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Commis doner H ra^e Isen'nour Con ver

Commissioner ' i. L. Winters Clarem' nt

Commissioner Adrian Shuford, Jr Conover


Chatham County was formed in 1770 from Orange. Was named in honor of the great Englishman
who won for England all of French America and was the most eloquent defender of the American cause in
the British Parliament during the Revolution— WilHam Pitt, Earl of Chatham.

Population, 2fi,3e2 County Seat, Pittsboro

Office Officer Address

''tate Senators 13th District James H. Pou Bailey Raleigh

Daniel L. Bell Pittsboro

Member House of Representatives W. Herman Scott Rt. 3, Chapel Hil]

Clerk Superior Court E. B. Hatch Pittsboro

Register of Deeds Lemuel R. Johnson Pittsboro

Sheriff , J. W. Emerson, .Jr Pittsboro

Treasurer Bank of Pittsboro Pittsboro

Auditor John M. Mclver Pittsboro

Tax Supervisor , John M. Mclver Pittsboro

Tax Collector J. W. Emerson, Jr Pittsboro

County Accountant John M. Mclver ■ Pittsboro

Coroner H. L. Stone Siler C ity

Surveyor Lloyd R. Womble Siler Citv

County Health Officer Dr. 0. David Garvin Chapel Hill

Supt. of Schools J. S. Waters Pittsboro

Supt. of Public Welfare Mrs. C. K. Strowd Pittsboro

Home Demonstration Agent

White Flossie Whitley Pittsboro

( 'olored Mildred Payton Pittsboro

F'arin Demonstration .Agent

White I. B. Snipes Pittsboro

Colored Joseph Alton Turner Pittsboro

Chairman Board Education Wade Paschal Siler City

Chairman Board Elections CM. Patti.shall , Rt. 4, Sanford

County Government 531

Office Officer Address

District Game & Fish Protector A. Eugene Jones Siler City

Forest Warden Adolphus Clark Pittsboro

County Attorney \\'ade Barber Pittsboro

Veterans Service Officer Carl Butler Pittsboro

County Criminal Court;

Judge J. L- Moody Siler City

Solicitor F. C. Upchurch Pittsboro


Chairman Earl J. Dark Pittsboro

Commissioner W. B. Emerson Bear Creek

Commissioner E. E. Walden Moncure


Cherokee County was formed in 1839 from Macon. Was named after an Indian tribe which still
dwells in that section of the state.

Population, 18, 294 County Seat, Murphy

Office Officer Address

State Senator 33rd District R. S. Jones Franklin

Member House of Representatives J. H. Duncan Murphy

Clerk Superior Court J. L. Hall Murphy

Register of Deeds Joe Higdon Murphy

Sheriff . : Frank C. Crawford Murphy

Auditor E. L. Shields Murphy

Tax Supervisor E. L. Shields Murphy

Tax Collector E. L. Shields Murphy

County Accountant E. L. Shields Murphy

Coroner Dr. Harry Miller Murphy

Surveyor 0. G. Anderson Culberson

Supt. of Schools Lloyd Hendrix Murphy

Supt. of Public Welfare Mrs. Johnsie R. Nunn w^'^Pf'^

Home Demonstration Agent Edna Bishop Vi"'^''!!^

Farm Demonstration Agent A. Q. Ketner Murphy

Chairman Board Education Noah Hembree w""'Pu^

Chairman Board Elections A. J. Hembree Murphy

District Game & Fish Protector A. R. Dalrymple Murphy

Forest Warden Ernest Burnett Rt. 2, Murphy

County Attorney Hobart L. McKeever ^"""Pu^

County Librarian Josephme Highway », ''''u^

Veterans Service Officer John A. Davidson Murphy


Chairman W. E. .Vloore Rt. 1, Murphy

Commissioner Sam W. Jones Andrews

Commissioner Gay Hawkms Suit


Chowan County was formed in 1672 from Albemarle. Was named for an Indian tribe dwelling in
the northeastern part of the State when the English first came to North Carolina.

