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able report, but accompanied by a minority report, the minority
report shall be placed on the calendar and considered the follow-
ing day, and the question before the Senate shall be "The adop-
tion of the Minority Report" and if failing to be adopted by a
majority vote, the bill shall be placed upon the unfavorable calen-
dar. Before a minority report can be considered by the Senate, it
must be signed by at least three (3) members of the committee

314 North Carolina Manual

who were present and voted on the bill when the bill was con-
sidered in the committee.

On General Orders and Special Orders

53. Any bill or other matter may be made a special order for
a particular day or hour by a vote of the majority of the Senators
voting, and if it shall not be completed on that day, it shall be
returned to its place on the Calendar, unless it shall be made a
special order for another day; and when a special order is under
consideration it shall take precedence of any special order or sub-
sequent order for the day, but such subsequent order may be taken
up immediately after the previous special order has been dis-
posed of.

54. Every bill shall receive three readings previous to its being
passed, and the President shall give notice at each whether it be
the first, second, or third. After the first reading, unless a motion
shall be made by some Senator, it shall be the duty of the Presi-
dent to refer the subject-matter to an appropriate committee. No
bill shall be amended until it shall have been twice read.

On Precedence of Motions

55. When a question is before the Senate no motion shall be
received except those herein specified, which motion shall have
precedence as follows, viz. :

(1) For adjournment.

(2) To lay on the table.

(3) For the previous question.

(4) To postpone indefinitely.

(5) To postpone to a certain day.

(6) To commit to a standing committee.

(7) To commit to a select committee.

(8) To amend.

(9) To substitute.

56. The previous question shall be as follows: "Shall the main
question be now put?" and until it is decided shall preclude all
amendments and debate. If this question shall be decided in the
affirmative, the "main question" shall be on the passage of the bill,

Senate 315

resolution, or other matter under consideration; but when amend-
ments are pending, the question shall be taken upon such amend-
ments, in their inverse order, without further debate or amend-
ment: Provided, that no one shall move the previous question ex-
cept the member submitting the report on the bill or other matter
under consideration, and the member introducing the bill or other
matter under consideration, or the member in charge of the meas-
ure, who shall be designated by the chairman of the committee
reporting the same to the Senate at the time the bill or other mat-
ter under consideration is reported to the Senate or taken up for

57. When a motion for the previous question is made and is
pending, debate shall cease and only a motion to adjourn shall
be in order, which motions shall be put as follows: adjourn, pre-
vious question, lay on the table. After a motion for the previous
question is made, pending a second thereto, any member may give
notice that he desires to offer an amendment to the bill or other
matter under consideration; and after the previous question is
seconded such member shall be entitled to offer his amendment in
pursuance of such notice.

Some Questions to Be Taken Without Debate

58. The motions to adjourn and lay on the table shall be de-
cided without debate, and the motion to adjoui-n shall always be
in order when made by a Senator entitled to the floor.

59. The respective motions to postpone to a certain day, or to
commit, shall preclude debate on the main question.

60. All questions relating to priority of business shall be de-
cided without debate.

61. When the reading of a paper is called for, except petitions,
and the same is objected to by any Senator, it shall be determined
by the Senate without debate.

62. Any Senator requesting to be excused from voting may
make, either immediately before or after the vote shall have been
called for and before the result shall have been announced, a brief
statement of the reasons for making such request, and the ques-
tion shall then be taken without debate. Any Senator may explain

31G North Carolina Manual

his vote on any bill pending by obtaining- permission of the Presi-
dent before the vote is put: Provided, that not more than three
minutes shall be consumed in such explanation.

Questions That Require a Two-Thirds Vote

63. No bill or resolution on its third reading- shall be acted on
out of the regular order in which it stands on the Calendar, and
no bill or lesolution shall be acted upon on its third reading- the
same day on which it passed its second reading unless so ordered
by two-thirds of the Senators present.

64. No bill or resolution shall be sent from the Senate on the
day of its passage except on the last day of the session, unless
otherwise ordered by a vote of two-thirds of the Senators present.

65. No bill or resolution after being laid upon the table upon
motion shall be taken therefrom except by a vote of two-thirds
of the Senators present.

66. No rule of the Senate shall be altered, suspended, or
rescinded except on a two-thirds vote of the Senators present.

67. When a bill has been introduced and referred to a commit-
tee, if after ten days the committee has failed to report thereon,
then the author of the bill may, after three days' public notice
given in the Senate, on motion supported by a vote of two-thirds
of the Senators present and voting, recall the same from the com-
mittee to the floor of the Senate for consideration and such action
thereon as a majority of the Senators present may direct.

