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From July 1, 1934 to June 30, 1936


Librarian Carrie L. Broughton

Chief Assistant Pauline Hill

Junior Assistant Margaret B. Price




To the Hon. Clyde Hoey, Governor, Hon. Thaddeus Eure, Secretary of State,
and Mr. Glyde A. Erwin,. Superintendent of Public Instruction.
Gentlemen: — I take pleasure in submitting to your honorable body, for
due consideration the biennial report of the State Librarian of the State
Library of North Carolina, for a period covering twenty-four months from
July 1st, 1934, to June 30, 1936.

ADDITIONS, 1934-1936


By purchase ._ — — - — 403

By gift - - - - - 980

U. S. Government 134

Bound newspapers - 375

Bound magazines 450

Number of volumes in general library 69,082

Number of volumes in government. 8,216

Number of bound newspapers... 6,008

Number of bound magazines 6,277


Visitors to library (White) __ 27,509

Visitors to library (Colored) _ _ 2,059

Number of books used- - - - 30,918

Number of bound newspapers used 3,038


Personal Service $ 8,518.00

Supplies and Materials — 68.71

Postage, Express — _ 125.33

Printing and Binding 2,206.21

Repairs and Alterations 8.50

Books, Newspapers, Magazines 2,710.90

Library Equipment 319.39

Travel - 40.00


Respectfully submitted,


State Librarian.

4 Biennial Report of the



(Abbreviations: d., daily; w., weekly; sw., semi-weekly; m., monthly; bm., bi-monthly;
tri-w., tri-weekly.)

Aberdeen and Vass Sandhill Citizen, w.

Ahoskie Hertford County Herald, w.

Albemarle —Stanley, News Herald, w.

Asheboro -Cou rier, tri-w.

Asheville _.. Asheville Citizen, d.

Asheville — ._ Asheville Times, d.

Beaufort 3eaufort News, w.

Boone _ <Vatauga Democrat, w.

Carthage _. __ _ Moore County News, w.

Chapel Hill __ Chapel Hill Weekly, w.

Chapel Hill _.. News Letter, w.

Charlotte ..Charlotte News, d.

Charlotte Charlotte Labor Journal, w.

Charlotte _ ...Charlotte Observer, d.

Charlotte Presbyterian Standard, w.

Charlotte Mecklenburg Times, w.

Clinton _ ..Sampson Independent, w.

Concord Concord Daily Tribune, d.

Concord The Herald Observer, w.

Conover Our Church Record, tri-m.

Danbury .Danbury Reporter, w.

Durham .... _ Durham Morning Herald, d.

Elizabeth City Daily Advance, d.

Elizabeth City Independent, d.

Fayetteville Fayetteville Observer, d.

Forest City Forest City Courier, w.

Greensboro _. _.Greensboro Daily News, d.

Greensboro ...Greensboro Daily Record, d.

Greensboro _ N. C. Christian Advocate, w.

Greensboro _~ Greensboro Patriot, w.

Greenville ..Greenville Daily Reflector, d.

Hendersonville The Times-News, d.

Hickory Hickory Daily Record, d.

Jackson ^ackson News, w.

Laurinburg Laurinburg Exchange, w.

Lenoir _ __ Lenoir News-Topic, sw.

Lexington Dispatch, sw.

Lincolnton Lincoln County News, sw.

Louisburg Franklin Times, sw.

Lumberton Robesonian, sw.

Marshall ....News Record, w.

Mocksville Mocksville Enterprise, w.

Mocksville ...Davie Record, w.

State Library

Monroe .....Monroe Journal, sw.

Moravian Falls ...The Yellow Jacket, m.

Morganton .Deaf Carolinian, w.

Morganton .News Herald, sw.

Mooresville The Mooresville Enterprise, w.

Nashville Graphic, w.

Newbern _ The Sun-Journal, d.

Newton Catawba News Enterprise, sw.

Norlina Norlina Headlight, w.

North Wilkesboro Wilkes Journal, w.

Oxford Oxford Public Ledger, tri-w.

Oxford Orphan's Friend, w.

Pittsboro Chatham Record, w.

Raleigh -.. Biblical Recorder, w.

Raleigh Courier-Journal, w.

Raleigh News and Observer, d.

Raleigh North Carolina Odd Fellow, m.

Raleigh Progressive Farmer, m.

Raleigh Raleigh Times, d.