Population, 12,540 County Scat, Edenton

State Senators 1st District J. William Copeland Murfrcesboro

J. Emmett Winslow Hertford

Member House of Representatives John F. White Edenton

532 North Carolina Manual

Office Officer Address

Clerk Superior Court E. W. Spires Edeiiton

Register of Deeds M. L. Bunch Edenton

Sheriff J. A. Buneh Edenton

Treasurer George C. Hoskins Edenton

Tax Supervisor Richard D. Dixon Edenton

Tax Collector J. A. Buneh Edenton

County Accountant E. W. Spires Edenton

Coroner Hubert B, Williford Edenton

County Health Officer Dr. B. B. McGuire Edenton

Supt. of Schools W. J. Taylor Edenton

Supt. of Public Welfare Mrs. Carolyn C. McMullan Edenton

Home Demonstration Agent

White Rebecca E. Colwell Edenton

Colored Mrs. Onnie S. Charlton Edenton

Farm Demonstration Agent

White C. W. Overman Edenton

Colored J. B. Small Edenton

Chairman Board Education G. B. Potter Edenton

Chairman Board Elections L. S. Byrum Edenton

District Game & Fish Protector R. E. Evans Rt. 1, Edenton

Forest Warden F. V. White Rt. 1, Edenton

County Attorney J. N. Pruden Edenton

County Librarian Mrs. S. M. McMullan Edenton

Veterans Service Officer J. L. Wiggins Edenton

Recorder's Court:

Judge Marvin P. Wilson Edenton

Solicitor Weldon A. HoUowell Edenton


Chairman W. W. Byrum Edenton

Commissioner A. S. HoUowell Edenton

Commissioner E.N. Elliott Tyner

Commissioner J. R. Peele Rt. 3, Edenton

Commissioner J. A. Webb Rt. 2, Edenton


Clay County was formed in 1861 from Cherokee. Was named in honor of the great orator and states-
man, Henry Clay. Prior to 1868 Clay voted with Cherokee.

Population, 6,006 County Seat, Hayesville

State Senator 33rd District R. S, Jones Franklin

Member House of Representatives H. M. Moore Hayesville

Clerk Superior Court George H. Martin Hayesville

Registerof Deeds Mrs. J. M. May Hayesville

Sheriff Glenn Swanson Hayesville

Treasurer Grady Palmer Hayesville

Auditor Grady Palmer Hayesville

Tax Collector Glenn Swanson Hayesville

County Accountant Grady Palmer Hayesville

Supt. of Schools Allen J. Bell Hayesville

Supt. of Public Welfare Alvin L. Penland Hayesville

Home Demonstration Agent Velma Beam Moore Hayesville

Farm Demonstration Agent R. G. Vick Hayesville

Chairman Board Education Paul Caler. Brasstown

Chairman Board Elections Mark Weaver Hayesville

District Game & Fish Protector Harrison J. Martin Hayesville

Forest Warden J. Robert Penland Hayesville

County Attorney 0. L. Anderson Murphy

County Librarian Mrs. Frank Worley Hayesville

Veterans Service OfiScer J. Maurice Kitchens Hayesville

County Government 533

Office Officer Address


Chairman Cline E. McClure Hayesville

Commissioner Walter R. Johnson Hayesville

Commissioner Wilburn G. Mingus Hayesville


Cleveland County was formed in 1841 from Rutherford and Lincoln. Was named in honor of Colonel
Benjamin Cleveland, a noted partisan leader on the western Carolina frontier in the Revolution, and one
of the "Heroes of King's Mountain."