68. All bills and resolutions reported unfavorably by the com-
mittee to which they were referred, and having no minority re-
port, shall lie upon the table, but may be taken from the table, and
placed upon the Calendar by a two-thirds vote of those present
and voting.

69. After a bill has been tabled or has failed to pass on any of
its readings, the contents of such bill or the principal provisions
of its subject-matter shall not be embodied in any other measure.
Upon the point of order being raised and sustained by the Chair,
such measure shall be laid upon the table, and shall not be taken
therefrom except by a vote of two-thirds of the elected member-
ship of the Senate: Provided, no local bill shall be held by the

Senate » 317

Chair as embodying: the provisions, or being identical with any
State-wide measure which has been laid upon the table or failed
to pass any of its readings.

Proceedings When There Is Not a Quorum Voting

70. If, on taking the question on a bill, it shall appear that a
constitutional quorum is not present, or if the bill require a vote
of a certain proposition of all the Senators to pass it, and it ap-
pears that such number is not present, the bill shall be again read
and the question taken thereon; if the bill fail a second time for
the want of the necessary number being present and voting, the
bill shall not be finally lost, but shall be returned to the Calendar
in its proper order.

On Conference Committee and Report

71. Whenever the Senate shall decline or refuse to concur in
amendments put by the House to a bill originating in the Senate,
or shall refuse to adopt a substitute adopted by the House for a
bill originating in the Senate, a conference committee shall be
appointed upon motion made, consisting of the number named in
the motion; and the bill under consideration shall thereupon go
to and be considered by the joint conferees on the part of the
Senate and House. In considering matters in difference between
the Senate and House committed to the conferees only such mat-
ters as are in diflference between the two houses shall be consid-
ered by the conferees, and the conference report shall deal only
with such matters. The conference report shall not be amended.
Except as herein set out, the rules of the House of Representatives
of Congress shall govern the appointment, conduct, and reports
of the conferees.


72. When a question has been once put and decided, it shall be
in order for any Senator who shall have voted in the majority
to move a reconsideration thereof; but no motion for the reconsid-
eration of any vote shall be in order after the bill, resolution,
message, report, amendment, or motion upon which the vote was

318 . North Carolina Manual

taken shall have gone out of the possession of the Senate; nor
shall any motion for reconsideration be in order unless made on
the same day or in the next following legislative day on which
the vote proposed to be reconsidered shall have taken place, unless
same shall be made by the Committee on Enrolled Bills for verbal
or grammatical errors in the bills, when the same may be made at
any time. Nor shall any question be reconsidered more than once,

73. In case a less number than a quorum of the Senate shall
convene, they are authorized to send the doorkeeper or any other
person, for any or all absent Senators as a majority of the Sen-
ators present shall determine.

74. No papers, writings, pamphlets, or printed matter shall be
placed on the desks of the Senators or distributed in the Senate
Chamber without the approval of the Principal Clerk.

75. That in case of adjournment without any hour being named,
the Senate shall reconvene the next legislative day at 11 o'clock
A. M.

76. In the event the Senate Rules do not provide for, or cover
any point of order raised by any Senator, the rules of the United
States House of Congress shall govern.

Senate 319


Committee on Agriculture

Senators: Eagles, Chairman; Poole, Vice-Chairman; Jones of
Surry, Campen, Dearman, Fountain, Talton, Whitley, Winslow,
Watts, Scott, Young, Hicks, Banks, Burgwyn, Hancock, Hobgood,
Jones of Pitt, Lowder, Sawyer, Morris.

Committee on Appropriations

Senators: Larkins, Chairman; Eagles, Vice -Chairman; Wins-
low, Campen, Carruthers, Jones of Pitt, Lennon, Medford, Powell,
Rankin, Bell, Copeland, Eller, Scott, Nolan, Westbrook, Fountain,
Leatherman, Talton, Whitley, Dorsett, Page, Watts, Young, Price.

Committee on Banks and Currency

Senators: Medford, Chairman; AUsbrook, Vice-Chairm-an; Car-
lyle, Rankin, Larkins, Price, Stoney, Morris, Bell, Copeland, Hicks,
Young, Jones of Surry, Burgwyn, Whitley.

Committee on Commercial Fisheries

Senators: Campen, Chairman; Frink, Vice-Chairman; Lennon,
Watts, Eller, Page.

