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Member House of Representatives Harry A. Greene Raeford

Clerk Superior Court J. B. Cameron Raeford

Register of Deeds J. E. Gulledge Raeford

Sheriff D. H. Hodgin Raeford

Treasurer Bank of Raeford Raeford

Auditor J. A. McGoogan Raeford

Tax Supervisor J. A. McGoogan Raeford

Tax Collector D. H. Hodgin Raeford

County Accountant J. A. McGoogan Raeford

Coroner James C. Lentz Raeford

Surveyors J. H. Blue & Robert Catling Raeford

County Health Officer Dr. J. W. Wilcox Carthage

Supt. of Schools K. A. MacDonald Raeford

Supt. of Public Welfare Mrs. C. H. Giles Raeford

Home Demonstration Agent Josephine Hall Raeford

Farm Demonstration Agent E. M. Stallings Raeford

Chairman Board Education Carl G. Riley RFD, Raeford

Chairman Board of Elections G. B. Rowland Raeford

District Game & Fish Protector H. R. McLean Raeford

Forest Warden Foster McBrvde RFD, Raeford

County Manager J. A. McGoogan Raeford

County Attorney Arthur D. Gore Raeford

County Librarian Mrs. Ina P. Bethune Raeford

Veterans Service Officer Marion Maxwell Raeford

County Government 551

Office Officer Address

Recorder's Court:

Judge Henry W. McDiarmid Raeford

Solicitor J. M. Andrews RFD. Red Springs


Chairman F. Knox Watson RFD, Rod Springs

Commissioner J. Fulford McMillan RFD, Raeford

Commissioner W. M. Thomas Raeford

Commissioner N. H. G. Balfour RFD, Lumber Bridge

Commissioner Marshall Newton RFD, Raeford


Hyde County was formed in 1705 from Bath. Called Wickham until about 1712. Named Hyde in
honor of Governor Edward Hyde, of North Carolina, a grandson of the Earl of Clarendon. The Earl
was one of the Lords Proprietors. Governor Hyde was a first cousin of Queen .\nne.

Population, 6,479 County Seat, Swan Quarter

State Senators 2nd District Sam M. Campen Alliance

Hugh G. Horton Williamston

Member House of Representatives Russell A. Swindell Swan Quarter

Clerk Superior Court Harold L. Williams Swan Quarter

Register of Deeds Evelyn H. Swindell Swan Quarter

Sheriff Charlie J, Cahoon Swan Quarter

Treasurer East Carolina Bank Swan Quarter

Tax Supervisor Mrs. Maude W. Jones Swan Quarter

County Accountant Mrs. Maude W. Jones Swan Quarter

County Health Officer Dr. William S. Cann (Acting) Swan Quarter

Supt. of Schools N. W. Shelton Swan Quarter

Supt. of Public Welfare Mrs. Esther Williams (Acting) Swan Quarter

Home Demonstration Agent Ella Carawan Swan Quarter

P^arm Demonstration Agent W. H. Pruden Swan Quarter

Chairman Board Education G. M. Cutrell Fairfield

Chairman Board Elections Fred A. Mason Swan (Quarter

Forest Warden A. G. Berry Fairfield

County Attorney G. T. Davis Swan (Juarter

County Librarian Elizabeth Copeland Washington

Veterans Service Officer Mrs. Evelyn H. Swindell ; . . . Swan Quarter

Recorder's Court:

Judge Joe L. Simmons, Jr Fairfield

Solicitor G. T. Davis Swan Quarter


Chairman H. L. Sadler Swan Quarter

Commissioner P. C. Simmons Fairfield

Commissioner S. B. Credle Swan Quarter


Iredell County was formed in 17K8 from Rowan. Named in honor of James [rcdell, of Kdenton,
who was one of the foremost lawyers of the State. In 178S and 17Sfl he was one of the leader.* in the
State in advocating the adoption of the Constitution of the United States. His si)eeches in the Con-
vention of 1788 at Hillsboro were among the ablest delivered by any of the advocates of the Constitution.
Washington appointed him in 1790 a Justice of the Supreme Court of the I'nited States,

