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County Accountant F. W. McGowen Kenansville

Coroner C. B. Sitterson Kenansville

Surveyor R. W. Craft Beulaville

County Health Officer Dr. G. V. Gooding Kenansville

Supt. of Schools O. P. Johnson Kenansville

Supt. of Public Welfare Mrs. Juliette M. Highsmith Kenansville

Home Demonstration Agent

White Hilda Clontz Kenansville

Colored Mabel Peterson Warsaw

Farm Demonstration Agent

White Lacy F. Weeks Kenansville

Colored R. E. Wilkins Kenansville

Chmn. Bd. Education Robert M. Carr Wallace

Chmn. Bd. Elections E. Walker Stevens Warsaw

Distrijt Game & Fish Protector . . . Rill H. Ipock Wallace

Forest Warden Ralph Miller Beulaville

County Attorney H. E. Phillips Kenansville

County Librarian Dorothy Wightman Kenansville

Veterans Service Officer J. B. Wallace Kenansville

520 North Carolina Manual

Office Officer Address

General County Court :

Judge Robert L. West Warsaw

Solicitor Grady Mercer Beulaville


Chairman A. C. Hall Wallace

Commissioner G. D. Bennett Warsaw

Commissioner L. P. Wells RFD, Mt. Olive

Commissioner Arthur Kennedy Beulaville

Commissioner Dallas Jones RFD, Warsaw


Durham County was formed in 1881 from Orange and Wake. Was named
after the town of Durham, a thriving manufacturing city.

Population, 80,244 County Seat, Durham

State Senators 14th District Claude Currie Durham

F. D. Long Roxboro

Members House of Representatives. Dan K. Edwards Durham

Robert M. Gantt Durham

Clerk of Court Wilbert H. Young Durham

Register of Deeds R. Garland Brooks Durham

Sheriff E. G. Belvin Durham

Treasurer J. Frank Adams Durham

Auditor D. W. Newsom Durham

Tax Supervisor Hubert T. Warren Durham

Tax Collector J. M. Markham Durham

County Accountant D. W. Newsom Durham

Coroner R. A. Harton Durham

Surveyor S. M. Credle Durham

County Health Officer Dr. J. H. Epperson Durham

Supt. of Schools W. M. Jenkins Durham

Supt. of Public Welfare W. E. Stanley Durham

Home Demonstration Agent

White Virginia Patrick Durham

Colored Estelle Nixon Durham

Farm Demonstration Agent

White W. B. Pace Durham

Colored J. C. Hubbard Durham

Chmn. Bd. Education T. O. Sorrell Durham

Chmn. Bd. Elections Sigmund Meyers Durham

District Game & Fish Protector . . . W. E. Lowe Durham

Forest Warden J. C. Horton Durham

County Manager D. W. Newsom Durham

County Attorney R. P. Reade Durham

County Librarian Clara Crawford Durham

Veterans Service Officer Paul Noell Durham

Recorder's Court :

Judge A. R. Wilson Durham

Solicitor W. J. Brogden, Jr Durham


Chairman R. L. Brame Durham

Commissioner S. L. Proctor Durham

Commissioner O. A. McCulIers Durham

Commissioner George F. Kirkland Durham

Commissioner J. P. McGuire Durham

County Government 521


Edgecombe County was formed in 1735 from Bertie. Was named in honor of
Ri^'hard Edgecombe, who became Baron Edgecombe in 1742, an English noble-
man and a lord of the treasury.