Raleigh Union Herald, w.

Reidsville .Reidsville Review, d.

Rockingham The Rockingham Post-Dispatch, w.

Rocky Mount Rocky Mount Herald, w.

Rutherfordton — Rutherford ton County News, w.

Sanatorium Sanatorium Sun, m.

Sanford .Sanford Herald, sw.

Shelby —Cleveland Star, d.

Siler City Chatham News, w.

Smithfield Smithfield Herald, sw.

St. Paul _ St. Paul Review, w.

Statesville Landmark, sw.

Sylva _ -Jackson County Journal, w.

Tarboro _ Daily Southerner, d.

Tarboro _ Weekly Southerner, w.

Thomasville ...Charity and Children, w.

Wadesboro Messenger and Intelligencer, vv

Warrenton .Warren Record, w.

Wilson The Carolina Christian

Williamston Enterprise, sw.

Windsor ..Bertie Ledger Advance, w.

Wilmington Wilmington Morning Star, d.

Winston-Salem Winston-Salem Journal, d.

Winston-Salem Twin-City Sentinel, d.

New York, N. Y. _ New York Times, d.

Washington, D. C .....United States News, w.

Biennial Report of the



Agricultural Review

A. L. A. Bulletin

American Highways

American Historical Review

American Home

American Issue

American Legion

American Magazine

American Mercury


Annals of the American Academy of
Political and Social Science

Arts and Decorations


Atlantic Monthly

Banker and Financier


Book Review Digest


Business Week

California News Notes

Carolina Co-operator

Carolina Journal of Pharmacy

Carolina Magazine — University of
North Carolina

Caswell News

Christian Herald

Congressional Digest

Contemporary Review

County Court Note-Book

Cumulative Book Index

Current History

Daughters of the American Revolu-
tion Magazine

Dirie Underwriter

Duke Alumni Register

Duke University Library Bulletin


Extension Farm News

Foreign Service

Forum and Century

Genealogy Magazine

Good Housekeeping



Health Bulletin

High School Journal

House and Garden

House Beautiful

Indiana Magazine of History

James Sprunt Historical Publication

Johns Hopkins University Studies

Journal Illinois Historical Society

Journal of Southern History

Journal of the Elisha Mitchell Scien-
tific Society

Journal of the National Education

Kiwanis Magazine

Library Journal

Literary Digest

Living Age

(The) Log

Manufactures Record

Maryland Historical Magazine

Michigan History Magazine

Mississippi Valley Historical Review


National Advocate

National Genealogical Society Quar-

National Geographic Magazine

National Republic

New England Hist, and Genealogical

New Outlook

New Republic

N. Y. Genealogical and Biographical

News Letter

Nineteenth Century

Norfolk and Western Magazine

North American Review

N. C. Clubwomen

N. C. Education

N. C. Historical Review

N. C. Parent-Teacher Bulletin

N. C. Poetry Review

State Library

N. C. State Alumni News

Pennsylvania Magazine

Pictorial Review

Pinehurst Outlook

Popular Government

Popular Science

Progressive Farmer

Research Bulletin of N. E. A.

Readers Guide to Periodical Litera-

Red Cross Courier

Review of Reviews and World's Work

St. Louis Public Library

Saturday Review of Literature

School Life

School and Society

Scientific Monthly


Sewanee Review

Social Forces

South Atlantic Bulletin

South Atlantic Quarterly

South Carolina Historical Genealog-

Southern Economic Journal

Southern Magazine

Southern Medicine

Southern Textile Bulletin

Southern Tobacco Journal

Specialty Salesman

Starry Cross


Studies in Philology


Tarheel Banker

Tennessee Historical Magazine

Theosophical Quarterly


Tyler's Quarterly Magazine

University Extension Bulletin

U. N. C. Alumni Review

U. N. C. Library Extension Pub.

U. N. C. Record


Utah Genealogical and Historical

Virginia Magazine
Virginia Quarterly Review

William and Mary Quarterly
Wilson Bulletin
Wisconsin Library Bulletin
Yale Review
and Surgery

8 Biennial Report of the



Adams, J. M. Biblical Background. 1934.

Battle, H. B. and Others. The Battle Book, a genealogy of the Battle Family
in America. 1930.

Beale, H. K. Critical Years; a study of Andrew Jackson. 1930.

Betters, P. V. State Centralization in North Carolina. 1932.

