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Supt. of Schools H. L. Joslyn Beaufort

Supt. of Public' Welfare Mrs. Pessie Henderson Beaufort

Home Demonstration Agent Mrs. Carrie B. Gillikin Beaufort

Farm Demonstration Agent R. M. Williams Beaufort

Chmn. Pd. Education Dr. L. W. Moore Beaufort

Chmn. Pd. Elections F. R. Seeley Beaufort

District Game & Fish Protector . . . Ale.x Davis Marshallberg

Forest Warden M. E. Foreman R.F.D.. Beaufort

County Attorney A. L. Hamilton Morehead City

County Librarian Mrs. L. A. Oakley Beaufort

Veterans Service OfHcer C. L. Beam Beaufort

Recorder's Court:

Judge L. R. Morris Atlantic

Solicitor M. L. Davis Beaufort


Chairman Dr. K. P. B. Bonner Morehead City

Commissioner C. Z. Chappell Beaufort

Tomm'ssioner L. W. Pe'letier Stella

Commissioner Wallace Styron Sealevel

Commissioner Tildon Davis Harkers Island

510 North Carolina Manual


Caswell County was formed in 1777 from Orange. Was named in honor of
Richard Caswell, member of the First Continental Congress, first Governor of
North Carolina after the Declaration of Independence, six times re-elected Gov-
ernor, and Major-General in the Revolutionary Army.

Population, 20,032 , County Seat, Yanceyville

Office Officer • Address

State Senator 1.5th District J. Hampton Price Leaksville

Member House of Representatives . . W. C. Taylor Blanche

Clerk of Court George M. Harris Yanceyville

Register of Deeds J- Burjh Blaylock Yanceyville

Sheriff J. H. Gunn Yanceyville

Treasurer -James N. Slade Yanceyville

Auditor James N. Slade Yanceyville

Tax Supervisor R. E. Wilson Y'anceyville

Tax Collector R- E. Wilson Yanceyville

Countv Accountant James N. Slade Yanceyville

County Health Officer Dr. F. M. Drake Spray

Supt. of Schools Holland McSwain Yanceyville

Supt. of Public Welfare Leona Graham Yanceyville

Home Demonstration Agent

White C. Louise Homevvood Yanceyville

Colored Helen M. Payne Yanceyville

Farm Demonstration Agent

White J- E. Zimmerman Yanceyville

Colored William N. Knight Yanceyville

Chmn. Bd. Edu.-ation O. A. Powell Yanceyville

Chmn. Bd. Elections L. W. Lillard Yanceyville

District Game & Fish Protector . . . Raymo-^d Allen Leasburg

County Attornev Robt. T. Wilson Yanceyville

County Librarian Mrs. S. A. Malloy Yanceyville

Recorder's Court:

Judge C. L. Pemberton Yanceyville

Solicitor E. F. Upchurch Yanceyville


Chairman E. A. Allison Yanceyville

Commissioner A. P. Dabbs Yanceyville

Commissioner Geo. R. Carter Rt. 4, Danville, Va.

Commissioner W. W. Pointer Blanche

Commissioner E. S. Butler Rt. 1, Reidsville


Catawba County was formed in 1S42 from Lincoln. Was named after a

tribe of Indians which dwelt in that section of the State. Catawba County voted
with Gaston and Lincoln until 1854.

Population, 51,65.3 County Seat, Newton

State Senators 25th District C. H. Dearman Statesville

G. Andrew Warlick Newton

Member House of Representatives. . Harry VanderLinden Hickory

Clerk of Court P- W. Deaton Newton

Register of Deeds Mrs. Willie Trott Newton

Sheriff Ray E. Pitts Newton

Treasurer N. J. Sigmon Newton

Tax Suiiervisor C. E. Gwin Newton

Tax Collector N. J. Sigmon Newton

Coroner ^^'^ Reynolds Newton

Surveyor G. Ssm Rowe Newton

County Health Officer Dr. E. H. Ellinwood Newton

County Government 511

Office Officer Address

Supt. of Schools M. C. Campbell Newton

Supt. of Public Welfare Joseline Harding Newton

Home Demonstration Agent Wylie Knox Newton

Farm Demonstration Agent Jesse Giles Newton

Chmn. Bd. Education Ralph A. Sigmon Claremont

Chmn. Bd. Elections D. Lee Setzer Newton

Distri 't Game & Fish Protector . . . John C. Fairchikl Conover

County Manager N. J. Sigmon Newton

County Attorney J. C. Rudisill Newton

County Librarian George Lindler Newton

Veterans Service Officer G. A. Warlick Newton

Recorder's Court :

