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1921, c. 183, s. 2; 1925, c. 306, s. 3; 1947, c. 537; G. S. 122-7

Under the North Carolina Hospitals Board of Control
1943, c. 136; G. S. 122-7


1921, c. 183, s. 2; 1925, c. 306, s. 3; G. S. 122-7

Under the management of the North Carolina Hospitals

Board of Control.
1943, c. 136; G. S. 122-7


Woman's Home at Fayetteville
1913, c. 62; C. S. 5135; G. S. 112-2
Composition: Seven members appointed by the Governor.

Henry L. Anderson, Chairman Fayetteville

A. E. Cook, Secretary Fayetteville

Mrs. E. R. MacKethan Fayetteville

Mrs. Quinton Gregory Halifax

Mrs. Walter Woodard Wilson

Mrs. J. S. Rowe Hickory

Mrs. A. L. Thompson Greensboro

Examining Boards 279


1913, c. 157; 1925, c. 261, s. 11; 1939, c. 21; C. S. 7008; G. S. 93-12
Composition: Four members appointed by the Governor.

Elton B. Taylor, President Charlotte

Charles E. Elberson, Vice-President Winston-Salem

E. E. Peacock, Secretary-Treasurer Chapel Hill

Charles Lowrimore Wilmington


1915, c. 270, s. 1; C. S. 4986; G. S. 83-2

Composition: Five members appointed by the Governor.

Walter W. Hook, President Charlotte

Erie G. Stillwell, Vice-President Hendersonville

J. Burton Wilder, Treasurer Greensboro

Ross Shumaker, Secretary Raleigh

James B. Lynch Wilmington


1929, c. 119, s. 6; G. S. 86-6

Composition: Three members appointed by the Governor.

J. M. Cheek, Chairman High Point

M. B. Berry Roxboro

A. M. McCoy Black Mountain

R. P. Branch, Executive Secretary Raleigh


1919, c. 78, s. 3; C. S. 6765; G. S. 90-190

Composition: Three members appointed by the North Carolina
Pedic Association.

Fred W. Isaacs, Chairman Durham

L. D. Abernethy, Secretary Charlotte

0. B. McRae Greensboro


280 North Carolina Manual



1917. c. 73, s. 1; 1933, c. 442, s. 1 ; C. S. 6711; G. S. 90-140

Composition: Three members appointed by the Governor.

Dr. M. H. Dollar, President Raleigh

Dr. Linwood G. Harrison, Vice-President High Point

Dr. C. H. Peters, Secretary-Treasurer Rocky Mount


1925, c. 318, s. 2; G. S. 87-2

Composition : Five members appointed by the Governor.

R. A. Bryan, Chairman Goldsboro

H. S. Grain, Vice-Chairman Durham

V. B. Higgins Greensboro

N. R. Dickerson, Jr Monroe

James M. Wells, Jr., Secretary-Treasurer Raleigh


1933, c. 179; 1935, c. 54, s. 2; G. S. 88-13
Composition: Three members appointed by the Governor.

Mrs. R. J. Hinshaw, Chairman North Wilkesboro

Mrs. Hilda Smith, Duke, Vice-Chairman Kinston

Mrs. A. E. Pleasants, Secretary Greensboro

Mrs. Lois Hilton, Executive Secretary Raleigh


1879, c. 139; 1915, c. 178; 1935, c. 66, s. 1; G. S. 90-22
Composition: Six members elected by the Society and commis-
sioned by the Governor.

Dr. D. L. Pridgen, President Fayetteville

Dr. Frank O. Alford, Secretary-Treasurer Charlotte

Dr. Wilbert Jackson Clinton

Dr. A. T. Jeannette Washington

Dr. Neal Sheffield Greensboro

Dr. Walter E. Clark , Asheville

Examining Boards 281

1937, c. 87, s. 1; G. S. 87-39

Composition: Five members, three appointed by the Governor,
two Ex-officio.

N. E. Cannady, Chairman, Ex-officio Oxford

E. C. Peele, Ex-officio Burlington

Marion B. Haynes, Vice-Chairman Asheville

R. S. Fouraker Raleigh

W. A. Darden Gieenville

Mrs. James H. Anderson, Secretary-Treasurer Raleigh


Rev., s. 4384; 1901, c. 338, ss. 1, 2,3; 1931, c. 174; 1945, c. 98, s. 1;

C. S. 6777; G. S. 90-203

Composition: Five members elected by The North Carolina
Funeral Directors and Burial Association.