Bogammon, E. F., comp. Wisdom of the ages; The World's greatest Thought
by the World's greatest Thinkers. 1931.

Boyd, James. The Long Hunt. 1930.

Roll River. 1935.

Briggs, T. H. Great Investment: Secondary Education in a Democracy.

Brown, E. K. State Highway System of North Carolina. 1931.

Burt, Mrs. Katherine. (N) Beggars All. 1933.

(N) Rapture Beyond. 1935.

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Calfee, J. E. What Next? Talks to Young People. 1932.

Cheshire, J. B. Nonnulla: Memories, Stories, Traditions; more or less au-
thentic. 1930.

Cooke, D. H. The White Superintendent and the Negro Schools in North
Carolina. 1930.

Cox, D. Sam. Blackie Bear, King of The Creek. 1931.

Crouse, A. L. Historical Sketches of Alexander County, N. C. Friendship,
Lutheran, Hopewell, Reformed, and Charity Baptist Churches, and of the
Bowman and Fry Families. 1905.

Dargan, Mrs. O. T. Call Home the Heart. 1932.

_ A Stone Came Rolling Along. 1935.

Daughters of the American Revolution, N. C. Society. Roster of Soldiers
from North Carolina in the American Revolution. 1932.

Dixon, Mrs. Helen (C) Alexander. A. C. Dixon, a Romance of Preaching.

Duke University, Durham, N. C. Library. A Checklist of United States
Newspapers (and Weeklies before 1900) in the General Library, com-
piled by Mary Wescott and Allene Ramage.

Eastern Carolina. Chamber of Commerce, Builders of Eastern Carolina.

Forster, G. W. Farm Organization and Management. 1935.

Fowler, Keith. All Skeletons in all the Closets. 1934.

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Gray, E. J. Meggy Macintosh. 1930.

State Library i)

Gilpatrick, D. H. Jeffersonian Democracy in North Carolina, 1789-1816.

Green, F. M. Constitutional Development in the South Atlantic States, 1776-
1860. 1930.

Green, Paul. Wide Fields. 1928.

_. ____ Laughing Pioneer. 1932.

Lonesome Road, six plays for Negro Theatre. 1926.

In the Valley, and other Carolina Plays. 1928.

Field of God and In Abraham's Bosom. 1927.

The House of Connelly, and other plays, Potters Field, Tread

the Green Grass. 1931.

Roll Sweet Chariot; a symphonic play of the Negro People in

four scenes. 1935.

This Body The Earth. 1935.

Griffin, Clarence. Descendants of Chisholn Griffin. 1931.

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Groves, E. R. Introduction to Mental Hygiene. 1930.

Henderson, Archibald. Contemporary Immortals. 1930.

Washington's Southern Tours. 1932.

Bernard Shaw, Playboy and Prophet. 1932.

Hobbs, S. H., Jr. North Carolina, Economic and Social. 1930.

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...The Democratic Philosophy of Education. 1932.

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Intimate Interests of Youth. 1931.

_ The Intolerance of Christianity, [c. 1931].

We Face Calvary and Life. [c. 1936].

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_. From the Hid Battlements. 1934.

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MacMillan, Mrs. R. L. My Favorite Recipes.

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Means, Gaston B. Strange Death of President Harding. 1930.

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Miller, A. G. As Once I Passed This Way; verses grave and gay. 1935.

Miller, Mrs. H. T. (M). Sharon. 1931.

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Sacred Formulas, and Medicinal Prescriptions. 1932. Smithsonian Bul-
letin 99.

Noble, M. C. S. History of the Public Schools of North Carolina. 1930.

10 Biennial Report of the

Norton, C. C. Democratic Party in Anti-bellum North Carolina, 1835-1861.

North Carolina Baptist State Convention. Growth of One Hundred Years of

North Carolina Baptists, 1830-1930. 1930.
Odum, H. W. American Epoch, [c. 1930].

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Page, H. F. Lyrics and Legends of the Cape Fear Country. 1932.
Parker, Haywood. Recollections and Observations of the Reconstruction

Era. 1930.
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History of Buffalo Presbyterian Church and Her People.

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Red Tiger Adventures in Yucatan and Mexico. 1929.

— William the Conqueror. 1933.

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Textile. 1930.
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Sherrill, G. R. Criminal Procedure in North Carolina as shown by Criminal

Appeals since 1890. 1930.
Sherrill, J. B. Historical Records of North Carolina Press Association, 1837-

1887. 1930.

