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Chairman J. C. Williams Columbus

Commissioner CO. Story Lynn

Commissioner Troy Durham Rt. 1, Tryon


Randolph County was formed in 1779 from Guilford. Was named in honor of Peyton Randolph, of
Virginia, the President of the first Continental Congress.

Population, 50,804 County Seat, Asheboro

State Senators 12th District J. Hawley Poole West End

J. R. Young Dunn

Member House of Representatives Wylie L. Ward Asheboro

Clerk Superior Court Carl L. King Asheboro

Register of Deeds Mrs. Alese M. Ward Asheboro

Sheriff CM. Maness Asheboro

Auditor Fred Phillips Asheboro

Tax Supervisor Alvie Garner Asheboro

Tax Collector Alvie Garner Asheboro

Coroner T. R. Farlow Asheboro

Surveyor Clotus Craven Asheboro

County Health Officer Dr. George Sumner Asheboro

Supt. of Schools R. C White Asheboro

Supt. of Public Welfare James Burgess Asheboro

Home Demonstration Agent Mary Harris Asheboro

Farm Demonstration Agent E. S. Millsaps Asheboro

Chairman Board Education G. F. Lane Asheboro

Chairman Board Elections T. Fletcher Bulla Asheboro

District Game & Fish Protector L. R. Davis RFD, Asheboro

Forest Warden Bill U. Davis Asheboro

County Attorney John G. Prevett Asheboro

County Librarian Charlesanna Fox Asheboro

Veterans Service Officer Harvey Luck Asheboro

Recorder's Court:

Judge A. L Ferree Asheboro

Solicitor J. V. Wilson Asheboro


Chairman S. G. Richardson Seagrove

Commissioner Earl V. Walker Rt. 1, Franklinville

Commissioner Willie Cox Ramseur

Commissioner Branson E. Davis Rt. 1, Randleman

Commissioner , , Tom Bingham Farmer

County Government 571


Richmond County was formed in 1779 from Anson. Was named in honor of Charles Lennox, Duke
of Richmond, principal Secretary of State in William Pitt's second administration. He was a strong
friend of the American colonies and made the motion in the House of Lords that they be granted their

Population, 39,597 County Seat, Rockingham

Office Officer Address

State Senators 18th District Charles H. Dorsett Troy

J. Thomas Page Rockingham

Member House of Representatives James H. Pittman Rockingham

Clerk Superior Court Thomas L. Covington Rockingham

Register of Deeds Agnes C. Flake Rockingham

Sheriff Raymond W. Goodman Rockingham

Treasurer Farmers Bank & Trust Company Rockingham

Auditor Mary T. Covington Rockingham

Tax Supervisor Mary T. Covington Rockingham

Tax Collector Raymond W. Goodman Rockingham

County Accountant Mary T. Covington Rockingham

Coroner Don Sedberry Rockingham

Surveyor W. W. Graham Rockingham

County Health Officer Dr. G. F. Reeves Rockingham

Supt. of Schools F. D. McLeod Rockingham

Supt. of Public Welfare 0. G. Reynolds Rockingham

Home Demonstration Agent

White Mrs. Joan Bryan Rockingham

Colored Sarah M. Williams Rockingham

Farm Demonstration Agent

White N. L. Hendricks Rockingha*

Colored William F. Wright Rockinghaj

Chairman Board Education Dr. W. H. Parson EUerbi

Chairman Board Elections E. M. Wallace Hamlet

District Game & Fish Protector Walter M, Bray Rockingham

Forest Warden Rober Freeman Hoffman

County Attorney Thomas H. Leath Rockingham

County Librarian Mrs. Dorothy Moore Rockingham

Veterans Service Officer J. J. Grey Hamlet

Richmond County Special Court:

Judge Dewey W. Coleman Rockingham

Solicitor John H. Pittman Rockingham

Hamlet Recorder's Court:

Judge R. C. Ross Hamlet

Solicitor Beverly W. Ball Hamlet


Chairman Palmer Nicholson Mount Gilead

Commissioner J. H. McRae EUerbe

Commissioner r.John F. Hamer •. Rockingham

Commissioner J. Hiram Smith Rt. 1, Rockingham

Commissioner , Jessie C. Leigh Hamlet


f f Robeson County was formed in 1786 from Bladen. Was named in honor of Colonel Thomas Robeson,
a soldier of the Revolution. He was one of the leaders at the battle of Elizabethtown, which was fought
in September, 1781. By this battle the Tories in the southeastern part of the State were crushed forever.
The commander of the Whigs was Colonel Thomas Brown.

