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Supt. of Schools Jason B. Deyton : Bakersville

Supt. of Public Welfare Rayburn Yelton Bakersville

Home Demonstration Agent Mrs. Oscar Deyton Bakersville

Farm Demonstration Agent George Conrad Bakersville

Chairman Board Education Harper Wilson Bakersville

Chairman Board Elections W. B. Ellis RFD, Toecane

District Game & Fish Protector J. W. Ellis RFD, Toecane

Forest Warden Frank H. Bryant Ewart

County Attorney W. C. Berry Bakersville

County Librarian Mrs. M. A. Anderson, Jr Bakersville

Veterans Service Officer B. B. Burleson Spruce Pine


Chairman W. U. (louae RFD, Bakersville

Commissioner T. W. Dale Spruce Pine

Commissioner Harrison McCourry Tipton Hill


Montgomery County was formed in 1778 from Ar.son. Was named in honor of the brave General
Richard Montgomery, who lost his life at the battle of Quebec in 1775 while trying to conquer Canada.

Population, 17,260 County Seat, Troy

State Senators 18th District Charles H. Dorsett Troy

J. Thomas Page Rockingham

Member House of Representatives Joe D. Steed Candor

Clerk Superior Court W. L. Wright Troy

Register of Deeds A. .A. Maness Troy

Sheriff Elwood C. Long Troy

Auditor Harry C. Northrop Charlotte

Tax Supervisor M. L. McKinnon Troy

Tax Collector M. L. McKinnon Troy

County Accountant J. S. Smitherman Troy

Coroner Dr. V. L. Andrews Mt. Gilead

County Health Officer Dr. V. L. Andrews (Acting) Mt. Gilead

Supt. of Schools J. S. Edwards Troy

Supt. of Public Welfare Frank M. Ledbetter Troy

Home Demonstration Agent Nan Ratcliff Troy

Farm Demonstration Agent Austin M . Garris Troy

Chairman Board Education Dr. D. G. Ridenhour Mt. Gilead

County Government 561

Office Officer Address

Chairman Board Elections W. J. Batten Mt. Gilead

District Game & Fish Protector Cleat Poole Troy

Forest Warden Guy Alexander Mt. Gilead

County Attorney Currie & Garris Troy

Veterans Service Officer E. A. Pipkin Troy

Recorder's Court:

Judge David H. Harris Troy

Solicitor Stanton H. Chappell Candor


Chairman W. E. Watkins Troy

Commissioner R. B. Jordan Mt. Gilead

Commissioner Branson J. McRae Wadeville


Moore County was formed in 1784 from Cumberland. Was named in honor of Captain Alfred Moore,
of Brunswick, a soldier of the Revolution and afterwards a Justice of the Supreme Court of the United


Population, 33,129 County Seat, Carthage

State Senators 12th District ■....: J. Hawley Poole West End

J. R. Youn? Dunn

Member House of Representatives H. Clifton Blue Aberdeen

Clerk Superior Court C. C. Kennedy Carthage

Register of Deeds Mrs. Bessie J. Griffin Carthage

Sheriff C. J. McDonald Carthage

Auditor Maida Jenkins Cqrthage

Tax Supervisor Maida Jenkins Carthage

Tax Collector W. T. Huntley. Carthage

County Accountant Maida Jenkins Carthage

Coroner Hugh P. Kelly Carthage

Surveyor R. L. Frve .' Carthage

County Health Officer Dr. J. W. Willcox Carthage

Supt. of Schools H. Lee Thomas Carthage

Supt. of Public Welfare Mrs. W. B. Cole Cqrthage

Home Demonstration Agent Flora McDonald Carthage

Farm Demonstration Agent E. H. Garrison, Jr Carthage

Chairman Board Education J. A. Culbertson Robbms

Chairman Board Elections S. C. Riddle Carthage

District Game & Fish Protector Woodrow McDonald Southern Pines

Forest Warden E. W. Davis Southern Pines

County Attorney M. G. Boyette ■- .Carthage

County Librarian Mr. Dorothy H. Avery Southern Pines

Veterans Service Officer Catherine Willcox Carthage

Recorder's Court:

