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Prudential nommhtties Minutes N.g. 4.. College..

S-'rom June the first i<?OQ to June the First 1<310,

^ahl Onega, Georgia.
Prudential committee of the W.G, 4.<^ollege met this day.

Present J. ^. Moore, chairman, A,.J.^aveader and R.^. Baker.

That owin? to the crowed condition
heretofore existing in the lower classes in the N. a. 4. Col lege we-
deem it advis^able to secure an assistant to the chair of Snglishi
who shall oe a member of the '^acuity and perform such duties as nay
be required of him by the authorities of the -olle,ie,and whose ser-
vices shall begin on the first of ^ept,''<30Q and end with the comm-
encement of iQ^O at a salary of five hundred dollars oayaole in
^ine equal payments.

'^n motion ^red c. lavender was elected an assis-
tant to the chair of ?]nglish in the N.i. 4. College at the salary
and upon the terms expressed in the above and foregoing resolution.

'^n motion Carl -^hultz was elected to the chair
of Business Science in the M.G. 4. College at a salary of Nine hun-
dred dollars per annum, payable in monthly payments as other prof-
essors in said Col lege, service to begin on the first of •'^ept,'"?OQ
and endin,^ on the "^^st day of 4.U4ust, I'^iQ.

There oeing no further business the committee
adjourned subject to the call of the chairman.Thls 4ug,i<?/9Q.
•5. M.Baker, J. i^. Moore,

Secretary. Chairman.



Hah 1 One ga . Georg ia .

T'he °rudentlal eomniittee of the N.G. ^. 'College
met this day August, the ''■^th, i '50Q.

Present- d. F.Moore, chairman A.. j.Cavender and R.H.


•^n motion Miss Gladys McGill was elected to the chair
of Physical Culture and 'domestic Science in the •'I. G. A. 'College at a

salary of ^ix hundred dollars per annum to be paid in twelve equal
payments, service and salary to oegin on the first of September, '"QOQ,
and end on the '^'^at of August , i^J^O.

U is understood that Miss McGill is not
only to have charge of and to teach Physical Culture and 'domestic
•'=lGience,but is to do such other and further teaching and duties as-may
oe required of her by the College authorties as per resolution passed
oy the board of Trustees of the nolle,;;e June the ^st.'^^OQ.

There being no further ousiness the committee

adjourned subject to the call of the chairman.

J. ?. Moore,
R.'^. baker. Chairman.




^ahl Onega, Georgia.

December the I'Sth/O^.
The Prudential committee of the N. (3. A.. College met this
day pursuant to call of Hr 4..J.r;avender Vice chairman Board of

Present- 4.. J. lavender and R.^.Baicer.

The resignation of Professor L.M. Hie-
hard of the Minin,^ and Electrical Engineering was received and the
same accepted to take effect on January the ■'st,i9''0, provided
he made and presented to the ■'Secretary of the Board of Trustees a
full and complete in/entory of all oroperty in his hinds or doss-
ession as pro^'essor of said department.

Professor d. J. 'Snyder was elected to fill the
vacancy mahe by the resignation of Professor L. wl, Richards at a sa-
lary of '^'ourteen hundred aollars per annum oayable in monthly pay-
ments, service and salary to oe oegin on January the ^st, 1*510 and
ending August thi '^ist,i<5io.

There oeing no further ousiness tne committee
adjourned suoject to the call of the chairman.

4. J. lavender,
R.H.BaKer, Chairman.





April the ^th, ^^^0.
The Prudential Committee of the N.G. ^. College met.

Present- 4..J .Oavender, v ice chairman of t
the Board of Trustees presidang. M.n.Gurley and R.H.Baker.

"^n motion H.n.Gurley was elected chairman of
the Prudential^to fill tne vacancy made by tne death of J.F.Moore.

The Prudential committee r espectfully recommend to
the ioard of Trustees of the (J. G. 4. College the election of Professor
J.n.darnes to the chair of mathematics in the -Jorth Georgia A.n;ri cultural
'.'ollege and to be superlntendant of the dormitory systems in said 'iollege
at a salary of ^lirhteen hundred dollars per annum, payable in monthly
oayments, service and pay to begin on "^ept the '"st , ^ ^'•O.and ending on

4up;ust the ^^st.^^ii.

R.H.daker, 'Chairman.