Population, 87,769 County Seat, Lumberton

State Senator llth'District Wesley C. Watts Lumberton

Members House of Representatives F. Wayland Floyd Fairmont

John B. Regan St. Paulg

572 North Carolina Manual

Office Officer Address

Clerk Superior Court B. F. McMillan Lumberton

Register of Deeds U. G. Kiiilaw Lumberton

ghpriff Malcolm (i. McLeod Lumberton

Treasurer W. D. Reynolds Lumberton

Auditor ■ W D. Reynolds Lumberton

Tax Supervisor W. D. Reynolds Lumberton

Tax Collector L. McK. Parker Lumberton

County Accountant W. D. Reynolds Lumberton

Coroner D- ^V. Biggs Lumberton

Surveyor Gradv S. Harrell Rt. 1, Shannon

County Health Officer : Dr. E. R. Hardin Lumberton

Supt. of Schools B. E. Littlefield Lumberton

Supt. of Public Welfare John R. Kimball , Lumberton

Home Demonstration Agent „ , , ,. , ■

White Evelyn Caldwell , Lumberton

Colored...! . Edna D. Garrett , Lumberton

Farm Demonstration Agent r ,

White 0. P. Owens Lumberton

Colored S. T. Brooks Lumberton

Chairman Board Education LP. Graham Proctorville

Chairman Board Elections E. P. Bond Rowland

District Game & Fish Protector Robert H. Hammer Lumberton

Forest Warden Braddy Pait Lumberton

County Manager W. D. Reynolds Lumberton

County Attorney Henry A. McKinnon, Sr Lumberton

Veterans Service Officer A. E. Watson Rowland

Recorder's Courts:

P'airmont District: ... t^ • ^

Judi'e Rav Lewis t airmont

,> Solicitor M. L. Page Fairmont

Lumberton District: , , ,

. Judge J- E. Carpenter Lumberton

Solicitor John W. Campbell... Lumberton

Maxton District: • . , , .

Judge R- C. Holland Maxton

Solicitor Angus Medlin Maxton

Red Springs District: ^ t, i c •

Judge J. Dickson McLean Red bprmgs

Solicitor ...Z. V. McMillan Red Springs

Rowland District: .„ , ,

Judge ; F. L. Adams Rowland

Solicitor R. L. Campbell Rowland

St. Pauls District: c, r. i

Judge J- Herman Bnsson St. Pauls

Solicitor George T. Deans St. Pauls


Chairman .' C. A. Hasty '...... Maxton

Commissioner V.J. Griffin .Fairmont

Commissioner J. A. Singleton. Jr Red Sprmgs

Commissioner J. T. Graham Rt. 1, bt Pauls

Commissioner J. D. Herring . . . . ; Lumberton

Commissioner G. L. Pate Rowland


Rockingham County was formed in 1785 from'Guilford. Was named in honor of Charles Watson
Wentworth, Marquis of Rockingham, who was the leader of the party in the British Pariiament that
advocated American independence. He was Prime Minister when the Stamp Act was repealed.