Judge Emmett C. Willis Hickory

Solicitor W. J. Sherrod Newton

Hickory Recorder's Court:

Judge Marshall V. Yount Hickory

Solicitor George Hovey Hickory


Chairman Carl V. Cline Hickory

Commissioner Adrian Shuford, Jr Conover

Commissioner George L. Winters Claremont

Commissioner C. E. Rudisill Vale

Commissioner N. W. Jones Rt. 2, Newton

Chatham County was formed in 1770 from Orange. Was named in honor
of the great Englishman who won for England all of French America and was
the most elotjuent defender of the American cause in the British Parliament dur-
ing the Revolution -William Pitt, Earl of Chatham.
Population, 24,726 County Seat. Pittsboro

State Senators 13th District -T. C. Pittman Sanford

R. N. Simms, Jr Raleigh

Member House of Representatives. . T. Fleet Baldwin Siler City

Clerk of Court E. B. Hatch Pittsboro

Register of Deeds J. W. Emerson, Jr Pittsboro

Sheriff G. H. Andrews Pittsboro

Treasurer I?ank of Pittsboro Pittsboro

Auditor T. V. Riggsbee Pittsboro

Tax Supervisor J. W. Emerson, Jr Pittsboro

Tax Collector G. H. Andrews Pittsboro

County Accountant T. V. Riggsbee Pittsboro

Coroner H. It. Stone Siler City

Surveyor Lloyd R. Womble Siler City

County Health Officer Dr. Catherine E. Coleman Pittsboro

Supt. of Schools J. S. Waters Pittsboro

Supt. of Public Welfare Mrs. C. K. Strowd RED, Pittsboro

Home Demonstration Agent

White Flossie Whitley Pittsboro

Colored Mildred B. Payton Pittsboro

Farm Demonstration Agent

White J. B. Snipes Pittsboro

Colored John Turner Pittsboro

Chmn. Bd. Education C. A. Snipes Bynum

Chmn. Bd. Elections C. M. Pattishall Rt. 4, Sanford

District Game & Fish Protector . . . Eugene A. Jo"es Siler City

Forest Warden Adolphus B. Clark Pittsboro

County Attorney Wade Barber Pittsboro

Coimty Librarian Mrs. Milton Heath Siler City

512 North Carolina Manual

Office Officer Address

Veterans Service Officer Charles Beddingfleld Oxford

County Criminal Court:

Judge J- L. Moody Siler City

Solicitor F- C. Upchurch Pittsboro


Chairman E. J. Dark Pittsboro

Commissioner W. B. Emerson Bear Creek

Commissioner E. E. Walden Moncure


Cherokee County was formed in 1839 from Macon. Was named after an In-
dian tribe which still dwells in that section of the state.
Population, 18,813 County Seat, Murphy

Office Officer Address

State Senator 33rd District L. B. Nichols ^J}^^^^^

Member House of Representatives. . J. H. Duncan Murphy

Clerk of Court J- L- Hall ^''''^]!'^

Register of Deeds B. L. Padgett ^"'"^^^

gheriff Frank C. Crawford Murphy

Auditor ■.::.: E. L. shields ^'""''u^

Tax Supervisor E. L. Shields ^"'^^^^

Tax Collector E. L. Shields ?!"'"''^^

County Accountant E. L. Shields ^J"'"^^^

Coroner Dr. Harry Miller Murphy

Surveyor O. G. Anderson Culberson

County Health Officer Dr. Marvin Nathan ^I"'""!}^

Supt. of Schools Lloyd Hendrix ?!"'■''^^

Supt. of Public Welfare Mrs. Laura H. Freeman Murphy

Home Demonstration Agent Mary Cornwell Murphy

Farm Demonstration Agent A. Q. Ketner ?;"''''!!^

Chmn. Bd. Education Noah Hembree Murphy

Chmn. Bd. Elections A. J. Hembree Murphy

Distri-:t Game & Fish Protector ... A. R. Dalrymple ?^"''^r^

Forest Warden Ernest Burnett Rt. 2, Murphy

County Attorney J- B. Gray .. ^J"'"^^

County Librarian Josephine Heighway ^"'■^u^'