Population, Se.-'^OS County Seat, Statesville

State Senators 25th District C. H. Dearman Statesville

M. T. Leatherman Lincolnton

Member House of Representatives William R. Pope Mooresvillc

552 North Carolina Manual

Office Officer Address

Clerk Superior Court Carl G. Smith Statesville

Register of Deeds Mariemma Hendley Statesville

Sheriff J- C. Rumple Statesville

Treasurer John T. Gillespie Statesville

Auditor Sam G. Hall Statesville

Tax Supervisor Sam G. Hall Statesville

Tax Collector John T. Gillespie Statesville

County Accountant Sam G. Hall Statesville

Coroner Marvin W. Raymer Statesville

Surveyor Robert B. Kestler Statesville

County Health Officer Dr. Ernest Ward Statesville

Supt. of Schools T. Ward Guy Statesville

Supt. of Public Welfare Mrs. R. M. Rickert Statesville

Home Demonstration Agent

White Mrs. Myrtle Westmoreland Statesville

Colored Mrs. Lois C. Barnhill Statesville

Farm Demonstration Agent

White Roger W. Murdock Statesville

Colored D. 0. Ivey Statesville

Chairman Board Education C. H. Knox Rt. 4, Statesville

Chairman Board Elections Zeb V. Long, Jr Statesville

District Game & Fish Protector Hugh A. Robertson Statesville

County Manager Sam G. Hall Statesville

County Attorney Zeb V. Turlington MooresviUe

County Librarian Mary Neil Conner Statesville

Veterans Service Officer J. P. VanHoy Union Grove

County Recorder's Court:

Judge C. B. Winberry Statesville

Solicitor Fred Hedrick Statesville

MooresviUe Recorder's Court: .

Judge Grant Bokner MooresviUe

Solicitor George A. Morrow MooresviUe


Chairman John F. Long Statesville

Commissioner W. E. Webb, Sr Statesville

Commissioner J. L. McLain Troutman

Commissioner R. H. Kennedy , ^Harmony

Commissioner R. C. Millsaps MooresviUe


Jackson County was formed in 1851 from Haywood and Macon. Named in honor of Andrew Jackson,
who was born in Mecklenburg County (the site of his birthplace is now in Union), won the briUiant victory
over the British at New Orleans, in 1815, and was twice elected President of the United States.

Population, 19.261 County Seat, Sylva

State Senators 32nd District William Medford Wayn^ville

E. A. Westbrook Rt. 1, Tryon

Member House of Represnetatives Frank H. Brown, Jr CuUowhee

Clerk Superior Court John E. Henson Sylva

Register of Deeds Glenn Hughes oyjva

Sheriff C. G. Middleton ■ Sy va

Treasurer Jennings A. Bryson a^.

Tax Supervisor Jennings A. Bryson ■ Sy va

Tax Collector Tom L. Clayton Sy va

County Accountant Tom L. Clayton oyjva

Coroner Jack F. Cooper ^ , Sylva

Surveyor A. E. Brown Tuckasegee

County Health Officer Dr. Carl C. Janowsky by va

Supt. of Schools W. Vernon Cope ^yjva

Supt. of Public Welfare G. C. Hensou by'va

County Government 553

Office Officer Address

Home Demonstration Agent Mary Johnston Sylva

Farm Demonstration Agent Paul Gibson Sylva

Chairman Board Education W. R. Enloe Sylva

Chairman Board Elections J. C. Passmore Cashiers

District (iame & Fish Protector W. B. Cope Sylva

Forest Warden Charlie Evans Sylva

County Attorney C. C. Buchanan Sylva

County Librarian Sadie Luck Sylva

Veterans Service Officer 0. E. Monteith Sylva


Chairman Jennings A. Bryson Sylva

Commissioner Ed. Fisher Sylva

Commissioner M . V. Breedlove Sylva


Johnston County was formed in 1746 from Craven. Afterwards parts of Duplin and Orange were
added. Was named in honor of Gabriel Johnston, Governor of North Carolina from 1734 to 17.52.