Judge J. Vance Rowe Southern Pines

Solicitor W. A. Leland McKeithen Pinehurst


Chairman Gnrdim .\I. Cainoron Pinehurst

Commissioner Jolin M. Currie Carthage

Commissioner L. R. Reynolds RFD. Robbins

Commissioner W.J. Dunlap Robbins

Commissioner J. M. Pleasants . Southern Pines


562 North Carolina Manual


Nash County was formed in 1777 from Edgecombe. Was named in honor of General Francis Nash
a soldier of the Revolution, who was mortally wounded while fighting under Washington at German-
town. The United States has erected a monument in his honor at the Guilford Battleground near Greens-

Population, 59,919 County Seat, Nashville

Office Officer Address

State Senators 6th District J. C. Eagles, Jr Wilson

Hamilton Hobgood Louisburg

Member House of Representatives Tom A. Williams Battleboro

Clerk Superior Court J. N. Sills Nashville

Register of Deeds Wm. S. Bunn Nashvill°

Sheriff G. 0. Womble Nashville

Auditor J. C. Ellis Nashville

Tax Supervisor J. C. Ellis Nashville

County Accountant J. C. Ellis Nashville

Coroner Van Matthews Nashville

County Health Officer Dr. John S. Chamblee Nashville

Supt. of Schools L. S. Inscoe Nashville

Supt. of Public Welfare J. A. Glover Nashville

Home Demonstration Agent Ann Mason • Nashville

Farm Demonstration Agent M. E. Hollowell Nashville

Chairman Board Education John W. Roberson Spring Hope

Chairman Board Elections Robert W. Jones Bailey

District Game & Fish Protector Rob. W. Hester Nashville

Forest Warden . Alvin Jones Nashville

County Attorney J. P. Bunn Rocky Mount

County Librarian Louise Burton Nashville

Recorder's Court:

Judge J. \V. Grissom Rocky Mount

Solicitor John M. King Rocky Mount


Chairman F. V. Avent Whitakers

Commissioner Dal Alford Rocky Mount

Commissioner J. B. W. Overton Rocky Mount

Commissioner G. R. Strickland Middlesex

Commissioner M. H. Griffin Bailey


New Hanover County was formed in 1729 from Bath. Was named after Hanover, a country in
Europe whose ruler became King of England with the title of George I.

Population, 63,272 County Seat, Wilmington

State Senators 9th District Rivers D. Johnson Warsaw

Alton A. Lennon Wilmington

Member House of Representatives Addison Hewlett, Jr Wilmington

Clerk Superior Court Foster Edwards Wilmington

Register of Deeds ; . .Robert L. Black Wilmington

Sheriff Marvin B. Register Wilmington

Treasurer Charles F. Smith Wilmington

Auditor Charles F. Smith Wilmington

Tax Supervisor Addison Hewlett, Sr Wilmingto i

Tax Collector C. R. Morse Wilmington

County Accountant Charles F. Smith Wilmington

Coroner W. F. Barefoot Wilmington

Supt. of Schools H. M. Roland Wilmington

Supt. of Public Welfare J. R. Hollis Wihnington

County Government 563

Office Officer Address

Home Demonstration Agent

White Verna Belle Lowery Wilmington

Colored Mrs. Rebecca Lawrence Hall Wilmington

Farm Demonstration Agent R. W. C.alphin Wilmington

Chairman Board Education Dr. John T. Hoggard Wilmington

Chairman Board Elections James D. Carr Wilmington

District Game & Fish Protector Hugh V. Hines Wrightsville Beach

County Attorney Marsden Bellamy Wilmington

County Librarian Mrs. Emma Woodward MacMillan Wilmington

Veterans Service Officer A. H. Seawell Wilmington

Recorder's Court:

Judge H. Winfield Smith Wilmington

Solicitor Cicero P. Yow Wilmington


Chairman Addison Hewlett, Sr Wilmington

Commissioner James M. Hall Wilmington

Commissioner Thurston C. Davis Wilmington

Commissioner Hal J. Love Wilmington

Commissioner Claude O'Shields Wilmington


Northampton County was formed in 1741 from Bertie. Was named in honor of George, Earl of
Northampton, an English nobleman. His son, Spencer Compton, Earl of Wilmington, was high in Office
when Gabriel Johnston was Governor of North Carolina, who had the town of Wilmington named in his

Population, 28,432 County Seat, Jackson

State Senator 3rd District W. H. S. Burgwyn, Jr Woodland

Member House of Representatives J. Raynor Woodard Conway

Clerk Superior Court George P. Burgwyn Jackson

Register of Deeds A. H. Martin Jackson

Sheriff E. Frank Outland Jackson

Treasurer The Farmers Bank Woodland

Tax Supervisor Leon P. Spencer Jackson

County Accountant Leon P. Spencer Jackson

Coroner W. W. Carter Woodland

County Health Officer Dr. W. Raleigh Parker Woodland

Supt. of Schools N. L. Turner Rich Square

Supt. of Public Welfare Mrs. J. W. Brown Rich Square

Home Demonstration Agent

White Mrs. John Price Jackson

Colored Annie M. Rich Rich Square

Farm Demonstration Agent

White P. H. Jameson Jackson

Colored James M. Goode Rich Square

Chairman Board Education Dr. J. W. Parker Seaboard

Chairman Board Elections R . V. Beale Potecasi

District Game & Fish Protector N. B. Hughes Jackson

Forest Warden Henry Bottoms Margarettsville

County Attorney E. N. Riddle Jackson

County Librarian Mrs. L. A. Froelich Jackson

Veterans Service Officer B. F. Ricks Conway

Recorder's Court:

Judge ' Eric Norfleet ■. Jackson

Solicitor Ballard S. Gay Jackson


Chairman H. W Thompson Garysburg

Commissioner S. G. Baugham Rich Square

Commissioner Grady P. Davis Conway

Commissioner ; John E. Boone Jackson

Commissioner J. Grady Bridgers Jackson

564 North Carolina Manual


Onslow County was formed in 1734 from Bath. Was named in honor of Arthur Onslow, for more
than thirty years Speaker of the House of Commons in the British Parliament.

Population, ■12,047 County Seat, Jacksonville

Office Officer Address

State Senators 7th District Carl T. flicks Wa'stonburg

John D. Ijarkins, Jr Trenton

Member House of Representatives Carl V. Venters Jacksonville

Clerk Superior Court J. R. Gurganus Jacksonville

Register of Deeds Mildred M. Thomas Jacksonville

Sheriff Thomas J. Marshall Jacksonville

Treasurer First Citzens Bank & Trust Company Jacksonville

Auditor Graham K. Eubank Jacksonville

Tax Collector Leo Lanier Jacksonville

Coroner Thompson Jones Jacksonville

County Health Officer Dr. Eleanor H. Williams Jacksonville

Supt. of Schools B. B. C. Kesler Jacksonville

Supt. of Public Welfare Helen Bryan Jacksonville

Home Demonstration Agent Mrs. Lillian Butler Jacksonville

Farm Demonstration Agent Charles C. Clark Jacksonville

Chairman Board Education J. C. Collins Jacksonville

Chairman Board Elections D. W. Russell Richlands

District Game & Fish Protector Lonnie Koonce Richlands

Forest Warden Robert Melville Jacksonville

County Attorney John D. Warliek Jacksonville

County J^ibrarian Dorothy Wightman Jacksonville

Veterans Service Officer W. E. Baggs Jacksonville

County Criminal Court:

Judge Harvey Boney Jacksonville

Solicitor A. Turner Shaw Jacksonville


Chairman W. Victor \'enters Richlands

Commissioner lim K. Sabiston Jacksonville

Commissioner H. U. Justice Sneads Ferry

Commissioner '. Jacob Morton Jacksonville

Commissioner Harry B. Moore Swansboro


Orange County was formed in 1753 from Granville, Johnston, and Bladen. Was named in honor of
William of Orange, who became King William III of England. He was one of the greatest Kings of England
and saved the English people from the tyranny of James II. His name is held in honor wherever English
liberty is enjoyed.

