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James P. Lowder Norwood

Member House of Representatives Ben A. Home Rt. 6, Monroe

Clerk Superior Court J. Hampton Price Monroe

Register of Deeds Clara Laney Monroe

Sheriff Ben H. Wolfe Monroe

Treasurer American Bank & Trust Company Monroe

Auditor Roy J. Moore .• Monroe

Tax Supervisor Roy J. Moore Monroe

Tax Collector B. Frank Niven Monroe

County Accountant Roy J. Moore Monroe

Coroner Carl B. Wells Monroe

County Health Officer Dr. Clem Ham Monroe

Supt. of Schools Dan S. Davis Monroe

Supt. of Publi' Welfare Mrs. George S. Lee Monroe

Home Demonst. tion Agent

White Mrs. Hilda L. Hudson Monroe

Colored Mrs. Bettye J. Taylor Monroe

Farm Demonstration Agent

White James A. Marsh Monroe

Colored S. T. Loyd ; Monroe

Chairman Board Education R. F. Beasley , Jr Monroe

Chairman Board Elections J. Burns Simpson Monroe

District Game & Fish Protector Stewart Armfield Marshville

County Attorney J. F. Milliken Monroe

County Librarian Neal F. Austin Monroe

V'eterans Service Officer J. Neal Clark Monroe

Recorder's Court:

Judge J. Max Thomas Marshville

Solicitor Julian C. Brooks Monroe


Chairman J. Vernon Griffin Rt. 1, Wingate

Commissioner R. Hall McGuirt Monroe

Commissioner S. Howard Latham Monroe

Commissioner Claude Eubanks Monroe

Commissioner . Kemp Armfield Marshville


Vance County was formed in 1881 from Granville, Warren, and Franklin. Was named in honor of
Zebulon B. Vance, "the Great War Governor," a Member of Congress, Governor of North Carolina,
United States Senator.

Population, 32,101 County Seat, Henderson

State Senator 3rd District W. H. S. Burgwj'n, Jr Woodland

Member House of Representatives Fred S. Royster Henderson

Clerk Superior Court Henry W. Hight Henderson

Register of Deeds H. M. Robinson Henderson

Sheriff E. A. Cottrell Henderson

Auditor Mrs. Julia C. Reid Henderson

Tax Supervisor Mrs. Julia C. Reid Henderson

Tax Collector F. M. Dorsey Henderson

County Accountant Mrs. Julia C. Reid Henderson

Coroner Fred B. Hight Henderson

County Health Officer Dr. A. D. Gregg Henderson

County Government 581

Office Officer Address

Supt. of Schools J. C. Stabler Henderson

Supt. of Public Welfare Clara Mae Ellis Henderson

Home Demonstration Agent

White Mrs. Montein Hight Henderson

Colored Mrs Esther B. Roscoe Henderson

Farm Demonstration Agent

White J. W. Sanders Henderson

Colored Loyd Peace Henderson

Chairman Board Education M. L. Hight Henderson

Chairman Board Elections D. P. McDuffee Henderson

District Game & Fish Protector N. G. Crews III Henderson

Forest Warden R. C. Daniel Rt. 2, Henderson

County Attorney Irvine B. Watkins Henderson

County Librarian Mrs. Carl G. Bickers Henderson

Veterans Service Officer Brooks P. Wyche Henderson

Recorder's Court:

Judge B. A. Scott Henderson

Solicitor Charles F. Blackburn Henderson


Chairman F. H. Ellington Middleburg

Commissioner G. W. Knott ■ Henderson

Commissioner S. W. Renn Henderson

Commissioner W. H. Blacknall Henderson

Commissioner Mark Woodlief KittreU


Wake County was formed in 1770 from Johnston, Cumberland ,and Orange. Was named in honor
of Governor Tryon's wife, whose maiden name was Margaret Wake. Some historians say that the county
was named for "Esther Wake," the popular sister of Tryon's wife, but there is no reason to suppose that
any such person ever existed. She is purely a creature of the imagination.

