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White Mrs. Delores H. Earley Wadesboro

Colored Margaret R. Kirk Wadesboro

Farm Demonstration Agent

White J. W. Cameron Wadesboro

Colored H. H. Price Wadesboro

Chairman Board Education M. D. Taft Wadesboro

Chairman Board Elections W. L. Asheraft Wadesboro

District Game & Fish Protector Ralph GrifBn W adesboro

Forest Warden Lamar Ratliff Rt. 3, Wadesboro

County Attorney Taylor, Kitchin & Taylor Wadesboro

County Librarian Helen Thompson Wadesboro

Veterans Service Officer Robert C. Covington Wadesboro

County Criminal Court:

Judge Sydney F. Caligan Wadesboro

Solicitor George C. Childs Wadesboro


Chairman Dr. F. Y. Sorrell Wadesboro

Commissioner Henry H. Morton Rt. 1, Morven

Commissioner L. C. Springer Rt. 2, Wadesboro

Commissioner W. H. Edwards Peachland

Commissioner Bennett M. Edwards Wadesboro


Ashe County was formed in 1799 from Wilkes. Was named in honor of Samuel Ashe of New Hanover,
brother of General John Ashe. Samuel Ashe was Revolutionary patriot, one of the first judges of the
state, and afterwards governor.

Population, 21,878 County Seat, Jefferson

State Senator 29th District *W. B. Reeves West Jefferson

Member House of Representatives Todd H. Gentry West Jefferson

Clerk Superior Court C. S. Neal Jefferson

Register of Deeds J. D. Stansberry Jefferson

Sheriff W. R. Roten Jefferson

*Died Jan, 5, 1951.

County Government 521

Office Officer Address

Treasurer \V. R. Roten Jefferson

Auditor 8mith & Grisette Jefferson

Tax Supervisor H. H. Burgess Jefferson

Tax Collector Elizabeth V. Miller Jefferson

County Accountant 0. S. Neal Jefferson

Coroner ' R. R. Badger West Jefferson

Surveyor \V. P. Colvard Grassy Creek

County Health OflBcer Dr. Mary B. Michael Jefferson

Supt. of Schools A, B. Hurt Jefferson

Supt. of Public Welfare Frances Tucker Jefferson

Home Demonstration Agent Fay Robinson Jefferson

Farm Demonstration Agent D. F. Tugman Jefferson

Chairman Board Education L. P. Colvard Jefferson

Chairman Board Elections H. H. Lemly Fleetwood

District Game & Fish Protector Roland Koontz Jefferson

Forest Warden Ralph Tomlinson Fleetwood

County Attorneys W. B. Austin-I. T. Johnston Jefferson

County Librarian Mrs. C. D. Neal W. . .Jefferson

Veterans Service
Officer W. Parks Colvard Jefferson


Chairman W. E. Vannoy West Jefferson

Commissioner John Houck Grumpier

Commissioner Edd Davis Tuckerdale


Avery County was formed in 1911 from Mitchell, Watauga, and Caldwell. Was named in honor of
Colonel Waightstill Avery "of Revolutionary fame," Attorney-general of North Carolina, 1777-1779.

