon ability and experience
under the supervision of a non-partisan merit system.

We advocate that disability benefits under the Workmen's Com-
pensation Act be increased commensurate with the advance in cost
of living.

We condemn the operation of unsound school buses on unsafe
roads by inexperienced drivers.

Provide adequate facilities and competent care for the insane,
orphans, and delinquents.

Place the construction, improvement and maintenance of farm
to market roads first in our State Highway System, with adequate
expansion and maintenance of our primary Highways.

An honest and uniform election law applying to primaries and
general elections alike; out-right repeal of the absentee ballot,
except for citizens in the armed forces, and a bi-partisan State

180 North Carolina Manual

Board of Elections required to investigate and prosecute all viola-
tions of the election law.

The rank and file of the Republican party believe in sobriety and
temperance, as well as democratic processes. We oppose the man-
ufacture and sale of intoxicating liquors in this State unless a
majority of the people shall approve in a state-wide referendum.

We realize and accept our obligations to the veterans of all
wars. It is the determined policy of the Republican Party that
the needs of our service men and women shall be fully recognized
by the State. Veterans services are now inadequate. Such services
should be extended to every county and to the larger cities so that
they may be available to the veterans at all times. The National
government must be ever mindful of the disabled veteran, and the
orphans and widows of those who gave their life for their coun-
try, that they shall have adequate aid to maintain proper stand-
ards of living.

The American People are demanding at this hour that the gov-
ernment of foreign countries recognize their minority parties and
give them representation in their government in accordance with
the American concept of democracy. The Republican Party sug-
gests that we practice in our State the democracy which we so
fervently preach. We demand a non-partisan Judiciary in North
Carolina, and that Superior Court Judges be elected by the voters
of their respective judicial districts, and that the minority party
be accorded representation on the Supreme Court, the School and
Highway Commissions, and all other departments of government
proportionate to its vote.

These are our pledges to the people of this State. These are
some of our hopes and aspirations for North Carolina. Let us
view these things not as Republicans or Democrats, but as Ameri-
cans and as North Carolinians. Let us vote our convictions. Let
us rise above party labels.

We invite all citizens of every party and political creed to join
hands with us in this declaration of principles and profession of
faith in the ultimate triumph of good government for the people
of North Carolina and of America.


Adopted in Convention, April 10, 1946, at Winston-Salem


The Precinct as a Unit

The unit of party action shall be the election precinct. In every
precinct in each general election year there shall be selected in
mass-meeting in every precinct in the state a Precinct Committee
of five or more voters, one of whom shall be designated as Chair-
man, one as Vice-Chairman, who shall be a woman, and one as
Secretary. The members and officers of the precinct committee
shall hold their places for two years from the date of election,
and until their successors are chosen. The chaii'man of the County
Committee shall designate the time and place of holding precinct
meetings after ten days notice thereof. Precinct Meetings shall
elect one delegate and one alternate to the County Convention for
each fifty votes or fraction thereof cast for the Republican candi-
date for Governor at the last election. Other Precinct Meetings
may be called and held at such times and places as will be desig-
nated by the chairman of the Precinct Committee, after first giv-
ing ten days' notice of such meeting. In the event any Chairman of
any Precinct fails to act, then the Chairman of the County Com-
mittee shall appoint some one in his or her place.

County Conventions and County Committees

1. A County Convention shall be called in each general election
year by the Chairman of the County Committee, who shall desig-
nate the time and place for holding same, after giving ten days'
notice thereof, and the delegates and alternates elected at the
precinct meetings, shall sit as delegates and alternates in the
County Convention. The County Convention shall choose a Chair-
man, and a Vice-Chairman, who shall be a woman, and other of-
ficers, all of whom shall be qualified voters in the county. A


182 North Carolina Manual

County Committee of five or more voters shall be chosen in such
County Convention, who shall hold their places for a term of two
years, and until their successors are elected. Nominations may
be made by the precinct meetings for membership upon the County
Committee. Such biennial County Convention shall elect one dele-
gate and one alternate to the State and all District Conventions,
for every two hundred votes, or fraction thereof, cast for the Re-
publican nominee for Governor at the latest election in said

2. That if one-third of the members of the County Committee
shall desire a meeting of the County Committee, it shall be the
duty of the Chairman of the County Committee to call said meet-
ing; and if said Chairman shall fail or refuse to call said meeting
upon petition of one-third of the members, then one-third of the
members may call the meeting of the County Committee by giving
to the Chairman and Secretary and the members of the County
Committee at least five days' notice.