Population, 64,816 County Seat. Wentworth

State Senator 15th District J. Hampton Price Leaksville

Member House of Representatives R. G. Powell Reidsville

County Government 573

Office Officer Address

Clerk Superior Court John W. Satterfield Wentworth

Register of Deeds R. E. Wall Wentworth

Sheriff L. W. Worsham Wentworth

Treasurer Eugene Irvin : Wentworth

Auditor Eugene Irvin Wentworth

Tax Supervisor Eugene Irvin Wentworth

Tax Collector Eugene Irvin Wentworth

County Accountant Eugene Irvin Wentworth

Coroner Dr. M. P. Cummings Reidsville

Surveyor A. N. Mattocks, . .'. Reidsville

County Health Officer Dr. George E. Waters Wentworth

Supt. of Schools Allan Lewis .- Wentworth

Supt. of Public Welfare Mrs. John Lee Wilson Madison

Home Demonstration Agent

White Marion BuUard Reidsville

Colored Mrs. Zadie Jackson Reidsville

Farm Demonstration Agent

White J. E. Foil Wentworth

Colored Dewey Williamson Reidsville

Chairman Board Education E. S. Powell Reidsville

Chairman Board Elections Dr. Hunter Moricle Reidsville

District Game & Fish Protector A. D. Neal RED, Reidsville

County Attorney Junius C. Brown Madison

County Librarian Marianne Martin Leaksville

Veterans Service Officer Lantz M. Sykes Leaksville

Leaksville Recorder's Court:

Judge Herman Peters Leaksville

Solicitor Allan D. Ivie, Jr Leaksville

Reidsville Recorder's Court:

Judge E. H. Wrenn Reidsville

Solicitor D. F. Mayberry Reidsville


Chairnian Henry E. McCoUum RFD, Reidsville

Commissioner C. S. Burton Reidsville

Commissioner A. D. Hopkins Reidsville

Commissioner J. J. Webster Stoneville

Commissioner Jas. T. Chandler Leaksville


Rowan County was formed in 1753 from Anson. Was named in honor of Matthew Rowan, a prom-
inent leader before the Revolution, and for a short time after the death of Governor Gabriel Johnston,
acting Governor.

Population, 75,410 County Seat, Salisbury

State Senators 21st District Luther E. Barnhardt Concord

Nelson Woodson Salisbury

Members House of Representatives Kerr Craige Ramsay Salisbury

George R. Uzzell Salisbury

Clerk Superior Court Paul A. Swicegood Salisbury

Register of Deeds Graham M. Carlton Salisbury

Sheriff : . . . Arthur J. Shuping Salisbury

Treasurer J.LE. Haynes Salisbury

Auditor J.^E. Haynes .■ Salisbury

Tax Supervisor R. L. Lyerly Salisbury

Tax Collector W. S. Overton, Jr Salisbury

Coroner Dr. C. G. Mock Salisbury

Surveyor Frank M. Hodge Granite Quarry

County Health Officer Dr. C. W. Armstrong Salisbury

Supt. of Schools C. C. Erwin Salisbury

Supt. of Public Welfare Mrs. Lucille Donnelly Salisbury

574 North Carolina Manual

Office Officer Address

Home Demonstration Agent

White Mildred Ingram Salisbury

Colored Mrs. Annie Johnson Salisbury

Farm Demonstration Agent

White P. H. Satterwhite Cleveland

Colored E. W. Goodrum Salisbury

Chairman Board Education J, F. McKnight Rt. 1, China Grove

Chairman Board Elections J. (i. Hudson .Salisbury

District Game & Fish Protector E. M. Cummings Salisbury

County Attorney Kerr Craige Ramsay Salisbury

County Librarian Edith Clarke Salisbury

V^eterans Service GiBcer Fletcher Cauble Salisbury

County Court:

Judge Ira R. Swicegood Salisbury

Solicitor Max Busby Salisbury


Chairman P. K. Dry Landis

Commissioner W. G. Houck Salisbury

Commissioner L. E. Tatum Rt. 1, Salisbury

Commissioner James A. Sloan Rt. 1, Mt. UUa

Commissioner Carr Lingle Faith


Rutherford County was formed in 1779 from Tryon and Burke. Was named in honor of General
Griffith Rutherford, one of the most prominent of the Revolutionary patriots. He led the expedition
that crushed the Cherokees in 1776, and rendered other important services, both in the I^egislature and
on the battlefield.