Population, 13,352 County Seat, Newland

Office Officer Address

State Senator 30th District Donald Banks Rt. 1, Burnsville

Member House of Representatives W. R. Fields Elk Park

Clerk Superior Court C. H. Pittman Newland

Register of Deeds Grant Webb Newland

Sheriff W. H. Hughes Newland

Treasurer Avery County Bank Newland

Tax Supervisor Earnest L. Johnson ■ Newland

Tax Collector Earnest L. Johnson Newland

County Accountant Morris Isaac Newland

Coroner Earl LaBarbera Newland

Surveyor Paul Banner Banner Elk

County Health Officer Dr. Cameron McRae Burnsville

Supt. of Schools George M. Bowman Elk Park

Supt. of Public Welfare W. W. Braswell Montezuma

Home Demonstration Agent Marie Scott Newland

Farm Demonstration Agent Sam Gartner Newland

Chairman Board Education R. T. Lewis Mmneapolis

Chairman Board Elections R. W. Wall Newland

District Game & Fish Protector W. M. Carpenter Three Mile

Forest Warden J. M. Vance Crossnore

County Attorney Chas. Hughes Newland

County Librarian Mrs. Dorthy B. Thomas Newland

Veterans Service Officer K. L. Haga Newland


Chairman Sam L. Heaton Ingalls

Commissioner Ben H. Isaac Newland

Commissioner Floyd Hayes Elk Park

522 North Carolina Manual


Beaufort County was formed in 1705 from Bath. Was first called Archdale and name changed to
Beaufort about 1712, It was named in honor of Henry .Somerset, Duke of Beaufort, who in 1709 became
one of the Lords Proprietors of Carolina. He purchased the share originally owned by the Duke of Albe-

Population, 37,134 County Seat, Washington

Office Officer Address

State Senators 2nd District Sam M. Campen Alliance

Hugh G. Morton Williamston

Member House of Representatives Wm. B. Rodman Washington

Clerk Superior Court Bryan Marslender Washington

Register of Deeds C. C. Duke Washington

Sheriff William Rumley Washington

Treasurer W. A. Blount Washington

Auditor W. A. Blount Washington

Tax Supervisor W. A. Blount Washington

Tax Collector D. E. Redditt Washington

County Accountant W. A. Blount Washington

Coroner J. Bonner Paul Washington

Supt. of Schools W. F. Veasey Washington

Supt. of Public Welfare Lora P. Wilkie Washington

Home Demonstration Agent

White Almeta Edwards Washington

Colored Vivian Morris Washington

Farm Demonstration Agent

White W. L. McGahey Washington

Colored Chester Bright Washington

Chairman Board Education Ralph H. Hodges Washington

Chairman Board Elections . W. B. Carter Washington

District Game & Fish Protectors Charles J. Overton South Creek

Charlie Spain Washington

Forest Warden W. A. Woolard RFD, Washington

County Attorney M. C. Paul Washington

County Librarian Mrs. Ford S. Worthy Washington

Veterans Service Officer James T. McKeel Wa.shington


Judge W. W. Langley Aurora

Solicitor W. A. Thompson Aurora


Judge M. M. Jones Belhaven

Solicitor J. D. Grimes, Jr Washington


'. Judge L.'H.'Ross Washington

Solicitor J._D. Grimes, Jr \^'ashington


Chairman J. Irving Hodges RFD, Washington

Commissioner Max F. Thompson Aurora

Commissioner A. D. Swindell Pantego

Commissioner Mark A. Taylor Blounts Creek

Commissioner L. Carmer Alligood Rt. 1, Washington


Bertie County was formed in 1722 from Bath. Was named in honor of James and Henry Bertie,
Lords Proprietors, who in 1728 owned the share of Lord Clarendon.

Population, 26,439 County Seat, Windsor

County Government 523

Office Officer Address

State Senators Ist District J. William Copeland Murfreesboro

J. Emmett Winslow Hertford

Member House of Representatives C. Wayland Spruill Windsor

Clerk Superior Court George C. Spoolman Windsor

Register of Deeds L. S. Mizelle Windsor

Sheriff Thos. E. Joyner Windsor

Treasurer Mrs. Ethel R. Cherry Windsor

Tax Supervisor L. S. Mizelle Windsor

Tax Collector Lacy M, Early Windsor

Coroner Goodwin Byrd Windsor

County Health Officer Dr. Cola Castelloe (Acting) Windsor

Supt. of Schools John L. Dupree Windsor

Supt. of Public Welfare Mrs. Norma P. Smith Windsor

Home Demonstration Agent

White Agnes Beale Windsor

Colored . Sabina Alston Gould Windsor

Farm Demonstration Agent

White B. E. Grant Windsor

Colored M. W. Coleman ■. Windsor

Chairman Board Education J. P. Rascoe Windsor

Chairman Board Elections E. G. Cherry Windsor

District Game & Fish Protector W. L. Smallwood Windsor

Forest Warden Miles White Windsor

County Attorney John R. Jenkins, Jr Aulander

County Librarian Mrs. J. L. Byrd Windsor

Veterans Service Officer Mrs. E. S. Pugh Windsor

Recorder's Court:

Judge J. B. Davenport Windsor

Solicitor M. B. Gillam, Jr Windsor


Chairman W. R. Lawrence Colerain

Commissioner W. L. Powell Windsor

Commissioner Henry Dempsey Rt. 1, Windsor

Commissioner T.N. Peele Lewiston

'""ommissioner B. F. Hoggard Aulander


Bladen County was formed in 1734 from Bath. Was named in honor of Martin Bladen, one of the
members of the Board of Trade which had charge of colonial affairs.

Population, 29,703 County Seat, Elizabethtown

State Senators 10th District S. Bunn Frink Southport

Junius K. Powell Whiteville

Member House of Representatives Clarence S. Clark Clarkton

Clerk Superior Court Carl C. Campbell Elizabethtown

Register of Deeds D. T. Townsend Elizabethtown

Sheriff John B. Allen Elizabethtown

Treasurer Bank of Elizabethtown Elizabethtown

Auditor P. G. Cain Elizabethtown

Tax Supervisor P. G. Cain Elizabethtown

Tax Collector H. M. Chason Ehzabethtown

Coroner W.J. Melvin Elizabethtown

County Health Officer Dr. R S. Cromartie Elizabethtown

Supt. of Schools D. M. Calhoun Elizabethtown

Supt. of Public Welfare Mrs. Bessie R. Lyon Elizabethtown

Home Demonstration Agent

White Mrs. Lillie L. Hester Elizabethtown

Colored Mrs. Mamie P. Moore Elizabethtown

524 North Carolina Manual

Office Officer Address

Farm Demonstration Agent

White R. B. Harper Elizabethtowii

Colored A. C. McLendon Elizabethtowii

Chairman Board Education J. S. Melvin Parkersburg

Chairman Board Elections James Monroe Council

District Game & Fish Protector E. \\'. Woodell Dublin

Forest Warden M. H. McQueen Clarkton

County Attorney H. H. Clark Elizabethtown

County Librarian Thelma Cromartie Elizabethtown

Veterans Service Officer Louis Vaught Elizabethtown

Recorder's Court:

Judge Sidney D. Britt Bladenboro

Solicitor Edward B. Clark Elizabethtown


Chairman M. L. Fisher Elizabethtown

Commissioner Luther Brisson Bladenboro

Commissioner , . . .- Charlie A. Priest Council


Brunswick County was formed in 1764 from New Hanover and Bladen. Was named in honor of the
famous House of Brunswick, of which the four Cieorges, Kings of England, were members.