Population, 136,450 County Seat, Raleigh

.State Senators 13th District James H. Pou Bailey Raleigh

Daniel L. Bell Pittsboro

Members House of Representatives Edwin S. Pou Raleigh

Phil R. Whitley .Wendell

W. Brantley Womble Rt. 1, Cary

Clerk Superior Court P. H. Wilson Raleigh

Register of Deeds Hunter Ellington Raleigh

Sheriff Robert J. Pleasants Raleigh

Treasurer J. Milton Mangum Raleigh

Auditor A. C. Hall Raleigh

Tax Supervisor R. E. Richardson, Jr Raleigh

Tax Collector C. C. Rich Raleigh

County Accountant A. C. Hall Raleigh

Coroner Irving Cheek Raleigh

Surveyor Jas. McCree Smith Raleigh

County Health Officer Dr. A. C. Bulla Raleigh

Supt. of Schools Randolph Benton Raleigh

Supt. of Public Welfare Mrs. Josephine Kirk Raleigh

Home Demonstration Agent

White Mrs. Maude McGinnis Raleigh

Colored Mrs. B. M. Edwards Raleigh

Farm Demonstration Agent

White Grady Miller Raleigh

Colored W. C. Davenport Raleigh

Chairman Board Education Dr. D. B. Bryan Wake Forest

Chairman Board Elections L. A. Doub Knightdale

District Game & Fish Protector Bob Perry Wake Forest

Forest Warden Earl Shaw Rt. 4, Raleigh

582 North Carolina Manual

Office Officer Address

County Attorney Thomas A. Banks Raleigh

County Librarian Miss Clyde Smith Raleigh

Veterans Service Officer James R. SIoo Raleigh

Recorder's Courts:

Apex District:

Judge Harvey Jones Raleigh

Solicitor Robert W. Johnson, Jr Apex

Cary District:

Judge H. H. Waddell Cary

Solicitor Henry Sink Raleigh

Fuquay Springs District:

Judge C. C. Cunningham Raleigh

Solicitor Robert A. Cotten Fuquay Springs

Wake Forest District:

Judge Donald GuUey Wake Forest

Solicitor H. E. Paschal Wake Forest

Wendell District:

Judge W. A. Brame Wendell

Solicitor Bourke Bilisoly Wendell

Zebulon District:

Judge Irby D. Gill Zebulon

Solicitor .' A. R. House Zebulon

City Court:

Judge Albert Doub Raleigh

Solicitor Alfonso Lloyd Raleigh

Domestic Relations Court:
Judge Jeff Fountain Raleigh


Chairman R. 0. Heater Cary

Commissioner John P. Swain Raleigh

Commissioner L. W. Umstead Garner

Commissioner Carey N. Robertson Knightdale

Commissioner W. W. Holding Wake Forest


Warren County was formed in 1779 from Bute. Was named in honor of General Joseph Warren, a
brave Massachusetts soldier who fell while fighting at the battle of Bunker Hill.

Population, 23,539 County Seat, Warrenton

State Senator 3rd District W. H. S. Burgwyn, Jr Woodland

Member House of Representatives William W. Taylor, Jr Warrenton

Clerk Superior Court Joe N. Ellis Warrenton

Register of Deeds S. E. Allen Warrenton

Sheriff Roy V. Shearin Warrenton

Auditor A. P. Rodwell, Jr Warrenton

Tax Supervisor A P. Rodwell, Jr Warrenton

Coroner Ed. Petar Ridgeway

County Health Officer Dr. A. D. Gregg Henderson

Supt. of Schools W. B. Terrell Warrenton

Supt. of Public Welfare Mrs. H. D. Taylor Warrenton

Home Demonstration Agent

White Ruth Pleasant Warrenton

Colored Mrs. Annie B. Branche Warrenton

Farm Demonstration Agent

White Frank W. Reams Warrenton

Colored C. S. Wynn Warrenton

Chairman Board Education Harry W. Walker Norlina

Chairman Board Elections Richard R. Davis Warrenton

District Game & Fish Protector A. D. Pridgen Inei

Forest Warden E. H. Pinnell Warrenton

County Government 583

Office Officer Address

County Attorney William W. Taylor, Jr Warrenton

County Librarian Mabel Davis Warrenton

Veterans Service Officer B. G. White Warrenton

Recorder's Court:

Judse John M. Picot Littleton

Solicitor Frank H. Gibbs Warrenton


Chairman J. T. Harris .v Inez

Commissioner Jim H. Hundley Norlina

Commissioner Amos L. Capps Areola

Commissioner H. L. Wall Elams

Commissioner J. A. Wilson Manson


Washington County was formed in 1799 from Tyrrell. Was named in honor of George Washington.