XXXnif'i'nn'iX'iXX'>'^'<'^'^'ixxxx:cxxAXx:(xxxx;<xxxxx:(X(xxxxx ■



^ahl Onega, Georgia.

May the 6th/i0.
The Prudential committee of the N.G. 4,. College met this day.

Pr es en t-^.n.'jur ley, Chair man, 4.. J.riavender and

"^n motion it was resolved:

That the bid of The Fechheimer Bros
Company of Oincinnatt i, ^hio, for furnishing Uniforms for the Cadets
of the ■'Jorth Georgia 4j?ricultural ■ Oollev;e for the soholastic year^
of 1^10 and I'^ii be accepted in accoriance with the terms and
stipulations of the specifications now of file in the 'Office of
the Secretary of the board of Trustees, and that the same be rec-
ommended to the board of Trustees for adoption.

U is further ordered that the ■'secretary
of the boarl of Trustees sign contract in duplicate with said co-
ompany for the furnishing of said Uniforms, etc.

There being no further business the committee
adjourned subject to the call of the chairman.

H.n.. hurley,
R.^. baker. Chairman.





^aKi 1 one^a,'-'?eorgib. 'iay the'^Othyo.

The joard of f'rustees of the 'J.G, iV. f;ollege met in
annual sassion

Present 4..J.riavender "ice chairman presiding, w. 3. -Ic-
'^ants,'^.^.uurley,"'.ri, Tate, John P. -hf^ny .and l.'-f.JaKer.

'^n motion of ^.'^.v^urley, the appropriation
heretofore made by th*- -Joard o£ '("rustres for the annual encaiapment
of the Oadets be reconsiderd and the action of the ioard of Trustees
be and the same is hereby revoked, as no part of said appropriation

has been expended.

'^n motion the matter of repearing or removeing the st-
eeple on the main Bolle^e building as reccommended uy the iJoard of
Trustees at its last annual raeetin?; be refered to the Prudential
'Committee with full power and authority to act in the premises- v.iil-r
the above and foregoing exceptions the minutes of the last annual
meeting of the doard of Trustees was approved aiid adopted.

^x Glean the President , of the '^acuity suiamitted
his report to gether with the reports of the various Professors of
the ^acuity which was read and ordered filed in tne office of the
'■Secretary of the 3oard of Trustees, all of which was refered to the
Prudential '';omiflittee with power to act in the premises.

The Paculty recommended* the following named
students who having finished the courses prescribed as entitled to
Miss uillian -Uenn .iatchelor -,.r Arts,

'liss uouise ilenn 'iatchelor of 4rts.

' T.M. lavender batchelor of Science.

Julian '.Allison ^atchelor of Science.

Cecil Meal Batchelor of Science.

B.^. Phillips , batchelor of -Science.

il.O, /andeviere tiatohelor of Science,

niark ^ay batchelor of Science.



3atchelor of 'Science of


.J.'>f.n*.vidson <lngineer of )4ines.

L. M. Richards Engineer of Mines.

H.''^. Wallace batchelor of Business "cience.

'"'hereupon it is on motion '^esoWed by the Board
of Trustees of the Jorth ueor^ia 4G;ricuitural ';olle;j;e to ^rant
'iplomas to the above named students in accorHance with and as
per recommendation of the Faculty.

'''n motion the minutes of the Prudential
committee since the last annual meetin?; of this 3oard after all having
been read was approved and adopted and made the action of this Board.
T'he annual report of the "^rec.surer of the N.G.A.

College for the scholastic year ^'^nH and i^O'^ as audited and approved
by A.J.Oavender and R.^. Baker on '^ept the ''nd.^^OQ was approved anh
adopted and made part of these minutes.

•^n motion ^.^. Perry of Jain esvil le, '^eorgia
was elected President of the Board of 'i^ustees for the next srsuying

two years.
^n motion '^r A. J. lavender was elected Vice chjiirman

of the Board of Trustees for the ne-it ensueiO;? two years.

■■^n motion R.'-^. Baker was elected "Secretary

of the "Board of Trustees for the next ensuj^ing t*o years, and also

of t'ne Prudential committee for the ne^t ensuein^; two years.

'^n motion '^r ^o.iier '^ead was elected ^urtjeon

of the riollege for the next ensu^in^ two years.

'^n motion H.n.iurley was elected "treasurer of

the OoUege for the next ensu^in^ two years.

