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This book is due on the last date stamped
below unless recalled sooner. It may be
renewed only once and must be brought to
the North Carolina Collection for renewal.

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From July 1, 1926 to June 30, 1928


of the




From July 1, 1926 to June 30, 1928


Librarian Carrie L. Broughton

Chief Assistant Pauline Hill

Senior Assistant Mrs. Aline Weathers Fleming

Senior Library Aid Margaret Birdsong




To the Hon. Angus Wilton McLean, Governor; Hon. J. A. Hartness,
Secretary of State, and Mr. A. T. Allen, Superintendent of Public In-
struction, as Trustees of the State Library.

Gentlemen : I take pleasure in submitting to your honorable body, for
due consideration, the biennial report of the State Librarian of the State
Library of North Carolina, for a period covering twenty-four months from
July 1, 1926-June 30, 1928.

ADDITIONS, 1926-1928


By purchase 1,394

By gift 190

U. S. Government 273

Received from other states 200

Bound newspapers 269

Bound magazines 260

Total 2,586

Number of volumes in general library 42,500

Number of volumes in governments 7,794

Number of volumes of bound newspapers 5,237

Number of volumes of bound magazines 5,140

For lists of newspapers received at State Library see Appendix A.

For lists of magazines received, see Appendix B.

For additional Bibliography of North Carolina literature con-
tinued from previous reports see Appendix C.

For Bibliography of Genealogical material in State Library see
Appendix C.

Respectfully submitted,

Carrie L. Broughton,

State Librarian.

Biennial Report of the



(Abbreviations: d., daily; sw., semi-weekly; m., monthly; bm., bi-monthly;
tri-w., tri-weekly)

Albemarle - Stanly News Herald, w.

Asheville Asheville Citizen, d.

Asheville Asheville Times, d.

Asheville Blue Ridge Republican, w.

Beaufort Beaufort News, w.

Benson Benson Review, w.

Boone Watauga Democrat, w.

Carthage Moore County News, w.

Chapel Hill Chapel Hill Weekly, w.

Chapel Hill News Letter, w.

Charlotte Charlotte News, d.

Charlotte Charlotte Observer, d.

Charlotte - Presbyterian Standard, w.

Clinton Sampson Independent, w.

Concord Concord Daily Tribune, d.

Concord Concord Times, sw.

Conover - Our Church Record, tri-m.

Cullowhee - Cullowhee Yodel.

Danbury Danbury Reporter, w.

Elizabeth City .Daily Advance, d.

Elizabeth City Independent, w.

Fayetteville - Fayetteville Observer, d.

Forest City Forest City Courier, w.

Greensboro Friends Messenger, m.

Greensboro — - Greensboro Daily News, d.

Greensboro Greensboro Daily Record, d.

Greensboro Greensboro Patriot, sw.

Greensboro N. C. Christian Advocate, w.

Greenville Greenville Daily Reflector, d.

Hendersonville Hendersonville Times, d.

Hickory Hickory Daily Record, d.

Hillsboro Orange County Enterprise, w.

Lenoir Lenoir News-Topic, sw.

Lexington Dispatch, sw.

Lincolnton Lincoln County News, sw.

Louisburg Franklin Times, w.

Lumberton Robesonian, sw.

Marshall News Record, w.

Mocksville Davie Record, w.

Monroe - Monroe Journal, sw.

Mooresville Mooresville Enterprise, w.

State Library

Morganton Deaf Carolinian, w.

Morganton News Herald, w.

Nashville Graphic, w.

Newbern The New Bernian, d.

Newbern The Sun Journal, d.

Newton Catawba News Enterprise, sw.

Norlina Norlina Headlight, w.

North Wilkesboro Wilkes Journal, w.

Oxford Oxford Public Ledger, tri-w.

Oxford Orphans' Friend, w.

Pittsboro Chatham Record, w.

Raleigh Biblical Recorder, w.

Raleigh News and Observer, d.

Raleigh North Carolina Odd Fellow, m.

Raleigh Progressive Farmer, w.

Raleigh Raleigh Times, d.

Raleigh Union Herald, w.

Reidsville - Reidsville Review, tri-w.

Rich Square Roanoke-Chowan Times, w.

Sanatorium Sanatorium Sun, m.

Scotland Neck Commonwealth, d.

Shelby Cleveland Star, tri-w.

Siler City Chatham News, w.

Smithfield Smithfield Herald, sw.

Statesville Landmark, sw.

Sylva Jackson County Journal, w.

Tarboro Daily Southerner, d.

Tarboro Weekly Southerner, w.

Thomasville Charity and Children, w.

