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terow) Anderson. Attended Center Grade School; Mocksville
High; Rutherford College; Institute of Government; FBI National
Academy. Served as member of the Winston-Salem Police De-
partment, October 8, 1925-October 1, 1942; Chief of Police of the
Winston-Salem Police Department, February 1, 1935 to October
1, 1942; Chief of Police of the Charlotte, N. C. Police Depart-
ment, October 1, 1942-April 1, 1946; Past President, FBI Na-
tional Academy Associates; President, International Association
Chiefs of Police. Mason. Methodist. Married Miss Mary Eliza-
beth Powell, April 3, 1926. Three children: Mary Louise Ander-
son; Nancy Janet Anderson; Doris Foster Anderson. Address:
1224 Courtland Drive, Raleigh, N. C.

372 North Carolina Manual



(Appointed by the Governor)

J. W. Bean, Democrat, was born in Montgomery County, N. C,
December 7, 1893. Son of O. D. and Annie (Cornelison) Bean.
Attended Montgomery County grammar and high schools; Ether
Academy. Taught two years in a public school. Accepted a posi-
tion with the Southern Railway as Clerk, 1916, at Spencer, N. C,
and was promoted to various positions, including General Fore-
man of Southern Railway Supply Department. Itentified with
several raih-oad organizations. Served as alderman and mayor
pro tern of Town of Spencer, N. C. Chairman, Spencer School
Board, 1928-1946. Served as Chairman of the Rowan County
School Board Association and as Chairman of Spencer Precinct
Democratic Executive Committee for a number of years. Secretary
to Rowan County Democratic Executive Committee, 1928-1950.
Representative from Rowan County in the General Assembly of
1933 and 1935. Secured leave-of-absence from the Southern Rail-
way Company in 1935 for six months to help organize the North
Carolina Works Progress Administration as State Director of
Labor-Management and Relations. Appointed by Governor Hoey
as a member of the North Carolina Manpower Commission. Ap-
pointed by Governor Broughton as a member of the Selective
Service Board of Appeals, District No. 6, serving for the dura-
tion of the war. Appointed by Governor Cherry as a member of
a nine-man committee to study the needs of Area Vocational
Schools in North Carolina. Appointed by Governor Cherry in
1945 to a one-year term on the North Carolina Medical Care
Commission and re-appointed in 1946 for a four-year term. Bap-
tist. Married Miss Annie Stutts of Seagrove, N. C. Three chil-
dren: two sons and one daughter. Address: Raleigh, N. C.



(Appointed by the Governor)

Carrie L. Broughton, Democrat, was born in Wake County, Ra-
leigh, N. C. Daughter of Needham B. and Caroline R. (Lougee)

Biographical Sketches 373

Broughton. Attended Raleigh Public Schools; Peace Junior Col-
lege; North Carolina College for Women; Meredith College. Mem-
ber American and North Carolina Library Associations; North
Carolina Literary and Historical Association; Chairman Library
Commission. Appointed Assistant State Librarian in 1902 and
State Librarian in 1919. Baptist; active in Church work. Address:
125 Hawthorne Rd., Raleigh, N. C.



(Appointed by the Executive Board of the Department)

Christopher Crittenden, Democrat, was born in Wake Forest,
N. C, December 1, 1902. Son of Charles Christopher and Ethel
(Taylor) Crittenden. Attended Wake Forest Grammar and High
Schools. A.B. Wake Forest College 1921 and A.M. in 1922; Yale
University, Ph.D. 1930. Director State Department of Archives
and History (formerly the State Historical Commission) since
1935; Secretary State Literary and Historical Association since
1935; Member American Historical and Southern Historical asso-
ciations; President Society of American Archivists; President
American Association for State and Local History 1940-1942.
Member History Club and Watauga Club of Raleigh. Principal
Roxobel, N. C. Public School 1922-1923; Instructor in History,
Yale University 1924-1925; University of North Carolina 1926-
1929; Assistant Professor of History, University of North Caro-
lina 1930-1935. Author of North Carolina Newspapers before 1770;
The Commerce of North Carolina 1763-1789 ; and various histori-
cal articles and book reviews. Editor The North Carolina Histor-
ical Review. Baptist. Married Miss Janet Quinlan of Waynesville,
N. C, 1930. Three children: C, Jr., born 1933; Robert Hinton,
born 1936; Ann Lane, born 1^38. Address: Raleigh, N. C.

