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question shall be considered as remaining under debate: Provided,
that no one shall move the previous question except the member
submitting the report on the bill or other matter under consid-
eration, and the member introducing the bill or other matter
under consideration, or the member in charge of the measure,
who shall be designated by the chairman of the committee re-
porting the same to the House at the time the bill or other matter
under consideration is reported to the House or taken up for

340 North Carolina Manual

When a motion for the previous question is made, and pend-
ing- the second thereto by a majority, debate shall cease; but if
any member obtains the floor, he may move to lay the matter
under consideration on the table, or move an adjournment, and
when both or either of these motions are pending the question
shall stand :

(1) Previous question.

(2) To adjourn.

(3) To lay on the table.

And then upon the main question, or amendments, or the
motion to postpone indefinitely, postpone to a day certain, to com-
mit, or amend, in the order of their precedence, until the main
question is reached or disposed of; but after the previous ques-
tion has been called by a majority, no motion, or amendment, or
debate shall be in order.

All motions below the motions to lay on the table must be
made prior to a motion for the previous question; but, pending
and not after the second therefor, by the majority of the House,
a motion to adjourn or lay on the table, or both, are in order.
This constitutes the precedence of the motions to adjourn and
lay on the table over other motions, in Rule 25.

Motions stand as follows in order of precedence in Rule 26 :

Previous question.


Lay on the table.

Postpone definitely.

To commit or amend.

When the previous question is called, all motions below it fall,
unless made prior to the call, and all motions above it fall after
its second by a majority required. Pending the second, the
motions to adjourn and lay on the table are in order, but not
after a second. When in order and every motion is before the
House, the question stands as follows:

Previous question.


Lay on the table.

House of Representatives 341

Postpone indefinitely.

Postpone definitely.

To commit.

Amendment to amendment.




The previous question covers all other motions when seconded
by a majority of the House, and proceeds by regular graduation
to the main question, without debate, amendment, or motion,
until such question is reached or disposed of.

63. All committees, other than the committee on Appropria-
tions, when favorably reporting any bill which carries an appro-
priation from the State, shall indicate same in the report, and
said bill shall be referred to the Committee on Appropriations
for a further report before being acted upon by the House. All
committees, other than the Committee on Finance, when favor-
ably reporting any bill which in any way or manner raises
revenue or levies a tax or authorizes the issue of bonds or notes,
whether public, public-local, or private, shall indicate same in
the report, and said bill shall be referred to the Committee on
Finance for a further report before being acted upon by the

64. The Principal Clerk and the Sergeant-at-Arms may ap-
point, with the approval of the Speaker, such assistants as may
be necessary to the efficient discharge of the duties of their vari-
ous offices, and one or more of whom may be assigned by the
Speaker from the Principal Clerk's office to the office of the
Attorney General for the purpose of drafting bills.

65. The Speaker may appoint a Clerk to the Speaker, a Chap-
lain of the House, and he may also appoint ten pages to wait
upon the sessions of the House, and when the pressure of busi-
ness may require, he may appoint five additional pages.

66. The Chairman of each of the following committees: Agri-
culture, Appropriations, Banks and Banking, Conservation and
Development, Constitutional Amendments, Counties, Cities and
Towns, Courts and Judicial Districts, Education, Elections and
Election Laws, Employment Security, Finance, Health, Higher
Education, Insurance, Judiciary No. 1, Judiciary No. 2, Manu-

342 North Carolina Manual

facturers and Labor, Mental Institutions, Military Affairs,
Propositions and Grievances, Public Utilities, Public Welfare,
Roads, Rules, Salaries and Fees, Senatorial Districts, Veterans
Legislation and Wildlife Resources may each appoint a clerk to
the said Committee. All Committee Clerks heretofore provided
for are to be appointed by and with the approval of the Speaker.
With the exception of the Clerks appointed to the Appropriations
and Finance, the Clerks to all the other above named committees,
when not on duty with their specific committee shall report to
and be under the supervision of the Principal Clerk of the House
for assignment to special duty with other committees and to
serve the convenience of the members of the House.