Harlowe Mims, President Raleigh

William Shepherd, Vice-President Hendersonville

John Ward, Secretary-Treasurer Wilmington

C. H. Brown Kannapolis

Wilbur Vought Oxford


1921, c. 1, s. 3; C. S. 6055(d); G. S. 89-3

Composition: Five members appointed by the Governor.

J. E. S. Thorpe, Chairman Franklin

A. C. Lee, Vice-Chairman , Charlotte

G. S. Harrell Shannon

Robert B. Brice Raleigh

Carroll L. Mann, Secretary Raleigh


1933, c. 210, s. 10; c. 331; 1935, cc. 31, 61; 1941, c. 344, s. 6;

G. S. 84-24

Composition : Seven members elected by the Council of the N. C.
State Bar.


North Carolina Manual

L. R. Varser, Chairman Lumberton

George B. Greene Kinston

Kingsland Van Winkle Asheville

Irving E. Carlyle Winston-Salem

L. T. Hartsell, Jr Concord

Bennett H. Perry Henderson

Charles R. Jonas Lincolnton

Edward L. Cannon, Secretary Raleigh


Rev., s. 4492; Code, s. 3123; 1858-9, c. 258, ss. 3, 4; Extra Session
1921, c. 44, s. 1; C. S. 6606; G. S. 90-2

Composition: Seven members appointed by the N. C. Medical

Dr. Thomas Leslie Lee, President Kinston

Dr. Ivan Procter, Secretary Raleigh

Dr. Charles W. Armstrong Salisbury

Dr. M. D. Bonner Jamestown

Dr. R. B. McKnight Charlotte

Dr. Paul G. Parker Erwin

Dr. Malory A. Pittman Wilson


1917, c. 17, s. 1; 1925, c. 87, s. 2; 1931, c. 56; C. S. 6729;

G. S. 90-158

Composition: Five members. Three members elected by the asso-
ciation, one each by the State Medical Society and the North Car-
olina State Hospital Association.

Miss Ethel Burton, R.N., President Raleigh

Miss Miriam Daughtry, R.N., Secretary-Treasurer Raleigh

Miss Esther Lewis Creasman, R.N Asheville

Dr. Moir S. Martin Mount Airy

Dr. Louten R. Hedgepeth Lumberton

Examining Boards 283



1909, c. 444, s. 3; 1915, c. 21, s. 1; 1935, c. 63; C. S. 6689;

G. S. 90-116

Composition: Five members appointed by the Governor.

Dr. James A. Palmer, President Charlotte

Dr. Henry B. Day, Secretary-Treasurer Raleigh

Dr. E. Alan Bisanar Hickory

Dr. Kenneth L. Quiggins Greenville

Dr. P. N. DeVere Morganton


1907, c. 764, s. 1; 1913, c. 92, s. 1; 1937, c. 301, s. 1;
C. S. 6701; G. S. 90-130

Composition: Five members appointed by the Governor.

Dr. E. M. Stafford, President Durham

Dr. Frank R. Heine, Secretary-Treasurer Greensboro

Dr. John H. Bell Elizabeth City

Dr. Wallace Hoffman Statesville

Dr. T. T. Spence Raleigh


Rev., s. 4473; 1905, c. 108, ss. 5, 7; C. S. 6652; G. S. 90-55

Composition: Five members appointed by the Governor.

J. G. Ballew, President Lenoir

H. C. McAllister, Secretary-Treasurer Chapel Hill

John C. Brantley, Jr Raleigh

R. A. McDuffie Greensboro

W. A. Gilliam Winston-Salem


1935, c. 155, art 2, s. 1; c. 318; G. S. 92-2

Composition: Five members apopinted by the Governor.

Charles A. Farrell, Chairman Greensboro

B. A. Culberson Asheville

284 North Carolina Manual

Ray W. Goodrich Winston-Salem

George M. Hoole Charlotte

Ben A. Stimson Statesville

Edwin M. Stanley, Secretary-Treasurer Greensboro


1931, c. 52, s. 1; 1933, c. 57; 1939, c. 224, s. 1; G. S. 87-16

Composition: Seven members appointed by the Governor.