Population, 46,356 County Seat, Rutherfordton

State Senators 27th District Charles F. Gold Rutherfordton

Clyde Nolan : Shelby

Member House of Representatives Robert G. McRorie Rutherfordton

Clerk Superior Court Vance R. Price Rutherfordton

Register of Deeds W. Oscar Geer Rutherfordton

Sheriff Vance H. Wiikins Rutherfordton

Auditor Charles H. Metcalf Rutherfordton

Tax Supervisor J. L. Hall Rutherfordton

Tax Collector Rex Bridges Rutherfordton

County Accountant Charles H. Metcalf Rutherfordton

Coroner Fred Crowe Spindale

Surveyor W. 0. Justice Rt. 2, Rutherfordton

County Health Officer Dr. W. L. Norville Rutherfordton

Supt. of Schools J. J. Tarlton Rutherfordton

Supt. of Public Welfare Mrs. Gladys W. Doggett Forest City

Home Demonstration Agent Mrs. Mildred Stallings Rutherfordton

Farm Demonstration Agent F. E. Patton Rutherfordton

Chairman Board Education J. Harvey Carpenter Rutherfordton

Chairman Board Elections R. E. Price Rutherfordton

District Game & Fish Protector Barney Peeler Rt. 1, Mooresboro

Forest Warden C. E. Parton Gilkey

County Attorney Robert G. McRorie Rutherfordton

County Librarian Mrs. Martha K. Barr Rutherfordton

Veterans Service Officer Mrs. Etna G. HarriU Rutherfordton

Recorder's Court;

Judge B. T. Jones, Jr Forest City

Solicitor M. Leonard Lowe Caroleen


Chairman W. Paul Carpenter Henrietta

Commissioner Arthur Blanton Forest City

Commissioner Johnny L. Thompson Rt. 3, Rutherfordton

Commissioner J. Van Hampton Rt. 3, Rutherfordton

Commissioner W. J. York Rt. 2. Forest City

County Government 575


Sampson County was formed in 1784 from Duplin and New Hanover. Was named in honor of Colo-
nel Sampson, who was a member of Governor Martin's Council.

Population, 49,780 County Seat, Clinton

Office Officer Address

State Senators 9th District Rivers D. Johnson Warsaw

Alton A. Lennon Wilmington

Member House of Representatives J. E. Tew Clinton

Clerk Superior Court CO. Tart _ Clinton

Register of Deeds Elsie Crurapler Clinton

Sheriff P. B. Lockerman Clinton

Auditor R. P. Spell Clinton

Tax Supervisor R. P. Spell Clinton

County Accountant R. P. Spell Clinton

Coroner J. S. .'^yers Clinton

Surveyor Plato Merritt Rose H ill

County Health Officer Dr. S. B. McPheeters Goldsboro

Supt. of Schools D. V. Carter .- Clinton

Supt. of Public Welfare Mrs. R. B. Wilson Clinton

Home Demonstration Agent

White Eleanor Southerhnd Clinton

Colored Mrs, Edna Gray Clinton

Farm Demonstration Agent

White E.J. Morgan Clinton

Colored Frank Faison Clinton

Chairman Board Education John C. Warren Newton Grove

Chairman Board Elections J. L. Austin Clinton

District Game & Fish Protector Thos. E. Niylor Roseboro

Forest Warden W. E. Herring Clinton

County Attorney John B. Williams, Jr Clinton

County Librarian Margaret Faison Clinton

Veterans Service Officer Earl Grumpier Roseboro

Recorder's Court:

Judge S. A. Howard Salemburg

Solicitor Croom M. Faircloth , Clinton


Chairman L. A. Hall Autryville

Commissioner George S. Strickland Mt. Olive

Commissioner Otho L. West , RFD, Dunn


Scotland County was formed in 1899 from Richmond. Was named after the country of Scotland,
the northern part of the i.sland of Great Britain. Most of the people of this county are descendants of
Scotch Highlanders.