Veterans Service Officer D. E. Sigmon Murphy


Chairman E A^ Wood ^^'^"'T'

Commissioner W. E. Moore . . . . Murphy

Commissioner M. H. Palmer Rt. 3. Murphy

Chowan County was formed in 1672 from Albemarle. Was named for an
Indian tribe dwelling in the northeastern part of the State when the English
first came to North Carolina.
Population, 11,572 County Seat, Edenton

State Senators 1st District W. I. Halstead . South Mills

J. Emmett Winslow Hertford

Member House of Representatives. . J. H. MoMullan Edenton

Clerk of Court E. W. Spires ^^^"1°"

Register of Deeds M. L. Bunch Edenton

Sheriff Bunch Edenton

Treasurer . . . ■ George C. Hoskins Edenton

Tax Supervisor " P- S. McMullan Edenton

County Government 513

Office Officer Address

Tax Collector J- A. Bunch Edenton

County Accountant E. W. Spires Edenton

Supt. of Schools W. J. Taylor Edenton

Supt. of Public Welfare Mrs. Carolyn C. McMuUan Edenton

Home Demonstration Agent

White Rebecca E. Colwell Edenton

Colored Esther B. Rascoe Edenton

Farm Demonstration Agent

White C. W. Overman Edenton

Colored J- B. Small Edenton

Chmn. Bd. Education J. E. Wood Edenton

Chmn. Bd. Elections L. S. Byrum Edenton

District Game & Fish Protector ... R. E. Evans Rt. 1, Edenton

Forest Warden F. V. White Rt. 1, Edenton

County Attorney J. N. Fruden Edenton

County Librarian Mrs. S. M. McMullan Edenton

Veterans Service Officer Stephen H. Alford Elizabeth City

Recorder's Court :

Judge Marvin P. Wilson Edenton

Solicitor Weldon A. Hollowell Edenton


Chairman W. W. Byrum Edenton

Commissioner E. N. Elliott Tyner

Commissioner A. S. Hollowell Edenton

Commissioner J. A. Webb Rt. 2, Edenton

Commissioner J. R. Peele Rt. 3, Edenton

Clay County was formed in 1861 from Cherokee. Was named in honor of
the great orator and statesman, Henry Clay. Prior to 1868 Clay voted with
Population, 6,405 County Seat, Hayesville

State Senator 3.3rd District L. B. Nichols Andrews

Member House of Representatives. . Fred D. Pass Hayesville

Clerk of Court Gaorge H. Martin Hayesville

Register of Deeds William H. Crisp Hayesville

Sheriff Glenn Swanson Hayesville

Treasurer F. B. Garrett Hayesville

Auditor F. B. Garrett Hayesville

Tax Supervisor P. C. Scroggs Hayesville

Tax Collector Glenn Swanson Hayesville

County Accountant F. B. Garrett Hayesville

Coroner Dr. P. B. Killian Hayesville

Surveyor E. C. Mease Hayesville

County Health Officer Dr. M. M. Nathan Murphy

Sunt, of Schools Alien J. Bell Hayesville

Supt. of Public Welfare Alvin L. Penland Hayesville

Home Demonstration Agent Velma Beam Moore Hayesville

Farm Demonstration Agent R. G. Vick Hayesville

Chmn. Bd. Education Frank Rogers Shooting Creek

Chmn. Bd. Elections W. G. Mingus Hayesville

District Game & Fish Protector . . . Georre Garrett Hayesville

Forest VN^arden Perry Tipton Hayesville

County Manager F. R. Garrett Hayesville

County Attorney T. C. Gray Hayesville

Veterans Service Officer Martha F. Jones Hayesville


Chairman W- G. Mingus Hayesville

Commissioner C. A. Auberry Hayesville

Commissioner Wayne Hogsed Shooting Creek

514 North Carolina Manual

Cleveland County was formed in 1841 from Rutherford and Lincoln. Was
named in honor of Colonel Benjamin Cleveland, a noted partisan leader on
the western Carolina frontier in the Revolution, and one of the "Heroes of
King's Mountain."