W. H. Sullivan, Chairman Greensboro

L. L. Vaughan, Vice-Chairman Raleigh

J. M. Jarrett, Secretary-Treasurer Raleigh

H. G. Baity Chapel Hill

R. V. Sisk Charlotte

R. H. Haley Charlotte

C. C. Davis Wilmington

W. F. Morrison, Executive Secretary Raleigh


1937, c. 86, s. 3; G. S. 87-30
Composition: Five members appointed by the Governor.

J. Knight Davis, Secretary Wilmington

G. W. Carter, Treasurer Kinston

J. R. Renfrow, Jr Charlotte

V. J. McDaniel Asheville

Aldo Marus Greensboro


Rev., s. 5432; 190.3, c. 503, s. 2; C. S. 6755; G. S. 90-180

Composition: Five members appointed by the Governor.

R.' E. Taylor, President Hendersonville

H. J. Rollins, Vice-President Rockingham

P. C. McLain. Secretary-Treasurer High Point

B. H. Kinsey Washington

C. E. Nicks Elkin

Examining Boards 285


Directors Altantic and North Carolina Railroad

Directors :

^Raymond Maxwell New Bern

Judson H. Blount Greenville

L. B. Jenkins Kinston

William Dunn, Sr New Bern

James D. Potter Beaufort

M. E. Robinson Goldsboro

Dr. J. H. Harper Snow Hill

Abel Warren Garland

George P. Folk Edenton

Leo H. Hai-vey Kinston

H. S. Gibbs Morehead City

George W. Ipock Ernul


*Raymond Maxwell New Bern

Leo H. Harvey, Vice President Kinston

Judson H. Blount, Chairman of Board Greenville

F. E. Wallace, Secretary-Treasurer Kinston

William A. Allen, Jr., Attorney Kinston

T. L. Blow, Expert Goldsboro

Meriwether Lewis, Inspector Kinston

Directors North Carolina Railroad

Henry A. Dennis Henderson

D. P. Stowe Belmont

Herbert Miller Lincolnton

Joseph T. Carruthers, Jr Greensboro

James A. Adderton Lexington

J. B. Benton Benson

E. C. Greene Asheville

E. S. Powell Reidsville

* Deceased.

286 North Carolina Manual

Irving F. Hall Raleigh

Hugh McRae Wilmington

W. E. Holt Charlotte


Joseph T. Carruthers, Jr., President Greensboro

Alexander Webb, Vice President Raleigh

Thomas W. Bird, Secretary-Treasurer Charlotte

R. 0. Self, Asst. Secretary-Treasurer Raleigh

LeRoy Martin, Asst. Secretary-Treasurer Raleigh

Albert Doub, Expert Raleigh

James H. Pou Bailey, Attorney Raleigh




Officers and Members of the Senate


H. P. Taylor President Wadesboro

J. C. Pittman President pro tern Sanford

S. Ray Byerly Principal Clerk Sanford

Robert Rasberry Reading Clerk Grifton

Herman Scott Sergeant-at-arms Rt. 3, Chapel Hill


(Alphabetically Arranged)