67. The Chairman of all committees shall notify, or cause to
be notified, the first named introducer on such bills as are set
for hearing before their respective committees, the date, time and
place of such hearing.

68. That no clerk, laborer, or other person employed or ap-
pointed under Rules 64, 65, and 66 hereof shall receive during
such employment, appointment, or service any compensation from
any department of the State Government, or from any other
source, and there shall not be voted, paid or awarded any addi-
tional pay, bonus or gratuity to any of them, but said persons
shall receive only the pay for such duties and services as now
provided by law. When the House is not in session the pages
shall be under the supervision of the Principal Clerk.

69. The chairman and five other members of any committee
shall constitute a quorum of said committee for the transaction
of business.

70. The Committee on the Journal shall examine daily the
Journal of the House before the hour of convening, and report
after the opening of the House whether or not the proceedings of
the previous day have been correctly recorded.

71. When a bill shall be reported by a committee with a recom-
mendation that it be not passed, but accompanied by a minority
report, the question before the House shall be "The adoption of
the minority report," and if failing to be adopted by a majority
vote, the bill shall be placed upon the unfavorable calendar. Such
minority report shall be signed by at least one-fourth of the
members of the Committee who were present and voting when the

House of Representatives 343

bill was considered in Committee. In the event there is an un-
favorable report v^^ith no minority report accompanying it, the
bill shall be placed upon the unfavorable calendar. To take a
bill from the unfavorable calendar, a two-thirds vote shall be

72. A bill from the unfavorable calendar shall not be debatable,
but the movant may make a brief and concise statement of the
reasons for the motion before making the motion, taking not more
than five minutes.

73. Whenever a public bill is introduced seven carbon copies
thereof shall accompany the bill, and any bill submitted without
the required number of copies shall be immediately returned to
the introducer. The Clerk shall stamp the copies with the num-
ber stamped upon the original bill. Such copies shall be daily de-
livered to the joint committee hereafter provided for. The Clerk
shall deliver the carbon copies of the bill designated to be printed,
as hereinafter provided for, to the Public Printer and cause four
hundred copies thereof to be printed. On the morning following
the delivery of the printed copies, the Chief Clerk shall cause the
chief page to have one copy thereof put upon the desk of each
member and shall retain the other printed copies in his office. A
sufficent number of the printed copies for the use of the committee
to which the bill is referred shall be by the chief page delivered
to the chairman or clerk of that committee. If the bill is passed,
the remaining copies shall be by the chief page delivered to the
Principal Clerk of the Senate for the use of the Senate. The cost
of printing shall be paid from the contingent fund of the House
of Representatives. The Chairman of the Rules Committee of the
House and the Chairman of the Rules Committee of the Senate
shall appoint a subcommittee consisting of two members of the
House and two members of the Senate from the body of the House
and Senate, and such chairmen shall notify the Principal Clerk
of the House and the Senate who has been so appointed. Such
sub-committee shall meet daily and examine the carbon copies of
the public bills introduced and determine which of such bills
shall be printed and which shall not, and stamp the copies ac-
cordingly. Such sub-committees shall serve for one week unless
for good cause the chairmen of the respective rules committees
shall determine otherwise. If the member introducing a public

344 North Carolina Manual

bill, which the committee shall determine should not be printed,
so desires, he may appear before the committee at the next meet-
ing thereof with reference thereto.

74. Whenever any resolution or bill is introduced a carbon copy
thereof shall be attached thereto, and the Principal Clerk shall
cause said carbon copy to be numbered as the original resolution
or bill is numbered, and shall cause the same to be available at
all times to the member introducing the same. In case the resolu-
tion or bill is a public resolution or bill, an additional carbon
copy shall also be attached thereto for the use of the Public
Printer, under the provisions of Rule 66.


