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This book is due on the last date stamped
below unless recalled sooner. It may be
renewed only once and must be brought to
the North Carolina Collection for renewal.

@£C 1 1976

Form No. A-369

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From July i, 1922, to June 30, 1924





From July i, 1922
— ^June 30, 1924


Edwards & Bboughton Printing Company



Librarian Carrie L. Broughton

Assistant Librarians Pauline Hill, Aline Weathers

Stenographer Mrs. "W. S. Broughton




To the Hon. Camebon Morrison, Governor; Hon. W. IST. Everett,
Secretery of State, and Mr. A. T. Allen, Superintendent of Public
Instruction; as Trustees of the State Library.

Gentlemen : — I take pleasure in submitting to your honorable body,
for due consideration, the biennial report of the State Librarian of the
State Library of ISTorth Carolina, for a period covering twenty-four
months from July 1, 1922-June 30, 1924.

ADDITIONS, 1922-1924


By purchase 1,595

By gift 144

U. S. Government 191

Received from other States 644

Bound newspapers 281

Bound magazines 825


Number of volumes in general library 39,064

Number of volumes in Government Documents 7,161

Number of volumes in bound newspapers 4,641

Number of volumes of bound magazines 4,283


For list of newspapers received at the Library, see Appendix A.
For list of magazines, see Appendix B.
For list of books from other States, see Appendix C.
For list of books presented, see Appendix D.
For list of books purchased, see Appendix E.

For Bibliography of North Carolina newspapers, see Appendix F.
For additional Bibliography of l^orth Carolina, continued from Report
of 1922, see Appendix G.

Respectfully submitted,

Carrie L. Broughton,

State Librarian.

Biennial Report of the



(Abbreviations: d., daily; sw., semi-weekly; w., weekly; m., monthly; bm., bi-monthly)

Asheboro : ■ The Courier, w.

Asheville *The Asheville Citizen, d.

Asheville The Asheville Times, d.

Benson .The Benson Review, w.

Boone Watauga Democrat, w.

Burlington The Burlington Journal, w.

Carthage Moore County News, w.

Chapel Hill News Letter, w.

Charlotte The Charlotte News, d.

Charlotte The Charlotte Observer, d.

Charlotte Presbyterian Standard, w.

Clinton Sampson Independent, w.

Concord The Concord Daily Tribune, d.

Concord The Concord Times, sw.

Conover Our Church Record, bm.

Danbury Danbury Reporter, w.

Durham Durham Morning Herald, d.

Elizabeth City The Daily Advance, d.

Elizabeth City The Independent, w.

Greensboro Friends Messenger, m.

Greensboro Greensboro Daily News, d.

Greensboro Greensboro Daily Record, d.

Greensboro Greensboro Patriot, sw.

Greensboro N. C. Christian Advocate, w.

Hendersonville Western North Carolina Times, sw.

Hickory Hickory Daily Record, d.

High Point The Review, w.

Leaksville The Tri-City Daily Gazette, d.

Lenoir Lenoir News-Topic, sw.

Lexington The Dispatch, sw.

Lincolnton Lincoln County News, sw.

Louisburg The Franklin Times, w.

Lumberton The Robesonian, sw.

Marshall The News Record, w.

Mocksville The Davie Record, w.

Monroe The Monroe Journal, sw.

Mooresville The Mooresville Enterprise, w.

Morganton The Deaf Carolinian, w.

Morganton The News Herald, w.

Nashville The Graphic, w.

Newton The Catawba News Enterprise, sw.

Norlina The Norlina Headlight, w.

North Wilkesboro The Wilkes Journal, w.

Oxford The Orphans' Friend, w.

Oxford Oxford Public Ledger, sw.

Pittsboro Chatham Record, w.

Raleigh...; Biblical Recorder, w.

Raleigh The News and Observer, d.

State Library

Raleigh ,- The North Carolina Odd Fellows, m.

Raleigh Progressive Farmer, w.

Raleigh Raleigh Times, d.

Raleigh Tri-State Tobacco Grower, m.

Raleigh The Union Herald, w.

Reidsville The Reldsville Review, tri-w.

Rich Square The Roanoke-Chowan Times, w.

Scotland Neck The Commonwealth, d.

Shelby The Cleveland Star, sw.

Smithfield The Smithfield Herald, sw.

Statesville The Landmark, sw.

S^lva Jackson County Journal, w.

Tarboro Daily Southerner, d.

Tarboro Weekly Southerner, w.

Thomasville Charity and Children, w.

Tryon Polk County News, w.