Population, 64,357 County Seat, Shelby

Office Officer Address

State Senators 27th District Charles F. Gold Rutherfordton

Clyde Nolan Shelby

Member House of Representatives B. T. Falls, Jr Shelby

Clerk Superior Court E. A. Houser, Jr Shelby

Register of Deeds Dan W. Moore Shelby

Sheriff J. H. Allen Shelby

Treasurer Mrs. Lillian E. Newton Shelby

Auditor Max Hamrick Shelby

Tax Supervisor Max Hamrick .=.-; Shelby

Tax Collector Robert Gidney ■. Shelby

County Accountant Max Hamrick Shelby

Coroner J. Ollie Harris Kings Mountain

Surveyor D. R. S. Frazier Shelby

County Health Officer Dr. Z. P. Mitchell Shelby

Supt. of Schools J. H. Grigg Shelby

Supt. of Public Welfare Mrs. Mary Burns Parker Shelby

Home Demonstration Agent

White LaUna Brashears Shelby

Colored Thelma McVea Shelby

Farm Demonstration Agent

White Howard Clapp Shelby

Colored L. J. McDougal Shelby

Chairman Board Education A. L. Calton Lattimore

Chairman Board Elections C. H. Hendrix Shelby

District Game & Fish Protector W. Earl Woody Grover

County Attorney C. C. Horn 7 Shelby

Veterans Service Officer Chalmus L. Miller Fallston

Recorder's Court:

Judge Reuben L. Elam Shelby

Solicitor Bynum E. Weathers Shelby

Kings Mountain Recorder's Court:
Judge J- Faison Barnes Kings Mountam


Chairman Zeb V. Cline Shelby

Commissioner A. C. Brackett Casar

Commissioner R. G. Burrus Mooresboro


Columbus County was formed in 180S from Bladen and Brun.swick. Was named in honor of the
Discoverer of the New World.

Population, 50,621 County Seat, Whiteville

State Senators 10th District S. Bunn Frink Southport

Junius K. Powell Whiteville

Member House of Representatives Homer G. Avant Whiteville

534 North Carolina Manual

Office Officer Address

Clerk Superior Court Lee J. Greer Whiteville

Register of Deeds Leo L, I'isher Whiteville

Sheriff H. Hugh Nance Whiteville

Auditor W. D. Brooks Whiteville

Tax Supervisor Venie Rouse Whiteville

Tax Collector W. D. Brooks Whiteville

Coroner Lacy Thompson Chadbourn

Surveyor Herman T. Schnibben Whiteville

County Health OflScer Dr. Floyd Johnson Whiteville

Supt. of Schools W. J. Boger, Jr Whiteville

Supt. of Public Welfare Alice \\'right Tabor City

Home Demonstration Agent Mrs. Elaine N. Blake Whiteville

Farm Demonstration Agent C. D. Raper Whiteville

Chairman Board Education R. J. Lamb Whiteville

Chairman Board Elections A. E. Powell, Jr Whiteville

District Game & Fish Protector B. L, Boswell Bolton

Forest Warden B. F. Batten Chadbourn

County Attorney E. K. Proctor Whiteville

County Librarian Edna Creech Whiteville

Veterans Service Officer Thurston Formyduval, Jr Whiteville

Recorder's Court:

Judge W. E. Harrelson Rt. 4, Whiteville

Solicitor ■ R. E. Weaver Whiteville


Chairman W. F. Floyd Whiteville

Commissioner Frank Love Evergreen

Commissioner J. T. Wooten Chadbourn

Commissioner W. Alex Weir Lake Waccamaw

Commissioner Leamon P. Ward Clarendon


Craven County was formed about 1712 from Bath. Was named in honor of William, Lord Craven,
one of the Lords Proprietors of Carolina.

Population, 48,823 County Seat, New Bern

State Senators 7th District Carl T. Hicks Walstonburg

John D. Larkins, Jr Trenton

Member House of Representatives Burl G. Hardison Rt. 2, New Bern

Clerk Superior Court W. B. Flanner New Bern

Register of Deeds Jane Holland New Bern

Sheriff C. B. Berry New Bern

Auditor Ben 0. Jones New Bern

Tax Supervisor U. W. Daugherty New Bern

Tax Collector C. C. Pritchett New Bern

County Accountant Ben 0. Jones New Bern

Coroner Frank Ballard Bridgeton

County Health Officer Dr. E. D. Hardin New Bern

Supt. of Schools R. L. Pugh New Bern

Supt. of Public Welfare Mrs. John D. Whitford New Bern

Home Demonstration Agent

White Jessie J. Trowbridge New Bern

Colored Adelaide Dove New Bern

Farm Demonstration Agent

White A. T. Jackson New Bern

Colored Otis Evans New Bern

Chairman Board Education C. A. Seifert New Bern

Chairman Board Elections Alfred A. Kafer, Jr New Bern

District Game & Fish Protector L. E. Warrington New Bern

Forest Warden S. B. Norris Rt. 3, New Bern

County Attorney R. A. Nunn New Bern

County Librarian Mary Scott Gurley New Bern

Veterans Service Officer W. B. Rouse New Bern

County Government 535

Office Officer Address

Recorder's Court:

Judge Lawrence E. Lancaster Vanceboro

Solicitor Ray E. Sumrell New Bern

City Recorder's Court:

Judge L. A. Stith New Bern

Solicitor Henry A. Grady, Jr New Bern


Chairman George B. Ipock Ernul

Commissioner E. R. Ipock Cove City

Commissioner A. L. Dail New Bern

Commissioner T. W. Haywood Rt. 4, New Bern

Commissioner CD. Lascaster New Bern


Cumberland County was formed in 1754 from Bladen. Was named in honor of William Augustus,
Duke of Cumberland, second son of King George IL Cumberland was the commander of the English
army at the battle of CuUoden, in which the Scotch Highlanders were so badly defeated. Many of them
came to America, and their principal settlement was at Cross Creek in Cumberland County.

Population, 96,006 County Seat, Fayetteville

State Senators 10th District S. Bunn Frink Southport

Junius K. Powell Whiteville

Members House of Representative? J. L. Dawkins Fayetteville

Troy A. Fisher Rt. 5, Fayetteville

Clerk Superior Court C. W. Broadfoot Fayetteville

Register of Deeds J. W. Johnson Fayetteville

Sheriff L. L. Guy Fayetteville

Treasurer R. E. Nimocks Fayetteville

Tax Supervisor T. G. Braxton Fayetteville

Tax Collector B. C. Bramble Fayetteville

Coroner Joe Pinkston Fayetteville

Surveyor Benjamin Watkins Fayetteville

County Health Officer Dr. M. T. Foster Fayetteville

Supt. of Schools F. D. Byrd Fayetteville

Supt. of Public Welfare E. L. Houser Fayetteville

Home Demonstration Agent

White Lena BuUard Fayetteville

Colored Jane Boyd Fayetteville

Farm Demonstration Agent

White John T. Monroe Fayetteville

Colored H. A. Johnson ." Fayetteville

Chairman Board Education Donald Mclntyre Fayetteville

Chairman Board Elections F. B. Rankin Fayetteville

District Game & Fish Protector T. L. Faircloth Fayetteville

Forest Warden P. P. Smith Rt. 3, Fayetteville

County Attorney Lester G. Carter, Jr Fayetteville

County Librarian Mrs. Dorothy E. Shue Fayetteville

Veterans Service Officer C. E. Brewer Fayetteville

Recorder's Court:

Judge James MacRae Fayetteville

Solicitor Seavy A. Carroll Fayetteville

City Recorder's Court:

Judge H. C. Blackwell Fayetteville

Solicitor Robert H. Butler Fayetteville


Chairman F. G. Kinlaw Rt. 5, Fayetteville

Commissioner L. E. Ray Rt. 1, Fayetteville

Commissioner J. McN. Gillis Rt. 3, Fayetteville

Commissioner Frank Barrett Fayetteville

Commissioner Wm. McK. Monroe Fayettevill?

536 North Carolina Manual


Currituck County was formed in 1672 from Albemarlo. Was named after an Indian tribar
Population, f),2ol County Seat, Currituck