Committee on Conservation and Development

Senators: Winslow, Chairman; Hicks, Vice-Chairman; AUs-
brook, Bell, Burgwyn, Dorsett, Lennon, Lowder, Medford, Poole,
Powell, Nolan, Earnhardt, Campen, Banks.

Committee on Constitutional Amendments

Senators: Hancock, Chairman; Leatherman, Vice-Chairman;
Larkins, Bell, Jones of Macon, Eller, Westbrook.

Committee on Counties, Cities and Towns

Senators: Horton, Chairman; Copeland, Vice-Chairman; Stoney,
Burgwyn, Dorsett, Gold, Hobgood, Jones of Macon, Leatherman,
Morris, Weaver.

320 North Carolina Manual

Committee on Courts and Judicial Districts

Senators: Woodson, ChaumcDi; Johnson, Vice -Chairman; Cope-
land, Horton, Carlyle, Carruthers, Page, Weaver, Eller, Burgwyn,
Leatherman, Earnhardt.

Committee on Education

Senators: Carlyle, Chairman; Horton, Vice-Chairmuu ; Earn-
hardt, Bell, Campen, Eagles, Johnson, Larkins, Medford, Nolan,
Powell, Price, Rankin, Talton, Westbrook, Winslow, Sawyer, Eller,
Carruthers, Lowder.

Committee on Election Laws

Senators: Nolan, Chairman; Frink, V ice-Chairman; Horton,
Johnson, Winslow, Medford, Carruthers.

Committee on Employment Security

Senators: Carruthers, Chairman; Earnhardt, Vice -Chairman;
Woodson, Rankin, Fountain, Dearman, Eailey, Powell, Young,

Committee on F'inance

Senators: Piice, Chairman; Carlyle, Vice-Chairman; Wood-
son, Earnhardt, Frink, Horton, Johnson, Jones of Surry, Little,
Morris, Rankin, Stoney, Eailey, Banks, Hicks, Hobgood, Jones of
Macon, Allsbrook, Burgwyn, Gold, Hancock, Lowder, Poole, Saw-
yer, Weaver, Dearman, Larkins.

Committee on General Statutes

Senators: Fountain, Chairman; Hobgood, Vice-Chairman;
Dearman, Jones of Macon, Dorsett, Page, Eller.

Committee on Insurance

Senators: Stoney, Chairman; Carruthers, Vice-Chairman ;
Earnhardt, Carlyle, Eagles, Jones of Surry, Little, Dearman,
Eailey, Gold, Hancock, Weaver, Lennon.

Senate 321

Committee on Interstate and Federal Relations

Senators: Bailey, Chairman; Gold, Vice-Chairman; Hancock,
Scott, Leatherman.

Committee on Institutions for the Blind and Deaf

Senators: Leatherman, Chairman; Sawyer, Vice-Chairman;
Bailey, Stoney, Talton, Dorsett, Scott.

Committee on Journal, Engrossing, Enrolling, Printing

Senators: Talton, Chairman; Burgwyn, Vice-Chairman; Gold,
Lowder, Page, Sawyer, Westbrook.

Committee on Judiciary No. 1

Senators: Johnson, Chairman; Carlyle, Vice-Chairman; Earn-
hardt, Larkins, Little, Bailey, Carruthers, Frink, Fountain, Hor-
ton, Hobgood, Price, Eller, Medford, Page.

Committee on Judiciary No. 2

Senators: Allsbrook, Chairman; Young, Vice-Chairman; Dor-
sett, Woodson, Dearman, Weaver, Powell, Leatherman, Lennon,
Eagles, Copeland, Burgwyn, Bell, Gold, Jones of Macon, Watts.

Committee on Justice of Peace

Senators: Poole, Chairmayi; Page, Vice-Chairman; Hancock,
Woodson, Gold, Jones of Macon, Weaver.

Committee on Manufacturing, Labor and Commerce

Senators: Jones of Surry, Chairman; Westbrook, Vice-Chair-
man; Winslow, Hobgood, Hicks, Frink, Rankin, Nolan, Banks,
Bailey, Copeland, Sawyer.

Committee on Mental Institutions

Senators: Bell, Chairman; Hobgood, Vice-Chairman; Fountain,
Whitley, Morris, Stoney, Talton, Leatherman, Lowder.


322 North Carolina Manual

Committee on Penal Institutions

Senators: Scott, Chairman; Weaver, Vice-Chairman; Stoney,
Watts, Woodson, Hicks, Sawyer.