Population, 65,906 County Seat, Smithfield

Office Officer Address

State Senators 8th District Hardv Talton Pikevillc

Adam J. Whitley, Jr Rt. 1, Smithfield

Members House of Representatives G. Troy Page Clayton

J. Hayden Wiggs Selma

Clerk Superior Court H. V. Rose Smithfield

Register of Deeds , W. (i. Massey Smithfield

Sheriff Barney A. Henry Smithfield

Treasurer. . „ J. Narvin Creech Smithfield

Auditor J. Marvin Johnson Smithfield

Tax Supervisor J. Marvin Johnson Smithfield

Tax Collector Thomas L. Upchurch Smithfield

County Aecoimtant J. Marvin Johnson Smithfield

Coroner J. Durwood Creech Smithfield

Surveyor C. B. Fulghum Selma

County Health Officer Dr. E. S. Grady , . Smithfield

Supt. of Schools H. B, Marrow J. Smithfield

Supt. of Public Welfare Robert M. Colville Smithfield

Home Demonstration Agent

White Mrs. Callie Hardwick Smithfield

Colored Mrs. Lucy Tool Smithfield

Farm Demonstration Agent

White John Pyland Smithfield

Colored L. R. Johnson Smithfield

Chairman Board Education Conrad Parker Princeton

Chairman Board Elections Lewis G. Creech Smithfield

District Game & Fish Protector Harold King Smithfielf

Forest Warden Howard Stephenson Smithfield

County Attorney Jerry L. George Smithfield

County Librarian Julie Bishop Smithfield

Veterans Serice Officer Levi P. Creech Pine Level

Recorder's Court:

Judge W. 1. Godwin Selma

Solicitor C. C. Canady, Jr Benson


Chairman K. P. Holdiiif; Smithfield

Commissioner Henry M. John.son Four Oaks

Commissioner Floyd H. Price Selma

Commissioner R. G. Gurley Princeton

Commissioner J. Dobbin Bailey Kenly

554 North Carolina Manual


Jones County was formod in 1778 from Craven. Was named in honor of Willie Jones, of Halifax.
He was one of the leading patriots of the Revolution, was President of the Couneil of Saftey, and was
opposed to the adoption of the Constitution of the United States. It was due to his influence that the
Convention of 1788 rejected it.

Population, 11.004 County seat, Trenton

Office Officer Address

State Senators 7th District Carl T. Hicks Walstonburu

John D. Larkins, Jr Trenton

Member House of Representatives R. P. Bender PoUocksville

Clerk Superior Court W. Murray Whitaker Trenton

Register of Deeds George G. Noble Trenton

Sheriff J. P. Tavlor Trenton

Tax Collector Zell Pollock Trenton

County Accountant Mary E. Brock Trenton

Coroner Wayne Jarman, Sr Trenton

Surveyor J. R. Burt Trenton

Supt. of Schools W. B. Moore Trenton

Supt. of Public Welfare F. J. Koonce Trenton

Home Demonstration Agent ,

White Mrs. George W. Jarvis, Jr. PoUocksville

Colored Gladie Bell Simmons Trenton

Farm Demonstration Agent

White A. V. Thomas Trenton

Colored Fletcher Barber ' Trenton

Chairman Board Education E. M . Philyaw Comfort

Chairman Board Elections John D. Jenkins - PoUocksville

District (!ame & Fish Protector C. R. Parker PoUocksville

Forest Warden Elwood McDaniel Rt. 1, Trenton

County Attorney George R. Hughes Trenton

Veterans Service Officer Darris Koonce Trenton


Chairman J. W. Creagh. Jr PoUocksville

Commissioner P. D. Westbrook Rt. 5, Kinston

Commissioner Harold Mallard Rt. 1, Trenton

Commissioner Thomas Stilley Trenton

Commissioner James Barbee Mavsville


Lee County was formed in 1907 from Chatham and Moore. Named in honor of Robert E. Lee.