Population, 19,238 County Seat, Southport

State Senators lUth District S. Bunn Frink Southport

Junius K. Powell Whiteville

Member House of Representatives Harry L. Mintz, Jr Supply

Clerk Superior Court S. T. Bennett Southport

Register of Deeds A. J. Walton Southport

Sheriff E.h. Leonard Southport

Treasurer W. P. Jorgensen Southport

Auditor W. P. Jorgensen Southport

Tax Supervisor W. P. Jorgensen Southport

Tax Collector Ed. H. Redwine Southport

Coroner J- G- Caison Southport

Surveyor L, C. Bland Longwood

Countv Health Officer Dr. Floyd Johnson Southport

Supt. of Schools J. T. Denning Southport

Supt. of Public Welfare Edward Sexton Southport

Home Demonstration Agent Corine Green Shallotte

Farm Demonstration Agent A. S. Knowles Supply

Chairman Board Education S. J. Frink Sha otte

Chairman Board Elections M. D. Anderson Shallotte

District Game & Fish Protector H. T. Bowmer Southport

Forest Warden Dorman Mercer Bolivia

County Attorney E. J. Prevatte Southport

Veterans Service Officer C. L. Rourk Southport

Recorder's Court: „, ,, ^^

Judge W. J. McLamb Shallotte

Solicitor . Kirby Sullivan Southport


Chairman Elroy King Freeland

Commissioner H. 0. Peterson . Leland

Commissioner R. L. Rabon Winnabow

County Government 525


Buncombe County was formed in 1791 from Burke and Rutherford. Was named in honor of Colonel
Edward Buncombe, a Revolutionary soldier who was wounded and captured at the battle of Germantown,
October 4, 1777, and died a paroled prisoner. May 1778, in Philadelphia. Colonel Buncombe lived in
Tyrrell County. He was noted for his hospitality. Over the door of his house were these lines. "Wel-
come all to Buncombe Hall."

Population, 124,403 County Seat, Asheville

Office Officer Address

State Senator 31st District Zebulon Weaver, Jr Asheville

Members House of Representatives Lamar Gudger Asheville

Claude L. Love Asheville

Roy A. Taylor Black Mountain

Clerk Superior Court J. E. Swain Asheville

Register of Deeds George A. Digges, Jr Asheville

Sheriff Laurence E. Brown Asheville

Treasurer J. C. Garrison Asheville

Tax Supervisor Rupert J. Crowell Asheville

Tax Collector John P. Brown Asheville

County Accountant J. C. Garrison Asheville

Coroner Dr. P. R. Terry Asheville

Surveyor K. G. Roberts Stocksville

County Health Officer Dr. H. C. Whims Asheville

Supt. of Schools T. C. Roberson Candler

Supt. of Public Welfare George H. Lawrence Asheville

Home Demonstration Agent Mrs. Mamie Sue Evans Asheville

Farm Demonstration Agent W. Riley Palmer Asheville

Chairman Board Education Dr. B. B. Morgan Asheville

Chairman Board Elections Clyde W. Bradley Asheville

District Game & Fish Protector D. E. Curtis Skyland

Forest Warden George L. Farmer Asheville

County Attorney Roy A. Taylor Black Mountain

Veterans Service Officer Thos. A. Mallonee Candler

Domestic Relations Court:

Judge S. E. Horton, Jr Asheville

Asheville City Court:

Judge Sam M. Cathey Asheville

Solicitor W. C. Hampton Asheville


Chairman Coke Candler Candler

Commissioner John C. Vance Asheville

Commissioner George D. Young Swannanoa


Burke County was formed in 1777 from Rowan. Was named in honor of Dr. Thomas Burke, mem-
ber of the Continental Congress and governor of North Carolina.

Population, 45,518 County Seat, Morganton

State Senator 28th District A. B. Stoney Morganton

Member House of Representatives 0. Lee Horton Morganton

Clerk Superior Court W. C. Ross Morganton

Register of Deeds W. Alvin Berry Morganton

Sheriff Ray A. Sigmon Morganton

Treasurer Lillian Ross Morganton

Auditor Lillian Ross Morganton

Tax Supervisor C. P. Whisenant Morganton

Tax Collector X. H. Cox Morganton

County Accountant Lillian Ross Morganton

Coroner R. F. Setzer Morganton

526 North Carolina Manual

Offic3 Officer Address

Surveyor J. A. Harbison Morgan ton

C oji.ty He Ith Officer L'r. C. N. Sisk Morganton

Supt. of !: choch R. L. Patton Morganton

Sjpt. I f Pablic Welfare M. J. Lynam Morganton

Home Demonstration Agent Evelyn \Vi<;gins Morganton

Farm Demonstration A<?ent Herbert M. Speas " Morganton

Chairmim Board Education Lester H. McNeely Morganton

Chairmm Board Elections T. Earl Franklin Morganton

District Game & Fish Protector Robin Rhyne Morganton

Forest Warden S. B. C'onley Morganton

County Attorney H. L. RiJdle, Jr Morganton

County Librarian Mrs. Miltanna R. McVey Morganton

Veterans .Service Officer Frank Baker Drexel

County Criminal Court:

Judge Edward M. Hairfield Morganton

Solicitor Julius S. Page Morganton


Chairman C. P. Whisenant Morganton

Commissioner J. Maurice Wells Morganton

Commissioner Charles Bumgarner Valdese

Commissioner Conley Poteat Drexel

Commissioner A. L. Rhoney Hildebran


Cabarrus County was formed in 1792 from Mecklenburg. Was named in honor of Stephen Cabarrus,
of Edenton, several times a member of the Legislature and often Speaker of the House of Commons.