Constitution of North Carolina

Sec. 29. Li)Jiitations upon power of General Assembly to enact
private o)- special legislation.

The General Assembly shall not pass any local, private, or
special act or resolution relating to the establishment of courts
inferior to the Superior Court; relating to the appointment of
justices of the peace; relating to health, sanitation, and the abate-
ment of nuisances; changing the names of cities, towns, and
townships; authorizing the laying out, opening, altering, maintain-
ing, or discontinuing of highways, streets, or alleys; relating to
ferries or bridges, relating to non-navigable streams, relating to
cemeteries; relating to the pay of jurors; erecting new townships,
or changing township lines, or establishing or changing the line
of school districts; remitting fines, penalties, and forfeitures, or
refunding moneys legally paid into the Public Treasury; regulat-
ing labor, trade, mining, or manufacturing; extending the time
for the assessment or collection of taxes or otherwise relieving
any collector of taxes from the due performance of his official
duties or his sureties from liability; giving effect to informal wills
and deeds; nor shall the General Assembly enact any such local,
private, or special act by the partial repeal of a general law,
but the General Assembly may at any time repeal local, private,
or special laws enacted by it. Any local, private or special act
oi- resolution passed in violation of the provisions of this section
shall be void. The General Assembly shall have power to pass
general laws regulating matters set out in this section.

House of Representatives 345


Alphabetically Arranged

Committee on Agriculture

Mr. Branch, Chairman
Mr. Brown of Jackson, Vice-Chairman

Messrs: Allen, Anderson, Askew, Avant, Bender, Blue, Brock
(R), Brown of Watauga, Burgess, Carr, Dalrymple, Edwards of
Greene, Fisher of Cumberland, Floyd, Goodman (R.), Greene,
Gregory, Holmes, Home, Ireland (R), Kilpatrick, Little of Alex-
ander, Little of Anson, Maddrey, Mintz, Moore of Wilson, Pope,
Pou, Regan, Royster, Satterfield, Spruill, Steed, Swindell, Venters,
Warren, Whitfield, Whitley, Wiggs, Williams, Woodard, Worth-
ington, Yates.

Committee on Appropriations

Mr. Moore of Wilson, Chairman
Mr. Ramsay, Vice-Chairman

Messrs: Askew, Atkins, Bender, Bost, Brown of Jackson, Brown
of Watauga, Bryant, Bryson, Burgess, Burleson (R), Burfoot,
Clark of Lincoln, Collier, Dawkins, Doughton, Edwards of Swain,
Etheridge, Fisher (R) of Transylvania, Gentry, Goodman (R),
Gregory, Holmes, Home, Ireland (R), Kilpatrick, King, Kirk-
man, Lassiter, Little of Anson, Love, Maddrey, Massey, Mintz,
Moore of Clay, O'Herron, Page, Pittman, Pope, Pritchett. Quinn
Regan, Rodman, Royster, Sams, Sanders, Shreve, Spruill, Steed,
Stoner, Swindell, Tew (R), Venters, White, Whitley, Whitmire,
Williams, Woltz, Woodard, Yates.

Committee on Banks and Banking

Mr. Doughton, Chairman
Mr. Dawkins, Vice-ChaArm,an

Messrs: Blue, Bost, Brantley, Bryant, Burfoot, Clark of Bladen,
Clark of Lincoln, Crissman, Dill, Hardison, Holmes, Lassiter,

346 North Carolina Manual

Little of Anson, Long, Marshall, Moore of Wilson, Pope, Pritchett,
Ramsay, Rodman, Steed, Taylor of Warren, Venters, Ward (R),
Whitley, Woolard, Worthington,

Committee on Commercial Fisheries and Oyster Industry

Mr. Collier, Chairman
Mr. Holmes, Vice-Chairman

Messrs: Askew, Burfoot, Burgess, Combs, Dill, Etheridge,
Floyd, Greene, Hardison, Hewlett, Johnson, Mintz, Swindell, Tew
(R), Venters, White, Whitfield.