Population, 13,180 County Seat, Plymouth

State Senators 2nd District Sam M. Campen ;' Alliance

Hugh G. Horton Williamston

Member House of Representatives W.J. Woolard Plymouth

Clerk Superior Court W. T. Stillman Plymouth

Register of Deeds J. R. Campbell Plymouth

Sheriff J. K. Reid Plymouth

Treasurer Branch Banking <fe Trust Company Plymouth

Auditor E.J. Spruill Plymouth

Tax Supervisor H. L. Davenport Plymouth

Tax Collector. . E. J. Spruill Plymouth

Coroner J. L. Horner Plymouth

County Health Officer Dr. C. M. McGowan (Acting) Pl.vmouth

Supt. of Schools R. F. Lowery Plymouth

Supt. of Public Welfare Mrs. Ursula B. Spruill Plymouth

Home Demonstration Agent Mrs. Frances M. Darden Plymouth

Farm Demonstration Agent W. V. Hays Plymouth

Chairman Board Education L. E. Hassell Roper

Chairman Board Elections L. S. Bray Roper

District Game & Fish Protector J. T. Terry Plymouth

Forest Warden S. F. Darden Plymouth

County Attorney W. L. Whitley Plymouth

County Librarian Mrs. C. E. Ayers Plymouth

Veterans Service Officer W. Ronald Gaylord Plymouth

Recorder's Court:

Judge E. L. Owens Plymouth

Solicitor W. Blount Rodman Plymouth

Commissioners ,

Chairman F. L. Brinkley Plymouth

Commissioner A. R. Latham Plymouth

Commissioner J. C. Knowles Roper

Commissioner H. L. Davenport Roper

Commissioner H. W. Pritchett ,.,,,.,.,.,, , , , . Creswell

584 North Carolina Manual


Watauga County was formed in 1849 from As'ie, Wilkes, Caldwell and Yancey. Was named after
an Indian tribe.

Population, 18,342 County Seat, Boone

Office Officer Address

State Senator 29th District *W. B. Reeves West Jefferson

Member House of Representatives Wade E. Brown Boone

Clerk Superior Court Fred M. (iragg Boone

Register of Deeds Helen Underdown : Boone

Sheriff A. J. Edmisten Boone

Tax Supervisor S. C. Egeers, Sr Boone

Tax Collector G. B. Miller Boone

County Accountant Fred M. Gragg Boone

Coroner Richard E. Kelley Boone

Surveyor Joe Miller RFD, Boone

County Health Officer Dr. Mary B. Michael Boone

Supt. of Schorls W. Howard Walker Sugar Grove

Supt. of Public Welfare Dave P. Mast Sugar Grove

Home Demonstration Agent Mrs. Betty M. Edwards Boone

Farm Demonstration Agent L. E. Tuckwiller Boone

Chairman Board Education Clyde Perry Sugar Grove

Chairman Board Elections R. T. Greer Boone

District Game & Fish Protector Tommie Osborne Boone

Forest Warden Ernest Hodges Boone

County Attorney Stacy C. Eggers, Jr Boone

Comity Librarian Mrs. James Cooper Boone

Vetera-is Service Officer Lionel Ward Boone


Chairman Clyde R. Greene Boone

Commissioner W. A. Proffit Zionville

Commissioner R. M. Ward Sugar Grove

•Died January 5, 1951


Wayne County was formed in 1779 from Dobbs and Craven. Was named in honor of General Anthony
Wayne, one of Washington's most trusted soldiers. His courage was so great as to amount almost to
rashness, and his soldiers called him "Mad Anthony Wayne."