Population, 58,055 County Seat, Shelby

Office Officer Address

State Senators 27th District Chas. C. Dalton Spindale

Lee R. Weathers Shelby

Member House of Representatives. . B. T. Falls, Jr Shelby

Clerk of Court E. A. Houser, Jr Shelby

Register of Deeds Dan W. Moore Shelby

Sheriff H. A. Lo.?an, Jr Shelby

Treasurer Mrs. Lillian Newton Shelby

Auditor Charles Wood.son Shelby

Tax Supervisor Charles Woodson Shelby

Tax Collector R. S. Gidney Shelby

County Accountant Charles Woodson Shelby

Coroner OIlie Harris Kings Mountain

Surveyor D. R. S. Frazier Shelby

County Health Ofhcer Dr. Z. P. Mitchell Shelby

Supt. of Schools J. H. Grigg Shelby

Supt. of Public Welfare Mrs. Mary B. Parker Shelby

Home Demonstration Agent

White Launa Brashers Shelby

Colored Thelma E. McVea Shelby

Favm Demonstration Agent

White Ben Jenkins Shelby

Colored Leon J. McDougle Shelby

Chmn. Bd. Education A. L. Calton Lattimore

Chmn. Bd. Elections H. C. Hendrix Shelby

District Game & Fish Protector . . . H. F. Beam Shelby

County Attorney B. T. Falls Shelby

County Librarian Dorothy Grigg Shelby

Veterans Service Officer Chalmos L. Miller Fallston

Recorder's Court:

Judge L. T. Hfimrick, Jr Shelby

Solicitor Bynum E. Weathers Shelby


Chairman Z. V. Cline Rt. 1, Shelby

Commissioner H. W. McKinney Rt. 1, Mooresboro

Commissioner \. C. Bra.'kett Casar


Columbus County was fornned in 1808 from Bladen and Brunswick. Was
named in honor of the Discoverer of the New World.

Population, 45,663 County Seat, Whiteville

State Senators 10th District R. J. Hester, Jr Elizabethtown

Gilbert A. Shaw Fayetteville

Member House of Representatives . . J. K. Powell Whiteville

Clerk of Court Lee J. Greer Whiteville

Register of Deeds Leo L. Fisher Whiteville

Sheriff H=-rman D. Stanley Whiteville

Auditor W. D. Brooks Whiteville

Tax Supervisor Mrs. Veiie Rouse Whiteville

Tax Collector W. D. Brooks Whiteville

Coroner Hugh Nance Cerro Gorda

Surveyor Herman Schnibben Whiteville

County Health Officer Dr. Floyd Johnson Whiteville

Supt. of Schools W. J. Boger Whiteville

County Government 515

Office Officer Address

Supt. cf Public Welfare Mrs. Johnsie Nunn Whiteville

Home Demonstration Agent Nan Ratliff Whiteville

Fai-m Demonstration Agent Charles D. Raper Whiteville

Chmn. Pd. Education R. J. Lamb Whiteville

Chmn. Bd. Elections A. E. Powell, Jr Whiteville

District Game & Fish Protector . . . D. E. Hewitt Whiteville

Fill °st Warden Joe Teerelevick Whiteville

County Attorney E. K. Proctor Whiteville

County Librarian Edna Creech Whiteville

Veterans Service Officer Thurston Formyduval Whiteville

Recorder's Court :

Judge W. E. Harrelson Whiteville

Solicitor Richard E. Weaver Whiteville


Chairman A. W. Williamson Cerro Gorda

Commissioner Alex W. Weir Lake Waccamaw

Commissioner Bud Stephens Rt. 1, Boardman

Commissioner D. H. Jordan Tabor City

Commissioner William F. Floyd Whiteville


Craven County was formed about 1712 from Bath. Was named in honor of
William, Lord Craven, one of the Lords Proprietors of Carolina.
Population, .31,298 County Seat, New Bern