Committee on Propositions and Grievances

Senators: Lennon, Chairman; Whitley, V ice-Chairman; Eagles,
Larkins, Winslow, Campen, Horton, Young, Jones of Pitt, Weaver.

Committee on Public Buildings and Grounds

Senators: Little, Chairman; Jones of Macon, V ice-Chairman;
Nolan, Allsbrook, Hicks, Whitley, Banks, Morris.

Committee on Public Health

Senators: Jones of Pitt, Chairmayi; Hicks, Vice-Chairman;
Woodson, Poole, Scott, Eller, Stoney, Talton.

Committee on Public Roads

Senators: Povi^ell, Chairman; Scott, Vice-Chairman; Bailey,
Campen, Carruthers, Copeland, Eagles, Frink, Johnson, Jones of
Surry, Lennon, Little, Lowder, Nolan, Poole, Talton, Watts, West-
brook, Banks, Allsbrook, Rankin, Jones of Pitt, Young. ,

Committee on Public Utilities

Senators: Barnhardt, CJiairman; Woodson, Vice-Chairman;
Dearman, Rankin, Price, Carruthers, Medford, Watts, Carlyle,
Johnson, Westbrook, Lennon, Powell, Little.

Committee on Public Welfare

Senators: Morris, Chairmayi; Lowder, V ice-Chairman; Carlyle,
Jones of Pitt, Jones of Surry, Westbrook, Scott, Page, Nolan,
Little, Whitley.

Senate 323

Committee on Rules

Senators: Rankin, Chairman; Price, Vice-ChairTnan; Allsbrook,
Earnhardt, Campen, Carlyle, Dearman, Eagles, Fountain, Frink,
Horton, Johnson, Jones of Pitt, Jones of Surry, Larkins, Lennon,
Little, Medford, Powell, Talton, Whitley, Winslow, Woodson.

Committee on Salaries and Fees

Senators: Whitley, Chairman; Sawyer, Vice-Chairman.; Mor-
ris, Lowder, Banks, Gold, Hancock, Jones of Macon, Scott, Stoney.

Committee on Senatorial Districts

Senators: Young, Chairman; Watts, Vice-Chairman; Burgwyn,
Copeland, Nolan, Price, Page, Hobgood, Johnson, Fountain.

Committee on Teachers' and State Employees' Retirement

Senators: Dearman, Chairman; Poole, V ice-Chairman; Alls-
brook, Bell, Dorsett, Gold, Hicks, Jones of Macon.

Committee on University Trustees

Senators: Little, Chairynan; Hancock, Vice -Chairman; Campen,
Bell, Dorsett, Eagles, Hobgood, Jones of Pitt, Morris, Poole,
Powell, Price, Watts, Horton, Winslow, Young.

Committee on Veterans and Military Affairs

Senators: Fountain, Chairman; Sawyer, Vice-Chairman;
Bailey, Allsbrook, Larkins, Poole, Hancock, Frink.

Committee on Wildlife

Senators: Frink, Chairman; Dorsett, Vice-Chairrnan; Cope-
land, Jones of Surry, Jones of Pitt, Medford, Leatherman, Weaver,
Westbrook, Eller, Banks,






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Senate 325


(Democrats unless otherwise indicated)