Population, 49,162 County Seat, Tarboro

Office Officer Address

State Senators 4th District Julian R. Allsbrook Roanoke Rapids

L. H. Fountain Tarboro

Member House of Representatives. . Ben E. Fountain Rocky Mount

Clerk of Court W. S. Babcock Tarboro

Register of Deeds Miss M. B. Bunn Tarboro

Sheriff Tom P. Bardin Tarboro

Treasurer Edgecombe Bank & Trust Co Tarboro

Auditor M. L. Laughlin Tarboro

Ta.x Supervisor M. L. Laughlin Tarboro

Tax Collector R. L. Stancil Tarboro

Coroner Dr. J. G. Raby Tarboro

County Health Officer Dr. John A. Lineberry Tarboro

Supt. of Schools E. D. Johnson Tarboro

Supt. of Public Welfare Constance F. S. Rabin Tarboro

Home Demonstration Agent

White Mrs. J. W. VanLandingham Tarboro

Colored Hazel S. Parker Tarboro

Farm Demonstration Agent

White Joe Powell Tarboro

Colored F. D. Wharton Tarboro

Chmn. Bd. Education Dr. W. W. Green Tarboro

Chmn. Bd. Elections Robt. P. Cherry Speed

District Game & Fish Protector . . . Floyd P. Lupton Tarboro

Forest Warden C. M. Fisher Tarboro

County Attorney C. H. Leggett Tarboro

County Librarian Janie Allsbrook Tarboro

Veterans Service Officer Herbert H. Taylor, Jr Tarboro

Recorder's Court :

Judge Herbert H. Taylor, Jr Tarboro

Solicitor M. C. Staton Tarboro


Chairman B. C. Mayo Tarboro

Commissioner Leslie Calhoune Rocky Mount

Commissioner W. C. Hargrove Tarboro

Commissioner E. Y. Lovelace Macclesfield

Commissioner J. T. Lawrence RFD, Tarboro


Forsyth County was formed in 1849 from Stokes. Was named in honor of
Colonel Benjamin Forsyth. U.S.A., a citizen of Stokes County, who was killed
on the Canadian frontier on June 28, 1814, during the second war with Great
Population, 126,475 County Seat, Winston-Salem

State Senator 22nd District Rex Gass Winston-Salem

Members House of Representatives. Winfield Blackwell Winston-Salem

J. McRae Dalton Winston-Salem

F. L. Gobble Winston-Salem

Clerk of Court W. E. Church Winston-Salem

Register of Deeds J. M. Lentz Winston-Salem

Sheriff Ernie G. Shore Winston-Salem

Auditor W. N. Schultz Winston-Salem

Tax Supervisor . . . , William M. Taylor Winston-Salerrj

522 North Carolina Manual

Office Officer Address

Tax Collector Walter A. Mickle Winston-Salem

County Accountant W. N. Schultz Winston-Sa]em

Coroner Dr. W. N. Dalton Winston-Salem

Surveyor .Tune Lineback Winston-Salem

County Health Officer Dr. Fred G. Pegg Winston-Salem

Supt. of Schools R. F. W. Brimley Winston-Salem

Supt. of Public Welfare A. W. Cline Winston-Salem

Home Demonstration Agent

White Mrs. Elizabeth Tuttle Winston-Salem

Colored Mrs. Lottie Hairston Winston-Salem

Farm Demonstration Agent S. R. Mitchiner Winston-Salem

Chmn. Bd. Education Dan L. Drummond Winston-Salem

Chmn. Bd. Elections T. Spruill Thornton Winston-Salem

District Game & Fish Protector ... J. E. Scott Clemmons

County Attorney Nat S. Crews Winston-Salem

County Librarian Janet Trotter Winston-Sa!em

Winston-Salem Municipal Court:

Judge Leroy Sams Winston-Salem

Solicitor C. F. Burns Winston-Salem


Chairman Roy W. Craft Winston-Salem

Commissioner James G. Hanes Winston-Salem

Commissioner William B. Simpson Winston-Salem

Franklin County was formed in 1779 from Bute. Was named in h(jnor of
Benjamin Franklin.
Population, 30,382 County Seat, Louisburg