Committee on Commissions and Institutions for the Blind

Mr. Blue, Chairman
Mr. Dill, Vice-Chairman

Messrs: Avant, Burgess, Fountain, Home, Kirkman, Leinbach
(R), Love, O'Herron, Pou, Sams, Umstead, Vogler, Woodard,

Committee on Congressional Districts

Mr. Little of Alexander, Chairman
Mr. Yarborough, Vice-Chairman

Messrs: Askew, Atkins, Blue, Brock (R), Brown of Jackson,
Bryson, Burleson (R), Collier, Crissman, Edwards of Greene,
Etheridge, Floyd, Fountain, Gregory, Home, Leinbach (R),
Powell, Sanders, Taylor of Buncombe, Tew (R), Turner.

Committee on Conservation and Development

Mr. Etheridge, Chairman
Mr. Brown of Watauga, Vice-Chairman

Messrs: Allen, Avant, Brown of Jackson, Burfoot, Clark of
Bladen, Clark of Lincoln, Collier, Combs, Crissman, Dawkins, Dill,
Doughton, Duncan, Edwards of Swain, Fisher of Transylvania
(R), Fountain, Gentry, Greene, Henderson, Home, King, Lassiter,
Love, Moore of Wilson, Pope, Quinn, Ramsay, Regan, Royster,
Scott, Steed, Whitfield, Woolard, Worthington.

House of Representatives 347

Committee on Constitutional Amendments

Mr. Parrott, Chairman
Mr. Scott, Vice-Chairman

Messrs: Atkins, Bender, Bost, Bryant, Doughton, Falls, Gudger,
Hewlett, Holmes, Little of Alexander, Love, Pritchett, Shreve,
Uzzell, Whitmire, Williams, Worthington.

Committee on Corporations

Mr. Womble, Chairman
Mr. Pittman, Vice-Chairman

Messrs : Anderson, Blackwell, Bost, Branch, Crissman, Eth-
eridge, Fisher of Cumberland, Floyd, Gobble, Henderson, Little of
Anson, Marshall, Pope, Royster, Scott, Taylor of Buncombe, Tew
(R), Umstead, Uzzell, Venters.

Committee on Counties, Cities and Towns

Mr. Venters, Chairman
Mr. Williams, Vice-Chairman

Messrs: Allen, Anderson, Avant, Blue, Brantley, Carr, Del-
linger, Dill, Edwards of Swain, Fields (R), Fisher of Cumber-
land, Greene, Henderson, Home, King, Kirkman, Leinbach (R),
Long, Maddrey, McDuffie (R), McRorie, Sanders, Scott, Shreve,
Tew (R), Vogler, Ward (R), Whitley, Woodard, Woolard.

Committee on Courts and Judicial Districts

Mr. White, Chairman
Mr. Love, Vice-Chairman

Messrs: Bender, Brock (R), Brown of Watauga, Edwards of
Swain, Falls, Henderson, Holmes, Horton, Lassiter, Long, Parrott,
Pritchett, Regan, Sanders, Shreve, Taylor of Warren, Turner,
Uzzell, Venters, Whitmir?, Woltz, Womble, Worthington, Yar-.

348 North Carolina Manual

Committee on Drainage

Mr. Burgess, Chairman
Mr. Woolard, V ice-Chairman

Messrs: Askew, Bender, Collier, Combs, Clark of Bladen, Eth-
eridge, Floyd, Gregory, Johnson, Kilpatrick, Kiser, Mintz, Page,
Swindell, Tew (R), Whitfield.