Population, 63,783 County Seat, Concord

State Senators 21st District L. E. Barnhardt Concord

Nelson Woodson Salisbury

Members House of Representatives E. T. Bost, Jr Concord

Dwight W. Quinn Kannapolis

Clerk Superior Court D. Ray McEachern Concord

Register of Deeds John R. Boger Concord

Sheriff E. M. Logan , Concord

Treasurer Mrs. Margie M. White Concord

Auditor C.N. Field) Concord

Tax Supervisor R. C. Harris Concord

Tax Collector E. M. Logan Concord

County Accountant C.N. Field Concord

Coroner Clifford H. Brown Kannapolis

Surveyor Walter L. Furr, Jr Concord

County Health Officer Dr. J. Roy Hege Concord

Supt. of Schools C. A. Furr Concord

Supt. of Public Welfare E. Farrell White Concord

Home Demonstration Agent Mrs. Edith McGlamery Concord

Farm Demonstration Agent Roy D. Goodman Concord

Chairman Board Education Boyd Bigger Concord

Chairman Board Elections John Sharp Hartsell Concord

District Game & Fish Protector John W. Patterson Concord

County .Attorneys J. S. Hartsell & L. E. Earnhardt Concord

County Librarian Elizabeth Plexico Concord

Veterans Service Officer Coram Miller Concord

Recorder's Court:

Judge , H. W. Calloway, Jr Concord

Solicitor ,.....,,,,... ,, H. Q. Alexander Kannapolis


Chairman J. Lee White Concord

Commissioner P. E. Stallings Harrisburg

Commissioner. H. L. Fink Rt. 2, Concord

Commissioner L. B. Barrier Mt. Pleasant

Commissioner M. Smoot Lyles Concord

County Government 527


Caldwell County was formed in 1841 from Burke and Wilkes. Was named in honor of Joseph Cald-
well, the first president of the University of North Carolina. He was one of the first and strongest ad-
vocates of the public school system and of the railroad through the center of the state from Morehead
City to Tennessee.

Population, 43,352 County Seat, Lenoir

Office Officer Address

State Senator 28th District A. B. Stoney Morganton

Member House of Representatives J. T. Pritohett Lenoir

Clerk Superior Court G. W. Sullivan Lenoir

Register of Deeds Mrs. Margaret B. Moore Lenoir

Sheriff O. D. Greer Lenoir

Auditor Mrs. Stella H. Spencer Lenoir

Ta.x Supervisor James H. Sherrill Lenoir

Tax Collector James H. Sherrill Lenoir

County Accountant Mrs. Stella H. Spencer Lenoir

Coroner Marshall Kincaid Lenoir

Surveyor Thomas P. Isbell Lenoir

County Health OfEcer Dr. William Happer Lenoir

Supt. of Schools CM. Abernethy Lenoir

Supt. of Public Welfare Laura H. Freeman Lenoir

Home Demonstration Agent Lillian Gilbert '...., Lenoir

Farm Demonstration Agent Max Culp Lenoir

Chairman Board Education V. D. Guire Lenoir

Chairman Board Elections A. F. Torrence Lenoir

District Game & Fish Protector Clyde McLean Collettsville

Forest Warden Lee Steele RFD, Lenoir

County Attorney W. H. Strickland Lenoir

County Librarian Mrs. Anna J. Cooper Lenoir

Veterans Service OfEcer Cecil W. Hailey ■ Lenoir

Recorder's Court:

Judge L. M. Abernethy Granite Falls

Solicitor Claude Sella Lenoir


Chairman R. L. Bradley Lenoir

Commissioner Coit Barber Lenoir

Commissioner Stuart Lingle RFD, Hudson

Commissioner M. M. Pennell Lenoir

Commissioner J. W. Warlick Granite Falls


Camden County was formed in 1777 from Pasquotank. Was named in honor of the learneel English-
mxn, Charles Pratt, Earl of Camden, who was one of the strongest friends of the Americans in British
Parliament. He took their side in the dispute over taxation without representation.