374 North Carolina Manual



(Appointed by the State Board of Education with the
approval of the Governor)

Clarence DeWitt Douglas, Democrat, was born in Surry County,
N. C, October 19, 1894. Son of Francis Bryan and Susan (Cock-
erham) Douglas. Attended Fruitland Institute, 1910-1911; Bre-
vard Institute, 1911-1915; A.B. Degree, Trinity College (Duke
University), 1920. Member North Carolina Education Association;
American Association of School Administrators; Board of Trus-
tees, Greensboro College; Raleigh Histoiy Club. Ass't. Director
and Director Division of Finance, State Department of Public
Instruction, 1920-1939. Director, Division of Auditing and Ac-
counting in State School Commission and State Board of Educa-
tion, 1939-1949. Charter member of Raleigh Lions Club. Served
in the U. S. Armed Forces, Hq. 156 Field Artillery Brigade, 81st
Division, Corporal, 1918-1919; American Expeditionary Forces;
discharged June 23, 1919. Methodist; Steward. Married Miss
Mary Teresa Peacock of Salisbury, August 25, 1931. Address:
2621 Dover Road, Raleigh, N. C.



~ "■ "*"^'^~" """^'^" COMMISSIONER OF BANKS

(Appointed by the Governor with Advice and
Consent of the Senate)

Gurney Pope Hood, Democrat, was born in Granthams Town-
ship, Wayne County, N. C, November 26, 1884. Son of Solomon
Pope and Betsey (Rhodes) Hood. Attended Wayne County Public
Schools 1890-1899; Goldsboro Graded School 1900-1901. Studied
law under private teacher 1906-1908; licensed to practice 1908.
Appointed Commissioner of Banks April 1931. Member National
Association of Supervisors of State Banks; President 1938-1939;
Chairman Executive Committee 1937-1938; Chairman District No.
2, 1940-1943, 1950-51. President Hood Finance Corporation 1924-
1929; President, The Hood System, Inc., 1929-1931; Served as of-
ficer for various banking institutions in North Carolina. Alder-
man, Goldsboro, 1911, 1913; Mayor, Morehead City, 1917-1919.

Biographical Sketches 3715

Member House of Representatives from Wayne County in the
General Assembly of 1929 and 1931. Corporal North Carolina
National Guard 1906-1908. Mason; I.O.O.F.; Woodmen of the
World; Past State Councilor, Junior Order United American
Mechanics, and State Council Treasurer; Member National Board
of Trustees 1929-1941 ; Member National Board of Control since
1941. Methodist; Lay Leader 1919-1920; Member Commission on
Budget, Annual Conference 1930-1940; Member Commission on
World Service and Finance, Annual Conference since 1940; Presi-
dent since 1944; Delegate to General Conference 1938; Uniting
Conference 1939; Jurisdictional Conference 1940-1944; General
Conference, The Methodist Church 1940-1948. Vice-President,
North Carolina Council of Churches since 1948; Member Board of
Directors, National Conference of Christian and Jews since 1948.
Delegate National Council of Churches 1950. Married Miss Marion
Lee Stevens, June 16, 1915. Children: Robin Pope, Samuel Stevens
and Lee Rawlings Hood. Address : Goldsboro, N. C.



(Appointed by the Governor w^ith the approval of the Senate)

Fred Caldwell Hunter, Democrat, was born in Mecklenburg
County, N. C, April 14, 1884. Son of J. G. Mc. and Jane E.
Hunter. Attended Bethany High School, Clover, S. C, 1904-1906;
A.B. University of North Carolina 1911; LL.B. Washington and
Lee University 1915. Judge Mecklenburg County Recorder's Court
1930-1938. Appointed Utilities Commissioner by Governor Brough-
ton, April 1941, reappointed by Governor Broughton, February
1943, reappointed by Governor Scott, February 1949. Presbyterian.
Address: Raleigh, N. C. Permanent Address: Route 10, Char-
lotte, N. C.