Population. 34,435 County Seat, Hillsboro

State Senator 16th District Ralph H. Scott Rt. 1, Haw River

Member House of Representatives J. W. Unstead, .Jr Chapel Hill

Clerk Superior Court E. M. Lynch Hillsboro

Register of Deeds J. Ed. Laws Hillsboro

Sheriff S. T. Latta Hillsboro

.Auditor Ira A. Ward Hillsboro

Tax Supervisor Ira A. Ward Hillsboro

Tax Collector Carl C. Davis Hillsboro

County Accountant Ira A. Ward Hillsboro

Coroner A. H. Walker Hillsboro

County Health Officer Dr. 0. David Garvin Chapel Hill

Supt. of Schools G. T. Proffit Hillsboro

Supt. of Public Welfare , Annie Strowd (Acting) Hillsboro

County Government 56,5

Office Officpr Address

Home Demonstration Agent

White Mrs. Kathryn Hamrick Chapel Hill

Colored Mrs. Bonnie Davis Hillsboro

Farm Demonstration Agent

White Don S. Matheson Hillsboro

Colored M. C. Burt Hillsboro

Chairman Board Education K. S. Cate Chapel Hill

Chairman Board Elections E.J. Hamlin Hillsboro

District Game & Fish Protector Robert F. Logan Chapel Hill

Forest Warden Wordie R. Fitzgerald Hillsboro

County Attorney Graham & Eskridge Hillsboro

County Librarian Mrs. Douglas Davis Ro.xboro

Veterans Service Officer Walter G. Wren Hillsboro

Recorder's Court:

Judge L. J. Phipps Chapel Hill

Solicitor John Q. LeGrand Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill Recorder's Court:

Judge ' John T. Manning Chapel Hill

Solicitor C. P. Hinshaw Chapel Hill

< Commissioners

Chairman Collier Cobb, Jr Chapel Hill

Commissioner H. G. Laws Hillsboro

Commissioner Sim Efland Efland


Pamlico County was formed in 1872 from Craven and Beaufort. Was named after the sound of the
same name, which was the name of a tribe of Indians in eastern North Carolina. There was a Pamlico
Precinct in North Carolina as early as 1705. Pamlico County voted with Beaufort up to 1883.

Population, 9,993 County Seat, Bayboro

State Senators 2nd District Sam M. Campen Alliance

Hugh G. Horton W'iUiamston

Member House of Representatives T.J. Collier Arapahoe

Clerk Superior Court Hallett W. Mayo .Bayboro

Register of Deeds T. Z. Spencer Bayboro

Sheriff R. A. Whorton Bayboro

Treasurer Guaranty Bank & Trust Company Bayboro

Auditor T. Z. Spencer Bayboro

Tax Supervisor T. Z. Spencer Bayboro

Tax Collector R. A. Whorton Bayboro

County Accountant T. Z. Spencer Biyboro

Coroner G. F. Harris Bayboro

Surveyor R. C. Holton Bayboro

County Health Officer Dr. E. D. Hardin New Bern

Supt. of Schools A. H. Hatsell , Bayboro

Supt. of Public Welfare Mrs. Margaret Collins Stonewall

Home Demonstration Agent Mrs. Julia D. Harris Oriental

Farm Demonstration Agent J. P. Stoval Stonewall

Chairman Board Education B W. Lupton , Stonewall

Chairman Board Elections Hubert Smith Oriental

District Game & Fish Protector H. K. Spain Stonewall

Forest Warden J. T. Whorton Merritt

County Attorney Z. V. Rawls Bayboro

County Librarian Mary Scott Gurley New Bern

Veterans Service Officer J. Harmon Mayo Bayboro

Recorder's Court:

Judge T. B. Woodard Bayboro

Solicitor 7/. V. Rawls Ba\'boro

566 North Carolina Manual

Office Officer Address


Chairman CD. Fentress Maribel

Commissioner M. D. Brinson Grantsboro

Commissioner H. L. Spruill Merritt

Commissioner Oscar Barnett Hobuclcen

Commissioner Clifton Lee Oriental


Pasquotanli County was formed in 1672 from Albemarle. Was named for a tribe of Indians in eastern
North Carolina.