State Library 11

Shotwell, R. A. Papers ed. by J. G. De R. Hamilton (Publication of Nortb
Carolina Historical Commission), vols. 1 and 2. 1930-1931.

Sondley, F. A. My Ancestry. 1930.

Stephenson, G. A. Life Story of a Trust Man. 1930.

__.. What a Life Insurance Man Should Know about Trust

Business. 1932.

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Carolina. 1932.

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Lee S. Overman Memorial Address in Senate and House of Representa-
tives of the U. S., in Memory of Lee S. Overman. 1930.

United States Congress, 71st, 3rd Session. House Document No. 808, Memorial
Services held in the House of Representatives of U. S., together with re-
marks presented in eulogy of William C. Hammer. 1931.

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the Blue Ridge Mountains. 1931.

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__ Of Time and The River. 1935.

Wood, Mrs. E. H. Herndon, Hunt, and Allied Families. 1930.

Woody, R. H., and Simkins, F. B. South Carolina during the Reconstruction.








14 Biennial Report of the


The interest in personal and family history has grown so rapidly that we
are endeavoring to specialize in this department in our library. We now
have one of the best genealogical collections in the South and to it resort
daily people from all over the country, diligently searching for family
records and military data to enable them to secure admittance to one of the
patriotic societies of our country.

Besides the genealogical material in the State Library, the North Carolina
Historical Commission, which is housed in the same building, has many
original marriage bonds, deeds, wills, etc.

The material in both departments is always available to the researchers.
However, the staff of both are too limited to permit them to engage in pri-
vate researches. We are always glad to refer our patrons to some competent
genealogist who will gladly do the work for them.

Our Biennial Report for 1926-1928 had a complete bibliography of all
general genealogy, state, county and family histories, military rosters, news-
paper clippings and magazine articles to be found in the State Library. In
the following pages will be found all the additions to this material which
have been made since 1928.

State Library 15


American Colonists in English Records, First and Second Series. 1933.

Banks, C. E. The English Ancestry and Homes of the Pilgrim Fathers who
came to Plymouth on the "Mayflower" in 1620, the "Fortune" in 1621,
and the "Anne" and the "Little James" in 1623. 1929.

Baring. Gould S. Family Names and Their Story. 1910.

Beals, F. L. Beal(e, i, s) the Ancient Name, enough of its history to account
for its origin. Pam.

Brock, R. A. Pocahontas, alias Matoaka, and her descendants through her
marriage at Jamestown, Virginia, in April 1614, with John Rolfe, gentle-
man. 1887.

Burke, Sir Bernard. Genealogical and Heraldic history of the Peerage and
Baronetage, the Privy Council and Knightage, 94th
ed. 1936.

— — -A Genealogical history of the dormant, abeyant, for-
feited, and extinct Peerage of the British Empire.

Bryon, E. A. Brianiana, a biographical pedigree. 1934. Pam.

Elizas, B. A. Jewish marriage notices. 1917.

Ewen, C. H. L'E. History of Surnames of the British Isles. 1931.

Grant, F. L. Manual of heraldry. 1929.

Hall, T. P. Genealogical Notes. 1886.

Henry, R. B. Genealogies of the families of the presidents. 1935.

Highland, S. G. Historical and genealogical Narrative. 1926. Pam.

Jordan, D. S., and Kimball, S. L. Your Family Tree. 1929.

Land Retours. Inquisitionum ad Cappellam Domni Regis Retornatarum,
quae in publicis archivis scotiae adhuc servanturn, abbreviation, edited
by Thomas Thomson, with facsimile. 1811. 3 v.

Landis, J. T., comrj. Mayflower descendants and their marriages for two
generations after the landing. Pam.

Ramond, J. S., comp. Among Southern Baptists, 1936-37, vol. 1. [c. 1936].

Rigsby, L. W. Home and family. 1924.

Stokes, J. L. Book of Stokes, 1201-1915. Pam.

Thomas, W. S. Members of the Society of the Cincinnati, original, heredi-
tary and honorary. 1929.

Walford, Edward. County Families of the United Kingdom or Royal Manual
of the titled and untitled aristocracy of England, Wales, Scotland and
Ireland. 1883.

Waylen, House of Cromwell, a genealogical history of the family and de-
scendants of the Protector. 1897.