3. For good cause shown, any Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Sec-
retary, or member of the County Committee may be removed from
his or her position upon a vote of two-thirds of the members of
the County Committee but said cause for removal shall be confined
to inefficiency and party disloyalty. Upon such removal the County
Committee shall have the authority to fill the unexpii'ed term.


Congressional, Judicial, and Senatorial Committees
1. The Republican Congressional, Judicial, and Senatorial Dis-
trict Committees shall be composed of the Chairman of the several
County Committees within the district, and the permanent Chair-
man and the Secretary of said District Convention. The aforesaid
Congressional, Judicial, and State Senatorial Conventions shall
be called by the permanent chairman of the Convention upon ten
days' notice of the time and place for holding same. Upon the
failure for any reason of the Congressional District Chairman in
any case to call a Congressional Convention, the said call may be
issued by the Secretary of the Congressional District in any case
to call a Congressional Convention, the said may be issued by the
Secretary of the Congressional District Committee.

Plan of Organization 183

State Convention

1. A State convention shall be called in every general election
year by the Chairman of the Republican State Committee after
twenty days' notice therof, to all members of the State Committee
and all Chairmen of the several County Committees of the time
and place of holding the same. The State Convention biennially
shall choose and elect a State Chairman and a State Vice-Chair-
man, one of vifhom shall be a woman. (Two assistant Chairmen of
the State Committee shall be appointed by the State Chairman
with such duties as may be delegated by the Chairman. They shall
serve at the pleasure of the State Chairman, and be responsible
directly to him.) The State Convention each year of a Presidential
election shall recommend to the National Republican Committee
for a term of four years the name of two persons, a man, and a
woman, for National Committeeman and National Committee-
woman, respectively. Vacancies in the Office of State Chairman
and State Vice-Chairman shall be filled by the State Committee
until the next State Convention, which shall elect successors to
fill the unexpired terms. In the event of vacancy in National Com-
mitteeman or National Committeewoman, the State Committee
shall make recommendations to the National Committee for the
appointment of successors to fill the unexpired terms.


1. The Republican State Committee shall be composed of four
members from each Congressional District casting^ ten thousand
votes or a greater fractional part thereof for the Republican Can-
didate for Governor at the latest preceding election, and one ad-
ditional member from each Congressional District for every Con-
gressional District for the Republican candidate for Governor at
the latest preceding election. The Members of the State Com-
mittee in each Congressional District shall be greater elected for
a term of two years, or until successors are elected and qualified,
by the Delegates to the Congressional Convention of the respective
Districts. Vacancies occurring in representation from any Con-
gressional District shall be filled by a vote of the majority of the
remaining members residing- in the District in whi<;h svich vacancy
may occur.

184 North Carolina Manual

2. The State Chairman, the State Vice-Chairman, two Assist-
ant Chairmen, the National Committeeman, the National Com-
mitteewoman, and the permanent Chairman and Secretary of the
preceding- State Convention shall be members of the State Com-
mittee ex-officio.

3. The State Committee shall have the power to elect a Sec-
retary and an Assistant Secretary, one of whom shall come from
the Youno- Republicans, a Treasurer, and other Officers which may
appear necesary, who shall sei've for a term of two years and
until their successors are chosen.

4. The State Committee shall meet annually upon the call of
the Chairman and Secretary, or upon the failure of the Chairman,
upon the call of the Vice-Chairman and Secretary, on or about
the anniversary of the birth of Abraham Lincoln, which meeting
shall be followed by an annual statewide Lincoln Day Dinner, to
be held under the auspices of the Republican State Committee, and
the Youno- Republicans of North Carolina.

5. There shall be a Republican State Central Committee, com-
posed of the State Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and State Vice-
Chairman, two Assistant Chairmen, the National Committeeman,
the National Committeewoman, all of whom shall be members ex-
officio of the Republican State Central Committee, and seven other
members to be appointed by the Chairman to serve for a term of
two years. The State Central Committee shall meet upon the call
of the Chairman, and shall have active Management of the State
Campaigns, with power to appoint a Finance Committee, a pub-
licity Committee, a Campaign Committee, and such other Com-
mittees as it may be necessary in the proper conduct of the affairs
of the Party, and to do all other things pertaining to Party af-
fairs, which it may be authorized to do from time to time by the
Republican State Convention in session; and the State Central
Committee shall report its proceedings to the full State Com-
mittee at each sesion.

6. A member or members of the State Committee from a ma-
jority of the counties shall constitute a quorum of the State Com-
mittee for the transaction of business.