Population, 24,317 County Seat, Elizabeth City

State Senators 1st District J. William Copeland Murfreesboro

J. Emmett Winslow Hertford

Member Houseof Representatives Noah Burfoot Elizabeth City

Clerk Superior Court M. W. Ferebee Elizabeth City

Register of Deeds J. C. Spence Elizabeth City

Sheriff W. L. Thompson Elizabeth City

Treasurer First & Citzens National Bank Elizabeth City

Auditor J. F. Ferrell Elizabeth City

Tax Supervisor J. I. Saunders Elizabeth City

Coroner Dr. W. H. C. White Elizabeth City

County Health Officer Dr. B. B. McGuire Elizabeth City

Supt. of Schools J. H. Moore Elizabeth City

Supt. of Public Welfare A. H. Outlaw Elizabeth City

Home Demonstration Agent

White Mrs. Frances B. Winslow Elizabeth City

Colored Mrs. Eliza J. Tolbert Elizabeth City

Farm Demonstration Agent

White S. L. Lowery Elizabeth City

Colored E. A. McCoy Elizabeth City

Chairman Board Education D. S. Morgan Rt. 3, Elizabeth City

Chairman Board Elections J. Kenyon Wilson, Jr Elizabeth City

District Game & Fish Protector Lester A. Pierce Rt. 3, Elizabeth City

Forest Warden Graham Harris Rt. 2, Elizabeth City

County Attorney MeMullan & Aydlett Elizabeth City

County Librarian Mrs. Ethel P. Alexander Elizabeth City

Veterans Service Officer E. Pratt Fearing Elizabeth City

Recorder's Court:

Judge F. T. Horner Elizabeth City

Solicitor M. B. Simpson, Jr Elizabeth City


Chairman G. E. Halstead Weeksville

Commissioner S. G. Etheridge Elizabeth City

Commissioner C. P. Harris, Jr Elizabeth City

Commissioner P. A. Pritchard Rt. 2, Elizabeth City

Commissioner T. C. Whitehurst Rt. 3, Elizabeth City

Commissioner M. J. Reid Rt. 4, Elizabeth City

Commissioner W. 0. Etheridge Rt. 3, Elizabeth City


Pender County was formed in 1875 from New Hanover. Was named in honor of General William D.
Pender of Edgecombe County, a brave Confederate soldier who was killed at the battle of Gettysburg.
The last order ever given by the famous "Stonewall" Jackson on the battle field was to General Pender:
"You must hold your ground. General Pender, you must hold your ground," he cried as he was carried
off the field to die. General Pender held his ground.

Population. 18,423 County Seat, Burgaw

County Government 567

Office Officer Address

State Senators 9th District Rivers D. Johnson Warsaw

Alton A. Lennon Wilmington

Member House of Representatives J. V. Whitfield Burgaw

Clerk Superior Court CD. Murphy Burgaw

Register of Deeds H. C. Walker Burgaw

Sheriff J, T. Wells Burgaw

Treasurer Callie D. Bordeaux Burgaw

Auditor George F. Lucas Burgaw

Tax Collector L. R. Bradshaw Burgaw

Coroner H, E. Blake Burgaw

County Health Officer Dr. Eleanor Williams Jacksonville

Supt. of Schools T. T. Murphy Burgaw

Supt. of Public Welfare H. B. Thomas Burgaw

Home Demonstration Agent

White . , Mrs. Frances W. Register Burgaw

Colored Arvista Wiley Burgaw

Farm Demonstration Agent

White J. N. Honeycutt Burgaw

Colored Chester Williams Burgaw

Chairman Board Education D.J. Farrior Burgaw

Chairman Board Elections Arthur Anderson Watha

District Game & Fish Protector W. L. Rivenbark Burgaw

Forest Warden Joe F. Johnson Burgaw

County Attorney Leon H. Corbett Burgaw

County Librarian Mrs. Eleanor D. Casey Burgaw

Veterans Service Officer Max A. Williams Burgaw

Recorder's Court:

Judge C. E. McCullen Burgaw

Solicitor Leon H. Corbett Burgaw


Chairman A. H. Page Burgaw

Commissioner J. F. Bradshaw Burgaw

Commissioner Lewis E. Howard '. Hampstead

Commissioner E. F. Langston Rocky Point

Commissioner Bill Blake Watha


Perquimans was formed in 1672 from Albemarle. Was nsmed after a tribe of Indians.