'^n motion 5^.^. Baker was elected Auditor of the
''Ollege for the next ensua|in-; two years, v/hos'^ duty it shall be to examine
approve all requisitions made for any purchase by any member of the

^acuity or any one else against said college cefore any indeutedness



is Incured ai^aist said f^olle^e.and to examine and approve any and
all bills accounts and demands against said college before the same
— is paid by the Treasurer of the college.

■■^n motion ''liss Nannie ■''helchel was elected
'librarian of the r;ollei^e for the next ensuein^; two years,

'^n motion it was "•^esoWed that the Ohair of
^rench and '^rf«e hand ^rawing in the college ue left vacaht for the
oresent and the adviseabil ity of fillin,-; the saae left to the ae-
cir.ion of the Prudential comittes after ad/isein- with the Faculty.

">n motion the following Budget for the
scholastic year ^"^^0 a.nd ^^^^ of the M.",. A.Ool lege was adopted
President salary $-5600.00

Hhair of "Science ^SOO.OO

"I '^hair of Pure Mathematics 'SOO.OO

Superintendent of the dormitory's ^00.00

("Ihair of Mathematics and Astronomy 1500.00

Hhtir of Languages . ■•'500.00

•^hair of English ^SOO.OO

Ohair of Assistant of 3n;Uish ^Oiiio.oo

^hair of 'history i^OO.OO
•^hair of Mining and Klectric fCngineening

and applied Chemistry i^too.OO

(^hiiir of Agriculture i^OO.OO

•^hair. of iusiness -^ciBnce _^__^^ ■■'000.00

Ohair of domestic Science 600.00
Chair of iiermanic Languase and

band instructor ^000. 00

^ Treasurer of N.u. A. College ''SO. 00

Secretary N.r,. A.Col lege '»'S0.00

Auditor of the h.g. a. College . ''SO.OO

Surgeon of the n.g. A.Col lege -^SO.OO


Librarian N.G.». rjo liege 'and '^oms on sale of oooks^ ^00. 00

Janitor N.G. 4..nollege ISO. 00

Tarm hand Agricultural iept^ -no. 10

Mining dept w.r,. i.ool lege 400.00

Repairs and Tnmprovement W. i. a. College ROO.OO

^ricultural deft H.9. 4.nollege " 400.00

tnoitiental fund w.3. *.. College i^OO.oo

Publicity fund H.'i. *. College <J00.00

Military dept n.g. 4. College -^OO.OO

Band fund N. a. 4. College ^SO.OO

"•n motion the following Faculty were elected to
fill the various chairs in the >^orth Georgia Vgricultural Oollege
for the next scholastic year "''•O and ^^^\ to witt-

Ohair of "Science B.P.Gaillard.

*T:air of Pure Mathematics J.n.Sarnes.

"Superintendent of Horaitorys J. c. Barnes.

'^hair of Mathematics and Astronomy J. if. Boyd.

•^hair of Ancient Languages S.B.VicKery.

•Titir of rlnglish leo w.Camp.

•^air of Assistant English Fred O.Cavender.

Qiair of 'history W.j.Sradly.

•Tiair of Mining and Electrical ^ngineening

and applied Chemistry B.J. -Snyder.

Ohair of Agriculture C.'^.Niven.

^air of Business "^ciance f^arl -^chultz.

rihair of Germanic Language and

Band instructor 2dwin -Steiner.

Qiair of Oomestic Science Miss Gladys McGill.


'^n motion 4..J.0avender, John P.^heny and R.^.

Baker, was appointed a finance committee to examine and audit the

"treasurers books and accounts for the scholastic year ^<30Q and '"'''O.

'^n motion ^r ^omer ^ead or '^r na\'er.der

was requested to deliver at least one lecture a month to the
students of the college on sued medical questions as they may
deem proper)^

9n motion R.'-f. Baker was requested to deliver a

lecture on the Oriminal 'Statutes now c: force in Georgia and Tnter-

national laws once during each term or session oifi the colle.^e.

The Boird then adjourned until to morrow

morning at 7Aght '^clock. '

R.^.baKer, , k.J .navendeT,

•"Secretary. t Vice Chairman presiding.