Name District Party Address

Allsbrook, Julian R. ...Fourth Democrat Roanoke Rapids

Earnhardt, Luther E. . . Twenty^first Democrat Concord

*Blythe, F. J Twentieth Democrat Charlotte

Brock, B. C Twenty-fourth Republican Mocksville

Campen, Sam M Second Democrat Alliance

Crawford, W. H Thirty-second Democrat Sylva

Currie, Claude Fourteenth Democrat Durham

Dalton, Chas. C Twenty-seventh Democrat Spindale

Dearman, C. H Twenty-fifth Democrat Statesville

Eagles, J. C, Jr Sixth Democrat Wilson

Fountain, L. H Fourth Democrat Tarboro

Gass, Rex Twenty-second Democrat Winston-Salem

Gibbs, Frank H Third Democrat Warrenton

Halstead. W. I First Democrat South Mills

Hester, R. J., Jr Tenth Democrat Eli-zabethtown

Hodges, W. B Thirty-second Democrat Hendersonvilie

Jones, Paul E., Dr Fifth Democrat Farmville

Larkins, John D., Jr. . . Seventh Democrat Trenton

Little, R. E Nineteenth Democrat Wadesboro

Long, F. D Fourteenth Democrat Roxboro

Marshall, Wm. F Twenty-third Democrat Walnut Cove

McKinnon, Henry A. . . Eleventh Democrat Lumberton

Moss, O. B Sixth Democrat Spring Hope

Nichols, L. B Thirt.v-third Democrat Andrews

Parker, Frank M Thirty-first Democrat Asheville

Pate, Edwin Eighteenth Democrat Laurinburg

Penny, Geo. T Seventeenth Democrat Greensboro

Perry, H. B., Dr Tvv'enty-ninth Democrat Boone

Peterson, C. A., Dr. . . . Thirtieth Republican Spruce Pine

Phillips, Wade H Eighteenth Democrat Lexington

Pittman, J. C Thirteenth Democrat Sanford

Price, J. Hampton .... Fifteenth Democrat Leaksville

Rankin, R. Grady . . . .Twenty-sixth Democrat Gastonia

Richardson, O. L Nineteenth Democrat Monroe

Rodman, John C Second Democrat Washington

Rowe, Roy Ninth Democrat Burgaw

Shaw, Gilbert A Tenth Democrat Fayetteville

Simms, R. N., Jr Thirteenth Democrat Raleigh

Talton, Hardy Eighth Democrat Pikeville

Thomas, J. Benton .... Twelfth Democrat Raeford

Vann, Henry Ninth Democrat Clinton

Walker, Hal Hammer . . Twelfth Democrat Asheboro

Ward, D. L Seventh Democrat New Bern

Warlick, G. Andrew . . . Twenty-fifth Democrat Newton

Weathers, Lee B Twenty-seventh Democrat Shelby

Webb, James Sixteenth Democrat Hillsboro

Whitley, Adam J., Jr. . . Eighth Democrat Smithfield

Wilson, Max C Twenty-eighth Democrat Lenoir

Winslow, J. Emmett . . First Democrat Hertford

Woodson, Nelson Twenty-first Democrat Salisbury

* Elected February 12, 1949, to succeed Joe L. Blythe, deceased.


290 North Carolina Manual


Arranged by Districts

(Democrats unless otherwise indicated)

District Name Address

1st— W. I. Halstead South Mills

1st — J. Emmett Winslow Hertford

2nd — Sam M. Campen Alliance

2nd — John C. Rodman Washington

3rd — Frank H. Gibbs Warrenton

4th- Julian R. Allsbrook Roanoke Rapids

4th — L. H. Fountain Tarboro

5th — Dr. Paul E. Jones Farmville

6th— J. C. Eagles, Jr Wilson

6th — O. B. Moss Spring Hope

7th — John D. Larkins. Jr Trenton

Tth -D. L. Ward New Bern

Sth-Hardy Talton Pikeville

8th- -Adam J. Whitley, Jr Smithfield

9th— Roy Rowe Burgaw

9th— Henry Vann Clinton

10th- -R. J. Hester, Jr Elizabethtown

10th— Gilbert A. Shaw Fayetteville

nth— Henry A. McKinnon Lumberton

12th— J. Benton Thomas Raeford

12th— Hal Hammer Walker Asheboro

13th— J. C. Pittman Sanford

13th— R. N. Simms, Jr Raleigh

14th— Claude Currie Durham

14th- -F. D. Long Roxboro

15th— J. Hampton Price Leaksville

16th— James Webb Hillsboro

17th— Geo. T. Penny Greensboro

18th -Edwin Pate Laurmburg

18th— Wade H. Phillips Lexmgton

19th— R. E. Little Wadesboro

19th— O. L. Richardson Monroe

20th— F. J. Blythe* Charlotte

21st— Luther E. Earnhardt c. ?-^^

21st— Nelson Woodson ■ • ■. • t^alisbury

22nd-Rex Gass Winston-Salem

23rd— Wm. F. Marshall ^ ,?"^, -u^

24th-B. C. Brock (R) Mocksvil e

?5th— C. H. Dearman Statesv.lle

25th— G. Andrew Warlick Newton

S6th— R. Grady Rankin Gastonia

27th-Chas. C. Dalton ^^cu^l !