State Senators 6th District J. C. Eagles, Jr Wilson

O. B. Moss Spring Hope

Member House of Representatives. . H. C. Kearney Franklinton

Clerk of Court John W. King Louisburg

Register of Deeds Alex T. Wood Louisburg

Sheriff John P. Moore Louisburg

Treasurer First Citizens Bk. & Trust Co Louisburg

Auditor J- H. Boone Louisburg

Tax Supervisor J. H. Boone Louisburg

Tax Collector K. A. Braswell Louisburg

County Accountant J. H. Boone Louisburg

Coroner Willis Perry Louisburg

County Health Officer Dr. J. R. Turner Louisburg

Supt. of Schools W. F. Mitchell Youngsville

Supt. of Public Welfare Lucy P. Burt Louisburg

Home Demonstration Agent

White Mrs. Essa D. Shaw Louisburg

Colored Margaret Bladen Louisburg

Farm Demonstration Agent

White Walter E. Fuller Louisburg

Colored Geo. Leonard P. Moore Louisburg

Chmn. Bd. Education H. S. Pearce Franklinton

Chmn. Bd. Elections A. F. Johnson Louisburg

District Game & Fish Protector . . . Phil R. Wilson Bunn

Forest Warden Joe A. Pearce Louisburg

County Attorney E. F. Griffin Louisburg

County Librarian Nannie Crowder Henderson

Veterans Service Officer Mary White Nash Rt. 2, Zebulon

Recorder's Court :

Judge J. E. Malone Louisburg

Solicitor E. F. Griffin Louisburg

County Government 523


Office Officer Address

Chairman H. S. Pearce Franklinton

Commissioner P. W. Joyner Rt. 1, Louisburg

Commissioner H. T. Bartholomew Louisburg

Commissioner J. Ira Weldon Rt. 3, Louisburg

Commissioner L. L. Sturdivant Rt. 1, Castalia


Gaston County was formed in 1846 from Lincoln. Was named in honor of
Judge William Gaston, Member of Congress and Justice of the Supreme Court of
North Carolina. From 1846 to 1852 Gaston voted with Lincoln and Catawba.
Population, 87,531 County Seat, Gastonia

State Senator 26th District R. Grady Rankin Gastonia

Members House of Representatives. James Boyce Garland Gastonia

Carl W. Howard Bessemer City

Clerk of Court Paul E. Monroe Gastonia

Register of Deeds Mrs. Rubye D. Rhyne Gastonia

Sheriff Hoyle T. Efird Gastonia

Treasurer E. L. Froneberger Gastonia

Auditor C. E. Dent Gastonia

Tax Supervisor Fred H. Shuford Gastonia

Tax Collector Fred H. Shuford Gastonia

County Accountant C. E. Dent Gastonia

Coroner Wm. G. McLean Gastonia

Surveyor James Burrell Gastonia

County Health Officer Dr. R. E. Rhyne Gastonia

Supt. of Schools Hunter Huss Gastonia

Supt. of Public Welfare T. Graham Ponder Gastonia

Home Demonstration Agent Lucile Tatum Gastonia

Farm Demonstration Agent Paul Kiser Gastonia

Chmn. Bd. Education M. A. Stroup Cherryville

Chmn. Bd. Elections James Mullen Gastonia

District Game & Fish Protector . . . W. K. Harris Gastonia

County Attorney H. B. Gaston Belmont

County Librarian Mrs. Bruce Heafner Gastonia

Veterans Service Officer Charlie Hawkins Gastonia

Recorder's Courts :

Bessemer City:

Judge C. B. Woltz Bessemer City

Solicitor Henry L. Kiser Bessemer City


Judge G. A. Lohr Cherryville

Solicitor D. P. Dellinger Cherryville

Gastonia :

Judge Julius T. Sanders Gastonia

Solicitor O. F. Mason, Jr Gastonia

Mount Holly :

Judge T. A. Belk Mount Holly

Solicitor Christine Batchelor Mount Holly


Chairman R. L. Stowe Belmont

Commissioner B. B. Gardner Gastonia

Commissioner J. W. Summey Dallas

Commissioner C. Edwin Hutchison Mount Holly

Commissioner Fred Ormand Bessemer City

Commissioner R. E. Eaker Cherryville

524 North Carolina Manual


Gates County was formed in 1778 from Chowan, Perquimans, and Hertford.
Was named in honor of General Horatio Gates, who commanded the American
Army at the battle of Saratoga. At this battle an entire British Army was
captured, but General Gates contributed nothing to that success. It is regarded
as one of the most important battles in the history of the world.