State Senators 7th District John D. Larkins, Jr Trenton

D. L. Ward New Bern

Member House of Representatives. . Burl G. Hardison New Bern

Clerk of Court L. E. Lancaster New Bern

Register of Deeds J. S. Holland New Bern

Sheriff Chas. B. Berry New Bern

Treasurer Branch Bank & Trust Co New Bern

Auditor B. O. Jones New Bern

Tax Supervisor B. O. Jones New Bern

Tax Collector C. C. Pritchett New Bern

County Accountant B. O. Jones New Bern

Coroner Raymond Pollock, Jr New Bern

County Health Officer Dr. Eugene A. Bain New Bern

Supt. of Schools R. L. Pugh New Bern

Supt. of Public Welfare Mrs. J D. Whitford New Bern

Home Demonstration Agent

White Jessie Trowbridge New Bern

Colored Mrs. Marietta Carrington New Bern

Farm Demonstration Agent

White A. T. Jackson New Bern

Colored Otis Evans New Bern

Chmn. Bd. Education C. A. Seifert New Bern

Chmn. Bd. Elections A. O. Kafer New Bern

District Game & Fish Protector . . . R. L. Watson New Bern

Forest Warden S. B. Norris New Bern

County Attorney R. A. Nunn New Bern

County Librarian Mary Scott Gurley New Bern

Recorder's Court :

Judge Lawrence E. Lancaster Vanceboro

SoHcitor D. C. McCotter, Jr New Bern


Chairman G. W. Ipock Ernul

Commissioner T. W. Haywood New Bern

Commissioner C. D. I^ascaster New Bern

Commissioner Fdvvrard Ipock New Bern

Commissioner A. L. Dail New Bern

516 North Carolina Manual

Cumberland County was formed in 1754 from Bladen. Was named in honor
of William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland, second son of King George IL Cum-
berland was the commander of the English army at the battle of Culloden, in
which the Scotch Highlanders were so badly defeated. Many of them came to
America, and their principal settlement was at Cross Creek in Cumberland
Population, .50,320 County Seat, Fayetteville

Office Officer Address

State Senators 10th District R. J. Hester, Jr Elizabethtown

Gilbert A. Shaw Fayetteville

Members House of Representatives. F. M. Averitt Fayetteville

Troy A. Fisher Fayetteville

Clerk of Court C. W. Broadfoot Fayetteville

Register of Deeds J. W. Johnson Fayetteville

Sheriff N. H. McGeachy Fayetteville

Treasurer R. E. Nimocks Fayetteville

Tax Supervisor T. G. Braxton Fayetteville

Tax Collector B. C. Bramble Fayetteville

Coroner Joe Pinkston Fayetteville

County Health Officer Dr. M. T. Foster Fayetteville

Supt. of Schools F. D. Byrd Fayetteville

Supt. of Public Welfare E. L. Houser Fayetteville

Home Demonstration Agent

White Lena Bullard Rt. 2, Fayetteville

Colored Jeannette Bass Fayetteville

Farm Demonstration Agent

White J. T. Monroe Fayetteville

Colored B. B. Gaillard Fayetteville

Chmn. Bd. Education L B. Julian Fayetteville

Chmn. Bd. Elections F. B. Rankin Fayetteville

District Game & Fish Protector . . . Oscar Chadwick Rt. 3, Fayetteville

Forest Warden P. P. Smith Rt. 3, Fayetteville

County Attorney C. C. Howard Fayetteville

County Librarian Mrs. Dorothy Shue Fayetteville

Veterans Service Officer Coy E. Brewer Fayetteville

Recorder's Court :

Judge James MacRae Fayetteville

Solicitor Seavy A. Carroll Fayetteville


Chairman J. B. Wilkins Linden

Commissioner Lector E. Ray Fayetteville

Commissioner William K. Monroe Fayetteville

Commissioner Fred Kinlaw Rt. 5, Fayetteville

Commissioner Frank M. Barrett Fayetteville

Currituck County was formed in 1672 from Albemarle. Was named after an
Indian tribe.
Population, 6,709 County Seat, Currituck