District Name County Address Seat

1st — J. William Copelaud Hertford Murfreesboro 31

1st — J. Emmett Winslow Perquimans Hertford 32

2nd — Sam M. Campen Pamlico Alliance 27

2nd — Hugh G. Horton Martin Williamston 14

3rd — W. H. S. Burgwyn, Jr Northampton Woodland 8

4th — Julian R. Allsbrook Halifax Roanoke Rapids 6

4th — L. H. Fountain Edgecombe Tarboro 21

5th— Dr. Paul E. Jones Pitt Farmville 16

6th— J. C. Eagles, Jr Wilson Wilson 13

6th — Hamilton Hobgood Franklin Louisburg 24

7th— Carl T. Hicks Greene Walstonburg 19

7th — John D. Larkins, Jr Jones Trenton 20

8th— Hardy Talton Wayne Pikeville 29

8th — Adam J. Whitley, Jr Johnston Smithfield 28

9th — Rivers D. Johnson Duplin Warsaw 42

9th — Alton A. Lennon New Hanover Wilmington 41

10th — S. Bunn Frink Brunswick Southport 50

10th — Junius K. Powell Columbus Whiteville 1

11th— Wesley C. Watts Robeson Lumberton 22

12th— J. Hawley Poole Moore West End 34

12th— J. R. Young Harnett Dunn 33

13th— James H. Pou Bailey Wake Raleigh 39

13th— Daniel L. Bell Chatham Pittsboro 38

14th— Wills Hancock Granville Oxford 7

14th — Thomas B. Sawyer Durham Durham 37

15th — J. Hampton Price Rockingham Leaksville 10

16th — Ralph H. Scott Alamance Haw River 30

17th — Joseph T. Carruthers, Jr Guilford Greensboro 36

18th— Charles H. Dorsett Montgomery Troy 44

18th — J. Thomas Page Richmond Rockingham 43

19th— R. E. Little Anson Wadesboro 9

19th — James P. Lowder Stanly Norwood 45

20th — Harvey Morris Mecklenburg Charlotte 11

21st — Luther E. Earnhardt Cabarrus Concord 17

21st— Nelson Woodson Rowan Salisbury 18

22nd — Irving E. Carlyle Forsyth Winston-Salem 15

23rd — R. Posev Jones Surry Mt. Airy 12

24th-H. P. Eiler (R) Wilkes N. Wilkesboro 49

25th— C. H. Dearman Iredell Statesville 2

25th — M. T. Leatherman Lincoln Lincoln ton 23

26th — R. Grady Rankin Gaston Gastonia 5

27th— Charles F. Gold Rutherford Rutherfordton 26

27th— Clyde Nolan Cleveland Shelby 25

28th — A. B. Stonev Burke Morganton 35

29th— *W. B. Reeves Ashe West Jefferson 40

30th— Donald Banks (R) Yancey Burnsville 48

31st — Zebulon Weaver, Jr Buncombe Asheville 47

32nd — William Medford Haywood Waynesville 4

32nd-E. A. Westbrook Polk Tryon 3

33rd — R. S. Jones Macon Franklin 46

*Pied January 5, 1951

Officers and Members of the House of Representatives


\V. Frank Taylor Speaker Grl Isboro

Mrs. Annie E. Cooper Principal Clerk Ra'egh

Ralph Monger, Jr Reading Clerk Smfo d

Fred B. Pass Sergeant-at-Arms Hayes vil e


(Alphabetically Arranged)

Name County Party Addrei s

Allen, Thomas \V Granville Democrat Creedraooi"

Anderson, E. G Martin Democrat Roberson . He

Askew, Allen E Gates Democrat Gates ,'ii e

Atkins, Bill Yancey Democrat Burns il'e

Avant, Homer G Columbus Democrat . Whiteville

Barker, Oscar G. Durham Democrat Durham

Bender, R. P Jones Democrat Pollocksville

Blackwell, Winfield Forsyth Democrat Winston-Silem

Blue, H. Clifton Moore Democrat Aberdeen

Bost, E. T., Jr Cabarrus Democrat Concord

Branch, Joseph Halifax Democrat Enfield

Brantley, R. E Polk Democrat Tryon

Brock, B. C Davie Republican Farmington

Brown, Frank H., Jr Jackson Democrat Cull awhee

Brown, Wade E Watauga Democrat Boone

Bryant, Charles, Sr Gaston Democrat Gastonia

Bryson, C. Tom Macon Democrat CuUass ja

Burfoot, Noah Pasquotank Democrat Elizabeth Ciiy

Burgess, S. E Camden Democrat Bel;TO 8

Burleson, Jeter C Mitchell Republican Bakersville

Carr. R. M Duplin Democrat Wallace

Clark, Clarence S Bladen Democrat Clarkton

Clark, David Lincoln Democrat Lincoln ton

Collier, T. J Pamlico Democrat Arapalo;