Population, 23,522 County Seat, Sanford

State Senators 13th District James H. Pou Bailey Raleigh

Daniel L. Bell ..." Pittsboro

Member House of Representatives Robert W. Dalrymple Sanford

Clerk Sui)erior Court E. M . Underwood Sanford

Register of Deeds Jno. W. Mcintosh Sanford

Sheriff D. F. Holder Sanford

Treasurer Flora E. Wyche Sanford

Tax Supervisor Flora E. Wyche Sanford

Tax Collector W. H. Campbell Sanford

County Accountant Flora E. Wyche Sanford

Coroner Dr. J. H . Byerly Sanford

Surveyor J. Chandler Eakes Sanford

County Health Officer Dr. 0. David Garvin Chapel Hill

Supt. of Schools J.J. Lentz Sanford

Supt. of Public Welfare J. D. Pegram Sanford

County Government 555

Office Officer Address

Home Demonstration Agent Julia Alexander Sanford

Farm Demonstration Agent K. S. Harmon Sanford

Chairman Board Education Dr. Waylon Blue Sanford

Chairman Board Elections \V. H. Ray Sanford

District Game & Fish Protector J. W. Campbell, Jr Rt. 7, Sanford

Forest Warden A. C. Farrell RFD, Sanford

County Attorney D. B. league Sanford

County Librarian Mrs. \V. M. Quick Sanford

Veterans Service Officer W. D. Gregson Sanford

County Criminal Court:

Judge S. Ray Byerly Sanford

Solicitor J. O. Edwards Sanford


Chairman J. M. Cheshire Sanford

Commissioner John W. Garner RFD, Sanford

Commissioner C. N. Castleberry RFD, Sanford

Commissioner J. Shelton Wicker Sanford

Commissioner Clyde J. Atkins Sanford


Lenoir County was formed in 1791 from Dobbs and Craven. Was name din honor of General William
Lenoir, one of the heroes of King's Mountain.

Population. 45,9.53 County Seat, Kinston

State Senators 7th District Carl T. Hicks Walstonburg

Jchn D. Larkins, Jr Trenton

Member House of Representatives Marion A. Parrott Kinston

Clerk Superior Court John S. Davis Kinston

Register of Deeds Camille Aldridge Kinston

Sheriff Sam R. Churchill Kinston

Treasurer Katie Cobb Kinston

Auditor Katie Cobb Kinston

Tax Supervisor ^L (!. Williams Kinston

Tax Collector M. G. Williams Kinston

County Accountant Katie Cobb Kinston

Coroner Raymond T. Jarman Kinston

Surveyor Alfred Cheney, Jr Kinston

Supt. of Schools Henry H. Bullock Kinston

Supt. of Public Welfare Alice Smith Kinston

Home Demonstration Agent

White Rachel Hartgrove Kinston

Colored Victoria G. Black Kinston

Farm Demonstration Agent

White F.J. Koonce Kinston

Colored W. X. Payton, Jr Kinston

Chairman Board Education E. S. Wooten RFD, Kinston

Chairman Board Elections W. A. .\llen, Jr Kinston

District (lame & Fish Protector D. B. Bell Kinston

Forest Warden L E. Brown Kinston

County Attorney T. J. White Kinston

V'eterans Service Officer Fred J. Whitaker Kinston

LaCirange Recorder's Court:

Judge Henry A. Rouse LaGrange

Municipal County Court:

Judge Albert W. Cowper Kinston

Solicitor P. H. Crawford. Jr Kinston


Chairman Ike ('. Whitfield Rt. -1, Kinston

Commissioner B. Cameron Langston Rt. 2, Grifton

Commissioner Willie C. Measley LaGrange

Commissioner Mark N. Smith Deep Run

Commissioner Harry Sutton Kinston

556 North Carolina Manual


Lincoln County was formed in 1779 from Tryon. Was named in honor of General Benjamin Lincoln,
a'distinguished general of the Revolution, whom Washington appointed to receive the swords of Lord
Cornwallis at the surrender of Yorktown.