Office Officer Address

State Senators 1st District W. I. Halstead South Mills

J. Emmett Winslow Hertford

Member House of Representatives . . E. R. Johnson Currituck

Clerk of Court H. E. Forbes Currituck

Register of Deeds Mrs. Edna L. Blossom Currituck

Sheriff L. L. Dozier Currituck

Tro?5surer Bank of Currituck Currituck

.\uditor Mrs. Alice S. Brumsey Currituck

County Government 517

Office Officer Address

Tax Supervisor Mrs. Edna L. Blossom Currituck

Tax Collector L. L. Dozier Currituck

County Accountant Mrs. Alice S. Brumsey Currituck

Coroner J. Bryan Smith Spot

Supt. of Schools W. H. Tuck Currituck

Supt. of Public Welfare Norman Hughes Currituck

Home Demonstration Agent Margaret Myers Currituck

Farm Demonstration Agent L. A. Powell Barco

Chmn. Bd. Education O. L. Woodhouse Grandy

Chmn. Bd. Elections J. T. Etheridge Shawboro

District Game & Fish Protector . . . W. L. Boswood Maple

County Attorney E. R. Woodard Coinjock

County Librarian Mrs. John D. Welch Moyock

Veterans Service Offioer Norman Hughes Currituck

Recorder's Court :

Judge W. F. Leary Gregory

Solicitor W. C. Morse, Jr Elizabeth City


Chairman N. M. Ansell Munden, Va.

Commissioner Edward Roberts Gregory

Commissioner H. D. Newbern, Jr Powells Point


Dare County was formed in 1870 from Currituck, Tyrrell, and Hyde. Was
named in honor of Virginia Dare, the first English child born in America.

Population, 6,041 County Seat, Manteo

State Senators 2nd District Sam M. Campen Alliance

John C. Rodman Washington

Member House of Representatives. . D. L. Hayman Nags Head

Clerk of Court C. S. Meekins Manteo

Register of Deeds Melvin R. Daniels Manteo

Sheriff Frank M. Gaboon Manteo

Treasurer Bank of Manteo Manteo

Auditor Clarence Day Manteo

Tax Supervisor Mabel Basnight Manteo

Tax Collector Frank M. Gaboon Manteo

County Accountant C. S. Meekins Manteo

Coroner Marvin Rogers Manteo

County Health Officer Hal F. Daniels Manteo

Supt. of Schools R. I. Leake Manteo

Supt. of Public Welfare L P. Davis Manteo

Home Demonstration Agent Mary E. Fearing Manteo

Farm Demonstration Agent Robert S. Smith Manteo

Chmn. Bd. Education E. P. White Buxton

Chmn. Bd. Elections Mrs. Estelle B. Tillett Manteo

District Game & Fish Protector ...Jack B. Ballance Kill Devil Hill

Forest Warden A. B. Hooper Stumpy Point

County Attorney Martin Kellogg, Jr Manteo

County Librarian Mrs. Georgia E. Harwood Manteo

Veterans Service Officer L P. Davis Manteo

Recorder's Court :

Judge W. F. Baum Manteo

Solicitor Martin Kellogg, Jr Manteo


Chairman D. V. Meekins Manteo

Commissioner C. C. Duvall East Lake

Commissioner H. F. Perry Kitty Hawk

Commissioner James W. Scarborough Avon

Commissioner M. L. Burrus Hatteras

518 North Carolina Manual


Davidson County was formed in 1822 from Rowan. Was named in honor
of General William Lee Davidson, a soldier of the Revolution, who was killed
at the Rattle of Cowan's Ford. When General Greene retreated across North
Carolina before Cornwallis in 1781, he stationed some troops under General David-
son at Cowan's Ford over the Catawba River to delay the British Army. The
British attacked the Americans, killed General Davidson, and forced the passage.
The United States has erected a monument in his honor on Guilford Battleground.