"^ahlonet^ia, Georgia, May the '^V^'^.
The Board of Trustees of the M.G. 4. College met pu-'suant
to adjournment j-

Present ^.J.f^avender, Vice chairman presiding, w.B.

Mcr:ants,^.n,Gurley,John P. Oheny, F.O.Tate and R.^.3aK;er.

9n motion the resident members of the Board
of Trustees to wits- ^."^.Gurley, ^.J.Oavender and R.'^.Ba:<er are
declared and elected the Prudential committee of the Board of Trus-
tees of the >I.G. 4.0ollege.

"^n motion it was Resolved that from and after the
pasage of this resolution there shall be collected at the begining
of each term or session of the college from each student matriculat-
ing in said college a fee of one dollar to oe known as the library
fee which money shall be used only for buying such books and period-
icals as thr Library committee may purchase and place in the Liorary


of the college for the use of the students of the college.

'^n motion the bid of the Fechheimer Bros

company to furnish 'Tniforms for the f^adets for the ne.ct scholastic year
'"'■'0 and ^^^'' as made and acceoted by the Prudential committee of
the college be and fehe same is hereby approved and made the action of
this Board, That hereafter the contract for furnishing Hniforms for
'Tadets shall be authorized and made by the Trustees at their annual
meeting on competitive bids of not less than three responsible compa-

■^n motion the •'Secretary was directed to si.i:n con-
tracts with all Professors elected for the term of twelve months
services and salary to oegin on the first day of "eptemoer , '"'^0 and
ending on the thirty first day of *u-cust, '"5'' '' , in accordiance with and
under the regulations and resolutions upon this sujject adopted by this
Board at its annual meeting ^ QO"? and recorded on the minutes of this
Board page ^ ^ .

"^n motion Resol /ed, that the authority of the
Prudential committee to purchase a part of the land lying in fnont

of the college heretofore granted be continued,

'^n motion Resolved, that the Prudential com
mittee be empowered and authorized to fill any place on the ^acuity
now vacant or that might become /acant before the next annual ;Tee-
ting of the Board of Trustees.

"^n motion i^esol ved, that a chair of Germanic

Language and Literature be created and established in the "forth
Georgia ^gricultural 'College and the Faculty of the Oolle;;e is hereoy
derected to place the same in the regular CQrriculum of the college
as one of the regular courses to be tought therein,

Resolved that the thanks of the Board of
Trustees of the ><orth Georgia Agricultural riollec^ebe tendered to ^on



n.n.'^haw of Toleda,%io, for his f^enerous donation of T_,abratory
supplies to the collecje and the "Secretary is hereby requested
to furnish Mr -"^haw with a copy of this resolution.

Resolved, that any meaoer of tne Faculty
and dotrd of Trustees and members of their familys be permitted
to use the books and periodicals placed in the colle.!^e Tiiorary
by paying the useal Library fee of one dollar to the Treasurer

of the college upon complying with the rules of the uiorary
now in force.

The matter of the appeal from the actions
of the Faculty to the aoard of Trustees of Mr Author Haroy vas
taken up, and after a full and complete invest igatioa of said
appeal by hearing in person from Mr Haroy and his brother and
Professor Vickery s Tt was therefore resolved, that the action of

the Faculty be and the same is hereoy sustained.

'^n motion Professor B.P.Giallard was elec-
ted i^ice President of the i^aculty and in the abscence of the
President of the Faculty the nee President is vested with the
same power as the President.

'^n motion of "ol John P.'iheny, the following

resolution was unanimously adopted* -

Whereas in the opinion of the Board of
Trustees the large number of expulsions from the North iieorgia
Agricultural (College as reported by the President is ^ue lar^^ely
to the lack of. oroper discipline over the student oodyj and
whereas a considerable portion of the time of the President of the
college is and should oe devoted to looKing after the interest
and advancement of the college at times and places away froa said
colleget and Whereas the rules and ref;ulations already estab-
lished governing the tSadets at the college places the "Cadets ci,nd


and the discipliHS of the college under the immediate jurisdic-
tion of the nommanhant of Cadets t

Therefore be it Resolved* That the
Commandant of Cadets of the Morth Georgia ^^ricultural College and the
Prudential committee of said college be and they are hereby constituted

a committee on discipline and shall have sole authority to maKe,
change, alter and amend the rules and rep^ulations £.overning the Cadets
at the Morth Georgia Agricultural Colle.'.e and invested with authority
to enforce such rules.