Population, 10,060 County Seat, Gatesville

Office Officer Address

State Senators 1st District W. I. Halstead South Mills

J. Emmett Winslow Hertford

Member House of Representatives. . Clarence P. Hathaway Sunbury

Clerk of Court L. C. Hand Gatesville

Register of Deeds Tazewell D. Eure Gatesville

Sheriff L. F. Overman Gatesville

Treasurer Bank of Gates Gatesville

Auditor Tazewell D. Eure Gatesville

Tax Supervisor Tazewell D. Eure Gatesville

Tax Collector L. F. Overman Gatesville

County Accountant Tazewell D. Eure Gatesville

Coroner J. W. Parker Gatesville

County Health Officer Dr. P. B. Cleveland Gatesville

Supt. of Schools W. C. Harrell Gatesville

Supt. of Public Welfare Mrs. Clarine G. Carter Gatesville

Home Demonstration Agent

White Bertha Mallard Gatesville

Colored Mrs. Pennie Battle Gatesville

Farm Demonstration Agent

White John W. Artz Gatesville

Colored H. L. Mitchell Gatesville

Chmn. Bd. Education H. F. Parker Eure

Chmn. Bd. Elections P. F. Edmond Gatesville

District Game & Fish Protector . . . D. E. Barnes Corapeake

Forest Warden H. L. Langston, Jr Gates

County Attorney Hubert Eason Gatesville

County Librarian Dorothy Avery Winton

County Court:

Judge H. V. Beamon Gatesville

Solicitor Hubert Eason Gatesville


Chairman C. H Carter Hobbsville

Commissioner W. L. Askew Eure

Commissioner J. E. Gregory Sunbury

Commissioner T. J. Stallings Hobbsville

Commissioner A. H. Russell Roduco


Graham County was formed in 1872 from Cherokee. Was named in honor
of Governor William A. Graham, United States Senator, Governor of North Caro-
lina, Secretary of the Navy, Confederate States Senator. Graham County voted
with Cherokee until 1883.

Popultion, 6,418 County Seat, Robbinsville

State Senator 33rd District L. B. Nichols Andrews

Member House of Representatives. .Dennis Massey Robbinsville

Clerk of Court Thomas M. Carver Robbinsville

Register of Deeds Harvie J. Odom Robbinsville

Sheriff J. B. Crisp Robbinsville

Auditor R. P. Jenkins Robbinsville

Tax Supervisor J. F. Hyde Robbinsville

County Government 525

Office Officer Address

Tax Collector R- P- Jenkins Robbinsville

County Accountant R. P. Jenkins Robbinsville

Coroner Sam Sharpe Robbinsville

Surveyor R- O. Sherrill Yellow Creek

County Health Officer Dr. Marvin M. Nathan Murphy

Supt. of Schools Floyd S. Griffin Robbinsville

Supt. of Public Welfare Mrs. Lura S. Bales Robbinsville

Home Demonstratin Agent Nellie Jo Carter Robbinsville

Farm Demonstration Agent P. J. Gibson Robbinsville

Chmn. Bd. Education Patton Phillips Robbinsville

Chmn. Bd. Elections C. P. Sawyer Robbinsville

District Game & Fish Protector . . . C. L. Garland Robbinsville

Forest Warden Wayne Ayres Robbinsville

County Attorney R. B. Morphew Robbinsville

Veterans Service Officer Mrs. Gladys H. Jordan Robbinsville


Chairman Clyde Lovin Robbinsville

Commissioner J. H. Collins Robbinsville

Commissioner J. D. Allen Robbinsville


Granville County was formed in 1746 from Edgecombe. Was named in honor
of John Carteret, Earl Granville, who owned the Granville District. He was
Prime Minister under King George II, and a very brilliant man.