L7th— Lee B. Weathers t „ Z

rSth- Max C. Wilson r"°I

?9th-Dr. H. B. Perry _• • • ■ Boo^«

.-^Oth-Dr. C. A. Peterson (R) ^^Thev U^

31st— Frank M. Parker xi' ' j •

32nd-W. B. Hodges Hendersonv.lle

s^f~T'^-R''-^^TV°"^ ;::::: :::::: 'Andrews

33rd — L. B. Nichols

* Elected February 12, 1949, to succeed Joe L. Blythe, deceased.



Powers and Duties of the President

1. The President shall take the chair at the hour fixed by law
or at the time fixed by the Senate upon adjournment on the pre-
ceding' legislative day, and shall call the members to order.

2. It shall be the duty of the President, upon order being ob-
tained, to have the Sessions of the Senate opened with prayer.

3. In the absence of the President, the President pro tempore
shall reconvene the Senate and preside, and during such time shall
be vested with all powers of the President except that of casting
a vote in case of tie when he shall have voted as a Senator. And
in the event of the absence of the President and President pro
tempore at any time fixed for the reconvening of the Senate, the
Principal Clerk of the Senate, or in his absence also, some mem-
ber of the Senate Committee on Rules, shall call the Senate to
order and designate some member to act as President.

4. After the prayer, and upon appearance of a quoixim, the
President shall cause the Journal of the preceding day to be read
and approved, unless the Chairman of the Committee on Journal
or some member of the Senate by motion sustained by a majority
of the members present, have the reading thereof dispensed with
and the same approved as written.

5. The President shall preserve order and decorum and proceed
with the business of the Senate according to the rules adopted. He
shall decide all questions of order, subject to an appeal to the
Senate by any member, on which appeal no member shall speak
more than once unless by leave of the Senate. A two-thirds vote
of the members present shall be necessary to sustain any appeal
from the ruling of the Chair.

6. All questions for a vote shall be put as follows: "Those in
favor say 'Aye'," and after the affirmative vote is expressed —
"Opposed 'No'." After which the President will announce the re-


292 North Carolina Manual

suit. If a division on any vote is desired, it must be called for im-
mediately before the result of the voting: is announced on any
question, and upon such call, the President shall require the mem-
bers to stand and be counted for and against any proposition
under consideration.

7. The ayes and noes may be called for on any question before
the vote is taken, and if the call is sustained by one-fifth of the
Senators present, the roll of the Senate shall be called and the ayes
and noes taken, and the same shall be entered upon the Journal.
If a Senator desires the ayes and noes recorded on any question,
he shall address the Chair and obtain recognition and say, "Upon
that vote or question I call for the ayes and noes." Whereupon
the President shall say, "Is the call sustained?" If one-fifth of the
members present then stand the roll is called and the ayes and
noes recorded. If less than one-fifth present stand, the Chair an-
nounces, "An insufficient number up" and a viiia voce vote is then

8. If any question contains several distinct propositions, it shall
be divided by the President, at the I'equest of any Senator, pro-
vided each subdivision, if left to itself, shall form a substantive

9. The President shall have general direction of the Hall of the
Senate, and in case of any disturbance or disordeily conduct in
the galleries or lobbies, he shall have the power to oi'der the same

10. He shall have the right to call on any member to perform
the duties of the Chair, but substitution shall not extend beyond
one day.

11. The Lieutenant Governor, as President of the Senate, being
a Constitutional Officer shall not have the right to debate any ques-
tion or to address the Senate upon any proposition unless by per-
mission of the majority members present, and shall have the right
to vote only when there is a tie vote upon any question or election.

12. The Lieutenant Governor, as President of the Senate, unless
he shall have by law disqualified himself from that office, shall have
the exclusive right and authority to appoint all Committees, regu-
lar or special, but he may delegate said authority in any instance,
as he may choose.

Senate 293

13. All acts, addresses and resolutions, and all warrants and
subpoenas issued by order of the Senate shall be signed by the

14. The President shall appoint door-keepers and pages, and
such laborers as may be necessary, and shall assign to them their
duties during sessions, and when not in session they shall be under
the direction of the Principal Clerk and Sergeant-at-Arms, to
perform such duties as are necessary and proper to the conduct of
the Senate.