Population, 26,336 County Seat, Laurinburg

State Senators 18th District Charles H. Dorsett, Troy

J. Thomas Page Rockingham

Member House of Representatives Roger C. Kiser Laurinburg

Clerk Superior Court Carl L. Jones Laurinburg

Register of Deeds Margaret S. Peden Laurinburg

SheriT Jesse C. Gibson Laurinburg

Auditor Thos. J. Gill Laurinburg

Tax Supervisor W. M. Monroe Laurinburg

Tax Collector W. M. Monroe Laurinburg

County .Accountant Thos. J. (Sill Laurinburg

Coroner M.J. McDougald Laurinburg

County Health Officer Dr. K. C. Moore Laurinburg

576 North Carolina Manual

Office Officer Address

Supt. of Schools J. J. Pence W'agram

Supt. of Public Welfare Mrs. Eliza P. Shaw Laurinbur g

Home DcmonstTtition .\gent Laura Beatty Laurinburg

P'arm Demonstration .^sent E. 0. McMahan Laurinburg

Chairman Board Education Edwin Morgan Laurinburg

Chairman Board Elections J. Lee McColman Gibson

District (iame & Fish Protector Roy Bostiek Laurel Hill

Forest Warden A. R McMillan Rt. 2, Laurinburg

County Attorney Thomas G. Neal Laurinburg

County Librarian Kathryne Fort Laurinburg

Veterans Service Officer I. L. McGill Laurinburg

Recorder's Court:

Judge J. B. McKinnon Laurinburg

Solicitor Thomas G. Neal ; . . . Laurinburg


Chairman ' E. P. Jones Johns

Commissioner Paul P. Harris - Laurinburg

Commissioner A. M. McLean Wagram

Commissioner H. F. Monore Laurinburg

Commissioner G. B. Hooker Gibson


Stanly County was formed in 1841 from Montgomery. Was named in honor of John Stanly, for
many years a member of the Legislature, and several times Speaker of the House of Commons.

Population, .37,130 County Seat, Albemarle

State Senators 19th District R. E. Little Wadesboro

James P. Lowder Norwood

Member House of Representatives Spencer B. Goodman Richfield

Clerk Superior Court L. Worth Little Albemarle

Register of Deeds L. R. Almond Albemarle

Sheriff P. E. Herrin Albemarle

Auditor .A. V. Thomas .Albemarle

Tax Supervisor R. C. Hill Albemarle

Tax Collector H.N. Thompson .Albemarle

County Accountant A. V. Thomas .Albemarle

Coroner M.J. Hartsell .Albemarle

Surveyor Hugh Burleson Rt. 4, .Albemarle

County Health Officer Dr. R. E. Fox. .: Albemarle

Supt. of Schools J. P. Sifford Albemarle

Supt. of Public Welfare Otto B. Mabry Norwood

Home Demonstration Agent. Edith Hinshaw Albemarle

Farm Demonstration Agent H. M. Singletary Albemarle

Chairman Board Education ' .... Ed. Holbert .'Albemarle

Chairman Board Elections , . . , Hal C. Turner .Albemarle

District Game & Fish Protector Robt. M. Furr .Albemarle

County .Attorney Morton & Williams. .Albemarle

County Librarian Mrs. J. E. Johnson .Albemarle

Veterans Service Officer J. R. Clark .Albemarle

ecorder's Court:

Judge S. Craig Hopkins Albemarle

Solicitor Warren L. Coble .Albemarle


Chairman Raymond ('. Barker Albemarle

Commissioner Horace Bowers .Albemarle

Commissioner Silas Dennis Rt. 4, Albemarle

Commissioner Frank Marbry Badin

Commissioner James D. Lowder New London

County Government 577


Stokes County was formed in 1798 from Surry. Was named in honor of Colonel John Stokes, a
brave soldier of the Revolution, who was desperately wounded at the Waxhaw massacre, when Colonel
Buford's regiment was cut to pieces by Tarleton. After the war Washington appointed him a judge of
the United States Court in North Carolina

Population, 21,520 County Seat, Danbury

Office Officer Address

State Senator 23rd District R. Posey Jones Mt. Airy

Member House of Representatives Wm. F. Marshall, Jr Walnut Cove

Clerk Superior Court J. Watt Tuttle Danbury

Register of Deeds .♦ R. L. Smith Danbury

Sheriff G. Harvey Johnson Danbury

Treasurer G. Harvey Johnson Danbury

Auditor R. L. Smith : Danbury

Tax Supervisor Cecil H. Frve Danbury

Tax Collector Cecil H. Frye Danbury

Coroner S. P. Christian Danbury

Surveyor ._. Hiram Adkins Rt. 2. Walnut Cove

County Health Officer .' Dr. Fred Pegg Winston-Salem

Supt. of Schools R. M. Green Walnut Cove

Supt. of Public Welfare Barbara Francis Danbury

Home Demonstration Agent Mrs. C~hristine Gentry Danbury '