Population, 29,344 County Seat, Oxford

State Senators 14th District Claude Currie Durham

F. D. Long Roxboro

Member Hoiise of Representatives. . Thomas W. Allen Creedmoor

Clerk of Court A. W. Graham, Jr Oxford

Register of Deeds Mrs. Flora O. Mann Oxford

Sheriff E. P. Davis Oxford

Auditor W. J. Webb Oxford

Tax Supervisor W. J. Webb Oxford

Coroner F. Earle Hunt Oxford

County Health Officer Dr. Ballard Norwood Oxford

Supt. of Schools B. D. Bunn Oxford

Supt. of Public Welfare Hallie Coppedge (Acting) Oxford

Home Demonstration Agent

White Mrs. Dorothy G. Wilkinson Oxford

Colored Mary Parham Oxford

Farm Demonstration Agent

White C. V. Morgan Oxford

Colored J. R. Redding Rt. 2, Oxford

Chmn. Bd. Education Dr. R. L. Noblin Oxford

Chmn. Bd. Elections John N. Watkins, Jr Oxford

District Game & Fish Protector . . . Thomas D. Brummitt Oxford

County Attorney T. G. Stem Oxford

County Librarian Mrs. Edith F. Cannady Oxford

District Game & Fish Protector . . . T. G. Stem, Jr Oxford

Recorder's Court :

Judge F. W. Hancock, Jr Oxford

Solicitor Edward F. Taylor Oxford


Chairman A. H. A. Williams Oxford

Commissioner W. D. Mangum Rt. 1, Oxford

Commissioner W. W. Whitfield Creedmoor

Commissioner R. T. Eakes Rt. 4, Oxford

Commissioner Fielding Knott Rt. 2, Oxford

526 North Carolina Manual


Greene County was formed in 1799 from Glasgow. Was named in honor of

General Nathaniel Greene, Washington's "right-hand man." Next to Washington,

General Greene is regarded as the greatest soldier of the Revolution. He fought

the battle of Guilford Courthouse and saved North Carolina from the British.

Population, 18,548 County Seat, Snow Hill

Office Officer Address

State Senators 7th Distri-:t John D. Larkins, Jr Trenton

D. L. Ward New Bern

Member House of Representatives. . A. C. Edwards Hookerton

Clerk of Court J. E. Mewborn Snow Hill

Register of Deeds Mrs. Beulah R. Edwards Snow Hill

Sheriff H. K. Cobb Snow Hill

Treasurer B. S. Albritton Snow Hill

Auditor Geo. W. Edwards Snow Hill

Tax Supervisor Geo. W. Edwards Snow Hill

Tax Collector W. R. Lane Snow Hill

County Accountant Geo. W. Edwards Snow Hill

County Health Officer Dr. S. B. McPheeters Snow Hill

Supt. of Schools B. L. Davis Snow Hill

Supt. of Public Welfare Rachel Payne Sugg Snow Hill

Home Demonstration Agent Margaret McGowan Snow Hill

Farm Demonstration Agent John Grant Snow Hill

Chmn. Bd. Education Ed. S. Taylor Walstonburg

Chmn. Bd. Elections H. Maynard Hicks Snow Hill

District Game & Fish Protector . . . W. L. Heath Snow Hill

Forest Warden J. C. Joyner Snow Hill

County Attorney W. G. Sheppard Snow Hill

County Librarian Mrs. Edna L. Baker Snow Hill

County Court :

Judge W. G. Sheppard Snow Hill

Solicitor C. W. Beaman Snow Hill


Chairman J. S. Whitley Walstonburg

Commissioner Lemuel Dawson Snow Hill

Commissioner L. F. Herring Snow Hill

Commissioner W. B. Gay Walstonburg

Commissioner E. E. Butts Hookerton


Guilford County was formed in 1770 from Rowan and Orange. Was named
in honor of Francis North, Earl of Guilford, an English nobleman. He was the
father of Lord North, who was Prime Minister under King George III during the
Revolution. Lord North afterwards succeeded his father as Earl of Guilford.