The Board of Trustees express their deep ret^ret
at the seemin , laclc of proper discipline and especially charge and
request the committee on discipline above named to at once ta^e \rir,erous
action to bring about proper discipline.

Resolved further that the 6ommandant
of the college is hereby made chairman of said comaittee on discipline

and no Cadet shall be excused from any huty required of him except
from Provihential cause or upon the aporoval in writing of the Comman-
dant of Cadets.

Resolved further, that no Cadet shall oe excused from

any recitation or any other duty required of him except upon the
written approval of the member of the Faculty having charge of the class

or department from which the leave of abscence is requested.

Resolved further, that any request
made in accordance with the rules and regulations of the coamittee
that shall oe henied by s*.id Commandant niay in the Commanhant discre-
tion be refered to and acted upon oy members of the committee on


Resolved further, that this Board disapproves of the

practice of allowing Cadets to leave the college oefore the commence-
ment exercises are over except for Providential cause, a full atteadance

of the student body should be had at each commencement.

■Resolved further, that all rules and
regulations in conflict with the above ar.d fore^^oinf^ are hereoy

H is agreed on motion that the Prudential
committee should examine and approve and direct the purcnases
of all supplies of the dormitory and shall maKe such rules and
regulations concerning the dorraitorys and in puronasing supplies
as they deem best.

The following Resolution was introduced by Mr

Resolveds fhat it is the senfee of this Board, that it
is to the best interest of the college that the doard of Trustees
of the 'Tniversity of Georgia at their annual meeting remove the
President of this college.

'^n motion the Board of Trustees adjourned.
R.^. Baker, 'I ^. J. lavender

•Secretary. ^ Vice chairman presiding.


mvuu !i^,r-n/-iii

-ia^\X.Ofve^<i, .i<i, AjiA^ -tA-e. '-^v-t^ *^*0.






;7</. *^

^'/o. (y

1 1
f 1
1 1

// // // ■ ^-w«-^>-^ -»-^,^w„„^


o. 1 1 1 1 ^ •pcurV'iA^o.'i^ 4<U..ciAAj.

3 7, •SO

, , ^ -' . /d , 'J.aui.rUi^eyH^

« V. i/'i

1 /

/ /

, , 'i J , '?. Vu^acU-^<i. -cuud <x.on^

'5 7, 5^

/ 1

J J n . ■cj/tc^ - .o<j..€-/^ -cJ-rK^ iil,h<j.

2S, 00

1 t

/ /

,, 7 _ _ Id . >•' . &.laZl.o^

'iO. t/<i



,, <^ o-.ft./-><>tCe^


1 1

/ /

,, "7 -i', /CJ , ./ti-Vt-C-y.


1 1

/ /

1 , 10 /,'. a, ilcuiA^

U, 0*?

1 1

/ /

,1 << i'V.U.h,^<it& i-'.lil

25. 00


/ /

,, <2 ^.///..j-'Kj-a'i.^aAe^

6, ^*!

1 1

> 1

y/ *•'' ^,1-^. <W<vtZe-4e-^

♦ , ft5


1 1

,t ** Q.R.^yU.^^

.■J2. (^5


,f *^ il, ^. /'l<l.<Viy€.

1^ . ^ . h , '•'■ate. ■<i^Ji. o.^ iJ-oiiKUxA Ao-tt-a-e.

<>?, 55


Si;. ^^7



'■'< (y.<x < 7 'l-C'ii-i A^i,^;i^i*\^j^e..cXyirJk <*o.

70. 00


y y * ^ '"%«. ^.e-<v'i<(.-i,-<*n t'xi

50. OCi


25, 00


■9, ua


y y 2 * '"^e^o-ci -o-fW -fle-e

♦ . <i <


yy 22 ^. <-/, //iaxv>i^ <irv<:^ f>a.
,, 2-'' ». V. ///ouo.'ue

t/. </5





/ /

,y 2"^ f'/ . ^ . tioAyUA).

2*. 5^,

, , 2 'i -To^ '^ci Ae-t^

</. 22


5 0.

^7<7<. ^7


3 li iVLo-'i-Z-t^ /lio^i^vtis.

50. Q')

1, ^^ // /

^ Of ><i#v-t/to-V4 </ci-C<v^

•%7. -^o

// 2*! ,, ;

^ 3'? 'Tjtj^^t-ce-'i/* dcLy.^aA^

7f. ♦'!