Combs, Lewis L. Tyrrell Democrat Columbia

Crissman, Walter E Guilford Democrat High Point

Dalrymple, Robert W Lee Democrat SanfrrJ

Dawkins, J. L Cumberland Democrat Fayetteville

Dellinger. David P Gaston Democrat Cherryville

Dill, George W., Jr Carteret Democrat Morehead City

Doughton, J. K Alleghany Democrat Sparta

Duncan, J. H Cherokee Democrat Murphy

Edwards, A. C Greene Democrat Hookerton

Edwards, Herman Swain Democrat Bryson City

Elliott, Wm. P McDowell Democrat Marion

Ethcridge, R. Bruce Dare Democrat Manteo

Falls, B. T., Jr Cleveland Democrat Shelby

Fields, W. R Avery Republican Elk Park

Fisher, Ralph R. Transylvsinia Republican Brevard

Fisher. Troy A Cumberland Democrat Fayetteville

Floyd, F. Wayland Robeson Democrat Fairmont

Fountain, Ben E Edgecombe Democrat Rocky Mount

Gentry, Todd H Ashe Democrat West Jefferson

Gobble, F. L Forsyth Democrat Winston-Salem

Goodman, Spencer B Stanly Republican Richfield

Greene, Harry A Hoke Democrat Raeford

Gregory, Carson Harnett Democrat Angier

Gudger, Lamar Buncombe Democrat Asheville

Hardison, Burl G Craven Democrat New Bern

Henderson, David H Mecklenburg Democrat Charlotte

Hewlett, Addison, Jr New Hanover Democrat Wilmington

Holmes, Carroll R Perquimans Democrat Hertford

Home, Ben A Union Democrat , . . . . Monroe


House of Representatives 327

Name County Party Address

Horton, 0. Lee Burke Democrat Morganton

Ireland, W. N Yadkin Republican Hamptonville

Johnson, E. R Currituck Democrat Moyock

Kilpatrick, Frank M Pitt Democrat Ayden

King, Joe Forsyth Democrat Winston-Salem

Kirkman, 0. Arthur Guilford Democrat High Point

Kiser, Rcger C. Scotland Democrat Laurinburg

Lassiter, Robert, Jr Mecklenburg Democrat Charlotte

Leinbach, Roy E. Jr Catawba Republican Newton

Little, Earl F Alexander Democrat Taylorsville

Little, Hal W Anson Democrat Wadesboro

Long , George A Alamance Democrat Burlington

Love , Claude I Buncombe Democrat . Asheville

Maddrey, C. Gordon Hertford Democrat Ahoskie

Marshall, \Vm. F., Jr ?tokes Democrat Walnut Cove

Massev, Dennis Graham Democrat Eobbinsville

McDufiie, F.J Wilkes Republican Wilkesboro

McRorie, Robert G Rutherford Democrat Rutherfordton

Mint?, Harry L., Jr Brunswick Democrat Supply

Moore, H. M Clay Democrat Hayesville

Moore, Larry I., Jr Wilson Democrat Wilson

O'Herron, E. M., Jr Mecklenburg Democrat Charlotte

Page, G. Troy Johnston Democrat Clayton

Parrott, Marion A I ei^oir Democrat Kinston

Pittman, James H Richmond Democrat Rockingham

Pope, William R Iredell Demccrat MocresviUe

Pou, Edwin S Wake Democrat : Raleigh

Powell, R. G Rockingham Democrat ; Reidsville

Pritchett, J. T Caldwell Democrat Lenoir

Quinn, Dwight W Cabarrus Democrat Kannapolis

Ramsay, Kerr Craige Rowan Democrat Salisbury

Regan, John B Robeson Democrat St. Pauls

Rodman, Wm. B Beaufort Democrat Washington

Royster, Fred S Vance Democrat Henderson

Sams, W. A., Dr Madison Democrat Marshall

Sanders, Richard T Durham Democrat Durham

Satterfield, B. I Person Democrat Timberlake

Scott, W. Herman Chatham Democrat Chapel Hill

Shreve, Clyde A Guilford Democrat Stokesdale

Spruill, C. Wayland Bertie Democrat Windsor

Steed, Joe D Montgomery Democrat Candor

Stoner, Paul G Davidson Democrat Lexington

Swindell, Russell A Hyde Democrat Swan Quarter

Taylor, Roy A Buncombe Democrat Bl. ck Mountain

Taylor, W." Frank Wayne Democrat Goldsboro

Taylor, William W., Jr Warren Democrat ..Wi:rrenton

Tew, J. E Sampson Republican Clinton

Turner, Thomas Guilford Democrat Greensboro

Umstead, J. W., Jr Orange Democrat Chapel Hill

Uzzell, George R Rowan Democrat Sahsbury

Venters, Carl V Onslow Democrat Jacksonville

Vogler, James B Mecklenburg Democrat Charlotte

Ward, Wiley L Randolph Republican Ashcboro

Warren, Joseph H Caswell Democrat Prospect Hill

White, John F Chowan Democrat Edenton

Whitfield , J. V Pender Democrat Burgaw

Whitley, Phil R Wake Democrat Wendell

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