Virkus, F. K. Abridged Compendium of American Genealogy, vols. 3, 4, 5.
ed. The Handbook of American Genealogy, vol. 2. 1934.



Revolutionary Soldiers in Alabama. 1911.

16 Biennial Report of the


Bracken, H. M. William Bracken of New Castle County, Delaware, and his

Descendants. 1901. Pam.
Johnson, Amandus. Swedish settlements on the Delaware, their history and

relation to the Indians, Dutch and English, 1638-1664. 1911.
Wilmington, Delaware. Holy Trinity Church, Record of Holy Trinity (Old

Swedes) Church, from 1697-1773. 1890.
Wilmington, Delaware. Catalogue and errata of the Records of Holy Trinity

(Old Swedes) Church, by Historical Society of Delaware. 1919.


County and Town Histories

Davis, P. T. History of Jacksonville, Florida, and vicinity, 1513-1924. 1925.


Campbell, J. H. Georgia Baptists, historical and biographical. 1874.

Chappell, A. H. Miscellanies of Georgia, historical, biographical and de-
scriptive. 1874.

Dozier, Mrs. S. G., comp. Land lottery grants of Revolutionary soldiers and
widows of Revolutionary soldiers. 1933.

Daughters of American Revolution, Georgia. Historical collections of the
Georgia Chapters, D. A. R. 1926.

Houston, Martha, comp. Reprint of Official Register of Land Lottery of
Georgia, 1827. 1928.

Knight, L. L. Georgia's Bi-centennial memoirs and memories. 1933.

National Society of the Colonial Dames of America. Some early epitaphs in
Georgia, compiled by the Georgia Society of the Colonial Dames of
America. 1924.

Rigsby, L. W. Historic Georgia families. 1928.

County and Town Histories

Augusta. Jones, C. C. Memorial history. 1890.

Athens and Clarke County. Rowe, H. J. History of Athens and Clarke

County. 1923. n. d.
Baldwin County. Cook, Mrs. Anna M. G. History of Baldwin County. 1925.
Camden County. Vocelle, J. T. History of Camden County, Georgia.

[c. 1914].
Cherokee County. Gilmer, G. R. Sketches of some of the first settlers of

upper Georgia, of the Cherokee and the Author. 1926.
Cobb County. Temple, S. B. F. The first hundred years, a short history

of Cobb County in Georgia. 1935.
Floyd County. Battey, G. M. History of Rome and Floyd County. 1922.
Jackson County. Wilson, G. J. N. Early History of Jackson County,

Georgia, [c. 1914].
Rome County. Battey, G. M. History of Rome and Floyd County. 1922.
Savannah. Lee, F. D. and Agnew, J. L. Historical Record of the City of

Savannah. 1869.
Upson County. Nottingham, C. W., and Hannah, Evelyn. History of Upson

County, Georgia. 1930.

State Library 17

Washington County. Mitchell, Ella. History of Washington County. 1924.
Wilkes County. Davidson, Mrs. G. G. Early Records of Georgia, Wilkes

County, vol. 1. 1932.
Wilkinson County. Davidson, Victor. History of Wilkinson, [c. 1930].


Illinois State Historical Library. Illinois Census returns 1810, 1818, 1820.
[c. 1935].


Illinois Adjutant General's Office. Roll of Honor. 1929.


Porter, W. A. History of Union Presbyterian Church, Walnut Township,
Montgomery County, Indiana, 1834-1934. 1935.
County and Town Histories
Morgan County. Major, Nash J. Pioneers of Morgan County. 1915.

Indiana Historical Commission. World War Records, Gold Star Honor Roll.


King, J. E., comp. Abstract of Early Kentucky wills and inventories. 1933.
McAdams, Mrs. M. K. Kentucky pioneer and court records, Abstract of early

wills, deeds, and marriages from Court records of old Bibles, Churches,

Graveyards and Cemeteries. 1929.
Shewmaker, W. O. Pisgah and her people, 1784-1934.

County and Town Histories

Big Sandy Valley. Ely, William. Big Sandy Valley, a history of the people

and country from the earliest settlements to the present time. 1887.
Franklin County. Johnson, L. F. History of Franklin County, Kentucky.

Jessamine County. Young, B. H. History of Jessamine County. 1898.
Johnson County. Hall, Mitchel. Johnson County, Kentucky; a history of

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