Population, 27,459 County Seat, Lincolnton

Office Officer Address

State Senators 25th District C. H. Dearman Statesville

M. T. Leatherman Lincolnton

Member House of Representatives David Clark Lincolnton

Clerk Superior Court Thos. E. Rhodes Lincolnton

Register of Deeds W. H. Boring .- Lincolnton

Sheriff Frank P. Heavner Lincolnton

Auditor W . H. Boring Lincolnton

Tax Supervisor R. B. Gates Lincolnton

Tax Collector R. B. Gates Lincolnton

Coroner Dr. W. G. Page Lincolnton

Surveyor Hoke S. Heavner Lincolnton

County Health Officer Dr. M. P. Rudolph Newton

Supt. of Schools loe R. Nixon Lincolnton

Supt. of Public Welfare Mrs. Rose Grigg Lincolnton

Home Demonstration Agent Anslee .Alexander Lincolnton

Farm Demonstration Agent Graham Morrison Lincolnton

Chairman Board Education Pat H. Harrill Lincolnton

Chairman Board Elections J. Robert McNeely Lincohiton

District Game & Fish Protector Cecil AUran Lincolnton

County Attorney M. T. Leatherman Lincolnton

.County Librarian George R. Linder Lincolnton

Veterans Service Officer Macie L. Duncan Lincolnton

Recorder's Court:

Judge Kemp B. Nixon Lincolnton

Solicitor Bruce F. Heafner Lincolnton


Chairman B. P. Costner Lincolnton

Commissioner Craig W. Devine Rt. 5, Lincolnton

Commissioner Lee Bess Rt. 1. Cherryville

Commissioner J. Rodney Sherrill Rt. 1, Stanley

Commissioner , P. .^. Hoover Vale


Macon County was formed in 1828 from Haywood. Was named in honor of Nathaniel Macon,
Speaker of the National House of Representatives. United States Senator, President of the Constitu-
tional Convention of 1835.

Population 16,174 County Seat, Franklin

State Senator 3:3rd District R. S. Jones Franklin

M ember House of Representatives C. Tom Bryson Cullasaja

Cferk Superior Court Kate McGee Franklhi

Register of Deeds Lake V. Shope Franklin

Sheriff J. Harrv Thomas Frankhn

Treasurer J. Harrv Thomas Franklin

Tax Supervisor Lake V. Shope Franklin

Tax Collector J. P. Bradley Franklin

County Accountant Lake V. Shope Franklin

Corimer George Henson Franklin

Surveyor. Lake Ledford Prentiss

<'ounty Health Officer Dr. Carl C. Janowsky Frankhn

County Government 557

Office Officer Address

Supt. of Schools G. L. Houk Franklin

Supt. of Public Welfare Mrs. Eloise G. Potts Franklin.

Home Demonstration Agent Mrs. Florence Sherrill Franklin

Farm Demonstration Agent S. W. Mendenhall Franklin

C;hairman Board Education C. G. Moore Franklin

Chairman Board Elections Siler Slagle Rt. 1, Franklin

District Game & Fish Protector Claude Penland Franklin

Forest Warden J. Fred Bryson Rt. 1, Franklin

County Attorney R. S. Jones Franklin

County Librarian Mrs. Frank I. Murray Franklin

Veterans Service Officer R. E. Welch Franklin


Chairman W. E. Baldwin Franklin

Commissioner John W. Roane Rt. 1, Franklin

Commissioner W. W. Edwards Highlands


Madison County was formed in 1851 from Buncombe and Yancey. Was named in honor of James-
Madison, fourth President of the United States.

Population, 20,522 County Seat, Marshall

State Senator 30th District Donald Banks Rt. 1, Burnsville

Member House of Representatives Dr. W. A. Sams Marsha 11

Clerk Superior Court F. Ray Frisby Marshall

Register of Deeds A. W. Coates Marshall

Sheriff E. Y. Ponder Marshall

Auditor E. N. Ward Marshall-
Tax Supervisor J. C. Sprinkle Marshall

Tax Collector Arvil Gosnell Marshall

Coroner J. Frank Fisher Marshall

Surveyor Birchard Shelton Rt. 3, Marshall

County Health Officer Dr. H. C. Whims Marshall

Supt. of Schools William Peek Marshall

Supt. of Public Welfare Mrs. Frances G. Ramsey Marshall

Home Demonstration Agent Mrs. Margaret D. Smith Marshall

Farm Demonstration Agent V. L. Holloway Marshall

Chairman Board Education J. Clyde Brown Rt. 2, Mars Hill

Chairman Board Elections Judson Edwards Rt. 2, Mars Hill.