2" ,/ >

^ 'i<j r/.cV2^u,'C4^ JayLa^

070, X*

,/ 2>« ,,

, ^0 U&,ruL^ iV-im^^ ;><*^/ -anid 4uH^<.i-vt (ia^..^aA^^

70. 00

H^ -i ,1

1 ^ 3 * ija^jy\j<>, 1 ne^aci^cA^


.. 3 /



/;*Vi ^, 4, tvi-cui^

<*{. ■so

/ / 2 ,

/ / '^ /



P<VUyi l!i<lfi'(MJ,:j.<>/Ld

9. 'iO

// '^ /


U(..m,e^ if<Uixi


// "'l y

■J 7

<>>V-i/4-^ c?<vi,t«^

•■J. 00

/ / ^ >



<■), t^, j^OJM^

6, o')

$riuuf>, Jh


vt /^

/ /



f.-juah, fix
1 , 50

$'iT).u. o«

1 1


1. i .


, , <o

/ /

'^5'H-^<i*V<. *t«>uvd^ ViO.

«3. 00

, 1 *'•*



SAi-t.r,*% <»rK^ <'io.

<<. O'-*

tiC-o*! - '■•-■L<a<fA,'ap^ri <b<t-


// *"


^AiA^ ♦Mj-^va-'t'-t.'fxi-^^^iyO-n.

•sti, *>«:

/ 1 ♦«

/ /


<lt-6<irv-t<i y:MjLA^ieU.

'i.-v. 7'

< :/

/ /


' .J/.A.-Tcvte. /-,„.

*^, 00

^ ^ < <

/ /


.-0^ Vl,4^

<, 50


/ / '"^


5, i!, i^Uj^L^i '■'Zve<^&Ai'^«^

/^, fj^

1 1 *'^

/ /


'V^c^i '-/'Vue^i. <V.-o.<i^i. <o<x

5. OJ
X. 00


/ <mA<3't-t-e-n 'I'Cs-c^.'u-.-oia.i i^a^-i^ <->o.


/•^.£vi>ue-e. -a*^ . /'^<a«.<;,-i,/<vc-o.

^, 1"^



,, ^>J- ,, ,, 'i'5 ^.::J%Jt^^^
, , '>'* '<^. ■■7, al<V!-^^e.fvC


■3^ w // """^ :,.n. ,v;*.fvu.«i

2<? yy ,j n5 ' ie.^-'ixin. > /-h-e-^i-Xe^

"^■1 ,, // l^l^ *i'. '^./J-^Ul.;. 't/Tl^/io.fl.

^c.-^ * / /. , , 67 J/OiAn ..'o^i.e^

, 1 * y# #i a^ ii-'r^-C'0\,<3iin. Ill, 4' Kie^t.-(i..3un.

y / * y y y y ^ ^ ^f. /J . '■7<iui<V;VerfW

*/ * // yy 7'^ ^.rt./fioo^t^ <in<d h-J.

II * II II 7* ii\,h, ki<U^:^<ice,

,1 * ,, ,, 72 iV . ^ , -^u^U^e^

,1 * ,1 ,f 7^ ^.f^.i/lo-oyi^e. Mui i>j.

// II II J '^ r/<3-c/U^^^ •^■a^,.,a-^(de.p/i.^

/ / * / / 11 7^ >afVtxC<wa Aa.^La^

II ' J/ 1 1 77 id^e.'i^^ /-'<3^UfV/C *>«.

II ^ ,1 ., T^ ^U,^

< i, UO

ur), no
cj-i. Th


♦. «0

■3, •sr)
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2. •so
2. •J'S
'i. Or;

< 2, 2'i
2, 'iO

■■5. no

<. 00

7. ''i

^U, UQ
■30. />)

2, -^fr

'53. 27
2 < . t/.j

**/Oif, /ji^
'S>?, -J 2
.37, 50

♦ 7<7*.i67


< 7, ti'

.3'; ijo

J'i';*^. 2*?


1 ^

J«^>j.fw» ■>■ ■a. .».a,Kie-^



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"i-i-cia -ifici .'ie-a.



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^..nJUx^ , -i.o<l.»,^i^/v-i^ >




.5. ■ ', v^'^^^VO-T.

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