(Appointed by the Governor)

J. Frank Huskins, Democrat, was born in Toledo, N. C, Feb-
ruary 10, 1911. Son of Joseph Erwin and Mary Etta (Peterson)

376 North Carolina Manual

Huskins. Attended public schools of Yancey County; Yancey Col-
lejyiate Institute and Burnsville Hig'h School, 1923-1927; Mars
Hill Colleg-e, 1927-1929; University of North Carolina, 1929-1930,
A.B. Degree; University of North Carolina Law School, 1930-
1932; Licensed to practice in North Carolina, August 22, 1932;
admitted to practice in Federal Courts, 1933. Lawyer. Member,
18th District Bar Association; Vice-President, 1940-1941; North
Carolina Bar Association; Yancey County Bar Association. Attor-
ney for Home Owners' Loan Corporation, 1933-1935. Mayor,
Town of Burnsville, 1939-1942, resigning in middle of second term
to accept commission in U. S. Navy. Served in United States
Navy from .July 10, 1942 to February 18, 1946; Lieutenant Com-
mander in United States Naval Reserve at present time. Member
of the American Legion; Lions Club; Burnsville Men's Club.
Representative in the General Assembly of 1947 and 1949. Baptist.
Married Miss Mary Bailey, January 22, 1938. Address: Raleigh,
N. C. •



(Appointed by the Governor with the approval of the Senate)

Joshua Stuart James, Democrat, was born in Maple Hill,
Pender County, N. C, October 26, 1907. Son of Gibson and Anne-
belle (Murray) James. Attended the Public Schools of Pender
County, 1915-1923; Highland Spring School, Virginia 1924-1926;
A.B., Maryville College, Tennessee, 1931; LL.B., University of
North Carolina Law School, 1946. Lawyer and farmer. Member,
New Hanover County, N. C. State, and North Carolina Bar Asso-
ciations. Clerk Superior Court, Pender County, 1942-1944. Mem-
ber, St. John's Lodge No. 1, Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons,
Wilmington, N. C; Phi Delta Phi International Law Fraternity;
Pi Kappa Delta National Honorary Forensic Fraternity. Cor-
poral, Army Air Forces, World War II. Presbyterian. Married
Miss Lalage Shull, September 16, 1932. Children: Genevieve;
Richard; Marion; Stuart. Permanent address: Wilmington, N. C,
Official Address: Raleigh, N. C,

Biographical Sketches 377



(Appointed by the Governor)

Talmage Casey Johnson, Democrat, was born in Pelzer, S. C,
July 31, 1896. Son of James Robert and Ellie' (Casey) Johnson.
Attended Honea Path, S. C. High School; Wofford College; Fur-
man University, A.B. 1917, D.D. 1941; Vanderbilt University,
M.A. 1921; Duke University. Member, American Prison Society.
High Point City Councilman, 1929-1931. Mason; Maccabee. Assist-
ant Director Venereal Disease Education Institute, Raleigh, N. C,
1945-1947. Author of the following: "The Christian Differential";
"Life's Intimate Relationships"; "The Crucifiers"; "Then and
Now, Look for the Dawn!". Contributor of Articles and Book Re-
views to various periodicals. Baptist; Pastor First Baptist
Church of Kinston, N. C, 1932-1945; Pastor First Baptist Church
of Newton, N. C, 1947-1949. Married Miss Rachel Murr, April
12, 1922. Three sons: George, William, and James. Address: 1508
Greenwood Drive, Raleigh, N. C.



(Appointed by the Governor)

Henry Watson Jordan, Democrat, was born at Ramseur,
August 31, 1898. Son of Henry Harrison and Annie Elizabeth
(Sellars) Jordan. Attended Rutherford schools, 1913-1915; Emory
and Henry College; D.D.S. Emory University Dental School,
1919. Cotton Textile Manufacturer. Member County School Board
of Gaston; County School Board of Randolph. Member of the
State Highway and Public Works Commission, Sixth Division,
1945-1949. Sergeant, Student Army Training Corps; Commander,
American Legion, 1922. Scottish Rite, York Rite Mason; Shriner
(Oasis Temple). Member of Rotary Club, President 1924; Master
Masonic Lodge, 1924-1926. Methodist; Chairman Board of Stew-
ards, 1925-1940. Married Miss Mary Ruth Rankin, November 3,
1933. Three children: Henry H. Jordan, 2nd; Annie Rankin Jor-
dan; Thomas Andrew Jordan. Address: Cedar Falls, N. C.