7. There shall be a liberal representation of women wherever
practicable, in all the meetings and activities of the Republican

State Committees, Republican 185

1. No delegate, alternate or other member of a Convention shall
cast any vote by proxy, provided, however, that any delegate or
delegates present shall have the right to cast the entire vote for
the precinct in County Conventions; and of the County in State
and District Convention.


Convention Procedure

1. The State, District, and County Conventions shall be called
to order by their respective Chairman, or in the absence of the
Chairman, by the Vice-Chairman, Secretary, or some member
thereof, in order stated, who shall have the power to appoint and
receive the reports of Credentials Committee, to appoint other
temporary and necessary committees, at or before the convening
of the Convention, and to form a permanent organization.

2. The certificate of the Chairman and Secretary of any Con-
vention authorized to elect delegates and alternates shall be deemed
sufficient to place the name of such delegate and alternate on the
temporary roll of the respective Conventions, and unless success-
fully challenged, shall be a complete authorization to said delegates
and alternates to act.


Records, Reports, and Accounts
1. The Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer of the State, Dis-
trict, and County Committees shall keep faithful and accurate
records of any and all monies received by them for the use of
said committees, and shall make faithful and accurate report
thereof when so requested.

This revised and amended Plan of Organization of the Repub-
lican Party of North Carolina adopted by the State Republican
Convention assembled at Winston-Salem, North Carolina, April
10th, 1946.