15. No person except members of the House of Representatives,
clerks of the General Assembly, Judges of the Supreme and Su-
perior Courts, State Officers, former members of the General
Assembly and persons particularly invited and extended the privi-
leges of the floor by the President shall be admitted to the floor
of the Senate during its sessions : Provided, that no person except
members of the House of Representatives and officers of the Gen-
eral Assembly shall be allowed on the floor of the Senate or in the
lobby in the rear of the President's desk, unless permitted by the
President of the Senate.

16. The President of the Senate, in the interest of orderly pro-
cedure and in order properly to expedite the business of the Senate,
may refuse to recognize any member for the purpose of extending
the courtesies of the floor, lobbies or galleries to any one or group
during any particular order of business, but shall recognize such
member for said purpose at the close of such order of business if
he then desire recognition.

17. The President may assign such space or place on the floor
of the Senate as he desires proper to Reporters desiring to take
the proceedings of the sessions, provided such does not interfere
with members of the Senate and its officers and clerks in the per-
formance of their duties.

18. Smoking shall not be allowed on the floor or galleries of the
Senate during sessions : Provided, that smoking may be permitted
in the side lobbies and in the lobby in the rear of the President's

19. The pages of the Senate shall be responsible to and under
the direction of the President at all times when the Senate is
in session, and shall not exceed fourteen in number. They shall
report to the Principal Clerk at other times to be assigned such
duties as he may direct and shall be under his supervision.

294 North Carolina Manual

Order of Business

20. After approval of the Journal, the order of business shall
be as follows:

(1) Reports of standing committees.

(2) Reports of select committees.

(3) Introduction of bills, petitions, and resolutions.
(3a) Messages from the House of Representatives.

(4) Unfinished business of preceding day.

(5) Special Orders.

(6) General Orders — First, local bills on third reading roll call,
then local bills on second reading roll call. After that the vica
voce second reading local calendar in numerical order, taking up
the Senate bills in first order. After disposition of the local calen-
dar, the public calendar of bills will be considered in the same
order, that is:

(a) First, third i-eading roll call bills.

(b) Second reading roll call bills.

(c) Second reading bills to be considered viva voce, with Senate
bills taking precedence in order over House bills.

But messages from the Governor and House of Representatives
and communications and reports from State Officers and reports
from the Committee on Engrossed and Enrolled Bills may be re-
ceived and acted on under any order of business.

21. Any bill or other matter may be taken up out of order upon
order of the President or upon motion sustained by a majority of
the membership present and voting.

Powers and Duties of Principal Clerk

22. The President and the Principal Clerk of the Senate shall
see that all bills shall be acted upon by the Senate in the order
in which they stand upon the Calendar, unless otherwise ordered
as hereinafter provided. The Calendar shall include the numbers
and titles of bills and joint resolutions which have passed the
House of Representatives and have been received by the Senate
for concurrence.

23. The Principal Clerk shall certify the passage of bills by the
Senate, with the date thereof, together with the fact whether

Senate 295

passed by a vote of three-fifths or two-thirds of the Senate, when-
ever such vote may be required by the Constitution and laws of
the State.

24. All necessary supplies and stationery for the Senate, its
various offices and committees of the Senate shall be purchased
upon requisition of the Principal Clerk, with the approval of the
President of the Senate.

25. The office of Engrossing Clerk is discontinued, and the
duties of that office as heretofore performed by the Engrossing
Clerk shall devolve upon the Principal Clerk, who is charged with
the responsibility therefor.

26. The Principal Clerk shall cause the Journal of the Senate
to be typewritten in duplicate, original and carbon, the original
to be deposited in the office of the Secretary of State as the record,
and the other (carbon) copy to be delivered to the State Printer.

27. All Committee Clerks, when not in attendance upon the
direct duties connected with the committee to which they are
assigned, shall report to the Principal Clerk of the Senate and, in
order to expedite the work of the Senate, shall perform such cleri-
cal or stenographic work as may be assigned to them.

Standing Committees

28. The following committees shall be named by the Lieutenant-
Governor :

On Agriculture.

On Appropriations.

On Banks and Currency.

On Claims.

On Commercial Fisheries.

On Congressional Districts.

On Conservation and Development.

On Constitutional Amendments.

On Corporations.

On Counties, Cities, and Towns.

On Courts and Judicial Districts.

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