Wadesboro The Messenger and Intelligencer, w.

Warrenton The Warren Record, w.

Washington Washington Progress, w.

Williamston The Enterprise, sw.

Wilmington Wilmington Morning Star, d.

Winston-Salem Twin City Sentinel, d.

Winston-Salem The Union Republican, w.

Winston-Salem Winston-Salem Journal, d.

Atlanta The Atlanta Constitution, d.

Boston - The Christian Science Monitor, d.

Etearborn *.... Dearborn Independent, w.

New York New York Times, d.

Richmond The Christian Sun, w.

Richmond Richmond Times Dispatch, d.

Washington .National Republican, w.

Washington The Red Cross Courier, w.

Washington Washington Post, d.

BiENjsriAL Report of the



A. L. A. Booklist

A. L. A. Bulletin

Alumni Review

American City

American Historical Review

American Journal of Nursing

American Labor Legislation Review

American Magazine

American Mercury

Annals of the American Academy of
Political and Social Science

Arts and Decoration


Atlantic Monthly

Blue Ridge Voice

Book Review Digest


Bulletin, N. C. Dept. Agriculture

California News Notes

Carnegie Library Bulletin

Carolina Magazine

Carolina Motorist

Catholic World


Christian Century

Christian Register

Chronicles of Oklahoma


Commerce Monthly

Confederate Veteran

Congressional Digest

Contemporary Review

Coraddi, N. C. College for Women

County Court Note Book

Cumulative Book Index

Current History

Current Opinion

Daughters of the American Revolu-
tion Magazine




Educational Review

Engineering News Record



Good Housekeeping •


Health Bulletin

House Beautiful

House and Garden

How to Sell


Independent Woman

Indiana History Bulletin

Indiana Magazine of History

Inter-America «

James Sprunt Historical Publications

Johns Hopkins University Studies

Journal of American Genealogy

Journal of American History

Journal of Home Economics

Journal of Illinois Historical Society

Journal of the National Education

Journal of Negro History

Journal of Pharmacy

Journal of Social Forces

Ladies' Home Journal


Library Journal

Library Notes, N. C. C. W.

Literary* Digest

Literary Digest-International Book

Literary Review

Living Age

Louisiana Historical Quarterly

Manufacturers Record

Maryland Historical Magazine


Merchants Journal

Michigan History Magazine

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Musical Courier


National Genealogical Society Quar-

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National Municipal Review

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logical Register

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phical Record

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North American Review

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Peabody Journal of Education

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Research Bulletin of the National
Education Association

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Scientific American Monthly

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Sewanee Review

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South Atlantic Quarterly

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ealogical Magazine

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Studies in Philology



Tarheel Banker

Tennessee Historical Magazine

Theosophical Quarterly

Through the Ages

Training School Quarterly

Trinity Alumni Register

Trinity Archive

Trinity Historical Papers

Tyler's Quarterly Magazine

U. N. C. Extension Bulletin

U. N. C. Studies


Virginia Magazine


Wake Forest Student

Washington University Studies

Western Reserve Historical Society

William and Mary Quarterly
Woman's Citizen
Woman's Home Companion
World's Work
Yale Review

8 Biennial Report of the




Supreme Court Reports, Vols. 206-209 4 vols.

Appellate Reports, Vol. 18 1 vol.

General Laws, 1923 1 vol.

Transactions of Historical Society 1 vol.


Supreme Court Reports, Vols. 137-159 23 vols

Acts of Arkansas General, 1923 1 vol.

Acts of Arkansas Special, 1923 1 vol.

Journals of the Senate, 1923 1 vol.


Supreme Court Reports, Vols. 22-24 3 vols.

Laws, 1923 1 vol.

Journals of Senate, 1922, 1923 2 vols.


Supreme Court Reports, Vols. 186-189 4 vols.

Appellate Reports, Vols. 44-60 17 vols.

Statutes and Amendments to Code, 1923 1 vol.


Supreme Court Reports, Vols. 72, 73.. 2 vols.

Session Laws, 1923 1 vol.

Senate and House Journal, 1922 2 vols.

Thirty-ninth annual report Insurance 1 vol.

Fortieth annual report Commissioner of Insurance 1 vol.

Tenth annual report coal mines 1 vol.

Forty-first annual report Commissioner of Insurance 1 vol.


Supreme Court Reports, Vols. 97-99 3 vols.

Special Laws 2 vols.

Register and Manual, 1922, 1923 2 vols.

Public Documents 13 vols.

Report of Librarian, 1920 1 vol.

Collections of Historical Society, 1923 1 vol.

