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" We hold thesL- initlis to be self-evident: tliat all men are created equal, and endowed In- their Creator with certain
inalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the \iu\su\t nl' h:iierale de-

nuncialions against ourselves and friend-s, will

bring forth its latent power, sooner than the exer-
tions of abolitionists for ijears. It the time ever

should arrive, that Uiosc horrors, which alarmists

depict should take place, »c/(i>/i Uod nrrant they

never may, the deeds thai may be done, will never

be chargoible to abolitionists — but to who

uphold the iron arm of oppression, that forge fct- !

ters tor the slave. .Much as we arc indebted to

aboUlioiiLslri Ibr the ainehorationof our moral con-

dilJoD, yet the spirit by which we enjoy our rights

and privileges, is an inherent property of our na-
ture, which they can neither give nor remove. If

the bomitiful will of an all Providence should

(t.ill them to him.self, the same spirit would exist

which Uieir kind measures now can only guide

• Hon. J. Q. Aduins' Rojiort of the minority on
Manufactures in 1633.

can sliive trade, and swept it from either shore,
and will again shortly burst itself on Uie altars
and institutions that support and protect domestic
slavery, and crush them to pieces, and the descen-
dents of Africa, no matter whether his lot be cast
on the soil of France or the genial climate of Eng-
land, or their colonies, will, in the language of
Curran, "again walk abroad in the majesty of
thi'ir strength, redeemed, regenerated and disin-
tliralled by tlie irresistable genius of universal
emancipation." And as it were by a [iroverbial
coincidence, Uic winds of iieaven have brought
across the Atlantic lo our siiores the same glorious
spirit which is now shakinsT Europe to its centre,
and has caused to bf planted in the city of Boston,
a city far fanied for being "llie cradle of liberty"
I to the American jKople, an instil ul ion which
I proposes, by its holy banner and untiring e.xer-

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Online LibraryNorth Dakota Agricultural CollegeGenius of universal emancipation (Volume 284) → online text (page 1 of 5)