186 North Carolina Manual


(From list furnished by Chairman, State Republican Executive


State Republican Executive Committee

state organization

Chairman : Sim A. DeLapp Lexington

Vice Chairman : Mrs. Walter Zachary Yadkinville

Vice Chairman, Eastern District: A. L. Butler Clinton

Vice Chairman, Western District: J. M. Baley, Jr Marshall

Secretary : F. J. Beal Lenoir

Treasurer: C. C. Wall .'.'.'.'.■.■.■.■.■.■.■.■ Lexington

National Committeeman : J. E. Broyhill Lenoir

National Committeewoman : Mrs. W. P. Few Durham

First District

C. T. Allen, Aurora Roy Manning. Plymouth

Adrain Mitchell, Winton Floyd Cahoon, Columbia

Second District

Thomas J. Moore, Wilson J. R. Cameron, Kinston, RFD

Mrs. Margaret Reynolds, Roanoke Rapids J. H. Satterthwait, Tarboro

Third District

Clarence Fisher, Clinton A. L. Butler, Clinton

Julian T. Gaskill, Goldsboro

Fourth District

Samuel J. Morris, Raleigh J. C. Dixon, Siler City

Ezra Parker, Benson A. I. Ferree, Asheboro

W. L. Ward, Asheboro

Fifth Di.strict

E. S. Redman, Mt. Airy, Rl S. J. Craver, Winston-Salem

H. L. Fagge, Leaksville W. Y. Tucker, Winston-Salem, R6

E. R. Nelson, Danbury S. R. Allred, Burlington, R2

Sixth District

Worth D. Henderson, Greensboro Z. H. Howerton. Greensboro

Walter L. York, High Point T. C. Carter, Mebane

P. M. Caudle, High Point Linwood Hall, Burlington

N. D. McNairy, Greensboro Andrew H. Hutchins, Durham, R4

John Crawford, Chapel Hill E. B. Cranford, Durham

D. L. McBane, Mebane, Rt. 2

Seventh District

J. A. Maultsby, Whiteville Thad H. Pope, Dunn

D. R. Johnson, Winnabow H. Edmund Rodgers, Wilmington

Eighth District

P. E. Brown, N. Wilkesboro J. G. Hudson, Rockingham

W. B. Somers, N. Wilkesboro Coy S. Lewis, Robbins

W. E. Rutledge, Yadkinville J. T. Jackson, Lexington

J. B. Payne, Winston-Salem, R5 R. V. Alexander, Cooleemee

Dr. A. D. Barber, Sanford

Plan of Organization 187

Ninth District

Ray Jennings. Taylursville G. C. Peeler, Salisbury

Walter Johnson, Sparta Ellis Honeycutt, Albemarle, Rl

Edison E. Thomas, Grassy Creek J. J. Morton, Albemarle

O. O. Cruse, Concord, R3 Russell D. Hodges, Boone

Monroe, Adams, Statesville James Hickman, Hudson

Tenth District

C. S. Nantz, Lincolnton Frank C. Patton, Morganton
Loomis Klutz, Newton Mrs. Louis G. Rogers, Charlotte

D. T. Nance, Plumtree J. Don Street, Buladean

Wm. T. Alexander, Charlotte

Eleventh District

R. C. Erskine, Tryon Clyds M. Roberts, Marshall

J. S. Dockery, Rutherfordton Walter R. Chambers, Marion

J. J. Nowicki, Burnsville E. R. Tweed, Marshall

G. V. Hawkins, Shelby Thomas A. Hannah, Mt. Holly

Twelfth District

Hugh E. Monteith, Sylva Theodore Jenkins, Robinsville

Lewis P. Hamlin, Brevard Robert N. Tiger, Hayesville

M. F. Lominac, Asheville Alf R. Higdon, Franklin

Clyde Jarrett, Andrews Glenn E. Boyd, Waynesville, R2


North Carolina Manual

State Republican, Congressional, Judicial and Senatorial

District Committees

The work of the State Republican Congressional, Judical and
Senatorial Executive Committees is handled by the Chairmen of
the Republican County Executive Committees.

Chairmen, Republican County Executive Committees


Alamance — Sam T. Johnston, Graham.
Alexander — Fred Johnson, Taylorsville,

Alleghany — Beale Poole, Sparta.
Anson — C. A. Bland, Wadesboro.
Ashe — James F. Yates, Warrensville.
Avery— R. M. Fields, Elk Park
Beaufort — Zeno Ratcliff, Pantego
Brunswick — W. A. Kapp, Bolivia
Bertie — D. H. Greene, Aulander
Bladen — C. C. Atkinson, Elizabethtown.
Buncombe — B. H. Taylor, Asheville
Burke — R. M. Lineberger, Morganton
Cabarrus — O. O. Cruse, Concord, R3.
Caldwell— E. C. McCall, Lenoir
Camden — J. B. Burgess, Old Trap
Carteret— C. R. Wheatly, Beaufort.
Caswell — M. F. Law, Pelham
Catawba — Hayden Hayes, Hickory
Chatham — J. C. Dixon, Bennett
Cherokee — D. M. Reese, Murphy
Chowan — A. S. Smith, Edenton
Clay — Rual White, Hayesville
Cleveland— J. Worth Silvers, Shelby
Columbus — Dr. L. Baggett. Whiteville.
Craven — W. B. Rouse, New Bern
Cumberland — Cecil C. Culbreth, Sted-

Currituck — J. T. Etheridge, Shawboro.
Dare — W. C. Gaskill, Manteo.
Davidson — W. G. Morris, Lexington
Davie — E. C. Morris, Mocksville
Duplin — H. B. Kornegay, Calypso
Durham — E. P. Cranford, Durham
Edgecombe — J. H. Satterthwaite, Tar-

boro, Rl.
Forsyth — Buford T. Henderson, Wins-
Franklin — W. R. Young, Louisburg.
Gaston — Kelly Bumgardner, Mt. Holly.
Gates — H. A. Eure, Corapeake.
Graham — Frank W. Colvard, Robbins-

Granville — W. L. Peace, Oxford.
Greene — Roland E. Jones, Snow Hill.
Guilford — N. D. McNairy, Greensboro.
Harnett— J. 0. West, Dunn.

Haywood — J. B. McClure, Canton

Henderson — Lee Staton, Flat Rock,

Hertford— A. S. Mitchell, Winton.

Hoke — M. L. Sides, Aberdeen, Rl.

Hyde — Edsac Bridgman, Scranton.

Halifax — Otis J. Reynolds, Roanoke

Iredell— A. Z. Goforth, Statesville.

Jackson — David S. Stillwell, Sylva.

Johnston — E. A. Parker, Benson.

Jones —

Lee— C. R. Hall, Sanford.

Lenoir — Ray Cameron, Kinston, Rl.

Lincoln — Hewitt Quinn, Lincolnton.

Macon — George Reece, Franklin.

Madison — E. R. Tweed, Sr., Marshall.

Martin — Wheeler Martin, Williamston.

McDowell — Clarence M. Pool, Marion,

Mecklenburg — Ernest M. Morgan,

Mitchell — John C. McBee, Spruce Pine.

Montgomery — Elton Tucker, Troy.

Moore — A. H. Trotter, Robbins.

Nash — John C. Matthews. Spring Hope.

New Hanover — James B. Swails, Wil-

Northampton — W. F. Outland, Wood-

Onslow — Albert N. Venters, Jackson-

Orange- George N. Harward, Chapel
Hill, RFD.

Pamlico — N. C. Rice, Arapahoe.

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