Committee on Education

Mr. Rodman, Chairman
Mr. Edwards of Swain, Vice-Chairman

Messrs: Brock (R), Brown of Jackson, Brown of Watauga, Bry-
son, Burleson (R), Carr, Collier, Combs, Bellinger, Edwards of
Greene, Fountain, Goodman (R), Hewlett, Henderson, Holmes,
Kilpatrick, King, Kirkman, Kiser, Lassiter, Leinbach (R), Little
of Alexander, Love, Maddrey, Marshall, Mcore of Wilson, Page,
Pittman, Pritchett, Quinn, Ramsay, Regan, Royster, Sams, San-
ders, Satterfield, Shreve, Stoner, Taylor of Buncombe, Taylor of
Warren, Turner, Umstead, Whitmire, Woltz, Womble, Woodard,
Yates, Yarborough.

Committee on Elections and Election Laws

Mr. Brown of Jackson, ChairmAxn
Mr. Uzzell, Vice-Chairman

Messrs: Blue, Brown of Watauga, Burleson (R), Etheridge,
Falls, Hardison, Ireland (R), Love, Massey, Moore of Clay, Pou,
Rodman, Spruill, Turner, White, Whitmire, Yarborough, Yates.

Committee on Employment Security

Mr. Pritchett, Chairman
Mr. O'Herron, Vice-Chairvfian

Messrs: Avant, Bost, Burleson (R), Clark of Lincoln, Bellinger,
Edwards of Greene, Elliott, Floyd, Fountain, Hewlett, Parrott,
Ramsay, Rodman, Royster, Sams, Spruill, Taylor of Warren, Ward
(R), Williams, Womble, Worthington, Yarborough,

House of Representatives 349

Committee on Engrossed Bills

Mr. Gobble, Chairman

Messrs: Allen, Bryant, Bryson, Fields (R), Massey, Mintz,
Moore of Clay, Powell, Tew (R), Whitfield.

Committee on Expenditures of House

Mr. Massey, Chainnan

Messrs: Allen, Atkins, Bellinger, Duncan, Etheridge, Floyd,
Fountain, Gentry, Gudger, Kirkman, Pittman, Satterfield, Um-
stead, Ward (R).

Committee on Federal and Interstate Cooperation

Mr. Crissman, Chairinan
Mr. Stoner, Vice-Chairman

Messrs: Clark of Lincoln, Edwards of Swain, Falls, Gentry,
Henderson, Little of Anson, McRorie, Pittman, Quinn, Taylor of
Warren, Williams, Womble, Worthington.

Committee on Finance

Mr. Bost, Chairm,an
Mr. Lassiter, Vice-Chairman

Messrs: Allen, Anderson, Avant, 'Barker, Blackwell, Blue,
Branch, Brantley, Brock (R), Carr, Clark of Bladen, Combs,
Crissman, Dalrymple, Bellinger, Dill, Duncan, Edwards of Greene,
Elliott, Falls, Fields (R), Fisher of Cumberland, Floyd, Fountain,
Gobble, Greene, Gudger, Hardison, Henderson, Hewlett, Horton,
Johnson, Kiser, Leinbach (R), Little of Alexander, Long, Mar-
shall, McDuffie (R), McRorie, Moore of Wilson, Parrott, Pou,
Powell, Ramsay, Satterfield, Scott, Taylor of Buncombe, Taylor
of Warren, Turner, Unistead, Uzzell, Vogler, Ward (R), Warren,
вЦ†yV^hitfield, Wiggs, Womble, Woolard, Worthington, Yarborough.

350 North Carolina Manual

Committee on Health

Mr. Royster, Chairynan
Mr. Sams, Vice-Chairman

Messrs: Askew, Barker, Branch, Brantley, Brock (R), Brown
of Jackson, Bryant, Bui-gess, Clark of Bladen, Clark of Lincoln,
Fisher of Transylvania (R), Floyd, Gentry, Gobble, Gudger, John-
son, Kilpatrick, Kirkman, Little of Alexander, Mintz, Moore of
Clay, Moore of Wilson, O'Herron, Page, Powell, Pritchett, Quinn,
Scott, Spruill, Stoner, Taylor of Buncombe, Tew (R), Umstead,
Uzzell, Vogler, Warren, White, Wiggs, Woltz, Woodard.