Workmen's Compensation 1 vol.

Annual Report State Board of Agriculture 1 vol.

State Library


Laws, Extraordinary Session, 1923 1 vol.

Journal of the Senate and House 40 vols.

Report of the Comptroller General 1 vol.

Annual Report of the Treasurer 1 vol.

Reports and Opinions of Attorney General 1 vol.


Session Laws, 1923 1 vol.


Supreme Court Reports, Vols. 34-36 3 vols.

Laws, 1923 1 vol.


Appellate Reports, Vols. 222-229 8 vols.

Laws, 1923 1 vol.

Opinions and Orders Commerce Commission 1 vol.

Report Building and Loan Association, 1922 1 vol.

Fourth Administration Report of Depts 1 vol.

Biennial Report of State Treasurer, 1922 1 vol.

Statement of State Banks, 1922 2 vols.

Fifty-fourth Annual Insurance Report , 2 vols.

Proceedings of the Constitutional Convention, 1920 4 vols.

Biennial Report, Auditor of Public Accounts 1 vol.

Journal of Senate and House, 1923 2 vols.

Blue Book, 1923, 1924 2 vols.

State Historical Library Transactions 1 vol.


Supreme Court Reports, Vols. 190, 191 2 vols.

Appellate Reports, V(51s. 71-76 6 vols.

Department of Conservation, 1922 1 vol.

Indiana Historical Commission, Biographical Series, Vol. 1 1 vol.

Opinion of Attorney General, 1921-23 1 vol.

Proceedings Bar Association, 1922 1 vol.



Supreme Court Reports, Vols. 192-196 5 vols.

Acts, 1923 : 1 vol.

Thirteenth Biennial Report Board of Control, 1922 1 vol.


Supreme Court Reports, Vols. 110, 111 2 vols.

Laws, 1921 1 vol.

Fiftieth Annual Report Superintendent of Insurance..... 1 vol.

Transactions of the Academy of Science 1 vol.

Senate and House Journal, 1923 2 vols.

Twenty-third Biennial Report State Historical Library 1 vol.

10 Biennial Eepoet of the


Supreme Court Reports, 191-196 6 vols.

Acts, 1922 1 vol.

Journal of Senate and House, 1923 6 vols.

Catalogue of State Library, 1922 1 vol.


Supreme Court Reports, Vols. 148-152 5 vols.


Supreme Court Reports, Vols. 121, 122 2 vols.

Laws, 1923 1 vol.

Vital Records of Lebanon to 1892 1 vol.

Journal of House, 1922, 1923 3 vols.

Vital Records of Lebanon 2 vols.

Public Documents, 1920 2 vols.


Calendar of Wills, 1713-1726 2 vols.

Journal of Proceedings, Senate, 1922 1 vol.

Archives 1658-1662 1 vol.


Supreme Court Reports, Vols. 238-245 6 vols.

Acts and Resolves, 1921, 1922 2 vols.

Journals of the House of Representative, 1922, 1923 2 vols.

Fifteenth Annual Report Statistics of Municipal Finance 1 vol.

Vital Records of Deerfield to the year 1850 1 vol.

Vital Records of Mendon to the year 1850 1 vol.

Proceedings of Historical Society, 1922-1923 1 vol.

Vital Records of Gloucester, 1849 2 vols.

Journal of the House 1 vol.


Supreme Court Reports, Vol. 215 1 vol.

Public Acts, 1923 1 vol.

Local Acts, 1923 1 vol.

Annual Report Commissioner of Insurance 1 vol.

Geological and Biological Survey ; 2 vols.

Biennial Report of Attorney-General, 1922 1 vol.

Record of Service of Michigan Volunteers in the Civil War, 1861-65.. 46 vols.

Official Directory, 1923-24 1 vol.

Annual Report Department of Health 1 vol.

Michigan Historical Commission Biographies 1 vol.


Supreme Court Reports, Vols. 149-154 6 vols.

Laws, 1923 1 vol.

State Library 11

Legislative Manual, 1923 1 vol.

Journal of House and Senate, 1923 = 1 vol.


Supreme Court Reports, Vols. 127-131 5 vols.

Laws, 1922 - 1 vol.


Supreme Court Reports, Vol. 290 1 vol.

Appeal Reports, 210 1 vol.

Messages and Proclamations of the Governors 4 vols.


Supreme Court Reports, Vols. 106-109 - 4 vols.

Publications State Historical Society, 1922 1 vol.

Transactions and Reports Historical Society, 1885, 1887 2 vols.

Proceedings and Collections Historical Society 1 vol.