Population, 153,916 County Seat, Greensboro

State Senator 17th District George T. Penny Greensboro

Members House of Representatives. Shelley B. Caveness Greensboro

Walter E. Crissman High Point

O. Arthur Kirkman High Point

Clyde A. Shreve Stokesdale

Clerk of Court J. P. Shore Greensboro

Register of Deeds John H. McAdoo Greensboro

Sheriff John E. Walters Greensboro

Treasurer W. C. Johnson Greensboro

Auditor John T. Harrington Greensboro

Tax Supervisor Wm. F. Hester Greensboro

Tax Collector Wm. F. Hester Greensboro

County Government 527

OflSce Officer Address

Coroner W. W. Harvey Greensboro

Surveyor R^ilph D. Stout Greensboro

County Health Officer Dr. R. M. Buie Greensboro

Supt. of Schools F. D. Idol Greensboro

Supt. of Public Welfare Mrs. Blanche Carr Sterne Greensboro

Home Demonstration Agent

White Nell Kennett Greensboro

Colored Rosa Winchester Greensboro

Farm Demonstration Agent

White J. I. Wagoner Gibsonville

Colored B. A. Hall Greensboro

Chmn. Bd. Education J. H. Joyner Whitsett

Chmn. Bd. Elections Wade Renfrow High Point

District Game & Fish Protector . . . John Davis Oak Ridge

County Manager Harry Weatherly Greensboro

County Attorney T. C. Hoyle, Sr Greensboro

County Librarian Mrs. Nellie Rowe Jones Greensboro

Veterans Service Officer John W. Clay Greensboro

Greensboro Municipal Court :

Judge E. E. Rives Greensboro

Solicitor E. D. Kuykendall Greensboro

High Point Municipal Court:

Judge D. C. MacRae High Point

Solicitor L. J. Fisher, Jr High Point


Chairman James A. Doggett Greensboro

Commissioner W. G. Ragsdale Jamestown

Commissioner L. C. Amos Greensboro

Commissioner F. Logan Porter High Point

Commissioner Chas. T. Hunt Pleasant Garden


Halifa.x County was formed in 1758 from Edgecombe. Was named in honor
of George Montagu Dunk, Earl of Halifax, president of the Board of Trade,
which had control of the colonies before the Revolution.

Population, 56,512 County Seat, Halifax

State Senators 4th District Julian R. Allsbrook Roanoke Rapids

L. H. Fountain Tarboro

Member House of Representatives. . Joseph Branch Enfield

Clerk of Court George A. Hux Halifax

Register of Deeds F. D. Wilson Halifax

SheriiT H. A. House Halifax

Auditor C. S. Vinson Halifax

Tax Supervisor C. S. Vinson Halifax

Tax Collector Mrs. Ruth S. Gregory Halifax

County Accountant C. S. Vinson Halifax

Coroner Ruf us Britton Roanoke Rapids

County Health Officer Dr. Robert F. Young Halifax

Supt. of Schools W. Henrv Overman Halifax

Supt. of Public Welfare J. B. Hall Halifax

Home Demonstration Agent

White Florence Cox Halifax

Colored Ruth Whitworth Halifax

Farm Demonstration Agent

White W. O. Davis Halifax

Colored D. J. Knight Halifax

528 North Carolina Manual

Office Officer Address

Chmn. Bd. Education C. L. Kelly Littleton

Chmn. Bd. Elections S. W. Dickens Enfield

District Game & Fish Protector . . . C. M. Pettitt Enfield

Forest Warden Manford Lawrence Halifax

County Attorney Irwin Clark Scotland Neck

County Librarian Mrs. Gay Spivey Halifax

Veterans Service Officer Frank A. Cole Roanoke Rapids

Re.-order's Court:

Judge Chas. R. Daniel Weldon

Solicitor Robt. C. Josey, III Roanoke Rapids


Chairman D. G. Dickens Littleton

Commissioner J. R. Wrenn Roanoke Rapids

Commissioner Meade H. Mitchell Weldon

Commissioner C. S. Alexander Scotland Neck

Commissioner R. Hunter Pope Enfield


Harnett County was formed in 18-55 from Cumberland. Was named in honor
of Cornelius Harnett, eminent Revolutionary patriot, President of the Provincial
Council, President of the Council of Safety, delegate to the Continental Congress,
author of the Halifax Resolution of April 12, 1776. Harnett voted with Cum-
berland until 1865.