Population, 9,602 County Seat, Hertford

State Senators 1st District J. William Copeland Murfreesboro

J. Emmett Winslow Hertford

Member House of Representatives Carroll R. Holmes Hertford

Clerk Superior Court W. H. Pitt Hertford

Register of Deeds J. W. Ward Hertford

Sheriff M. G. Owens Hertford

Treasurer Max R. Campbell Hertford

Auditor . . W. F. C. Edwards Hertford

Tax Supervisor J. W. Ward Hertford

Tax Collector M. (!. Owens Hertford

County Accountant W. F. C. Edwards Hertford

Coroner Dr. C. A. Davenport Hertford

County Health Officer Dr. B. B. McGuire Elizabeth City

Supt. of Schools J. T. Biggers Hertford

Supt. of Public Welfare C. E. White Hertford

Home Demonstration Agent

White Mrs. Emory White Hertford

Colored Mrs. Minnie B. Taylor Hertford

568 North Carolina Manual

Office Officer Adtlross

Farm Demonstration Agent

JJ'hite;^ I.e. Yagel Hertford

^ Colored W. C. Stroud Hertford

Chairman Board Education J. A. White Hertford

Chairman Board Elections W. F. Ainsley Hertford

District Game & Fish Protector G. E. Winslow Hertford

Forest Warden J. W. Nowell Star Route. Winfall

County Attorney Chas. E. Johnson Hertford

County Librarian Mrs. Silas M. Whedbee Hertford

Recorder's Court:

Judge ' Chas. E. Johnson Hertford

Sohcitor Silas M. Whedbee Hertford


Chairman Archie T Lane Hertford

Commissioner Roy S. Chappell , . . '. Hertford

Commissioner Wm. C. Chappell Belvidere

Commissioner E. B. HoUowell Winfall

Commissioner Irvin Turner Durants Neck


Person County was formed in 1791 from Caswell. Was named in honor of General Thomas Person,
Revolutionary patriot, member of the Council of Safety, and trustee of the University. He gave a large
sum of money to the University, and a building was erected in his honor called Person Hall.

Population, 24,361 County Seat, Roxboro

State Senators 14th District Wills Hancock Oxford

„ , „ ,„ Thomas B. Sawyer Durham

Member House of Representatives B. L Satterfield Timberlake

Clerk Superior Court: J. Alex Bass Roxboro

Register of Deeds W. T. Kirby Roxboro

Sheriff C. C. Holeman Roxboro

Treasurer J. B. Rigsbee Roxboro

Auditor T. C. Brooks Roxboro

Tax Supervisor T. C. Brooks Roxboro

Tax Collector C. C. Holeman Roxboro

County Accountant T. C. Brooks Roxboro

Coroner Dr. A. F. Nichols Roxboro

Surveyor T. C. Brooks Roxboro

County Health Officer Dr. 0. David Garvin Chapel Hill

Supt. of Schools R. B. Griffin Roxboro

Supt. of Public Welfare Mrs. T. C. Wagstaff Roxboro

Home Demonstration Agent

White Marv Margaret Smith Roxboro

Colored Annie M. Tuck Roxboro

Farm Demonstration Agent

White H. K. Sanders Roxboro

Colored C. J. Ford Roxboro

Chairman Board Education E. E. Bradsher ■. Ro.xboro

Chairman Board Elections D. D. Long Roxboro

District Game & Fish Protector Jack Daniel Roxboro

County Attorney R. P. Burns Roxboro

County Librarian Mrs. Ruth Davis Roxboro

Veterans Service Officer Mrs. Nancy B. Crumpton Roxboro

County Recorder's Court:

Judge George L. Burke Roxboro

Solicitor A.M. Burns Roxboro


Chairman J. H. Merritt Roxboro

Commissioner John R. Jones Roxboro

Commissioner P. L. Thomas Roxboro

County Government 569


Pitt County was formed in 1760 from Beaufort. Was named in honor of William Pitt. (See Chatham

Population, 63,789 ' County Seat, Greenville

Office Officer Address

State Senator 5th District Dr. Paul E. Jones Farmville

Members House of Representatives . ." Frank M. Kilpatrick Ayden

Sam 0. Worthington Greenville

Clerk Superior Court D. T. House, Jr Greenville

Register of Deeds John G. Clark, Jr Greenville

Sheriff Ruel W. Tyson Greenville

Auditor Allen Powell Greenville

Tax Supervisor Allen Powell Greenville

Tax Collector H. L. Andrews , Greenville

Coroner G. H. Rouse Rt. 3, Greenville

Countv Health Officer Dr. T. G. Basnight Greenville

Supt. of Schools D. H. Conley Greenville

Supt. of Public Welfare K. T. Futreil Greenville

Home Demonstration Agent

White Sue Brickhouse Greenville

Colored Mrs. Amelia Capehart Greenville

Farm Demonstration Agent

White S. C. Winchester Greenville

Colored Dennis Dupree Greenville

Chairman Board Education Joe S. Moye Greenvii.e

Chairman Board Elections J. H. Harrell Greenville

District Game & Fish Protector Joe Teel Greenvi le

Forest Warden N. S. Tyson Greenvi e

County Attorney W. W. Speight Greenville

County Librarian Irene Hester Greenville

Veterans Service Officer L. W. Gaylord, Jr Greenville

Countv Recorder's Court:

Judge Dink James Greenville

Solicitor Charles H. WTiedbee Greenville

Ayden Municipal Court;

Judge C. V. Cannon Ayden

Solicitor Frank M. Wooten, Jr Greenville

Greenville Municipal Court: „ .„

Judge J. W. H. Roberts Greenville

Solicitor Eli Bloom Greenville


Chairman M. Brown Hodges Grifton

Commissioner F. F. Hendrix -^ ■ ■ ■ .Greenvi e

Commissioner J. T. Dupree Rt. 4, Green\-i e

Commissioner C C. Harris Rt. 1, Greenvi e

Commissioner Marvin W. Smith Rt. 3, Greenville


Polk Countv was formed in 1855 from Rutherford and Henderson. Was named in honor of Colonel
William Polk, "who rendered distinguished services in the battles of Germantown, Brandywine, and
Eutaw, in all of which he was wounded." Polk County voted with Rutherford until 1808.

Population, 1 1,627 County Seat. Columbus

State Senators 32nd District ^\■illiaIn Modford \yaynesville

E. A. Westbrook Rt. 1, Tryon

Member House of Representatives R. E. Brantley Tryon

570 North Carolina Manual

Office Officer Address

Clerk Superior Court Robert S. McFarland Columbus

Register of Deeds C. W. Ballenger Columbus

Sheriff Loyd B. Panther Columbus

Treasurer -. . . Max H, Feagan Columbus

Tax Supervisor J. L. Rhodes Columbus

Tax Collector Max H. Feagan Columbus

County Accountant J. L. Rhodes Columbus

Coroner Otis Dalton Mill Spring

Surveyor G. W. Pearson Saluda

County Health OflScer Dr. VV. L. Norville Rutherfordton

Supt. of Schools J. W. Gantt Columbus

Supt. of Public Welfare Jeanette MacGregor Tryon

Home Demonstration Agent Ruth Kessler Tryon

Farm Demonstration Agent Paul E. Culberson Columbus

Chairman Board Education S. L. Fagan Rt. 1, Landrum, S. C.

Chairman Board Elections B. E. Samples Tryon

District Game & Fish Protector Arthur Pack Tryon

Forest Warden 0. C. Feagan Columbus

County Attorney J. T. Arledge Tryon

Veterans Service Officer Woodrow Wilkins Columbus


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