Population, 5,223 County Scat. Canuk'n

Office Officer Address

State Senators 1st District J. William Copeland Murfreesboro

J. Emmett Winslow Hertford

Member House of Representatives S. E. Burgess Belcross

Clerk Superior Court Mrs. Annie Forbes Camden

Register of Deeds P. P. Gregory Camden

Sheriff M. D. Stevens Camden

Treasurer First Citizens National Bank Elizabeth City

Auditor Matilda Bartlctt Camden

Tax Supervisor Calvin Bray Camden

Tax Collector M. D. Stevens Camden

foroner Carroll (iodfrcy Camden

528 North Carolina Manual

Office Officer Address

County Health Officer Dr. B. B. McGuire Elizabeth City

Supt. of Schools J. F. Pugh Camden

tiupt. of Public Welfare Roy B. Godfrey Belcross

Home Demonstration Agent Mrs. Mamie S. Sawyer Camden

Farm Demonstration Agent L. L. McLendon Camden

Chairman Board Education Boyd Seymour Camden

Chairman Board Elections W.J. Burgess Shiloh

District Game & Fish Protector H. G. McPherson South Mills

Forest Warden M. B. Williams South Mills

County Attorney Wayland Britton Portsmouth, Va.

Recorder's Court:
Judge R. L. Whaley Camden


Chairman Clarence Meiggs Camden

Commissioner J. J. Walston Shiloh

Commissioner George Williams Camden


Carteret County was formed in 1722 from Bath. Was named in honor of Sir John Carteret, after-
wards (1744) Earl Granville, one of the Lords Proprietors. When the other Lords Proprietors sold their
shares to the king in 1728. Carteret refused to sell, and an immense tract of land in North Carolina was
laid off as his share in 1744. It was called the Granville District and was the cause of a great deal of
trouble. He lost it by confiscation when the Revolution freed North Carolina from British rule.

Population, 23, 059 County Seat, Beaufort

Office Officer Address

State Senators 7th District Carl T. Hicks Walstonburg

John D. Larkins, Jr Trenton

Member House of Representatives George W. Dill, Jr Morehead City

Clerk Superior Court Alfonso H. James Beaufort

Register of Deeds Irvin W. Davis Beaufort

Sheriff C. G. Holland Beaufort

Auditor James D. Potter Beaufort

Tax Collector Eugene 0. Moore Beaufort

Coroner Pritchard A. Lewis Beaufort

Surveyor Phillip K. Ball Morehead City

County Health Officer Dr. N. Thomas Ennett Beaufort

Supt. of Schools Harvey L. Joslyn Morehead City

Supt. of Public Welfare Thomas C. McGinnis Morehead City

Home Demonstration Agent Carrie B. Gillikin Marshallberg

Farm Demonstration Agent R. M. Williams Beaufort

Chairman Board Education Dr. L. W. Moore Beaufort

Chairman Board Elections F. R. Seeley Beaufort

District Game & Fish Protector Alex Davis Marshallberg

Forest Warden Monzelle Foreman Beaufort

County Attorney A. L. Hamilton Morehead City

County Librarian Mrs. Paul Woodard Beaufort

Veterans Service Officer C. L. Beam Beaufort

Recorder's Court:

Judge L. R. Morris Atlantic

Solicitor M. L. Davis Beaufort


Chairman K. P. B. Bonner Morehead City

Commissioner Hugh Salter Beaufort

Commissioner Moses C. Howard Newport

Commissioner Walter M. Yoemans Harkers Island

Commissioner , ,...,.. Tilton Davis Harkers Island

County Government 529


Caswell County was formed in 1777 from Orange. Was named in honor of Richard Caswell, member
of the First Continental Congress, first Governor of North Carolina after the Declaration of Independ-
ence, six times re-elected Governor, and Major-General in the Revolutionary Army.