Office Officer Address

State Senators 1st District J. William Copeland Murfrecsboro

J. Emmett Winslow ,_ Hertford

Member House of Representatives E. R. Johnson Moyock

Clerk Superior Court Ralph E. Saunders Currituck

Register of Deeds Mrs. Edna L. Blossom Currituck

Sheriff L. L. Dozier Currituck

Treasurer Bank of Currituck Currituck

Auditor Mrs. Alice S. Brumsey Currituck

Tax Supervisor Mrs. Edna L, Blossom Currituck

Tax Collector L, L. Dozier Gurrituck

County Accountant Mrs. Alice S. Brumsey Ctrrituck

Coroner J. Bryan Smith Harbinger

County Health Officer Dr. W. W. Johnston Currituck

Supt. of Schools W. H. Tuck Currituck

Supt. of Public Welfare Norman Hughes Currituck

Home Demonstration Agent Mrs. Margaret Bray Currituck

Farm Demonstration Agent L. A. Powell . .Barco

Chairman Board Education Charlie Roberts Shawboro

Chairman Board Elections Smith Harrell Mamie

District Game & Fish Protector R. A. Dowdy Grandy

County Attorney E. R. Woodard Currituck

Recorder's Court:

Judge W. F. Leary Gregory

Solicitor ._,. W. C. Morse, Jr Elizabeth City


Chairman Norwood M. Ansell Munden, Va.

Commissioner I. F. West Moyock

Commissioner R. N. Dowdy Powells Point

Commissioner Mack Sanderlin Shawboro

Commissioner H. D. Newbern, Jr Powells Point


Dare County was formed in 1870 from Currituck, Tyrrell, and Hyde. Was named in honor of Virginia
Dare, the first English child born in America.

Population, 5,405 County Seat, Manteo

Office Officer Address

State Senators 2nd District Sam M. Campen ■. Alliance

Hugh G. Horton Williamston

Member House of Representatives R. Bruce Etheridge Manteo

Clerk Superior Court C. S. Meekins Manteo

Register of Deeds Melvin R. Daniels Manteo

Sheriff Frank M. Cahoon Manteo

Treasurer Bank of Manteo Manteo

Auditor - C. S. Meekins Manteo

Tax Collector Frank M. Cahoon Manteo

County Accountant C. S. Meekins Manteo

Coroner Marvin Rogers Manteo

County Health Officer Dr. W. W. Johnston Manteo

Supt. of Schools R. I. Leake Manteo

Supt. of Pub ic Welfare Mrs. Goldie H. Meekins Manteo

Home Demonstration Agent Mary E. Kirby Manteo

Farm Demonstration Agent Robert S. Smith Manteo

Chairman Board Education E. P. White Buxton

County Government SS?

Office Officer Address

Chairman Board Elections Hugh Basnight Manteo

District Game & Fish Protector Jack B. Ballaiice Kill Devil Hills

County Attorney Martin Kellogg, Jr Manteo

County Librarian Mrs. Georgia E. Harwood Manteo

Veterans Service Officer LP. Davis Manteo

Recorder's Court:

Judge W. F. Baum Manteo

Solicitor Martin Kellogg, Jr Manteo


Chairman Claude C. Duvall East Lake

Commissioner Lawrence L. Swain Manteo

Commissioner Hallett F. Perry Kitty Hawk

Commissioner James W. Scarljorough Avon

Commissioner Albert W Austin Hatteras


Davidson County was formed in 1822 from Rowan. Was named in honor of General William Lee
Davidson, a soldier of the Revolution, who was killed at the Battle of Cowan's Ford. When (ieneral
Greene retreated across North Carolina before Cornwallis in 1781, he stationed some troops under (Jeneral
Davidson at Cowan's Ford over the Catawba River to delay the British .'\rmy. The British attacked
the Americans, killed General Davidson, and forced the passage. The United States has erected a mon-
ument hi his honor on Guilford Battleground.

Population, 62,244 County Seat, Lexington

State Senators 18th District Charles H. Dorsett Troy

J. Thomas Page Rockingham

Member House of Representatives Paul G. Stoner Lexington

Clerk Superior Court M. P. Cooper Lexington

Register of Deeds M. V. Lomax Lexington

Sheriff W. G. Fritts Lexington

Tax Supervisor Jay Howard Lexington

Tax Collector W. G. Fritts Lexington

Coroner Dr. David Plummer Thomas ville

Surveyor R. D. Kinney Lexington

Supt. of Schools Paul F. Evans Lexingto n

Supt. of Public Welfare Matilda Umholtz Lexington

Home Demonstration Agent Lala Blaylock Lexington

Farm Demonstration Agent C. E. Bernhardt Lexington

Chairman Board Education Baxter Carter Denton

Chairman Board Elections Joe H. Leonard, Jr Lexington

District Game & Fish Protector J. B. Greene Thomasville

Forest Warden W. F. Currence Winstoii-Saleiii

County Manager Jay Howard Thomasville

County Attorney Charles W. Mauze Lexington

County Librarian Antoinette Earle Lexington

Veterans Service Officer Joe Hege, Jr Lexington

County Court:

Judge L. A. Martin Lexington

Solicitor Beamer Barnes Lexington

Denton Recorder's Court:

Judge A. L. Snider Denton

Thomasville Recorder's Court:

Judge W. H. Steed Thomasville

Solicitor Roy Hughes Thomasville


Chairman D. W. .\lc( 'ulloch Lexington

Commissioner Frank Smith Lexington

Commissioner Wayne Shoaf Lexington

Commissioner Russell Zimmerman Lexington

Commissioner E. M. Hunt Denton

538 North Carolina Manual


Davie County was formed in 1836 from Rowan. Was named in honor of William R. Davie, distin-
guished as a soldier of the Revolution, member of the Federal Convention of 1787, Ciovenior cf North
Carolina, special Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipoteutiiry to Frinee, "Father of the Univer-
sity of North Carolina."

Population, lo,42;i County Se^t, Moeksville

Office Officer Address

State Senator 24th District H. P. Eller North Wilkesboro

Member House of Representatives B.C. Brock Farmington

( lerk Superior Court Stacy H. Chafiin Moeksville

Resi-ster of Deeds C. R. Vogler Moeksville

Sheriff O. A. Tucker Moeksville

Treasurer Eloise C. Stephens Moeksville

Auditor Eloise C. Stephens Moeksville

Tax Supervisor Eloise C. Stephens Moeksville

Tax Collector Kathleen Reavis Moeksville

County Accountant Eloise C. Stephens Moeksville

Coroner Dr. G. V. Greene Moeksville

Surveyor S. L. Talbert Advance

County Health OfiScer Dr. Fred Pegg Moeksville

Supt. of Schools Curtis Price Moeksville

Supt. of Public Welfare Amy Jane Talbert Advance

Home Demonstration Agent Florence Mackie Moeksville

Farm Demonstration Agent F. E. Peebles Moeksville

Chairman Board Education J. B. Cain Cana

Chairman Board Elections G, Aubrey Merrell Moeksville

District Game & Fish Protector ■ T. B. Woodruff Moeksville

County Manager Eloise C. Stephens Moeksville

County Attorney A. T. Grant Moeksville

County Librarian Mrs. Blanche Clement Moeksville

Veterans Service Officer Woodrow Wilson Moeksville


Chairman R. P. Martin Moeksville

Commissioner J. M. Groce Farmington

Commissioner C. R. Carter Rt. 3, Moeksville


Duplin County was formed in 1749 from New Hanover. Was named in honor of George Henry Hay,
Lord Duplin, an English nobleman.

Population, 41,074 County Seat, Kenansville

State Senators 9th District Rivers D. Johnson Warsaw

Alton A. Lennon Wilmington

Member House of Representatives R. M. Carr Wallace

Clerk Superior Court R. V. Wells Kenansville

Register of Deeds A. T. Outlaw Kenansville

Sheriff Ralph J. Jones Kenansville

Treasurer Ralph J. Jones Kenansville

Auditor Faison W. McGowan Kenansville

Tax Supervisor Faison W. McGowan Kenansville

Tax Collector G. E. Alphin, Jr Kenansville

County Accountant Faison W. McGowan Kenansville

Coroner C. B. Sitterson Kenansville

Surveyor R. W. Craft Beaulaville

County Health Officer Dr. G. V. Gooding Kenansville

Supt. of Schools 0. P. Johnson Kenansville

Supt. of Public Welfare Doris Rouse Kenansville

County Government 539

Office Officer Address

Home Demonstration Agent

White Hilda Clontz Kenansville

Colored Mrs. Mabel Peterson Warsaw

Farm Demonstration Agent •

White Lacy Weeks Kenansville

Colored Riddick E. Wilkens Kenansville

Chairman Board Elections E. Walker Stevens Warsaw

District Game & Fish Protector Bill H. Ipock Wallace

Forest Warden Ralph Miller. RFD, Beaulaville

County Attorney Vance B. Gavin Kenansville

County Librarian Dorothy \\'ightraan Kenansville

Veterans Service Officer J. B. Wallace Kenansville

General County Court:

Judge H. E. Phillips Kenansville

Solicitor Grady Mercer Beaulaville


Chairman L. P. Wells .^^,.,<-RFD, Mt. Olive

Commissioner A. C. Hall ; ,<<^. Wallace

Commissioner A. P. Gates Faison

Commissioner Dallas Jones Magnolia

Commissioner Arthur Kennedy Beulaville


Durham County was formed in 1881 from Orange and Wake. Was named after the town of Durham,
a thriving manufacturing city.

Population, 101,639 County Seat, Durham

State Senators 14th District Wills Hancock Oxford

Thomas B. Sawyer Durham

Members House of Representatives Oscar G. Barker Durham

Richard T. Sanders Durham

Clerk of Superior Court W. H. Young Durham

Register of Deeds R. Garland Brooks Durham

Sheriff E.G. Belvin Durham

Treasurer J. Frank Adams Durham

Auditor E. S. Swindell, Jr Durham

Ta.\ Supervisor H. T. Warren Durham

Tax Collector Vance Pendergrass Durham

County Accountant E. S. Swindell, Jr Durham

Coroner Roman Harton •. Durham

Surveyor E. M . Credle Durham

County Health Officer -. Dr. J. H. Epperson Durham

Supt. of Schools Wilmer M . Jenkins Durham

Supt. of Public Welfare W. E. Stanley Durham

Home Demonstration Agent

White Margaret Umberger Durham

Colored Mrs. Estelle T. Nixon Durham

Farm Demonstration Agent

White W. B. Pace Durham

Colored J. C. Hubbard Durham

Chairman Board Education C. E. Jordan Durham

Chairman Board Elections R. 0. Everett Durham

District Game & Fish Protector Marvin L. Ward Rt 1, Morrisvillc

Forest Warden Julian Clifton Horton Durham

County Manager E. S. Swindell, Jr Durham

County Attorney R. P. Reade Durham

County Librarian Clara M. Crawford Durham

Veterans Service Officer P. G. Noell Durham

540 North Carolina Manual

Office Officer Address

Recorder's Court:

Judge A. R. Wilson Durham

Solicitor W. G. Brogden Durham

Juvenile Court: .
Judge Lawson Moore Durham


Chairman George V. Kirkland Durham

Commissioner Frank Kenan ; Durham

Commissioner S. L. Proctor Durham

Commissioner Dewey Scarboro Durham

Commissioner James Q. Davis Durham


Edgecombe County was formed in 1735 from Bertie. Was named in honor of Richard Edgecombe,
who became Baron Edgecombe in 1742, an English nobleman and a lord of the treasury.

Population, 51,634 County Seat, Tarboro

State Senators 4th District Julian R. AUsbrook Roanoke Rapids

L. H. Fountain Tarboro

Member House of Representatives Ben E. Fountain Rocky Mount

Clerk Superior Court •. W. S. Babcock Tarboro

Register of Deeds Miss M. B. Bunn Tarboro

Sheriff Tom P. Bardin Tarboro

Auditor M. L. Laughlin Tarboro

Tax Supervisor M. L. Laughlin Tarboro

Tax Collector R. L. Stancil Tarboro

Coroner Dr. J. G. Raby Tarboro

County Health Officer Dr. W. W. Green Tarboro

Supt. of Schools E. D. Johnson .' . .Tarboro

Supt. of Public Welfare Constance F. S. Rabin Tarborn

Home Demonstration Agent

White Mrs. J. W. Vanlandingham Tarboro

Colored Mrs. Hazel S. Parker Tarboro

Farm Demonstration Agent

White Joe Powell Tarbcro

Colored F. D. Wharton Tarboro

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