Farm Demonstration .4gent S. B. Brandon King

Chairman Board Education J. Van Tuttle Pine Hall

Chairman Board Elections Cecil H. Frye Pinnacle

District Game & Fish Protector George Barr King

Forest Warden Elmo Cromer Rt. 2, Walnut Cove

County Attorney L. H. van Noppen Danbury

County Librarian Mrs. EUyn B. Beaty Danbury

Veterans Service Officer R. Hedgecock, Jr Walnut Cove


Chairman T. M. Smith .' Westfield

Commissioner Ralph Ward Sandy Ridge

Commissioner R. R. Mills Walnut Cove


Surry County was formed in 1770 from Rowan. Was named in honor of Lord Surrey, a prominent
member of Parliament who opposed the taxation of the American colonies by Parliament.

Population. 45,593 County Seat, Dobson

State Senator 23rd District R. Posey Jones Mt. Airy

Member House of Representatives Howard 0. Woltz, Jr Mt. Airy

Clerk Superior Court Kermit W. Lawrence Dobson

Register of Deeds Mrs. Bertha M. Shinault Dobson

Sheriff Sam C. Patterson Dobson

Treasurer Surry County Loan & Trust Company Dobson

Auditor Mrs. Lillian K. Johnson Dobson

Tax Supervisor J. Pate Fulk Dobson

County Accountant Mrs. Lillian K. Johnson Dobson

Coroner Dr. John L. Woltz Mt. Airy

Surveyor I. W. Barber Mt. Airv

County Health Officer Dr. R. B. C. Franklin Mt. Airy

Supt. of Schools John W. Comer Doljson

Supt. of Public Welfare Bausie Marion Dobson

Home Demonstration Agent Mrs. Grace P. Brown Mt. Airy

Farm Demonstration Agent Neil M. Smith Dobson

Chairman Board Education P. N. Taylor White Plains

Chairman Board Elections A. P. Fulk Pilot Mountain

578 North Carolina Manual

Office Officer Address

District Game & Fish Pi'otector Georsie Beamer Mt. Airy

Forest Warden Ray Norman Mountain Park

(Guilty Attorney Fred Folier Mt. Airy

County Librarian Mrs. Lillian Freeman Dobson

Recorder's Courts:
Mt. .\iry District:

Judse H. H. Llewellyn Mt. Airy

Solicitor Robert J. Lovill, Jr Mt. Airy

Pilot Mountain District:

Judge Frank Freeman Dobson

Solicitor W. W. Norman Pilot Mountain

Commissioners «

Chairman M. Q. Snow Elkin

Commissioner M. C. Fowler Mt. Airy

Commissioner S. ^L Smith Pilot Mountain


Swain County was formed in 1871 from Jackson and Macon. Was named in honor of David Lowrie
Swain, Governor of North Carolina and president of the University.