District Game & Fish Protector Raymond Ramsey Mars Hill

Forest Warden J. Moody Chandler Rt. 3, Marshall

County Attorney Clyde M. Roberts Marshall


Chairman John Cody Mars Hill

Commissioner Fred 1. Rice Mars Hill .

Commissioner Claud Wilde Rt. 3, Marshall


Martin County was formed in 1774 from Halifax and Tyrrell. Was named in honor of Josiah Martin,,
the last royal governor of Xorth Carolina. It is probable that this name would have been changed like
those of Dobbs and Tryon, but for the popularity of Alexander .Martin, who was Governor in 1782 and
again in 1790.

Population, 27,938 County Seat, Williamston

State Senators 2nd District Sam M. Campen Alliance

Hugh G. Horton Williamston

Member House of Representatives E. C.. Anderson Robersonville

Clerk Superior Court L. Bruce Wynne Williamston.

558 North Carolina Manual

Office Officer Address

Rpsistcr of Deeds J. Sam Oetsinger Williaiiiston

•Sheriff M. \V. Holloman Williiiiiiston

Treasurer R. H. Smith Williamston

Auditor J. Sam Oetsinger Williamston

Tax Supervisor M. L, Peel Williamston

Tax Collector M. L. Peel Williamston

County Accountant J. Sam Cetsinger Williamston

Coroner William W Biggs Williamston

Surveyor 0. B. Roherson Robersonville

County Health Officer Dr. John W. Williams Williamston

Supt. of Schools James C. Manning Williamston

Supt. of Public Welfare Mary W. Taylor Williamston

Home Demonstration Agent

White Elizabeth Parker Williamston

Colored Mrs. Cleo A. Tyner Williamston

Farm Demonstration Agent

White T. B. Brandon Williamston

Colored R. McK. Edwards Williamston

Chairman Board Education J. D. Woolard Williamston

Chairman Board Elections C. D. Carslarphen Williamston

Forest Warden M. H. Leggett RFD. Jamesville

County Attorney E. S. Peele Williamston

County Librarian Elizabeth Copeland Washington

Veterans Service Officer Edgar J. Ourganus Williamston

Recorder's Court:

Judge R. T. Johnson Williamston

Solicitor Clarence W. Oriffin Williamston


Chairman J. H. Edwards Williamston

Commissioner C. C. Martin Jamesville

Commissioner W. M. Harrison Rt. 2, Williamston

Commissioner H. L. Roebuck Rt. 2, Robersonville

Commissioner H. S. Johnson, Jr Hamilton


McDowell County was formed in 1842 from Rutherford and Burke. Was named in honor of Colonel
Joseph McDowell, an active officer of the Revolution. McDowell voted with Rutherford and Burke
until 1854.