Committee on Higher Education

Mr. Edwards of Greene, Chairman
Mr. Pope, Vice-Chairman

Messrs: Atkins, Barker, Brock (R), Brown of Watauga, Collier,
Doughton, Etheridge, Falls, Fields (R), Gudger, Horton, King,
Kiser, Lassiter, Pou, Ramsay, Shreve, Umstead, Woodard.

Committee on Institutions for the Deaf

Mr. Horton, Chairman
Mr. McRorie, Vice-Chairman

Messrs: Allen, Atkins, Burgess, Burleson (R), Elliott, Hardi-
son, Ireland (R), Massey, Sams, Swindell, Warren, Yates.

Committee on Insurance

Mr. Taylor of Buncombe, Chairman
Mr. Pou, Vice-Chairman

Messrs: Blackwell, Bost, Burgess, Carr, Crissman, Bellinger,
Dill, Greene, Ireland (R), Lassiter, Little of Anson, Long, O'Her-
ron, Pritchett, Rodman, Royster, Stoner, Umstead, Uzzell, Whitley,

House of Representatives 351

Committee on the Journal

Mr. Moore of Clay, Chairman

Messrs: Askew, Avant, Bender, Dalrymple, Fisher of Cumber-
land, Horton, Johnson, King, Kirkman, Maddrey, McDuffie (R),
McRorie, Page, Powell, Quinn, Shreve.

Committee on Judiciary No. 1

Mr. Whitmire, Chairman
Mr. Hewlett, Vice-Chairman

Messrs: Atkins, Blackwell, Bost, Brock (R), Bellinger, Fisher
of Transylvania (R), Floyd, Fountain, Gudger, Holmes, Lassiter,
Long, Pittman, Pope, Pritchett, Ramsay, Rodman, Sanders, Shreve,
Turner, Woltz, Womble, Worthington, Yarborough.

Committee on Judiciary No. 2

Mr. Uzzell, Chairman
Mr. Taylor of Warren, Vice-Chairman

Messrs: Barker, Bender, Branch, Brown of Watauga, Clark of
Lincoln, Crissman, Edwards of Swain, Falls, Henderson, Horton,
Kirkman, Love, McDuffie (R), McRorie, Moore of Wilson, Parrott,
Regan, Satterfield, Stoner, Taylor of Buncombe, Venters, White,

Committee on Manufacturers and Labor

Mr. Burfoot, Chairman
Mr. Bryant, Vice-Chairman

Messrs: Bost, Branch, Brown of Jackson, Clark of Bladen, Clark
of Lincoln, Collier, Dawkins, Dill, Doughton, Fisher of Transyl-
vania (R), Gentry, Gobble, Greene, Hardison, Lassiter, Little of
Anson, Mintz, Powell, Ramsay, Regan, Rodman, Scott, Spruill,
Taylor of Warren, Ward (R), Whitfield, Whitmire, Williams,
Womble, Woolard, Yarborough.

352 North Carolina Manual

Committee on Mental Institutions

Mr. Spi'uill, Clhwirman
Ml'. Whitley, V ice-Chairman

Messrs: Askew, Barker, Blue, Bryson, Dawkins, Elliott, Ed-
wards of Greene, Fisher of Cumberland, Gobble, Greene, Gregory,
Horton, Kilpatrick, Riser, Leinbach (R), Maddrey, Massey, Moore
of Clay, Page, Parrott, Sams, Satterfield, Stoner, Taylor of Bun-
combe, Tew (R), Umstead, Vogler, Warren, Womble, Yates.

Committee on Military Affairs

. Mr. Turner, Chairman
Mr. Sanders, Vice-Chairynan

Messrs: Bryant, Dalrymple, Dill, Fisher of Transylvania (R),
Riser, Pittman, Powell, White, Whitley.