Population, 9,921 County Seat, Bryson City

State Senator 33rd District R. S. Jones ... Franklin

Member House of Representatives Herman Edwards Eryson City

Clerk Superior Court Henry J. Truett Eryson City

Register of Deeds J. R. Gibson Bryson C ity

Sheriff LB. Jenkins Bryson City

Treasurer W'illard J. Davis Bryson City

Tax Supervisor A.J. Sutton Bryson C i' y

Tax Collector Willard J. Davis Eryson City

County Accountant Willard J. Davis • Bryson City

Coroner J. C. Goodson Bryson City

County Health Officer Dr. John Janowsky Sylva

Supt. of Schools W. L. Lathan Bryson City

Supt. of Public Welfare Mrs. Hilda B. Myers Bryson City

Home Demonstration Agent Pansie E. Deal Bryson City

Farm Demonstration Agent John Conyngton Bryson City

Chairman Board Education S. W. Black Bryson City

Chairman Board Elections Ralph G. Wiggins Bryson City

District Game & Fish Protector Wade Grain Bryson City

Forest Warden Dover J. Dean : Bryson City

County Attorney ■ E. B. Whitaker Bryson City

County Librarian -. Mrs. Harley Breedlove Bryson City

Veterans Service Officer Eliza M. DeHart Bryson City


Chairman .\. J. Sutton Bryson City

Commissioner J. W. Miles Bryson City

Commissioner Wheeler Jones ' Alarka


Transylvania County was formed in 1861 from Henderson and Jackson. The name is derived from
two Latin words, "trans" across, "sylva" woods. Transylvania County voted witli Henderson until 1868.

Population, 15,194 ■ - County Seat, Brevard

State Senators 32nd District William Medford Wavnesville

E. A. Westbrook Rt. 1, Tryon

Member House of Representatives Ralph R. Fisher Brevard

County Government 579

Office Officer Address

Clerk Superior Court F. M. McCall Brevard

Register of Deeds Paul Whitmire Brevard

Sheriff B. H. Freeman Brevard

Tax Supervisor G. M. Justus Brevard

Tax Collector Frank C. King Brevard

County Accountant G. M. Justus Brevard

Coroner C. S. Osborne Brevard

Supt. of Schools J. B. Jones Brevard

Supt. of Public Welfare Mrs. C. Y. Patten Brevard

Home Demonstration Agent Anna Priest Brevard

Farm Demonstration Agent J. A. Glazener Brevard

Chairman Board Education H. R. Sellers Brevard

Chairman Board Elections M. W. Galloway Brevard

District Game & FLsh Protector Wade Bagwell Brevard

Forest Warden Elam Galloway Brevard

County Attorney Ralph H. Ramsey, Jr Brevard

County Librarian Mrs. Elizabeth Kapp Brevard

Veterans Service Officer Paul Whitmire Brevard


Chairman W. W. Brittan Brevard

Commissioner Lewis Osborne Brevard

Commissioner Dewey Burton Rosman


Tyrrell County was formed in 1729 from Albemarle. Was named in honor of Sir John Tyrrell, who
at one time was one of the Lords Proprietors.

Population, 5,048 County Seat, Columbia

State Senators 2nd District Sam M. Campen Alliance

Hugh G. Horton Williamston

Member House of Representatives Lewis L. Combs Columbia

Clerk Superior Court C. R. Chaplin Columbia

Register of Deeds Sara L. Taft Columbia

Sheriff B. Ray Cohoon Columbia

Treasurer East Carolina Bank Columbia

Auditor H. S. Swain Columbia

Tax Supervisor H. S. Swain Columbia

Tax Collector B. Ray Cohoon Columbia

County Accountant H. S. Swain Columbia

Coroner C. E. Walker Columbia

County Health Officer Dr. Claudius McGowan (Acting) Plymouth

Supt. of Schools W. J. White Columbia

Supt. of Public Welfare J. W. Hamilton Columbia

Home Demonstration Agent Mrs. Mary Combs Columbia

Farm Demonstration Agent H. H. Harris Columbia

Chairman Board Education R. L. Spencer Columbia

Chairman Board Elections Irene Mosley Columbia

District Game & Fish Protector E. L. Mosley Columbia

Forest Warden James Swain Rt. 1, Columbia

County Attorney Sam S. Woodley Columbia

County Librarian Mrs. L. L. Gibbs Columbia

Veterans Service Officer D. A.- Simmons Columbia

Recorder's Court:

Judge W. T. Reynolds Columbia

Solicitor Sam S. Woodley Columbia


Chairman H. T. Davenport Columbia

Commissioner Wm. Charles Cohoon Columbia

Commissioner W. A. Mayo Columbia

Commissioner G. W. Selby Columbia

Commissioner J. B. Pritchett Columbia

580 North Carolina Manual

Union County was formed in 1842 from Anson and Mecklenburg.
Population, 42,(134 Monroe Seat, Monroe

Office Officer Address

State Senators 19th District R. E. Little Wadesboro

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