Population, 64,267 County Seat, Goldsboro

State Senators 8th District Hardv Talton Pikeville

Adani J. Whitley, Jr Rt. 1, Smithfield

Member House of Representatives W. Frank Taylor Goldsboro

Clerk Superior Court •. . C. L. Derr » . .■ . Goldsboro

Register of Deeds Mrs. Eula B. Whitley .■ . Goldsboro

Sheriff Paul C. Garrison Goldsboro

Treasurer C. Bryan .\ycock (Joldsboro

Auditor C. Bryan Aycock Goldsboro

Tax Supervisor C. Bryan Aycock Goldsboro

Tax Collector J. Spicer Holmes Goldsboro

County .'Accountant C. Bryan Aycock Goldsboro

Coroner Harry Shumate, Jr Goldsboro

Surveyor C. Beems Goldsboro

County Health Officer Dr. S. B. McPheeters Goldsboro

Supt. of Schools R. S. Proctor Goldsboro

Supt. of Public Welfare Mrs. Edith B. Franklin Goldsboro

Home Demonstration Agent

White Rachel Herring Goldsboro

Colored Mrs. Elizabeth Brown Goldsboro

County Government 585

Office Officer Address

Farm Demoiistratioii Agent

White Mark Goforth Goldsboro

Colored George McDaniel Goldsboro

Chairman Board Education W. R, Allen Goldsboro

Chairman Board Elections Ed. C. Worley Goldsboro

District Game & Fish Protector Admiral C. Howell Rt. 5, Goldsboro

Forest Warden J. U. Thompson Rt. 3, Goldsboro

County Attorney Fred P. Parker, Jr Goldsboro

County Librarian Susan Borden Goldsboro

Veterans Service Officer W. B. Chaffin .Goldsboro

Recorder's Court:

Judge Charles P. Gaylor Goldsboro

Solicitor W. Dortch Langston Goldsboro


Chairman J. T. Ballance Rt. 1, Fremont

Commissioner Dallas W. Price Seven Springs

Commissioner W. P. Grant Rt. 3, Goldsboro

Commissioner CD. Burnette Mt. Olive

Commissioner C. Frank Jordan Rt. 3, Goldsboro


Wilkes County was formed in 1777 from Surry and Burke. Was named in honor of John Wilkes.
Wilkes was a violent opponent of the Tory party in England, who would not let him take his seat in Par-
liament to which he had been elected. The Americans imagined he was suffering in the cause of liberty
and named the county in his honor.

Population, 45,243 County Seat, Wilkesboro

State Senator 24th District H. P. Eller North Wilkesboro

Member House of Representatives F. J. McDuffie Wilkesboro

Clerk Superior Court Cora Caudill Wilkesboro

Register of Deeds Troy Foster Wilkesboro

Sheriff Claude E. Billings, Jr Wilkesboro

Auditor J. C. Grayson Wilkesboro

County Accountant ...;.. .J. C. Grayson Wilkesboro

Coroner L M. Myers North Wilkesboro

Surveyor T. G. Casey Cycle

County Health Officer Dr. A. J. Eller Wilkesboro

Supt. of Schools C. B. Eller Wilkesboro

Supt. of Public Welfare Chas C. McNeill Wilkesboro

Home Demonstration Agent Mrs. Annie H. Greene Wilkesboro

Farm Demonstration Agent Paul Choplin Wilkesboro

Chairman Board Education CO. McNeill North Wilkesboro

Chairman Board Elections C.J. Jones North Wilkesboro

District Game & Fish Protector Joel Bentley Boomer

Forest Warden Arlie Foster Wilkesboro

County Librarian Kate Finley North Wilkesboro

Veterans Service Officer CM. Elledge Wilkesboro


Chairman W. E. Reynolds Hays

Commissioner A. A. Sturdivant North Wilkesboro

Ccmmissioner C. R. Darnell Elkin

586 North Carolina Manual


Wilson County was formed in 1855 from Edgecombe, Nash, Johnston, and Wayne. Was named in
honor of Louis D. Wi'son, many times a member of the Legislature from Edgecombe County, a soldier
of the Mexican War who died near Vera Cruz of fever, and the benefactor of the poor of his native county.
From 1856 to 1868 Wilson County voted with Edgecombe.

Population, 54,506 County Seat, Wilson

Office Officer Address

State Senators 6th District J. C. Eagles, Jr Wilson

Hamilton Hobgocd Louisburg

Member House of Representatives Larry L Moore, Jr Wilson

Clerk Superior Court Chas C. Lamm Wilson

Register of Deeds Sadie H. Collins Wilson

Sheriff J. W. Thompson Wilson

Auditor K. J. Herring Wilson

Tax Collector J. B. Boyette Wilson

Coroner Dr. R. E. Goudy Wilson

County Health Officer Dr. H. W. Stevens Wilson

Supt. of Schools H. D. Browning Wilson

Supt. of Public Welfare Monroe Fulghum Wilson

Home Demonstration Agent

White Mrs. Ona P. Humphrey Wilson

Colored Mrs. Helen Wade Branford Wilson

Farm Demonstration Agent

White J. 0. Anthony Wilson

Colored F. W. Foster Wilson

Chairman Board Education S. E. High Lucama

Chairman Board Elections Harry C. Finch Wilson

District Game & Fish Protector Elmo L. Walls, Jr .' . Wilson

Forest Warden W. L. Green Wilson

County Attorney Larry L Moore, Jr Wilson

County Librarian Nancy Gray Wilson

Veterans Service Officer W. H. Dunn Wilson

General County Court:

Judge ■. R. L. Brinkley Wilson

Solicitor Silas Lucas Wilson

Recorder's Court:

Judge Chas B. McLean Wilson

Solicitor Wade A. Gardner Wilson


Chairman A. D. Williams RFD, Wilson

Commissioner W. H. Blalock Lucama

Commissioner L. A. Gardner Saratoga

Commissioner Thos. Daniel RFD, Wilson

Commissioner W. 0. Harrison Wilson


Yadkin County was formed in 1850 from Surry. Its name is derived from the Yadkin river which
runs through it. It is supposed to be an Indian name. Yadkin voted with Surry in 1852.

Population, 22,133 County Seat, Yadkinville

State Senator 24th District H. P. Eller North Wilkesboro

Member House of Representatives W. N. Ireland Hamptonville

Clerk Superior Court Lon H. West Yadkinville

Register of Deeds Troy R. Davis Yadkinville

Sheriff A. F. Moxley Yadkinville

Auditor J. Roy Pendry Yadkinville

Tax Supervisor J. Roy Pendry Yadkinville

Tax Collector Lon R. V'estal Yadkinville

County Government





County Accountant J. Roy Pendry Yadkinville

Coroner Dr. H. A. Brandon Yadkinville

Surveyor 0. L. Brown Hamptonville

County Health Officer Dr. Fred Pegg Mocksville

Supt. of Schools Fred C. Hobson Yadkinville

Supt. of Public Welfare Mrs. Jewel M. Banks Yadkinville

Home Demonstration Agent Irene Brown Yadkinville

Farm Demonstration Agent D. D. Williamson Yadkinville

Chairman Board Education G. C. Wallace Hamptonville

Chairman Board Elections H. Earl Stryker Yadkinville

District Game & Fish Protector Frank Mackie Yadkinville

County Attorney ■ Lafayette Williams Yadkinville

County Librarian Mrs. EUyn Beaty Yadkinville

Veterans Service Officer Eli B. Mills, Jr Yadkinville


Commissioner . ,
Commissioner. .


M. G. Shore Rt. 3, Yadkinville

. H. Arvil Norman East Bend

.W. H. Wagoner Boonville

B. C. Shore Cycle

.S. H. Brewbaker RFD, Cana


Yancey County was formed in 1833 from Burke and Buncombe. Was named in honor of Bartlett
Yancey, an eloquent orator, many times a member of the Legislature, Speaker of the State Senate, and a
Member of Congress. He was one of the earliest advocates of the public school system of North Carolina

Population, 16,306

County Seat, Burnsville

State Senator 30th District Donald Banks Rt. 1, Burnsville

Member House of Representatives Bill Atkins Burnsville

Clerk Superior Court Fred Proffitt Burnsville

Register of Deeds Yates Bennett Burnsville

Sheriff Terry Hall Burnsville

Tax Supervisor Carl T. Young Burnsville

Tax Collector L. M. Robinson Burnsville

Coroner W. M. English Burnsville

County Health Officer Dr. Cameron McRae Burnsville

Supt. of Schools Frank W. Howell Burnsville

Supt. of Public Welfare L. G. Deyton Burnsville

Home Demonstration Agent Mrs. Rosalena H. Carrington Burnsville

Farm Demonstration Agent E. L. Dillingham Burnsville

Chairman Board Education Job Thomas Rt. 1, Green Mountain

Chairman Board Elections Wm. T. Jobe Rt. 1, Burnsville

District Game & Fish Protector M. B. Higgins Burnsville

Forest Warden Craig English Burnsville

County Attorney C. P. Randolph Burnsville

County Librarian Mrs. J. A. LeFevre Burnsville


Chairman W. M. Hall Newdale

Commissioner D. H. Harrison ....'. Hamrick

Commissioner J. E. Edwards Cane River

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