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SOLDIERS' Monument,


Compilf'd \t\ the








HLS soiueiiir, dedicated to the citizens of North
Haven, was undreamed of thirty days ago. Its
suj^.^estion came all unexpected but with an assur-
ance of success that seemed almost prophetic. The
stor}" of the monument would not be coni])lete without the pictures

59^ -r

C()NC.kl':C.ATI()XAI, cm KCll, XORTH HAVHN' — iS^

of the men in wliose menujry it was erected. The search for
material l)ej;an at once. Da^^uerrotypes, ambrot\])es, tintxpes,
phot(j cards were resurrected, in nuun- cases from a fort\' \ears'
sleep, and made to reproduce themselves here. These plates,

soiled and marred as are man3% are priceless and their appearance
is above all criticism. The only regret is that the muster roll is
not more complete. It is possible a few pictures exist not shown


here. Some were never taken, and some are irretrievably lost.
One or two were withheld b}' the indifference of relati\-es. The
thanks of the committee are due to The Stoddard-Brown Engrav-
ing Co. of New Haven and to The New Haven Printing Co. for
their careful execution and haste in placing this souvenir before
the ])ublic.


Tlie erection of a vSolrliers" Mominicnt in Xortli Ha\'en l>f,i;an to
be a^^itated in 1SS4. At that time a project to ol)Serve the one
hnniredth anniversary of the incorporation of the town due in the
auliinm of ip])ortunity is at hand — after years of waiting — to ex])ress in more com-
plete form than now exists, some appreciation of the sacrifice and heroism of
your townsmen who enlisted in the armies of the North.

To accom])lisli this, the Veteran Soldiers A.ssociation propose the construc-
tion of a Memorial upon the Public Gieen, which shall express to all time the
loyalty of the town to its defenders of the Union.

This Memorial to be of granite and iron. The cannon is the donation of
the War Department of the United .States. Its weight is about 10 tons, length
about 12 feet, nui/./.le diameter 16 inches, height from foundation about 12
feet, pedestal of granite in 12 blocks. The west face will bear this in.scription :


by the Town of


as a trihiilf li> the

valor of lur sons

will) on land and sea

foiijrlit in tile

Civil, WAR

To prcsci \ c tlu-


— 14 —

Upon the east face the names of battles will appear. The estimated cost of
this Memorial ready for dedication is between eight hundred and nine hun-
dred dollars, to be raised by popular subscription that every person in the
town may share in its interest and erection.

Your pleges should be generous and immediate, as no work will be under-
taken until its cost is provided for. It is hoped the corner stone may be laid
Memorial Day, May 30th, and the dedication follow during the summer.
Sheldon B. Thorpe, Chairman.
North Haven, Conn. Dr. ROBERT B. GoODYEAR, Secretary,

April i2th, 1905. ALBERT A. Hyde, Treasurer.

Within forty-eight hours from the issue of the appeal it was
found no mistake had been made. Subscriptions liberal beyond
expectation came pouring in. Day had dawned and the hopes of
all were jubilant. The town, conservative to the last degree, seemed
certain now to swing into line with her sisters in doing honor to
her sons who " wore the Blue."

The removal of the cannon from the government reservation in
time came to the notice of the Department of Parks in the cit}^ of
New Haven. It had been proposed that the cit}' should secure the
entire battery for ornamental purposes, but as definite action had
been delayed one piece was lost to them. They immediately set
al)out selecting the remaining ones which were readily granted by
the government.

The provisions of the War Department which allow the donation
to towns and Grand Army Posts of certain obsolete war materials,
does not include the carriages on which the guns are mounted.
Why such a ruling prevails the writer does not know, but a car-
riage could not be had unless bid for at an advertised sale by the
government. To this and upon re(|Uest the department issued the
following notice.


Office of the Chief of Ordnanci;, V. S. Army,

Washington, March 14, 1905.
Scaled proposals, in diiphcate, subject to the usual conditions, will be re-
ceived at this office until 3 o'clock p. m. on Friday, April 14, 1905, for the
])urchase of condemned stores, near New Haven, Conn.

Catalogues giving (luantities, conditions, etc., can be had on application to

Chief of Ordnanci;, ('. .S. Army.

— 15 —


Tlic stores are in j^ood condition but o])solete.

All stores purchased will I)e reciuired to be paid for and removed within
sixty days from the date of the award.

The government reserves the right to waive informalities and to reject any
bid not deemed satisfactory.

The carriages are on a bank about 12 feet above and 60 fee^t distant from low
water of New Haven Harbor, and where mean rise of tide is nearly 6 feet, and
can be readily removed by means of a scow or similar vessel, with or without
derrick. Carriage bv land to Xew Haven means a haul of 4 or 5 miles over a
wagon road.

The successful bidder will not be jiermitted to Itreak u]) any of the carriages
by the use of explosives.

Proposals nuist be addressed to the Chief of Ordnance, l'. S. Army, Wash-
ington, D. C. and marked " Proposals for the purchase of condemned stores

near New Haven, Conn."

WiM.IAM Cro/.iEk.

Jinjf. ('fn., ChicJ of (hdtiaucc.

It was ai;reecl with Sujit. Blake of the New Haven Parks that he
should bid for both lots as per catalogue and that the sum of thirty
dollars each for the four carriages be offered. When the bids were
opened the award came to Connecticut, the sums paid being a little
in excess of the value of old iron. Reference to the i)late (page 12)
shows two sections of the carriage, ]>ut as only the top was needed,
the lower frame was sold to a junk dealer.

The next thing to be secured was a parcel of " dead shell " stiit-
able to the calil)re of the gun. Application was therefore made the
third time to the War Department and the following response



Watervliet, N. V. July 21st, U) ix Soluikks" Micmokiai,.


Prayer Book

Slate Manual,

2()tli Century Book,

Town Report 1904,

Conj^regational Church Manual,

Kpiscopal Church Year Book,

Bradley Library Catalogue,

Poultry P^xhibit, 1904,

Memorial Day Progrannnc 1905,

General Orders, G. A. R., 1905,

I'ractional Currency, Civil V^'ar,

Confederate Currency, Civil War.

Badge and Constitution A. O. I'. W.

The Xew York Press,

The New Haven Palladiuni,

The New Haven Journal ^t Courier,

Shore Line 'J'inies,

Continental Money 2 d., Connecticut issue at Hartf()r;le (not yet
understood) of iSrii-iSf)^. It
appeared to them that the sym-
bol set up should not be (like
man\- in robes and win^^s) to an
■' unknown God, " but to coun-
try I — our cotnitry I loved coun-
try 1

" What were our lives without
thee !
What all our lives to save
thee ! "

15th Coun. Infantry.

The memorial completed, plans
for its dedication were considered and the folhnving ai)pointnients

made :


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