Population, 20,870 County Seat, Yanceyviile

Office Officer Address

State Senator 15th District J. Hampton Price Leaksville

Member House of Representatives Joseph H. Warren Prospect Hill

Clerk Superior Court G. M. Harris Yanceyviile

Register of Deeds J. B. Blaylock Yanceyviile

Sheriff J. Y. Gatewood Yanceyviile

Treasurer Jas. N. Slade Yanceyviile

Auditor Jas. N. Slade Yanceyviile

Tax Supervisor. Giles Mebane Yanceyviile

Tax Collector Giles Mebane Yanceyviile

County Accountant Jas. N. Slade Yanceyviile

County Health Officer Dr. George E. Waters Spray

Supt. of Schools Thomas Whitley Yanceyviile

Supt. of Public Welfare Leona Graham Yanceyviile

Home Demonstration Agent

White Louise Homewood Yanceyviile

Colored Helen Payne Yanceyviile

Farm Demonstration Agent

White J. E. Zimmerman Yanceyviile

Colored Booker T. Carraway Yanceyviile

Chairman Board Education D. W. Wright Rt. 1, Ruffin

Chairman Board Elections William B. Aldridge Yanceyviile

District Game & Fish Protector R. Y. Allen Leasburg

County Attorney Pemberton & Wilson Yanceyviile

County Librarian Mrs. S. A. Malloy Yanceyviile

Veterans Service Officer Charles A. Beddingfield Oxford

Recorder's Court:

Judge Ralph 0. Vernon Blanch

Solicitor W. B. Horton Yanceyviile


Chairman E. S. Bulter Rt. 1. Reidsville

Commissioner George R. Carter Rt. 4, Danville, Va.

Commissioner W. W. Pointer Blanch

Commissioner C. B. Rogers Yanceyviile

Commissioner A. P. Dabbs Rt. 1, Yanceyviile


Catawba County was formed in 1842 from Lincoln. Was named after a tribe of Lidians which dwelt
in that section of the State. Catawba County voted with Gaston and Lincoln until 1854.

Population, 61,794 County Seat, Newton

State Senators 25th District C. H. Dearman Statesville

M. T. IjCathernian Lincolntoii

Member House of Representatives Roy E. Leinbach, Jr Newton

Clerk Superior Court P. W. Deaton Newton

Register of Deeds Mrs. Willie Trott Newton

Sheriff Austin E. Smith Newton

Treasurer N.J. Sigmon Newton

Auditor Andy Shearer Newton

Tax Supervisor C. E. Gwin Newton

Tax Collector N. J. Sigmon Newton

County .Accountant N.J. Sigmon ,.,,,., Newton

530 North Carolina Manual

Office Officpr Address

Coroner Jack Bass Hickory

Surveyor G. Sam Rowe Newton

County Health Officer Dr. M. P. Rudolph Hickory

Su|)t. of Schools M. C, Campbell Newton

Supt. of Public Welfare Joseline Harding Newton

Home Demonstration Aeent Wylie Knox Newton

Farm Demonstration Agent Jesse Giles Newton

Chairman Board Education Ralph A. Sigmon Claremont

Chairman Board Elections D. Lee Setzer Newton

District Game & Fish Protector John Fairchild Conover

Forest Warden Hampton G. Johnson Newton

County Manager N.J. Sigmon Newton

County Attorney J. C. Sigmon, Sr Newton

County Librarian George R. I;indler Newton

Veterans Service Officer John Caldwell Newton

County Recorder's Court:

Judge Jesse Sigmon, Jr Newton

Solicitor R. A. Williams Maiden

Hickory Recorder's Court;

Judge Earl Shuford Hickory

Solicitor Willi im H. Chamblee Hickory


Chairman L. L. Moss Hickory

Commissioner W. E. Abernethy Maiden

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