Annual Report State Board of Agriculture 2 vol.

Blue Book, 1922 1 vol.

Fourteenth Biennial Report Public Works 1 vol.

Fourteenth Annual Report State Railway 1 vol.

Fourteenth Annual Report Bureau of Banking 1 vol.

Biennial Report Auditor of Public Accounts 1 vol.

Fifty-second Annual Report Horticultural Society 1 vol.


Supreme Court Reports, Vols. 45, 46 2 vols.

Statutes, 1923 : 6 vols.


Laws, 1923- 1 vol.

Sixteenth Annual Report Secy, of State 1 vol.

Manual of the General Court, 1923 1 vol.

Annual Statistical Report Public Service Commission 2 vols.

Report of the Attorney General, 1920-22 1 vol.

Report and Orders Public Service Commission 1 vol.


Supreme Court Reports, Vols. 96, 97 2 vols.

Equity Reports, Vols. 93, 94 2 vols.

Laws, 1923 1 vol.

Reports of the Board of Public Utility Commission 2 vols.

Documents Relating to Colonial History 2 vols.


Laws, 1923 1 vol.

Supreme Court Reports, Vol. 27 and 28 2 vols.

12 Biennial Report of the


Supreme Court Reports, Vols. 232-236. 4 vols.

Appellate Reports, Vols. 199-206 8 vols.

Laws, 1922, 1923 2 vols.

Digest of Special Statutes relating to the City of N. Y 1 vol.

Bar Association Proceedings, 1922, 1923 2 vols.

New York University Secondary Education, 1918, 1919 5 vols.

Public Papers of Alfred E. Smith, Governor 2 vols.

Year Book, Sons of the Revolution 1 vol.

Public Service Commission Fourteenth Annual Report 2 vols.

Calendar of Historical Manuscript 3 vols.

New York University Papers of Sir William Johnson 3 vols.

Annual Report of Attorney-General, 1923 1 vol.

Eighteenth Annual Report of the Educational Department 1 vol.

Transit Commission first Annual Report 1 vol.


Supreme Court Reports, 1922, 1923 6 vols.

Biennial Report State Librarian, 1922 1 vol.

Biennial Report Board of Charities and Public Welfare 2 vols.

Biennial Report Attorney-General 1 vol.

Geological and Economic Survey 4 vols.

Thirty-third Report of Labor and Printing, 1921-22 1 vol.

Biennial Report Dept. of Agriculture, 1923 1 vol.

Annual Report of Insurance Department, 1923 1 vol.

Biennial Report Supt. Public Instruction , 1 vol.

Courses of Study for Elementary Schools 1 vol.

Twenty-first Report Corporation Commission, 1923 1 vol.

Report of Joint Legislative Committee, 1922 1 vol.

Annual Report of Auditor, 1920, 1921, 1922 3 vols.


Laws, 1923 1 vol.


Supreme Court Reports, Vols. 83-92 10 vols.

Criminal Reports, Vol. 17 1 vol.

Session Laws, 1923 1 vol.

Proceedings of Bar Association 1 vol-

Journal of the Senate, 1923 1 vol.


Supreme Court Reports, Vols. 101-107 7 vols.

General Laws, 1923 1 vol.


Appropriation Acts, 1921 1 vol.

Report of the Survey of the Public School System of Philadelphia.... 4 vols.

Journal, House of Representatives, 1921 4 vols.

State Library 13

Legislative Journal 3 vols.

Appendix to the Journal - 1 vol.

Proceedings of the 56th Annual Encampment G. A. Encampment.... 1 vol.

Archives, Second, Third and Fourth Series 53 vols.


Supreme Court Reports, Vol. 44 1 vol.

Public Laws, 1923 1 vol.

General Laws , 1 vol.

Acts and Resolves 1 vol.

Annual Report of Insurance Commissioner 3 vols.

Fifteenth Annual Report Bank Commissioners 1 vol.

Reports Presented to the General Assembly ..- 2 vols.

Fifty-first Annual Report State Board of Education 1 vol.

Annual Report General Treasurer, 1922 1 vol.

Ninth Report Board of Tax Commission 1 vol.

Manual with rules and orders 1 vol.

Annual Report of State Auditor 1 vol.

Annual Report of Insurance Commissioner, 1923 3 vols.


Supreme Court Reports, Vols. 117-119 3 vols.

Code of Laws, Vols. 1, 2, 3 3 vols.

Acts for 1923 1 vol.

Report of State Officers, Boards and Committees 2 vols.

Journal of the Senate and House, 1922 2 vols.