Wadesboro - Messenger and Intelligencer, w.

Warrenton Warren Record, w.

Williamston - Enterprise, sw.

Wilmington Wilmington Morning Star, d.

Winston-Salem Twin City Sentinal, d. '

Winston-Salem Winston-Salem Journal, d.

Atlanta Atlanta Constitution, d.

Baltimore Baltimore Evening Sun, d.

Boston Christian Science Monitor, d.

Boston Boston Transcript.

New Yoi'k New York Times, d.

New York New York World, d.

Richmond, Va Southern Churchman, w.

Richmond Christian Sun, w.

Richmond Richmond Times Dispatch, d.

Washington United States Daily, d.

Washington Washington Post, d.

6 Biennial Report op the



Agriculture, North Carolina Dept. Conservation and Industry

of, Bulletin Country Life

Agricultural Review, North Carolina County Court Note-book

Dept. of Agriculture Current History

Alumni News, North Carolina Col- Current Magazine Contents

lege for Women D. A. R. Magazine

Alumni Register of Duke University Dearborn Independent

Alumni Review, University of North Delineator

Carolina Drama

American Federalist Education

American Legion Educational Review

American Historical Review Engineering News-Record

American Labor Legislation Review Everybody's Magazine

A. L. A. Booklist Genealogy Magazine

A. L. A. Bulletin Good Housekeeping

American Magazine Harper's Magazine

American Mercury House and Garden

Americana House Beautiful

Annals of the American Academy of Indiana Magazine of History

Political and Social Science International Studio

Archive (Duke University) James Sprunt Historical Publications

Arts and Decoration Jewish Tribune

Asia Johns Hopkins University Studies in
Atlantic Monthly Historical and Political Science

Bnai Brith Magazine Journal of American Genealogy

Book Review Digest Journal of Home Economics

Bookman Journal of the Illinois State His-
Books torical Society

California News Notes Journal of Negro History

Canadian Magazine Journal of Pharmacy

Carolina Magazine Journal of Social Forces

Carolina Motorist Journal of the Elisha Mitchel
Carolina-Virginia Retailer Scientific Society

Carolinian (North Carolina College Journal of National Education

for Women) Association

Catholic World Kourier

Century Ladies' Home Journal

Collier's Libraries

Commerce Monthly Librai-y Journal

Commonweal Library Notes, N. C. C. W.

Confederate Veteran Literary Digest

Congressional Digest Literary Review

Contemporary Review Living Age

State Library


Louisiana Historical Quarterly

Manufacturers' Record

Maryland Historical Magazine


Merchants' Journal

Michigan History Magazine

Michigan Library Bulletin



National Genealogical Society

National Geographic Magazine
National Republic
New England Historical and

Genealogical Register
New Republic
New York Genealogical and

Biographical Record
Nineteenth Century
North American Review
North Carolina Booklet
North Carolina Health Bulletin
North Carolina Insurance Bulletin
North Carolina Library Bulletin
North Carolina Municipal Review
North Carolina Teacher
North Carolina Welfare Progress

Peabody Journal of Education
Pennsylvania Magazine
Pictorial Review
Pittsburgh Carnegie Library

Prison News
Publishers' Weekly
Raleigh Student
Readers' Guide to Periodical

Red Cross Courier
Research Bulletin of the National

Education Association
Review of Reviews
St. Louis Public Library Monthly

Saturday Evening Post
Saturday Review of Literature
School Life

School and Society


Scientific American

Scientific Monthly

Scribner's Magazine

Sewanee Review

South Atlantic Quarterly

South Carolina Historical and

Genealogical Magazine
Southern Medicine and Surgery
Southern Textile Bulletin
Southern Tobacco Journal
Southern Planter
Starry Cross
State School Facts
Studies in Philogy

Tarheel Banker

Tennessee Historical Magazine
Theosophical Quarterly
Through the Ages

Trinity Historical Papers
Tyler's Quarterly Magazine
University of North Carolina

Extension Bulletin
University of North Carolina

Utah Genealogical and Historical

Virginia Magazine
Virginia Quarterly Review

Wake Forest Student
Welfax^e Magazine
Western Reserve Historical Society

William and Mary Quarterly
Wisconsin Library Bulletin
Woman's Journal
Woman's Home Companion
Woman's Press
World's Work
Yale Review

8 Biennial Report of the


Bibliography of North Carolina

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State Library <>

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10 Biennial Report of the

Upchurch, Mrs. T. B. Meditations, n. d.

Morning glories, selected poems, n. d.
Ware, C. C. North Carolina disciples of Christ. 1927.
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Woolson. C. F. Rodman the keeper. 1886.