378 North Carolina Manual



(Appointed by the Governor)

Heni-y E. Kendall, Democrat, was born in Shelby, N. C, August
24, 1905. Son of Henry E. and Mary Whitelaw (Wiseman) Ken-
dall. Attended Shelby Public schools; N. C. State College, 1922-
26, B.S. degree in Civil Engineering. Member Pi Kappa Alpha;
Theta Tau Engineering Fraternity; Tau Beta Pi (Scholastic)
and Phi Kappa Phi (Honor) fraternities. Engineer with Plumer
Wiseman & Co., Danville, Va., 1926-30; Ass't. office manager
Dibrell Bros, tobacconists, Shanghai, China, 1931-36; engineer
N. C. State School Commission, Raleigh, N. C, 1937-42. Commis-
sioned 1st Lt. Engineers Corps, U. S. Army, September 18, 1942;
served twenty months in European Theatre Operations and eight
months in Asiatic Pacific; separated with rank of Lt. Colonel,
August 7, 1946. Appointed Chairman, Unemployment Compensa-
tion Commission (now Employment Security Commission) by
Governor R. Gregg Cherry, July 1, 1946; reappointed by Govei*-
nor W. Kerr Scott in 1949 for 4-year term. Member Lions Club;
N. C. Society of Engineers; Raleigh Engineers Club; American
Legion (member of State Administrative Committee 1950-54).
Mason. Registered Engineer. President General Alumni Associa-
tion N. C. State College, 1949-50; Chairman Executive Com-
mittee Alumni Association, 1950-51. Vice-President Region III In-
terstate Conference of Employment Security Agencies 1950-51.
Member Legislative Committee same organization. Listed in Who's
Who in the South and Southwest. Married Miss Eliza Katharine
Kerr of Yanceyville, N. C. Presbyterian. Address: 2814 Exeter
Circle, Raleigh, N. C.



(Appointed by the Govei'nor with the approval of the Senate)

Edward H. McMahan, Democrat, was born in Yancey County,
N. C, June 20, 1905. Son of William Hayes and Eva Mae (Riddle)
McMahan. Attended Marion Elementary and High Schools, 1911-

Biographical Sketches 379


1923; Wake Forest College, 1923-1927, LL.B. Attorney at Law.
Member, N. C. Bar Association; President, Local Bar Associa-
tion, Transylvania County, 1946. President, Brevard Chamber of
Commerce, 1944-1945. State Director, North Carolina Merchants
Association, 1944-1949. Member, Loyal Order of Moose; Wood-
men of the World. District Governor, District 31-A (Western
North Carolina) Lions International, 1945-1946; Member, Board
of Directors, Lions Liternational, 1948-1950; Endorsed by Lions
of North Carolina for the office of Third Vice President of Lions
International as a candidate in 1952. Methodist; Member of Board
of Stewards, Brevard Methodist Church, 1943-1949; Superinten-
dent Young People's Department, 1941-1943. Married Miss Sarah
Kathleen Jenkins, December 19, 1925. Two children: Edward H.
McMahan, Jr., age 24; Sarah Jaudon McMahan, age 20. Legal
address: Brevard, N. C. Official address: Raleigh, N. C.



(Appointed by the Governor)

John Van Bokkelen Metts, Democrat, was born in Wilmington,
N. C, December 17, 1876. Son of James Isaac and Cornelia Froth-
ingham (Cowan) Metts. Attended Tileston School and Cape Fear
Academy 1882-1893; Military School. Member Adjutant General
and National Guard associations of the United States. Member
Board of County Commissioners, New Hanover County. In com-
mand 119th Infantry, 30th Division, World War 1917-1918,
awarded Distinguished Service Medal issued by the War Depart-
ment for meritorious service. Brigadier General; commanding
General 60th Infantry Brigade, June 1, 1926-December 12, 1936.
Appointed The Adjutant General North Carolina, June 15, 1920.
Recommended by the Governor and appointed by the President,
State Director of Selective Service effective September 17, 1940,
and inducted into federal service October 15, 1940. Awarded
Merit Medal for service as State Director Selective Service. Mem-
ber Saint Johns Lodge No. 1, A.F. and A.M., Wilmington, N. C.
Episcopalian. Married the late Miss Josephine S. Budd, of Peters-
burg, Virginia, November 1906. Two children: Josephine Budd
Metts (Mrs. Spotswood Hathaway Huntt) and John Van B.
Metts, Jr. Address: Raleigh, N. C.