Committee on Penal Institutions

Mr. Warren, Chairman
Mr. Clark of Bladen, Vice-Chah-man

Messrs: Anderson, Blackwell, Branch, Combs, Dawkins, Falls,
Gentry, Home, Massey, McDuffie (R), Pou, Spruill, Steed, Um-
stead, White, Whitfield, Wiggs, Woolard.

Committee on Propositions and Grievances

Mr. Regan, Chairman
Mr. Johnson, Vice-Chairman

Messrs: Barker, Bost, Brantley, Burfoot, Burgess, Carr, Dill,
Duncan, Edwards of Greene, Fields (R), Gobble, Greene, Hardi-
son, Hewlett, Ring, Leinbach (R), Long, Marshall, Moore of Wil-
son, O'Herron, Parrott, Pittman, Pritchett, Rodman, Scott, Spruill,
Taylor of Warren, Turner, Uzzell, Venters, Warren, Wiggs, Wil-
liams, Womble, Worthington.

House of Representatives 353

Committee on Public Utilities

Mr. Lassiter, Chairman
Mr. Woltz, Vice -Chairman

Messrs: Anderson, Barker, Blackwell, Best, Branch, Bryant,
Burfoot, Clark of Lincoln, Crissman, Fountain, Hardison, Hewlett,
Home, Kirkman, Little of Anson, Moore of Wilson, Parrott, Pou,
Rodman, Royster, Scott, Spruill, Stoner, Taylor of Buncombe,
Uzzell, Whitmire, Williams, Worthington, Yarborough.

Committee on Public Welfare

Mr. Little of Anson, Chairman
Mr. Clark of Lincoln, Vice-Chairman

Messrs: Allen, Anderson, Brantley, Brock (R), Brown of Jack-
son, Bryson, Burleson (R), Collier, Doughton, Duncan, Edwards
of Greene, Elliott, Gentry, Goodman (R), Johnson, Kilpatrick,
King, Little of Alexander, Leinbach (R), Love, Maddrey, Moore
of Clay, Moore of Wilson, Parrott, Pou, Powell, Quinn, Ramsay,
Regan, Sams, Sanders, Taylor of Warren, Venters, Vogler, Ward
(R), White, Wiggs, Woodard, Woolard, Yates.

Committee on Roads

Mr. Barker, Chairman
Mr. Worthington, Vice-Chairman

Messrs : Askew, Avant, Bost, Branch, Brantley, Bryant, Bur-
foot, Burgess, Carr, Clark of Bladen, Dawkins, Doughton, Dun-
can, Edwards of Greene, Etheridge, Falls, Fields (R), Gobble,
Greene, Gudger, Hardison, Home, Horton, Ireland (R), Little of
Anson, Long, Massey, McRorie, Mintz, Moore ofXlay, Moore of
Wilson, O'Herron, Parrott, Pope, Pou, Regan, Royster, Shreve,
Spruill, Steed, Swindell, Uzzell, Warren, Whitley, Whitmire,
Wiggs, Woltz.


354 North Carolina Manual

Committee on Rules

Mr. Worthington, Chairman
Mr. Gobble, Vice -Chair man

Messrs: Barker, Bost, Branch, Brown of Jackson, Bryant, Bur-
foot, Carr, Edwards of Greene, Edwards of Swain, Fisher of
Transylvania (R), Greene, Horton, Johnson, Lassiter, Marshall,
PIttman, Ramsay, Regan, Royster, Spruill, Taylor of Buncombe,
Umstead, Venters, Whitmire, Williams, Woltz, Womble.

Committee on Salaries and Fees

Mr. Hardison, Chmrman
Mr. Home, Vice-Chairman

Messrs: Allen, Anderson, Bender, Brantley, Bryson, Burleson
(R), Combs, Dalrymple, Duncan, Edwards of Swain, Elliott,

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