Population, 44,239 County Seat, Lillington

State Senators 12th District J. Benton Thomas Raeford

Hal Hammer Walker Asheboro

Member House of Representatives. . Howard E. Parker Erwin

Clerk of Court Howard Godwin Lillington

Register of Deeds Inez Harrington Lillington

Sheriff W. E. Salmon Lillington

Auditor Herbert L. Carson, Jr Lillington

Tax Supervisor Berles Johnson Lillington

Tax Collector W. D. Harrington Lillington

Coroner Grover C. Henderson Dunn

Surveyor Walter Lee Johnson Lillington

County Health Officer Dr. W. B. Hunter Lillington

Supt. of Schools C. Reid Ross Lillington

Supt. of Public Welfare Wilma Williams Angier

Home Demonstration Agent

White Loraine Vail Lillington

Colored Ida P. Hinnant Lillington

Farm Demonstration Agent

White C. R. Ammons Lillington

Colored L. K. Boston Lillington

Chmn. Bd. Education S. G. Thomas Rt. 1, Broadway

Chmn. Bd. Elections H. C. Strickland Angier

Dietrict Game & Fish Protector . . . T. J. Turlington Rt. 3, Dunn

Forest Warden J. Ellis Byrd Bunnlevel

County Attorney W. A. Johnson Lillington

County Librarian Mrs. S. K. McKay Lillington

Veterans Service Officer L. B. McLean Erwin

County Recorder's Court :

Judge F. H. Taylor Buies Creek

Solicitor Neill Mck. Ross Lillington

Dunn Recorder's Court :

Judge H. Paul Strickland Dunn

Solicitor J. Shepard Bryan Dunn

County Government 529

Officer Address Office

Chairman L. A. Tart Dunn

Commissioner Carson Gregory Rt. 1, Angier

Commissioner C. G. Fields Angier

Commissioner J. A. Senter Lillington

Commissioner Paul Tysinger Rt. 2, Cameron


Haywood County was formed in 1808 from Buncombe. Was named in honor
of John Haywood, who for forty years (1787-1827) was the popular Treasurer
of the State.

Population, .34,804 County Seat, Waynesville

State Senators 32nd District W. H. Crawford Sylva

W. B. Hodges Hendersonville

Member House of Representatives. . Grover C. Davis Waynesville

Clerk of Court C. H. Leatherwood Waynesville

Register of Deeds B. D. Medford Waynesville

Sheriff R. V. Welch Waynesville

Treasurer Chas. H. Metcalfe Waynesville

Auditor Chas. H. Metcalfe Waynesville

Tax Supervisor Sebe Bryson Waynesville

Tax Collector Sebe Bryson Waynesville

County Accountant Chas. H. Metcalf Waynesville

Coroner Dr. J. Frank Pate Canton

Surveyor H. P. Ledbetter Hazelwood

County Health Officer Dr. Mary Michal Waynesville

Supt. of Schools Jack Messer Waynesville

Supt. of Public Welfare Mrs. Sam Queen, Sr Waynesville

Home Demonstration Agent Mary M. Smith Waynesville

Farm Demonstration Agent Wayne Corpening Waynesville

Chmn. I'd. Education R. T. Messer Waynesville

Chmn. Pd. Elections Jerry Rogers Hazelwood

Forest Warden R. E. Caldwell Rt. 2, Waynesville

County Manager George A. Brown, Jr Waynesville

County Attorney M. G. Stamey Waynesville

County Librarian Margaret Johnston Waynesville

Veterans Service Officer J. H. Howell. Jr Waynesville


Chairman George A. Brown, Jr Waynesville

Commissioner J. R. Hipps Waynesville

Commissioner D. J. Noland Waynesville


Henderson County was formed in 1838 from Buncombe. Was named in honor
of Leonard Henderson, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of North Carolina.

Population, 26,049 County Seat, Hendersonville

State Senators 32nd District W. H. Crawford Sylva

W. B. Hodges Hendersonville

Member House of Representatives. . R. Lee Whitmire Hendersonville

Clerk of Court Geo. W. Fletcher Hendersonville

Register of Deeds L. L. Burgin, Jr Hendersonville

Sheriff F. D. Dalton Hendersonville

Tax Supervisor Mrs. Virginia Harrell Hendersonville

530 North Carolina Manual

Office Officer Address

Tax Collector J. M. Stewart Hendersonville

County Accountant D. G. Wilkie Hendersonville

Coroner Pruce A. Cox Hendersonville

County Health Officer Dr. Gordon Wlieeler Hendersonville

Supt. of Schools R. G. Anders Hendersonville

Supt. of Public Welfare Mrs. Lucinda C. Cole Hendersonville

Home Demonstration Agent Helen Higdon Hendersonville

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