380 North Carolina Manual


secretary state board of health

(Appointed by the North Carolina State Board of Health
with the approval of the Governor)

John William Roy Norton, Democrat, was born in Scotland
County, July 11, 1898. Son of Lafayette and Tola Josephine (Rey-
nolds) Norton. Attended Snead's Grove School, 1916-1920; A.B.
Degree, Trinity College (Duke University) June 1920; one year's
work in the Law School, Trinity College, 1922-1923; Principal
and athletic coach, Lumberton 1921-1922, Snead's Grove (Scot-
land County) 1923-1924. University of N. C. Medical School,
Chapel Hill, 1924-1926; Vanderbilt University Medical School,
1926-1928, M.D. Degree, 1928; interne at Henry Ford Hospital,
Detroit, Mich., July 1928-June 1929; member medical staff of the
Henry Ford Hospital, July 1929-June 1930; chief of the medical
department Holt-Crock Clinic, Fort Smith, Arkansas, July 1930-
August 1931. City Health Superintendent, Rocky Mount 1931-
1935; Assistant Division Director State Board of Health, 1936-
1938; Professor Public Health Administration, University of
North Carolina 1938-1940. Member of the Wake County and North
Carolina Medical Societies; American and Southern Medical Asso-
ciation; North Carolina and American Public Health Associations.
Fellow American College of Physicians; Diplomate American
Board of Preventive Medicine and Public Health; Past Sec.-Treas.
and Chrm. Section Public Health and Education and Military
Service Committee of N. C. Medical Society; Past Sec.-Treas.
Nash-Edgecombfr Counties Medical Society; Past Vice-President
Fourth District Medical Society; Past Secretary, Treasurer N. C.
Public Health Association; Governing Council Southern Branch
American Public Health Association; Chrmn. Subcommittee on
Personnel Administration American Public Health Association;
Chrmn. Subcommittee on Specialized Expenditures State and Ter-
ritorial Health Officers' Association; Board of Directors Planned
Parenthood Federation of America; Advisory Board N. C. Good
Health Association; Exec. Com. N. C. Division American Cancer
Society; Exec. Com. N. C. Social Hygiene Society; Visiting Asso-
ciate Professor Public Health, University of N. C. School of Pub-
lic Health; Board of Directors N. C. Heart Association; Exec.

Biographical Sketches 381

Com. N. C. Mental Hygiene Society; Exec. Com. N. C. Health
Council; Board of Directors N. C. Conference Social Service;
Medical Advisory Board, N. C. Military District; Medical Advisory
Board Selective Service System (N. C.) ; Member North Carolina
Civil Defense Council; Board of Directors Dental Foundation of
North Carolina: Listed in "Who's Who In America." Delta Omega
and Sigma Xi honorary Public Health and Scientific Societies.
Scientific Exhibit medal (N. C. Medical Society) 1947. Reynolds
Medal (N. C. Public Health Association) 1948. Woodmen of
World; Mason. Delta Sigma Phi, Alpha Kappa Kappa, Sigma Nu
Phi Fraternities. Author of Rabies Control; Diphtheria Control;
Observations on 1948 Polio Epidemic in North Carolina; Planning
a Public Health Program; A Mid-Century Review of Public
Health Activities in North Carolina. Many articles in N. C. Health
Bulletin. Private to Second Lieutenant of Field Artillery, 1918;
Captain to Colonel in Medical Corps, 1940-1945; Medical Inspectoi
Fort Bragg; Assistant Chief Preventive Medicine European
Theater; Deputy Chief Hygiene Allied Force Headquarters; Medi-
cal Inspector Seventh Army; Director Epidemiology for Army;
Chief Preventive Medicine Ninth Service Command. Awarded
battle stars Tunisian and Sicilian Campaigns and Army Commen-
dation Citation for service as Army Epidemiology Chief. Meth-
odist; Steward, First Methodist Church, Rocky Mount, 1934-1935
and 1950- Edenton Street Church, Raleigh. Married Juanita Har-
ris Ferguson, 1928. Three children: Geraldine, 21; Jean, 17; La-
Fayette Ferguson, 11. Address: 2129 Cowper Drive, Raleigh, N. C.