Year Book of Charleston, 1921 1 vol.


Laws, 1923 1 vol.

Annual Report Horticultural Society, 1922 1 vol.

Report of Auditor, 1922 2 vols.


Supreme Court Reports, Vols. 144-147 4 vols.

Acts, 1923 1 vol.

Private Acts, 1923 1 vol.

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Criminal Reports. Vols. 74, 90, 91-94 6 vols.

Laws, 1923 1 vol.

Journal of the Senate, 1923 2 vols.


Supreme Court Reports, Vols. 57-62 6 vols.

Laws, 1923 '. 1 vol.

14 Biennial Report of the


Laws, 1923 2 vols.

Supreme Court Reports, Vol. 95 1 vol.

Journal of the Senate, 1921 1 vol.

Legislative Directory, 1923 1 vol.

Eleventh Biennial Report of Commissioners of Agriculture, 1920-1922 1 vol.

Public Documents, 1922 1 vol.

Proceedings of the Historical Society 1 vol.


Supreme Court Reports, Vols. 132-136 5 vols.

Acts of Assembly, Extra Session 1 vol.

Journal of the Senate and House, 1922 1 vol.

Proceedings of the Bar Association, 1922, 1923 2 vols.

Nineteenth Annual Report Corporation Commission, 1922 1 vol.

Twentieth Annual Report Corporation Commission..... 1 vol.

Annual Report Officers, Boards and Institutions 2 vols.

Journal of Senate and House, 1923 1 vol.

Bulletins Virginia State Library 9 vols.


Supreme Court Reports, Vols. 117-126 10 vols.

Laws, 1923 1 vol.

Senate and House Journal, 1923 2 vols.


Legislative Handbook and Manual, 1922 1 vol.

Fifth Biennial Report Department of Agriculture, 1921 1 vol.


Opinions of Attorney-General, 1922 2 vols.

Statutes, 1923 1 vol.

Journal of Proceedings, Senate, 1922 1 vol.

Message of Governor J. J. Blair 1 vol.

Biennial Report Secretary of State 1 vol.

Twenty-seventh Annual Report of Commissioner of Banking 1 vol.

Senate and House Journal, 1923 1 vol.


Supreme Court Reports, Vols. 28, 29 2 vols.

Session Laws, 1923 *!.. 1 vol.

Senate and House Journal, 1923 2 vols.

State Library 15


Supreme Court Reports, Vols. 61, 63, 64 3 vols

liaws, 1923 ''~ I yoi ■


Supreme Court Reports, Vol. 32 1 vol.

Equity Reports, Vol. 33 ' i vol.

Sessional Papers, 1920, 1921 g vols

16 Biennial Report of the



Academy of Political Science. The Railroad Problem. 1922.

Adams, Adeline. Spirit of American Sculpture. 1923.

Alexander, S. C. Miracles and Events, n.d.

American Executive Committee. Report of Relief in Ireland. 1921.

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Babington, R. K. History of the Biggerstaff Family. 1924.

Baker, L. C. History of the U. S. Secret Service. 1868.

Bakewell, C. M. Story of the American Red Cross in Italy in 1920.

Baxter, Garrett. Baxter's Economics. 1922.

Baxter, Garrett. Social Constitutions. 1923.

Boddie, J. T. & J. B. Boddie and Allied Families. 1918.

Brownwell, T. C. Family Prayer Book or the Book of Common Prayer. 1823.

Carnegie Endowment. Alcohol and Human Efficiency, by W. R. Miles. 1924.

Carnegie Endowment. Arbitration Treaties Among the American Nations.

Carnegie Endowment. Bibliographical Survey of Contemporary Sources,

by M. E. Bulkley. 1922.
Carnegie Endowment. British Coal Mining Industry During the War, by

R. A. S. Redmayne.
Carnegie Endowment. Continental System as Economic Interpretation, by

E. F. Hechscher. 1922.
Carnegie Endowment. Development of International Law after the World

War, by Otfried Nippold.
Carnegie Endowment. Economic Development in Denmark, by Harold

Westergaard. 1922.
Carnegie Endowment. Economic and Social History of the World War. 1922.
Carnegie Endowment. Effects of the War upon French Economic Life, by

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year of its history, by Alois Rasin. 1923.
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Carnegie Endowment. Monetary and Banking Policy of Chile, by David

Kinley. 1922.

State Library 17

Carnegie Endowment. Official German Documents Relating to the World

War, 2 Vols. 1923.
Carnegie Endowment. Prize Cases Decided in the U. S. Supreme Court

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