Population, 53,377 County Seat, Lexington

Office Officer Address

State Senators 18th District Edwin Pate Laurinburg

Wade H. Phillips Lexington

Member House of Representatives. . L. A. Martin Lexington

Clerk of Court M. P. Cooper Lexington

Register of Deeds M. V. Lomax Lexington

Sheriff W. G. Fritts Lexington

Treasurer Mrs. Gladys Johnson liexington

Auditor A. C. Michael, Jr Lexington

Tax Supervisor A. C. Michael, Jr Lexington

Tax Collector W. G. Fritts Lexington

County Accountant A. C. Michael, Jr Lexington

Coroner Dr. Dermont Lohr Lexington

Surveyor Lee Vanhoy Welcome

County Health Officer Dr. G. C. Gambrell Lexington

Supt. of Schools Paul F. Evans Lexington

Supt. of Public Welfare Matilda Umholtz Lexington

Home Demonstration Agent I^ala Blalock Lexington

Farm Demonstration Agent C. E. Bernhardt Lexington

Chmn. Bd. Education Raljih Wilson Thomasville

Chmn. Bd. Elections D. L. Pickard Lexington

District Game & Fish Protector . . . J. B. Green Thomasville

County Manager A. C. Michael, Jr Lexington

County Attorney S. A. DeLapp Lexington

County Librarian Antoinette Earle Lexington

Veterans Service Officer Joe Hege, Jr Lexington

Davidson County Court :

Judge T. S. Wall, Jr Lexington

Solicitor Charles Mauze Lexington

Denton Recorder's Court :

Judge A. S. Snider Denton

Thomasville Recorder's Court:

Judge W. H. Steed Thomasville

Solicitor L. Roy Hughes Thomasville


Chairman D. S. Siceloff , Jr Lexington

Commissioner Roby Taylor Lexington

Commissioner A. A. Foltz Rt. 4, Lexington

Commissioner Charlie A. Cline Thomasville

Ccmmissioner A. R. Morris Denton

Davie County was formed in 1836 from Rowan. Was named in honor of
William R. Davie, distinguished as a soldier of the Revolution, member of the
Federal Convention of 1787, Governor of North Carolina, special Envoy Extraor-
dinary and Minister Plenipotentiary to France, "Father of the University of
North Carolina."
Population, 14,909 County Seat, Mocksville

State Senator 24th District B. C. Brock Mocksville

Member House of Representatives . . J. N. Smoot Mocksville

County Government 519

Office Officer Address

Clerk of Court S. H. Chaffin Mocksville

Register of Deeds C. R. Vogler Mocksville

Sheriff R- Paul Foster Mocksville

Treasurer Inez Naylor Mocksville

Auditor . . . . Inez Naylor Mocksville

Tax Supervisor Inez Naylor Mocksville

Tax Collector Kathlyn Reavis Mocksville

County Accountant Inez Naylor Mocksville

Coroner Dr. G. V. Greene Rt. 3, Mocksville

Surveyor Sam L. Talbert Advance

County Health Officer Dr. Eugene E. Taylor Mocksville

Supt. of Schools Curtis Price Mocksville

Sunt, of Public Welfare Amy Jane Talbert Advance

Home Demonstration Agent Florence Mackie Mocksville

Farm Demonstration Agent F. E. Peebles Mocksville

Chmn. Bd. Education T. C. Pegram Cooleemee

Chmn. Bd. Elections Dr. P. H. Mason Mocksville

Distri t Game & Fish Protector . . . Tom B. Woodruff Mocksville

County Attorney A. T. Grant Mocksville

County Librarian Mrs. Blanche Clement Mocksville

Veterans Service Officer F. R. Leagans Mocksville


Chairman R- P- Martin Mocksville

Commissioner J. M. Groce Rt. 2, Mocksville

Commissioner C. R. Carter Rt. 3, Mocksville

Duplin County was formed in 1749 from New Hanover. Was named in honor
of George Henry Hay, Lord Duplin, an English nobleman.
Population, 39,739 County Seat, Kenansville

State Senators 9th District Roy Rowe Burgaw

Henry Vann Clinton

Member House of Representatives. . Lewis W. Outlaw Seven Springs

Clerk of Court R. V. Wells Kenansville

Register of Deeds A. T. Outlaw Kenansville

Sheriff Ralph J. Jones Kenansville

Treasurer Ralph J. Jones Kenansville

Auditor F. W. McGowen Kenansville

Tax Supervisor F. W. McGowen Kenansville

Tax Collector Gilbert Alphin Kenansville

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