(Appointed by the North Carolina State Probation Commission
with the approval of the Governor)

Neros Franklin Ransdell, Democrat, was born in Franklin
County, N. C, September 19, 1903. Son of William C. and Mary
(Dixon) Ransdell. Attended Sandhill Farm Life School, 1923-
1927; Mars Hill College; Wake Forest College; Wake Forest Law
School, 1930-1933. President, Euthalian Literary Society, Mars
Hill College, 1929; awarded improvement medal, 1928; Debater's
piedal, 1929; Commencement Debater's medal, 1929. Inter-Cpl-

382 North Carolina Manual

le,2:iate Debater, 1928-1929. Delegate from Wake County to Na-
tional Farm Bureau Organization in Chicago, 111., 1944. Lawyer.
Member Wake County Bar Association ; North Carolina State Bar
Association. Solicitor, Fuquay Springs Recorder's Court, 1934-
1944. Representative from Wake County in the General Assembly
of 1945 and 1947. Chief Enrolling Clerk during 1949 Session of
the General Assembly. Appointed Director of State Probation
Commission by the North Carolina State Probation Commission
and the Governor, January 21, 1950. Member of Raleigh Elks
Club, No. 734; Fuquay-Varina Lions Club. Presbyterian. One
daughter: Sylvia Nan Ransdell. Address: Varina, N. C.



(Appointed by the Governor)

George Romulus Ross, Democrat, was born in Randolph County,
May 22, 1888. Son of Romulus Rudolph and Rebecca Ellen (Mc-
Culloch) Ross. Attended Asheboro Public Schools, 1895-1905;
A. and M. College (now State College of Agriculture and En-
gineering), 1911, B.S. Degree in Agriculture. Member, Grange;
Farm Bureau. Trustee of North Carolina State College, 1921-
1926. President, State College Alumni Association, 1930-1931.
Member of Governor Hoey's Education Commission (Vice-Chair-
man), 1937-1938. Manager, farms and orchards in Moore and
Richmond Counties, 1912-1924; Director, Division of Markets,
N. C. Department of Agriculture, 1924-1929; Director of State-
owned Farms, 1929-1934; Administrator, Rural Rehabilitation
and Loan Administration, 1934-1937; Marketing Specialist, N. C.
Department of Agriculture, 1938-1949. Mason. Representative in
the General Assembly from Moore County, 1921, 1922, 1923, and
1924. Democratic Elector from 8th District, 1940. Presbyterian;
Elder since 1944. Married Miss Margaret Charlotte Goley, Feb-
ruary 25, 1914. Two sons: George R. Ross, Jr.; William Goley
Ross. Legal residence, Moore County, N. C. Home address: 1130
Harvey Street, Raleigh, N. C.

Biographical Sketches 383



(Appointed by the Govei'nor)

Landon Coats Rosser, Democrat, was born in Chatham County,
October 6, 1894. Son of James L, and Emma Susan (Hackney)
Rosser. Attended Broadway High School, 1907-1911; B.S. Engi-
neering, N. C. State College, 1915. Farmer. Member of Lions
Club; American Legion. Mason. SheriflF of Lee County, N. C,
1920-1926. Representative from Chatham County in the General
Assembly of 1947. Commissioned 2nd Lieutenant, August 15, 1917;
1st Lieutenant, November 1, 1918; discharged World War I, May
12, 1919. Commissioned Captain, March 9, 1934; Major, June 1,
1941; Lt. Colonel, July 5, 1942; Colonel, January 14, 1943; dis-
charged World War II, December 14, 1946. Awarded Army Com-
mendation Ribbon for service as Post Executive, Fort Bragg,
March 1, 1942-Mareh 31, 1946. Appointed Vice Chairman N. C.
Council for Civil Defense 1950. Methodist. Married Miss Hilda
Gorrell, June, 1933. One daughter: Ann Hackney Rosser. Ad-
dress: Mt. Vernon Springs, N. C.



(Appointed by the Governor)

Robert Lynch Scott, Democrat, was born in Rocky Mount, N. C,
January 10, 1919. Son of John M. and Mary Ethel (Cashwell)
Scott. Attended Rocky Mount Graded Schools; University of

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