PAULING HILL, Chief Library Assistant

12 Biennial Report op the


The interest in personal and family history has grown so rapidly that
we are endeavoring to specialize in this department in our library. We now
have one of the best genealogical collections in the south and to it resort
daily people from all over the country diligently searching for family
records and military data to enable them to secure admittance to one of the
patriotic societies of our country.

Besides the genealogical material in the State Library the North Carolina
Historical Commission, which is housed in the same building, has many
county histories, marriage bonds, deeds, wills, etc.

The material in both departments is always available to the reseachers.
However, the staff of both are too limited to permit them to engage in
private researches. We are always glad to refer our patrons to some
competent genealogist who will gladly do the work for them.

In the following pages you will find a complete bibliography of all
general genealogy, state, county and family histories, military rosters,
newspaper clippings and magazine articles.

State Library 13


American genealogists, a catalogue of family histories. 1895, 1900.

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in London and in the Islands, for the history of the U. S. 1926.
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Conn. Hist. Soc. 1911.
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archives. 1916. Contains emigration lists on file in Switzerland.
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State Historical Library. 1914.
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Library of congress. 1910.


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entitled to coat armor. 1904.
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Ireland. 2v. 4th ed. 1923.
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American families. 4v. in 1. 1856-1868.
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of prominent American families settled in this country before 1800. 1886.
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14 Biennial Report of the


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Who was Who. 1897-1916.


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For contents see Genealogical index in library.
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Sketches of Joseph E. Johnston, James Longstreet, P. G. T. Beauregard,

Judah P. Benjamin, Alexander H. Stephens, Robert Tombs, and

Raphael Semnes.

State Library 15

Browning, C. H. Americans of royal descent; a collection of genealogies
of American families whose lineages are traced to the ligitimate issue
of kings. 1894.
Browning, C. H. Some "Colonial Dames" of royal descent; pedigrees
showing the lineal descent from kings of some members of the National
Society of the Colonial Dames of America and of the order of the
Crown. 1900.
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Clemens, W. M. North and South Carolina marriage records before

1699. 1926.
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Daughters of American Revolution.

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v. 1-40, 1916; v. 41-80, 1926.
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Daughters of the Revolution.

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information relative to the founders of New England. 1860.
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v. 62: 242-253; 320-332.
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v. 1 contains genealogies of Byrd, Stockton, Coates, Pashall, Morris.
Herrman, Van Renssilair, Page, Carter, Livingston. Carroll,
Graene, Harrison and Randolph families,
v. 2 contains genealogies of Washington, Bowne, Rawle, Jefferson,
Philipie, Wayne, Preston, Shuyler, Macpherson.

16 Biennial Report of the

Gulf States Historical Magazine,
v. 1-2, 1902-1904.

Genealogies of the following families are given: v. 1, Fisher, Ross,
Sanders, Abercrombie, Hayden, Failey. v. 2, Crawford, Walton,
Winfree, Womack and Brown.

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Harper, Mrs. L. Du Puy (Van C.) Colonial men and times containing the
journal of Col. Daniel Trabue, accounts of his ancestry, life and travels
in Virginia and the present state of Kentucky during the revolutionary
period, the Huguenots, genealogy with brief sketches of the allied
families. 1916.

Headley, P. C. Public men of today, being biographies of the President
and Vice President of the U. S., each member of the cabinet, the U. S.
senators and the members of the house of representatives of the 47th
congress, the chief justice and the justices of the supreme court of the
U. S., and of the governors of the several states. 1882.

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1620-1700. 1923.

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v. 1, City of Albany; v. 2, Columbia County, N. Y.; v. 3-12, United States.

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For contents see Genealogical index in library.

Journal of American History, v. 1-19; 1907-1925.

Landes, J. T. Mayflower descendants and their marriages for two gener-
ations after landing. 1922.

Livingston, John, ed. Biographical sketches of eminent American lawyers.

Portraits of eminent Americans now living, including President Pierce
and his cabinet. 1854.

Lookout Magazine. Jan. 3, 1925-date. Contains short sketches of south-
ern famililes. Index in the Genealogical index in the library.

Mackenzie, G. N. Colonial families of the United States of America,
v. 1-2, 1907-11; v. 4-7, 1914-1920.

Makers of America ;' biographies of leading men of thought and action.

Men of the south. A work for the newspaper reference library. 1922.

Mickle, W. E. Well known Confederate veterans and their war records,
arranged alphabetically. 1915.

National cyclopedia of American biography, v. 1-19 and index 1892-1920.
Current v. A-B, 1926-27.

New England historical and genealogical register v. 1-date.

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