Population, 25,720 County Seat, Marion

State Senators 27th District Charles F. Gold Rutherfordton

Clyde Nolan Shelby

Member House of Representatives Wm. P. Elliott Marion

Clerk Superior Court S. D. Martin Marion

Register of Deeds Ruth l. Lackey Marion

Sheriff Ashliy Robinson Marion

Treasurer Ruth I. Lackey Marion

Tax Supervisor Mary (.'■. Burgin Marion

Tax Collector Ashby Robinson Marion

County Accountant. Mary (!. Burgin Marion

Coroner S.J. Westmoreland Marion

Surveyor M. V. Snypes Xebo

County Health Officer Dr. S. V. Lewis Marion

Supt. of Schools N. F. Steppe Marion

Supt. of Public Welfare Mrs. Nelle G. Lonon Marion

Home Demonstration Agent Elsie Garret Marion

Farm Demonstration Agent S. L. Homewood Marion

Chairman Board Education Dr. J. B. Johnson Old Fort

Chairman Board Elections R. V. Wilson Nebo

District Game & Fish Protector T. W. Gowan Marion

County Government 559

Office Officer Address

Forest Warden Monroe U. Marlowe (ilenwood

Count\- Attorney R. W. Proctor Marion

County Librarian Alice Bryan Marion

Veterans .Service Officer Barron P. Caldwell Marion


Chairman R. L. James Old Fort

Commissioner G. Watson Wilson Marion

Commissioner M W. Ciordon, Jr Marion


Mecklenburg County was formed in 1762 from Anson. Was named in honor of Princess Charlotte,
of Mecklenburg. Queen of George IIL King of England. The county seat, Charlotte, one of the prettiest
cities in the State, was also named in her honor. Mecklenburg County was the scene of some of the most
stirring events in the Revolution.

Population, 197,052 County Seat, Charlotte

State Senator 20th District Harvey Morris Rt. 6, Charlotte

Members House of Representatives David H. Henderson Charlotte

Robert Lassiter, Jr Charlotte

E. M. O'Herron Jr Charlotte

James B. Vogler Charlotte

Clerk Superior Court J. Lester Wolfe Charlotte

Register of Deeds John R. Renfrew Charlotte

Sheriff J. Clyde Hunter Charlotte

Treasurer Mrs. Jessie C. Smith Charlotte

Auditor '. Mrs. Ethel D. Byrd Charlotte

Tax Sujiervisor Ruius A. drier Charlotte

Tax Collector P. W. Davenport Charlotte

County Accountant Mrs. Ethel D. Byrd Charlotte

Coroner W. M. Summerville Charlotte

Surveyor J. W. Spratt Charlotte

County Health Officer : Dr. E. H. Hand Charlotte

Supt. of Schools J. W. Wilson . . ; Charlotte

Supt. of Public Welfare Wallace H. Kuralt Charlotte

Home Demonstration Agent

White Helen John Wright Charlotte

Colored Minnie Miller Brown Charlotte

Farm Demonstration Agent

White George B. Hobson Charlotte

Colored W. B. Harrison Charlotte

Chairman Board Education W. B. McClintock Charlotte

Chairman Board Elections John (i. Newitt Charlotte

Forest Warden •. . . Joe Withers Charlotte

County Attorney Taliaferro & Clarkson '. . . . Charlotte

County Librarian Hoyt R. Galvin Charlotte

County Recorder's Court:

Judge J. Edward Stukes Charlotte

Solicitor Ray Rankin Charlotte

Citv Recorder's Court:

Judge E. McA. Currie Charlotte

Solicitor Thomas G. Lane, Jr Charlotte

Domestic Relations Court:
Judge Willard I. Catling Charlotte


Chairman Sid V. McAden Charlotte

Commissioner Arnie D. Cashion , Davidson

Commissioner J. Caldwell McDonald Charlotte

Commissioner Carl J. McEwen Rt. 3, Matthews

Commissioner Sandy G. Porter Rt. 3, Charlotte

560 North Carolina Manual


Mitchell County was formed in 1S61 from Yancey, Watauga, Caldwell, Burke and McDowell. Was
named in honor of Dr. P^lisha Mitchell, a professor in the University of North Carolina. While on an ex-
plorinB expedition on Mt. Mitchell, the highest peak east of the Rocky Mountains, Dr. Mitchell fell from
a high peak and was killed. His f)ody is buried on top of this lofty mountain. Mitchell County voted
with Yancey County until 1868.

Population, 15,143 County Seat. Bakersvillc

Office Officer Address

State Senator 30th District Donald Banks Rt. 1, Burnsville

Member House of Representatives Jeter C. Burleson Bakersville

Clerk Superior Court R. P. ( Jreene Bakersville

Register of Deeds Brack Buchanan Bakersville

Sheriff Sam C. Gouge Bakersville

Treasurer LB. Byrd Bakersville

Auditor J. Dont Street Bakersville

Tax Supervisor J. Dont Street Bakersville

Tax Collector I. B. Byrd Bakersville

County Accountant J. Dont Street Bakersville

Coroner Hughes Burleson Spruce Pines

County Health Officer Dr. Cameron McCray Burnsville

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